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Starts Gametime tracks prices in real time from thousands of trusted sellers then shows you all the best last minute deals with prices up to sixty no ducts is brought to you by game time your new GO-TO APP for the best deals on last minute tickets did you know NBA tickets tend to drop right before the Games here is the here is the problem with the double rim it generally is paired with an atrocious backboard like a rock hard backboard we are stepping on the beach the only place to go and read your emails and tweets jd it to the APP store or play store now to download gametime and score awesome deals on last minute tickets it's really well designed and so fun to use the to tap checkout is crazy easy I went a little nuts last night pull the trigger on some wraps tickets tonight's Argos tickets this weekend in Hamilton antic it's to the musical cats in December I'm not GONNA be in Toronto in December plus it's a simple question with a not so simple answer because people were heat about them this when the feedback was crazy so I wanted to get your thoughts guys which is worse when it comes week our first question though it comes from me because most Z.. Last night you tweeted out an image that I came across on Instagram I thought it was really fun week keep them coming emailed no dunks at the athletic dot com or tweet us at no dunks INC or use the Hashtag no dunks we got a lot of questions again this to play pick up ball outside which is worse shooting on the Double Rim or a net with no mesh the no net does anyone have a strong opinion double rimmer it's odd thing in August and I hate it my only regret is that I didn't wait until closer to these events to watch those prices drop oh like you have the softest of touch when you're trying to finish inside on a double rim because that backboard is generally not kind when paired together Oh my shots and then you gotta go chase the ball rush doesn't doesn't slow it down yeah I one hundred percents agree I mean Li your jump shot is obviously the here in Toronto Task Trae Lee down in Atlanta what's up boys a what's up what's up thanks to everyone who emailed and tweeted in questions this net it's no net and I agree it's all I mean sure the double rim isn't kind you've got to knock it down but if you're shooting and the board at the end of your last season he basically seemed like he was going to be the resident Knicks Fan what happened that question from Gordon Oh of a kicking him on the way out and we acknowledged that on the show however somebody within the Knicks Organization took offence to that and the PR person did not play since X. Date because of a knee injury and missed X. amount of games because of the knee injury so that was a bit frustrating but you're right I'm with you guys that you can sort of adapt it helps you work on a little bit of more of an arc on your shot to get it up there but the goes through the hoop and there's no sound that's awful you WanNa hear and feel the rip of the ball gone through the terrible especially especially for me up image of a full screen image with all of kristaps quote unquote accomplishments and some of his not so great accomplishments including has not played since somebody somebody has to be accountable for that and then leaves in his pocket for Lewis at PR person's pocket for the rest of the season he's a huge knicks no no no all right first real question first question here dear team no dunks I was just hoping we could get an update on the state of lease Knicks fandom Eh just yeah it's just it's miserable I hate and honestly someone for me like I don't play my eyes are not amazing so and I'm not playing in New York and went to the garden tickets yeah you can buy me I'm fine finally as tuned all of our so I'm imagining you're not even missing on a double rim so I'm not surprised that that's your choice but yeah you gotta know the ball goes in when you're shooting there's nothing is a separate entity from the Knicks and Lee came up to us and voiced all those opinions and we said sure okay but the knicks own MSG weirder than when a shot goes into everybody's like was that an airball just completely drain it. I thought you were a great shooter what's happening here at least you can keep a score when you have a double rim was Chris Mannix had an article that David Fidel's position is already kind of on the hot seat which which feels absolutely right with the Knicks and Julius randle was probably the best one and now it's just like they have a glut of guards they've got rg Barrett who's playing great and taking got a good handle randall and he always seems to sort of get himself caught out even though he's actually you know putting up reasonable numbers for the team so I'm I'm following the Knicks contacted us and and Lee took the call and Lee and Lee heard this man who basically said you know the MSG network which broadcast the Games real let's recap because it's easy to forget why Lee is a huge knicks fan because during a knicks broadcast last year after the trade of KRISTAPS Porzingis they it's great here and the ones where I play like it only has to rip a little bit and they replace it it's great it is do you prefer do you prefer the Nylon Mesh not to just get that come on man you fake in the funk you ditched the Knicks immediately all you can talk about now is how good the Dallas Mavericks aren't how Great Chris you want instant success and are prepared to go through the motions the one player I haven't enjoyed watching Sofas Julius randle he's he's he shouldn't dribble the ball he's he because you know they didn't they traded all that Porzingus and hoping to get Zion they ended up with RJ Barrett who's actually leading them in scoring he's been good but and tonight replaced and it was never quite the same yeah you ruin your ball quicker though sure sure really be with it you beat it up on the chain chain match all right let's hear from you guys on that one which is worse mentioned the Knicks at all this season I haven't you know what though you must have been crushed when they struck out and free as well yeah yeah it was a pretty typical yet devastating summer for the Jordan Games Alonzo tree are buried to some degree on the bench it's that has been thrown for a loop their whole guard rotation although rj when you want to see the knicks maybe start to improve again but they won a three right now they're only victory came against trays bulls is I mean to with Dennis Smith Junior and Reggie bullock losing family members and bullets out with an injury gap that but Smith Junior missing some games here it's tough so purrs up to the sean the perception part okay so we're all in agreement thanks for sending that inskeep subject still amazed by the fact that even on all the door Zia's looks in this New Jersey he's sort of in a mass pocket as well yeah true it's true no wonder cargo shorts unless I missed something y'all didn't give your guesses for the next player to throw up a fifty spot yet who you got that's great solutions on twitter who starting us off some positive signs coming off the bench is actually looking comfortable in that role so that's good but you just feel chaos and drama is not too far away from the I already sore Internet I think he should but of course we know that how things can quickly deteriorate in that city and particularly as a coach if they do going on an awful long losing putting up fifty spot the Charlotte Hornets have been pretty bad defense oh farther twenty-seventh in the league they got a game in Golden State some of these younger guys into something better because I agree with these kids I would much prefer to beat a good nickname than to beat up on a trashy nickname for sure all right next email here on Saturday gimme Steph curry our next fifty point game okay we'll call him the game very nice Lee who you got well we received some good news implant though he's not the most athletic rookie that you'd you'd ever did see he can get to the whole and he's not scared everybody wants the Knicks to be good there on Tuesday night I will go with harden though harden has been garbage from three and the guy still managed to put up forty so he's going to have one of these games where he catches fire and in an odd because we expected them to have a glut of power for its because they signed all these power forwards and in the off season a three guys as recording this on Wednesday hit forty plus we had Kyri hit for fifty in his nets debut and then we had heard it on Monday night do I mean everybody's ready for it because MSG is is the best arena in the world you'd like to see it going crazy with victories they are they're going through some personal tragedy right now on that team I am of course and hopefully the next can turn it around but I think it is going to be another long season do you think physical survive I hope so I don't WanNa get you in trouble don't see anything this number so I went with Brandon Ingram who has been he's been hot darker yeah he's He's averaging twenty seven points per game for the New Orleans Pelicans especially I like Marcus Morris when he basically just out of the League in the preseason you know that was a funny moment you want that gave me it's floor once and get to the rim from three point line it's too much of an ask for that guy it's just too big but showing no fear of going to the rim so I I like watching or you'll chain Mesh well I'm actually Pasha to the China China yeah yeah we used to have it at the ALTUNA studios remember already see them just dropping further behind I think they're starting to use Randall at the elbow more watching some of their games instead of the three point line and Randall can put the ball he's there needs to be given an opportunity he's only season in a bid in Memphis so this is only the second season in New York so I would like to seem have at least three or four years and see if he can really mold minutes from the guy that they traded for or got for Christmas presents and Dennis Smith Frank ntilikina buried on the bench Alfred Payton is starting the with lots of shot attempts he's also shooting fifty percent from the floor and fifty percent from three those numbers won't last but the guys balling out and one do the spurs have the best guard rotation in the League Rights Andrew S. They have John Murray Derek whyte Damara Roseanne aw all good guesses I went down the list a little bit I didn't want to go with a a stud I like I like the you know the the dark horses for that underrated and deep rights Andrew Spurs undefeated haven't talked about them a lot classic Spurs move classic no dunks move maybe I guess he's going to miss at least one game maybe to here but I'm GonNa say him he's going to be back early authority had a couple of high thirty point games I think he's got the game for it to get fifty appear it's good for rookies shooting a great percents right now from the floor and from three to slide to see nick going a bit of a tail wind seven in a row and give some hope because right now they're already one of the three you can Kentucky they have no current all-stars though so that to me is a major point against them when you're talking about the best guard rotations in the league to me do you guys think does he ever does he have a point here though best guard rotation in the league with all those guys I just listed they do have Kelvin Johnson it looks like a baller already that should play expected is averaging twenty seven and five sorry twenty seven and three excuse me with the two steals sort of being overlooked there in New Orleans because all the news about cy on etc and they play really fast he's had a thirty five point game high but he could just before we went to wear here and the trae young did not need an MRI on his ankle and he's listed as day-to-day hopefully trae young that means any of those guys yet very very productive for the nuggets so I mean the spurs are good but the net and the clippers dementia but I like the nuggets setback threes dropping and he splashes six seven eight whatever it is and I think it's coming sooner rather than later put me down for James Harden for our next fifty task that game winner last weekend as he said I'm interested to see if they bring back the Marta rose and because of this guard rotation emailer mentioned Andrew mentioned because odds there Jamaal Murray Monty Monty Monty. I'll get that don't worry Beasley Will Baden Patty Mills Brin Forbes Lani Walker the Fourth Marco Bellin Elliott. It's a spicy one and throwing a rookie Kelvin Johnson who these guys are under doc he'll opt out and they'll give a Richard Jefferson four year for forty million that's what Richard Jefferson signed for a discount on that twenty seven million dollars I think we're GonNa see it from trae young anyplace the Bulls next week they give up some polling that might be a good one hope he's back for that one for short every dinwiddie cares levert Garrett Temple Joe Harris that's a really good guard rotation as well so those are the top two to me I'll throw in the Denver Nuggets I think they've got a very solid core between the clippers and the nets with the Clippers got Patrick Beverley Lou Williams if you WANNA consider Paul George or Colli one of those guys is kind of Ard Landry Shamet is also there and then for the nets it's they're going to do it again but does that stunt the growth of the Jonty Murray or Derek right maybe a little I guess he's they're gonNA play him with somebody but anyway they're good some Gary Harris as well throw him in the mix that's a pretty solid rotation of guys you know that God rotation sort of shooting guards Ford it sort of fluctuates a little bit but I think again after we see the week that they've got coming up they got the clippers the warriors both on the road and then they got the Lakers the spurs playing well and get some wins over those teams extract but I think he's actually the right coach some of those young guys because in Miami he was a very good assisting coach you would sort of connect with lots of different when you got Lebron Bosh and Wade and those guys but I I and I don't think those are really equal I got paid more and I bought some bacon with or I didn't know middle ground said Trae they have no current all stars it's a good way of skipping around that D'Amato Roseanne didn't make the all star team but he is a solid solid play for them whenever but they're not like spurs are amazing I think there's a reason why we haven't addressed them that much fairly kind scheduled to start the season and they have they weren't even blowing all the defense you haven't some of those young guys that's that is a good squad good young squad especially then you throw into Roseanne next email high no dunk sink can we ban the free going for forty thanks to twenty one made free throws and then we had Anthony Davis go for forty thanks to what was that one twenty sixth through twenty six that on they beat the wizards by two and then they beat the Blazers I was that was a solid win no doubt but it close game there let I think we are going to be talking about the spurs a whole lot or very very little his near triple double it's the dumbest phrase in basketball I wouldn't say I had a near pay raise or a near Bacon Sandwich ridiculous and that's where David's right then you can ban it but if you're one short in one of the categories for triple double I have no problem with it I'm with you on that take Landa they still replace the Mesh Nets yeah like everybody else I've lived one side I mean it goes yeah you're measureless after that how many players got a triple double last year fifteen wow it's a lot higher twenty eight yeah think about thirty three I can't count how many that's from David J got going for a giant with that well I think the triple double itself has become so watered down than yes then we're going to be talking a lot about the spurs they go three and the in those three games they're five hundred and the right they're they're still in the mix they're still a playoff team players were tied for sixteenth with one triple double here but it's approximately over thirty I'm surprised by that I thought it was way more the amount last year I did it so eighty percent of the league okay you got to count the total number of trip Paul W we were just talking about food he couldn't get through all right so we've got curry we've got trae young we've got hardin and we got a wildcard there in Brandon Ingram good bet good guesses all right next coming a little less like notable to even mention it to throw it in there it's like okay you got one but we don't even address it anymore so there's something to it but that got he's got a lot of studs Tamar Dea WanNa give him a big contract extension he's he's actually got twenty seven million for next season but he's got a player option and they've already it's not much of an accomplishment to get a triple double so if you get one grade but don't get near a triple double because everyone gets one these days I understand guaranteed the markets ultra just contract for next year so are you going to go forward with Dhamar in La as your guys is feels like a spurs thing to do right now to to bring him back it feels like I'm still with the if you're a ten ten nine you're near triple double our next one here this one's from our g a missing all the classic drops where is my anything could still happen showdown against from Rei. Yeah I guess that Means Missing Matt really isn't it I mean JD WANNA break it down for for the listener why are we not having so many drums well we Atlanta and there's been I don't know ten squelches so far that I'm GonNa have to go back and surgically remove and the Internet connections not great it was so close to a five and five he only needed to more steals tumor steals as a lot of steals it's all relative but near means close triple double means triple double what else is we are we're on shaky ship as it is right I mean we're sitting at a card table in an AIRBNB in Toronto three of our other guys the daily show the nuggets losing to the mavs in a close game and what's wrong with Yokich I don't think we address that he did have a triple double early saying you know we are a little obsessed with a triple double still when it's like Yeah ever gets yeah but what are you what are you supposed to say these are literally just words that mean exactly what they said six of the League you're right when you say you're one one statistic short but I guess when people start saying Oh he's flirting with a triple double that can really be the way the offense does look good though and our email or Andrew does have a great point with the back deep but Guiseley Patty Mill Patty Mills in Marbella Nellie and a and all that to say you know the drops are it's they're gonNA come back it's just a matter of we gotta get our we gotta go I did play guys in Atlanta Yeah that's true forgot about that part so don't worry they're they're coming we say it I guess is is it just feels like it gets around and I agree with you it's been watered down but not you know it's still sort of an exclusive an NBA team you don't want to be peaking the first month of the season we'll add some wrinkles the playbook as the year goes on that's right and the other thing is that you guys can't hear the drop even have to give up an assuming merkich comes back healthy returns to form what would adding Gallinari pushed the blazers into or would add in Gallinari Puszta blazers into at least fringe contenders you're going to play offs Sherefield this thing are the knicks excuse me are the Spurs good I'm not I'm not convinced yet that they're really really good no they beat beat the Knicks I in in in one of those two guys Kevin love or Gallinari which one would you prefer I think senator makes a good point that love isn't the strongest defender Awesome last year and the thunder don't need them into rebuilt he's a great stretch for does need the ball but can absolutely get a bucket when you need one he also doesn't hurt you defensively like Kevin love what what would and he was near a triple double if a guy has ten of something ten of something and nine of another what are you saying he had a double double and another nine he had a near triple double we know in a contract season tends to play harder tends to be a better player but what does that really get your long term I don't think it moves the needle all that much for them I think they need someone else this show crosses the border every stinking day shown what diplomacy is all of them next email here hey guys so the consensus seems the West is stacked as always but also wide open and I'm hoping to see my blazers as at least darkhorse contenders don't love whiteside still if he can hold it down until and the blazers need a big right now they need him to sop up minutes until nurtures back and you know the better he looks the more trade value he has more chance he has a getting a better contract so the word that's that's what you're saying I agree with you when you can't mean you're right it can't be like eight or seven or something like that and one of the categories that's Noor comes back and plays within himself it could be fine but we would still need another guy gallantry seems like a perfect fit to me obviously there's the injury history but he was back in the same room and we get a system to yeah yeah yeah you're right you're juggling a lot of balls as it is that's true then have to worry about dropping in lender status and that's from Senator Batman that's how he signed off so that's our dressing has the four on the blazers in theory yes I like it contender for me right now yeah whiteside playing well as mutually beneficial to everybody like you're saying he's in a contract year so he's trying to put up numbers trying to have an impact having whiteside decent this year is huge for the Blazers and I'm with you I think they need more than just one piece though I don't think gala Nari or Kevin love alone is the think Elenora had a bounce back season last year in Los Angeles and I think he's gone he can stretch a floor knocks down those threes and the blazes desperately need another guy who can score and shoot to take a little bit of the heat off Cj Dame because it does feel that when they need a bucket it's basically just one of those guys GonNa want to get it works toward an extent also I think is going to be like kind of way they will last a good team you know we'll make the playoffs but still they are a little short of a tree set off sixty percent off that's like Audrey Drummond shoots from the floor then twelve million fans have downloaded the game time APP and discovered the fastest easiest way to get into the game oh an hour is not a great defender either and he tends to be prone but I just feel that the blazers are still missing that one piece whiteside who can be a threat to score into shoot so I like Gallinari as a bit of a fly but in the long-term if with Damon cj they need someone else who's a little bit more reliable I anything you could have four points and four rebounds and three assists in your seven minutes of the game and you're flirting with triple double thirty seven and we just gotta get back in the same damn room slash seem damn country the baby step to all of this but don't you worry we'll take but it hasn't made out of take them well I think the conference phone calls last year but they do need some extra help offensively and the rumor has been out there that the blazes the Jason Yeah I think what was it a ten ten was even brought it up because I think you guys are right it's what's it'll exactly it sounds so good now how great is it going to sound the same broom drops will be flying hopefully hopefully that's right just it's fair either but it does sound ridiculous when it's guys like you know twenty seven seven and seven yes ronn close triple double but not really or when a when you're like man attacks that definitely you definitely don't want you playing there's no net then you wouldn't have a clue with the ball we need that's right but I need to help with the it seems like they need a little bit more big man help a little bit more shooting and a little bit more wing help you can't get all of that from either Galleria or Kevin Love but whiteside has such a big contract answer that's why to me Mr Brainwash the trade machine got busy last night you could trade us on whiteside for Marvin Williams and MK. Gee I don't know but you could do it that's the two guys and expense for a decade and he is the one who introduced me to podcasts which indirectly led me to you guys when we first met John was never interested in sports after recommending your podcast he's one of the that is from Joey scribble long long long time member of the tweeted the week army he's asking for help there you know next one oh it's not Senator Batman believe listen to this this one's from Joey triple scribble Dj that's right hello most avid basketball fans I know I was wondering if you had any advice that I could share with my friend about marriage or to me about giving a speech at the wedding thanks Jay slash starters slash no dunkers one of my best friends John is getting married in a few weeks and I have the honor of giving a speech at his wedding I've known him for just blazers team that would overpay him to stick around and then you know he he's been good it was great last year for the clippers but he does miss a lot of games and is he going to be great going into his mid thirties definitely want him in that lineup it's a little bit of a worry that Danilo gone are in his expiring contract year he'll be thirty two next season it seems like he's he's an expiring contract make something like twenty two million dollars a year Kevin Love Trade for him you obviously trading for for a bigger longer contract they look to move him and gets more pieces back they have a million draft picks as it is and some young talent there but they're always looking for more I'm sure so this is something you can see happening I I buy it a couple of smaller contracts that add up to whites number I love the idea of going are you on the blazers if they could make it happen he's been playing well to start the season again I don't know if he would help this year right now for sure and the Blazers sent back a young guy I don't know if they would send an assignment plus an expiring he's more I mean they love Simon's but a young plus plus that bays more exercise going anywhere I guess Gary so then you're not getting them I don't think I mean yeah if you're want Gary Trent sure just yet but he's not that he couldn't help you one of those guys would make sense in Portland I do believe that to pair with your explosive backward to have a little scoring in your front for the thunder he's like he's like a twenty point game score no five boards two assists he shooting great he's forty two percent from three on a lot of attempts six attempts per game vice for his friend about getting married or advice on how to give a speech at a wedding the twenty the weekend on me shout out accumulator is DJ purpose the wedding. So I'm taking myself out of that the department never hit a home run I actually think giving a speech at a wedding is pretty tough my one bit of advice would be don't do a countdown I did a countdown as best man speech once and I still looked back to this day nine years later like come on man you're literally looking at no cards for a wedding speech with with marriage lead than I have so Lee why don't you yeah well I I've never given a good speed Dr Yeah I know I know I know I mean just to get an asset though it's going to be walking probably this offseason but we'll see great questions Senator Batman what advice I give you you gotTa keep it short you just gotTa keep it tight GonNa have a tight three and five minutes up there you can do a lot you can do a lot in a short amount of time especially if you're already hearing a bunch of speeches the worst features are the ones that just go on and on and they ramble on and on and you're like okay yeah we get it you love each other move on already does a great job there well there's a tough one test why don't you kick us off it is tough us a little bit more experience I and you don't think you can because you got so much to say that's wrong you gotta edit we really I wish we had Mattioli on this podcast that guys get a lot of speeches as sort of a- and the day before the wedding we went on a boat cruise awesome was in Mexico it was great fabulous but the maid of honor it wasn't it wasn't planned it was just great and she was a good sport about and what about any marriage tips anything just quickly Lee what's your that one for sure so yeah just keep it tight don't be afraid to use a prop either at one time I was best man at my brothers Unbeliev- what's your one marriage tip always think of your wife to keep her happy I mean like if Whoa come with these ten funny jokes ten funny jokes they're not funny and they are jokes the number Astros ceremony or a best man or whatever he's done a ton I think and knowing mattio he would give the same advice I'd say edit at is true you know because sometimes we get into a little expensive everything no I mean you sometimes it's hard to back down if you know you have to compromise keep you happy yours it was the wedding and she was fine obviously so when I introduced her as she was coming up I handed her a plastic bag killed it was the biggest laugh of that hey no dunk squad so hype it have you guys back you make watching the NBA season that much more entertaining my question for you as a heat fan do you think that if Jimmy Butler it's tough man tough sometimes the best advice I've heard is from Jerry Seinfeld which is try not to go crazy at the same time ah I like a good emotional speech though I like to shop but I didn't say you couldn't be emotional thing you don't need to go on for motion or can actually hit up repeating yourself because that's what tends to happen they just keep saying the same thing over and over and over again right but yeah you can was horribly seasick like puking she puked all over the top deck she puked over the side she'd puked for the entire three hours so the next really really well I'm glad because I can imagine if you're in the audience and people say all right I've just got a little help point prison put some work in achieve this level of reputation that you are this guy's a hall of Fame Guy Yeah He's in you guys have those stats are have those accolades enter in need to get creative to I once did a powerpoint presentation with my buddy Sodhi because he's a real digital guy so we went with that and it worked out reputation to some degree with the voters and I don't think Jimmy Butler has that number one guy reputation obviously there's a bit of a cancer in a locker room there's no textbook there's there's no there's there's no way of just I don't know I can't put a finger on what voters because nobody nobody knows but the you just have to I think it's hard to advice on something like that because it's so different for every it is personal and no one really knows why some relationships losses hired today he would go to the hall of Fame Butler he's a four time all star four time all defensive team two time all on your team guaranteed you're a title contender if he's on your team right now you've got a good team not necessarily a great team so I mean the accolades are there and he has actually done it's okay having a long distance relationship and now situation then that's probably good every relationship I have right now is a long time because of coming into the NBA after playing in college for a little bit a sat on the bench for a little coming off before when Dan was with the Bulls then it became most improved player then he became the AH that is so true and it actually speaks to our longevity as well because six of us or five of us now inter something maybe yeah why would they do they're not trading Simonsen Golan Ari expiring deal I guess don't do it you gave like ten here ten yeah it was me I was co best man for my buddy nick with with our other friend Adam and we're like so he had the three rings but again he had sort of comparable like he was great to a player all defensive type guy pretty comparable the Jimmy Butler did we all take turns going crazy having our little moments in our little hissy fits or whatever but yeah as long as one or two of the people involved still quite

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