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Yeah. What's good everybody? And a welcome to episode. One hundred of the what's good gains podcast, your source for video game, news commentary analysis and funny every Friday, I'm Andrea aid joined by miss Brittany Brom Bacher day to. Woo. Birthday. You're right. It's not a break and Christine is here. Hi to rain on your parade and tell you it's not like only she birthday 'cause this had wearing says birthday girl on it. And I was like, oh, I can wear it. But I can't it's an amazing little premature. It's pissing glitter. Birthdays, very close. Yeah. That's true. Are to your anniversary is on the horizon. We're very excited about it. But today is episode one hundred and we thought it would be fun to celebrate. And so for the third segment today, we're gonna be talking about some of our favorite episodes or favorite moments across all of our one hundred of what's good games. If you've been with us since episode one thank you so much for all of your continued support. If today is your first episode, welcome. We're glad that you are here and part of our community. Of course, you can listen to us on your favorite podcast service, or you can find us a YouTube dot com slash what's good games. Wherever you are watching or listening. We're glad that you are here. We. We have a pretty exciting show lined up for you today. Lots of stuff to talk about I want to say lovely job last week has always Steinbach holding it down. Hey, I'd kind of hoped against hope that I would land on time to catch you for the final segment of the recording. But my flight got delayed coming back from Florida. So I didn't get home until after midnight. So sadly, how long delayed those awhile about three hours. How many rows as did? I have. By drunk it'll go fast. Yeah. It was weird. Because I was so upset about the delay. Because they said it was weather related, and I looked up and it was like cloudy like clouds are not whether they're fine. And then this happens in San Francisco airport all the time. So it was like gosh darn it. I need answers. So I'm going down Google rabbit holes and getting drunk in the bar next. And I discover on this Francisco's FAA site that apparently the runways at SFO airport are too close together for them to be used simultaneously. If there's a low, cloud ceiling and turns out, there's low cloud ceiling all the damn time in San. Yeah. Go because of airport. Yes. Yes. So apparently, the runways need to be at least four thousand feet apart to allow simultaneous takeoff and in touchdowns during low cloud ceiling in the ones that SF O R seven hundred fifty feet apart. All my say one airport. Yeah. So one of those low cloud ceiling they can only land plane single file instead of two at a time. So it obviously makes the wait time at least double if not triple link, and I'm like that is the worst. I wish I would've known this sooner. That's the more, you know, anyway. That was a weird to go down. Sorry about that everybody here for you. Thank you. I appreciate that. And shout out to britney's fantastic hat one more time. It is fantastic. Did I say that enough? It's. Litter Oliver my face by the time. This is done you'll be all over your body baby girl. Yeah. Girl, send you a new after this. Let's go. Yeah. Hey, okay. Can I sign up to be on this list climbed anytime? Charges you I'm down whereas the credit card. Okay. So a couple announcements before we get into the show. Thank you to our sponsors for this week's episode quip and Robin Hood, we'll talk to you more about them later. I want to remind everybody about deer WG. Gee, I know we've mentioned this before. But when we made our patriot changes in March, we decided to open up dear WG to everybody. Whether you are part of our patriot community or not. And we know that we weren't as good about checking it as we previously were and we apologize. And so we want to reinvigorate are right in community. 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We have the mythic patrons to lead to read at the end of the end of the shows. Don't you worry, but you will have plenty of. And before we get into the news. I just wanna take a moment to recognize missile and the amazing. What's guardians shirt design? If you guys missed my Twitter feed from Pax east. I'm wearing it on the show right now, you can see. It's got our what's good guardians on it. It's got the world titan in the hunter. We are. Now, you can buy this shirt in the whisker games merch door. That's what's what's good games dot com slash store. If you guys want to pick up your own copy of this t shirt, if you're part of the what's good guardians. Or if you just like destiny, then you think it's cool or if you want to support us, so thank you to solid snake. Also four making the shirt for us years a bust. All right aunt, it's time to get into some news. And this week. 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You can finally change your do. How I can't. I forgot. I remember what the story broke. It was big news. And then I've been wondering what happened what's going on with this? And then I feel like out of the blue today. It's here Burda, you're gonna change yours. No. Because my name isn't like asked liquor sixty-nine. My name is brave fast. So it's embarrassing name or anything like that. But the reason I'm hesitating is because of all these not all stipulations one. There's a list of games that have known to have critical errors in some games may or may not work in. Honestly, I just wanna fuss with it. So I will deal with my name because it's not awful and terrible. So I'm good. Yeah. I feel like this is more for people whose names are asked liquor sixty-nine. Yeah. Sure, you're out there. And now, you can be less embarrassed by the name you made when you were young. It's true. They over on the PlayStation blog. They wrote we do want to take this opportunity to clarify one point as a result of the preview program because they did a little beta test run of this. We found an instance where a game did not fully support the feature even though it was originally published after April first two thousand eighteen contrary to what we mentioned in. Our original announcement all PS four games originally published on or after April first twenty eighteen have been developed to support the online ID change feature. However since they have not all been specifically tested with the feature. We cannot guarantee that they will support it more details and information, and we encourage you to refer to the test of list the list of tested games before making a change your online. I d so they have a giant FAQ over at the PlayStation blog. The answer is a bunch of those questions, including the list of games that have critical issues of that list. There was maybe a couple that might be worth. Awesome. I think the important thing to remember is if you change your name and discover that there are problems you can change it back for free and fix all the problems. So it's free to change it the first time, and then it's free to change it back that what you're saying. Who wrecked then I hype hypothetically, I think like, you know. So then if you want to change it again. And if you're like, okay, I'm actually like okay with us. Then I think it cost, but I don't know how much it costed. You guys. See that part. I think we talked about ninety original announcement. But I do not remember what it was sounds, right. Let me go to the blog and check it out. And so critical error is considered. Okay. Because this is what it says the blog if you have a game this category. Would you not recommend change in your online ID? If you wish to continue playing that game without losing its entitlements in chief, that's which you've already brought a release as possible to incur permanent errors or data loss. As a result of using this feature of the games. Like, I just pulled up. Everybody's golf little big planet. Three some MLB. The shows. Those are the ones critical errors. I think there's only like ten games on that list. And then there are other games like blood born and charted four GPA five t Lou and those ones will make it. So your previous online ID will show and not your new one. So it's not like it's going to break your shit. But it's still gonna show Asoka sixty-nine. Got it. Liquor sixty nine. Well, I think that in a for most people this probably won't be game. Breaking literally for them. I think that it. It'll be fine for most games, especially since we're pretty close to moving into the next generation for PlayStation. And I'm sure the their new architecture will take this into account much like Xboxes does. Right. And it is ninety nine for the record. If you want to change it after that. But I think that it's good that they're finally catching up now. I mean, let's be honest. I still think it's you know, why Lee overdue because XBox has had this feature for quite some time. Yeah. But XBox knows how to build like victim for Microsoft, which had a bit more knowledge and how to build something like this where PlayStations was kind of like oh shit. Build a thing. And then it was like, oh, we didn't build it with this. We didn't think about this use case Yoda and build it like that totally. So now, we're hosed and when you're talking about like, maybe the next generation will be better. I mean, this is their online infrastructure. So I don't think that has anything to do with it. And I don't think it's going to change unless they do like they would have to like take it all down and then rebuild it. And I know that they're going to do that. I'm curious to know, how many people are actually going to change their name share. This is a feature that people have said they've wanted for a really long time. But how many people are actually going to go through the process, you know? Ask or sixty nine nine probably. Like a new account it happened during the PS three generation where I I switched accounts. And like, I was like, oh, you know. I don't want this old idea. And then I came to the realization that I can't change my ID. And so I just started a new account. I just lost everything from before. I was like what are goodbye stuff like those entitlements? Didn't mean much to me because I the all of the games that I had for PS two were all on cartridges. So it's not like digital licenses for any of them. And I had very few games on PS three because XBox three sixty was clearly the superior council during that generation. And obviously, I'm always been in the camp that XBox live is a superior online multiplayer platform then position. I'm just really glad that got their shit together for this generation for PS four and that it's functional and it works and the party. Chad is good. But I don't think it's controversial to say that XBox has always been better at this. They just kind of fucked up there you. With Xbox One. Yeah. It took them awhile. But they came around. It's better. It's the best now than it's ever been. But it's still not as friendly as the XBox sixty was so nice, log on you seal, your friends, and you'll let your advertiser you see your little buddies. You're like, oh, hey, who's on the go to something with them? And now it's like just generic dashboard that cross media bar while they the blades to fun. I hated the cross media VAR Fiennes three. It was the word was. Well. Yeah. I mean, I don't play stations. You I in general is great. I wonder if each year where it's just like the good old days where you have it boot up in the sense that you stick your game in and then it just don't have the by bypass all that bullshit, which you know, if you're in the middle of the game, you should offer console. It does that already. No big deal that I say this because my grandma for some reason, I think that PS three cross media by really fucked her up because she has a hard time. Now fucker. This she scenes shit now. No. She always gets confused. She puts in the game. And she's she asked me where's my game? It's so confusing. There's all these other things going on. I just wanna big icon that says play my game. And so I want that to be feature just for my grandma now for any giant players button. Yeah. Just you stick the game auto boots the game. You don't have to worry about signing in you don't worry about seeing. What's the latest and greatest? I mean, I'm sure you probably have to pay premium for that. Because that's all marketing, but I'm just going down to rent a rabbit hole. Here. Don't mind me. It's fine. I was just letting you go with it. I love your grandma stories the best. Thanks is pretty great. She just Brit eleven excited. Oh, I actually like that game. Will it's pretty good. All right. So I put this story into the dock, but I didn't know what you guys wanted to do to talk about it. We probably should assorted up before we started the show profession. We got this. We can roll with it. But there is. A really interesting article in depth article over on Kotok, Ohio. About dragon age. And of course, it's by Jason schreier. He does a lot of great investigative work over talk. You it's called the past and the present of dragon age four and it kind of deep dives into by aware. And I'm guessing he got a lot of this information when he was doing his research for his anthem story that he published and it kind of looks at what's happening with the next dragon age game have either of you ladies had a chance to read this whole article. Did edit even know it existed. I totally miss this. Yeah. I saw it. Okay. So it's just came out like a couple of days ago. So don't worry about about missing it. But essentially just read the first paragraph here from his article it says in December two thousand eighteen developed by Ortiz. The next dragon age game hinting at a mysterious future for the popular fantasy series. Well, it's Tyson, but seems very far away. Why more than four years after dragon age inquisition is dragging for still so early in development, the answer's complicated and reflective of bio turbulence? Over the past decade last week. We published a lengthy investigation into how anthem the new loot shooter from the beloved games did yo- went. So awry, well porting on this story. And then in the days that followed I learned a lot more about the current state of dragon age by hours to ten poll franchises alongside mass effect which was put on ice in two thousand seventeen following the disappointing Mets drama, but has since been warned backup. Yes. I heard more about the first version of dragon age was rebooted in October twenty seventeen and the current version, which is now in development Bio's office in Edmonton Alberta Canada. So. The next paragraph says the story behind this reboot isn't just a story of a game going through multiple iterations as many games, do the drainage for overhaul was a sign of bio worse troubles. And how the company has struggled in recent years to work on multiple projects at the same time. It was indicative of the tension between as financial goals and what buyer fans love about the game's about the studios games. It led to the departure of several key staff, including veteran dragon age, creative director, Mike Laidlaw, and it led to Shays dragon h four who's developers hope to carefully straddle the line between storytelling and the live service that e has pushed so hard over the past few years. So I'm not. No, but actually Britney. So this was funny after I read this article, and it goes into depth about the issues that they had a team and how similar to what I was saying before like people needed to be pulled on a different projects not uncommon Dev teams and the dragon. She was kind of like pulled from one to the other. And then what whatever was able to make some progress. Then that got rebooted because it wasn't whatever. What meeting visions? I forget the exact reasons, but. Then there was now analysis there's a focus, theoretically. And we don't know what that is. There was no details released about it. But more of a live service you type game. And I saw tweet that was actually pretty funny because it was like all dragons fans hearing the live service thing up in arms. But then if it's really like, but you'll get you know, extra dates with your romance person like constantly, and you'll just think you're being being fed this virtual romance at a pace. And I was like fuck asked. I know. Go like, maybe they'll be smartened up bumped microphone with my face. But that's okay. I got so excited. I just ran into it. But. But she said, yes, exactly that would be pretty produce. Well, if it was something like that. But or even yeah, I don't know how exactly it would work. But I'm also not on that team. So it's not for me to decide I think, you know, when we talk about bio aware and everything that's been going on with them. I still stand by that. I think they'll do right by dragon age because inquisition was game of the year. Right. Like, that's a huge. Bar to meet or to beat for the next dragon age game and after striking out with their last two games. I mean, inquisition whatever's coming next for dragon age is certainly like all eyes are on them to make it succeed. Obviously their fans will always stand by them. And I don't know about that. They're hardcore fans I mean at once. Sure. Yeah. I mean, don't forget like silent majority. Yes, vocal minority for sure. Because when we were at packs, we saw plenty of bio or caused play out there. There was a. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And so I think that they have a very robust community. I think people just you know, you expect the most from the things that you love, and I don't wanna go down a rabbit hole anthem. We certainly talked about that game to death. But I thought this was interesting and worth bringing up and if you are interested in what's going on with the dragon age development. Certainly go. Check out Jason's article over on Kentucky, and I felt bad for just I mean, granted it's just feel bad for the teams in general because it's just like you get knocked down once and then you get kicked in the gut again. And it's just like, I know this is interesting. And like I'm not saying he shouldn't have written this on. I'm trying to say I also just feel for the people on the receiving end of this. And or it's just like all right? Can I can I just breathe for a second? And I get a breath. I am clenching right now. You can't see it. We could just. About the pressure of this dragon each game. I mean think about Andromeda while I really enjoyed that game. Obviously hasn't been received the greatest and then with anthem and then this piece with schreier last week in exposing the development held in turmoil in the turbulence and whatnot. If you like dragon age is the precious baby that can help right and put by were back on that. I don't know if that's true. Basically like, hey, we're not we're back because you know, the whole thing right now is by the same or they're not the same or they're being forced to do XYZ, not true. But that's kind of the general consensus of the the vocal majority is I guess what I'm trying to say and having dragon which is such a near and dear French is it's been around for such a long time and has such heavy lore in such people are so investing characters the pressure to put this game out in do. Right. And not screw up. I feel like this is a Navient being dramatic here. Let me know he think kind of like the last straw to. Really this is what I'm holding onto like anthem. I wanna hop in. In, but I'm not super invested into it right now, just because of the bugs, and there's other things going on and with mass effect and drama. I enjoyed it. I know it didn't live up to the hype of the prior mass effect. But with dragons like this is like my baby this is like my most anticipated by title. Right. And so it's in close to home right now. I guess is what I'm saying. I don't even know what I'm trying to think for my thoughts based on what you just said. But yeah. It'll be interesting to see how how it comes out because the setup from inquisition story wise, I think that I was seeing cuisine had things about that. I didn't love game play wise. But overall that story I thought was released strong in the sense that it set up a really great villain, and it set up a really great premise continue off of. So I have to imagine that they are keeping that element. Because if they threw that baby out I'd be like what the fuck are you doing? But I am curious about how the team is probably trying to solve the issue of. Their games are very different from a lot of the portfolio that yea has. And I know that you were saying Britain. That's not a thing. But actually, I mean, I'm sure it is. I'm sure it's massive internal pressure from EA. And it's not someone breathing down your neck at all times by any means. But it's even a subtle pressure can be enough where you're looking at the numbers, and you see how much your business contributes versus the other parts of the business that contribute, and you wonder whether or not EA values you because you aren't pizza before makes them so much fucking money. It's insane. To not be FIBA alone that alone, even if no one from EA for ever said a word to them. I feel like that pressure enough. Look at those other studios. See how much money they're raking in. And and you can look at your own financials and realize that you are the type of game that sells very well initially and then drops off. It's well, I think that there's room though for via wear to to retake the their foothold of where they were at. I think EA has really suffered from a little bit of what frankly, maybe this is too much of an extrapolation air kind of what America in general is suffering from right now, which is capitalism run amok. It's like this idea that there's like no balance between profits and product and saying like, I support the idea of free enterprise and businesses being able to make profits because it's really kind of the bedrock of the American dream. But on one hand, you gotta go. What am I? Sacrificing for the sake of profits alone, you know, like we have to maintain artistic vision alongside profits. Otherwise, what are we even doing this for activision? I mean, yes, no. Because look at look at blizzards doing I think that they've remained committed to their artistic vision. But have also been wildly successful because they have been and and I also point over rockstar go they've been created to their artistic or committed to their artistic vision. But it also has been wildly successful for them. I think it's just all about the type of business and how the churn of profits are going. I think a lot of people don't realize that EA is the biggest publisher in the world, and that those profits in that constant chase for stock price and shareholder dividends is something that has been made a priority over creative, and that's been disappointing for me to see I hope that they can regain their sense of creative inspiration because they're still doing some cool things. I wanna point out that I love that. They featured see of solitude on stage at EA play last year, which is amazing small indie game from my friend, Connie over in Germany, and how that game has such a great message about you know, like battling depression, battling mental illness. And I think that the fact that e as willing to feature a game like that shows that they're not completely this heartless corporate overlords there frequently painted as and I think that there's a balance, and I think they got a ri- from like probably like two thousand fifteen to sixteen clearly until two thousand eighteen but I I like to believe that the battlefront two fiasco kind of shook them loose a little bit and said, hey, like we need to to stop before we lose a lot of our our fan base, and those changes aren't easy to implement overnight. And I think. We're now seeing them go. Okay. The community has responded the communities responded, very negatively, we need to pivot and get back to what made EA the biggest publisher in the world and get back to the games and the gamers and the people who love our games and make the people who make our games. And I think that they're trying to course. Correct them right that ship. It's just gonna take time doesn't mean you don't get to be mad at them doesn't mean you don't get to be upset at what they've done. I just think that trying to expect them to flip a switch and change things instantly is unrealistic XBox, right? Like that you have to take time to right the ship. But to your point about sea of solitude, and I think just a decent job of highlighting really interesting. Indie games. But also the overhead on those significantly lower than is at a studio by wear. And so I think that for me is more of a light concern for how they're doing. Obviously. Like I love by aware. And I I wanna see them grow and flourish. And I imagine that you know, a lot of the original leadership there did as well. And does as well. And so it's just like it's it's just shooting time on you do it. I was I was heartened by Casey's response after Jason's article. And then e as not yays than bio wears official statement, and then Casey's memo Casey's response out of everything from last week was what kind of gave me some hope to be like. Okay. Key was there during the glory years. And now he's back and he's been working. On like, you know, recreating the culture that they used to have and making sure that they've got rid of these unhealthy business practices and somebody's like directing the creative vision in which clearly was lacking between and drama and anthem. And so maybe he can work with Mark Dera and the rest of the team to get dragon age on track to be to be a hit for them. Because I I hope I think we all hope that the next dragon age is going to be as good if not better than question because I loved inquisition. So although I was like I thought the they give you a loose pitch of what dragon age for was originally the cube being a group of vinter spies. I believe and I was like fuck it. Cool. Like like, that's the thing. We're my shit sounds date. I'm sure whatever they end up doing. We'll also be neat. But like can you make this a weird spinoff Leah or at least like trying to a book or something? Yes. Do something with it. Because it just sounded interesting. Then again, here's what I'll say a lot of game concepts can sound interesting in the network. So yeah, I mean, listen, we're all bio or fan girls here. What's good games? There's no secret about that. We've said that time and time again, so take it with a great assault if you want, but hopefully, you're here because you also love us and loved by aware. All right moving on. We keep talking about them forever. And I'm particularly interested to get britney's. Take on this next story Capcom is selling a resident evil to all in game rewards unlock for just five bucks. Euro gamer writes the all in game. We're words unlock as it's called instantly unlocks a raft of extras that can also be unlocked through gameplay. It's available on steam, the PlayStation store and Microsoft storm four that five bucks or four pounds, sterling. If you live in the UK, you get the fourth survivor and the tofu survivor extra modes the unbreakable combat knife, the samurai edge. Handgun with infinite ammo, the Ellie five sub machine gun with infinite ammo, the ATM, four rocket launcher with infinite ammo and the mini gun with infinite ammo as well as the costumes models and concept art is also if you can unlock just by playing resident evil two so what you're paying for here is a time or work savor the main draw has to be the infinite ammo weapons, though, these require a lot of work on lock. Then there are a lot of fun to use. Of course, once upon a time this stuff would be cheat code. But that was once about a time, there's no happy ending to that story, dude. So I can pay five bucks and actually play this game. Yeah. No. I think that's crazy. I was like, oh, the token top money, and then you're like all the shit with infinite ammo, like, wait a fucking minute. Yeah. You can have a mini gun that never runs out of its. Maybe this game is not as scary. If I have a mini gun with infinite ammo, and I on Mr.. Exeter mini gun. I think lock those in game. You have to beat the game and under certain time. Limit with three saves on the hardest difficulty or something cuckoo crazy like that. Which is something a lot of people aren't going to want to do. So. Hey, like, yes. Absolutely. Put it in there. I think it's great. So. Yeah. So of course, I think the initial reaction from a lot of people footballers, but I think when you have deal see like this you pay deals he like this. You look you have to analyze each game. And see what they're doing. And see if it makes sense the Brady Elsie we've gotten from Rosen evil to we've gotten the ghost survivors. That's three episodes each on your first times, like twenty minutes, or so that's like an hour, at least of extra content. Then after that, you'll lock another episode. You have the tofu survivor. You have the fourth survivor unlocks beaten just the game the second scenarios, and you have the free nineteen ninety eight costumes that came out last month. I think it was or month before either way, it's you have this awesome, free content and then for five dollars. You can unlock info. Minute ammo. And there's there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. I think Capcom has given us a lot of fun free deal. See there's a lot of replay ability and resin evil to you. Why not give people the option to pork over five bucks? And this is obviously I think mostly for the weapons like we were just talking about. And or if you wanna play his tofu. Yeah. I sure like I missed the up down down days where you would put in your Chico's and a lock stuff, but you know, not all games had that. And if games didn't have that you had a plunk down the money for a game shocker and action replay. And that's what I had to do when I played Rosen evil for the first time because I was too scared to play these games without cheat codes, and like simul just said perfect example, I can play this now take away that the edge of fear of having to manage my ammo, and and just knowing that you can blast every zombie in the face in knock them dead. And they're not a threat to you at that. Because I stopped playing when I got to the creepy collar the liquor lined people. Yeah. Those. And I was like, you know, I don't know. I don't like this. I don't like this at all the others does. Okay. With that one. I was like, no, I'm sorry. This is a hard out for me. And if I could rocket launcher them in the face, I think I would feel better in. Yeah. And that's that was that in the day. You would trust me. I love the grenade launcher that that Claire has super fun. But Rog along later, that's an upgrade. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Shit up. Yeah. And that's how I played. I got the infinite rocket launcher MO. And I was like I don't know thirteen years old or something after I after scarred me for three years of my life. I came back to it with a game shark, and like let's goes on bitches and blur heads off. Yeah. So I think this is this is the perfect kinda game for this. Because it does take away that little fear factor. So we'll get people like Steiner who probably still won't play this. But at least she knows if you wanted to option maybe the gave me a code for the game very kindly. So maybe I will give them five dollars. So that I can have these guns because the story risen evil. So fascinating the Lord, so rich, and I completely understand. If a game is too scary that legitimately turns people off from one to play it give them this little advantage. They can experience the story. A new no Steiner might turn into a bigger resident evil fan than me when she took. Silence. Helpful. It's just it's a chance to get more fans in into the series. I think and it's a good way for people who you know, I've played the game all the ways you possibly can. But if someone's like, okay, I've done leeann done Claire Claire and then Leon, but I don't wanna have to go through all the hustle of, you know, getting the weapons there goes my hat, but now give them five bucks. Now, you're invincible person. And you can just enjoy it. I am all for this. Rod. Let's go. Her gray. Yeah. Oh, right. We have. Oh, yeah. Go dory. Naggus story is really cool. 'cause it's about Star Wars at everybody likes Star Wars for the most part. Yeah. Yeah. Great. EA posts a cryptic tease for Star Wars Jedi ball and order head of announcement. Jian EA updated its Twitter account last week with the new Star Wars Djeddai the phone order banner. Keep saying the word does not in there. It Star Wars. Djeddai Colin phone order the weird place for an colon. But short. As well as posing cryptic tease for respond Entertainment's upcoming game. The tweet features and animated image depicting appears to be the severed hilt of a weapon perhaps lightsaber or some kind of vibrio Steph. Late on a stone service and grapes with runes. The image is accompanied by a caption don't stand out to you, and your goofy movie this likely refers to the fact that in Star Wars Jedi. The phone order Tampa. I said it again, I keep adding the word that just makes sense to me players will take on the role of agent ipad wandering, the aftermath of episode threes. Order sixty six if you've scrubbed the prequel trilogy from your memory that was pumped teens mandate that all jet. I be wiped out as such we expect the game's protagonist to blend in and hide from any authorities perhaps they'd even want to break their lightsaber to remove any evidence that they're part of the jet. Order over on the main Star Wars Twitter feed. A second tweet offers more details I look at Star Wars jet. Iphone order did it correctly will be showing celebration Saturday at one thirty pm CD t. Tomorrow for everybody listened to the show on Friday. That is tomorrow daylight time eleven thirty AM Pacific time seven thirty PM UK time four thirty eight AM on Sunday. Actually the perfect time. Because so start sober celebration. Is happening right now in Chicago. And that's where it is this year, and the they they announced that there was going to be a panel about this awhile ago. But this is the first time we've gone a little bit of a tease. And of course, we're getting the tease because there was a leak, and so they're like, well, we might as well get the tease out there head of the panel. So I was very fortunate to be there with Vincent Palo from respondent EA play last year when he announced the name of the game. We knew that respond was working on this game. But we didn't have really any details and tally. Vincent, give me. And he details or any barely the name. Yeah. At EA play last year. And so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they're going to announce my guess is we're going to get like a reveal here. Maybe some some single player details, but we're not going to get a game played deep dive until EA play at e-3 Linda history in this paragraph. I didn't understand anything. I I've seen the star war movies Star Wars movies, excuse me. Maybe once each maybe twice each on. I don't understand. If you a jet. I it's bad news bears. In fact, that you're playing it as Djeddai means you don't want to stand out you wanna run away. You wanna hide it's like you're to like put your hood up as if you're an assassin's screen try and blended with crowd. Okay. Yes. Don't stand out. That was my initial thought, you know, even knowing nothing about anything regarding this. Yeah. Blenda, and you wanna stand up of the crowd, even if you've got a shout out loud and. Yeah. I it's really interesting in the sense that I think Jackie brought this up on her Twitter. She's like, I'm mostly just pointing out that this is very much opposite of a lot of games marketing, or it's like, you are the children one you go be the best. You are amazing. And this was like, no, no go hide in the shadows. Because they're gonna come kill you otherwise. So I think it's pretty interesting. I'm curious you have my attention. Yeah. Steinmeier a loose one. I'm not like super duper into it. But I like the movies enough and all them. Yeah. I I love Star Wars. I certainly haven't I wouldn't call myself like the biggest stores nerd either. But I've seen the movies like dozens of times if not like in the high twenties thirties forties of times and love the franchises. I think they're great. I find interesting the most about respond Star Wars game that I really enjoyed what responded with Titanfall to campaign. And so that gives me really Good Hope. They're going to do right by this especially since EA has been having a rough go with the Star Wars license, not only with battlefront two and all the trouble that game phase. But them closing down this rural games and Amy Hennig starrewards project. Think all eyes are on them to kind of get this, right? And to do right by the Star Wars license, the Star Wars name, and I think respond is really poised to do that they launched apex. Legends to great fanfare earlier this year, and so far everyone's been very happy with how that game has run. And they've said this is going to be a single player experience. So it's going to be I think I think it's going to be good. I'm I'm holding out hope that I can be excited for this. 'cause I typically haven't enjoyed Star Wars games in the past. I had a pretty okay experience with the battlefront two campaign, but I would like more, and I have high hopes that response going to deliver. I think the battlefronts who campaign got me like nauseated when spaceflight that was it. I remember that. Yeah. I was like Foget. Oh got. But we will of course, follow up with you guys next week once reveal happens Britney had a story to the Ron because it's so amazing through my anonymous millionaire wants to set up a real life battle royale on a private island. An unnamed person with a significant amount of wealth is planning to set up a real life. One hundred person battle worry on a private island. Hush hush which styles itself. As quote, the world's leading luxury shopping. Marketplace has received a request from an anonymous person who was looking for a game maker who can help organize the three day event. The plant, thankfully, does not require participants to actually kill each other. That'd be a hell of a waiver to sign. No right does like hunger games. Instead players will be with air, soft guns and touch sensitive body armor, the last person standing is set to win one hundred thousand pounds prize. I don't know that is in US money money. The plan is for the anonymous one hundred and fifty thousand maybe the plans for the anonymous millionaire. Island. Okay. A private island. That's in itself, which will be the setting for this real life battery out the competition will run for three days with twelve hours of competition each day during the nighttime players will be able to camp for the night. I'll camping gear and food will be provided this insane. Invent is insane. Invent is only in the conception stage as noted earlier hush-hush is looking for game maker of the large scale event management experience. You can sign the Rena cool battle royale games have become incredibly popular over the last few years ago, and our customers huge fan who wants to make the game of reality in the safest way possible says hush-hush founder Aaron harp in on the request page at the championship is a success this year, it's something he wants to make an annual moving forward, which is very exciting perspective. Game makers can apply the hush website and the project pays fifteen hundred pounds daily with an expectant AM. But yet expected six week duration the contract set out to pay forty five thousand pounds. My god. Crazy, the forty five thousand pound contract for six weeks for this is actually now that I say it is actually not that big of a payday for the amount of work. That's going to all I mean. Yeah, that's just the planners fee. That's one thing. But you're gonna have to hire an army of staff to accomplish us. I think this sounds really cool. I would absolutely watch the shit out of this on twitch. That'd be really fun to watch. So it sounds like for twelve hours a competition each day and then during the night you actually get the camp. I guess you actually have to make sure that people are alive and wolf head and taking just hope it's not like fire festival 2.0 documentary. This already I'm already looking forward to the documentary on Netflix about the still like we thought forty five thousand pounds enough tired entire planet committee. Gone. The last person standing is getting one hundred thousand dollar prize hundred mound. Yes, this one hundred thirty thousand dollars roughly. They can away. Did I do that backwards? Hold on. Bounced oh, no a hundred thousand pounds sterling equals one hundred thirty thousand dollar has eclipse the sterling pound is a thing. That's real. Wait is American. I don't know. I have a hundred thousand pounds sterling equals one hundred thirty thousand United States dollars. No, I'm doing that backwards. Math is hard. You guys. Brenton green. Doubtful. I think Brennan green is way too smart to do something like this. But honestly like with the right sponsors. This could actually be something really huge. I mean, clearly the first thing I think of is why does an epoch do this. They're planning their World Cup for four night. Of course. But everybody would watch real life fortnight battle, Royal you kidding me. That would be amazing look at how successful survivor is in this wouldn't even be as devastating survivor right because they would be provided with food. They wouldn't have to go hunted on their own or anything in providing food and camping gear for one hundred people's not that wild because I'm sure a lot of those people get eliminated in the first day camp and drink. Yeah. But no you ship them off the island once there are eliminated. They're gone. Yesterday at the end in the weeds question about the production of this could you record this and have TV camera people phone them around. Or would I give away the position of the players you, and you would have to film it like cameras? He's ADM's oh have little or have fly cameras that I think you could have camera crews on the ground following people because it's not like those people the people who are competing, but the problem is he was too. It's too much noises. Too much. It would be. Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah. Have to have a whole bunch of like. And the cameras going. It would have to be hunger games where they have all the hidden cameras everywhere and the drones that. Oh my God. I think this is cool. I don't know if I'd want to participate in this clinch too much. But I would love to watch this go down. Also, Andrea you're thinking about the money backwards. You do it backwards. But just because the number is bigger doesn't mean the dollar stronger means tweaker. Yeah. Dude. Got it backwards. Like instead of the Super Bowl will be watching the battle, Royal? I mean, it'd be interesting. Honestly like, I think with the right amount of publicity. It could get a ton of viewers like the Super Bowl like we don't really, I don't know. He's actually relaxed. All right 'cause Nielsen ratings are kind of booked, but. Like, but like YouTube and twitch ratings like those unique viewers to this is fascinating. I want this to be thing. I hope somebody applies. I want to watch it. All right. Well, that will do it for the news for this week. We're going to take a short break when we come back. We're going to talk about what we've been playing sick with everybody will see minutes. Welcome back. Everybody segment. Two of the what's good games podcasts. And this week. We're going to talk about what we've been playing. In is brought to you by Robin Hood, Robin is an investing out that let you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission free. 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Sign up at what's good Dodd robinhood dot com. Again, if you wanna get your free stock mine was in group on very exciting. You get you can sign up for yourself at what's good dot, Robin, Hood dot com. All right time to talk about the games of the week that we've been playing and let's start with britney's ensure lists the longest oh, you say my God damn time fucking Porsche. And if you win it or Porsche, Porsche Porsche to rusty. I think it's Porsche. I can't quit this game. Last week. I was telling Steiner how I was like kind of getting like hash takeover a little bit. And then real I started with I think you can do without me. You think you're better than me you want this you? You did. Around bent over like, you're right. I do want this bad. I cannot quickly in this game at all issues, so relaxing, and again, it's comes out these sixteenth of April for ten to switch PS for Xbox One. I'm playing on switch, and it's this is an out yet. It's been on PC for very few months. I think January came out a PC. So yeah, it's just now getting ready to come the consoles and echo. Everything said, it's just a great game to lose yourself in you. There's a lot of things you have to manage at the same time. So it's kind of relaxing sin. There's people to befriend people to bang and just fishing all the things that, you know, seem like this you would want from. So I'm still definitely enjoying having a really good time. Just a little update I heard back from team seventeen and the loading screens. I've talked about how they're kind of knowing will be patched as soon as possible after launch. I don't know what that means. But that's what the update they gave me. And there are still some bugs that will crash my game. If I'm trying to harvest this giant bamboo papaya for this festival. You see ladies? He's and I need to harvest it. I wanna participate. So when everyone to like me, but I can't pick that bitch up. My whole game crashes. So a really, yeah. Yeah. It's a thing. So just like the beak, you know, if you do pick this up on the sixteenth. I absolutely think it's worth it. You know, this is the only game breaking game-breaking. That's not the only bug. That crashes. My game I've come across. And I probably put like sixty plus seventy hours into this thing, so far and just be worried that they are aware of these things and that because I won't be here next week to formally review. It they are they are aware of these things are working on it. And they're very communicative with the patches that they're uploading bring all that kind of stuff. Anyway. Yeah. I can't quit this game. I can't quit. But yes, it's it's a gem is. Love it so much. That's all. Well, I'm glad that you're having fun farming all of the things so armee, and I just got my first cows and sheep. So it's not even farming. I'm building stuff and collecting materials we have stop talking about this game. Okay. So let's talk about something else. How about we talk about? Ace attorney. So it was really cool about as attorney. It was one of the three games featured and our game stop TV segment. Thank you again to everybody who's been sending us photos or gone into games up stores, and you know, taking self ease with the TV we love that. If you guys do that, please keep sending them we love seeing those photos and thank you to game. Stop and TV for partnering with us on that initiative. But ace attorney is now on intendo switch. Yeah. Buchan is. It's exactly it's basically exactly what I was. Hoping for which means it will probably be my go-to travel game from now on until I finish all of it. Because it's just like, it's really simple. But in a good way and simple in terms of formula. So you it's a lot of text to start. So if you're not somebody who likes reading this enough for you. But it's just kind of goes through different case stories new are Phoenix. Right. The defense attorney, and like the first tutorial thing that you go through is pretty funny because you have like nerves and asks you are you. Okay. You need to answer some basic questions to make sure that you can even function as a human being. And I don't know what would happen if you answered them incorrectly because I can't bring myself to do it even for science. But. So yeah, I answered everything correctly. So I was fine. I'm good. I'm like really a good lawyer. But if you're shitty at it. I don't know what the game is going to do to you. Maybe somebody else who doesn't care as much contrite out. But so you're going through and you listen to people's testimonies you have evidence that is brought into the case you look a little evidence. Menu that pops that you can pop up at any time and look through it and kind of be like, oh, this guy said that while whatever this guy is saying is not matching up with the evidence is saying, and you need to be able to figure those things out and then be like objection, and then it's really fun Memed thing that's happening. And I just really like it because it's it's simple, and I can get through it. And I know they're all broken up by individual cases. So it just has like it's nicely contained. I suppose what I'm going for there. And if so good me find yourself ever stressed that you're gonna make the wrong decision or the wrong verdict. I don't know how this game works. I've never played. What like I haven't played enough to ever. Fuck it up yet. Okay. The cross. I'm sure you can I don't know. What happens when you do? I could probably just Google it. But that's true. Is there up as attorney is they're easy save and reload options, if you mess up do, you know, like if I make the wrong if I if I say and. The only saved after the after the things were done. So I actually I don't know if you can save within the case itself, but it seems like once they unlock it's like a pin? You can easily click on again got. So I assume if you fuck up it's like we'll start over and how long do, you know, the cases are that you've been doing? Like, ten minutes. Yeah. They're not. They're not terribly. I literally have no nothing about this game. So I also knew nothing about this game. So let's fair we're learning together. Yes. Yeah. It's nice. I like it. Well, cool. I'm glad that you're having a good time with it how good travel game as a standby. Always a nice thing. I have been playing a little bit of dangerous driving. So I talked about this during our packs panel and our east live show. Part of me, and this is from three fields entertainment, and I only got to play a little bit at packs, and I loved her they played there. And I've gotten to play a quite a bit more. Now that the game is officially out. And I'm still been having a really great time. I do have a few issues with the game. Obviously, this is a very small outing independent studio so three fields entertainment made up of former criterion. And they made this game with seven people believe in seven months so made it very quickly with a very small team. And I think that's important to remember when you play this game. 'cause when you put it up you're going to notice that there's a lot of bells and whistles that are missing. And so I had emailed their their team to ask them some questions about about the game. Because I when I first heard about it, and I talked about at Apax it was all about burnout. Because clearly this is the team that made Bruno in this is an Oma. Really like burn out to an burn out three and I loved the burnout series. Burnout revenge was my favorite as I had discussed at Pax. I'm trying to pull up here's the the question the answers to my questions. And so I ask questions about it. Because the first thing I noticed when I was playing let's talk about the things that I love about the game. I it's got that amazing kind of grip to the road that I love an arcade racer, I can no Jin crash into things, and it's not catastrophic and most importantly, I can hold the gas down the entire time. I never have to break in this game. Which is what I love about arcade racing and I can boost in the right mode. Like heat wave I can boost pretty much the whole road, which is super fun to do. And after about two to three hours of play. I finally kind of got my groove back with drifting fifteen such an important part of this game. I just love take downs. The whole idea of persistent wrecks on the roads and really hearkening back. This is an Omani to arcade racers from the eighties nineties, and I want to be clear about that. This is not a modern, arcade. Racer it's not even as robust as a burnout paradise from from the three sixty generation. There's a lot of like. Like, I said kind of bits and pieces missing from this game that I would like to see them make in the next outing when I have a bigger budget more time and hopefully a bigger development staff, and I'm glad that they've priced it appropriately. I would even say I would like to see this game drop down like a nineteen ninety nine price point from a twenty six ninety nine not that that extra six dollars makes a huge or seven dollars, execute difference. But it kinda does. So some of the things that I hope that they're going to add, obviously, they're adding a six person line racing enraging mode. And that's what they're working on at the moment, which is going to be exciting to see how they implement that. When they update the game. They are definitely going to add more. I always get this wrong of his libraries or liveries. For for cars. We used to say all the time on games up. Tv we would screw it up every single time. We have like a racing game. And it was always like a UK game. I think I'm gonna say liberties. But I have no idea. Oh, there's somebody in the UK listening. Like, oh my gosh. Go screwed it up. But they're definitely add more, color customization options. So they have four types. Of course. We'll technically they have twenty seven cars across six classes. I think is the official thing that I have here. But I asked him, you know, if they plan to add more cars, and they said something that they are contemplating and the most important thing to me that I felt was missing from the game was music because I love racing to a great soundtrack. It was one of my favorite parts of cruising. USA my favorite racing game of all time is just like every track felt unique because it had unique music and it had a unique setting. And so the settings of dangerous driving across American national parks. And so they make for really neat backdrops. But they just seem eerily quiet, and because this isn't a simulation game. It's not like I'm getting some kind of extra jazz out of the sound of a particular car engine or the revving or. The squealing of tires stuff that you would maybe find a grand juries MO or Forza motorsport game. These all seem pretty kind of generic car. Sounds and the reason why it seems so quiet is because they didn't have the money to build music licensing into the game. So instead, they built in a partnership with Spotify premium, but I don't have a Spotify premium account. I have a great do want my logging. Yes, simul identical. A three fields made custom playlists specifically for the game that you can drive to. But I have Google play. I was like why don't you guys wanna do anything with Google or with apple or the other music services? And they said that it's definitely something that they are considering but that they've broken new ground with Spotify in that there's potential for using music and quite clever ways. Alex word one of the studio heads wrote to me and said, this has been something we've been working towards two thousand twelve when we first began to investigate the use of music on what were then the new generation of consoles. So he's obviously talking about pre PS four pre Xbox One. So I do think it's really fascinating that you can link your Spotify premium account and listen to virtually anything from your Spotify playlist while you're racing. I think that's a really cool concept, but Spotify premium was nine ninety nine a month. It's not an insignificant cost since I was like, well, it'd be great if we could get museum of some other kind, but. They said that they're working on other options as well. And then one of the big things that I really thought was interesting about three fields is that you know, each game. They've made has truly been a stepping stone to the next game. When they talk about this in there about me section on their website. And when I reached out to them and ask for more clarification about really what that meant for the future. And if you dangerous driving is maybe an indication that they're going to build a bigger more robust dangerous driving world, something that has a lot more bells and whistles to it. You know, he kind of gave me a kind of gave me this rundown. Saying you know, we made this game called dangerous Gulf. And he said, let's make something new and silly and learn how to do physics and learn unreal engine. And then was lethal VR is said can we use U E and make VR game really quickly for big fans of the original point break movie of nineteen ninety one. So we always wanted to make a game like that opening sequence. And then they made dangerous, which of course, our car crash game. That says can we take physics learning and make a lot of cars crash explode onscreen all at once dangerous to can we bundle. It all up and take it outside and model real actual intersections from around the world and then with dangerous driving. Can we make all of our favorite game modes make new tracks a much bigger game and a really short time. And so now, it's like where do we go from here? We want to be bigger better and more online. Those actually the starting point for burnout three takedown back in two thousand four and he wrote everything is the starting point in dangerous driving just. The beginning. So with that in mind. There's still a lot to be desired from this game. But I'm having a lot of fun plane it, and it really kind of gives scratches that issue for arcade racers that I've been missing. But I do think that there's a lot to be desired in terms of like onscreen animations and loading screen animations, adding soundtrack adding just like a lot of tiny little things you expect to be a game. This clear that this is a very much an Indio mosh to burn outs of your. So would you recommend overall? Yes. I would I would only recommend it till I die hard burn out fans, though, because you know, as I chatted about with Christian Spicer kata deal C, which by the way, if you missed my guest appearance, I went back and said hi to those jen's it was on the episode last week, please to give them a follow or a subscri-. We loved the guy's a deal. See all of us have been on the show before and they are wonderful people. They both were hating on the game. They're like non very good, and blah, blah, blah. And I was like, yeah. But you guys are expecting something of burnout paradise caliber. But this isn't like a sixty dollar AAA game. It's not it's a much much much smaller game. And once I said that Jeff was like, well, you kind of have a point there. Because like nah dog what's the point of me spending twenty six dollars on this game. When I can just pop in burn up paradise into my Xbox One from my three sixty. Disc played on backwards compelled, backwards compatibility. And I was like listen. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm not saying that that's not something you can do probably have a fun time too. But what I love about this is that reminds me so much of the burn games that I loved from like the PS two generation. And that's what I love about it because it feels retro in a lot of senses. And if that's not what you're looking for. I just wanna be clear about managing your expectations. And I think for once my expectations were in the right place expecting. Up. Yeah. I wasn't expecting much from this game. And so I've been pleasantly surprised the entire time. I've been playing it. And I've been having a lot of fun in the thing. That's exciting. For me. Is that this team who really got pushed aside for need for speed which made me sad which made a lot of other burn out fan. Sad decided, hey, we're going to do it on our own. We're not going to have enough money to put everything in the game that we want to, but we're gonna start small, and we're going to work, and hopefully, you know, each game will build upon the next and we'll get to a place where we can make the burner game. We really wanna make. And so that's something you want to see happen. You wanna support independent gamed of then I would say maybe goes by the game. Yeah. Absolutely go. All right moving on from dangerous driving. Let's talk to Steiner or Britney Brizzi. Maybe you want to talk about Britney. Let's go to Brittany want to talk about. What did you talk about dragons outward because I don't have a lot about dragon's dogma yet. Okay. So I have a switch code for dragon's dogma dark risen and this game comes out April. Twenty third obviously dragging stock came out in twenty twelve and then Ducker is came out twenty thirteen on PC. And then it came to consoles in twenty seventeen I think PS four Xbox One. Yeah. So I think dragon's dogma Ducker is may have come to lash. I don't know the point is that was the expansion. Right. It was like it was like a what you call it like an ultimate edition of it had the deal. See reimagined some things, and I don't know how I've missed this game. I'm only a couple hours into it. But I'm kind of getting this dragon age meet skyro- vibe from it so far so far in terms of like, the vibes. Get is giving me. But I don't know how I miss out on this game. I'm playing it. I am so invested in it Steinberg. Did you play this back in the day? I went to a Capcom preview event where they had this game. And I just remember distinctly because it was so funny to me so part of the thing of the combat of this game was like, you can grapple onto the enemies. Oh, yeah. Climate and shit. And so I had grappled this one thing that could fly, and I was like trying to stab it. I think and it flew it took off with me still on it. And we up. And up and up and up and up, and then it bucks me. And I'm just like. Oh shit. I fall for a good thirty seconds. I was like I didn't even I was like how did you allow programming of Singa fly so high vertically, I don't know where I am. And then I just smashed into the ground. I take a quarter health off and walk away. Like this game amazing. It looks it looks like it's going to be a fun ride like something. I really would have enjoyed back. Then I don't know. Why did it play it back when it came out? Then I don't know. Maybe I was busy with Georgia. So the things happening at that time. I don't know. So yeah, I don't have a lot to say about them only about an hour in and I will be gone next week. And a lot of flying headed me. So I will be playing this on the switch, and when I can back tell you more about it. But the game that has really kind of sucked me and nj sin as well as outward. Now this game is developed by nine studios and published by deep silver, and it came out on March twenty six and I'm going to read the little blurb about it. Because it's kind of hard to describe as game outward delivers immersive RPG experience coupled with survival game play offering deeply rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers as an ordinary adventure. You'll not only have to hide her defend yourself against threatening creatures but also brave the hazardous environmental conditions. Protect yourself against infectious diseases. Make sure you get enough sleep and stay hydrated embark on expeditions across untamed lands. She reached. New cities undertake varied missions. And discover hidden dungeons brawling with formidable enemies. So in this game. I came out. I was a little weary because I was reading about some pretty gnarly bugs that were plaguing it items disappearing in between loading screens people not people loading into walls. Just not good stuff. But nine dot studio seems to have been on it. And for the most part, I'm having a pretty bug free experienced, but let me tell you about the game. So you what I love about this game. First and foremost is that it supports split screen co op and online co up, and I think the reason I'm I'm instantly clicked with this in we're kind of obsessed with it is because reminds me a lot of Acheron called and a lot of people don't get that. They're like what the hell was Ashrawi. Call 'em. Oh that was shut down a couple years ago. Yeah. That's be what you're talking about. Yeah. So no. Because of you Jason and how much you guys loved it. And would always play it. Yeah. Astronauts calls a really really old Emma that was. Created in two thousand right around there. And just recently got shut down a couple years ago because it wasn't making money and Warner Brothers was like, hey, they should it out. We still don't really know the official reason. And I think there's some legal issues going on behind the scenes because it has such a avid avid follower. And it's a cult classic bubble up. But something what I loved about that game. Because by the time, I hopped in a lot of its population had dwindled, and what I got was this huge world with all of this hidden content. Just waiting to be explored it uncovered. And it didn't hold your hand. Didn't you know have little quest markers until you which way to go? You had to use coordinates and almost felt like a single player experienced multiplayer experience, but not an Emo because it didn't you didn't have the typical fetch quests. He didn't have the kill ten burns report. Back to me stuff. Like that. It was legit dungeon. Crawling mazes. All sorts of different innovative, dungeons, temples and everything else. And this game feels a lot like. That and astronauts calls the only game I've played that gave you that feeling. And so it's hard to describe because I can't just say, oh, this is a typical term face PG. You know, you have your protagonist. It's not like that at all. So you're into this world, and there's hardly any hand holding in this game. And there are survival elements. You know, you have to manage your temperature. You might get sick. You might get hungry. You might get thirsty, but on top of that die of dysentery. No. That's a good point. Thank goodness. There is dying in this game. But there's no game over per se. So and the game is constantly saving. So if you run out of health because every time I've run out of health Jason has been able to revive be. So none of us have actually like kick the bucket. Totally yet by understanding is you can lose some items. But you can't reload your save and go back and see what happens, and there's a lot of RPG elements in this game. Obviously, you don't level up. But what use you get better gear? And it's not there's not a ton of loot dropping everywhere. So they literally like, okay. Here's this world. Go in explore. Ou're good luck. You know, there's there's a map, but you don't have a marker on your map. All you have or the landmarks in your compass, and you have to try figure out where you wanna go, and we have a bunch of different decisions we need to make and we have to really work together. Because bold is so scale silver, so scarce that you have to be really careful with what you buy with it. So you don't level up in this game. But what you do to get better gear. Like I said, but you can also buy buff. So you can go to trainer's throughout the city and spend your silver on getting HP increase or stamina increase or maybe get a different skill. You have two handed weapons one handed weapons. You have you can be a major. But the magic is a little tricky how it works, and we haven't gone to that level yet. And it's really fun. You know, we found we completed first mission together. And then when the world opens up to us we were very poor, and we just had like rags on our bodies, and we are getting beat up by these big white birds. That were roaming the plains in this is very so we found gigolos doto. It's like a big white choke abo- to file. Fantasy thing. Okay. Anyway. Yeah. So we've found this fort we ran only simple to cross this for and in there, we found Mejias archers some other dudes. And we knew we were too weak to take them all. So what we would do would go in there. Like, these sneaky, squirrel kill one or two of them Luther shit, high high tail it back to town, sell it. Get better stuff come back and we've been doing that for like one and a half nights now. But it's just so fun to work with someone on this. I don't think this is the kind of game I play by myself. I think it would feel a little lonely, but this is absolutely game. You play with a friend whether it's split screen or online, you can really really lose yourself in. And that's a common. I'm seeing from a lot of people and one that I want to echo that are playing. This is you you just lose yourself in at the time just goes so quickly. And you know, it's just a lot of fun. It's just good solid fun. It looks like a like an XBox three sixty game or a PS three game. It's not the most beautiful game. And like I said it's a little rough in areas. But can like you're sitting Andrea you both the PS two charm and. Dangerous driving has that charm to it. And it really takes me back, and I feel like there aren't a lot of games out there like this. So I'm really really having a good time with it. So I could see this game becoming. I can't obviously say game of the year. You can't say that early anyway, but I can easily see it becoming on my personal coming apart my personal game of the year list. Because what it does is so different in so fun, and so engaging that I'm having a blast with it. Even those kind of flood. That's awesome. Good time. Cool. Hey, good. Tones are good times. All the really matters is having a good time like dressing up your burger in falcon age. Segue. Of. Yes, both timer, and I have been playing falcon age Steiner, you're playing it on PS four, correct. Wreck. I'm playing it without VR soon. I played it with VR. Okay. Good because I. My thoughts on when I started firing it up playing it. I was I think a little confused, but I I was and it took me a liquor hot minute to realize. Oh, right. This game was built for VR. And it's a weird thing to play a game built for VR not in VR. Because I when you're playing it not in VR you're expecting certain things from a game. For instance, when you walk her on the map, I'm like you have to follow very specific route. Obviously that is designed for VR because you don't want to the fucking world, right? Like make sense. But when you're just playing with your control, you're like God, damn it. Why can't I just like pop down to this thing? Like go over there, do whatever because you just wanted to act like a normal PS four video game. And it doesn't act like that. Because again is not built for that. So that has been honestly throwing me off the the bird super cute again. Like kinda mention I think I mean the bird for me is the saving grace of this game. And how a doorbell it is. Because it's just so fucking cute. It's real unlike when it so you. Okay. Let me let me back up. If you're like what the fuck its balcony each. It is as we've mentioned it is both a VR game in a non VR game. And the story is basically you are a girl imprisoned and by this robotic corporation. There's only a robot in here with you. There's no actual people. And there's a little Felker. Let's like outside of your window you feed this Balcon. It's sort of like a like a groundhog day thing where like you'll go through a few cycles of like, it's this day these questions go break rocks. Bought a bought and then one day the, mama. Falcon dies rip are sort of spoilers. But it's like the MB fine. And then. Tailed? Yeah. Yeah. You baby Burg, and you feed baby Burg, and maybe bourbon and you team up to take on the world's not really the world. But basically this evil corporation your prisoner the people who've in prison ju yeah. Yeah. So then you kind of go out into the world. And you're learning how to train your falcon like the baby bird grows up almost immediately. But the game is clever and gives you a hat that you put on the bird that makes it go back to baby bird forever. So I was like that's really smart if they hadn't done that. I would be like what were you doing because? Yes. The grownup Fokin is bad ass looking. But the baby everything is cute. Bird, baby. Like, so you can either like if you have your arm out or whatever in your in the game were NBR. I don't know how Indrek it's tell that works, but you can like snuggle it for a little bit which is really adorable and the like stick, you know, like the internet thing that was going around where dogs would stick their Stoute's in hands. Like, if you just hold held them up like a hole in that would just boop. It's that but with the bird and the bird yet sticks. Stay with your fingers. You put your hands together to make the heart sign, and then the little bird sticks. It's face through the heart. And it's the cutest show you've ever. You can fist-bump with it. Yeah. Like, the relationship building between you and the bird was well done. I think right now I'm struggling bit. With the way the game runs. It doesn't run super smoothly for me. It's not terrible by any means. But again, I think L is just expecting it to be a little a little bit smoother. Like stuttering that tenant. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Little it's a little story. And otherwise like, you kind of you can take down different types of enemies. I think they've done an interesting job with variants in that. So the robots takes out a different way. There's certain robots were you can't send your bird in yet. Because if you because I I was like us going to be hell easy. I'm just going to burden effort everything. But no because there are like turrets and things you need to deactivate. I they'll shoot darts at your bird. And then it will be sad. And then it will come back to you with all these little things sticking out of it. And you feel terrible and science you accidentally did this to your bird. So they'll get bird then the bird the bird got gut yet the Burgh it's got like I'm an asshole for setting my poor baby burden. It's always a baby. And then there's others the one enemy of actually curious to hear you duck about Andrea stand wolves because like I screamed a little bit because it jumped at my face, and I was like I can't imagine that shouldn't be our out be. I'll be horrified. If this thing was like. No, I don't want that shit that I actually haven't gotten into those yet because happened to me is I played the first hour of the game in VR, which is quite frankly, an incredibly long VR session for me. I never usually play VR for that long. Because it just I like I've mentioned before I have a very small face. And so I have to strap it very tightly. So the headset gets uncomfortable. The only other time I spent that much time in VR was with moss because I was just like so enraptured in that game. And so after about forty five to sixty minutes, I was like, okay, I'm gonna take a break and move my safe file over to the other PS four and continue playing at flat for a while. And then you know, what I'm feeling ready? I can go back to VR, but sadly. There was no checkpoint or save system at the point of the game that I was at did not realize this. If you were in an hour, you should pass the checkpoints. That's what that's what I thought. What did you go to you have to go to the water spout? And actually it. Oh, did not realize that. Yeah. So protest, anybody listening. There are these like random wills around those are your safe points. So you have to you have to twice also just so, you know, it has lever us to go up. His auto say not always thing and then down, and then you'll know what saved when the water actually comes in and the bird comes drinks. And then it will save. No, that's bullshit. I love echo, and I love the team and outer loop. I think they're wonderful people. They put my cats in the game prophecy, if you guys find them, but that garbage. Okay. We need an auto save. I was heartbroken when I went to go. Upload my cloud. Save and move it to the other console because we finally have a dedicated PS four just for VR. Some not having to be behind the TV fiddling with the cables all the time. And then I wanted to offload and there was like there's no safe data. And I was like wait a minute with which is played with like an hour and then booted the game back up, but it started me from the beginning. And also worse that is especially this is not a particularly long game. I'm probably like three plus hours in I think it's a five hour game. Yeah. There's not much more for me to do at this point. I mean, I like another at least one more place to take down possibly, maybe when more after that. But overall. Yeah, I think my thoughts on it or are basically summed up as this is clearly a game built for VR. If you're not gonna play in VR, it's going to feel weird to you. Yeah. It on a flat like place TV screen and just be aware of that going into it. If you're like, I don't care, and I just wanna have some cute bird time. Great go for it. And they do have non-combat mo- that they added as well. So don't want to do any of the combat if you just want to hang out with your with your burger. Yeah. If you just wanna like go, find go kind of explore the world and find. Items 'cause there's like little hidden shit around that you can go like there's a boarded up. I think they're just sheds for. But my brain went to that they're out houses for some reason, but they're not outhouses their their sheds, and you just kind of like bat Bank down the door. So in addition to the bird, you have a baton and at first you can just sort of mash. And then you get like an electrical whip thing, which is pretty neat. And now I'm trying to teach this bird how to like drop EMP's and shit. Like it gets gets. There's more complicated stuff add to the birds abilities as long you're trying to take down these folks is corporation ever imprisoned you, but how how do you do that? So you go to area. What do you do you go to an area? So you clear out refineries at least so far. That's what I've been doing. And so I basically scoped the place out. That's what I told me about a new enemy type. They're like because there's like a the resistance members there. To tell you what to do. And so they have turrets which you need to take out first. So you can't have your bird like on my arm when I go in sometimes because I don't want her flying around because I don't know how. How good the I is to stay away from the range of turrets to get wanted to get bopped, Jerry. Yeah. So I have on my arm, and I go around and like. Like, you have to like electric whip the Tura and then stick the thing and hold it. And the. Whippet sticking police. Good girls. I like the sound of that song. Literally what you do. And then once I had I took up the turrets. I then there are like flying drone things you have to handle and take care of those use in your bird after they'll crash the ground you have to go smash them. Then there's like these other types of robots where you have to figure you use the whip. Then you send the bird the bird holds them in a way. And then you can Spanish them. It's like you have to kind of just take out these groups of enemies and be somewhat careful about it. Not. It's not like a mega stealth game. We're not gonna have too much of an issue and. But if they are alerted they'll send like these mechanical spidery robots after you assure annoying Spock, but you can just again, you can just smash them smash everything and you like build you give your falcon little snacks. And you find recipes around the world and I've killed killed killed rabbits, which were the easiest FOX's goat. Because you can cook you can cook cook for your them. And then. Something the sand wolf. And then I think when more other animal, but so yeah, they have different things that chicken, and they all done of them. Look exactly like their real world counterparts because it's kind of strange biomass here. And then you so once cleared the refinery out sorry, I'm sort of jumping all over the place. My brain is not particularly on a linear path today. Once you cleared out that once you clear out those refineries than the resistance takes them over and you can do for them. So I had a garden plot. And you can put in different types of fruits or vegetables in there to grow them. So you can harvest them. So you can make different traits for your bird. There have like still treats and deafening treats and just health treats for one when they do get bopped by those darts because it's inevitable sad. And it is said, and you have to like sit there and pull them out. Sorry. Sorry. Fran taking out the trash with your burger friend. Pretty much. Yeah. And there's like. You have to pay attention in the world. And there are things sometimes hidden up on high like packs where you can get a different loot and stuff like that in them, and you have to go send your bird to bring it back for you. And then with the currency you can buy bunch any choice for your bird. Which is really cute costumes in there. But I also wanna remind people that this is a nineteen ninety nine game. So we talked earlier about studying expectations. This is not like a full triple eight release. It's small as we mentioned probably four to five hours of total playtime. But it does really look great in VR. I was having a good time with it. And what I there was this one moment where I had the headset on where just like leaned all the way back. And just like, look, I watched the bird like flies straight up into the sky. It's I mean, it looks great Clooney's a gain that was built for VR. But that the added a flat version so that they could appeal to more people who wanted to play the game, but that don't own a PS VR headset. So this is a nineteen ninety five game or ninety nine nineteen nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine nine nineteen dollars ninety nine cents. Not like thank teen nine. This moment was like did this game come out that and they're just redo eat it for VR, and I was real confetti holier. I didn't not mean to be confusing. I mean, it's not a full price sixty dollar game. Sorry. My bad. Don't mind rain word spot to it's all good. And we do have to think outer loop games verse for sending us the codes for that as well. So if you like burbs, and you wanna shoot robots and acting that your kid. I got you. When a bird blocks in the fluffy waste. And the round beak in your face. You let it go fly free and live. It's best life. Here you go drop a bomb on someone's bitch. Let's work. I was going to talk about the division to end game. But I probably don't need to go over that. Again. I'm just having a lot of fun with it. I'm like gear score like four ninety six now chasing that five hundred live getting ready for the raids so I'll probably just table. More of my the division to talk until the rate comes out, which is very soon to couple of weeks away, but been having a fantastic time discovering new secrets and hidden areas and attention to detail and world building massive really did themselves this game. I wish against wish that they would just fix the massive amount of bugs for lack of a. Because they're so quite a few. It's not interfering with my overall enjoyment of the game because they are working on that specialist ammo drop issue that they've been having that I treated about but just little things like textures not popping in the sound audio issues that happened during the beta have been persistent for me, they're not constant, but they happen frequently some kind of tissues. Clipping in and out of the world enemies clipping. There's just like a lot of open world bugs that you expect to see an open world game that clearly they're working to fix that. Just haven't been fiction, but it's been a month now since launch or almost bene- month. And so I hope that they get the clean up some of these ongoing bugs because the game is fun. But there's a lot of books. Alright. So that's gonna do it for our hands on segment for this week. When we come back. We are celebrating episode one hundred of what's good games stick with us and come down memory lane. We'll be right back. Welcome back everybody. It's Seguin three of the what's good game podcast, and we are super excited to get to episode one hundred of the show. Now, we don't want to go too far down memory lane. Because we obviously have our two year anniversary on the horizon, and we will be doing a lot of reminiscent that day. But we thought it pertinent to celebrate episode one hundred by talking about some of our favorite moments, some of our favorite episodes or things that have happened in our last one hundred episodes. It's that's a lot of content. That's over two hundred hours of content that we've made a lot. I was just on the ladies drain our break that if you go to our Facebook page Facebook dot com slash what's good games or videos, and you sort by the oldest videos there, it's a frigging trip. Man. I forgot about a lot of these funny things. I was going through remember Alexis Mario's dead theory. Yes. The cabbie theory. And she hated capi. All my gosh. It's so funny so much funny stuff in those old videos and those old lips because what I would do. And I still do this as Oakland out little parts of the show, especially when we're doing something that we think is kind of funny. And then you watch it back, you know, years later like holy crap. I forgot about that. I was just watching a clip when Steiner was talking about if someone pulled up next to me in a really scary van and asked me to play call of duty what I get in the truck with them you remember that same. Kind of. Yeah. I don't remember the. Yeah. That was that was a throwback. I said if somebody like I would play that game of somebody like basically forced me into van and played it to play it, and that's really creepy at all. Yeah. Yeah. I guess boggles eighteenth of twenty seventeen that wasn't does. But before we go down memory lane. We have to give a big shout and thank you to our fantastic MiFID visible mythic membership patrons and above on. This is your time for your monthly shot out. Of course, if you want to be part of our fantastic patriot community and get rewards like secret segments, like an ad free version of the podcast like access to our after hours. Gameplay stream are happy hour, Q and A and more. Go to patriot dot com slash what's good games. You can support everything that we do here on the show. Help us keep the lights on help us get to you for more meet and greets around the country and around the globe. And we will do our best to keep the content rolling. So why don't we read these tastic mythic patrons and above and we can? Get started. Yeah. I remember you read this name last week. Yeah. Leonardo Talavera Beto chill. Bruce Simpson also go next shit. You said how to say isn't missio. Missile missile VA. Guess andrew? Susan just in full she Sean, Kathy. Lucas Kyle and Kelly Dillon. Blink. I guess right. I skipped them. What does it for you? Thank you. We're on L. Burto bruin. No. Because nobody said this. I said Kia bright out. I did. Oh, yeah. The audio cut because I didn't want is. His name running four times. I'll berto Videla Martha Emory, David I Colucci Steph, Lou jerick Hannah Reagan insen, Bill still will Dustin Lewis, Tara Brunel or she gives. John's tune Aaron Jason Michael Scholtz. Patrick Higgins, Timothy Bennett. Jaber travers. Turkey Milan Theus geo Wen's his own the MAC. Joe schlieffer max Cramer Elmo show. Jared Howard Tyler McColl. Edison. Elisa my aura. That's a Ma. Does. Numbly Jay's Bravo, just the cub bloom. Teddy gone, Gregory Haughton. Andrew smith. No, well, nevarez Lucas Sheni rub Leonard. Mark desktop Jilin, Drake. Jacob safari joke. Edison at him. Oh, God kindness. Emily kit, trends Pennington Gabriel. Emily aucoin. Chris Wilson Ariella Fomin will Khalam Wilburn end is Brian are Johnston. Stephanie do pumped Kevin Dunkel Billy should blue Stephanie fitzwilliam Sam Jesse answer Brandon shorts. I just here to my head like the ham horn. I might clean geek, art games. Tommy Larsson poke defied us. So in person. I lost my place in the docu Justine FOSS, the coal, Humphrey, Burke, lary Asia, Paris. Anthony Murphy, Jake, jasmine Ling Elizabeth, Brooke Adrienne Williams. Ryan be pure blue octopus ball, Andrew cotton. Tony. Shape. It's it's shea. Really? I believe so. Yeah. Okay. Sure. P make Brian happen. Joe Wilson Jason sitting gar. Oh shit. I'm sorry to say Sydney's name. Okay. Also our geo coursing Roland Bala. Sorry page. Oh, no robber at abso-. God page porter. The ghost dog four twenty. Patrick, Matthew, go get the Mahia Christer Lindmark. Patrick Landry e Benjamin Chavis Trent's battery though, not those not chill the third. My mama. Theresa inert. Bamble? Thank you so much to our wonderful patrons. Again, you can join our membership program. At patriot dot com slash what's good games. We hope that you guys are loving our community over there. Now, let's get back to some of our favorite moments from w j j. Because you said that about there was somebody's name we read, and then I was like I'm gonna look at this thing. And it's going to be funny. I'm gonna it's gonna come to me. So while we do sure for its money. I know right. Well, we do that. Well comes to me Britney yell. What was one of the things you were worried about what's good games executing back in the early days of us, making episodes of the podcast because we had a lot of technical problems. Yeah. I mean, number my number one worry overall overall, which is that podcast popular anymore. And I was obviously very very wrong. That was like my number one worry about this whole thing. So not only did I think that podcasts weren't very popular. How the hell my going to sit here with my what was the time blue blue yeti or something with my microphone, and I had my webcam. And I knew how to stream, but know, how to do all the technical mumbo jumbo so, yeah, I think for me the one of the biggest worries it's how are we going to five on a podcast because we had met in person. Like one time before we started shooting the show. I mean all got together to talk about it. It was WG Khan, and we all vibe, well, but obviously if I being well in person, you have to know how to chat with each other on a podcast rate. And how's it going to work out? I didn't know you very well. Andrea, I barely knew Alexa, and Steiner was only one that. I really knew like super well. But obviously that all worked out finding the end, you know, but it was just I think that was one of the main. How is this going to work? I hardly know this people can I say bad things in front of them. Can I talk about banging things? Can I say the four letter words all the time? Will they hate me? It works. It's crazy to sometimes remember that you, and I had really only seen each other at conventions or trade shows really sporadically for lack of a better word, and that we became, you know, much closer through what's good games. And it's been like such a fun ride like thinking about all the time that we get to spend together. Because even when Steiner still lived in San Francisco, I didn't get to talk to her every single week or see her every week. And so even though I don't see you guys in person being able to still chat with you for a couple of hours every week has really been good for my heart, and my soul. And I love our time together. Oh, so cute and episode one hundred I think the thing I was calculating was that if you watched all of what's good games episodes from the very beginning till today, you would be watching us for seven consecutive days. That's how much content we've made. Oh boy. A lovely way to spend your time. I mean, it kind of is that's not even like counting streams and things rice. I episodes of rough to get through. I was talking to someone about this at our meet up. I don't remember who it was. I'm sorry about that. But we're chatting how they had just lost the show, and they went back, and they were listening to one of their first shows they ever did. And how it's it makes you cringe, right? When you go back with some of the first content you ever put out there. Because obviously, you know, you grow throughout the years said, you remember our first show, and they said, yeah, I've been listening since episode one is it. Okay. So, you know, man, like those first few episodes I've ever audio cut out or something wonky was going on. I don't even remember how it wasn't even her first few. It was like a well. Yeah. Fun or so because I remember we set up custom e q profiles in the recording software for each of our different voices. And we set a Lexus gate too high. And so I remember. When we recorded it. The audio came out all wonky because she kept clipping in the during the entire recording. Because we set the gait parameters to aggressively and so like the microphone kept cutting her off periodically. And there was nothing. We could do to fix it in post because like there's only so much you can do to fix it. And there was a lot of lessons learned about the equipment for us. And obviously now I feel much more comfortable with the audio equipment because back then unnamed producer was helping me do a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Helping me edit how me do fixes in in post on the video and the editing audio side now I've been running the post production on my own really since like end of summer 2017. It took like two or three months of hand holding for me to get to the place where I was comfortable. But it's it's certainly been a learning experience for me to really. Dived deep back into the actual production of digital media. Whereas I was more on the content side for very very very long time. Yeah. The sausage. What's interesting to me is I'm a weirdo. It's not even interesting. I don't know. Why preface it that way? This is terrible regret. This. On episode one hundred and three now at this point. I will have been on one hundred. Girl, three shows in my time during this one hundred does that's crazy which is weird that that's awesome, though. It's just weird. It's just like, wow. That was a lot of time. It's gone by really fast. But also we haven't missed a single week. So it's we're yeah. D- think about it for almost two years that we've put out an episode every Friday, and that seems crazy to me too. I don't know what was one of the things that we really wanted to commit to when we started. What's good games? I, you know, I talk about this all the time. And I brought it up on a lot of panels that we've been on. And we get people that right into us. All the time that ask for podcasting advice, and I always point to our podcast one a one panel. We did at RT X last year where we really broke down. How we started. What's good games from podcasting perspective, and the best advice I ever got. Of course was from Jeff Kertzman over a giant bomb. The most prolific and arguably the most successful video game podcast out there. And he said like the one piece of advice, I'll give you is never ever ever ever miss a week. And we really took that to heart because he wouldn't stay that. If. It wasn't important. And so we haven't haven't missed a week. There's certainly been challenges along the way to getting episodes up certain weeks of the year, particularly around holidays or big shows like e three for example, that we've done it. And I'm really excited and happy we have. And I think that we've built built a really fantastic community around that consistency. Because we certainly did not remain consistent are streaming. That's for sure. Yeah. And that's part of starting something like this. You you have all the biggest invest ideas in the world. Right. But when it actually comes time to execute who knew how much time post production would take and who knew how long it would take to do all the social media or do whatever the videos all the things we're doing, and we found that we just didn't have a lot of gas tank. You know? Well, like remember when we used to record on Thursday. Oh, yeah. Finally, one WG g con I was like Andrea. How about we start shooting on Wednesday? So you're not dying every Thursday that brutal. I mean, I like the idea of getting more of the news in for the week on by including Thursday with that turnaround with editing meant very late nights for me and Brittany. Prepping all of the post for upload in late nights of us like messaging Starmer about thumbnails and getting meta data and all of that like it was like the best decision ever to move to our regular recording night on Wednesdays because otherwise. Dude being up until two or three AM and then having to get up at like six AM to make sure everything publishes was rough chuckles to Seattle. Don't do that. Yup. Yeah. Don't see. You don't do that to yourself? If you're thinking of starting a podcast don't ever try give yourself some runway for us. It was really had to do with with the length of the show because if we only did like a forty five or sixty minutes show, it wouldn't have been as brutal of postproduction turnaround time, but rendering and exporting the video in particular is really what takes the most time. And I still remember the day that we launched the patriot in that was our first struggle. And none of us thought we were gonna hit it. We thought we had time we thought maybe we would get there over a couple of weeks and once the word got out, but bam like within hours we hit that first goal of adding video to the pod Gazza. And I was like, no, I'm not ready for this. When you're like oh shit. We thought we were going to be able to figure out how to do that later. Was like. Nope. Figure it out. Even try to do. It was a mix of a whole bunch of different shit. Wasn't it Google? Hang outs. We tried Google hangouts muted. So that you and I could see each other. None that we were in Skype. Bor I don't remember exactly what messenger for a long time. Yeah. No before the end of that, we tried like some weird pack job thing with like two things. Open one of the muted. Don't remember why we needed one of them? I think it was because we didn't have enough audio and camera input sources 'cause in order for us to send the audio and video feeds so that we can hear and see to other while record and not just on the recording. We have to have multiple inputs outputs. I think that might have been before we got the icicle. And then I got an additional webcam. And then I got a webcam that wasn't another brio because Logitech very graciously gifted us a bunch of these amazing four k webcams that they sell when we launched the podcast, but we realize is that the software. My computer gets confused when I have two of them plugged into the computer at the same time because they read the same as the same camera in. So we had to send a different camera to the chat messenger. So that you guys can actually see me while we're talking and then to send a different one to OB s the record for the YouTube video, it's it's complicated. Now, we have that. And we still have technical issues almost every week 'cause we use third party software like Skype or messenger or whatever feels like working that week. And I think the annoying part is shit. Like, oh, Andrea you said something while you clipped out at that one moment. So we had no idea that you said anything, and we're sitting here waiting and you're waiting for us. And we're waiting for you. And it's like a little bit of dead air on the podcast. But you know, what? It's okay, we're doing the best. We can. Yeah. So thank you guys for your patients through those technical challenges in the early days. We like to believe that we're pretty consistent now with the way the show looks and sounds, of course, if there's ever issues of Phil free to reach out to us at conduct. What's calm, but we've done some really fantastic episodes. We've had a lot of amazing guests over the years and still more to come. Of course, our last guest, miss Mercer. Roberto have known her for a long time was really great to get her on the show. Our first guest ever miss Mary Kish. Hopefully, we'll get her back on the show some day. And now that she's in a new role over at twitch, and she has moved to Portland, but we got to see her at Pax east, which was super fun and spend some time with her on the adult swim yacht party. I had a good time seeing her, but you know, we've had Joey well from kind of funny on the show. But here a lotta of come by more than one spin great, actually, Scott us. But on the show. I mean, we've had a ton of great Kimmel ists Kim is fantastic. I remember the first time Kim was on. She had those terrible Mike problems or windscreen. I'll remember that. Oh, gosh. Yeah. Someone's audio or video kept cutting. I'm telling you, man, I'm happy the content. We put out looks all smooth and buttery for the most part. But if you could see how that sausage is made. It's fine. It's part of what we do. Yeah. There was one time when you were in Italy Andrea, and I was doing the video editing and something had happened with Alexis microphone. I don't know if it was the clipping issue you were talking about, but I had to it would decent the audio constantly during the video. How about this? And I had to sit up and like clip out parts and then like remove it over. So that the audio wasn't going off every now, and then like, I just had to sit there, and like delete chunks of audio. So that it would actually be in sync with the video and made no sense to me. I still don't understand it. But I got it to work and it worked, and like, I don't think if you watch the video you would ever know. But that was because I sat there and took a bunch of hours editing all of that shit and making sure like scrubbing through that nobody was de sinking at any point. I it was real weird. Because I think I also was getting ready to take off. And before I knew you were also working on it. I also put about an hour and a half into it as well. And then we finally like started talking about it. And then you're like, yeah, I've been doing this. I'm almost done. And I was like, okay. Well, stop to now. Oh, gosh. Yeah. Good old days. Man weird. That was a weird thing. Yeah. Do you wanna talk about some of the community responses? We got because Britney tweeted from our what's good underscore games Twitter account, which if you haven't taken the moment to hit that follow button, we would greatly. Appreciate it. If you're on Twitter at all you have to do is type in what's good games into that? Search bar will pop right up and just hit the follow button. Even if you never interact with us that would really help us out a lot. And so a lot of you did right in and let us know what some of your favorite moments are and also ironically, not ironically that was the wrong, you said that word I asked people during the raffle where I gave away my Vida at the Pax east meet up in order to enter the raffle. You had to tell me what your favorite. What's good games moment was and a lot of you had some really fun responses. And then there was a couple of people that were like who's what's good games? And I was like get out of our party. Not getting this, Vida. Yes. Show sponsored comes from Allen Martinez. And he says episode twenty five at the one hour and fifty seven Mark when Steinberg talks about VR not being for her and doesn't want to ruin her beautiful skin. She said, you know, what it's hard to get your skin this. Nice. I don't wanna ruin it with a twenty minute experience thought even that good. And I was like when he I saw this tweet. And I was like oh my God. I'm such an asshole. That's. What are we to say? I'm cast. But anyways. L maybe nine sort of not I don't know. Just weird. And then we have one from Deborah from Delilah who says the same moment Eliah says hands on the episode with Steiner Britain Alana when they went to the deepest dive on a relevant tangent. What dragon ball characters they would fuck. Deborah also said same thing she said I nearly drove into oncoming traffic because I laughed so hard. We'll do that. That's dangerous happy. You didn't nNcholas Dudin? I particularly love it. When you talk singing. So timer songs I have so many clips that are labeled Steiner songs. Oh my gosh. That's like a lot of them. From holy moly bittner when I got my new nickname, and it stuck and you all love saying it over and over, plus the postcards the meet up the streams and laughing during the weekly podcast, pure joy, all of its Molly. From my dear friend in Andrea's, dear friend, Ignace yo row Haas. Oh, yes. Enough THEO favorite movement. Brit mad at me after I said Pokemon snap. Wasn't a good game. Saying how by pissing off one of them piss off all three after simul said that we were Gucci. I don't have a dog in this race, it spun whatever you seem fine we have from Dan just as drunk episode. And I started thinking about this have we we've never done an actual episode drunk. We've gotten tipsy toward the end. But we've we've done dreams, but not episodes. We save the drunken shenanigans for for for patriots. Because we need to keep that behind paywall for reasons. Not like we're trying to get key. But because we're trying to keep our reputation semi pristine on the public internet. Yes, exactly. That's really more. It's more for us to save face than it is for us trying to be like, greedy and pay while you exactly it's really like we just wanna make sure that you know, if we're having a good time and things a little lose. Maybe you know, we start talking about like trunks. But or something that it doesn't get taken out of context and like picks, quote, the only way to do that to do it for patriot. But we've had plenty of moments most notably the kind of funny crossover did for Exo eighteen where the our friends over at kind of funny brought lots of cocktails and drinks. I mean, we also brought some to to the watch along. And then Greg Stohr like swindling into. Doing a game cast episode after the watch along we did not realize that he wanted to record something else afterwards. And then we're like, we're all drum you were drunk for this. I was like, I don't even know. And also, here's the good part. Was there were way too many of us? So I was like, oh, this is fine. I'll just like sit here quietly and be drunk. I'll just like one liner every now. And then people remember that I'm here. I mean, you excel at that you really bad one. Tyler McCall says my favorite serious moment. Was Andrea Rene started reading the speech would have given if she had won the training game a year ago. Those words that she wrote and the discussion that followed really impacted me. Oh, thank you Tyler. That's really sweet of you. And a big thank you again to Tyler. And Craig for organizing the session, we had we had a ton of fun. But that's very kind of you. It was such a bittersweet moment. Obviously. Like, I wish I would've won. But for me, I thought it was an appropriate time to remind people that you know, what what's could games represents is inclusion and reminding the what brings us together is our communal love of video games, and the culture around it and that wall, there's a lot of negativity that gets out there about video games, and gaming culture. And being a gamer. That's actually not what gaming is all about. And I think being at a show like patsies reminds us that that's what being a gamer in being part of video games is all about is. You know, tens of thousands of people all appreciating and loving gaming and coming together and appreciate an loving each other and being accepting and welcoming to each other. And that was just what I was trying to express. So thank you. I appreciate that Tyler clip that and mail. It off Email it off to everybody in the world. I don't know. It was really good. It's really good speech. Just like a chain letter. Yeah. Train litters back. Oh, yeah. If you for and this people within an hour, crushable, disown you. Yeah. Crush will never speak to you again. Let's do it. We have from Brandon Gant who we've had a history mispronouncing this gentleman's name, and we've got them in person at Pax east, and he said mispronouncing particular name sincere. Sincerely, Partha MU. Bart Gannon Dorf because that was the name I gave in. It's a superior name. Oh, changing with your life. David Jack, nineteen every grunts and noise and pseudo Sudafed. Pseudo of it. But Tom Chelsea says, I love the beds adventures that was a stream. And then a lot of the rest of them. Oh, this is and from Ron she says, congratulations, my favorite moments, hands down have been the pack. Speedups the community is filled with incredible people Darren Clarke says I love the wine tasting. And then Jason says whenever Brit does her Kermit voice. I'll keep doing it for at least one of you. And then all the other ones still Bando man that Silvano moment goddess for. Yup. I mean, it's an oldie, but a goody that was such. I think about that. But sewed very fondly because that was right around holiday twenty seventeen I think because Andrew United just got back from planed farcry beieve. I think and we were talking about member there is the testicle festival, and we were talking about that. It's that a podcast steamer. I think you were we were calling you in from LA, Alexa, Andrew Nye in the studio. And yet, we're all just like drinking. It was just a really good fun time. And then yeah kills spur the seal band of stuff started happening. You started reading your book. Oh my God. Yeah. Because what had happened is. We talked about. An earlier episode. We had talked about like crushes a character crushes. I think maybe it was a secret segment or something, and I was struggling to. Yeah. And then I remembered that I had this like big crush when I was a middle schooler on this character from this book series, the powers that be from Elizabeth Scarborough, and and McCaffrey, and you guys tease relentlessly about it, and Alexa, was the worst about it. And it was funny because I think she was having trouble understanding, she was like, wait. So is the seal is he a man is he like has seal like how does it work? So I said why don't I bring the book on one of the episodes, and I'll read a passage of it. And so I was reading I brought the book picked out a passage to read. And then that's when Alexis started playing careless whisper, and then Brittany brings in the seal noise. Oh, oh, and it took me a second to process it. And I just could I just died. I just like I don't know what took over me just like started. Adding. So it was hard for me because I was the only one on. On. Very hauling in. Yeah. I didn't even hear the seal sounds, so I was just laughing at careless whisper. And then a it was way late when I realize also seal noises happening here. As a little bit behind on that one. So the videos called huseband does our first our current are weirdest. So it's a public video now. And if you go to the nine minute and thirty four second Mark, you can find Andrea start talking about her seal, and I only know this because I can scroll through the video and you see a big picture of seal pop up. So I know you're talking about your boo good, good indicator. I think his name is Shawn. Dr Sean, Sean Kelly. I've never likes to put the focus that name even. Your name. I was looking on these videos, and we had some really good times. They're just thinking about her hip number nine the hippos. And we were like Brennan and plays the assassin's creed hippos chased at her story her Mario like capi and how she thinks Bari was dead. Yeah. Just like, yeah. There's some really she's hilarious. We miss. We miss Alexa, Ray. And I know a lot of you've asked about getting her on a guest, and we're working on it. Hopefully sometime in the future. We're going to be able to get her back on the show in get her get her to give some some hot takes back on what's good games at some point. But simul as the resident longest running host of what's gang gun. Is there a particular moment or episode that you were like that episode rocked? It was super fun or like that episode was wild. Can you believe that crazy news? We had to talk about for the most part. I will say I blackout when I record these shows. Not like not like, I'm drinking drinking water. But it's just one of those things where I say something I forget about it. And I move on with my life. Like, I didn't remember like people have been quote tweeting me today or tween close today. And I'm just like I say that what did I say that like I black out? It's weird. Like, there's some things obviously make an impression. But for like, I would say at least ninety eight percent of the shows. I if you were like, I'll pay you a million dollars. If you tell me what you said, it'd be like. Out of million dollars. I don't know. I don't know. It's it's true. Because I've clip things out and posted it, and then Stanford will tweet back to the what's good games accounts. She's like I said that that's not a few times. I have the memory of that. It's not good. Well, good thing. Britney is very good at clipping stuff. We have lots of actual evidence of what you said. I remember when I started recording with you, you were in the bedroom and the light would change as we were record because you would have natural sunlight come in like, so the first ones we did. I was in my Venice apartment, and then I switched over to my aunt's house. And that was the bedroom where we didn't have blinds on any of the windows. So like there was nothing. We could do it was just like the sun's going down. Now goodbye. Yeah. I remember that an accent that I look at all episodes. I'm like, oh, yes. We're used to record on this a little weird tiny desk and her camera would always fall off. Yeah. Struggles man, you had a hold your microphone. I think for the entirety one episode -til. There was. Yeah. Because something broke I don't remember exactly what. And then there was a lot of tens where I would have the microphone honest deck of books in my lap. Because it just I had nothing. I I was scraping by people what I had to like a bunch of books. That's my that's what my mic stand is. I think what big fancy one you could see see. Far, we've come to my favorite episodes to record. And this is actually something we get to pretty are the magic eight ball, three episodes. Oh my God. Right. Yeah. So fun because we just throughout these outlandish, Chrissy Teagan unveil animal crossing or something like that could be a thing. We can eight ball. You don't here. Right. I know you have to get other magic eight ball because you probably through the other one go. Hello, girl. I got that. You have. They do. Of course, it's a magic ball thing. You throw away she threw pumpkin. Steiner stealing your bike. Garbage lenghty of warning. I gave you several months to rescue that pumpkin. And it was never today. Think it was going to happen because you're like, I'm gonna do it. You never did. I'm like she's bluffing. You. We could have at least had a funeral for it. But that's fine. We still can't if you wanna hold a pumpkin memorial service navy do. Okay. You you think on what you'd like to say as the pumpkins eulogy? I used to eat in the pumpkins honor. Because I'm all about food. I was thinking we could have some that pumpkin pie. Core is just drink that. Oh that sounds delicious. Also, don't forget on the next time. You guys are in town for the anniversary stream two kilo rose was Halley. We didn't drink at a Paxi. So when Marisa was on the show Steiner, she brought her own little mini bottle of tequila rose to her studio because she's like drink on your show. Right. You were drinking, AVI. And so we explained to her what tequila rose was have you had Keila rose. I know I don't know. I did the confused dog head tilt at you. You will you will also love the tequila rose. So it's I'm sure it will. It has the words key Linnet yet to Keelan IRA friends now list, the was the fortnight pond show that you were Andrea was that part of something else that was in a podcast rate. I was before wasn't part of the podcast. And that was before how you're seeing the unblocks video. Yes, when Darren sug, the creative director fortnight came to our studio, I believe it was in August of twenty seventeen when they launched save the world into early access. They came to our studio here, and we did like an hour long stream with Darren where he showed us the game we played around. And as a gift, they left us this fortnight backpack, which I still have and it inside of it. There was a bunch of survival gear. And so I did an undocking video which you can still see on the website on YouTube dot com slash what's games where I take all these things out, and I still have the Maris. The meals ready to eat. Why would you wanna eat those unless you're going camping? Will I thought might be fun to like, try them just to taste them? But I kept everything of the kit inside this survival kit because you know, it's like the apocalypse and save the world or whatever all the husks invaded that the storm or whatever. And there was this poncho, and I took it out. And it was like this little tiny square when I took it out of the bag the backpack. And I was like what is this? And then I like proceeded to unfolded and on folded and unfolded, and then it became like, oh, there's arm holes. And then I like struggled to put it. It for Disneyland. So that you can go on splash mountain. I'm watching it right now. It's called fortnight technical backpack and boxing, and there's a sixteen second clip of Andrea putting on this punch. Oh, it's just the most thing in the entire world is she? Excuse me. Remember, they also put a walkman in there with cassette tape. There was like some kind of secret message. I never knew what actually ended up happening with that. I should follow up with them. And be like what's this? 'cause they're probably like what are you talking about? Go look at the battle royale by right? Yeah. But I still miss that bear that bear was good. Remember, I made there you are not bear. I was I was I was a bear. I was once. I don't remember exactly the wording, but I try clipping that out. But the audio clip out riot that moment, so I couldn't use it. As a clip of this really really funny to you are not bear fires guns that you your life. Oh shit. You're right. I'm not a bear. I haven't logged into save the world on a long time and other they've made a lot of substantial improvements over the last like six to twelve months. There's just so many games to play. It's hard to it's hard to. But I really did like what they were doing with that game. See we believe in four night before four nine became a global phenomenon. Yeah. Look at us trendsetters. Cool before it's cool. But we could literally go on and on and on. And we will definitely be talking about more of our favorite memories during our anniversary stream, which again is Saturday may eleventh, Mark your calendars. Will we doing a multi our event and hopefully having some fun guests pop by for the stream it's going to be a great day. But this has been fun. And again, Brit said if you wanna little trip down memory lane, you had to Facebook dot com slash what's good games and search through our videos. We have some expes book exclusives. That you won't find on any other platform because we did a lot of exclusive videos for Facebook. When we first launched in some deep cuts, some good ones. You guys are interested on over. And check those out and hit the like button because why not help support what we do here. But we love you guys. And we love making content for you. And we will pop a bottle when I see you ladies next month and raise a glass to a hundred more episodes and beyond. So thank you everybody for stopping by this week and for tuning him. Thank you again to quip and Robin Hood for sponsoring this episode, again, if you wanna be part of our fantastic membership program patriot dot com slash what's good games. And we will be back next week Britney will be on vacation Steiner night going to be holding down full. All right. Everybody have a fantastic weekend.

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