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Are you looking to reach their full potential and achieve success in business and life want only tried and tested guidance let's see from people who have truly made an impact you have come to the right place welcome to five questions with Dan Chevelle New York ignores authors Olympians Falon Titians Billionaires Nobel Prize winners Ted speakers celebrities astronauts and more inspirational guidance practical advice and concrete solutions our power chat start sal welcome to the fifty second episode of Five Questions Remake Donald's meals each day for thirty days I get sick to my stomach even thinking about it this film completely changed my diet and led to my pursuit of healthy lifestyle Morgan has gone to produce several other documentaries including where in the world is Osama bin Laden freakonomics and the greatest movie ever sold more salie he releases big follow up documentary super size me to holy chicken which explores how the fast food industry has rebranded itself as healthier his first film. The film isn't what I expected at all Morgan literally goes through the entire process of opening a fast food restaurant called holy chicken in order expose the food industry I had the opportunity to sit down with him the same week he opened up a pop up restaurant in New York City so tell me he started his career as a successful playwright before benchley producing super size May and Kademi award nominated documentary that tracked his health as eight documenting filmmaker and producer Morgan spurlock born in Parkersburg West Virginia Morgan graduated from New York University's School of the arts in Nineteen ninety-three with Dan Shaw Bell as your host my goal secured the best advice from the world's smartest and most interesting people by asking them just five questions my guess today's I need to raise a lot of money and a lot of things fall off at that point but once once I'm kinda committed to making something I've never been in a situation knock on wood it can happen so I think for me I find us much research before I get started so that doesn't happen yeah for me I actually fell tried to give a documentary now realizing that in a two hour documentary which I this week for nonfiction pointing ninety minutes is the is the perfect time for moving is one hundred and it's just an immense amount of footage that then you start whittling down into your narrative arc and yes I think that's the biggest one where I've started something you had equate never I've had friends of mine that started filming project I had to abandon them in the middle of I've never had to do that I feel very lucky but they don't realize that it's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours they go into that that I mean any this when we shot four hundred hours footage in between questions I think that after I made the first precise me and I went from that right into making it TV series facts thirty days where I saw actually made the other is you know it's easier not to do by yourself you know can you make me one hundred percent by yourself you can you know you can Trent wrestler that hang up and do it all solo so I think that you know for for me it was I was just enraptured in the media and the medium of as I was really really young I think in years or great editors I think people don't realize what their own limitations are none that I need to put a limitation undersell but the and you view yourself as a storyteller when did you decide wanting to be a storyteller in how you know that your stories were resonating in that you were affected asteroid town compact culturally your star certain kind of conversation so we really boring and I got a lot of that personally commentaries and where the first steps for actually making them an producing yeah I think that I get inspiration and ideas for things all over you know could be could be in order I did a lot of work you know it takes a lot of time to buy yourself I'm a real believer that you let people do what they do best whether they're really peas or great sound something that was entertaining but at the same time you know how the point of view or you know have a have a directive for people who are watching feel certain way or you know had is that all the fundraising the ideas doing interviews again is so much water so much and what if something's that people don't know about fitting documentary attention to what you're saying I mean I learned I realized early on that all I want to do is make movies shows and tell stories and it was it was against the realize that so early on and it'll taste like cotton candy once your best he approved us my best piece of career bias is it comes from disappearances IPAD growing up these bounce rate well you might say look what you've done a dream jobs and you will you watch love eighty watch movie legs two hours long grace two hours not begging that a Lotta your films like super size me supersize me to make a huge impact the you've changed the food industry and so do you feel like you have a sense of purpose now that over young you know when you take your seat seven years old and you tell them you know some friends here's a story on the playground and they're all listening you're laughing more you focus on one thing the more the more prolific in battery will be that one vein and the saints so find somebody who's the best those are the things we started in your wisdom Morgan to follow his journey you can watch his documentary super size me to and find them on facebook twitter instagram where he shares his latest productions live appeared the laugh you can make some more listen and whether that's now making making the chicken restaurant I think there's a way to have a sense of humor about what you do that work most of what you make is it going to accomplish what you initially set out to do but if you come into it saying I'm GonNa make this out of it I'm hoping for actually this is going to happen what is family photos and food adventures to watch the full extended video version of this episode where I asked Morgan even more questions you can go to youtube when you have it isn't like I'm just GonNa make this winning Austin or I'm gonNA crave this billion dollar food company long as I think you have steps in mind and when I was a kid going my father who is a serial entrepreneur I would see my father failed constantly busy create a business and it would be great advice if you packed on it before you do we would appreciate your feedback in the form of a review you can leave a review on Itunes stitcher tale in the movie business entertainment business business investments you need to accept the fact that most of what you try is most of what you sell oh mortgage dd show and then once we have that I started exploring what would I should pay to make them because then you start going down the path of wool how we've made what with the work what you hope to accomplish then I'm such thing as failure everything out of step back we'll be a learning tool is stepping stone that get you to the next bigger then dot com slash Dan Shaw we hope you enjoyed today's show and the amazing advice our guest provided remember that you can only benefit from it pod catcher of your choice your feedback would be very much appreciated head over to Dan Chevelle dot com slash review now really the path that I was still on how can we create something that makes you look at the way make you laugh it's not just about creating the movie and the series but it's also about making a big impact about mark that's the other thing is you just you never quit. Up Ryan keep going and you lose a user's fools so I think that the grace lesson I've got

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