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My backyard is even smaller garden honeydew list and now that I know that you're a little bit kind of retired. You're still working but you're no stranger to the same lists. Oh Yeah I don't have a hundred degrees I got honey. Group book was does any good book. Bush has she come through. Your wallet goes and I guess you ain't GonNa go down there and move them. Pine trees from their mother trees ally moving them you move you move. I probably won't get eight tonight because of the sugar coated later. I'm sorry off the dog. I thought you were talking to the dog or something you know and I'm building a building out here with a deck and all that you know just away from the only so she can get over stuff out here her growing stuff you know and she comes out there this morning. She shakes her head no other now. What the Hell's wrong Houston? I ain't just letting it go. You know she looks at stuff before he misses dawn. When you know if different when you finish as you're working building a deck level everything from the bottom up when you start it might be two or three inches getting started until you get it all and they ended up getting done you know and then she comes never knew what the hell but isn't that beautiful. Yeah go ahead. I'm just got finished I told Ya I'M GONNA call you at ten o'clock in the morning on my time. Which is twelve o'clock your time because you over there in Tennessee and I was three minutes late and I ain't never laid for nothing. I would never liked to know Bokan because I was the first guy to build last attlee so the reason I was laid was because I called one of my greatest rivals in squared circle. Brenta Hitman Hart and I wanted to get a little backstory out him because I knew he wrote the forward to your book and have you call. Don't call me thank the real stone Dr David Schultz. So we're going to get into the muck and we'll talk all about the book because I want people to have reason to buy it I read it from cover to cover. It took me a while to read it. Because I'm such a slow ass reader but I enjoyed the hell out of it and Another so many stories that we can talk about. Just shoot the breeze anyway but one of the big questions. I asked this on the telephone. The the other day being an arrest on business and he was an army and then he was in Poland for three years. He was a truck driver. Your wife Peggy and you have to go over forty years now. Eight years This June it'll be forty eight years. Y'All hell did you do. Stay away on all of that. Now that I'm home you know as you know I gotta hide out the woods and stuff like is he goes live. I'm going over our her and the dog. She turned the dog loose and goes and finds me three or four pit bulls three or four hundred one but I got one good tracker. She didn't let him go. He'll track me down. You know I do economist training a little bit. You know but he just gone down down to your standing looking. But what are you doing here do you know? I didn't know that or not but let it. Yeah the great man. When you're out you're nobody around. You can do what you WANNA do. You know but forty eight years. And if she hadn't been with me forty eight years I'd probably be in jail or dead or something you know. I mean She is saved a lot of people labs in my in my time without her hurts up my grandkids and daughter and all that stuff and you know for something that I would do. I just Kinda laid back now and take it easy. I tried to until I get to talk people down talking about that the David when I was watching you watch your stuff in a ring and of course you're about a generation ahead of me and youtube went around way back today and I grew up in south Texas and rat before Wrestlemainia one when he was in New York and I know you've been through many different territories but you know when I watched and look back some of your promos. He'll cut in with a mangy in Oakland for those towns Pacific interviews to promote ticket sales. And stuff like that. And sometimes you. You'd go you talk so much trash at Jane. Couldn't even you poppy and you just talk some trash but but I really. I really figured in some of my conversations on the phone with you are characters You know a few years apart were in many ways very similar and just in my conversations with you on the phone I just I was wondering where you came up with the Persada because to me it seems real and it just seems like David shelter has gone from being turned up from a two to about eleven or twelve when I be kind of make an assessment rarely. Yeah that's You know when I was going up you know I I was poor. I still real for them and Anything won't and I had to. I had to fight but you know if I had something somebody wanted. They take it away. I had to keep it if I lost goodbye. I lost it so I learned a long time ago that a lot of times. You can talk your way above people you know if they thought you mean what you said you were going to do You know like you going up you know God help. We'll take newspapers okay. You take them. You won't take them no more the next day. I mean that you know. He didn't bother them in there and take my newspapers normal. But I always I love to talk with people you know and You know always tried to back up what I said off my trouble. I tell people you know. Hey Yeah if you say that one more time I'm GonNa tell you and they say it one more time I'll tell you know I gotta repetition even before a that You know hey if they tell you something watching all hell out of you. But that's the way I raised I three brothers and all of them were suffering. I was but It was Pretty well fighters to did you Matt Peggy. Because I know you guys were high school sweethearts but but yeah. So how did that come about? Football game One time we was in the junior high school football game and then I had a runner around fakher down and try to keep up with her and she kept being hard to get you know and then When I went on I mean everything. Stay in touch with her and all this and I got out soon as I got out. We got married and the rest was history. We whenever where on everything. And she's been great. This girl would not even all the wrestlers. Hey she will not open her mouth about anything that said or done around her because I told her a long time ago the wrestling this. You'll see a lot of things. It's not your business because you don't know what the guys what kind of situation they have with their wives or girlfriends or whatever. It's an none of your business. Keep your mouth shut because you don't know nothing about it. She said Okay and you know and she never did. I mean I think not her business with other guy do here. The wrestlers redefining. What she's seen in the business would probably But a lot of them On-road somewhere else ain't already on the road but she wouldn't speak up. She wouldn't say anything. I mean she knew a lot of the less leaders wives and stuff and she with other people or this person. Hey you don't know their situation and I've seen you. I've seen you on TV wrestling all like you said a couple of years apart between us but we were so much alike that you know if there's any better wrestler than I might would worry about in the rain or out of the range it would have been you because The way you go after people and stuff and it reminds me of me and I don't WanNa get me. I don't know what gets me but all these other guys that you know I never had a fear of any of I mean you know the biggest WIMP I have I have. I mean he he. He didn't have a place to stay when he started business. He'd come up our house out of house. My daughter Lake sleep her bedroom and she goes to the couch and he he was sleeping in the van and You know we can come real good but this guy was vigorous coward. I had ever seen now. We good brands. I'm just telling you out on the street and stuff and then but he was good entertainer learn how they're going to change and he did what he had to make money in that you know. I guess that's mainly gay. But when I'm saying there's nobody out there legitimately bad that I know except you would be the one I would have. I don't know if I don't WanNa Care Baseball Bat or I think David here I don't know from from an L. digits hand to hand combat. I just know there's different levels of tough you you've got your you've got your guys. And like I think you've got referencing. Beaucoup was one of the baddest guys that was ever to business. I think I was called into the mold of a man. I was like a cockroach you know. Take the punishment of the business town. Dr Almost get paralyzed finish match. The Oh yeah that kind of tough. I want to go back to you just as far as you gift of. Gab and I know you guys grew up dirt poor and before your father passed away. What was he doing line of work? I'm just wondering where you're gift of Gab. Come problem with talking your way out of situations backing up. Would you had to do or just being in the woods in Tennessee and Texas? When I started talking on my trash you know people WanNa and where did that come from well? That's just the people that I that I grew up hanging around and that kind of stuff that I started spitting out so that was my style so he would get Gab. Coming from from being poor talking your way out of situations or having a back your situation up that is just like camera naturally to you because you also as far going into your bounty hunter days were able to really not manipulate people but talk them into. Hey man you need to give yourself up. You've always had to give to persuasion. That's right that's right and let me tell you that helped me more The wrestling talk and interviews and all that and like Memphis all live interview. You know that when you were down there live. It wasn't no delay in anything and you had to concentrate on what you're saying you know you couldn't use curse words or anything else. They cut YOU RIGHT OFF IN MEMPHIS. Lot of places have a delay you know when they clean it up all that but you know it was so easy to do to talk to these guys though because like Lance Russell would just feed you feed you own Brown with the and I mean they would let you talk hotel loans. You was carrying on a conversation the Gab that they was interesting listen do they get they get So into you talking that they just about be memorized listening to you and they'd say Oh my God what am I going to be now guy you know he does. And I know I love Canada. That was where I I really loved that up within Leyland and he would go to hard to come out and say yeah this your gut it can talk and taking Followed up relax into and And then I got into Bali hunting. You know that was the that was the wrestling plates. Such a big art my bounty UN's but people would seem the all year on TV and go out. And I had people come here living largely. Oh Yeah Docherty's man. Yeah Oh yeah baen going jail him. Okay when did you start well? 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That's helped I Q dot Com slash Steve to let them know we sent you and start process with the Health Iq Quiz. There's no commitment and you'll learn even more about potential opportunities to be awarded for your commitment to living healthy one more time that's health. Accu DOT COM four slash Steve. How much did your grownup child or always had you brothers. That was tough guys. All of a sudden you know you go into the service come out of service you know wilder side Amen. Let me give this pro wrestling shot and someone had told you about her Welsh. Who when you came up on her watch was around six or seven years old and you what many men manuals about six six probably to sixty two fifty and use any train you and she started working out with her of Welsh. Tell me about the training that he put you through. Because you know you you talk about. How so are you are when you coming home? You and your argues lay on at Horn and Peggy's gotta come up. Get your ass out the car that training because I know when you when you first started having first matches he hadn't smarten you up yet now. I didn't know shoot in Hook. And that you learn I was learning basically Tomlin rows little bit of chain rests on. I didn't get smart. My take me back to you first. Training sessions with her while she was an older gentleman but but extremely tough new some stuff. What was your practice once you got into the best. You're asking me Fan. I've watched it once in a while I'd come on. Tv whatever. Run off just settling route sort of wilder and I went by his house one day and I stopped and as the top he was a big fella. You know I mean older age. You start accent. But he was a big man and his hands. Look like Catches me. It's you know huge hands and Asia. Yeah well you need kids not as well or did you might be transom. Radford if you train me the best wrestler what makes you think you've arrest all this really deep boys in on all this. I said well I don't know why so you don't feed the. I think I can do it and he said well no. I'll do. It cost three hundred dollars. That's it okay back then dollar a lot of money and You know he's show up Like I don't know what the we like to a couple of days. Look show up downtown. The theater vote theater down there. And we'll see what you got. Okay I went in. I thought he's GonNa have you guys are wondering why him they said okay. You should know about wrestling well. Not much he's okay. Let me show you a couple of times. Oh he's started on me. He had me up and starved to death. You GotTa let me go. I don't know how you got Oklahoma Tumbleweed or something me stuff on me that I just. I had no idea what he had and bones. Cracking and muscle was tearing. I can hear you know. And what are you trying to do? It discouraged me. They wanted to three hundred dollars but he wanted to discourage me. WanNa be sure that I wanted to be a wrestler. He wanted to be absolutely sure that I take you know so after a couple of hours and I couldn't see within a couple of hours I mean I figured I was pretty good shape and I got the car go forty five miles east and I'll see you in a couple of days Come back two days or whatever and I said okay. I drove home. Forty five miles. Didn't get out of the car. I got to the House and I could not open the damn going on up into yard. I didn't even grab pull out the door and blow to on pay. Come out and say what are you doing? Well you want unity come out here and Elsie Jason. Help you do what I'll say? It helped me get out of this. Damn I couldn't raise my legs would not raise it a lot and my knees and back in necking on the OH. She helped me in the house. I leaned up against we will. She said what's wrong with you. Oh I'M GONNA be. I need to get hot water where she hot water. I got caught them. Bombing may be and got up like three or four o'clock in the morning and had to go to work work all day again and Oh my God I went up there. Not Shit Man. I don't know about this. You know back up that next time I heard by cell I look now opened up more people there and herbs are hitting me when they both enhance slaps oh I had bruised all over at me and he just kept long kept on ever told me anything about working the radio. You think you're tough guy. Come in like Stu Hart would get you down. Put a hold on you and tell you thank you. I know a bike but the herb would you set there? Agean ride you blow you up. He was sixty seven years old. Now and you know I thought that was old but man I met him. He forty or thirty five but anyway went back home again. Overhaul and my wife come out again. And she says is going to be every day or you going to do that allows i. Don't know God. He'll be healthy me and how it runs them water. You know. Get to win a miss this time out of hurt and then the next time is lightened up a little bit. I GET DOT com. She would be coming out of the door. Acp pull up because you know. I got brave now. I'm starting to loosen up a little bit. You know the muscles just so. Next time I went up a bounty hunters up there Over Novak Oh bounty hunters and pound on green used to wrestle for Nicholas and all that they agreed to come by their work out with the so we got in there working out and I I mean I was. You know that he was working. I was hiding and they told her they said. Hey we come back up here this guy man he heard us or cause us to hurt is now keep hurting him. Have you smart him up? Oh as long. Now there's about a month down the road or something a little more and We have to about three months of all that he had a couple more guys. Call me a couple more guys coming into the hell I'd be all. He told me nothing about you. Know working so the payday boys come in two brothers and dads were working out for years and years and never went anywhere. Just what local? And All. But you know they. They were smart. I guess because I'd be tell him and her finally call and stuff they would come outside. Here you've imitated some Ta. You Ain't gonNA have downtime way. You're doing these. I said what what's up what's wrong. He said you're downstairs. Ma'am Hell you heard people say you can't do that. He said remember what I showed. You say you're going to need all the moves. I showed you because only shooting news. I didn't know what she was working. Was I mean if you're doing anything you gotTA start over with me? You GotTa forget what showed you. But don't forget it. But just get your. I'm going to tell you how to work and be rational He was. He was sure that I was going to be Alaska. I've been that three months getting my ass and I missed a day so eight dumped me in there. And he just don't forget what show 'cause you're gonNA need it overseas you need it. They're going to try you. Excuse me and if you don't show 'em you know how to take care yourself. Walk all over you. They don't treat you like Shit. But if the promoter sign out that you can take care of yourself and you'd probably one of the toughest guys around. They're not gonNA use you because they can't control you and your home. Say Back what you want me. He said let me show you hear any. Show me how you know Loosen up a little bit. How you too tight. How this we will be loosening up and then you show me this. Show me this and then we started and he sent me the ball Missouri. Ac Go to Malta Missouri. You and a penny boy over there and you'll make no money but you know so little went over twenty dollars in my pocket. When I left I went to Maldon work five times at night worked as a single tag team. Six man come back to mask and it'll battle all and also die old parliament building furniture. They'll upstairs you know people scissors at you though. Women would have bricks in their first and scissors sticking up in the rain. Now I mean you know probably three or four hundred people in that building and the cops when we did an angle cop hit me with black flies and I turned around and told him. Don't you hit me again? Damn Black Bag. We're GONNA fight back up with that black. Jack. Ain't come back told hinder Rogers Eastern man. That God you better take care of him. He's crazy you know and all this into Roger didn't do a twenty dollars. I got back home. My ten dollars one. He ain't got back. Got My all of those ways you know but but it was such great experience. And that's all her I said her. And you don't name or gave me what Rhode Island Ritz Name Rhode Island red. Now I got license under that Missouri's Rhode Island Red. I thought it was cool. I didn't notice the damn chicken. I glance about it. He said Yeah. You'd be good Rhode Island Red and I got in there and then they hug and he'll kick your right. Yeah Barney a car when you come out here in the hell no tires. We got bought you right here and they all have baseball since year sticks digging down there you know the issue with or some anyway. I did that for. I don't know probably a month. I got broke and queer going but anyway I got you button Memphis with Dulas and I got old and lawler Sam Bass or while. They're middle always tag team and about a year. I guess I was the fall guy for lawler. How did you get along? Well we got along good because then I didn't know what he's doing you know. He was using me to benefit Jimmy baggage. You Know Nice Guy. Nice all the all and ask God but Jimmy Valiant never owned a car he never missed a show because when you come in and he said hey brother I ain't doing cannot catch him. I don't you have a car. But anyway lower he would ride and Laura was a coward scared to death all time. I I don't know how many times would draw US along the David he's got a gun and I walk behind him and he'd have a gun pointing roller through the window and I knocked the hell out of him and take God lay out parking lot. Kids asked him call. We leave and a lot of time out in front coliseum. They'll go running after they start two or three of them in a car and God. Evidently he's Gonna I asked him so. I grabbed a baseball bat. Took off happy hitting going across the road there in the call and I'm on even over is he said you go kill him. Yeah he'll Mitch if he if he stopped talking but we had a lot of trouble but Laura was always behind me I was the one doing the punching or whatever you know I'm not in. I didn't argue with people. Stay a Guy. Come out a fan come at you. I'm GONNA kill you. Hey show me. And he wouldn't have time show because I'm fixing the heating just for your time. Turn around hit him. That's my Mo got were sued over one hundred dollars saw vessel. But you know what? I was not sued by John Stuff. So another subject star so I WANNA get on that real quick here you know John Stops. Get not sue me. And I did not hear him in his ears like he said the Mass Square Garden. Doctor said that nothing was wrong with John. He had no damage to his ears whatsoever. Good Johnstone also brother in Boston's had permanent ear damage laugh. Never be here again. Well company used ago on his show even doing one about scams and people stealing money and making false things all this piece. I'm guilty of that myself. Because my injuries was Jiro. Semantic Euro Semantic Meanings. That once you get paid you don't hurt number. That's exactly what he said on his show. Now I was just wondering I've watched back a couple of times this morning and of course when I started my podcast several years ago that was that was something I always ask everybody man. What did you think Dr D Slab Gone Stahl? I could appreciate it especially back in. What was that eighty five when it happened? Eighty four and five eight hundred eighty loved broken visits eighty nine. It was still protected even back in the day if somebody said it was you know think dammit fighting words of US bar. It was a fight and I kind of appreciate them. A tally alongside went bad at Madison Square Garden. Yes that's the backyard. That's Kinda holy ground and so yeah. I know that he was going around two hundred so upset it gets to you and according to what you said you vent said Amen give us gas something or or whatever. So do you think looking back? You think you work yourself into a shoot because I was talking to to Bret Hart right before. I guess there was something that that had already happened before that night. That evening that you you were already a little bit hot to begin with what happened. Earned her that evening one. What was what was he is. Come to the dressing room. All I come in and restroom Porsche. Got Dressed in here come in and he said David I want you to do go out here and do an interview. This guy's making a joke out of the business twenty twenty news. I didn't know John Dawson. You don't mess or guard and doing here unless too or somebody tells you you didn't know walk out there and start interview so he said I'll let you go out and I want you to blast him. I want you to tear his ass up. Stay in character Dr d and then everyone's restaurant word that I'll see the boys and they all heard and so they're talking. They might not have heard it exactly what he's saying but they heard him talking to me so he went out a few minutes later. Guy Comes in honor cheikh without in the hallway long suits in the hallway leading up a guest door north facing one on one side. One another side to one of these guys moved an inch doing that whole right now. You know and I know the if there's some shit going down in the hallway like down that somebody's going to be moving in. Hey hold up. Wait a minute. Oh you know they enjoy the show and stuff will come out and him another guy come out and he tried to talk to me two times all three times. I mean it was so many people down there and the one everybody's saying is where he was talking to me and I was wrong. I mean you you know you're right. I I yeah right and being told me Nigga. Yoga hasn't been. I didn't know nothing about any Mansfield and him. And you know about Hogan Him. I knew nothing and Vance told me to blast impairs as I mean he said. Ask Great Well. I think you fake. He didn't say that he said I think it's fake but I thought he said I think you're a fake lasting bank. There's an open hand. Snap how he went down on the job and I don't you know we're near the you got us and I always talk man. Get up you need to put him back down. Gone Mad when my ears coming up. I doubt if I had to laugh. Because they're the left was there. He wasn't quick enough to dodge and he took off running and he'll gone vince. Running all the hell matter with him and then he comes in he to me. David get ready do you match and Gnocchi they sit back down. Move me down. I was like semi nine nine or whatever but they put it down to get the show along and I come out of the match vincit. David get your stuff together. Get a hotel downtown to get hired Johnson or whatever and he said everything's okay They're talking about. They were rescue. Whatever there's going to be OK well. Other people don't know is. I got suspended from the New York Athletic Commission. I didn't even have a license to work in New York. I don't know how they can use to spend somebody for not rats three thousand dollar fine and Pay Daddy said Baltimore Maryland suspending me. La Suspending several other states. Spend within a week. I reinstated all of them. They all reinstated me after they watch the tape and seeing what happens so didn't want me around anymore man all GonNa have this thing that he always thought he could beat me. You know even when we running around together and you know going to the gym together. He always thought he could beat me. I'll say you can't beat my wife. Let alone me and he gets mad. He didn't get him into ring and I had a little bit and let him go. Know you're a couple of match or anything you know. You don't WanNA screw up for a hundred thousand people. So we'd be there with this and he would burn gone you you know we we would bleed and both of it goes to the hospital in Minnesota. We both men and You Know He. He got so scared that we're going to beat him for the fail on live. Tv in other words. Believe me the promoters believe me they were scared of me because when I told him something they were scared. They hate promoter. Come down to the dressing room. You know what you have a license to be in here you say. Well I'm the promoter here. I'm jogo whatever I don't give a damn who you are you dressing them. If you don't have athletic license you get out of here. I want him out. The police come down a uniform with their fears. I know Camo getting my boss or yourself. Thank you more with you. Get outta here if you don't have a damn if you don't have a athletic lashing. Yeah he's hey wouldn't protect you out there. I don't need you protection. You know address from go. Oh my God Brooklyn. Oh I was going out of the GM you know how the one in big gyms and I've walked across and my hip thing on my town know they're going and they will. They're talking I don't know Rajdhani laws or different ones and they just Olya dougherty. That's an asshole. We're GONNA catch him out on one day we'll show Liam for them right. Well you know what those kind of buy tickets to see me get my ass next time. I mean hated me listening to another classic episode of the Steve Austin. Show only on podcast. One it's almost march and you know what that Means College Basketball Fans College basketball's elite teams and now find that lower seed come turney time. Who Doesn't love a good bracket challenge? Exciting that is the. Nba Now starts to homestretch as teams are now watching their playoff fortunes closely. Finally whoever expected the xfl to be this fun? Love the rule changes and passion is just a great time visit our good friends in excludes partners a podcast one bell line to take advantage of the best bonuses in a business sign up today for free account at bit online dot. Ag and use the Promo Code podcast. One that's PODCAST O. E. FOUR FIFTY PERCENT. Welcome BONUS BETO line you're online sportsbook. Experts and exclusive partners a podcast. One sports net wants to slap happening Gobert Japan Beijing. They want you to work. Same Angle over there. You do end up using that back against you later on down the line for I mean and this is right before wrestlemainia one which was literally two to three weeks away. Give or take you probably going to be a big part of that. You're figured in I was talking to Bret. Hart he absolutely has the respect for you. He really enjoyed working with you down there. And Calgary Stu liked you The one thing you stood up for Brenton address room and took up for him. Now you gave me the guy's name and he goes. You Know David have to do that. And David was a guy that came up and gave me confidence and said that he goes kidding. You don't really need to worry about learning how to work anymore. You can work better than anybody here. You need to work on yet promos. You need learn how to talk so you know as I said in the book I mean you know the guy had a lot of respect for you and I was asking you know. And he's mandate goes. I just always. David was always good to me. He was always honest with me. Very fairmont man. I really really really enjoyed working with him. And it was a very very good hand in ring so you would have been figured an you run around with getting whatever y'all add your difference of opinions but all of a sudden you're out of the business. I mean. You were blacklisted. How long did it take for that to sink in? How long did that mess with you? Just because when I asked I left the business because I got dropped on my head and after a few years it caught up with me and now I needed to get out and you know for for three years. I mean it took me a long time to swallow that pill so all of a sudden you're hot and heavy and the most dangerous man in the business you stay in character. You're trying to make people hate you. You're very successful now. You're out did you. Did you not skip a beat? I mean how? How much did you sell this? Peggy think where. Peggy she said. Well what are you GONNA do? Well I know that can. Do you know Vince. Steady ingle you. So I started going independence and I'm getting a thousand dollars a night working independence seven days a week. I put good money. I mean just you know independence and I kept going and then I started going overseas a lot of different overseas Trip a couple of weeks here a couple of weeks there and then the independence. Everybody started dropping their price. Know everybody started saying well. You Pan. She'll talk about all of them. I can get me and two or three other guys here. You can get out. Burn Sika and don't all the mud hills or whatever instead of getting shields and the promoter started buying it and I don't blame them. I mean they get them for two hundred dollars a piece of nine anyway that went on for a year and a guy come up and ask me he said. David you ever consider the bounty hunter out to a lot bounty on riding the horse with guns and shit out in the old west they said no no no no no. I'm you know they said it's bounty hunter. Pay Go out and pick people up. That's on you know about all that and he said if you'd like to try man they got some bad ass guys. They need somebody to go pick up. Nobody will pick up their screwed up. I say what kind of money to make good money. You know you make ten percent of the Bond Gordon with the bond here if it's You know there's five Say Fifty Fifty thousand dollars. You make five thousand dollars plus expenses hundred thousand ten thousand plus you and I. I started checking into it talking to more and more anyway introduced me bonds when they say yeah. We got some motorcycle guys that they won't one of their own picked up is the APP. Blows up in I believe it's new. Britain Connecticut Hartford Connecticut. They got a guy out on bond and they put the went up on his mom. They'RE GONNA lose all this money if they don't get him in Badesch. Okay you want me to do you want go get him. We'll pay you hear that passive. Well personally I got to meet with the club. You know the head. Guy With Club the motorcycle club. And why are you GonNa meet with him? I'm not going guests damn club. You'll get it down club. I mean they don't understand you know and I met with them. The ad low then the guy told me the head guy come up he said. Hey how you doing this? He said I need you to go. Pickus got up. You've got our blessing. He's up in West Virginia wherever whatever it was not said. Okay what else can you tell me? Nothing just a bad ass. Don't turn your back on him and Okay so to later. I found the guy just probably fifty miles from there. You know. In Connecticut he went in again and He come out of his house going to the store and I walked right target when I got my because seven his mouth cooking physical out but handcuffs coming to me and got paged process of said you know this is something that the army background. Olive Olive oil train. That's great but how long was it before you get to? The the the first guy went after the bikers. So you had success. But how long did it take you to become extremely good at what you did with respect to that job as far as building? Up Your ear. Connections your snatches detecting next talking people down During the time in the car it's not always like on TV. You must hold a gun on somebody doing your homework. Lots of downtime. Traveling wait and wait and wait and I mean. How long did it take you to to where you were as good as you got? Well all it took a good. Wow because you know you have to develop your contacts and people are really scared and you information that they're not supposed to release like in New York. I was going up trying to get into the welfare system New York which is a no no so I had to contact L. Welfare to Walk Agency. Man We can't give you anything like that. We can't do that. We can't do that no it. Can't you gotTa have a court order to do that? And all this and I said well listen Let me show you something out there. I eight hundred dollars and I said I should need these couple of names values and nobody would know. He kind of looked around but two hundred dollars pocket gave me a call later. And Tell me exact address from you. Know he was my contact and every time I go up you know. I get a hundred bucks to our boss Gordon. How much the barn? And he'd give me the social security he would give me the welfare department. I mean anybody on welfare. You know and what happened. These guys have where they leave Connecticut New York. They get interest on welfare immediately. Maybe not there. But their wife or their girlfriend or whatever and social security numbers lately and They developed a telephone system. You make contact with telephone company saying people don't WanNa tell you anything but money talks bullshit walks if you pay them. You can get the information. Police Department used to help me They would give me information. That was Nothing no no but they would give it to me and Policemen help me a lot of time. They'd have the guy sitting in the car and they call me as a way. We got Jose Gonzalez. Here you still looking for him David yes I am. You know Camo gear on Capitol Street. Come on there. They didn't put him into both getting five hundred bucks. I'm going go back to some of the some of the wrestling people that you'd be met along. Aways you know watching you match with Andrei a couple of you mashes whether with Hogan and of course the Ribi played on Orndorff when he was out there. Mona's yard how was I was working with? Andre? I mean the Big Dude. You caught him. I met him right in. I guess it's probably a ninety three or something ninety four. Maybe he'd come. Wwe He was on crutches. Here's really getting out of the ring by then and getting in pretty bad health but I just. I was a nobody our stunning stove. Ouston but here was Andre the giant and I just at least advocate shake. The man's hand and I introduced myself to him. And that was it. But how wasn't being in the ring with with the guy and everybody call him the boss? I was working with. Yeah I love working with Andre. Andre was such easy to work with a hand on you give you hit across the back about taking a knock all out here and you just where he was and I stood. I was six five little over sixty five in my head Brat. Through the underneath his chest his picks and you know he anytime he wanted to just grabbing on his hand was huge. Taking silver dollar and drop it right through the ring finger only ring on his finger. He takes the ring off and silver. All the biggest thing was yeah. I don't mind you got hit anything being you know he got allow all balls. Yeah I I. He was great in the ring. Easy easy work with too. I mean if you ask me They call it a title but if you still own. He liked it better because he didn't like to sell something. That didn't look good. You know and I had to. That'd be tell you know I got. I knew I had to come in when you come back. You know but I'm gene. At least he loved it he liked it when Piper they told him out on stretchers Master Square Gardens. You know me and Piper beating they had to come getting range use everything blood everywhere and he loved me you know and I just man. The Guy was great. Always Nice always I'd never seen him say you know. And when I worked within a pleasure to what we ended up playing well. I don't know they're Andre with easiest. I guess on Great Bear always love wrestling a bear. You know what it easing. I you know all the big guys. I used to wrestle. All I worked with all the big guys you know. Text McCain's news. I don't know six nine sixteen He was he was great bubble zeal. Easy guys to work with Arne Land Easy Guy Stewart and peace would hate to go out in the ring with them because You know they. They scared him. My guess call. They would be but you know they were easy listening. I mean especially meagher. They thought I was going to get my ass. Will people so loved it? You Know Joe. Listening to another classic episode of the Steve Austin. Show only on podcast one. Hey Man Yona richer home sure you do and I bet it can be hard work. You know what's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote. See how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's GEIKO DOT com. When you got the best start body too busy to keep up with what was going on in the business did you. Did you get completely away from you? Know nobody nobody not one guy not one guy ever called me and said dot. He's I do for you would you? Nobody spoke up for me when the lawsuit was out there. Trying to get guys. Hey you heard been say that I can't understand. They probably did their job. They couldn't do nothing else. That's a lot that's what they had to do. You know wrestling and you know I couldn't believe somebody which because somebody and never call you and ask you if you okay. Never anything you know. And I didn't need it and I didn't care because I've always been a get that guy that if somebody I don't WanNa kill me. Hey you know I go around the day. I been chopping with all winter. Two different families down here. I've been supplying wood stoves because they're poor and they had one of them had a pacemaker. Put in he couldn't cut he would the other one had a heart attack. And I'm doing all that for them all. I'm glad to get warm now when I may not really. I didn't mind doing it all you know. And every time I'd take a little bit. Oh how GONNA pay you? Whatever you don't know me nothing is just enjoying the would you know and you know. I spend a lot of my time out here. Cutting Wood and give it to people. I don't sell it but I gave it to him. I do anything I can for anybody until they screw over Mitch School with me. Hey I'm only been that I WANNA I WANNA school anyway. I A anyway. I didn't get a comes up. You know but usually don't come up 'cause I don't associate with no more. What was your mindset on a road because I know you from from reading the book you seemed like to stay away from the hotels where the boy state and just kinda mind. You'll Miss I. I travel with somebody. I need to travel alone. But why do choose to stay away from? Everybody was just part of your upbringing or you weren't into a lot of the things. The side people have a tendency to get into whether suppressing business entertainment business. Whatever and I think you know what I'm talking about Yup and that's what happens The motion them hotel. All that and I knew somebody who's going to get in trouble one day. Let's talk about some of what enter and always stay away from everybody and Know my earlier days on hotels only way. We had hotel room. We didn't make no money and you know what that's like going around like in a couple of hundred dollars a week so we had to have a way to stay in the hotel room so we used motel six. You know they had those jobs when you know when you leave the people check out. They got the key in the box. So we had a coat hanger and what we do about two three o'clock in the morning we're going at box and we'd pull it and he goes to the room because nobody's going to get paid for their. You know checked out. And we had our own sheets and blankets and you know so. That's how we gotta rooms. That's awfully well. I mean back in the days. We was packed packed like sardines and some of the towns. We could find out. There was a time when me and Kevin Nash. You're traveling together and shape as I was. I mean it was almost like a rib we would rid ourselves to stay in the worst hotel as possible and now we didn't do that for but we did it a few times and then we finally started making some money so you kind of get the upgrade therefore while they were just part of I dunno rite of passage. You're paying dues or whatever but we just have to say in some of the work so tells we could find. We enjoyed ourselves. We did two down Panama City. All we go all pay twenty dollars a night four going hotel with full mattress off twin beds and everybody have a master's marsh mango. Or whatever. The hell you can get up and go bathroom wall. Nearly one big step on people and they say they do something to them calls them. We'll problem you know I just Always like go guys you know and We had A. I'll tell you about this. This guy in Connecticut Steve. You'll you'll enjoy this now. My neighbor he was. I lived on a call to sack and on my wife and me and other people the guy died and they started selling off. Professo- three other families moved in and one guy with national. Nobody got along with it and he hated dogs and dog and he's yours. We put a big fan and all this year so what I did. I had a boo. Va Deflandre a hundred sixty pounds. When he went out and took a dump and I take I take that stuff and I. It had an old freezer and freeze it. And twelve o'clock at night out and shoot it over in his yard with a slingshot and shoes all over your next eight raping rather they had all you know then I graduated from that and went to week or grass killer and I was freezing. That and shooting over and he's already getting these big brown spots pretty soon just getting into everything in his yard you know he never did figured out. I don't think then when it really got hot in the summertime I shoot it on his roof. You know the dog Nance Nail on the roof and that was fine. You ribbon the neighbors. Were you a big river in the business are did you watch and ribs. I mean because I mean on one hand when they start getting malicious. That's not funny but I mean man. We had been strung out on the road for weeks and weeks at a time. A Rim can sure elevate morale. Oh yeah that fact Couple of in that most IMP. They was I come out of the if your coffee in Calgary if you left it in The Room if you walked out of the room went to bed and left you. Shouldn't you back? You don't know if you're GONNA be able to walk next hour or not. They don't somebody do something to you healthy. You're gonNA drop some acid or something going to be. Dropped me coughing. You Ain't GonNa know it unless you know what affects our you know so they give me one night. They got me. I left my coffee and I don't never do it. I don't know why I do that but I told him I said listen. I don't care y'all got but I just WanNa know how much you've got because I got five hundred miles tonight right now. I'm okay but I feel it by the way I should on. No I WANNA know how much is in there? Somebody telling me Y'All got the one guy comes to knock your day map this. Oh did you. Oh man just tell you okay. Okay okay so we later Go home fixing cookies so I go in there and say hey pitched me a couple trays or cookies. Those chocolate you cokie what for I want to take it to the boys? I love the boys you know in addressing I also. I had about six bags. I Dunno six packs eight packs of ex lax and I put those ex lax cut him up. Mchugh put them all the cookies and let them cook put them in a bag and the haggis cookies was good. You know slab of six put right on top so I knew where they were a big old bagging groceries bag into the dressing God and he puts his man. Let me grab some. I'll stop eating so everybody. That bag altogether one goblin him cookies down over the next day they called me and they started dressing room. I said I don't know what happened. I messed up all night after. Yeah they say mine has to man the other guys that we have to shit man. I don't know who's doing joke around. Here this is not a joke. But I'm really messed up. You know and I mean had you know thought anyway then. It really didn't get over that good some a week. You know. They got straightened out. Then I got horse laxative and mixed it up and the cookies and took it into the dressing room and now some of them had to hostile. They get no. They sent me through like water. I'm the same way math. Oh my God I gotta get the Vitamin Raleigh. I'd go in there like you know My stomach is killing me. You know and never did figure that out. They did have to book. Probably you know and then I had some flex rail which is a muscle. Relaxer else does down. Put them in some cookies for them to you know they really enjoyed it. So I'm going to the rain. They help them get rain. Staggering wealth and running around and met with that Shit. You know. I'm not doing nothing that I bring us. One of them doing as much as you travel in the wrestling business. And then you get in the business place because you didn't go to different countries and you did that for twenty years now. Well I can't speak for you. I'll take my story you know when I ended up getting out of business sometime ago. It was hard for me to to get over not traveling so a lot of times. I get my pickup truck and I drive forty forty miles down to the Sonic Jalapeno Burger at a dad. Vanilla coke and drive back home. I feel like I was on a road so anyway. It's all about zone route forever and when I was on a road I kind of like being Zombie mode. Because that's what you do and that's your life and I could be on the road for two three weeks and I'm like God name Atom Road. I'm ready at home. And then all of a sudden. I'd go home and after day and a half. I'd say I'm bored. I'm ready to get back on the road so I love hate thing for me and then finally all these years later got Kinda Sad. Turn back into a civilian not really like to travel. I mean if I gotta go somewhere to a job and maybe I'm married for three or four weeks. That's one thing but I just don't like jumping around from place to place in back in the day you know. We've come back home from the road. You probably the same. I just put my suitcase right in front of Washer and Dryer and whatever it was already I wash whatever clean I left in there and I just put the same shit right back in my suitcase and I was ready to go because they nobody knew what I was wearing different down. It was all the same shit right so at right these days I I. I kinda read because no union peg to over-the-road rather than eighteen windfall while yelling joy at but they. I know you guys don't travel to much anymore. You can kinda say like a homebody which kind of what. I look at my south as so all travel outy system. Do you enjoy it anymore. There any after being You WanNa go the Grand Canyon or whatever it is going to look at something or you just Cool Banner Tennessee. Doing your work now. I just I still drive a lot. I still go a lot of places but I don't I love fabric. She doesn't last time. We got rid of Last truck we had We lose five years out all nuclear waste and after we got rid of that. She said I'm not getting damn again. That's it so she's started buying these dogs not buying picking dogs at dropped off on our property so now we got dogs and we can't get ready to take care of damning so she has staying. Take your home but I still drive every year I worked for a hot and JAN during cotton season three months a year. But that's like seventeen eighteen hours a day seven days a week for three months. I was working one hundred thirty dollars a week last year. And then after that I over here to another place Transfer trailers tractor trailers and transferred trailers for them. And I do that for a couple of months and you know that's all I all I can do. I don't want to get back out on the road. I still have. Cdl Class and all that. And has that. I had people calling me every day. I can't deal with the DOT. And all that. But I love the road. They've just a couple of years ago. Running twenty five hundred Dodge I got to And I had a goose neck trailer and I would hold these radiators for locomotives all over the United States. You know and you know you. May I come to? La and back to Jackson. Which meant Fishing Jackson? I do that in three days out there and back I can say that. Yeah how can you do that I I just do it man? I just do it you know. I don't sleep all the way out there and when I get off the stuff I get a hotel room. Sleep five or six hours back heading back. You know I made a ten minute Nap You know And take off again. You know but I love. That guy sold his business so I ended up to trucks and you know everybody wants to be drying for them. But I don't like the people I like to do my own. My wife doesn't told me you need to stop it actually. Okay I'll stay home and There's new cotton thing and Wherever you know at cotton pretty good thing You know travel trailer during cotton season pollen cotton from the GM to the warehouses. And that's pretty good thing but hours I don't mind you know and You know I I do. I do pretty good at that I do every once in a while. I don't a of because they don't want. Hey you know I'm not going anywhere for anybody You know You guys is both out before Goto autograph. Thanks and You know usually I get twenty five hundred something like that. Well we can get Oh God lot cheaper net where you need to get them. Then leave me alone. I'm the I don't care see. That's why they make a mistake. They don't Understan- I don't care it don't bother me one way or the other. What bothers me is that they don't want to pay anybody but they wanna make money and then they get mad at me when I go. I was saying you gotTa pay me before. I signed the first autograph. What we mean what did I say? You don't understand English now. You pay me my money before I signed Damn Hologram you start. What were you? And he said I'll give you your money your money. I'm going home right now and pocket money. I pay on the I. I don't get. I gotta ask you about Hunting Tales. I mean 'cause you can pass bodybuilder good friend of yours of course only cares about Bush. Cash that revie pull them out him with a Guy. Add handcuffs on and needed to go to bathroom or some good ribs. You brought your wrestling down this traveling down the road because if anybody got in the car with the if you're driving they cannot go to sleep and that's old school because yeah they get to the gas to be there and nobody sleeping in the car. You gotta stay awake but I wanted to share a bunch of body stories that are particularly. Enjoy the one where Peggy went along with you because you needed to a female. More a Mugello snore. Yeah she was I told her I said you need to go with this girl. She gets her check. Today's she always cash this ghost Massachusetts and then which has to be with her and I told her to stay outside and I'll sit. Alright you on the radio when she starts out the door and I went up in the attic. Still words a little place up there. You Watch all the cash Russian guy. Basho's idea and talk to us. He said Yeah just going up and when she comes in you know and here she come welcoming national check so I called and said hey she comes out the door and I got him started outside. Got Out There. And Butch had another girl grabbed another. Go wait about three hundred pounds. Same side of the one. We're looking for and I go out there and say hey around them. I'll get over here. There she goes grammar butch up and he grabs them. Pay You stand and ask them grab her. I said you need to search her. You know what you mean searcher searches but it. Sure she ain't got an eye for going somewhere. I don't WanNA touch her. I well you got I think cut. You're well you're in the parking lot. You GotTa do you. She said Oh my God I don't want to touch her and she gave me Hell and she finally headed downtown that she said I don't have no gotten guy she'll sign up. Hey you say oh my God go above and have a bath in a month but she had her checked. She wanted her check. So anyway we take a headship. Go with her in the back seat. And that's opaque he's noun or don't worry she ain't GonNa with all my God they home to draw Jay Leno Burnham until I got. I don't want to ever touch down close. Don't you take me anywhere else and let me? I didn't really have to do it. You know I'M GONNA go. That had I just wanted to see what about now today. It's so bad that You know they're not about you mentioned. Can you pass the level? They was talking to me the other day. One Guy Percy priest come up here and workforce you know down hunter. I'm not coming up pretty soon. Obama workbook that. Oh no I mean you guys. You've got doing it. He said we got five and they can't find nobody he said. I don't know but they all go to the front door. Oh good thing. Everybody goes going knocks on the door. You see what I mean. Yeah the front door now one of the Hale. Who'S CODING BACK DOOR? Who's covering the window? Who's telling the chimney who's covering the addict who you know and these guys hide in washing machines dryers under couches on the they had a had a bill had places where you never thought they would. I mean they strive to have a washing machine or dryer duddy and they did in that washing machine and clothes and how close on top of it. Nobody looks I know. Law enforcement goes looking washing machines. I found several title phone washing machine turning on gloves. Nine one dollars. No wonder it's okay. I know I'm wrong. You know it you know it's doing all that and like I said Man I I'm here a good life my daughter you know if you got a masters degree. I don't know she got a doctor yet but she's in A. She was a head of a foreign school in New York Superintendent Reform School and you got two grandkids go. She don't want him down here. I'm going to turn them into rednecks wherever I how did it take you a John? Cosma to write this book year and a half maybe two years when John on started Own It he recommended to me by Bob Bra which is New York Apnea Commission Commissioner. And I've been looking for somebody to write. But every time I talked to me they should hold my God. I don't know oh I know you know. I don't say so. John Started and he met me. Come down and talk to. We should out and talk. Show me the books. He had two or three books road already. Any give me a copy of them and took home give them to pay she read them and she said Oh. Okay I don't I don't like you know. But anyway. When he started he said a script you know after about six months. He sent the postal the draft. You know and Peggy toes today you throw it in the garbage you any writing. This look like that no no. He said what's wrong. What's Oh it don't have no colour. They'll have no flowers. You have no direction I wanted to. I wanted to be like the person is there. When he's reading it. He could actually see his mind. What's going on you know? I mean just like right. I E Book Madison Square Garden. John Dawson it makes you feel like you're part of it going there in and he said. Oh my God I don't know I choose a rider. He said Yeah. But it's never been explained to me that way. I see well bounty hunter stories. You can't just say I go and pick up paperwork and I go the house knocking on the door. That's it. I've looked for people to yours before the court found him and a lot of take six months eight months because he's not scared the hell out of them and they're running and let me tell you it's hard to find people any. Hobie to find him. 'cause I'm not scared. Happy with the book when you read the last version of Zion join reedmen. Oh Yeah I just I I tell you I loved it. My wife read it four times and the reason we read it four times I. I've said she couldn't put them. She's picking out little Things like commas on situation. Does she used to be a proof reader when she's a five investigator and I told John Said you need to change? All they said well. I've got a proof reader. It's going with okay. You GET PROOF BRANDON. Send it back. They got proof medicine bag. She still found four pages Mistakes of misspellings and different things on there. But John Rarely went and he he really I told him. I said you should've told bounty hunter stores. Well David you know you. You'RE GONNA have a thousand page book. What we told right now is so fascinating everybody has said. I can hardly put it down. You know. And I'll I'll tell you I guarantee anybod- is that book if they sit down and read it if they husband and wife say the husband buys it or the wife buys and they're reading I guarantee you. They won't read that book until they they'll be telling their husband or wife whichever one. Oh my goodness can you believe this? Look at this this you believe doing this or done that I need to talk about. And it's so fascinating that everybody that I've never had one negative thing about the book it's Even my wife. Lebed forty eight years. She said everything in this book live and I can't put it down. She said I'm on the fourth time I've read four times now and she said not to see what's in it or looking from stay San. I just enjoy reading about the stories of you know and you know people just ever even older people out here a couple of them. I had to give him a book. They couldn't afford it and everything and You know they beg me. I'll I'll tell you what my check. It's you know we'll take you know. And then I found out they pass it around their families. Ready cost me all in sales. I I enjoyed it because coming from the business I enjoyed arrests on stories. I mean your your time in the old days. Look like your generation ahead of me so I really enjoy school stuff but also just as a fan of the bounty business which I don't know which I know something up now just here and just doing your homework diligence and I know you said sometimes if you if you watch youtube videos you just caught up in the nominee David shields persona you. Think okay man this Guy Promo. He's wrestler but said you know when you go into the army you know how to well. You're in a place in Poland. You're smart guy and you apply your intelligence with the body business. Oh I just enjoy I enjoy it all stores and I enjoyed the book and I know it's own Amazon as it's called. Don't me think it's the real story of Dr David Schultz and it's written by Dr David Schultz with John? Osborne is forwarded by one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. A good for a good friend of mine. Bret the HITMAN. Hart does a great job on the forward but zone Amazon Is there any place else to find a book David? Or we're GONNA covered I F. They can Also by eight sleet wrestling DOT COM. That's GONNA cost personal website. It's each lasting dot com and It's also Some of the book outlets got it to Amazon. I think number two Amazon now overall. It's I'm telling you it's fantastic. It's fantastic read and and you know the thing about the raining part of it. I had him to make the the writing large large writing. So when you pick it up when I was thinking I don't need reading glasses to read it. And he says maybe we ought to maybe WANNA make the writing smaller because this thing was seven eight pages. I said No. Don't touch the rioting leave it. Would he is the word. I don't know if you noticed or not. You probably don't need regular nine. Enjoy the fact that the fire was bigger than you pick up a little ass writing innocent intimidating for me because all of a sudden I was reading some reviews on Amazon and everybody gave it a five star review and there is one guy said. Oh there's too many pitchers anders there's like. Are you kidding me? The one of the things. I really enjoyed that book as the fact that you had all these pictures to document. You know the all the people that you worked within the business and again. That's the restaurant bar man joins. He knows pitchers in the bounty hunting days. Yeah Oh yeah I go back in. My career can hardly have any personal pitchers of anything I did. I mean it was taken by. Abc WWW whatever. Those pitch rice dome. So I was real smart to document as much of your career and take as many pitches before on a on a note of pictures. I gotTa ask you because I ninety five Ford Bronco and I know you drove Bronco for a long time. What Year was at Bronco? And how long did you have it? Both at Minnesota and When I was okay with Oregon you and I kept it until let me see. I can't that thing about fifteen years. I keep stuff forever. I got two dogs right now. Twenty five hundred dollars. Just one of them's got hundred fifty thousand miles on the other one's got four hundred sixty thousand miles on it. I have two bands. Both of them got over four hundred thousand miles on them. So I don't believe in you know I mean. The dodgers are five. Point nine diesel. So you know they don't wear out. You can drive them forever you they just great guy. I know you've got What is the Dodge Ram? I gotTa Ramp Charger show and I got an Bronco and notable babies. Yeah I would never sell those vehicles. Oh Yeah I know. I love him Broncos and finally after being in Minnesota New York and Connecticut all my Bronco started getting eat out with no salt stuff and I finally sold it to. The needed something Start plowing snow. He wanted to go in business for yourself. I sold it to him and I don't know if he's still here. You probably ain't. Nobody left on. That's looking at a salt. Laid it out you know. Did you have the three? Oh to the three to one at Bronco. We won we won. Yep four Four wheel drive. And that's how I feel great. I love that show Just went down. One day when I was working Ganja and started snowing in Minnesota and matter of fact I have had so I pulled the drive and he kept snowing. I'm saliva full back in one more. I got the Bronco when I tried to play ball wheel drive. All four wheels sitting there spending. You know 'cause I never cleaned. The drive is just solid ice bottomed out. I said well ain't no good the tax man. That's really do it though. I loved at Bronco. That's that's great that we're GonNa go and you know a lot of the fifties pitchers wallet. Oh when they started when John Style you're right and I said listen. I've got to eighteen wheel trailers out here containers Forty foot long full wrassling stuff. And he's all God I said. Well that's the way it is and I and I sent him cases in case news in case you know boxes of stuff. Hey went through them but I think you skipped a lot of them because I had thousands of pictures of people. You know that a lot of time. A lot of people dump the guy about you know that he didn't feel like was important because in modern day what would not the old day like Textile Kinsey Boba zeal. These guys are not luther. Manzi Ha there you know. These guys are just gone. puts up cash Kabbalah. I mean I mean I had. I had pitchers Balti guys and I told him I said. We can't put all pitchers because like you say is going to be a balanced ages. You know they said how take them out and all the new van. That's the big him out. You know John Rasping Fan I thought smarten up and I think he's pretty well smart. I think we're going on. Jill put the New Jersey I know we're going to Fort Wayne Indiana next month and Going to New Jersey though. That'd be a good trip for him. You know in the car with me. I guess you won't lay back sleep all day. But Hey Steve. It's been great talking to you now as you David I. I've enjoyed like I said I didn't get a chance to catch stuff because it was so reasonable back in but I like I said enough. Don't you in our NFL? I've watched a lot of matches on youtube. Nagorski over Bret Bret. Hart speak super highly via joint talking with you on our phone into the name of the book. Don't come sake it's a real story. Dr David Shilton David Sheldon with John. Casper it's on Amazon and eat sleep. Russell DOT COM it. And that's the bottom line because I said so pleasure David. Pray to man you take care all right. I'm going to give it a go home. Use them rap applied gas ride off into the sunset. Don't get to rate and review the Steve Chill and Apple podcasts. And tell your friends to check us out if you want to reach me here on the podcast. An email questions. Steve Walsh Show DOT COM folks. Don't forget to tune in next week to the Steve All show. This show will drop Tuesday Philadelphia. Eagles right tackle one. The best tackles and all of the NFL lane. Johnson stops by the bronchoscope studio. And we're GONNA talk about football chop it up and have a good time telling stories lane Johnson to the Philadelphia Eagles right here next week. Do Not Miss It. Big Shout out man. I'm so excited to be an seventeen states with broken skull. Ipa The best Ip a in the United States of America built El Segundo Brewing Dot Com. Click on broken skull. Ipa It will take you to the interactive map where you can find broken skull. Ip and other El Segundo Bruin Beers. And these are the finest beers in United States of America. And that's the bottom line in California. You could find broken skull ipad whole foods and total lines. Check it out. Were coming your way Texas. We will be in Texas and March stay tuned. Because I can't wait for broke Texas. We got the king of attitude church brokers go ranch peril still over there on perecent dot com slash. Steve Austin and if you're looking for bad ass pocket knife. I got to collaboration with cold. Steel the Briscoe knife and award demand. Knife CHECK THEM OUT AT my Amazon store. Amazon's got the best price on both knives. Just go to Amazon dot com forward slash shop. Four slash. Steve Austin. I would like to say one more. Thank you to all the fine sponsored Steve Austin show especially GEICO ziprecruiter Scotch health. Iq And bet on line. That's how I'm able to do this. Podcast for you twice a week for free. Please support them because they support us. If you need more info check out the show description to this episode for details folks. I cannot wait to get back to the bronze go ranch in Nevada to get on Mukalla Sake and blaze through the mountains until next time. My Name Is Steve. Boston and I will catch your ass down the road. Thank you for joining us for another class. Episode of the Steve Austin Show leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts. And tell your friends for more. Steve Austin show go to PODCAST ONE DOT COM. That's PODCAST EDDIE DOT COM.

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