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Tokidoki Traveller on how a street potato made her love Japan


Hello My name is Emma Felice and this is uncommon. This podcast is brought to you by the route media. You An entrepreneur. All Market needs. Help making podcasts video or animation. Perhaps you don't have time to manage a freelancer or the budget to deal with an agency agency. Bodnar media can help you simple and affordable content crushing saving you time and money by taking away the pain of producing that content than to learn more head to neural dot com slash media. That's any eight A.. Dot Com slash media play around without pricing request. GEICO Holbeck directly listening to the show receive a special discount by using the Promo Code Uncommon. Welcome to another episode of uncommon. My My name's Jordan Mike Ladies and I'm your host in this Episode I Have Few Felice Aka Takayuki travel. She's a youtuber host at Tokyo Tokyo creative twitch stream an around Nintendo game ago representing Australia in the most important category of Jive. Boga this Paul Rudd Loving and former Amo from Brisbane is what we all need in our daily life. She's my equal favourite youtuber Japan along with Chris Broad at has given birth Lauren. Lorn and I- i- perspective Japanese life that I think no one else really has living in Tokyo. We couldn't help but want to pick A. Brian are lightest trip to Japan. And and that's exactly what we did at the lovely spices in a mortar Sunday. The covered in this episode including Loving Poll Rod Expat Life in Japan ammo phases Finding voice what she loves about Japan and took credit process as well. If you liked the episode dude leave us a written review view on apple podcasts. Please please trying to go from seventy six. I think we're at the moment to one hundred Sa- jump on there and leave us a review view shared with the friends. Take a screen shot post on instagram story. Tagging US uncommon underscores show to watch the episode in full such uncommon. Show on on Youtube. And don't forget to like and subscribe show notes. An Oath. Previous guests are at neurology dot com slash. podcast that's any you are. I AA DOT com slash podcast. Thanks for listening guys. I do hope you will enjoy this conversation with Emma. Felice Emma Halack. Hello hello pretty good. Good I was trying to think of like ice breakers to get us other than we've got so many from asking asking questions about fridges writing system so you had a question in one of your use. Oh what was it on. It was on to Khokar creative. We've play and I ask questions that a bit Tabu right and it was Chris Connor or Chris Broad and and my question was on a rating of one to ten ten being poll Rod. How Paul Rod Chris? It's not that zero. You can't even reach poll ride level. He's he's truly he's he's above Solman. He's very very funny. He's charming coming. We've become obsessed with. We've always liked that. Whole Click poll Rodman sort of? WHO's The lady that has the two young girls and the direct on that his family that always involved those films he makes most of the films? Paul Rudd is in the highly the associated with each other. You gotTA look it up. I'm sorry I feel like we can't leave people. High in dire volleying them on instagram sermon. Holy Shit like what a family of a group of people to be involved with which they just so fucking funny. I mean sometimes secret to people. I'm like I wish I could just be just clemmie in. Let's say hi. Well this is this is about. It's about it's like he was is your favorite. You think I don't know he's just very chummy. He has this kind of sense of humor that I find a lot of other people on television. And maybe don't have. Have you seen the clip of him. He's always on and always does the same joke where he'll say. Roll roll the clip from my latest movie. And it's always the same clip of this old movie where a kid rolls down on a hill in a wheelchair. And then there's an alien at the bottom if you haven't seen it please look it up just Lincoln. It's funny so poll rolling Kernan Shark. Are you could touch. That's funny particular sense of humor that I cry every time I watch it I just yeah. It's something about comedy is like it's just one of those things. That comedy is funny. He's funny and there's a comedic sense in a lot of the work that you do as well you can sit like come on all over the years has been like you with a sort of secre. Sometimes I think like still match the channel and I gotTA keep it forever. I think even though it is. It's quite random you've got it's gotta stay. It's going to become a name. Arken each should be out there more. You should be basically creating like a character skirmish sermon on only ice cream. Had the the other thing I was GonNa ask who is well. Actually there was. There was a good question that came in and it was about favorite Pok Mon all right very serious question. Okay I feel like ca schilling. Well I grew up with him on. I do love Pokemon so my favorite is actually knew because as a child I would imagine myself as Mu and just being able to fly around and like have a good time the sake column and it was just flying in like being cute I dunno mu was always like the dream I loved me. Have you seen the recent. Poke them on on film but no detective Patriots Run. I haven't used terrible really really being like. Oh it's really good and then some people hate it. I certain- certain I'm like I don't think that's my kind of deal. I mean a big. We grew up on pokemon cards. I just feel like it's it. Looked like a bit of a cash josh play. You know what I mean like you know getting to pay down this. Let's go do it like the storyline was really average in. It just doesn't make much sense. I feel like so many movies. These days towns live action remake of this really popular movie and we'll play on your nostalgia feeling Harry Potter thirteen or something of that. Wouldn't say annoyed see. Actually I shouldn't say that. Because that's more of a universe thing shows that are like they've got their own the world booting. But it's when you're getting like fostered furious is that it's a bit like right. Well I'm just thinking of all sorry Disney don't sue the cast but you know Cinderella beauty and the beasts a Lotta. They'll add in live action lion king. It's like do we really need this. I looked at this thing. The other day Someone linked this on Instagram Sore. Apparently apparently in on Day the light the last like massively popular nine out of ten or like eight and a half above movies. He's the latest one was like twenty thirteen. Oh yes so this sort of saying that. There's not many original. That's an original film right right. So there's not as many are like really well made original films being made. Yeah which is I feel sort of where the business is at I. Guess yes I mean. Do you use Netflix. I feel like everything is going. Towards the netflixing Amazon's the world just throwing out lots and lots of billions billions of dollars at TV. Show top story lines as opposed to movies. I don't really watch that many full movies these days. I think the last night so was midsummer which actually really enjoyed. Did you see midsummer but I saw the trailer for it It's elevated to that. Come out no idea. But I saw it recently Have you seen the new joke. I haven't okay so there's a lot of big uproar so it's going to cause things is is the media being a bit hyperbolic to to get advertising. Dole is apparently it's just like a really a soul vanity fair had like a sort of behind the saints thing in the director was talking about what it's about and how he's planning at Saints which I'd become assist cinematography lightly getting into video and all But it's it looks like it's a really interesting critique on societies. It's SORTA like Black Mirror which I love like now. Let's talk about about how you got here. Today would be what like four or five years. Ish February I will. It'll be my four years three and a half and a four year anniversary in Japan. Yeah I got a sense that you as a kid. I mean you grew up in suburban. Brisbane did Japanese at school. Yes recently yeah we well. We were debating so you had a note. They're in a previous interview. About how your dad introduce you to studio Ghibli and we were debating. which film wasn't I'm my money's on? What is it? The Classic Spirited Roy spirited away it was on I think I was quite young. I'm pretty sure the fest one I watched was actually toss her her. Because I was pretty young so we started with talk to her and then we had like a big box set so it watch like which ones we wanted and I did you know. Pump buckle. No so that's a studio Ghibli movie. That's really intense. It's about some Teneke raccoon dog so they it's about them living in the forest and the forest gradually gets destroyed into the city and they try to fight back for their home. And it's really souls. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm missing because I did Japanese at school up until Oh I was about sixteen and we watched a lot of these films were intense. Yeah there's a lot of violence and strong themes in them and I watched it as a kid. I was like Oh cute. Cartoons wins in grave of the fireflies. I was quite young because like I caught. But yeah there's a lot of intensity out that but I did start out with something quite tame which has taught ordinary so yeah I feel like studio Ghibli or third is sort of the gateway drug to becoming a bit of Japan. Afa Thought. Yeah we've been at the CIA Japan Afoul yes. We is the correct. Yeah I remember. That was one of the things that Lauren. When we I met each other about eighteen and Japanese we're obsessed with Japanese The area of Melbourne Grew up in. Didn't have great Japanese so we'd always go into the city and Ada and why become obsessed with Anthony Bourdain put their He died recently but he had had an amazing clip about sandwiches David. What's his name the chef that was like like super super popular here for like six months and then he laughter? Now he's got like a noodle ball and he's had a kid. I always forget the loss times the first David this this show. I think as David Chang Chou Chang because those two this one's and artists some one's a shift like a really world renowned chef and they hang out together all the time and they were best mates border and he actually did the day in the life service. Chef was the thing that Anthony Bourdain is the only other thing that he's ever done outside of a bell. Vini sort of commercial primer series. It's it's the only thing he's ever voiced over so he did that for David Chen because they like the best of friends. But it's this clip will link affair run but he talks about how before coming to this life before and after Japan. That's why he says it's sort of like going to the original like Eric Clapton optum when sort of Jimi Hendrix came to town and you took acid for this i. That's what he was saying. What it's like? It's just another world you todd sicer when you first came here. What was sort of the thing that you connected with? The first time I came here. Oh wait first time I ever came here. It was quite young. It was just a stopover and I was here flight three days but it was so intense that I don't remember much of except for being in the convenience store and be like wow food I came here mainly for the first time with my high school. We did like a two and a half week trip around. We went to like Shaimaa curator Tokyo. We went down to Kyushu. It was superintendents and I just remember feeling just overwhelms the whole time. It was really fun but it was like this so much going on but yeah mostly overwhelmed and I was like at that point in my life I was like okay. You know what I love Australia. I'm ready to go and then I was like come back here on a holiday came back with my parents and then one day I was just just walking down a road by myself. I just went for a walk and it was just a highway and there was a box of sweet potatoes that had fallen off a truck and there was sweet potatoes all over the ground and I picked one up and I just got this feeling of. Yeah I could win. It's a dump story but it was a straight potato that kind of like just inspired me and after that I was like I gotta live here. I live here and I have no idea why it was that my man well so so it must have been. Maybe it was the sounds. The I don't know what what could have triggered that but it's funny because now Oregon the title of the episode is how a street potato convinced. You go struggle to stay. Yeah I mean I do think it was the fact that I was by myself for the first time in a different country. Every time I travel before that I was with my parents all the time with friends and this time it was just by myself and I was like I can do this and I I feel strong by myself and I feel like I could make it by myself here. I know you study Japanese. But why did you think I need to live somewhere else in Australia was it was sort of an itch inside of you in some way. Yeah I don't know yeah. I grew up in suburban Brisbane and Brisbane. It's a lovely sleep ice wheeling. It's great but I tried going to Sydney to Melbourne. And it's like cool busy city life but it just was missing a little something and I i. I still don't really know what it was missing. But maybe when you come to Japan you kind of see what it was missing. It's so crazy here. There's just so much to do in to see and it's just exciting and it never stops and yeah I don't know what it was but it was just something about this place that I was like. Okay I want to at least try. Are there certain things of your personality that you think really aligned with the Japanese culture because I feel like for some people. It's it's often that like if you're a very conscientious person you like Lauren. I ve very organized when become. There's just like oh I just wish they had this Australia. Every time we go back to Melbourne I stop eating food on the train and Lawrence. It's okay like we're not in Japan. You can so there's there's little things that sort of you gravitate towards. What do you feel? Is that for you. So there is a certain sense of order. Hear that I think is is very different overseas. Just kind of people know whether meant to be they stand in line and if they don't stand in line properly than there are doing the right thing but no one really like gets is angry about it like in person everyone just thinks it. You know. It's just like she just give you these glare runs like we all know that you're the bad I don't know it's very controlled. There's is a system to things. And sometimes I love that and something that I really relate to and sometimes I am very frustrated by it because it is a huge pot in other parts of the culture where it's like. Hey Hey I want to do this this thing. I'm allowed to like it's not exactly the way it should be. And you're like Oh this is just this little thing wrong. Does that mean I have to still wait the six weeks that I'm supposed to in the late. Yeah so it'll be just like little things you could bend the rules and there's no consequence but you just have to always stick by the rules which can be very frustrating. It remote that you saying thing that just reminds me of the Japanese banking system. I was one of the things you spoke about. And so he's Dogan his recent. Yeah Holy Goldfish. That's all right so you want to close your cat okay. Twenty five hundred dam which is like thirty thirty five dollars to close your account. You WanNa say money from into into this from your friend that's going to like. I couldn't believe there are face to do things that should be free. Yeah Gentlemen Yeah and the interest rates here a really bad so it's like real. Yeah so I if I want to save money I I can't do it by putting it into a bank account and letting it sit in the interests that that's just not feasible. Here what do you do without like. I guess yes having come from the finance industry saying we know pretty well most people by The Mrs Wantanabe. Bon bons is a big thing in the financial sector. They sort of household bonds that get sold By the government to citizens and they really really. It's just better than having you money in the bank right the stocks that there's no much yes. Can you buy a house so you can buy a house here. If you have the full amount if you buy it oh well just outright. Yeah so you can buy a house but if you want to get a loan you have to be a permanent resident here and to be a permanent resident. There's a lot of different one of the ways to do it is to be here for ten years consecutively and consecutively. I mean like if you if you'll visas to run out and you decide to go on a working holiday. They visa because that's the only reason you have left while you figure out something else it will then take you back down to zero. So this is what I've learned. I could actually. That could be the information out this. Yes sir. Sorry if I'm incorrect. But this is everything we developed a FR- company He's based in Tokyo today and he's actually and he's been there for for like ten years and he was just saying these little things like you can't own a home and we'll get into that light because I want to talk about the permanence of being being an expert but I gotta ask the. You're talking about having that affinity with Japanese getting annoyed at people who jumped cues and stuff. It's very English thing. Yeah and I know that you've got that English background thinking about one. What what sort of the earliest memory of your own childhood with your parents Orig- oh what was so? Yeah I was born in Australia I I only found this out recently. I was like I was in the worm when my parents still in England and so I was for some reason that changed my life for some reason I was always like. Oh I'm USTRALIAN Sterling Helmick. No I was there in inkling. Some reason meant so much to me but It's a story. Yeah but my sister was born in England and then I was what's going on and I was. I had like some neighbors growing up. My neighbor would babysit us and they had a pool and we had chickens chickens chickens pet very nice eggs and yeah. We didn't have too much just like little house. which which part did you grow up? My God grew up when you lift Israeli away it was part of prison. Did she live so when I left I I usually was in the north side and I was in San Gate and before that I was in Brighton and before that I was in Iran bar and then before that I was in Windsor Semi month from here from Winston. I don't mind like both been delayed. Have this nice feel about them like they clearly really obviously a lot smaller but Their colonial like the women's the LAS went back to strap. I think you were eager. Think yeah have you been to Melbourne in the last few years it's been a mile because we go to Melbourne. Now it looks like Hong Kong like it's insane. The amount of fire is is that have been built. I I think there's one block. There might be ten different highrises that have been built. It's not yeah and you go to Brisbane. Still sort of it has maintained so like a lot of that. The old buildings stick with that real colonial. You know the palm tree site pineapples and all that sorta stuff is there a particular lesson that you have from either of your parents that you hold with you today like my principal like a line or a quote that I would say. Oh Oh Jeez. That's tough I don't know if there's like a a line like as an example with my parents it's undoubtedly hot work just because by necessity when I was growing up. They didn't have much money in that to work really really hot so I just sold them working all the time and like I'd be sitting in their factory that they aren't For a couple of hours like four five years or two for me was sort of like one of the core principles of gotten from them so for me. My mom has a lot of wisdom and like a lot of common sense with things. My Dad has has a lot of hyper intelligence. He's very smart guy and so I guess from both of them. If I need help from something or if I need advice I know which one to turn to in which situation nations so yeah I don't know if there's any particular set thing that I I remember there's different trips. Then it's definitely Franco people from them. It's interesting I know you spoke about your my face as well Bryan Young. John had a strong strong funny instagram. Mac Cultural who has like a brand now called emo isn't you did. Oh you've very very fun it we'll send you a link lighter on lots of my chemical romance. So have you seen your souls. Yes I actually like. When every time he's done a new one And the the classic bit is like his girlfriend who's clearly from like ally or something that they made famous from violence so the comedians basically and he always do some overly dramatic thing and he plays like an ema the background. He's good he's black hair on IMOs in dead t shirt and yet it's good. It's good to revisit. It isn't that was such a good era. Wasn't that big EH. I like last time I was in Australia. My mom loves that music to which is great so we would listen to it in the car and when I was in year seven in two thousand seven we would drive arrive to my primary school and blasting bring me the horizon and Jesus suburbia going on each like. Yeah we were just like head bang. Hang on the way to school and like we play it really loud and I really loved that with my mom she always supported any dumb phase. I was going to because she's he's like. Oh yeah yeah well. She used to be a punk in the she played bass for a band. Called immolate. Oh tomatoes but because it was in England. It was the to- tomatoes. It didn't really work out but yeah both my mom and dad were kind of Goth punk kind of things. Yeah Holy Shit. If you I will somehow the hell if you had it you need to find a photo of them and to post it on instagram. The original Politics Holy Shit. That would be a mother's Day or something like that. Yeah I wonder they definitely still have pictures from it. They always had like safety pins and all black and everything. Do you think I was thinking about Eddie sort of drama and acting sort of element came from your obviously a bit of an opening creative person and I wonder if that that sort of humanness meant that was naturally there. You're you're more willing to share things with EMAAR. I lead that I had a lot of feelings but I think that especially after like doing a university degree in doing drummer at school and everything. That was a way that could have an outlet for the kind of feelings and creativity that I had which actually now is quite interesting because I used to channel a lot of my often creativity through this kind of angst and now I don't I'm kind of happy I'm just living my life and I feel like my creativity is dying down. I'm really worried I'm like do. I have to be angry. Unlike feelings to be creative you definitely. I went through a strong period period of anxiety in. Maybe it sounded when I was like twenty one twenty two but I've really dealt within the last six months because it was actually affecting my life uh-huh and I can tell you now it's actually way more I would say the more acce- you are the more procrastinator. You are right if that makes sense because it stops you from doing anything. Because he can't sit still all just think clearly right and so I found that that is actually really counterproductive to creativity. Because you like if you want to be creative I'm guessing you've got to be able to sit there and think of an idea and works the idea for a long period of time you can't just get up and in Cape moving around. Yeah for some reason. I had this kind of level where it would be like. I'm sad and I have a nice day being sad and then I'd be like let's do something about it and then I would make a creative video and like how did I do that. Like I don't know how at this point in my life. I'm just kind of like yeah like I'll make something cool I you don't know where to get my inspiration from these days. I think this this thing I had for you because you spoke about like finding your voice because so much of the do you find yourself to be extroverted or introverted orbit of earth. Both mainly I think introverted. That's something I was going to say Eliot as a kid like I only started. aww coming out of my shell when we started doing Intel at school But normally I would never express things if my mom had to always study me as a child because I if something was wrong I'll go from two like a little little worried face but like nothing was I would never go like scream and cry or anything. If I ever got told hold off I had to be told to see. You've done something a little wrong. And how would I would be so upset but I could never be yelled. I was just I was very fragile and I didn't express express myself much but then when it came to show Intel I came out of my shell and just was so happy to share things with people and so my mom could kind of see that and was like okay. Let's kind going to this avenue and see if we can get a express yourself a bit more like a particular show and tell at all so my mom does I talked about. I brought my mice to school. I used to keep hines. Lauren had moss and yeah. That's the cliche thing right. Bring in so I brought my son. I think think I talked about the minerals very excited and I talked about how I didn't bring my other mouths because she died and she would have smelt a bit and like I don't know my mom talks about. That is like the first time that I was really like. She must allow that as a memory. Yeah but it's it must be really funny to see you keep talking about things matter of factly account. We can't bring in because she's dead. None of the kids log house. Yeah and we're talking about finding your voice like that was saying you spoke about sort of you studied acting and you had the opportunity to study youtube personalities. That was the project. And it's saying that I'm we've we've started the podcast and now we're about to really. I'm doing my own Youtube Channel Channel in line with everything else that we're doing and it is really really hot like you think. What am I going to talk about like that interesting? Like people really going. I want to hear this thing and you learn over time that you're you sort of find your audience but I was curious like if you had not come to Japan. Do you think you would have had the momentum to start telling a story because you did have some fog before hand for sure those I I think. I deleted most of the video that I did when I was at university but I I did videos. And they're actually quite strong opinions on feminist issues. It's so I deleted them because I was like. I don't know if I want that on the Internet as like the starting point for donkey travel. Yeah but I don't actually. Yeah no I do think. Like what part of being. If I stayed in Australia and a lot of my friends the act is and they go with Sutton theater. Companies or do commercials Marshall's and sometime like that could be me. Would I have done that and when I think about it. I don't know if I would have done youtube because it. It's hard isn't it. It's like a chicken and egg problem. Yeah it's so easy because it's like what do I make video about. Oh I go outside and it's awesome. Yeah and it's easy to think about it enhanced as well because you just. You don't know what your life would have been like if you'd stayed in Brisbane like who knows maybe some other youtube at an acting class and then yeah they became your friend and then you realize holy Shit there between a lot better just on youtube as opposed to the stunning of like you never know in that regard but it's but it's interesting because I just find it is such an I feel like for you and your life a major inflection point without a doubt. Yeah definitely and one thing you spoke about in that interview is showing the real you and I guess I was curious. How is Emmett today? I saw today on our work up and we would just scrolling through through YouTube. It's your video from last year. I think talking about where you were in life. So how is Emma today. I'm pretty good. Yeah Yeah I'm actually like thinking about it yesterday. I'm actually like mentally. I'm pretty awesome. I've got you know I really stable kind of position at the moment comment but I got sometimes like mostly days today. I'm just really happy in my life and having a good time but I just got off the question. I'm going to be Oeste question next Friday by my boss and he's GonNa ask me what my career goal is. I want to do in the future and that blew my mind and I was like Oh God would want to do. I have just been so happy living in the president. Recently that I'm like Oh goodness I have no idea like I don't have a big big goal and I daren't sometimes I think I like I could do anything in the world. What would I do right now? Like I could move to England. Try to be an actor ACTA. I could move to America. Try to make. It could be a housewife. I could you know. Go try to make a tiny house somewhere and live in the forest. And I'm like I'm I'm just kind of happy. Just doing what I'm doing. I think if you happy doing what you're doing you need to double down thing. I'm so scared of committing to one thing. I do Youtube. I work for. Take your creative so I hope for their their show I do twitch I do acting and modeling on the side I do like a bunch of stuff and I'm I'm so scared to cut it down to one thing because I'm like what if that thing doesn't work well the way I'd look at it is. I think you should just double down on the things that you know are working and giving giving you like it may be twitch and modeling support. What you're already doing with Youtube and Tokyo credit doesn't have like a fish out of doing this? podcast there's nothing. We were absolute like. You're nobody when you start out as when you jump on youtube you it's just you. You're learning what this thing is. NFL like doing. Those things could be nice ways to experiment but I mean doubling down doubling down more being here in Japan and not feeling the need to go to go back to Brisbane or London or whatever. It's kind of a a weird feeling of being like what could be what could be what could and just being like. It doesn't matter. Just focus on what you up because to be honest. There's a lot of people in Japan that live here on so happy that they live here. There's a lot of people WHO experts so. That's quite angry at a lot of things about Japan this a lot of complaining on the Internet and being like Oh. This isn't good enough. This isn't good enough and so even days where I'm feeling pretty good about life here and everything I'll go on twitter and I'll see people be like Oh. This sucky thing happened to me today. Japan needs to get better this and sometimes I think they're like Oh. I wish I could just go home and I'm like Oh God should I be wishing I go home. Is this as bad as they're saying it is and I start to second guess myself. It's on a snow. Did you know twitter completely silent to check out from twitter. It's very I just find it to be so negative one hundred percent and I find that like Nick Instagram. We've been experimenting talk recently massive. Show you if you haven't even talk yet or you have to massive. I've been watching a lot of talk. I haven't decided to dip my toe in it or anything that used to watch youtube clips of people doing unlike reactions to tick tock sandbagging them out. Yeah but now times have changed. But it's I think it's like the next gets. It is definitely the next next platform to challenge instagram without a doubt. And they've got way more discover- discover ability but I've noticed that inscribe added if you've seen recently that you can actually cried right with instagram's stories now more people finding you. Now there's like these elements that have just integrated last di Di when they put in dock mode doc media. I'm sorry I didn't even are. Yeah I guess it must be when you switch on the actual phone because I switched over the phone to dock mode. The instagram is like documentum. Mike select this. This is strange. Yeah no one thing we don't have yet is instagram. Music in Japan doesn't work and so every single time somebody posts like instagram music. Based thing it's just silent and they just like mouthing along to something. I'm noticing recently in Australia. Korea like some songs. Don't work okay. It's carrots none of them. Yeah really nothing just instagram. Music is not available in your region. So this is how tico gets around the clips. Fifteen seconds fifty seconds. Because she's a it's it's considered a sample so that's how they they get around it and that's why it's so popular amongst people as well but you touched on a really good point. The sort of the experts complaining permanence element like we. It did have a few questions but that was the major thing I was thinking about like. I said we had that develop that we work with. And he spoke about the fact that he's been here for ten years he Combo House just yes like he still has to meet some further requirements. This sort of the the tricky element. If you're a local partners like families being upset accepting of that partner depending on how conservative or not they are so I guess just the thing I was thinking about is is what. How much permanent is there for you here? Do you think it's a tough question. Because after life here four years you can really tell the things can change in an instant so there was. There was a point for me this year while I messed up my visa I. That's right. Yeah and so there was a point where it was like. Oh I might have to go home to our might be banned for one to five years returning to Japan and it's like Oh life can just change like that without you realizing thing that it's going to happen so as much as I want that to be permanent and safety here they is kind of an aspect of it where it's like. I don't have the right to permanency yet alike like I don't I haven't made it yet so I can't feel permanent here. But yet the one thing to aim for is permanent residency. which yes that's different ways you can get it? If you're married to a Japanese national national you can apply for it after three years if you are a specialist like an engineer or something and you come here and you get a specially visa. You can get like a five IBM visa. After three years you can apply for residency if they want you but if you're like an English teacher or freelance or you know they're gonNa see what points you have the points that kind of like. How important is your job? What you love Japanese all these kinds of things and if you're a normal person you gotta wait ten years have a a lot of good points? Make sure you do taxes. Oh you got to do taxes pay pension health insurance all that stuff and they're gonNA check your and then see if you're worthy uh on not. It's really tough. I mean it comparison to strike. I think it's three years two years maybe all you need is a working visa or ob studying then you can move to some sort of a thing. I don't know if they have them the full five seven visa they might be renamed two four five one anyway. Someone will pull me up the comments fish oil. And then you're you're basically like we have so many expats who are like Uber Drivers and they're just doing that to to stay here to stay Australia. I didn't get their pay. Our which is like really. You're like a freelance when you when you're doing a rebel. Yeah Yeah I know I talked to my mom about it and I was like what was it like moving to Australia. She's like Oh we got to be citizens in a year and I was like excuse me. It's ridiculous Sabrina had such a good. Ah Good setup what Lauren's Mum Move Shing get permit. She can get British citizenship then ship because apparently women who are born before eighty three that children can automatically get up. You've got to pay the thousand pounds. Whatever it is to get registered? Do you think that it because see if you become a Japanese citizen right. You can't have juice citizenship nicer. I would sorry. Japan will never become a citizen. Because I wouldn't be allowed to be citizen or a British to this end. Yeah I do know someone who has talked about possibly becoming a British citizen British a Japanese citizen. It's Yeah Kiss He. I don't know if I can say who it is. It's it's Duggan. Yeah so hello. Friend of mine said that he might want to become a Japanese citizen and he's the main reason is taxes so he's American and he has to pay American taxes and submit his American taxes on top of every single year for the rest of his life. Like there's no way to get around to accept if you're not a citizen the United States and so he's planning on being in Japan forever and so it's like well. Maybe that might walk in your favor. Then it's A. Yeah ed the for Americans is really tough. There's a few Americans that up in falling live are behind. That is a real dilemma. I'm just working in the finance by some You learn a lot about tax slow and literally your only option is to renounce your citizenship. And so what often happens is in those instances instances if you don't know that you're going to be permanently in Japan you've got to get some sort of other sport that temporarily. That's what they suggest that that sort of works out for you like a columnist from Panama. Because they have really good Like I slightly wealthy if you've got some money it's very easy to get as citizenship. And a STU not far from the mainland of America so it's it's a real tricky one toddy understand. We've got a pretty well in shrine not having to pay taxes. Yeah I had to submit myself as a non non tax resident of Australia for tax purposes. This is still submit my taxes. But it's not like I don't have to pay like my Japanese earnings and I don't really own in Australia. Interest entrusts so that's just to give sipple rights would like things like Medicare and all that sort of stuff I guess not like is in. So you got Medicare does the Japanese binny's government and these trailing government have some sort of arrangement where like there's a lot of tat like European governments. I was in Italy and I remember like I go get a check because because I thought I had something wrong. That's go see a specialist because we were there for like a month and Medicare's except the because they have reciprocal rights and there's something like forty countries in the world that have crazy no idea All pocket you offered for medical stuff mono one off your destroying citizen or like your your. Here's sort of on a working top phase so I get health insurance if you come here on even a working holiday visa anything other than a tourist visa you have to legally be on health insurance. So I'm on the work health insurance but you can be on the National Health Insurance and it's pretty good. I'm happy with it. Yeah you pay. What is relevant to your income every month and then you pay I? I think a quarter of the cost in person when you go like universal healthcare. I think that's why it's called the same. Is it like sort of paying Medicare. I'm guessing this private public options right. There's different insurances if you have like the National Health Insurance or if your company it has like a work on insurance thing yeah so. It's like a cross between America. Australia sounds like it's going to go. Look it up but it's it's good. I I like it a a lot. I've seen people complain about it who from the UK and they have like the NHS but unlike you know as not that bad. It's pretty bad. I mean look. We've got a pretty good inustrial there. I feel like the healthcare. We have these amazing however. I don't know if you've been paying much attention but insurance is getting a big shakeup at the. Did you see that broke commission stuff. There was like this the whole finance six is getting a real big shakeup because banks. CBA which charging people when they were dead. Oh my God it's like it was all over the news. The loss threes. My God. Yeah they had like the insurance scandal where they were not paying out like life insurance when people had died or all these other wacky story on the specific case. They didn't get the life insurance parents from someone who was really really bad. And so that's been a big thing in the last few years. So there's there's a lot going on with in like Qantas now offers insurance insurance. Okay really competitive now. Speaking of insurance. I don't think that I have insurance on my stuff in Japan religious typhoon coming. I I asked all my friends and they're like we don't have insurance. We don't have insurance like no one has insurance and I'm like if I missed something. That is a really interesting cultural thing that I love about Japan like how you can just leave slave stuff anywhere and people like you know. We jumped on the good old skyline a- into Sharia and you just put the bags then you just nor no one is going to touch this back. You can leave your block on lock. No one is going to touch this generally. Yeah it's amazing. It's really good. I think there are some areas you have to be Kaphalo of and you know it's it's a city and I do. I do wonder how it's going to be after the rugby World Cup finishes after the Olympics. I do wonder what changes are going to happen. been how safe. It's still going to be but for now. Yes it's pretty great. Yeah it's good. It's not a universal rule. But it's an interesting that you just see it in little ways. I like the smallest. Mola cities like the Kyoto's of the world. Have you see that more as well like There's so many times we've been going to a restaurant and Nick Nixed was a house but they look the same because they're all those sort of frontier stall. Asu Architecture Open. It's like Oh this is someone's house on like what's The fucking like when you think of living in Japan. What are the things that you really really love about like if you were like what do you think that tourists tourists and locals miss alike when the here like tourists and locals like what to tourists missed the I get to expend expect you get to experience? Yeah Okay so you know just living here. I get the chance to breathe so I live like in Tokyo Turkey. I live close to another neighboring neighboring prefecture. So it's a lot more relaxed. There's a lot less people but it's still got like a really nice community feeling. There's a lot of local festivals with L.. Even and tell you come join come join and chat to you and people are more willing to to be there and have a conversation. If you're just like in the neighborhood I love I love being able to just like have my little my little harm. I love my little harm. It's like I get to go home and I'm like is how many links is actually. I now live in forty three three square meters eight. Yeah that is that is seriously like in malvern cbd area we live things like ninety five squirming. Hey it's big for Turkey and because I don't live in the center of Tokyo it's quite cheap. I think for the size pay eighty three thousand yen a month. Yeah so that's like because we h we split it so it's forty thousand forty four hundred bucks. Jesus a month easy yeah. Australia is so expensive. I pay like three grand a month. Ace Melvin. Yeah so well. I saw a review on the Internet. This this thing came out recently. That was like the top like expensive cities in the world to live and Tokyo was one of the top. They said that the average is about two grand a month for around. I think they said the F. Arendt said like two bedroom average apartment and I'm like pretty big. Who would have a two bedroom like I don are? There's a good deal. So why did they do those things as always wack is most livable city. Well how do you define that. What are the parameters or like cheapest city for rent rent like does this? Where does it stop where the Addison? Tokyo is really four cities onto itself isn't it. It's sort of like four four center area. I mean I think even hunt Yoji I think. Do you know Toco son. I think that area is still really shaw. And and then what's places like Saitama which is not far. Yeah yes they like beak. Yeah everything's so close. That's that's what I I love about Tokyo. It's like oh I want to go to this kind of specific feeling town can just go there within like two hours with that was one thing that really dawned the first time we were here. And we're in. Should we caught a train to this. Area ran autumn out. She went to Tokyo station. And we'd been on it on the lines. Were above of ground twenty minutes on a train and it still felt. Felt like we're in the center of Sharia. And that's when it really dawned on me like this is a massive city and this this things that you can do in the you can never do in malvern. Gentlemen let the. That's the thing I love and on the point of things that people miss I think one thing is getting out to the regional prefectures like I proposed to learn twenty eighteen gentler January henry time sort of January January Feb and I feel like being in those regional areas is seeing a lot of what Japan and can be liked because people on his rushed hundred percent. Sort of what you were saying about living in sort of a more suburban area and part of me does think in the future. Where do I wanNA live in Japan? Yeah I wanNA live like it's called like knock countryside so do I want to live like I do. I WANNA have like my my local grocery store and I know everyone and live in. You can get really nice houses but the thing is the really cheap because you know the population density is going down so they will. They will never gained value. So that's the hard thing about buying property Japan. You're you're you're probably lose money on it unless you're living there and then you can just it's not an investment. It's like you on some unless you're you buying in Tokyo. It's not a good but even then in Tokyo house prices haven't apparently they haven't changed the last twenty years in the square made. It's still the same cost and with the updates in numb earthquake safety and everything houses lose value really quickly because like Oh then they no longer the most up to date with safety features and everything like installation so a lot of the modern houses. These days are better and probably GonNa last longer in the in the long run but yeah anything that's like Yeah Elliot and ten years ago. It's just losing value. Yeah I mean look I totally. What are those banks they have with this sort of the of the abandoned houses you can buy a house for free and there was actually one that was really there was a house there for all two hundred thousand yen two thousand dollars? Yep and Chevron you'd probably need to put in like fifty thousand Alsi work into it but still that's like fifty two thousand for a house it's crazy paypal. The wego visit in Nagano. who was sort of like friends now? We they just had the new kitten. They kept the house like the Ebbe close. And they're like Oh yeah come along. Woo Woo come over. We'll hang out and all that sort of stuff they board and really freely old like the not. It's not a real calm. But it's it's sort of Japanese style house in like Oh Marci Nina Matsumoto in Nagano. And it sort of like a place like lodging that you'd stop by if you were GONNA go scale like up on the mountain yes ran in Nagano is just. It's stunning and they bought it for like peanuts. Absolute pay not so cheap here. It's just it just depends ends. What your what's yeah look they were? They were investment bankers. They worked around the corner and automarket probably Citibank or something like that and he he lived in the Gulf coast so he wins the GOCO for two three years and I think that's where they met and then the comeback Japan's is like I'm sick of being a salaryman. Let's just like go out to the country by people and so this was ABM. They settled on being being like two thousand fifteen or something that. But it's a beautiful life because they got a two. Maybe three kids now would definitely too. I feel like they built like a little cafe on the side chain. He or she. They're amazing people have after. Go visit them. The link the property on Airbnb but I can totally say that Lord have always fantasized about style I I went and shot a video in a place called Yoga Shema and it's just like clear blue amazing waters. There's like these women who are fishermen who go diving having to get like And stuff it's just this really magical town and I found I was like let me just look for houses in the area and I found an apartment and it's like what ninety square meters and you can buy it outright for seventy five thousand Australian dollars and I was like excuse me. Is this my future and it was weird because I looked at it and I looked up and it was literally in front of me like I just happened to be looking at in recognize the building. I'm like hey there. It was like overlooking the ocean and everything but it was older and I was like I don't know if it's a good investment to have like an old. It's hard to get to as well. You can in seriously do that though. So this channel that we love. It's a Canadian guy who built house in the water sort of not far from Alberta in Canada. I need retired. He got himself healthy very unfit by. He'd lost a lot of white so he's sort of like a wake up call thinking he might have been quite sick. Like maybe he's a heart attack or stroke or something like that to very fit. He's he's like he's not a carpenter born a builder and he built this cabin and so he leaves outside of Alberta Canada and he's got a youtube channel which is probably go like three million followers. Now because people just wash off that I wish that he just he's he's got like one of the tripods it he sits up and he's got his dog and he is the best bit. Yes like the guy in the dog and they just like living out rough and they go and chop wood and like like eat berries and stuff. Oh my God I I am tear whenever get into interviews. I always forget the names of things. That's okay it's it's like this really bad a habit that I've got but we'll make sure we lincoln. I'm pretty sure it's cold Monday my regional life but I might have seen. I've seen some channels with the dog and the guy and he's chopping our lifetime. He's like spending the night outdoors more. Self Reliance Okay does is that does that look for me to a little bit. Let's so the lighting and everything he goes like he doesn't doesn't by any mate from the supermarket. He only guard like Hunting D. or things that he can get from the wilderness and stuff like that and then he has a little veggie patch but then obviously he gets snowed snow on the drink somewhere so he's mainly eating cured. Melissa it's pretty wild and so yeah he's got like myself reliance has got a million subscribers oh slough DVD's. I really see a future like that where it and I'm seeing more and more with youtube favors like twenty minute videos. Eight people on the platform this more videos now. That a winning that a sort of the very unedited people just filming sort of an area Korea thing that you don't get to see often like another channel I love is in English guys call bolden bankrupt and he basically goes travelling through Eastern Europe and he like ah documentaries to all these sort of filming it does no dubbed over music nothing and no shopping carts assist him freezing country liking videos slightly. That haven't really got people talking. Just kind of showing things have been watching. I assume I didn't think I'd be into to it. I feel like it is some thing. Is it Muck Bang for weird foods like foods that shouldn't be they make like head brushes and okay so they make it. Looks like objects but it's actually fits that they'll get a head rush base ace and then they'll fill it with like this gummy candy and put like Spaghetti in it lake and when crunch into it sounds like they're eating a head rush but it's just Spaghetti Kenny. And they have like glue sticks but they fill it with milk pudding and so they're like biting into like a glue stick and I'm like what is. What is this channel? I don't you just type in. Ask them all Habra. It'll come up as many of them. This is so popular and I was I was GONNA say I don't know why I get it. I love it. So what is it about it do you think is it is it. There's something about I'm trying to work out what it is. I don't know I just watching it like this looks fun different. Did you ever have that as a key way. This is the sound socio of it like leaked battery. Have you ever done these. The wheaties fucking thing was like my brain was like what does that feel like. What does that taste like? I must have been like six or seven and then as soon as I did. I was like that's weird but I want to do it again. It's terrible I ate chalk. Hi It's me saying this cap biscuits. Wow like he enjoyed it or eight one was like no no he. He and my sister actively enjoyed it and we were laughing about this because he's in full denial so we caught up to dinner like before. We went away and just imagine like sort of suburban home in Australia Melbourne Melbourne. It's sort of like there was a garage. We keep the cat biscuits and the cat said Aden. They're not like Haydn wisdom and so I'm like walking around like check the door slightly open and so I go in the door and just imagine this. It's him and he's GonNa mouthful of cat biscuits and he's like this these really get the taste with his mouth Because he's like four three or something like maybe we might have even been to. He's like a real gap you taste and he dribbles a lot and he just eight like like it was wild Chinese fucking thing and it was like. He dribbled down on his ship. Make a meal for him with secret cat biscuits and if he's like. Oh this is really tries to you. What is this you can be like God briskets and you we love? It can finally catch him out. He's nail like into Kato but he's like really because he's he's diabetic Jake. So he's he. He had to find a die. That give him didn't give him too many spike sir. Anytime there's cobs he's like goes the cubs like yeah. It's like Oh oh okay. And then he just walks off enough out. How could treat him? Maybe I can make I could get some inspiration from these channels now thinking about content of going to ask your style. Your creative process is there or any rhyme or reason to it like when you're doing of log for Tokyo traveler. Yeah how wha what are you thinking like okay. It's been a while Anita make something all. Aw I've got an idea and then you write it down in your notes and then you've got a list of things that you want to talk about. How do you sort of think about that process? That depends how on top of things today and tomorrow and the day after. I'm blogging. The typhoon like that. It's like oh my friend coming volume or is it Kinda like it just that that kind of just naturally happens but when it stuff like oh I need to make a video. What should I do I? Sometimes I just get Kinda stuck. I'll take suggestions from the audience. Or if as if I'm completely out of it I will make day in my life video because I know that people really enjoy seeing that kind of stuff. That's usually some of your most popular videos. Dane the law. It's crazy but also I get scared because my my my life on that conventional because I don't like I don't go to work and come sometimes. I do go to work but a lot of the work that I do is just editing video. I am working when I'm doing a day in my life. I get worried that people will watch and be like sheet on the mark very hard. Because she's just going to the shops. That's so funny I can imagine like some of the questions we can imagine. What some of the comments alike? It must be really hard. That's nothing between while we're getting the coffee and Tam Damn Whatnot is is being that conduit like. You're you're in a really precarious situation because you like your new your local but you sort of not fully local yet because you're not inherently Japanese and but you've also got people who see you is sort of like an authority on Japan who speaks English so Dealing with dealing with everyone's opinion all the it's interesting sometimes I'll say something and then I can only imagine all these different opinions from all different groups of people people view me as you know the authority figure of living in Japan. I know everything or the person who abused me as she doesn't speak and one level Japanese and she's she's a piece of crap or someone who you know comes into the channel in sees a white girl hate you like I don't know there's so many different people with different points of view that sometimes I just get scared to say anything. I second guess myself. Every time I take start taking your video if I say something I'll be like cut that do you. Do you have like a way of breaking breaking through his. You know when I was saying before about process do you say all right. I'M GONNA make one video awake or one a month or is this something that you is assigned the some some sort of rule that you can never break at all on not lie. I don't like tell tell I always try to keep it as truthful as possible without revealing too much personal information when it comes to upload stuff I tell myself I wanna do one a week and then I suck at that I suck at it. I can't I just can't do it because every week is different. Sometimes I will be cold away and I will have to travel for six days straight. Yeah and then I see other. Youtube is traveling and then in the evening when we finish at like ten PM. And I'm like are just chill out for an hour before we start filming at six. Am and then like editing. And I'm like why are you editing. It's like ten PM and I'm just getting some work done. Can you do that. How am I am? I just a tired person. Do I require more than a human needs to require. Yeah and I guess my balanced just a little bit more limited than other people. It's actually that was part of dealing with that anxieties coming to grips with the fact that I'm not the person that can be doing six hour days repeatedly I need to I need to sleep. cluck minimum. And that's like you know. My brother can sleep seven hours and he's perfectly fine. My Mom sleeps like five hours and just like all right time to go and I'm like yeah. I got no idea but some people can and I've been told by those people. Oh you sleep for eight hours vessel asleep and it's like Nah man. It's a good amount of sleep. Screw go to bed. I get frustrated because I'm like well. This is just my level of what I need to do. In order to give my best work the next day speaking of work and being who'd wife is six days of the guys that you've worked at Tuck your credit you speak aac about them regularly in the actual videos. I guess I'm curious. What have you learnt? Because it's a very unique scenario right to be working with Sawyer. Many influences says it at any one time. I know you can't ask who's your favorite because that's some of the questions we lose your favorite child. It's like hey out of your friends ends publicly. Say which one you like which one you hate is so what have you learned for being in that environment in particular about being Kreider Crato from my standpoint. I've learning to be able to adapt to different situations. I I think one thing that's always been good to learn as witnessing other people and seeing how they work and knowing that I wanna be the easiest person to work with. I'm not number one. I see all the people look behind the scenes and older people organize everything and then suddenly I turn up on camera. I M well below them. They work so much harder than I have have to work and so I mean I let this acting school as well actors who come on and alike. I'm the most important person here. It's like get stuff you can be replaced. There's people here on sound and on lights and on editing us so important that it's like you have to be as humble as you can and is kind to everyone is you can otherwise you're going to make the whole process so difficult and it says a brilliant. It's a very humble principle to have I think. And it's the it's what will give you longevity in the industry paps because I know you mainly come into proximity like well okay as a Lotta people involved in just this video. Yeah and how many hours of work and whatnot. Yeah I mean I'm just there for the filming. I mean luckily being youtube I know what effort goes into editing the videos so sometimes I can be in front of the camera and be like Oh they need to know this at this point I needed act like this and this point and and keep it on track because I know what goes on behind the scenes. Yeah do you do you see there's been major revolutions in the way that you cry like I could see that when you first started with that I could see the cinematic sort of impact because you do these really lengthy videos. It wouldn't be as regula before he went to Japan and they would cover like a large story and then when you sort of migrated towards flogging and overtime that flogging process has changed quite a lot obviously you can you can actually see the see what some of the videos and you can hear the old camera with the Lens. What was that camera was used to complain about? Crx one-two-three that's right. It was awful moved moved to the g seven x like the camera to have. It's still kind of is the camera. They have a g seven x now. Yeah the next month two. And now they have the g seven x new new Blah Blah Blah. I it's beautiful. It's it does the same thing. It's got a bit of a wider Lens. I what do you want to now. I'm still my neck spot I also have DSL so so why use a Canon S. L. to body which is the kiss x nine in Japan and I use a wide angle ten to eighteen millimeter Peter Lens and a a video mike pro. Yes Mike do you know what's funny is fatboy this thing being just playing around with this recently. This is for the new iphone because the iphone camera always a stable. Ah That's basically gamble gamble the road. So that's the video Mike Pro plus which touches onto that. It's amazing it's as is good shooting on a sola with like a Ronin Jimbo. Yeah I just bought before. We came to Japan because this new. It's beautiful I've been watching some videos taken on the the eleven and it just this donning the wide angled it just sort of tells owes me that because we have the cushion. Saying how do I get into flogging and it's a waste of questions at sort of like give me a reason not to start yeah accent accent. My answer is always stop. Just do it do it. You just use your phone watching. Yeah no one is watching if you. Here's a good point. Your videos more more recently are the bigger they are opposite big audience. You go back to your old videos. They're not as big. They've still got a decent view like amount of us because obviously the people of gone back and watch but emphasize the point that no one is there at the beginning. You've got to just start somewhere. Yeah I filmed on my iphone sex. My friends success. Plus when I first came to Japan I volume was so low on it trying to turn up an iphone volumes. Really hard when you're editing. It and I got by accident exit. I think he would have sixteen GIG capacity fern every time I filmed. I had to take every single file off the night after and I could only fill a a few clips at a time. It was so bad but yeah you have to start somewhere you just have to start. I'd get messages from people saying hey I just bought equipment. I'm GONNA stop flogging and I'm like all right if you have the money then go for it but just you know you don't know if it's going to go anywhere. Yeah like I hope it's a good investment for you but yeah we spent two years. He's really like finding the style and technique for interviews and we only just moved to to shooting video and it takes time it takes six years to learn this stuff in it goes to my question of how do you find your style changing in at the moment and you sort of see the future of move your style. Yeah I actually edited a video recently and I just did. I have kind of a formula where I'm like okay. I've got all my clips. It's video for a sponsored video so I want to do it as nicely as I can. And I will have like an intro of like the best clips and music playing and then be like. I'm enjoying this place. And then I'll start in the war and I edited it and I finished it and I was like. I don't WanNa do it like this anymore. I'm like this feels not up to date with the way that youtube currently is as people watched it and they liked and everything but I was like I need to change it up a little bit a lot of people I see now. They do like one clip at the start and they in. It's like one funny clip from it and then they start not saying stuff or they just start people just starting these days. I'm like should I just have nothing then be like. Hey guys just go blah cut the. Hey guys I don't don't even know like I just notice the time now. It's gone straight to that sort of talk traveler illustration and it's actually shorter nail. That when I feel like I've noticed you've cut down the time that I I don't know I still the same length but I turned it down a lot. Okay it is the highest pitch inch as someone who has edited every single year for like three years with that you did first kills me. How did you how did you get that Don originally Oh? My sister was an animator. Well so lucky because you one of the first person to have like a proper intro. Yeah I sometimes I I think about. I've talked to. I want to change it up by changing the outfit. Keep keep it fresh and I'm talking to a music artists right now. About changing the intro. And it's the same tune just pitch down a little bit different inch instruments. Because I I can't take it anymore that first night like drills into my brain really I feel I know you saying that like this also like an element of Rabin just doing like selling the back end. We have an agency that we work for clients and sonic branding audio audio. Branding is is becoming like the days of like you put on Nintendo. You pay a full year expo. You know the sound I feel like for you that that sound is sort of your sound. Just get so if you if you're going to do it. Maybe you could bring the volume down a bit. But I didn't even notice it's probably because go ahead for you because I have to listen to it so many times I always added at the very end now. I used to add it at the stock. It'd be like here's my intro and now I feel good about my video no matter what I do because I got this inter but every time I would start video again it'd be like just feel like it's just ingrained in my brain now now. I want to get into some rapid flash shorter questions but before we do that list. Talk about I think the final thing is showing reality because this is as Lauren born and get more into creating content ourselves and people ask about what we're doing and Blah Blah Blah. How can you give someone like Lauren? Conference that they should just get out there and sure everything 'cause sometimes she'll be like oh my skin's not good here or I don't WanNa do this because whatever whatever the reason may be. How do you sort of tell that individual that you just because that was what you spoken in sucres interview that a lot of loggers just hide certain things and then when they get to ten knees? He's in their relationship. They split up and everyone's like. Oh my God. I can't believe this upper so I think if you want to be the perfect version of yourself. I think you should do TV because that is kind of like as good as it can get but with Youtube. People aren't really looking for perfect people. People's love train wrecks. People love people with like acne and see never coverage or seeing any kind of improvement in their lives. If you start off with something that is perfect anytime you slip out people will be like. Oh it's not good as it used to be like. Yeah I think showing realities keeps people in check to show that you are a real person and you are just going through stuff all the time like everyone does so you know. I think that for Youtube. It's important to just acknowledge the realities of the situation rather than putting all that extra effort to try to hide. It was a thing Eh. One of the things that are highlighted as part of your create is saying. You've done really well as you understand attention and I know that you know that because you sort of found laughing with tawny harms single-sex Hotels Diane. The life you've set holding on the things that really gone up people's attention. Yeah more and more of it is about life everyday life people like life people like interesting little things about life. People like seeing other people's lives jobs that are different. You know people are interested in people. Exactly yeah these rapid fire questions okay. These fun they never become rapid fire. They always turn into twenty minutes right. What's in the fridge at home is probably a good one so much so if you guys are no there was a typhoon coming? There's a what is it. It sounds like the okay. Jesus I gave it but yeah there's a typhoon coming so I just did a big stuck up. I went to the supermarket I have. I've worser and vegetables me and these things to cook and stuff in the cupboard you know I'm fully stocked for the weekend so not going to leave the house just is gonna eat play Zelda and chill out some exciting the new switch yes. Oh Yeah I have the new switch not the light but the known proved switch with the longer battery life. My might go. Zelda on switch Holy Shit like that some nostalgia by like the booklet for when it was on sixty four. Aw applied on six. You have played the sixty four version. I was quite young so I watched my dad play and any time that the zombies came out at night. I would have to hide my face because I'd be so scared scary. Yeah majorities mask the opening sequence with the Moscow. I couldn't deal with that. I'd be like press. Stop for the Maas comes and he would wait for it and I'd be like it is like I remember back to it is. It was a scary when you go up to those sort of The Rock Lava Mountain area. But it was such after fun game the book. I'm talking about the book off the newsagent. Yeah right what are your five favorite non musical. Sounds oh cicadas in summa. I've really loud sore sore loud but that kind of like. Oh it sounds like Japan Rain Rain That so many sounds deep frying thing. Frankly the restaurant. Can I suggest one. Yes the sound when the train comes. Oh wait like the little jingle jingle. Yeah it says that kind of music music. The there's some really good ones out there but unfortunately I do think that counts as music. Maybe it's the actual train itself when it's arriving at the platform. Yeah Oh this sound to my local train line that sounds it. Sounds like someone complaining if when the when the train ships will be. It's like I like that sound because I'm like office like even in Japan you've got these. He's for someone who doesn't know the language the the rapidness of the way that the language is spoken and signs and how everything is voiced. He's quite amazing is it. Yeah like have you been posed Takanobo yet. That's the Yama not lane is. It goes like Ikebukuro editor. Donna Bubba and they sent sofas talk talk about no Baba which station for Tucker donal Bubba. Chieko Boston Duca. All so it's like we must've yeah. Just listen for for it because like tech it. When I first came to Japan I was like what is that section of the announcement of the stations nations like Montesano when they like? It's pronounced it's that is one thing like if you're a bit of linguist if you'd like language. The Japanese language is nice. To listen to all musical I went to career. I went to Korea recently and I was so taken aback by how different the language sounds and I think Korean it sounds quite like I think it sounds really cool but it also sounds like that complaining like I was thought that sort of Yeah they say this trauma the lead. It's got that you can tell there's like a bit of Mongolian to it a bit with a Chinese. It's a very unique in that regard. Yeah but here. It's like it's very like bouncy and find it. I feel like I remember saying to someone and JAP- Japanese sort of like the Swedish of Asia. Like I sort of like musical up and down quite a lot and people always say. Oh but what about Chinese Chinese is like quite accented like it's sort of like sure how like fun of the mouth sense whereas Japanese sort of I don't know how to describe it. I'm trying to think about the woods. It's got a bit less like accented it's very structured and here it's very it's like a lot of strong. What is it like God it with Chinese and stuff like sure like? Yeah but it's like like like me talk goes I. You must have very clean. And a fine like when I went to try to pronounce announce things like I'm always using sort of the back of my tongue more than I'm using sort of the the frontera if you can have a billboard anywhere in Tokyo where where would be first of all and what would say would have on it. Okay if I want people to see it I'd have it in. This should be a crossing area and have real big and it would would have me and I'd be dance and I'd say what I say say donate to my pay pal. Pay Pal address Patriot patriotic I do I consider twitch twitch my version of patriotic I liked to provide content that anyone can see but they have the option to donate if they want so let a lot of people do do due paycheck that Einar but the amount of effort that they have to put into patron is so huge. It's kind of a daunting a Lotta people send out packages to people postcards. They do a lot of extra things and it takes a lot of their time and so for me. I just three times a week. I sit down for my computer and I just chat to my twitch audience and if they want to donate they can if they want to subscribe they can but there's no pressure so it's a better way of doing patron is still a but of friction there. Yeah it's like I have this content if you wanna see it you got to pay for a Supernova but for me I'm like I don't know if you can afford it so I'm here if you want I'm like I have like little emotes like if you want to subscribe you can then have access to the amounts but it's not like extra content. It's just like little extra yes yes. I don't think too which is becoming more and more important in gentlemen. We'd love Lorn and I love to watch Jake and bake on. We don't want you on tweet on Friday I you know like where is he like. He's in now he just he just came back yet. Because we're going to reach out to a few people but I was a few you in particular that we really want to speak to an odd. Just listen go overboard listen to reach out to two or three C. We'll they say and I I just I for some reason I don't know why didn't click on Jacomb Bake I realized now in hindsight we we contacted someone who sort of got like more of a family youtube channel and Okay obviously that we're never ever going to be able to do anything because this sorry busy busy with you have kids. Yeah you go kids laugh. Life is so sort of more of a travel channel but lauren loves the channel Anywhere do you live in Ulan Last question for you okay. What has been the best purchase under two hundred miles in in my life or Japan? In general you can pick Japan if you want to two hundred Dulles So many awesome gadgets trying to think two hundred dollars. What's something that changed my life? I can tell you from one. It's just over two hundred dollars twenty bucks that's all right My airport okay. I love my Amilton. Three hundred dollars. They all the things all the things. I felt like equipment like Youtube and stuff. It's always like three hundred dollars but that's the stuff that really helped me. I didn't really have any. How much was the cast? asu The casio original camera that you bought the I think that. Yeah the cashier. The woman of the Lens that was like he s soups awful. That was like two hundred bucks. Wow Yeah it was real change. What a fucking good investment? Every time I made you triggers and credit is what I think about it. It's the most amazing you just couldn't have done this in any era bought this to buy something for tourney box. It's all money and then to to create a life through basically. It's just your time. It's quite amazing. Look thank you for doing this. This worries me on. Where can people find you? Do you want them to find you. Find me on a on Youtube. Talk Traveler Instagram. Graham instagram talk. You don't get channel twitter talk because talk it okay. Travel was too long really. Yeah yeah that'd be talking about which which obviously by the way I've been doing twitch for over a maybe a year and a half now but I don't advertise it that much for some reason. I I feel weird about advertising it because one time I got a message from someone and they'll like a begging for money fake Gamer girl knows like they do but yeah check it out if you wanna come just come chat with me because he did all that research and I didn't find it. Yeah I got a I got promoted because it's a fun time. Yeah just chat with everyone three days a week and sometimes we cook food sometimes. It plays eldest. Sometimes I play okay. I play a lot of snacks. Retro Games I'm playing a bound at the moment just great so much fun and yeah that's fun time. What would make sure we link everything? And it's being fessing Ozzy in Tokyo. Thanks for coming to you. 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