FTP Ep. # 148: Le'Veon Bell's Heel Turn and the End of a Bromance


Welcome to the fantasy Throwdown podcast bringing you the latest sports news fantasy analysis and opinions don't forget the hot takes can have Hort show without heartaches these days. What about hot case though, I want some odd case? Now, here's your host ready to jump into the thick of things Dwayne calendar. Good evening and welcome to the show got quite a bit to talk about. And you know, realistically, this was gonna focus more on the fancy aspect for wave wire pickups. But man, the news has gotten so juicy this evening that Gada talk about the world of sports because life just got a whole lot more interesting. So the Lamey on bell side guy in Pittsburgh has now come to a close lady. I'm Bill has completed his heel turn and is not going to report at all for the two thousand eighteen NFL season. Obviously, no one saw this one coming not even Levy on his people because no one did their homework apparently in within the CBA, and this was only discovered about a week ago actually less than a week ago. Because the NFL only came down with the decision on Wednesday the language in the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL owners and players states that players can be tagged two times under the franchise tag. And at the third time would automatically grant them quarterback status meeting. If you tag a player for third time, they automatically would be making an average of the top five quarterbacks in the league. And given the fact that it's a quarterback driven league that price tag runs north of twenty four to twenty five million dollars, given the guaranteed money being allocated a quarterback's these days, especially with that Matthew Stafford joke of a contract. So obviously steals aren't going to do that. But what everyone had assumed was that? Because I wasn't going to report that the franchise tended to Steelers offered him would not actually. Count against them. And that they could offer the franchise tag again and tagging begin the NFL said, no. But again, this is a failure on both sides because I'll be perfectly honest with you. If I'm the Steelers, I screw this one up royally. Because if I understood the CBA, and clearly they did not because they thought that they were going to be able to franchise tag him and Wade out labia lay beyond did not know what he was doing either Nina that his agent because they would've never even intimated that he might return because lady on kept sticking one foot in and one foot out one foot in and one foot out this entire process because we heard from ESPN that week seven he was planning to return to her into by week. I don't think he SPN made that Germany fellows, give reporter. I think people at the time understand the CBA looked at it that okay? The lockout could end here because the by weeks of might as well collect the game. Check for the bye week and report of right before the bye week just before game time. So you know, the Steelers have no choice but to activate but to activate you to put you on the roster, but they can't add to play you in the game. So you get a free game check week for week six for that plane. But you know, it didn't work out that way lady on. Kept stringing. This long reports say that Livio gained some weight while he was partying down to Miami that south beach life can do that to you. You know, I wouldn't be like spent time up being Ashley had to get myself in physical top condition. There's no way. So again lady on did not handle this correctly. The Steelers did not handle this correctly. However the Steelers are billion dollar organization. Thanks to the way. NFL teams are valuated. Now by financial groups, lady, I'm Bill as sounds back years is only going to be able to make so much money. The fact of the matter is lady on can't afford to be given up forty million dollars a year. Basic math alone tells you that you cannot make that money up. No matter how much guarantee money. Are your leather make? I mean. Yes, could he get hurt? Yes. They have insurance policies for that. Literally. They have insurance policies for your net worth in case of injury. Like, this was an ego thing from Latvia, and I get it. I completely get it. He's not getting paid fair market value based off of what he does in his field of work compared to wide receivers because he's taking much more of a pounding. And he's receiving the ball just as much as some of the top receivers in the game. That's why he's pissed. I get it. He's he's one man trying to upset the entire bounden. But the problem is he's just one man. The union wasn't helping him on this side. The union was just like, okay. Do your thing. But the union was not going to go toe to toe or toe to toe in a war with the owners over just lady on bell. They. To go over it over the the contents of the CBA, but the NFL basically kind of beat them to the budget said. Yeah, you're right. It's it's it's not a case where a team can just keep franchise tagging you. That's why not third year provisions there in the Steelers would be at that third provisions next year and that the year after of Leon didn't report. That's why the NFL set it up this way. But, you know, no, one prepared at all for this reality. And the reality situation is that lady on bell miss an entire NFL season. Over what amounts to that getting guaranteed money for a second year because the Steelers can say what they want about the contract they offer. It was a one year deal because the money wasn't guaranteed after the first year. I didn't want that. He wanted to actual have financial scary. Completely get it. He just went about it the tire wrong way. And so now Levey on bell it settled coming across more sympathetic. He'd come across as again, a pro wrestler making a he'll tred Ed you gotta get old JR saying. I mean, again, the talk radio is all piling on lady on for being selfish. And they have a point realistically if you look at it lady onto doesn't have much of a leg to stand on other than saying the Steelers were being cheap. But as it Advil organization, that's the right lady on if he and his agent were truly probably prepared and understood the CBA they can point to that CB language and argued with the Steelers that you're better off trading me and getting some value because I can afford to sit out the entire year and see the steals. Call his bluff the Steelers just figured, you know, lady on pitching up a fit, but you know, he'll be back into the season. Eventually, we'll survive a month. Steals had no idea that this was going to go on to this extent like lady on it is folks did not do a proper job of selling the fear factor to the Steelers. Because the way the Steelers kind of looked at it was you know, we got James CONNER here for seventy fifty thousand. He looks good enough. Let's write it. And once James CONNER started performing, they're like, okay. Yeah. There's a drop off. I mean, the folks trying to say that they're better off without without le'veon's playing James color. They're idiots because again, the NFL outlaw defense at twenty eighteen but again because of the rule changes. It helps guys like James Connor who are very talented not as talented as lady I'm Bill, but guess what they are talented and f- let and that's all you really need in today's NFL. It is devaluing the values certain players because guess what you can get replacement players because guys can't jam you at the line of scrimmage anymore. Like they used to their ways to get around it. And that's just the fact that a matter so for all the posturing Levy on bells going to do I'm not sure at this point by sitting out the entire year. If he just didn't tell everyone and their mother that he's in in the business for himself when a championship really just doesn't mean all that much to him in. You know, you could you could say what you want. But at the end of the day, it's just one of those situations where you just want to say. And you know, I just I mean, honestly, I it's just one of those where lady on is trying to pitch this as a freedom fight song. And that single person believes him because guess what maybe doing this for money. His money noted for the money of people to come after. I mean, he's trying to spend it that way. But like it's a poor spin jab at the very end. Because again, if he was more vocal about this up front saying how he felt what he felt from the outset. People would have sided with a little bit more. They would have said, you're an idiot. But like he still would have had supporters. This just came across as wishy washy in the NFL give him an out when he probably realized that he wasn't quite info football shape. So Libyan decided to take his ball, go home. And you know, he's got his money. He's got a million. So he can survive the euro found a paycheck. It's not a great plan because again anyone can tell you that compound investing and the time value money that given up fourteen million really amounts to if in future dollars. You're you're you're looking at if properly invested you could be upwards of nineteen twenty twenty three million depending on how he can grow his money over the next twenty thirty years, again, if you know NFL players like properly invested money like, you know. Other multimillionaires to now likely, but you know, it's always possible. So that's where we are. We got the Steelers now fishery having to move on from on bell. I think the Steelers had already prepared themselves for this. Given the fact that the number of times maybe on had stood them up on proposed states that he was going to return. So I think the Steelers are looking to move past the media bombarding them will questions on on the matter. Now the question that should be asked though is was it worth it for the Steelers to play hard ball and not give themselves the best chance of winning a title. Because if leaving I'm Bill and James kinda we're actually playing together as a tandem. It will be the most devastating combo in the league without question. It's Naven close between the way those two are operating nine close. We'll put the saints combo Kamara and Mark Ingram to shame. I would not even. In be close at all. So again the Steelers sacrificing potential success this year for a long term goal of anyone else. That complains about contracts will be getting we'll be given the exact same treatment Levy on. And that they will be shown the door. I don't necessarily grew it, but it's hard to fault the logic because lady on just gave up forty million dollars. The Steelers just what didn't have to pay it because he didn't sign the contract. Sometimes those things tend to work out for you. But moving on. So the keep it on the NFL agenda the upcoming Monday night football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the St Louis Rams of jeez of saying St Louis made Los Angeles Rams. It will still take me a while to get used to saying Los Angeles will not be held in Mexico City due to basically an absolute piss port field at the stadium as ticket in Mexico City. You know, the. Is a soccer stadium and soccer stadiums are built an entirely different way than football stadiums. They have to be because soccer stadiums the field has to be rolled in order for the soccer ball to travel as smoothly as possible over feel. So that's why you'd see in soccer matches at their played on an NFL field. It's tros because the ball can barely move because the ball has to be a roller cert- way. The problem is if you format for soccer stadium, and you're trying to play football on it. Because of the field being rolled the actual field conditions at self tends to sink because it's it's a it's a it's a much tighter Grasso. Like your cleats just sink to the ground. So it you have to be much lighter in terms of cleats for soccer players than you would for NFL players when you have all those shoulder pads, and everything you just kinda sink to the ground. So it shoot. The field even worse than before. So there's no way they could play that game without someone getting some type of knee injury. Because of the fact that you can't properly plant your legs playing football on a soccer stadium. It it just doesn't work that way, you know, and you can change change away from being natural grass or whatever you want. But, you know, somebody stadiums if you're if you're using natural grass, it's you're going to run the same issue in. That's what happened in Mexico City. This feels chewed up from soccer matches. And there is no way they could get that field in proper enough condition to play an NFL game in and the union stepped in and the players stepped in said, no, we're not gonna play in these types of conditions. We're gonna get ourselves her. We got up we have to preserve our bodies. We're gonna respectfully pull ourselves out of the game. If you keep this game in Mexico City, which forced the NFL's. Hand into considering alternative options and alternative option was moving them back to L the game back to LA and let it be a true home game for the ramps. You know, it to me it's a win win because they got even more attention on the game now than before because people realize that it's not going to be Mexico City. Plus, you have the folks that were traveling to Bisco city being pissed off. So you got intrigued there. So some folks are going to get refunded. Some folks are still going to go to the game and had the tickets honored in LA. But it's a very interesting dynamic of seeing how a few days of. Article mentions on it. And this turned into a full-scale story on the field conditions in Mexico City. So. That's unfortunate for Mexico. Just because of how they're trying to grow to sport there. But you can't have a field in net shoddy of a condition because someone's gonna get hurt and you don't want to take that possibility. If there's any sort of way, you can prevent a such an injury from occurring in the first place all right in it. So in terms of NFL fantasy talk I'm not gonna talk about way, we're wires so much. They so much as players that are anchors on your team that you can feel free to drop or just bury on your bench. But honestly in so many leagues that we're you really short. I'm bench spots. You know, it's time to cut the cord on somebody's guy. So I'm going to run them down. And you'll know why it because you're proudly has on your author, and it's just time to cut bait so much further do unless you're league is. So shall for talent that you have to? To keep with with these guys, but more than that, they're gonna be options available. So first off we're gonna talk Doug Baldwin of Seahawks Baldwin said it from the outset that his knee was gonna be less than one hundred percent this year, and he was not lying. He basically told you where he was the the issue of Baldwin is that the knee is bothering him. He can't vade people at the line of scrimmage. It's hard for him to shake the fenders that they jam him. And he can't get in the end zone when it gets tight and compact he can't lose a guy because he doesn't have any links PD like that knee is jacked up. Now. I don't know there's gonna turn into Jordy Nelson situation where Jordan Nelson may very well retire there. There's a rumor going around at Jordy Nelson is about to announce his retirement at some point this week because he can't play anymore after that knee injury. I dunno duck ball was going to go. That severe of an extent, but it's a legitimate concern now because he is not recovering nearly as well for that knee surgery as the Seahawks thought he might and I'm sure Baldwin's disappointed as well. But he cannot put up the production. I mean, he's barely a wide receiver three I would put them as wide receiver four and that makes him drop bull in pretty much every format unless it's a fourteen or sixteen men league. So it's just that simple. The next guy up is Michael Crabtree. Now, the crab man has had a number of productive years. But the one bugaboo he's had throughout his entire NFL career is that he drops to many damn passes. Michael Crabtree will probably get everyone in Baltimore fire from Jim Harbaugh to the assistant coaches because he keeps killing drives dropping balls. Now. I will never say that Joe flacco slight in the world on fire. But some of the struggles flat goes had this year is because of the number of. Drops crabtree's had he is. He is a ready lead the league in drops so easily ready in the teens in terms of drops this here, but the fact that the matter is he's on pace for close to thirty drops this season. You know, it's a it's incomprehensible that he can be that high and dropped passes. But here we are. You know, this is getting to a very scary place where Michael grab dri may be playing for his job next season. If he can't get it together because he can't keep dropping so many passes because his skill set is diminishing he's getting older and teams can't have drought-prone wide receiver especially in as he's approaching thirty. It's just not gonna work. So Crabtree has gotta clean that that part of his game. Otherwise, he's going to be left on the side of the road, and he's a hell receiver great rat runner. But the hands are very questionable at the moment. I mean, there's no getting around it. Michael Crabtree drops too many damn passes. And he's probably killing your fantasy team. Next guy up Lamar. Are miller. I mean. Talk about the boast uninspiring running back you will ever have. I mean Lamar Miller is the king of the lesson hundred yards. Even though he got over twenty touches brigade. You know, Lamar Miller just who's is mediocrity. I mean, he gets you got volume Miami. You know, didn't work out, you know, and part of it was Miami. Didn't give them quite as much volume as he gets in Houston. But the same time people that. Yeah. If you put Lamar Miller in Houston and the Jim Devine he's going to be a fourteen to sixteen hundred yard back easily. And guess what? It's not even close. Lamar Miller is barely on track to get close to a thousand. I mean, his yards per carry keep dropping each year. He's been under four yards a carry for three. Years running. Now, it's embarrassing. And the fact that matter is Alfred blue is just a serviceable and cheaper. I you know, I was surprised that Lamar Miller didn't get the cut this year. The only reason why I think Lamar Miller didn't get cut is the fact that Dont'a foreman had the killings injury last year and still wasn't fully recovered, and he still, you know, looks like he's he's going to be off the pup list, but you know, the fiscally unable to perform list. But the fact that matter is is that foreign is coming in for the stretch run a game. I wouldn't be shocked. Lamar Miller gets dropped entirely in favor of a tandem of foreman in blue at some point. I mean, again, this all depends on four men actually getting healthy, which is a big if because it's a it's an achilles injury. So you gotta bear that in mind, but Lamar Miller just is so bad right now. Even though he had one notable game. That's usually the case will Omar. He has one noble game where he reminds you. Yeah. He can run for a hundred thirty hours in the get a couple of touchdowns. And then he'll go back to back games like the past two weeks and get under forty yards rushing. It's infuriating, and you know, he just doesn't get yards after contact. There's just like as it gets touch. It goes down like rock. So again, not someone to be keep it on your Oster and just giving you abject frustration. Just cut the court as like, I know you gave them a hydrophobic, but cut the court. It's I it's pretty much a one where you could stick a fork in them. And we'll talk about Jarvis Landry. You know, I was caught off guard by this one one most. Because of the fact that the amount of talking he did in her knocks in the wide receiver room, Utah for sure this guy was going to like the world on fire this year without committee was to Browns and a sample chain, a new culture and identity, and it's gone. Absolutely nowhere. You know, I would say Jarvis Landry wanted the biggest disappointments in the fancy season. Just because you know, he gets targeted. He's not open all that often. I mean, he's pretty well covered. I don't know if it's the route running or what the issue is. You know because Ryan tannehill was not a good quarterback. And he's performing even worse under tyrod Taylor who's comparable quarterback and Baker mayfield's showing that he actually has signs that he could be a good quarterback in this league. I mean, I'm not sure if he he's going to be in the league QB, but he shown potential he'd be good to very good quarterback for a number of years just because of his moxie and the way he's he's willing to attack defenses. It's just that Jarvis Landry is not putting up the goods. I mean, he talked the game during hard knocks. But in terms of actual regular season action and performance he is not like he's not getting targeted by the offense. He's just not getting himself in the position enough to be open enough that I mean a lot of these are contested ball. So, you know, he's gotta be this man, and he has not June that he can do it. So that's where I am with some of these players that you can move on from just the spare yourself additional pain on your fantasy season. Now, my final note, I wanna get into because this is a developing story, the Golden State Warriors have suspended Draymond green tonight against the Atlanta. Hawks down on the face of it. You know, the Atlanta Hawks suck, and, you know, even without Steph curry and Draymond they'll be able to rule the hawks easily. The fact that matter is is that dream on is being suspended one game for contra conduct detrimental to the team. So basically, the what happened the other night the warriors suffered in overtime loss to the clippers, and you know in the game itself. Draymond grabbed the rebound with under six seconds left. He tries to ball up the court clippers managed to knock the ball away. What basically happened. There was you know, Draymond trying to make a play on his own didn't work out. But what you see in the clip is that the ransom next dream on. He's. Clapping for the ball dream on way looks off and drives down the core. Durant after because this wasn't deluged the game. They still had overtime the playthrough during the break heading into overtime rank confronts. Draymond about why you didn't give them the damn ball and dream on took umbrage about the tone. That Durant took befo and flat out just escalated, the situation to the point where you know, he called him a bitch, and you know. You know, I it's one of those things where it's like, you don't say that to a grown ass, man. You know, I don't understand what the context of how the argon without knowing really does. But like what you can sense is that the something's going on with golden say with relation to Kevin Durant's impending free agency because there's no way that that interaction should've escalated to the extent that it did the fact that Draymond felt the need to call out Durant. The way that he did so publicly at the bench and then after the game when they lose an overtime because again, you have a situation where Buki cousins of all people is trying to deescalate the situation to get guys focused. I mean when boogie cousins is the crisis negotiator. You know, things are in trouble. But you know, I it's a case where they were. Not focused in that overtime period. They lose the game. So that compounds the problem and then after the game, you know, Draymond and drank out further and Draymond questions Durant's commitment to the team because of his pending free agency. And you know, that's where things get a low murky because you gotta situation where clay Klay Thompson. And Kevin Durant are the two big Vegas free agents on the market. I mean, obviously Durant is number one overall, but Claes not too far off and number two is like people wonder s me clay, Thompsons ability. I mean could be a star anywhere. I'm loved to have clan. The Knicks, but be that as it may. The words of presently constituted. There's not a team in the NBA that can beat them the only team in the NBA. They could beat the words are the warriors at Bain plaud-. But you know, this could be an isolated incident. But the fact that the warriors management went to the degree to suspend Draymond green shows the level of sensitivity that they are paying attention to Kevin Durant free agency. So no matter what dream on may feel about how Kevin Durant is not respecting him or other warriors players on the roster that been there longer. It doesn't matter decisions have been made. So Draymond has to come to realize that you know, the decisions have been made by manager at that protecting. Kevin Durant is tantamount to winning a title. They look at it as long term. It's better for them to keep Kevin Durant that it is the one at title this year. So. Regardless of the team cohesion. They are looking to keep Kevin Durant happy. So a situation like this where clearly the rant and Draymond were not on the same page and got into a very heated argument. You know, that is gonna be scaring the Jesus out of the warriors because the moving to new Rena next year, they are gonna start a new generation of warriors fans and the pope land, and this is to keep clay and Durant together with this Rosser with Steph everyone else, I think are negligible. I I honestly think boys Mandarin are prepared to lose some of these other guys so dream on being chief among them. If it means that they can keep a nucleus of clay, staff and Durant, and it's just that simple. So dream on has under- sand that. No matter. What is read a wrong in this scenario? He's gonna lose this fight regardless. Durant? Get the power is negotiation because Durant can leave worries management. We'll do everything and empower to stop that from happening so dream on has a fall in line and keep the keep the peace with Durant. Otherwise, he risked being moved off into different bundle moved off into different bundle trade with other teams, and you know, he'd be an entirely different situation. Yeah, he could make money on another team substantial money with getting Amax contract. But he'll never be happy as he is. With the words because a you get to win and Draymond is a very prideful guy that likes to talk a lot of trash, and if you eat losing he is not happy. So this is the best for him to be in the NBA. So I suggest that he swallowed his pride. I'd and just man up in give the apology because again, no grown ass, man. Wants to be called the b word, and you know, be told told that by another man that supposedly is his co worker, but you know, if we're talking about the standing of things it's not the pecking order heavily skews in Durant's favor instead of dream on dr- during my may be the emotional soul team. But in terms of an number standpoint this day, it is clear that Durant is still the guy that they have to hold onto move forward at they wanna keep this dynasty moving. So like I said this story has potential to ripple down the road. So the biggest question that has to be where this Golden State go from here because you suspend dream off for one game. What happens if he has another out bus of the rest of the season? That makes it a very tricky tricky game. So that's. I mean and by game. I mean the game of trying to keep the dynasty going because. Yes, when he the title is number one priority, supposedly, but realistically for warriors management, the priorities keeping Durant in in Golden State and away from any other locations that could hurt him as well as keeping Klay Thompson away from the Lakers because they don't think for a second. The Lakers don't have their eye on Klay Thompson to pair of LeBron. So that gives him the dynamic outside shooter. Lebron is craving for right now. So that will do it for the show tonight of fleet. Get some useful value out of it and keep tune because we have more sports on tap this week. So think should be getting lot more interesting as we head into the thanksgiving holiday next week. So go on folks.

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