Survivor 39 Premiere Wiggle Room + This Week in Survivor


josh lor- learn ler lower yeah that's a right welcome back to the brand new wiggle room podcast i'm rob sabrina here's the man started it all went down to fiji talk to twenty castaways days and the first one out here is the great josh wiggle josh how are you never should've podcast with me no you should've never done the podcast ask me well you said i know you said do it i did tell you to do it but i'm sure that there are at least a few nights choice you told i mean you told me i should do it idiot for doing it yeah it's worked out pretty well for me like i'm pretty happy with the deal but yeah yeah oh my gosh i'm so happy like i love this time of year when everybody sees the survivor premier and now i no longer have any secrets in the great the news for me is like i have no secrets to keep anymore because i wasn't out there for the forty premier so i'm in the dark as everybody else moving for a great time to be alive for josh whittier yeah is is it hard for you he's never slipped anything from all the time that you've ever been out there no it would be nice to be able to talk about it it's not i mean it's part of the job you gotta do it was easier it's easier when i'm out there with a partner in crime like mike this past season or if i go out and like dalton and gordon are they're the seasons were i've gone out on my own have been a little trickier like thirty five was a little tricky just because i was so excited because i knew that i was going to be a thing but i had that as like an outlet to pour myself into david versus goliath was was hard because like i had to sit on the fact that like hat's back got got tweaked on the boat and that felt like a really big thing to have to have to live with by myself that was hard that was tough but this one wasn't that hard this one i got to talk to mike about it a lot what was fun about it was like there's like nobody in the world who is guessing ronnie as the first one out you're looking down the list of the cast members survivor iowa and i think i had heard a lot of people saying like oh no we stand janet but we're worried for janet or just like some of the conventional wisdom and i don't think that ronnie really makes that list very often and i know bloom has talked about it but we ourselves were very sideswiped by the fact that ronnie was the one to go home where he went went home so it was kind of kind of amusing to see like people's guesses and that was not as far as i could tell there was not a lot of people that were not a lot of people who are who are close close to the to the correct answer okay well joshua's one moment rob on one of these podcasts like man that orange tribe curse though and i was like yeah and like i just got to play clerical obviously yard strive curses things so i think yeah okay so let me just do some housekeeping here and set up what we are about to do because just like survivor the wiggle room is evolving and evolving with a new twist this season and some twitch as well where josh and i are here we're gonna talk some survivor here up top today and and then we're going to jump into our wand off and that is gonna be a lot of what you're hearing on the wiggle room it's going to be mostly wander wander off and then we will bring in jordan for this week and survivor and ultimately this week in survivor history the quiz awesome awesome i love it yet things are this is just the way it's gotta be we have to we have to evolve we have to change the game we have to keep things moving being there's a lot going on in wigley ville these days in combat nation and among those things is i mean rob i'm podcasting more right now that i think i've ever podcast in my entire life we've got four active podcasts happening on post show recaps right now we've got lost down the hatch which is the rewatch you watch with mike bloom the mister robot podcast is back with antonio bizarro the walking dead podcast is starting up with myself and jessica lease we have a preview show that's on its way might even be in the post show recap speed as we speak the succession podcast with emily fox and i is starting to wind down but we've got a few more pivotal weeks going going on there and in fact we've got a great new recap with temp no it all dominik hrbaty is going to be on the latest episode of our succession podcast and i've got the series regular podcast at the hollywood reporter as well which is a weekly staying very very time consuming so between all of that plus the wiggle room i haven't even mentioned like all of the writing that i've got to do for crazy fall TV that's happening right now all of which is to say i got a lot going on and i probably have about an hour per week to talk about survivor and i think a lot of that is going to end up being one off and i think the wand off will open open us up to being able to talk about each episode as different topics are covered in the songs i'm sure we'll stop down and i'll give you my take on where things are going i hope that's not too disappointing for people it's really just a practicality thing i want to keep doing this podcast as long as humanly possible and right now this is just the mode that it's got to existent okay so a little part of the wiggle room is going to die so the rest of josh podcasting limiting does this like i can so i can live just there's legal or live i myself i mean i i am currently in the midst of i really didn't i would say to people in my real life that like i thought i had like two weeks before TV was going to start getting really busy because i have a bunch of active shows that i have to fairly aggressively cover for the hollywood reporter right now and i was off by two weeks and it turns out i'm already ready in it so i'm doing the wakeup work go to sleep works thing right now work is my life right now so i hope that you will give because i love what i do it's not a complaint it's literally just like we reached a certain inevitability is about time and this is where we are right now and i'm i'm very happy to keep laughing along here on the wiggle room it's just got to be a little bit of a condensed thing for me josh we appreciate you were happy for anytime you have for us here and really excited to get into everything with you today big time anybody or even though i mean you can literally what it is and for those of you who you're saying like well hold on i don't really like the wand off we will put the time stamp in the show notes if you want to skip ahead to the twists of it all with jordan taylor and this week's guests that we're going to talk about everything with going on in survivor and on the brand new mask singer zinger wrapup julia zan akili is gonna join us to talk survivor we'll do the survivor social media and then play this week and so i have a history quiz that's all coming up in one jam-packed podcasts but first josh wanna hear a little bit about your trip to fiji you got the see this all play play out was there anything that you saw in this episode that really surprised you i thought that the episode played really fair with what i saw i'm so i'm so happy that people got to see a moment of jack just being the strongest man in the universe there's that moment when they're on the frame and he's just holding onto the rope nope and he singlehandedly like launches jamal the rest of the way up the abram i remember being on the sidelines of the challenge and being like holy crap like how is he doing that is really really impressive to me to have that out in the world is pretty great but no there's there's a lot that i don't get to see while i'm out there including like beach interactions and when i got to see the tribe they were all business like everybody was just go go go work work work work work so didn't really get to see much in the way of personality and i did i did know that they had had fire at that point i don't think that i knew that that janet was the one who created that fire or maybe i'm just forgetting so that moment was really fun to see and then over at libero all that i got to see the and i saw that started making the rounds as an instagram video which is great was the survivor rap battle and the members of lyra who are just chilling in their shelter for literally an hour while bloom and i and the rest of the CBS KT while we were out there wasn't like the most action packed our but it was a hysterical our and so we got to see a lot more dynamic action in the show than i got to witness in person seeing the premier was really really fun for me because there have been things like i'd heard about the things that i didn't get to witness i get to see the challenge and i get to see the tribe visits which only make up a couple of seconds of footage maybe at the at the most but the fact that there was no marooning ruining i don't have anything to report on that i can say that like the paranoia that was generated by the lack of jeff that was very palpable out there that was very real and even like sort of like the heart sick feelings about jeff not being there to greet them and people being legitimately kind of sad about it like that was very authentic to the experience that i got to witness and then i guess get getting to finally see how IOI actually works on television that has been a huge question in my mind for how long has it been at this point in over a half half a year at this point that i've been wondering how robin sandra going to be playing on screen how are they going to be like featured on television and we we've got our answer got the judge did you get to go to the island of the idols yeah mike and i did we got to go there and we observed robin sandra working on building out their shelter which we haven't really snug that they keep talking about that's not the site of where they are trying to live live like their shelter is a little bit of a walk away from that i'd say like maybe like a five minute walk if that that seems even a little bit of a high estimation so make it i got to watch them wake clearing an area for where they hope to build like a multiple story house basically which which appear to be really really wants to see on the show and then another part of me really doesn't want to see it on the show because that means we're spending less time on this great cast but if they could find some way to just like suddenly appear in this incredible jungle fortress later on i'm pretty down well maybe that will be a future test of house that i built you build a bigger house than me oh my god well that's all it's been a classic survivor challenge in the past right so right now can can and robin sandra put these people to work get some actual manpower behind their effort i think would be amazing i would love to see that josh i know you also got to go and speak with ronnie on location you could listen to josh interview with ronnie as part of the series regular regular a podcast wherever podcasts are found or IT HR dot com slash survivor how was ronnie when you found him ronnie was was like barely sleepless by the time that i got to ronnie had a really rough night that night when he got voted out obviously emotionally for him but also the the weather had finally started to open up the rain finally started to come down after like a very beautiful weekend fee decided that was the night that it was going to start raining the survivor gods were crying for ronnie and i'm sure he had like a rough boat ride over he had said to me that he had some trouble falling asleep by the time time i got to him it was fairly early in the morning so he had had even had like the opportunity the opportunity to have like maybe like five eight hours of sleep and i'm sure he didn't quite get that so he was pretty tired he was pretty shell shocked listening back to it actually i was fairly impressed with how lucid he was like how much he got right about what went wrong and i felt like the version of ronnie we got on the show and i think it's despair because you only got so much time even with ninety minutes to tell the story that he comes off a little too d. and comes off a little bit more of just like a bad guy who got it wrong in array we're glad that she survives the night i thought that the way that he talked about what he did wrong he really owned a lot of those mistakes pretty quickly a lot of the stuff that he's been saying an exit press he got like the very next day i think he is a guy who has sharp reads and i think that he read correctly that what he was selling was not being bought and i think that that comes down to a variety of factors he talked about his his health not being the greatest going into the game just the conditions out there are rough on anybody but maybe like a lack of confidence actually despite the bravado coming into the game so he wasn't surprised that he the ended up going home ultimately he said that he would say a thing and instantly knew that he had just put his foot in his mouth so he wasn't surprised and i i was impressed oppressed by sorta the clarity he was he was speaking with even as he was kind of like punchdrunk looked like pretty punchdrunk but as soon as the interview is over we talked a little bit he seemed like he was in pretty good spirits he seemed like he was pretty ready to make the most out of the experience that now was laid out for him that he was going to be away from the world for a while he was really excited about the fact that like he's not somebody who had a lot of opportunity as a kid as a young person to read books and just relax and stuff like that and he's talking about how like in recent years has been trying to get into that and trying to read and he's been in recent years trying to reflect and examine on you know what he wants out of life and who he wants to become any felt pretty he strongly that he was going to get some of that out of the ponderosa experience so i certainly hope that he did in my interactions with ronnie i thought that he was a really really good guy i really liked getting to know him i was really sorry to see him go but i think that you could have said that about literally anybody on this cast at the time that i met them and i would have been pretty disappointed to see any of them go at survivor breaks your heart hot yeah now for romney yeah i thought he was really talking about like make sure if for viewing survivor driver make sure your health is in good order when you go out there like oh my god what's wrong with ronnie yeah i no no i actually don't really know what he was what he was referring to but even said it to me at the end of our original interview and again ronnie ronnie was the first person i talked to and for him to be the first one out if we're going in the order in which the interviews occurred the second person i interviewed was jason on it doesn't look great for him over i think we'll see if the if the interviews are like the new cast photo like the cambodia uh-huh cast photo that was cursed but yeah he mentioned like at the very end of the interview but we didn't get a chance to dig into it any deeper at that point it was like minute fifty and i was getting the rap sign nine hey keep these shorter okay and so i didn't have any that are longer than i think like a half hour at that point okay so i don't know i don't know the answer he would have to tell you anything else what's notable that you want to share from your adventure out there with mike bloom no i just had such a great time i had a really fun time time with with mike i know we've we've teased around the issue a little bit mike and i did go on a spear fishing expedition there is video evidence of this spear fishing expedition rob that i can send your way if you wanna win dead in the post to see a topless winkler and it is a hell all of a site i promise you he looks great you get to see me a trying my hand and spearfishing you get me you get to see me going after some clams comes in the ocean we make zepa deo no i got spit free experience thankfully i was very happy about that sounds like a quick quake three ish minute video that the great jason schuler of awakened films put together he's the he's one of the guys if you like what CBS puts out in the preseason those twitter videos and all the stuff jason is one of the geniuses behind that a hell of a guy really really funny funny guy and a challenge beast in his own right and he put this video together so we can embed that in the post and look if you've got mean things to say about my shirtless westbound just don't do it don't do it into yourselves i just don't need big brother test inside you'll get you want just don't ask me i don't really care i just i i just don't see it on social you just say like your house yeah just say it out loud just broke up jeez i thought that you were losing weight doesn't look like it yeah i know you can just keep that to yourself okay all right but it was great i i really loved watching this episode back i think that this is a premier that feels one of the premier's that feels like the closest to my experience i think about like the triple h premier and how that was really not close to my experience at all this one felt really authentic to what what i got to witness out there from like sort of like the confusion at tribal council where it really seems like it's the elaine show as one thing that was missing from tribal council is elaine talking talking about how she was so sure that she was going home that she went off in hiked around the island by herself to take all the sites and and like really stopped down and capture some sense memory of survivor because she wanted to fill her cup up so that was a really talked about at tribal council and be as really hoping that maybe we will get to see some of that in the episode and we did not but the way that tribal played out in person was very close to the to the spirit of what's captured on screen where it's it's just like i have no idea what the hell is going on how how did ronnie get caught up in this world it seemed like it was a lane with maybe slight possibility of vince but there was like the sort of like brimming tension underneath something going on and then there was like the first boat or to harare and mike and arabic i it's ronnie dunn dunn all right right you know you go any this and and remodeling you need to you can say leave your report making something happy for the rest of my life if you'd shot the circle ben just take your data the concern aw in aw man again now four it's fifth season the one-off wheel out the giant dan heads over the case where those those monstrously sized wombat hats gotta say they don't look good blown up like that one better yeah even i have to admit that the giant sized wombat pixelated it looks weird i don't like it all right so so this season should we have should we have the final wand off winner gets a wombat hat that is like as big as deliver deliver that i don't know how to do i like where your head is at no pun intended so that'd be great i don't know what about the ability is a paper mcshea bust i don't know how you make that or deliberate or got an idea we're we're hoping ideas sir we're nothing but open ideas on the spot yeah yeah listen the lost podcast that mike and i are doing seems like an evolves every single week so let let me also just throw out there that like this new version of the wiggle room i'm sure we'll evolve every single because we are doing it it will probably hopefully stay pretty close to the spirit of what it has always been we are open to ideas and we are open to price suggestions as well now for our new listeners just joining us maybe it's the first survivor season with us they might be saying wait what is a one-off what is happening right now what is this and to you i say good luck figuring this out i i wish you well done is our weekly survivor song parody contest where our listeners make six songs about things that happen in each episode of survivor and then they email them to wiggle room at rob has a website dot com tom from there they are screened by our great wand off guru randy new people and then he the app human being human being he then uploads into a soundcloud playlist we listen to them all right i'll listen to them all and then casey we see ksm the great radio legend decide who gets to play what's what gets played and what doesn't get played late in the show we have honorable mentions then we have a top five baby for the week and then people vote and then the tabulate occurred clark eh tells us a couple of days later who won a w- igloos wombats hat which we send out to the winner yeah that's the one i mean i don't know actually like hearing it like i don't actually actually don't i don't think it's that hard to follow yeah not that hard to follow bird but josh i know these if you even know about this there is a twist ask for this year's wand off and so i don't know what this is here to introduce this season's new twist to the wand off it's alex g and tyler jacob jones for our fifth susan legendary wombats return to the one between the two of us have wasted a depressing amount of time time rushing handoffs we both won the wand off and tyler is the only person to the final vonda twice the first thing that comes up is my one offs i have had to explain this in a professional setting wants now uncomfortable for the first time ever they won't be competing for the week igloos boombats instead they'll sing together on the loan track and serve as mentors to a new group performance with anyone wants us to own not wander wander off boot camp for every track is a chance for left if they can take what alex can teach them and what i can teach them they can take home the weakest one bats so literally we do is missing and mike feeling dawn school is in cech voter fraud from cherry hill it's good for your next to it doesn't take casey never make that mistake again coming this fall it's the one week learn of the wombats how w w i contend to arrive at one that nation a tyler bad news robin just didn't go for the idea no i put a lot of work look into preparing this i mean i was going to teach everyone about ABA structure and interior rhyme and how to get that perfect one recording quality where you can only understand about sixty five percent of exciting josh said they would if they could but they cannot don't start hi martin what the real now it's just a joke just played around a good joke around i mean they might mentor somebody if you if you're like hey i'm an aspiring wand offer and then could you former champs end up teaching me i will wander off that's hysterical i thought that that was masterful very very funny also tyler i owe you a jacket jacket this is part of the tradition as swell guys is that like you win the final want off and then you don't get your winnings until half a year later something like that yeah we're going to be good with the hats hats this season and we're gonna get the hats out quick a lot of people over here all right we'll knock them out okay and speaking of a man who is also a knock out a man who is back for his legendary fifth that season hosting the wand off here is the late great casey kasem rob is a a pleasure to be back here hosting the wand off yet again with josh wigley casey what up it's been a minute how are you my friend josh it's going okay i've got a lot of other things that i'm hosting so happy to be back here with you oh talking about the survivor song parodies yeah casey's schedule is actually busier than mine he is he is our intern behind the scenes means on the mister robot podcast casey communes with the ghosts of the island on loss down the hatch so the for people to know that so casey i'm sure that you're not complaining about the changes to the wiggle room as well i've got a terrible agent and i keep keep getting book for more and more gigs not good it's really bad as your agent philip shepherd he knows all about the ER rules he perfect thirds specialist have in your corner yes josh asia we need to get to this week's honorable mentions and it's only appropriate here that we salute our first hidden hidden etienne survivor castaway here with this admission from logan tom laidlaw eighty true served by for love from okay nedian fans bell man dan the true good strong why it just let it live on the field keep it i forgot to remind everybody does stand in her eyes and take off your hat and put the hand over earhart oh my gosh tom laid off i he's he's a really funny guy i that was a piece of the episode that just like the discourse of the episode maybe is not getting as much appreciation as it should is how funny les bois is like when they're having that moment summit where where elaine doesn't know at cumin is and that it's a spice only the liberal elite is like the joke and times like yeah they they bring it up to you in a limo like he rattled that off so so quickly and that's something that mike would be able to attest to as well as when we were there at the lyra tribe just like don't like layabout wishes he had he had like jeff probst jokes for days they were very very funny and not fit for air but they were they were really really funny and he was he's just he's a machine quote machine the happy to see that lay boss still in the mixture speaking of jeff probst jokes there was a lot of questions ends about where jeff might have been to open the season and here's jason lee to ask the question now is on everybody's everybody's mind where's joey pendleton i can't believe there's no marooning come on the worst was nowhere to be found is nobody around we're just the trip of the earth that was from the soundtrack all the nightmare before chris missy bird yeah as sang by jack scaling nicotine that's jack nicotine gene is a good dozen on survivor this season and jack skeleton is the character who sings the song and nightmare for christmas i know all of that skeletons josh russian you don't need to explain it to me do you think that this is that there that survivors like piloting this idea of of an autopilot opening winning are they are they are they trying to like be are out with thirty nine are they trying to come up with like the groundwork for jeff half being able to skip marooning 's moving forward because it buys them more time with the contestants potentially or do you think it's just in to engender the paranoia of the i wonder if the idols case guy jumping on on this one i'm sorry i was talking to her up i think that they'll mix it up i think go to they might do this little have more of a traditional marooning i play with it you know it's a season thirty nine they like to mix it up right casey and your thoughts on the matter i think jeff is holding out for more money it's only going to paying for thirty seven days show up on is holding out alright right could you next up here is dave from ohio to talk about something that was hiding at this week's tribal council jimmy fallon fought of the box jeff probst all about the john macarthur built in on the heinkel thriving title the queen allah whatever they do longtime adani and they walk off if they class from bill haley and the comets my god casey what did you think of the falun booth where you jealous that you couldn't be in that box or can your a physical form only being one box at a time i was jealous that i couldn't have spent more time in the fallon box in my career now would have been good next up we'll go back to sandra and rob talking in the fallon box here's carey and alex the episode was too dull they don't have talk no one can take the clean up when you send me do you feel bad and the f. go find i know that was a one-off classic from neath is lady gaga man casey hope you don't mind that i am going to talk to rob a little bit throughout these segments and rob i have to say that like the whole the whole whole concept of iowa is a good idea or is this a bad idea maybe the jury is still out on that ultimately but the moment that sandra says ethno no i vote you out and that's it from the foul booth it's like yeah i'm here for this this season this is super fund that's just ridiculous it's definitely fun to have them be be able to talk about what's happening at the tribal council the scripted stuff is not doing it for me i think that that's you know people have been talking about that like i think when you're reading like we are the idols this is the island of the idols this is the oath of the island of the idols the less of that the better our love like like like now we've got that cool that's established let's not hear that again because like the times you're just letting sandra be authentically sandra and rob be authentically rob so far have been amazing rob just like nookie ing elizabeth so hard on you shouldn't have played fire against me how dare you it's just like such a classic boston rob moment it's the scripted stuff that i'm not really feeling but the authentic stuff i think has been great so far yeah i i thought that practicing making the fire yeah i thought that that kind of dragged a little bit as we were watching the montage or learning how to do so but yeah that was very fun i i like that almost nobody's complained about that and that's you know uncommon on survivor totally absolutely absolutely all right can i get back in here yes yes of course just keep the same great it'd be great that's not gonna be hard for you guys at all next up here is swaggie j. to talk talk about the downfall of ronnie and all of his gambling brethren who came before him in the game some of survivor goal strategy driven poker player who's always running the odds all bought exploit exploit maneuver and strikes so you can use nine managing from the moment i think over online i kind of obsessed about me that i have about on survivor and any moment i wasn't out with my friends partying focusing on my way around the camp blake shown root beer it did swaps through like annotate some say that it wasn't fair i hated tell your try them brains were like ronnie who targeted they are elaine whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa how to play with al qaeda needed what tom mix go to see their hands full ronnie got got me why tell me why the poker player tucked at these in their job loving anybody that was one from and lady gaga dob bone i always love hearing the wa here in the room poker face a lot to get to yeah absolutely i mean i guess that makes sense right got a few few poker faces a a week where some songs were repeated but that was the only poker face that we got yeah i've been advised after releasing a six or so three hour lost podcasts in a row over the past month and a half that i'm no longer allowed to tell rob when he asked to go and live his life so rob feel free to just remix whatever you need to remix now understand that that is living your life you might be sorry about that they take it back here is robin from rochester who wants to talk about some of the things that ronnie has done any used to work at mcdonald's i think there was a point it but now he's just listing jobs just a list of jobs aaron sitting two feet away this former engineer wants sold cattle corn four five stadium out that really she we only had one job he said that all their friends aaron has a hard see all all think they're hot it i was he was he honestly i'm not sure beyond cdn gene that was from the supergroup go bon jovi wait so where are you preparing me for a litany of good bone is that what that was all be sorry john it's my first week back back supposed to say that lady gaga was lady gaga the angie cons type god it okay on on l. mind that's good speaking of ronnie's jobs we we have so some wand offers that were on the same page i hear is trevor from tacoma and and then nicole p it's various employments loss despite serious employments he can get a job job burgers and fries to mcdonald's guy can see you with the wild emotive i was a customer service advisor big birds bartender is paid not to be outdone here was a third we didn't start the fire parody nothing to do do with ron jobs from brad blackened goals needs the momentum into carbonation saddened ball three we didn't start the fire parodies all from billy joel luke yeah of course obviously just had a lot of different ideas and couldn't contain them to one song so had had had to get them all aw get them all out there dude you're a poker players just be a fricken poker player that's a critique variety you gotta just go out there and be who you are man you can't why about that your poker player just be that you are now big ally because everyone's like okay so he something that he's not not telling us and that's really shady it's like it's not great that you're a poker player playing playing survivor although maybe now it is right now there's like more for poker players like right just tell people and they allow the guy okay well we don't remember the player yeah go all right what one final honorable mention and this one comes to us from lindell and sarah from australia yes talking about a clamp need j'ai class it just they they say why i i been i i i that was from jonny fairplay cash but josh it's been kinda week where a lot of the one offers were we're on the same page sure here is a snippet from the johnny cash version of the same song long from jordan kayless aaron robertson but i'm only going to play you a piece because it was actually much dirtier than the lindell from australia really a shocker heart out dirty lindell from australia but these guys able to do it okay i'm nervous all i i can play scored my clue kids listen to this podcast that's it that's as far as you can go get listen the aristo wow if you want wow kayla right and dirty lyrics go topless they're speaking of top was was wigley there were people here and they were uncomfortable on my man well you'll have to pass my my horror and author ought to jordan when you speak to him next you could do that offline and it doesn't have to make it onto the podcast condo sounds great sounds good on oh my god and linda from australia reminds me that over on loss down the hatch we have activated the lindelof which is the lost equivalent of the wand off and if you are an aspiring spiring wanda f- artists who loves survivor but also would be up for making song parodies about lost you can submit those two down the hatch at post show recaps dot dot com and when we have enough high quality lindelof submissions we're going to just drop a lindelof i knew so i invite you to go for it we've gotta wombat station up for grabs it's totally different from the hat that's up for grabs here in the wanda go give it a shot see what you're what you're capable of doing josh are you ready to hear truck one eight top five songs in the country i've never been more ready in my entire life to kick things off here is a newcomer to the top five he goes by the name of greg de from israel and here harry is talking about a hygiene situation over on vocal somebody that i don't know but it's a pillow and i'm just like do it's only day two knockout but i'm trying to play a game master chin hey you okay and i understand that the combination of humans leading moya happy fun i'm emma germaphobe so oh back at your head go that's me right now but that was a great single go from taylor stocker swift wow that was great that bop bop that was up yeah as good speaking of ohio liked them known for bob or two corey is back to talk doc about a survivor legend returning season alright hey often rob is here in this one help love okay come on elizabeth really wants to know who the best singer is tablet that wanna try yeah let's let's go for it how do you want to in our done by god uh-huh okay my turn take red shorts but no one knows that but for the show big had but i have full control control the fed so nickel can't win it was seen a link the queen i'm nice but if you so i'm the dad spur without a bad shortage to soot before you go one more thing uh-huh that was found around billy garcia killed me at the first all right back doc visualizing boston rob trying to process what the wadden office he worked station one time okay did work on the morning god next up it's just a to me though the logoff banda boston rob's radar the season and man and if i had any guys book at all dead it's dead it's gone i never ever you ever again next mortifying next up here's bob with two bs talk about something going on over at boakye enough is enough a. g. and son take a little joy i hit gives good rob man the sweat glands release your shun welcome on oh no k. e. l. nonni gee whiz this girl he's got up that man his drifting hands are coming off affreux bid pervy oh well yeah well oh what we ooh that was the group all j. buyers clapping with your hands is it appropriate in your hands that's good that's where you want to be with them where they certainly keep them off the table please thanks would also be great and i was with ream when you were talking with him about all of this like the shot where like the dripping is going how much this is a nightmare this disaster this is a nightmare you don't even have to be like the active germophobic no no good i was told that the drip is good you want that trip i i guess that is something that i have not been informed us that's why i don't know what that filthy size i'm showing my age once again josh the number four song that we have for you this week it's another returning wanda off icon here there is DJ labelle klein to talk about some of the survivor contestants that are part of a a different tribe sir i think honestly i don't know you don't want to go the garrett at the swamp but you're playing well then to go out the way they're yeah for short one episode more like chicken instead of ethan's on your people maybe chosen was in barred ethically than i would not we edit was we shoulda less cochran more simpson i guess lame was not the wiser choice of boil oil becker cut you short like she was boil oh there's like potted adam adam klein a garrett handle all that the cia was playing loose somehow ronnie drew the dues joins the early booted jews news maybe the soup you choose but you really have to smooth joined the early booted to boy ronnie either win or quickly lose for the food either jews or yeah it's either deuce abusive either different different dr altogether i did there yeah it's good new hit from liz oh i was so pumped tabrani out there when i met him i was like oh sweet night so like alpha ju on survivor because obviously i consider myself an alpha shoe i love to see more jewish people survivors makes me feel seen gene and then he's out so quickly we've got a couple of shots there's still some some jewish people left in the game so this is this is not a lost cause yet let's see if we can get some ethan's on these people yet and if not this season will say now if we can get to meet the designs of the future so anyway josh we've got one last song in the honorable or the top five this week first week back still rusty no you're great you're doing fantastic speaking of ronnie here is the duo of becky ann taylor and i can see that elaine she superfund dangerous ronnie ronnie the big plays in LA so yeah somebody i want to get rid of ronnie ronnie please on both her just because she likable clear winner so to me she's barely over five feet tall he wins a baseball the red sox she needs to win her job she thinks it's great she has ever lived in cincy that must be good at making her but she also thinks especially skinny in talladega this season stain count that could have been her ricky you want somebody ricky bobby out of jail and brian you took you overplayed your hand he is a weasel truck line rhyming we will much worse on go commando commanded no matter what that was dali nearly pardon ways one josh we don't normally do this i just want to squeeze in one more six not atop six just another honorable mention because because we have a special submission this week which also was a joe lean parody but it was not about ronnie body it was about a lane comes to us from the great becca devon's oh yes your your player in game elaine elaine did it so just for the record that was three we didn't start the fires wow to joe leans and to johnny cash hurts that's where we're at with the wand off these days you know we're getting multiple submissions of the same obscure songs things for the same obscure song parody competition gotta tell ya we're we're talking about cups that are full and mine is overflowing all right so the light i here's where we're at right now you can vote go to rob as a website dot com slash vote wanda you'll be able to vote for the next couple couple of days until the tabulates shuts it down i think it goes until friday rob is a website that com slash vote wanna will reveal the winner on next week's show and of course you can hear the entire soundcloud playlist thirty one songs and counting if you're a patron of rob has a podcast over at rob has a website dot com slash hatred and i hear that if you become a patron between now and october a you also will be able to get an r. h. AP pop socket i've got one on my phone and i have to say it is way easier to take a selfie and i rarely dropped my phone i've got a game of thrones pop socket on my phone and i gotta tell you it's a little out of vogue so i dunno case if you can hook up an h. APD pop soccer rock that i think we can hook you up and quo so until next week josh amer to keep your feet on the ground and keep your hands off the table we'll to casey kasem chasing the big belly laughs this week this is a good sign for things to come we're back we're back so everybody the long summer bummer away from the wanda will we back every week wiggle room at rob's website that comes when you get your one offs and okay josh for more of your coverage of course people can go over to teach dot com slash survivor for all things survivor yes that is correct also mister robot is about to return i'm going to have a lot of coverage of that over at the hollywood reporter walking dead is about to return going to have more coverage of that over at the hollywood reporter watchmen coming owning later this month more at the hollywood reporter and tons happening at post show recaps as well you're telling it there's so much happening every everything is a joy and a pleasure during a delight delights to be had and found everywhere you look you want if you want easy access to off that stuff on the twitter bots at round howard howard i will be tweeting out the links all the things that i've got going on and i hope that you are along for the journey i'm certainly thrilled to be back on the wanda journey the season alright well josh looking forward to getting back in touch next week to talk about episode number two but we still have a lot to do here on this this podcast that we're going to bring in jordan kayla and we're going to talk with julia zan vakili about everything that's going on we're just wanted to be on a podcast asked with julia but this is not the way that i thought it would happen where i can't talk to him yes assuming that in the future for sure but i'm sure that do you follow them messanger no i actually haven't and it seems like it's really up my alley so i would like to change that early so it is the new co host of our brand new messing zappa we'll talk about that with him as much as we get into the survivor social media and play this this week in survivor history that is all coming your way after a quick word about the new show coming to the CW which i think might be up your alley as well we're going to talk a little bit about bat woman and then we'll come back with this week in survivor history sundays on the CW brace this yourself superhero fans because the bat signal is on and you won't believe who swooping in to heed the call from the brilliant mind of greg berlanti and the executive producer of the superhero smash hit arrow the flash supergirl and legends of tomorrow comes the most anticipated new series he's to join the CW verse it's bat woman get ready to meet your new hero kate kane she's a survivor like me a fighter and all around bad ass who plays by her own rules and she's got the ink to prove it that woman's story begins three years after the mysterious disappearance of batman batman when gotham city is in desperate need of a new kind of hero soon after returning home to defend her city from the notoriously twisted alice in wonderland gang thank she discovers her cousin bruce wayne's mysterious layer and his unbelievable secret with the help of batmans trusted tech genius luke she decides to carry arianna batmans mission by becoming gotham city's new superhero vigilante from the suit to the gadgets to the fight scenes that will blow your mind this is the bat woman of the new generation don't miss the incredible series premiere of that woman sunday at eight seven central on the w or stream the next day on the free we see w stockham 'bout it's so we can build the smartest yeah thank you will from america we back this week in jeana survivor allowed people were wondering what are you going to do we're going to have exit interviews this season but back by popular demand this we kick in survivor let's welcome in a man who fans of robert akiva needed podcasts have already heard from a lot this week here he is is the host of the this week in survivor history quiz mr jordan kayla it's great to be back and we're going to log a couple more hours of podcasting in this week so it's been fun just for people who are like wait what what did jordan do so on robin akiva nita podcasts podcast where my co host akiva winokur and i spent a wheel of fan submitted ideas every single week that we had did a podcast this week there was an nigeria on the wheel which was called this week in robin akiva jordan keldysh company went back and listen to every podcast that akiva winokur maker and i had ever done in the last week of september and then made a fifty three question quiz we talked about it on a recent podcast in jordan how have the reviews been other reviews have been mixed i mean i think that the things that the thing is like the reviews that i've seen have been mostly positive because i think i think people are more likely to tack refusing if they liked the quiz the thing is though i think a lot of the a lot of them like kayla's but i don't i don't know about this quiz the thing is it was not my idea so i'm off the hook here they like they like me being on the podcast that they didn't necessarily like fifty-three trivia questions that we didn't get to all of them but we we got a lot of them on that podcast and i think fifty three is about the same number of survivor trivia questions i write in any particular season season of survivor so a lot of questions they're allowed to get through with with you and akiva mainly with the the old seinfeld podcast okay all right well let's welcome in our guest this week to talk about this week in survivor and then later on we'll take me on this week in survivor history quiz you've you've heard him on a lot of the big brother recaps throughout the year and now he is the new co host of our brand new mass singer go up please welcome and mr puja than vakili a rob hey dis dis these bigalow how's it going really excited to be here and talk survivor it's been a weird month for me i've talked a little bit of big brother i'm talking about the new phenomenon on that is the mass singer there's always nice to go back to the the normal which is survivor okay until you and leon boris are on your way masked singer singer week number one row hap- up is up in your rahat pups podcast feed rob has a website dot com the mask mask singer got out of the gate real hot versus survivor and this is this big rivalry going on right now between survivor and the mass singer as they are going head to head and so far advantage mask singer yeah you hate to see it i did you know someone who likes both shows i do not like that there are on at the same time because i would like to watch both live but it made me have to choose and i went with my old glove that is survivor and and they didn't need me because they did numbers yes week rob yes premiere of both shows and mass singer went up to about what eight million we got yeah the the they did real good and i know there's a lot of survivor fan this say hey the only massingir we care about is the lady that comes out and gives fifteen thousand dollars there's the people at the reunion that sihamoni yes she should be a judge on the mask thing she loves uh survivor to her credentials are two is what we've learned on the podcast is that the judge on the singer you have to not really know what you're talking about okay MCI it would be too all right so i would love to know as a math singer superfan and a longtime survivor superfan is there anything that you think that survivor could take from the mass singer right now which is red hot and bring to survivor yeah so if we're gonna break down all the moving parts that are the mass singer there's judges there's host we already have a host that's fine but it really boils down to their kind of going for the same demo here which is the family in two peas the children the family as a whole hole i think you've gotta look at colors and costumes so with survivor we're kind of in this place not where we're just sticking orange purple change it up maybe like a neon green green but a little bit of neon green in there it put hot pink in there or if you want to go the full mile we start bringing in or sonos for everybody liane has got our own persona for this week she was the floss you'll make someone kiwi make someone the hockey puck roll off the tyron leonidas no the the dance made famous by the backpack kid because spoiler alert one of the contestants ended up being a fortnight legend quote unquote and japan dan yes yeah so you know what i was thinking that maybe survivor could do what if you had the island of the titles but instead of robin sandra well what if you had like there's like ten disguised survivor legends and they're wearing a costume and then you have to pick one each week and then that person would help you and eventually the survivor ever legends that would be there would be unmasked so then i think i think that the chameleon might be cochran i think that that might be we start well anything so what do you think about that i let's let's pitch this immediately really i think this would be a slam dunk i like the idea that out of the tender someone that's called captain underpants yelich that's my guy he's a captain and you find that it's philip shepherd and it's it's a hot mess so yeah i think i think talking through these would be fun i think finding ten would be fine i think you'd find so many more this would be a slam dunk and no they would be good mentors to yeah i mean they might have a problem with the he the costumes but that's their problem ours jordan guns talk about your take on the premier what'd you think about week number one i mean i i liked it i like when we have the hour and a half from year we get to lrn lot more about most of these characters than we would if it were just an hour i think the only person who didn't get a confessional from what i saw was was dean and i'm sure we'll you know we'll we'll hear from him down the road at some point but i i enjoyed it i feel like we got a good sense of the dynamics on both tribes the the robert sanders stuff i i think i had a similar take taryn actually where the fire making was weak the tribal council robin zander in a box which i was not expecting expecting i did not know they were doing that going into the episode that was a lot of fun but i don't think it's necessary thing i do like about this to us as opposed to edge of extinction is like it doesn't change the game it adds advantages advantages and a couple of extra scenes with robin sandra but i don't think it's going to really be the kind of thing that changes the waist survivor works now jordan you are a noted boston raw superfan from your time's hanging out with rob in reno nevada nevada correct yes and i don't think ronnie barker was running i was at what did you make of ronnie baras claim that i was inebriated needed and asking people who their favorite survivor was did you you by that i mean look i i i don't know why he would make that up it's it was like this the rounded up reno that i can see said adam adam kline was they're not inclined was not in reno so it's possible i mean i can say that you did not ask me who my favorite survivor was his boston around what did you learn what when boston rob was mentoring you in reno i learned i don't try light you a two plus boston robin poker because they'll knock you out of a poker tournament and similar less than two when elizabeth learned yeah it was very similar i was actually thinking about that during the episode and the the other thing that he taught me as if if you see boston rob playing blackjack sit down at the table next to him because he will buy shots okay it's good less okay did you have any thoughts about the first week of the show that you i wanna talk about i really enjoyed it and it was it's been a good summer or survivor for me i've been keeping up with the international stuff after after age of extinction that coming in here i enjoyed the ninety minutes i liked there was no marooning i liked that we pretty much heard from everybody i feel like i know these people a lot better on the preseason coverage has been stellar as well so that really helped me as well i will say i also share the same sentiment about far making kind having a little boring but at the same time i'm looking at it with a silver lining if we're starting mac it'll get better right now the bar is low so i feel confident knowing that in the future hopefully it becomes a little more enticing little bit exciting but i do have to say the winner of boston rob and sandra there was there commentary on things i we had sassy rob a telling off elizabeth for making the wrong move and then we had the enjoy the the box commentary that was going on i'm excited at the c. that gives us any more to look at it and think about moving forward altogether throws well-packaged okay well speaking of the island uh of the idols format we have a question that got left on our voicemail this week rob his website voicemail anytime you wanna leave questions for the show and i didn't get to play it earlier in the week but i thought it was an interesting question so let's listen to this question this is jason from maryland hey rob it's jason for maryland is it possible we're seeing the beginning of the end with jeff probst hosting survivor forty seasons in i think jeff still do the show but maybe he likes doing it from the comfort comfort california as executive producer this season began jeff probst was not there to introduce the players to the season and now we've introduced robin sandra to help i'll tell the story and be part of the season without being players maybe they host tribal council later this season who knows maybe in a couple of seasons we get former challenge beasts or puzzle experts to help host the challenges witness be away if jeff probst is kind of getting tired hosting the show from location when this be a way to keep the show alive live keep bringing back former players that are not in a player role that can help host the show and keep show alive is this possible what do you think back what do you think about that do you think that the island of the idols serves as sort of a way to give jeff probst a few more days off in between times he does like so he really only asked to be there every third day in terms terms of to come to the challenge and i don't know if we're going to reward challenges but if there's no reward challenge i mean really you just need jeff on the immunity challenge slacks tribal council today yeah it's it's definitely lightening the load up a little and given that we know jeff is very the hands on with the show the more more we've progressed into these later seasons jeff is serving as a bigger person both on three offscreen this could be lighting riding the load a little bit however i do subscribe to the ideology that jeff really wanted the jeff probst talkshow workout it didn't this is jeff baby jeff is not going to abandon the baby i think going to stick around will he if this works out successfully will he commissioned bringing out other previous contestants to do other things and help out definitely i like the idea actually if robin sandra end up hosting a tribal one point this season that would be really fun to see but ultimately it's as baby i really don't think he's going to walk away from his baby always gonna hold this baby clothes and carl jordan do you feel like is this just sort of like that jeff have pro is like the veteran running back and then we're just gonna take him off the field for war a couple of series a game preplanned i mean i buy the idea yeah that you know jeff doesn't have as as much to do i guess when in assistant like this where you're really just having him at the tribal council and the challenges but i i don't buy the facts first of all i'd be completely against anybody besides jeff probst running tribal council unless it's survivor ever gets to appoint were jeff does is walk away from being the host and you have a new host but like jeff robes has been at every trial counsel in survivor history and i think it would just it would feel so inconsistent if boston robert sandra as much as i like both of them were to host tribal council i mean i remember we when they had like the DIY challenges during survivor boa people started talking about oh is the is jeff probst doing less on the show as it may be a sign that the show is gonna ender there's going to be a new host and were twenty seasons past that now so i i i think that jeff i i kind of it's hard for me to imagine someone else so soon survivor besides jeff but i i mean i do see look like he's hosting the challenge and he's hosting tribal council those are both on the same day and i liked the input that we had from robin sandra but i i don't think it's going to get to the point where someone else's hosting tribal council and i also don't love the idea in future seasons of bringing back a bunch of players to like host different aspects of the show i think it would it would get a little bit crazy if you have like i don't know poverty comes in and host the challenge and the malcolm comes in and then i don't know like alex prestige comes in and hosted challenge chris alli christie's right no i wasn't it wasn't the pronunciation with the suggestion jordan you're not a big brother guy but i can tell you they do it all the time on big brother i know they do and look at something that i guess they've done on the this show and i am not really used but survivors never done that and it's been thirty thirty nine seasons i think it would be a little bit weird star now they've done a lot of things that have been a little bit weird lately in a lot of people are talking about the breakout character elaine from episode number one how you feel about elaine really really digging elaine i liked what i had heard from her prior this season starting and it just picked up and continued going from air you know she's one of these more unique characters that being we've been getting you know you think about your lane you got a lot of rumor comparisons going on there that i've seen is just one of these unique especially when you come from a situation where there's quite a few people from the same region you get one from that region wanna pay attention to and then when they give you what you want and they give you hamady it gives you insight it gives you a story it all comes together and you want to root for them so i personally was really happy to see that lane still going to be here come up so to all right now elaine is polling at one hundred percent popularity right now that everybody is loving elaine but what i would like to do is for you predict the week that i don't think it's going to be the survivor facebook page age but twitter dot com is going to turn on a lane at some point is that is that the do you have that foresight of that's that's where this is going saying where that we end up getting so much elaine and while she's universally beloved today there will be a time when people are going to a be dragging the quote unquote casuals that are all in on a lane it isn't impossible especially especially it's one of those scenarios where if you live long enough you become the villain that's certainly possible we get overexposed to elaine right thing that can happen right yeah so she'd have to survive they get to that point for that to be the case but it could happen yeah because we all fall in love with the same people when the show starts but then eventually when elaine gene has eighty-seven confessionals by week seven then that's when the backlash is going to start to build up but for the meantime let's all all enjoy a lane while we're on the same page and i've got a couple of moments from a lane in the episode and elaine talked about how that everybody needs to remind mind her about her underwear before the challenge chandra miami put my drawers on if not we're just going to go commando journa- whose job was it in the tribe to remind elaine to put her drawers on well i mean i would have have to be either either tomor vince is sort of like her could sickly areas i gather gathering would or maybe it's gathering hiring you ask her sexy partners or maybe it's the women's alliance that's it's developed on her tribe and really elaine is is at the crux of the strive now she was able to not only able to stay in the game herself but she didn't lose lose vince you became one of our biggest allies so i think there are plenty of people everyone except for maybe aaron is responsible for her to wear drawers to challenge yeah maybe that was was one of ronnie's many jobs to remind the lane to wear her underwear to the child but then she went on to say something and there is a an obscenity that is going to be in this quote but of course survivor being a network TV show that that obscenity got censored out but puja yeah i really need some help here trying to gas what it is that elaine might have said that needed to be censored this is a right after she said about hey remind me to put my drawers on to go commando to the challenge in the framework i will be blank in the free world ooh play you played again that elaine said something that you can't say on tv in that blank what what on earth could it have been in the framework yeah i mean i it's gotta be some kind of worked for naked what is bad enough that it would have to be censor assert what could he say the free world is in like the world outside of survivor we got i don't even know what she means by the free world i i as you know and maybe we could crowdsource listeners of let's what what goes in this plane i'll be in the framework kentucky nick wilson because maybe it's like something from from that specific town like where would they they say blinked blinked in the free world and so maybe we gotta we gotta talk to nick wilson and see what's going on right right is it possible awesome that she said something along the lines of free balling in the free world is that possible new nazi-free bonding i don't no missed the wand off if that's what she said so hey tom tom petty sing singing don't is that could that could that fit i'm hearing in the framework kinda laugh whatever let's just annoying today i don't know i don't know what do we need the mass singer for that we have the the bleep confessionals from lane this this is all we need on survivor we're having a fun time to the one thing massingir has that no one's chanting take it off so we're okay here you mhm wouldn't hang elaine put your drawers on the challenge yeah yes okay so also elaine talked about coup and mustard yellow reddish what's what's this guy that you put down whatever you want coconut must be george kumon guy i do i actually have a big thing of human in in my kitchen i sprayed on like does chicken i i put it on a lot of what are you spray it on things which spray spreads spread these say spray puja yeah i don't know maybe he's like drinking the clam juice right it's not an aerosol right oh spring bullet on on my on my nachos i put on anything and anything savory great great spice spice yeah i don't think we have any common lane there's a cumulus saying wrong cumana uh-huh so i'm saying how elaine said human is like a yellow register what's that you put food take down whatever you want coconut so i think who who who was that was describing what cumin was because she said it was radish i think she she was thinking of rica because immunise more like bauge okay all right could that would that work for the tribe callers of paprika versus kumon africa read an account of cumin or cumin i always say rhymes with human nevada people say i people tell me i said the word human run because i don't towns the eight so that's jordan i was thinking of you as i was going back on i was watching the episode and i know you're here's such a big NFL guy and so there did you catch the NFL talk in this episode i did remind me though they were i did catch i don't remember again unlike aguilar so going back to at the height height of you know there was some not so fun stuff going on this episode where there was some talk about how kelly was uncomfortable well with the dan wanted to put his head on her leg and molly in the midst of all this was talking some football specifically new york giant football here's molly oh my god twelve giants came back to meet the patriots as a little taken back by dan at first now is it possible the ball molly with maybe not not talking about dan speedo in this episode but actually was talking talking about how she's uncomfortable with danny dimes is that possible is that the daniel maybe she's talking about what you're talking about diet daniel jones is she are they calling him danny times now yeah yeah i have not heard that nickname for him i look i'm a jets guy as you know but no i don't think she was talking about about daniel now this was before the season started and is it possible i mean listen listen to this quoting oh oh my god twelve the giants game patriots as a little taken back by dan at first she didn't think that he should have and drafted at six dan and the she was definitely taken aback but now i think she probably has come around on on daniel jones i mean if she's a giants fan valley he's he's look good he could he could run he can move outside of the pocket maybe before going on survivor she listened to the the thirty two fans draft recap i did with kiva in chester mister we're sort of railed on daniel jones but he's proven yeah molly molly by men who by the way i don't know is is this a hot take does she have the same in haircut as shambo i don't think she has the same haircut go back look again i think they think you're you're off on that one night thanks but some sort of similarity it's like the guy a similar color similar curling this there was one confessional where it's just like up in its reminded me a sham i don't know i don't think i think you're on an island with without one but speaking of people that are similar puja julia i wanna play this was a moment from early in the episode where we see elizabeth was was talking talking with missy and she felt right away like they they had bond and she she told missy about this piano yeah i play the flute you were talking with somebody and it sits you why why are we the same person would you not be incredibly freaked out yeah especially when you're taking two opposite things it's like oh my god why are we saying person i made nachos of human last night word we're here we're good yeah you're just trying to bond with me i would go with it doesn't seem like you'll just glum onto anything wouldn't why are we the same person oh my god that would freak me out that's really jumping in there air for elizabeth i guess it worked that we didn't we didn't see missy say anything bad about elizabeth elizabeth also she went out out to the island of the idols she was the first person to do that and jordan she was welcomed in to the island of the isles by hi rob and sandra and rob invited her to go visit a specific place on the island of the idols thome on up into the snuggle tell you what's going on what is snug jordan's not it's the snug is a i guess it's like to to intersecting wooden benches between two giant heads of robin zander does not have you ever been to a snug not that i'm aware of maybe i wasn't told i did i've never gone to a snow willingly that i know of yeah that's why you you free balls there's there's no snuck accents if it's too snug it's if you wanna go go commando if eh if your drawers to snug go commando advocates safest way to say that that's actually what i remember yes s. snug with two gs is when something is chill relaxed and cool derived from snug as in the snug of a pub which is a small secluded included side room of a power bar were small group of friends can chill out getting drunk in a more private surrounding yeah okay all right maybe i should go change the name of the podcast studio to the snug snug alive yeah i will hold on let me let me try it out to see maybe maybe maybe this maybe this'll work got credit to robin sandra live from my snug it's rob has a podcast and now here's the guy who's never putting any kumon on anything anything now i don't know i don't have to say the same ring to it it would be like someone else listening tribe accounts beginning it needs to be yeah coming to you live from my apartment i think the point i started inviting people up to my snug i think we're getting a lot of like i'm i'm a germaphobe i really am not comfortable with going up to rob snug snug for like a week five let's let's get out of this let's let's let's get out of this let's get into talking about social media from this week and to do that let's welcome in for the first time this season the great mr jacob sager weinstein tweets daily tweet saving he'd like a welder i built the giant hand elder tweets the original composer of the tweets baby tweets jingle so jacob is paying homage to the original composer of the tweets baby tweet song jordan let me start with at the mri bird missy bird she tweeted don't move don't breathe going notice for as long as possible just say dope allot they will all forget about you my mri i dunno she's gone unnoticed i did notice ah her in this episode and i think that she she is definitely one to watch i think she's one that he was one of the more vocal people in that at women's alliance on on the lyra tribe tribe so yeah i mean i think that she had a fantastic yeah we should these ghoulish tried to ride ride on mris coat-tails with this decently dope catchphrase i think so i think this is going to be the season of dece so it'll be a decent shout for these actually consider doing this and i wanna i want it the best actually a name on you that SO i changed my twitter name a couple of times it has been d school wish it's actually really just been destabilised for details what if i changed it d- s- dope leash still i love it and as the kids would say i am deceased yeah some some drip with some some dystopia where around again by absolutely so must be so mad when they see no that d- these dope ish you sto- push DC school ish but rounder these devilish okay i you are in the weeds okay all right let's go kentucky whig nick wilson the twitter twitter handle ky. underscore nick wilson that he says i'd say dan has a rather a hands on approach to the game aim heo there you go speaking of inappropriate dr mike doctor after my said BTW at boston rob at sandra dee twine live tribal commentary was great they needed popcorn bird great idea at jimmy fallon next time it should be you should jimmy fallon be in the booth i think you've you hit the nail on the head this past week that he wouldn't be able to hold the smallest thing a mosquito bite commie that's funny that's alan work well it would be easier here to get the entire roots band in their box and not give up the gag dan just jimmy fallon in there i would be very okay with the roots being their next season yes but georgia eight it does beg that almost any celebrity it seems like they could just run into jeff probst and get their ideas into the show it seems like almost like if you are of a certain stature sure if you pitch jeff probst seemingly almost any idea it has a good chance to get into the show i mean we've had the tyler perry idol we've now had the the jimmy jimmy fallon that's the snug maybe that boxes also a snug also tarry was given jeff probst bunch of ideas hey don't have you don't have any clothes it it seemed like mike white todd told judge jeff hey don't have redemption island in san juan del sur so i think it's probably another example or two that we can come up with it seems like that a lot of celebrities have a lot of impact on jeff thinking so maybe the person that that that recommended lauren beck to survive must have been a celebrity and now i'm curious to know who it was yeah do you think that the idea here is to maybe get more famous people watching survivor or is that potentially words we have to get all the famous people to stop watching survivor because i'm sitting here you're thinking how did these people get their suggestions and meanwhile we know nick offerman and his wife mcmullan fans why haven't they gotten a suggestion and because i think i think they would give us suggestions that we'd be here for we don't know that though to be fair we don't know what suggestions nick offerman might have that's true i just love nicole from i would follow him into the death like i bet nicole from in really likes final four fire making challenge and my my want into fighting firing challenge at every single eviction yeah i didn't think of his very nature side ron swanson is really into the outdoorsy nature the survivalist element of the show person that we get to pitch jeff some ideas adam scott would definitely go with the more heavy strategy very intense elaborate ideas there so so maybe if those to collaborate together they can find a healthy medium to then pitch and have a collaborative process okay we have abby maria korea was tweeting about the premier and the fun thing here is that abby maria refers to elaine on twitter as elena she says ooh i love elaine is gut instinct the factory worker check always listen to your soul is what i say i'm j- i'm back just for this swatch tribal effing love elaine vulnerability i wanted to win this season i got my pick i'm crying with you girl she loves elena she the one that cried no she her boyfriend cried a lot on big brother would you rather have seen and the abrupt who really didn't get a welcome wagon into the big brother than did you yeah time at the at the live show that was a lot refund okay yeah that is not the reality elena the lady that's on on survivor oh elaine elaine is great i mean she she had a great time slain is great or elaine is great elaine that is on this season of survivor is great and she i'm so happy that she was not the first one yeah what would it take for a lane from survivor to end up on ex on the beach let's see you might have to get a showman going here with big hockey tom i'm going to be there that could be moved here eventually i i guess the move for elena on reality TV there's just like the the biggest guy on the tribe on again off again yeah we'll all right stephen fish back tell me if this is a mail it in move puja stephen fishbach said i'm in the middle of a move so i wasn't able to right a survivor blog tonight but fishy for elaine yeah definitely need the new new limitations with the character if you could have done this with the old one forty forty nailed it okay why no blogs you recording the paraphrase i believe he's moving he's got a lot going on and he's like on so looking forward to finally get together with steven on wednesday when the survivor know it alls are reunited wednesday night after the episode of charene the charene says survivor curses our cars extra votes dan's what do you think of that off the top of my head can't down so far it's looking looking no and then if you add orange tribe in there or as well as doing we're hitting hitting a complete package yeah the premier yeah i thought she was going to say poker players serena also dabbles she's like a spiring poker hokey player that she was at the last straw running brno that i was at and she had no knew nothing about poker and then the last i heard she's like like become like a has just like studied it i mean she's insanely smart and she has just learned poker and now is like because just completely engrossed in it and i think star she tweeted that she's going to be at the next one that they're going to do so serene is going to be out there for that terry dietz this is interesting okay so terry d two is not a big tweeter of the show now that he came on the social media segment during season thirty nine thirty seven during gay definitely and so two tweets from terry deeds he said did you see the premiere of survivor thirty nine last night really liked in having robin sandra doing the color commentary tribal with love to see shane and karen up in the booth a detroit wants people to guess land yeah so they've it's there and he's as he has a follow up tweet he's okay my vote is to have rob sea fish do play by play of shane in in korean watching this show kinda like the talking debt it would larry est creating a whole yeah so so the show i'm attached commentary of a commentary yes so the show is yes that's right right the survivor know it alls are back stephen while shane korean really late into the contestants and especially jeff probst this week can you can you believe it really they re they really would they went all in they did not hold back at all like oh yeah listen must-listen podcasting right there stephen so what did you think well well i already tweeted out that i gave the fishy to career in this week she really has yet to a couple of jabs thought they were real real strong paraphrase a tweet okay alright couple of a couple more tweets this week we have some conversations nations boston rob who's newly on instagram even boston rob we thought taryn the last holdout on instagram turns out it was boston rob job he just jumped on there you can follow boston rob on instagram but this was on twitter he said that was fun at survivors CBS can't wait till next week what did you guys think here comes ethan's on says i hope you win my favorite storyline of this entire season is going to be everyone holding out on the ones that are really worried that this is still going to happen regardless of the fact that yeah they're that they're not coming i'm not i'm starting to feel like that it's it's not gonna happen i was i was a hold out throughout the pre even what you know mike was swearing up and down and he's like guys trust me i talked to them they said they're not unlike yea i'm i i'm i'm coming around around i don't think they're gonna come into the game okay andrea bulky and other big elaine stand that andrea says if elaine gets voted that we riot and then here comes richard hatch maybe the first person on the anti elaine train he says gosh you guys guys i think your love for a lane is wildly misplaced love her her story her personality all you want when you encounter her on mainstream but she he appears to me to have far too little control of our emotions to be loved as fiber player i'm just saying can we just have fun richard of course that's what i'm trying to do i have a ton of fun homing in on rare good game skills so hatch coming for a lane already puja yeah yeah and if anyone ends up joining the anti lynn club with richard that will be called the down the hatch alliance is down the has not the lost watch podcast okay and then i got one more one more condo involving of somebody from this sees his in dr mike as he poses a question he says question if elizabeth had told the tribe that islands of the idols had thirty foot high statues of sandra and rob and that she had to battle rob in the fire making challenge would anybody anybody believe her hashtag survivor thirty nine and sanders he has twine at sandra twine says twenty four feet not thirty and dr mike says just saw that men always exaggerate about size they go classic dr mike let's get your microphone okay let's see i don't think anyone thought elizabeth design by the way it's too it's too big able riley who would lie about that it would be insane who yeah what do you make of elizabeth's lie the lie was not great i do think that just hitting them with what had happened would have been fine although it would have either been they believed her or they thought she went insane over there and the whole violin flute thing would become a a lot more clear to missy right off the same person taking me out a lot a lot of people out there did listen since you i went out and maybe thought she had like a jesuit fever dream maybe that's a lot of that going around out there out in fiji okay all right before we get to these dope fishes quiz for this week when i say very different i said l. l. i. s. h. dope leash that makes more such weekly changing skip allen my notes okay all right let me take a moment and thank our sponsor before this episode of the podcast this week in survivor history and that our friends over at purple mattress survivor fans and they know purple is the best they know that a purple mattress is going to be superior to any of the other color mattresses that you want and they know how important it is to have a a great night's sleep not something that i know too much about it having some small kids here waking me up constantly over purple mattress they know how important the quality of sleep is and it could affect your day something that is going to know about tomorrow after record recording this 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dope leash with the first three questions about rob you yes okay all right none of these are the leftover questions from the this weekend robin akiva no the first category is i can't believe just gesture but the rest of them are normal survivor questions ashton's from this week actually from now that we're that were releasing the podcast a little bit later in the week with the with the wiggle room it's actually from last week in survivor history but still called the will that's gone by the week the week though was that's fine dude yeah okay all right jim jordan do you can you quickly for our new listeners who just maybe this is their first survivor season with us could you set up the rules for the this week in survivor survivor history cueva de and bear in mind pooh has to work at six thirty appeal i'll i'll be done before before early summer we're gonna no there there are four multiple choice questions each one has a category name that you will choose and will each answer two of these multiple choice questions during the game if you choose to not hear the multiple choice options and you are correct you gain two points if you go for two and a rob you give your opponent and chance to to steal point they'll also not here the multiple choice options if you do hear the multiple choice you will get one point if you're right and if you only go for wonder opponent can't steal then we'll go to a final rounds bounds called the death match in which both of you will be allowed to to earn points so is that enough for for the first episode of survivor history but yes CBS got it ready to go matters we just played before he knows he knows what's going on did you beat robert did rob the the last time i believe we went to tiebreaker and i lost a going for redemption redemption is this is your second or third time playing the quiz believe this is the second time so too okay all right all right so so are four categories today we have luxury items love the drake hid napped and balloons and puja as the guest you get to choose the first category all all right let let's see he sings from i'm from canada let's go with the drake okay love the drake will go into survivor pearl islands to quit or not to quit from on september twenty fifth two thousand three sixteen years ago last wednesday after winning the reward challenge the drake try a sent one contestant to raid the morgan camp this person took tarp harp damaging the a shelter in the process and angering the morgans who was this mystery raider ooh this going to be a good one tony brown nazi he's not not that big raider so i'm gonna go with knocking to ask for a multiple choice here it's gonna take my shot when opportunity i'm sitting here with sir rob and i'm going to face off with them go for the win i'm gonna go with sandra lockin it sandra lachmann gone for two and and you are correct sandra who is now back as adviser on the season was the person who who who got to go to the morgan camp and still there stop right so you get two points good way to start the season is up two zero rob you have luxury items kidnapped and ruined take the three categories left i will go with marooned okay so we didn't have a marooning on on this season isn't of spider but when we went to the survivor cambodia the episode is called second chance from september twenty third two thousand fifteen four years ago last monday who one extra rice for they're tried by being the first player to swim from the original marooning boat to a second boat i think i know so the answer by let me hear it let me hear the choices okay so going for taking taking this safer what what would boston rob say about here the options here trust you can't let me get a two zero lead on you you can't win if you get down to zero and anke busting around that was good advice was a joe angouleme be spencer bledsoe's so see woo de stephen back i think it was woo woo your the point there yes woo woo helping jobs mazing wasn't going to be one of the choices as joey maniac w mason clear clear declared choice and stephen fish back you may think of it as the answer but he did win a a swimming race to win advantage later in the season so not really out of the question yeah you have a two to one lead we had hat luxury items and kidnapped as their two remaining categories let's go with the kidnap they said we're gonna go to survive china the episode is my mom going to kill me september twenty seven th two thousand seven twelve years ago last friday jaime dugan was the first person kidnapped by the opposite tribe survivor china to whom did she give the idol clue during her time at the fail on campus of this going to be tough i'll go with multiple for churches to stay safe okay stan save trying to extend your lead over rob was at a aims clement be todd herzog sierran reese burger de leslie he's the one and let's go with with the score was leslie leslie is correct good job you got a point there you have read a one lead yeah i he's he's she gave the the cluedo lesley i think she sort of sussed out that may be she was on the outs in her intertribal leslie ended up sharing mclean with with todd i felt like a bomb uh religious bond also yes i think that was that was part of it as well but todd actually let leslie thought sharing the clue todd may be bond them as well but really really tied gave a confessional where he said it might be a good idea now to vote her out because she has that information so we you take three one lead a rob you can either you could get close i hear you could potentially tie it up here if you go for two and get it right i we're going to luxury items we're gonna go to survivor thailand which has gotten a lot of coverage over the the offseason with taber the episode is the great divide from september twenty six two thousand to seventeen years ago last thursday which contestant brought a golf club is is a luxury item that is try played with on the beach okay this did not come up on talking with deeper by i do believe the the answer is mr clay and brochures last name to jordan i don't wanna get the question wrong by getting last name wrong with clay clay yeah his last name is actually decent now it is yeah joining chaos so it we have a we have a three three game into the final round yeah clay clay jordan bras bras golf club and they had some fun with that out there good job we're going to go to the the final round here to death matsch unfortunately for ronnie ronnie barda he came the first one out of survivor island of the idols last week after receiving seven votes at tribal council i have compiled a list of various i boots you must tell me if the person voted out either received seven or more votes at their only tribal council or less than seven votes so there's two absence ers either seven or more or less than a little bit tough it's a tough game but and as we as we always do here wolf if you are incorrect you will not answer any more during the game must be still tied after after four ah answers are given in total by the two of you so let's let's start here with puja you're you're the guest choose a number and this will just decide the order of the game gain choose a number between one and eight i always t- mambo so i'm gonna go number five to number five one two three okay so we're gonna go to survivor survivor san juan del sur nadia that was the first person voted out i did you receive seven or more votes or did she receive less than seven votes ninety s k how many people were on the okay so we're going to nine ten people the only other person like number that's when that's where farm guy sixty-nine ended up making a play there and she you know what i'm gonna go with over it was more it was more says actually less than seven it was a five to three to one vote which adele received three votes and if you remember josh canfield actually vote baylor alert right and he threw a vote towards baylor with remember at the time none of us thought made made all that much sense because it seems like he was he was aligned with her also yeah that was a tribal council where you know josh potential or nadia gotten hot water when she was referring to josh is one of the girls which of course he was not not a fan of so yet not not you went there with only only five votes though so put your interest in rob if it's one out of you are correct on this one rob you win the game and we're going to go uh versus genetics a- gen x. it's our rachel rachel we put we put puja the bed rachel more than more than seven and and i am going to say if i'm wrong game just go against all right so nothing nothing to lose here then i'm going to say that she did not take the over this was actually a crazy vote so it was a five to three to one to one voter CC got three votes even and sunday sunday you scott one vote each so it was less than seven did not get to the the full barda number of of seven votes there so you were incorrect puja you're back in the game and and i am going to chicken survivor china am watched the swanee hunt oh oh say dan after this you know someone who dabbled in the gambling i'm in i'm to stop on my head and not just repeat what i just did that at the same time i wanna say this hit me it's going to be over over let's go with over over so it was a five to two to one vote i have seen sahra late late SEM bizarre received two votes and PG got got a vote there actually was that that was PG received ashley's his vote so it was less than seven so you're in trouble again and rob we're gonna go to one of my favorite seasons survivor guatemala and we have jim lynch jim lynch i mean he broke his arm i think that even those only eight people in the tribe i think right it wasn't nine i dunno i guess they they all voted for him i mean his his arm was dislocated so it was a nine person tribe jim lynch voted for margaret but he was the only only one for margaret's rob you wreck at a point and you win the quiz for two three congratulations you shouldn't have played that was the lesson and the only way the only way to win this week was to not play the game yeah i'll be looking at my wounds on this one rob but i don't regret it i had had fun and if this means that i have to wait another time to come back from redemption ark we'll see you then it took begging z. what was it three times to even though her first time she probably i think we're supposed to win but i made a scoring error hurt officially when it's a girl three or four times you'll you'll you'll do at some point i have a lot of confidence in you have some more questions about akiva guys on i think i bridge puja is never going to talk to us again if we do akiva trivia right now feel like i knowing akiva it's best if i don't answer these because then he might not not let me back on at some point so let's let's pretend that we didn't do it okay all right so of course people can catch hugh now all on the mask singer wrap up with liana boris for people who are not masked singer watchers chris can you just give a quick pitch of why people might want to check it out on their streaming services or hulu or whatever so they can listen to the podcast i'm never going to advocate to tune in life because it's against survivor and we're all here for survivor but if you have any spare time it's a fun show oh it's very low stakes there are singers it's hidden identities there's elaborate costumes are clues horrible guesses from judges there's people chanting stuff like egg and making weird hand movements you'll hear people saying egg egg egg random stuff like that we have people that are listening to the pockets that aren't even watching because we just ended up all this we break them down we give our own suggestions of who could be who am i have put a wild guess out there that i think steve is on the season season which people think i'm insane for is just a lot of fun it's just you know making guesses running with them and then talking about nonsensical things so it's just that you know it's it's it's the lightweight of content you'd be taking it yeah for basis it's a great i call it a folding laundry show you can just have have it on you don't you don't need to be giving it your undivided attention something major is not going to happen that you're gonna miss if you have to leave the room for a second yeah no definitely not be fine check out the podcast probably funds listen to you and if you don't watch the show yeah no we we just we talk about nonsense we really do we talk about the show but then we also get on tangents here and they're like specifically leon asked me if uh anyone likes jealous who do either of you enjoy eating jello i don't think anybody enjoys eating jello i think it's a thing saying that in front of you than and there's nothing else that it's like you know you're in a hospital bed or something like that in a cafeteria the here's the desert it's jello but i don't think anybody actively seeks out jello i don't think it's not balut but it's also not not it's not like something yeah yeah it's not it's not disgusting but it's not anything that you crave and i think the more you know about it the less you want it yeah i definitely i agree so that's just a little bit of like that and all the other things that the show brings in and leona is always fun to talk to so it's it's a good combination of a lot of things coming coming out to the table on this odd cast okay do you feel like you guys have a reasonable guess who most of the mass singers are no so we have to right now that we're feeling pretty strongly about one that liana made a case for and then one that i've made a case for that we subscribe to all the other ones are little bit we need more clues or i'm going to plead insanity on the one so we'll see we'll see where it goes all right of of course you could follow at who is them jordan kayla ish bad ass in the saddle here jordan what else is going on i'm with you anything fake survivor seasons fake survivor seasons i'm a i'm a cross country coach now which is interesting because i was never really a much much of a runner but i'm having a good time with that i am looking forward to the survivor know it alls livestock evernote also coming up in new york which which i'm really excited about paprika i i i have a question for you last time around your do you remember who i can't say i remember the answer to this question but who was the first survivor followed on twitter i know i asked you last time yeah i i do we got caught with a poor pick probably only russell no who is it her name of aids me now from survivor philippines r. c. r. z. a. julia we see we and if anybody is you know keeping the the this week in survivor history wicky we know that answer but who is the most recent survivor were you followed on twitter most recent internet just US for county US shit right most recent US survivor contestant yes i wanna say might have been from last season oh you know what i totally know who it is is it victoria rob ding the bell okay all right follow at jordan kayla ish on social media and you could check during the most recent robin akiva need a podcast us as well for even more if you listen to this as a boy i'd love to hear more jordan kayla asking questions to people go check out the latest robin akiva a new podcast for that jordan you in a cold sweat yet about the yankees postseason i am i am very very excited i'm anticipating this i mean it's really like world series or bust at this point and but i am a little bit nervous about some some things with the pitching staff but i think it's strong team i think we we could pull it out there's no reason we shouldn't be able to so i'm nervous but i'm also excited jordan i i was gonna i was going to be mean i was going to guarantee a yankee world series win we'll see i won't do that for today can we get maybe not i mean nicole davis hasn't had my best luck with maybe i shouldn't have her but maybe like nicole saddam we'll ask her to pick who's gonna win the series between the yankees and the washington senators and and see what she says the careless versus alex gesture battle yankees twins okay all right so jordan thank you so much artwork we'll talk to you again next week of course big thanks to the patrons of araba has podcasts we told you earlier in this show that you guys will have access access to the entire one-off soundcloud for the week even things that did not make the show to hear that and much more including looting was gonna send you a pop socket when you become a patron before october eighth i think what do you think's going to last longer the special or the the yankees postseason jordan he's supposed okay all right so head over to rob has website at com slash patron to find out

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