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ESPN radio presented by Progressive Insurance celebrating. Seven years and over seven hundred cars donated vets learn more at keys to progress dot com guests on the Dan. Le Batard show appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line and now your sportscenter update date in College Basketball Call Anthony said ACC record for points scored by a freshman in his debut with thirty four points. He also had eleven rebounds. As the tar heels beat Notre Dame Anthony scored as many points. Syracuse did last night as the orange. Lost defending champion. Virginia forty eight thirty four. Those thirty four points at the lowest point total under Jim Jim Boeheim and the lowest for the program and nearly seventy four years and finally Joe Pesci has announced his first album in twenty one. Years is coming out out later this month the satisfying crunch of the Nature Valley. crunchy bars can keep your family going. Which means more outside fun for you and with whole grain oats and real delicious honey? It's really tasty to nature valley oats and honey crunchy bars fraud latest headlines and information tune into sports. ESPN radio all throughout the day. All right Israel Gutierrez D. N. A.. Deanna Diana Rossini Deanna. CAIN was a a girlfriend of mine in high school. Where I was going? We're WE'RE GONNA million tax from when Orlando the Canes Name Diana Receding in Studio with us our. Thanks for joining US earlier. Bill Simmons GonNa Join US right now. The the Bill Simmons podcast The Ringer of course and friend of the show. He has been peppering me with taxes levied Dard as left for his honeymoon. Bill CanNot Fathom my dad would take off for six weeks and the busiest time of the sports calendar. Go ahead. It's six weeks. Yeah it's five. It is felt like six months. I mean your show is falling apart. You can't even protect your terrible. Here's my new theory. All right conspiracy theory type so the China thing happens. Dan Mysteriously goes on vacation. I I think he's pantages keeping him away until this China thing settles down now. That's that's really kit spiracy theory where you invited. They hold on just hit pause for second were you. Were you invited to the secret wedding as they quickly move away from what you were discussing. And what's the secret wedding. I don't explain that to me as we're talking. There's two different weddings. which which weekend are you coming down this weekend or next weekend or not at all? I wasn't invited to either if there might wedding. Is there a third one on the west coast. Take more time off I. Yes yes. That's exactly the plan. A wedding tour. What happened could somehow get married bill? What happened was is Dan? Patrick said he was coming into town This week and so everybody just wondered if he either got the date wrong or if there was another secret more private Actual Friends of Lebanon Hardwood. I mean that would be really both. I don't even know if Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did that theory brings the wedding to you. It's it's like when those podcasts. Go on tour and they go to the different cities. So they'll just be like can just getting married in different places connecting with people I I I just don't understand. There's so much going on right now. This is this is this is like the easiest time to do a show like the one you do every day right yeah no time. It's February and August August but those are really the Times that Dan loves the boast. Yes because that's when our show shines when there's nothing to talk about the ten day all star breaking in February in the pro bowl you'll send it and all they you didn't get an actual formal invite though I need to sort out my thoughts thoughts on that actually think about that for a little bit. I wanna how many people were invited. I'd like to see who else was invited. And and then I would like to sort out my own my own feelings than that. Dan Have Weird relationship that we don't we could go like a year without talking and then when we see each other it's like I right like we just saw each other week ago which I think is the type of relationship. He has with a bunch of people bodies. That's that's everyone's relationship right so even people that work with him every day feel that way absolutely like the statement right there laboratory and I have a really unique relationship is the same for everybody but I I bill I feel like he invited you because I know he loves you. Okay and I'm certain he invited you still there said he did it in you know but I have a theory here with Simmons okay. Recently Bill now is a long flight. La Okay to Miami. Ed Simmons I maybe got the invitation but never opened it. It's just he's trying to avoid it either. There's an invitation. They should somewhere in your house. Bill that you've never opened. That's my theory. I like that. He is created air of mystery around himself now with his own show that his name is in where people are talking about him. He showed up eating a piece of chicken. The other day and the shipping container and then disappeared when Ricky Williams disappeared and it was like camping in the mountains and they wrote that. Espn the magazine and he. Nobody could figure out what was going on that is. This is the first time sports media personality. I it created that five. It's like and the fact that there's a common thread between both instances being that is true ability and the heater back. I thought I thought he would have been racing back to come to the airwaves. The heater actually fun to watch again. He'll be he'll be back on Monday. The heat are fun to watch. Your Celtics are fun into watch. Five in one star Bill. Yeah they. They're actually good. I gotta say I I think there's that the slashing kickoff offensive game is back Jack. It feels more like Brad Stevens team. They're still guys short but they have some changes to make but I I really liked the east. I think that I think Toronto Miami in Boston are all legitimate. You know not title contenders but at least contenders to make the playoffs. Lot more interesting. I I went in Milwaukee last night. That they played the clippers and Jaanus to four threes And it Kinda set the era out of the building. 'cause he's so unfair to watch in person persons where you're just like mad and thank God. He can't hit threes because he can do everything out and then he's just hitting wide open. Threes started thinking like man. This is this is going to be really really scary. If he can hit forty percent of these little Shimmy on one of them to bill. I'm actually super excited about this. I've never actually talked basketball with you but I wanted to ask you just your thoughts on like the whole breakdown of Jason Tatum. Will he ever be what we want him to be. Because he's very confusing to me. Well he's he's made huge strides this year. 'cause he's actually driving to the basket again. I I think now. It's just wraps. Because last year he just found in this habit of shooting 20-footers and three three-pointers and wasn't going to the basket and now the whole team is doing the slashing kick thing and they're all trying to the basket which is what was so frustrating about last year so he's so young I think defensively he doesn't get credit for being such a good two way player and I think I'm still I'm still a big a believer in in both famous Jaylen Brown. Actually I think both of those guys are really good. I'm a little bit of a body language Professor here with this one but I mean he just doesn't feel like with his ability the guy who can take over seemingly when he wants to doesn't seem to do that enough doesn't seem to want to do that enough. Am I completely wrong because you watch it more. Yeah I just think he's. Yeah a young he hit a big buzzer beater. A few days ago that I think You know it's like little baby steps and stuff like that. He had such a such a breakthrough in the two thousand eighteen eighteen playoffs. And then you know last year was so dysfunctional in so many ways and the whole team took a step back so now I think you know the biggest thing is hayward word is back. I mean he is where he was in Utah three years ago and it took a while and I think we all kinda underestimated how devastating that injury was just from the standpoint of changing how he played 'cause he was such a physical bang off. People athletic you know he's not like a just like outside shooter. This is a guy who love going to the basket and he was doing that last year so I think they're. They're not GonNa win the title unless they make a trade but I think they're good. I think there are fifty one team Belsen is with US already. ESPN radio check out the bill. Simmons PODCAST RINGER DOT COM. There's a new podcast out with bill. That will get you a just a second building. I missed the memo. was everyone saying Lebron was finished. What is he doing well all right so we thought when both went him dear healthy together? The team was going to be really good right so the mentality that the question is. How can this last for eight months? Can these two guys stand the court together and I you know. I talked to me in February with this but I will say that Dallas game was incredible on Friday. I mean that was one of the best regular season games that I think is really cool. Point right now reminds me of early nineties like in the ninety two ninety three range where you had all these you have all these stars that have now been late for awhile and now you have this new. The crap of dudes glucose is a superstar. You know he's not even a a a star like guys one of the best players in the League already and he's twenty twenty. What is he twenty one yet? I can remember But he went toe to toe with Lebron that game like like in a real way where they're going back and forth and I I think this season this is my favorite season in a while. I can't get enough of the rest debate. The COLLI Leonard. Is he doing the right thing. Is this bad for for the game. Someone like you. Who obviously you cover it and you have a journalist but you are such a fan of the game so how do you you? We could feel last night right like a lot of people didn't know here's plan go to the game. There's an early start. People thought the game was starting at seven thirty and couloir was playing and then everybody Kinda belatedly realized it was seven o'clock and then co is not there. It's a bummer. 'cause you know so many people were there to see Hawaii honest and in the unless you saw it on twitter you heard on the radio or something people thought I was going to be there and you know I. This is a long game where eventually we're going to end up with seventy game schedule or seventy two whatever whatever they land but now we're in this no man's land where it probably made sense for him not to play it's November. They're playing Portland tonight. Portland's a conference game I get it but it's just a bummer. When you're there because you had people especially with the secondary market where they see honest is coming to town they get all excited about Yoenis versus Qui- you know you you maybe you pay? Hey forty percent above above face value for tickets or something and then the day before. They're like Oh yeah why's not playing. Hey it's it's not good. I don't know what the fixes though the thing is. We can talk about it for seven weeks in a row unless you're laboratory you just take seven weeks up but you but you there's no answer we're just GonNa go in circles the dog chasing its tail. They're never going to be able to fix this until they shortened schedule here in a second I have a theory area. I want to be the first one to say it. Okay Cam Newton to the Patriots next year about that. Let's talk to you about I. Listen Adult Brady leaves leaves and Jack Major Trade for Cam Newton and the Patriots have another ten year round. It is at a first bill. I love that you monitor Tom. Brady's real estate and then decide that that means he's not going to be at the team next year just because he moved because he's moving it's all do needs he just needs a change of location images L. looking at different house and he immediately thinks he's GonNa be playing for the charter by the way Brady stays. They still get Cam Newton. They make tight end to this. podcast Catholic a week and a half ago and he said with a straight face. Could you see Brady and Tennessee next to you. No I actually don't see him to play twenty years for the Patriots Tennessee. Titans that's not happening. Tom Brady next head coach at the University of Michigan. That was good. I think you have to you have to craft a little bit. I liked that one. Timing's right that's a good one I will work on it You're ready second book of basketball. No I didn't write it the podcast but I did spend a Lotta time working on it that we drop the first four This week and I'm really proud of it. I think it's the best thing I've done in a while. Actually so a lot of good stuff coming up. Maybe you'll be on one today. I would I would like to We could talk about the last great knicks moment in nineteen ninety nine thousand so I go to help the bill centers jest render. Check it out a book a basketball point. Check that out as well bill. We appreciate the time. There's always that you're ready Stugatz here. This is supposed to be an ad for advance auto parts. But they're not selling anything they are offering to test your car battery for free which is good because winters on the way car. 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Our thanks to Bill Simmons for joining US earlier. Thanks to me. As well Diana Rossini Israel Erez it studio with us New Episode of Stupidity Comes out today and I had the directors go directors of class action park on a place place. You were very familiar with its action park but we call the class action part. You and I've told stories you got mono at Action Park. I told stories of just two a half hour. Drive going to ask apart from Long Island out to Jersey. You would tell your parents to. You're going to six flags great adventure because you wouldn't dare tell them you're going to Action Park Right. Oh Oh yeah because every parent knew what was going on there. I mean there was just blood on the slides. Their animals with rabies just like hanging out in the wave pool. But you know when you're a kid you don't care because you just you just want to go to the waterpark for the day Obviously if I knew back then that I was GONNA wind up with motto and and probably some other issues diseases. I probably would have gone but you know. Obviously the fact that they did this documentary on this just goes to tell these are just the tales of you and I that we've shared Acura Magin the thousands of people. Oh who were affected by that disgusting place. So Chris Paul Scott at Steph porches and he calls himself Gorgeous Porzingis they have the same reaction by a gorgeous gorgeous. They Co directed a documentary about Action Park. And it's coming out and it's coming out the next year and so I had him on the podcast and I just started asking them about each individual ride at Action Park and to give me the best story they had from them putting putting together this movie and I wanNA play for you because it was an important place for you as you were growing up. I mean people love this place they really did. I have friends ends. Who still have scars from their days at actually part and they wear badges? I mean they're constantly showing him off. But here's one of the directors talking about One of the rides is called the looping water slides looping water slide. Go ahead but first couple kids. They threw them as we'll be waterslide I. They didn't have to impacting that they'd come out with busted. Up Malcolm Cacique chief bleeding out of their mouth. So the opening up a slide the added more padding and then some more kid down. Their mouths are fine. But these kids have lacerations all over their bodies and nobody nobody knows why do they opened up the slide and they found that teeth from the first group had gone embedded in padding ripping into going on this flight. The flight was like a monster monster. Literally eating them alive with Keith. This static is that you slide grew teeth You're more you got motto. It actually bar using your your mortified. Because I don't know how I got. Some part of the water got into my belongs in probably gave it to me but to think that maybe I got it. Because teeth clawed into my arm it sounds like you got off easy win here. Yeah all right. Here's here's a story about the tanks light tank Ri- go ahead Chris. One day a security guard gets a call that come down to the paint. Sap He's like what's what's going on with on a panel would have happened that a drunk patron had found a gas. Can that fueled the battle battle tanks. They were like a motorized paint type of Rod. That you get into it you put down a great above your head and you'd rather than like go-carts tennis balls at the other takes if you hit a target on the other tank in a spin. That person's take around. This Patriot had done under the influence of alcohol. I have found the gas take doused his tennis balls in fire lit them on fire and shooting Bari. Tennis balls at the other thing and he He kicked out of the park. After that it was made it. Sounds like the greatest place on earth doesn't other than hiring used to be hard multiple job sites stacks of resumes a confusing review process. But today hiring can be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done. ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash game. ZIPRECRUITER sends your job to over one hundred of the Web's leading job boards. But they don't stop there with their powerful powerful matching technology ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience. Invites them to apply to your job. As applications come in ziprecruiter analyzes each one on an spotlights the top candidates. So you never miss a great match. ziprecruiter is so effective that four five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day. And right now my listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash game that ziprecruiter dot com slash G. A M E ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash game ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire Donlevatar. Tom Ricketts is saying that it comes will not allow Sammy Sosa back into that organization for anything moving forward until he comes clean and when I find absurd about that. And what a hypocrite. This guy is is that family made hundreds of millions of dollars off the name. Sammy Sosa by the way. Never tested positive for steroids and if he was using steroids which we all assume Um that he was my guest is if he was using it. The Ricketts family had an inkling that was going on in their own clubhouse ever come out many many years later as a Sammy Sosa. A must come clean for us to allow him back into our prestigious organization. Our Club get Outta here with Stugatz Ricketson and make money off. Sammy Sosa listen. He won the bid in two thousand nine. This was post Sammy Sosa. Well that ruined my argument these things are show with Stugatz on ESPN radio ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance guests. On the Dan lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line and our sportscenter update in college. It's basketball call. Anthony set an ACC record for points scored by a freshman in his debut with thirty four. He also had eleven rebounds as the tar heels. Beat Notre Dame Anthony scored as as many points as Syracuse. Did last night yarns loss to defending national champion. Virginia forty eight thirty four. Those thirty four points of the lowest point total under Jim Boeheim in the lowest the lowest for the program and nearly seventy four years and finally a CGI version of James Dean will star in a Vietnam War drama titled Finding Jack Blink Motion Motion activated security cameras. Amazing right well. Home security just got easier because now blink system start at just seventy nine ninety nine visit visit blinkprotect dot com slash Dan blinkprotect dot com slash. Dan Fraud latest headlines and information tune into sports center on. ESPN radio throughout the day. All right a lot of people asking when we're GONNA take a NFL calls. Diana received he's GonNa respond to those calls. Answer those questions. In her mom's voice. We did a couple of weeks ago in Bristol. We're going to do it tomorrow everyone. Everyone leave Diana's a guy because they ever on twitter. Okay but Mike has come up with another segment that we will do with Diana receding not now but in a little bit because we wanna Talk Baker Mayfield in a second Mike. What is the idea of? Come up with your well as you know. Allison Turner moved to Bangor Maine. She still a part of our show but because of that move. We've you've lost our chief fantasy football expert and she took Allison's fan cps with her but we still have the imaging. It's not her property. We we have an expert or at least one that plays one on TV Diana route. So why does it Diane. Rossini have a fantasy football fiesta. It sounds sounds great. But I tell me what I'm stepping into here was alison ditch. She was amazing time offending fantasy football champions shoes to fill. Yes she She answered a lot of people's question with another question right. It's settled everything non essential. Oh that's great so you gotta get some some of the essential fantasy stuff down which we can help you out with or familiar with. PB or non. I understand fantasy football. Okay good but yeah anything I can do to help you guys that you're lineups this weekend. I'll help you out okay. Great so we're GONNA do that coming up in just a little bit Mike. We are not making fun of Baker. Mayfield here we are or not. You have a credible. NFL reporter here. Okay who has information on Baker Mayfield. It's not me it's not Israel's not callers. It's not the shipping tatum. We're not making fun of Baker Real Information. I think you might be interested. It is this good. Is this positive. Well my so sportscenter. It keeps airing the broncos game. Yeah right so I'm also curious like why Mitchell trubisky turning off televisions at criticizing the barest when it seems as though this network does does criticize the wish. I wish there were television. The Mu talking about the bears. Do I think there were a lot of issues in that game. I think we've seen a bunch of different problems. They've had collectively GIS coming together. Getting in sync Freddie kitchen seems to be struggling a bit but to me. I think the tell of their season season was at the end of the game. There was three minutes left. Defense was out on the field. They're down five points. I think you actually like this tweet when I put this out there. The other day and the camera pans to the sideline and Baker is on one side of the Field Odell on the bench. The rest of the offense is. I don't know where they are. They have a shot to get the ball. Back coaches would kill for this opportunity to have his offense together to go all right. What are gotta gotTa have a place? What are we GONNA do on third down? What are we? How are we going to win this game? But the fact that around even talking because they're just mad and frustrated with each other that tells you you where they're at. I was really happy. You pointed that out because I was my main takeaway while the cameras were focusing on a Odell Beckham junior and making a big thing out of Baker should he or shouldn't have thrown the ball on fourth down Odell Beckham. My main concern was guys. You have an opportunity to get the ball back. WHO's organizing this offense? Is this a problem with the head coach calling the plays. What are we doing here? What's the plan? How do you not take advantage of that time together on the silent to come up with all right? Let's forget that play and come together here and try to figure out a way to anybody who's been on a bad team like any sort of sports team. That's like that where you know that. Feeling like it's just your scattered. You're not really together. You know I know the situation you know you might go back out there. But it's like if we we don't it's not in our instinct to get together huddle up and plan for it. We're just we're just getting into the frustration Asian because we're mad at each other and we're not thinking of what's the best thing to do next you lose all track of of game plan and you lose all that stuff because you're on a bad team and everybody is upset at each other and then Baker after the game goes shaves his handlebar moustache. I Take I seen his corner on Mike absolutely lutely you should have shaved that because it looks stupid but also your he's right. You need to earn a certain look. Go stick your neck out there and look at me. Think about that like I started thinking of looks that have to be earned right because you can't just show up at work. Well you can't really show up at work on the Handlebar Moustache one day because obviously you need to grow it but like you can't just show up at work one day with a hawk if you've never actually had one or if you don't have the personality type where somebody's going to be like okay. That guy could show up with bazemore. It did it. Wasn't that like tops. I'm sorry that's an earned. Look like you can't just not have any shoulders whatsoever. Confirmed wearing tank tops. Thank you I didn't. I wore more clothes in the past because I didn't want to show anything. Boots boots is another thing. You can't just like Mike. You show up to work on Tuesday wearing cowboy boots. Like everybody's GonNa look at you like are we not GonNa make fun of that. Because it'd be doc you have to earn that. What about in like tropical location? Can Anyone rocket tank top there any location. Yeh they like honestly. This isn't a complexion. Whip it out on vacation and you don't want the tank top okay. Good I think for women I was saying to izzy before that I couldn't just show up on Sunday. NFL countdown with mega short hair. No nobody sure those big hats. Yes you're let's do your thing like are you there yet. No not there Eh. Nope nope absolutely like Craig. Sager earned that right. Oh for sure for sure more so than anybody in climbed his way. He didn't come right right off the bat with with you know crazy you know paranoia. We waited into the. What exactly so you need weight into the waters? I think we have Diana needing thing either. A tiny hat that gets bigger. Those gloves Roberts show one on pretty woman which is about to put her hand in in in a jewelry box and I absolutely hate that team with a little beret and just get bigger figured how to turn out to look as big as what. How big do you want it to get Kentucky Derby? Yes see tiny hats though like you wanted to ease into all right. That's that's the worst thing principally just. It's just a joke between us right week to week. There's the what seven weeks left in the season Each week the hat on your headache gets progressively larger. When you wear the tiny went to the side you have to make like men on film reference for me or something a minute this? This new weren't you just wearing like a sequins like pink Cheetah Jacket I was I was really tapping into my snooky. I wanted to just change it up. I've been wearing very professional blazers. My my look this year. Was I wanNA go with safe. I want my content to be the most important thing that viewers are listening. No no no no no the content. I rarely distracted by what. You're that occasionally talk the future. All right I'M GONNA I'M GONNA to try it this weekend in Pittsburgh you're at a turn it on and were to start small so it's going to be just a little tiny gap right on my bun. Our really really well. That's your sign that sign off the gap. I think the other earned look art for men is earrings. Thanks I worked with a with a news anchor in Washington. DC and he was Probably the most popular person in Washington and he was known for his urine. That's a great one because to me like it's almost you have to earn it to wear them past a certain age he was seventy. I cough my earring. Where twenty nine seventy is is absolutely ridiculous? Yes too much. Nobody cared because he was like you. Don't tell Jim Vance what to do that. That was put it on the poll. Yeah is there. He passed away two summers ago but It's all right. It's not too soon thank you thank you never. You don't watch how many people will say no to that. Because he was famous on Youtube. 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It's father time and there's nothing you can do about it. Well guess what that's wrong for him. Dot Com is a one stop shop or hair loss skin care and sexual wellness for men. Prescription solutions backed by science written by Dr Delivered. It to your door thanks to science baldness can be optional. Good a four hymns dot com slash. ESPN right now. It gets started for just five bucks while supplies last. This would cost hundreds if you went to the doctor Arora Pharmacy so go to four him dot com slash. ESPN THAT'S F. O.. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash. ESPN FOUR HYMNS DOT com slash. Espn Bien Donlevatar for me. The eyebrows are probably my best feature all right. I mean what is that saying nice and you know the eyebrows or your best feature but I I mean it's not saying much. What is leprosy's best feature stugatz August? I've got your eyebrows. Your best feature do you really get complimented on that lie do Austin yes. They're nice looking. I'm calling back. And it looked like ferret these lebatardshow with these two guys on ESPN radio. It's time to look at who was the best performer the week North North Texas quarterback mason fine was better than fine. He went twenty four thirty nine for three hundred and thirty two passing yards and seven touchdowns in the mean. Green's fifty two to twenty six victory over you tip finds performance was so good that he decided to show up to the post game. Press conference wearing an inflatable T.. Rex Costume his day. Hey earned him the distinction of being the best performer of the week brought to you by. At and T.. America's best network reminding you that networks college football should never be just okay best network network based on Gw S. One score September two thousand nineteen and real quick for those of you. Who are come to the Dan Le Batard show for basketball scores? It was actually the jazz that one yesterday. Not The seventy sixers I welcome to Dan. Rossini's fantasy football fiesta. That's go welcome Diana Awesome. Thank you Dermot. MULRONEY IS GONNA join us at twelve. ooh doing today Zadie. He was the best friend and my best friend. He was an movie wedding dates on lifetime. Movies he must he was. He's in the righteous gemstones. It was a great story. This woman hired him as a prostitute so to speak to be her date for her wedding because she wanted to get back at her ex at the wedding. Oh Oh escort is the word Yeah and it was kind of cool to see the roles reverse you. Don't you're a lot of women. Hiring prostitutes in our male prostitute frosty John Wadham fantasy football fee. Yes hey what's up man. Sore Jalen Smith Jarvis Landry or Golden. Take into what P P R or non pr the PR. Oh definitely golden. Take going against that. Year gets defense. So golden tate. It is semi tweet went. I'm right on Sunday All right tuna fancy puffy. Yes so With Tom Brady out this week. Paid Isam Hill is Swiss army knife for the New Orleans Saints. He can throw a touchdown he can pass a touchdown I've even seen them return punt. Is he worth the risk. PBR APR NON PR. Absolutely stay with Jason Hill. Here's why Sean Payton can't assist without him. He's obsessed with him. He will put him in his off until put them in any drive just to have him on the field. So you're never gonNA lose with Isam Hill in the field especially because he does so much coach. Who knows maybe this weekend against the Falcons seem under center and thorough forty fifty yard bomb to Michael Thomas? So you've got the right mindset of the whole Swiss army night but having that added extra information I just gave you about Sean. Payton's obsession with him. You're in good shape your Bryant. Brian I do it would you rather have. Would you rather take that back. Press shot or Org drew brees for Sunday's game if you are a non PR PR actually know the difference between both of those defending whatever all ten thousand this is your thing now to change your Aldo. I Bristol to race. I'm always going to say go with. You're only because first. Of all the the Falcons we know how bad that says right now and not even sure if coach is GonNa last this year so I'm GonNa go with the reason that situation Zach welcome to the fantasy football. Yes even vice just so you know. I'm not playing with. I just really want you guys to win. You're saying that Allison didn't care real advice. I mean you went to interceding trashing the whole segment Arielle Zach. Welcome Taste Hey Donna. Aj Green or forty niners minus six and a half hosting the SEAHAWKS PBR NON PR. Why are those two Yard Classic O. P. P. R. Classic Wow? I didn't realize that you guys were so sophisticated. Where are you from? He's gone they just let me know I would say get in a different league because I don't even think you can do those things but go forty niners. You've all right Anthony. Welcome to the fantasy football. Yes the Hey Going forward I know obviously not this week going forward Matt Stafford drew brees. Pr Non PR PR PR drew brees aw PBR. Then the way that works then you definitely need to overthrow breeze. Obviously just him coming off that thumb injury. He claims it's is not a problem. We saw Week and a half ago now. It wasn't an issue

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