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it's Friday November twenty second. I've Akilah Hughes. I'm Gideon resnick back. This is what a day. The outcast stink Odia of Daily News podcasts. I'm sorry Miss Jackson. Our country is in deep trouble on today's show. A conversation with Raquel Willis the executive editor of out magazine about the Trans Ends Obituaries Project. Then headlines and some high hopes but before that a segment on impeachment Thursday was closing day of scheduled public testimony in the impeachment inquiry in the house heard from Fiona Hill former top Russia expert on the National Security Council and David Holmes a top aide in the United States embassy in Kiev. Their testimonies Monet's were the final damning testimonies a week full of damning testimonies against the president as witness after witness confirmed and described a pressure campaign to get the Ukrainian cranium. President to announce investigations as military aid was withheld from the country. Let's get into some of the takeaways from yesterday. Let's do it. Fiona Hill said that trump's demands for Ukraine Ukraine to announce investigations into the Biden's was a quote domestic political errand. The didn't have to do directly with US foreign policy goals. She also testified that she told Sunland. are Smiley man from Wednesday that this was all going to blow up but I was irritated with him an angry with him that he wasn't fully coordinating and I did set him. I'm busted disowned gordon. I think this is all going to blow up and here we are and after I left to my next meeting our director for the European Union talk and much further for a half hour later trying to ask him about how we could coordinate better coordinate better. After I had left the office and his feeling was the the National Security Council was always trying to block him. What we were trying to do was block us from straying into domestic or personal politics She also criticized Republicans for pushing a quote fictional narrative that Ukraine meddled in the two thousand sixteen presidential election as opposed to Russia. That of course is the basis of one of the investigations trump sought. It's a conspiracy theory and one. That Hill said helps Russia. That's right and hill and homes contrary entree to some other. Witnesses also said that they viewed references to Burris MMA as code for Biden so there was no mix up there also like they both start with visa. He's a pretty pretty sloppy code Yeah so home spoke for the first time publicly about the quote. Loves your ASS call from July Hi between Samland and trump. He testified that he could hear. Trump's speaking loudly on the phone asking sunland whether Ukrainian Presidents Alinsky was quote going to do the investigation to which silence Zilenski quote loves your ass so yeah confirmed all the loose ends tied up there on the still now. We're at a stage where a lot of members are not expecting any more depositions or public hearings held by the House Intelligence Committee. So it's going to move into a new face coming soon The House is on recess from now until December third and we're anticipating that a report will be produced in given to the House Judiciary Committee with a possible vote to impeach on on the House floor. By Christmas Congressman Adam Schiff delivered a closing statement to the proceedings. Yesterday that was particularly on point. He's been fiery all week. Here's a clip. It's not so much that the situation is different intern of terms of Nixon's conduct and trump's conduct. What we've seen here is far more serious than a third rate burglary of the Democratic headquarters while we're talking about? Here is the withholding of recognition in that White House. Meeting the withholding of military aid to an ally at war at is beyond on anything. Nixon did the difference between then and now is not the difference between Nixon and trump. It's the difference between that Congress and this one and the shifts statement made it clear why he views it as imperative to impeach the president that says to me. This president believes he is above the law beyond accountability. And in my view there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical unethical president who believes there are above the law and I would just say to people watching here at home and around the world and in the words of my colleague. We are better than that adjourn. The gavel drought loved the gavel in and out of our segments on wad honestly. Well if you thought the impeachment would be done by Thanksgiving it's safe to say you you were wrong. It's GonNa be impeach hell going into the Wednesday was the Trans Day of remembrance a day to pay respects to the transgender women and men whose lives were lost to acts of Anti Trans Violence in in hate this year at least twenty to transgender and gender non conforming people in the US were killed according to the human rights campaign. The American Medical Association has Declared Violence Against Trans woman an epidemic and it is one that disproportionately impacts Trans Women of Color. All but two of this year's victims were black. Raquel Willis is the executive editor of Out Magazine and the only Black Trans woman to hold a senior editorial position at a major magazine in America this week. She launched the Trans Obituaries Project to honor the Trans Women of color whose lives were lost. Twenty nineteen for each woman. She wrote a short portrait detailing. What made them so special in life their favorite song their unique hobbies and descriptions from their closest friends and Family Raquel joined us to discuss the project and what can be done to end anti trans violence? What I have noticed in the the last few years which has been great in one sense is obviously a ramp up and the coverage of the violence and the murder happening in the Trans Community and particularly early? Those of us of color but I what has been lost is the humanity and the victims each year and so it's become just so so much tragedy and I think what we need beyond those kind of details is a transformation something that will actually Reiterate reiterate our humanity at Black Trans Women. Ask Trans Woman of Color and so that was my approach with the obituaries project. I really just wanted on it to honor these women in the way that they always deserve in the way that we don't see And so that meant talking to people that love them you know reminding folks folks that they have family and friends and community and loved ones who care so deeply about them and that they were taken away from those folks and those folks are still still living thing in grappling with this tragedy. Well yeah absolutely and you know to your point. The media does tend to focus on just statistics numbers You know life expectancies things that do feel a little removed from the humanity of these women So I want to talk a little bit really quickly about the media in their coverage edge of you know when a trans woman is murdered Can we talk about what they're getting wrong and how to how they could do a better job of covering these stories. Whoa I think to extend just a sliver of grace? Yeah I I think it is difficult for people to understand identity already right right and so when you're going based off what we consider to be the most factual information police reports Karnik coroner reports Medical records off though things unfortunately the way that they are structured in our society aren't set up to tell her true or reality of people's identities whether we're living or deceased uh-huh and so I think in trying to be as factual as possible people don't often know or realize that they need to be asking deeper tuck questions about who these people are you know and then you get into. Unfortunately the stigmatizing kind of aspects of potential potential victim may have in their lives right. If they are someone who engaged infects work right. We still live in a society that demonize sex workers. If they are someone with a criminal record we still live in a society. The demonize is people who have a criminal record or are incarcerated are detained and so there there's often in this kind of Need I think from people who are outside of the community to kind of validate what is happening beyond our identities absolutely. So you're her trans obituaries. Project IT It launched this week. It's getting huge reviews for one of the women laline cool. Let's say Palumbo you you dove deep into the circumstances surrounding her death. She was a twenty-seven-year-old after Latina. A Trans woman who was found dead while in solitary confinement in rikers Aland. Her family is now suing the city of New York saying she shouldn't have been kept in solitary confinement given her history of epilepsy. Can you tell us about her story. Yes ask Sola lean story has really resonated with me. I mean that's my first year in New York and so there's so much of kind of figuring out the landscape and so this story was always always very close to my heart Because it happened literally the weekend. That pride month started. And you know so while we're kind of celebrating this huge kind and a fifth year anniversary since the stonewall riots This woman has died in prison custody. And so I think that is what really resonated particularly with people in the organizing and activists community and in Algebra Q. World but it's also that she has a family that is so loving and affirming of who she was and so they really speak to her essence in a beautiful way in a way that we often don't see you know we don't often hear from families whether it's because of their own kind of trauma in the aftermath of losing their Their loved one and so to hear from the farming family and that her mother is so fiercely demanding justice for her death in prison custody. A city I I mean I think that a seismic shift in hopefully the mindset. That may be a lot of families particularly of color have around affirming. Their transgender loved one. Yeah wow it's painful. I mean well as part of this project you also wrote about how to end the violence and one of the major pieces centering transplant of color in the fight for LGBTQ plus equality making sure organizations and allies is are prioritizing the issue and putting resources directly into it You know what's your advice for those organizations or even allies to be putting pressure on those organizations to make data center focus. Well I think that when there is a focus on the vitality of the most marginalized people That is something that will free up everyone else's Version of Oppression Ryan And so that's what I want to see. I think for far too long the voices of Black and Brown Trans folks and community when these murders happen and this violence has happened and it has been drowned out by the desires of a white cisgender gay lesbian elite in our community one that has accrued a certain amount of power privilege and wealth in the Greater Society And they have left us behind so when I think about that right. I think that we need to get together. And get radical Abou- our approach to ending this epidemic and so that means a massive restructuring restructuring of the the resources that are allocated to advocacy work and that also means building in accountability ability. So I don't WanNa hear anymore nonprofit director and movement leaders using the names of the Black and Brown Trans Women who are murdered each year in their speeches. Yeah in their kind of grant proposals and then not showing up actually showing us the evidence that they are actually prioritizing us right so I wanna see where your money and your resources are going and if they you're not going to black and Brown Trans Women and and are the leadership efforts that we have crafted out of nothing right Eh. Then maybe maybe you need to be doing something else right. You know maybe you need to go into the private sector and stop pretending like you're actually trying to you solve the deepest issues in our community. That's right well Raquel Williams thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. Thank you so much. Thank thank you for being another a truth speaker as well. Thank you Raquel Willis is the executive editor of out magazine. Check our show notes for a link to the Trans Obituaries Project. which has suggestions for ways to get involved with organizations doing work to support and protect the lives of Trans gender non conforming people Lately a new dance craze has been sweeping the nation and it's called confused Buddha judge supporter following instructions to swing their arms around like a maniac. You didn't have to do it for me. They can't see yeah. That is a song I can actually see that Akila's doing the dance right now. Contrary to what you said about me my hands are at my side. Your body is simply doing the moves without your brains permission. It's how it gets gets to us all so that song. High hopes by panic at the disco is Mayor Judges Walkup Song. Every candidate has a walkup walk-up song and today we're going to test how well you Akilah. No these walkup Song No. Let's do it. I'm sure I'm terrible at this one. Okay great eight then. Let's play a game. I like to call walkup song or Samsung Commercial. I'M GONNA play you ten seconds from the song and give you three answer. Options to candidates won Samsung Commercial. Okay and can you tell me which one you think is a match all right. That's good all right. Let's get it going number. One in China shop is that's got to be a Samsung Commercial. Well you didn't tell me. Is that your final answer. I mean I need to know what the other two candidates candidate option Tulsi Gabbard. Oh Amy Klobuchar Option C.. Samsung Galaxy Watch active to commercial. Where Women's watch tells her to run past a bakery full of delicious pastries? I think it's a Samsung governor show. You are incorrect. That is Amy Klobuchar ours. walkup song the bullpen. By our good friend Desa. I don't I've Dang I'm not not sure I know but asked about the song closure has said quote. It's about being a female rapper in a male rapper's world which fits our political local scene. Right now what. It's like to run for president as a woman as she says in one line of the song. Why am I the only one acting like a gentleman wow so senator wants to be an MC? I love it I imagine. She eats her salad with her. Comb to this song. Absolute AH DESA DESA pioneered that in fact that we have eating salads also from club Shari's home state. Okay let's get number two. I love that song. Okay so this is a great time are the options. Well the options. What are the opposite? I'm not sure number one cory booker. Okay number two Marianne Williamson Org number three working Samsung Flex washer dryer commercial. Where parents do laundry while their kids roll around in mud in the background? It seems like a Samsung commercial to it is not a safe Sochi is cory booker's walkup Song Marianne Williamson ends is higher ground by Stevie wonder wow hilarious but also cool yeah elanie higher ground or boogers. Spokesperson said that Corey a fan of bill withers overall. The song is heart warming optimistic forward looking and so forth I agree those were the edges it is I would use for Mr Weather's okay. Well you really you got to catch up here Number three we love Elton. We do love Elton. So who loves Elton. As much as us. I mean I'm probably GonNa Guess Samsung commercial but go ahead Andria. Okay Tom Star uh-huh or the Samsung Gear. VR commercial where an email puts on a VR headset and learns to fly. Like a normal bird. I think emas are normal burgess to the EMU they have a lot of over over represented on TV commercial it is. It's actually a Samsung commercial. Yang's real song is return of the mack. Oh I love that Song Yeah. That's so weird that that's I like that. Just like a cookout song. Yeah it's it definitely sets the tone. Yeah I never clarified the thing. There's like Liberty Mutual has the Lee movie. Moon it right so there's lots of the moves on TV when they were overrepresented. I just wanted to let the audience know. I'm not saying there's too many of the thing in terms of birds on commercial. Lots of watch shots shots at the EMU community. Today I will not let it stand me and my bird watching society exclusively look for Emus Week. Think that they're very normal burns. Okay the last one hit it. All right okay okay so the options are a Samsung Galaxy. ESPN commercial where strangers use the wireless power share function to charge. Each Other's phones in an airplane Samsung should sponsor as much we're talking about the the I talked to the Samsung Game Senator. comal Harris or Senator Bernie Sanders Bernie. It is yeah that's probably the easiest one in the game. Her Song is work that by Mary. J Blige the Sanders Rationale here. Because I guess we need to be explaining why people are choosing these songs. Songs protests on Revolution Mentions fits in with the brand walk. That's the game that was candidate soccer. Since I lost big time I mean we weren't keeping score zero. No you got you got you got you To potentially where the producers put things out of one hundred great work. Thank you nick. Let's wrap up with some headlines. Head Aligns Columbia closed. All of its borders yesterday to brace for a day of nationwide protests hundreds of thousands of students union workers and Indigenous People's took to the streets to voice their frustration with the country's conservative administration. This is just one of the latest. large-scale pro democracy demonstrations to shake a South American Arken country and the protesters knew that demonstrators waved the flags of Chile and Ecuador while carrying banners. That read South America woke up right wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin. Netanyahu was indicted on charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust. He's been accused of bribing media tycoons in this country in exchange for favorable coverage of himself self and his family. Netanyahu's calling this whole thing. which now if only there was another world? Leader with authoritarian instincts oppresses Muslims and refuse to accept evidence of wrongdoing with whom we could compare him to for our American audience. Only when down juniors triggered got the top spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Last week we had to swallow our pride and admit at the obvious he was an amazing writer deserved every bit of his success but it turns out all was not as it seemed the RNC paid books a million almost one hundred thousand dollars for copies of triggered a week before the book went on Sale. Purchase that calls into question earlier statements from RNC spokesperson that they quote had not made a large bulk purchase. They can make up for this act of low calorie fraud by spending one hundred thousand dollars on my book obviously stories from my timeline. I'm line also available at books million nice last night Elon. Musk revealed the Tesla's cybertrust than all electric pickup truck. That looks like something. An architect uses for drawing blueprints. The very angular metallic car will start at around forty thousand dollars in unbreakable tesla armor glass which broke in a live demonstration. onstage excited to see where this one goes great kind of looks like a worse delorean to me and those are the headlines offer today we are new so if you like the show make sure you subscribe. I have give us a rating respond to my miss connection craigslist. Post and tell your friends to listen by the way if you're into reading and not just print ads for masculine yogurt like me. What a day? There's also a nightly newsletter. Check it out and subscribe at crooked dot com slash newsletters hidden. I'm Gideon Resnick. And that's how you have high hopes for a living. The what a day is a product of crooked media it's reported ridden mixed by Charlotte. Landis selling a ton is our assistant producer or head writer is John Mills. Seen in our senior producer is Katie Long. 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