325: Founding Myth Edition


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And now the scathing atheist, hey, this is Jordan Norman from everyone's favourite band. Jordan Norman in the wisdom teeth. My day job, however is as a playground installer. And as a man who builds both monkey bars and jungle gyms I can confirm that we do. In fact, Volve from filthy monkey people. It's thursday. It's me ninth. And it's lost sock. Memorial day. See dead veterans. You and smelly foot tubes that have been neglected you. Both get the same amount of day. No allusions, he then. Right. And from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. And good husband, Georgia. This is the scathing Agius on this week's episode can Hamill argue the age of the earth was somebody old to remember its formation. Donald Trump doesn't think Brock Obama is the only president who deserves reparation and Andrew Seidel. Join us from the castle black the Wallis peration, but I the diatribe. Later on in the show. I'm going to be interviewing f f or as attorney Andrew Seidel about his new book the founding myth. Why Christian nationalism is unamerican which sets out to viscera? The David Barton bullshit about America being founded as a Christian nation now. Obviously, we're going to talk about that in the interview, that's the whole point of the interview. But I just read that book it's three hundred pages of pure diatribe fuel. So we're also going to talk about that right now for a little bit. Because one of the points that Andrew really emphasizes throughout this book is that when they claim that America was founded as a Christian nation, they're not just lying there also stealing and they're stealing from us. God it not atheists. Exactly, but rationalists free thinkers, people who value reason over superstition. I mean, setting aside are weird founding fathers fetish for the time being look at who. Those people were Benjamin Franklin would be remembered for a scientific accomplishments alone. Even if he'd never gotten involved in the nation founding. Business he discovered electrically for fuck sake. George Washington was responsible for shitload of advances in farming Thomas Paine spit is waning years. As a prolific inventor John Adams founded the American Academy for arts and sciences. Nearly all of them were first and foremost men of reason and very clearly when they set out to form a nation, they based their decision on scientific principle observation reason experimentation theory, there's no divinely handed down bullshit in our nation's founding is the product of enlightenment thinkers, trying to distill the natural laws of governance and revolutionaries trying to manipulate them. America was founded not as a Christian nation, but as a scientific experiment. Hell, the founders themselves used the term v American experiment. That's clearly the language of science religion doesn't have experiments unless you count anti diluvian human society. Hell one of the few truly unique aspects of the government, they crafted was it separation of religion from the apparatus of government, the Wallace ration-, that's one of the few things that we. Actually built and look in the present circumstances. I can see how science wouldn't be in a hurry to claim America as one of its products, but all the good aspirin shit at its core is a child of science, and look it's easy to lose track of the ideals at the heart of the American experiment when you have to peer out through a blood soaked history of institutionalized, bigotry, and slavery. But they are they're Christians fight for the past because they want to steer the future. They recognize that a myth can be stronger than the truth. Hell it's a prerequisite to be in their club that you recognize that. And so they paint America's founding with the same historical integrity. They use for the building of the pyramids or the founding of Israel one point. Oh, and their myths. No matter how historically laughable still seep. So deeply into the soil of American culture that starts sprouting out in textbooks and documentaries. And as Andrew highlights in his book legal decisions see to win this battle. It's not enough for us to fight against their narrative. We. We also have to fight four the real one, you know, in even with the truth on our side is hard to fight. We have to limit ourselves to the actual history. And that's not pretty it's filled with unjustified wars of aggression and expansion in humane public policy driven by corporate greed bigotry against every ethnic group. You can name and several you can't unrestrained capitalism at the expense of the populace and a system slavery. So heinous it manage to be bad for slavery. So true or not it's never gonna be as easy to swallow as that romanticize sterilized lionised history. The Christian nationalists have on tap. But if anybody's qualified to sell a hard truth in the face of an easy lie. It's us, right. We've been countering attorney in paradise with just dead for centuries. And we're still some out here and growing that could only be the case if the truth had its own momentum. You know, look, nobody's going to fight this fight but us, and nobody else could and with all due apologies to our international listeners for this America Centric Diat. Tribe and a quick reminder to them that if we fucked up bad enough our nuclear shit's going to spill into your country to it's a fight. We can't afford to lose right because you can't hold these truths to be self-evident. If you've already abandoned in both evidence and truth. It was special news will within joining me for headlines tonight is the catch up to my mustard heath, then right? He object. Are you ready? Get smeared over a week, Kip is revolting and has no place in society. Also. Yes, I'm ready to get smeared over waiter. But unrelated, okay? No, right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You're saying allies the couch up. 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That's a big plus for me like that. I know I know with the labels anyway, just go to stamps dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in scathing to get your four week trial that stamps dot com and Dir scathing. And now back to the headlines in our lead story tonight. The accuracy activists and liberty university president Jerry Falwell junior continued 'cause playing as John Lithgow the protagonist from footloose who that. Dan. And naturally that included a tweet last week suggesting that Donald Trump should get two extra years added to his first term because of the failed coup d'etat conducted by the Democrats. Just to be clear. He's referring to the criminal investigation. That's already led to seven convictions. From the Trump campaign team conducted by Republican democrat, Robert Muller. Right. Yeah. Data not the one where Russia stole a presidential election in two thousand sixteen. It's easy confused. Those. Like fake news, Khuda talk crooked Hillary. It's the I know you are. But what am I president? So here's the tweet from fall while junior quote after the best week ever for Donald Trump. No obstruction. No collusion. New York Times admits Barack Obama did spy on his campaign. What? And the economy is soaring. I now support reparations pin in that Trump should have two years added to his first term as payback for time stolen by this corrupt failed coup and quote. Yeah. Yeah. Nothing would show us. How bad failed coup is like a six houseful two years. She's fucking Christ. I don't think that means what you think it means to very few those words mean what you think they? Yeah. So I'm pretty sure the only thing in that entire tweet. That's not objectively. Incorrect was the use of one Oxford comma that was the thing. I wanna focus on one particular word. He used their member. He said. I know support. Reparations reparations that was the word. He. Jerry Falwell junior heard about the idea that centuries of slave labor represent an enormous amount of money that's owed to the African American community. And he was like, you know, who's oh similar debt. Donald Trump, basically, the same tied and over seventy five thousand people on Twitter agreed pretty much immediately. And like the tweet within two days, including the president of the United States who retweeted this about five seconds after follow posted it. Yeah. Well, the five seconds. I'm not surprised by. I'm sure Twitter's algorithm pushes any tweet with words corrupt spy and stolen Trump right away. That is you talking to you. And Trump also added some of his own commentary to falwell's tweet spoiler. Trump did not say anything like no, I will not try to illegally extend my term laws are real things. I won't do that nothing. Even similar to what I said. Instead Trump responded with the following quote, despite the tremendous success that I've had as president including perhaps the greatest economy and most successful first years of any president in history. They have stolen two years of my our presidency collusion delusion that we will never be able to get back and quote. Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. We're those ones single use years. Are you even talking about? Also, did we feel it or not? Yeah. If we still it then those two years of the greatest economy and greatest success ever that was us. The day ta with our Republican democrat investigator, and if we didn't steal it because stealing from the time dimension is nonsense. Then fuck yourself. But either way I'm guessing everyone's still not clear on the reparations thing. But don't worry Trump realize that, you know, being compared to the entire African American unity might have been a little confusing. So he said a follow up tweet that said, quote, the witch hunt is over, but we will never forget, and quote, so wow. That he's owed reparations just like the victims of American slavery. It's that. Plus, he's just like all the holocaust victims to it's both right? Yeah. Exactly. If you'd wrap them all together at one burrito of self pity. Yeah. And then you gave him a Cup Christmas and in ham fisted news tonight. It's been a rough year for canam so far, and we're still early on the attendance numbers of the ark park have been singing faster than the boat. Would if you put it to see he had a host rate comfort all through Easter weekend. And that smell never comes out and this scribbling one. Yeah, he had to contend with the realization that he so fucking stupid that even Piero looks at this shitty. Says it goes all right now that's dumb. That's right, Ken ham. Doesn't know how old the world is idiot and coming up next. We'll show you how gay people make used heroin needles into HIV spreads handshake rings in our show. Thank min real thing that he said, yes. So so this story starts when host of the seven hundred club and only man with ear lobes on the top of his ears to Pat Robertson the question from you. Right. No Sheila was trying to reconcile the age of the earth that she learned a church with the fact that science says, quote dinosaurs are thousands or millions of years old and caused well it's both thousand. Millions. Gonna nail in response. Piero's basically, flew to Kentucky and smack hams books out of his hands and gave him a fuck wedgie. So he explained with a six thousand year number comes from an encounters that by saying, quote, the truth is, you know, that dinosaurs were extinct maybe two hundred or one hundred fifty excuse me out get it, right? Won't. You know, what I'll give you two orders of magnitude leeway what he got your ABS continuing quote about fifty billion. Yeah. We'll see your. Yeah. Yours and this planet has gone on much longer than that and quote much longer than the fifty billion then goes on to describe creations is science using words like nonsense and embarrassing and said, quote, it just doesn't compute and quote will. Yes. The guy who swung at the extinction of the dinosaurs. And missed by more than three and a half times the age of the universe. Just called Ken HAM's. Math embarrassing. Can him the mosquito that got trapped under Machiko flow is older than six thousand right, right? Where are you there? Yeah. Actually in this instance. Well, never wanted to shut. The fuck up Ken ham fired back on Twitter by daring, Pat Robertson to shower hams creation theme park with free publicity. He said in part, quote, I challenged the seven hundred club to bring their cameras and record our conversation. Even broadcast it live and. He he then went onto the Pat Robertson couldn't take him. Even if you tried and frantically requested not to be thrown in that brought here patch. Right next up headlines. The holy book for the second largest religion in the world advocates genocide. And so does the holy book for the first largest while we're listing stuff. No. Yeah. It does that first place one is called the bible. But for this story, we're gonna focus on Islam, and how the Koran is full of murdering stuff because it turns out. There's a children's song about it. And it's fucking terrifying. We got an extremely creepy. Reminder of the murder theme in the religion of peace this week. Thanks to video of a musical number performed by a group of kids at the Muslim American society Islam center of Philadelphia during which they literally describe beheading infidels and torturing them for all eternity. Children do that. Wow. That's fucked up. Yeah. And and that's coming from a guy who spits childhood singing about old ladies swallowing ever larger carnivores in hopes of instigating an intestinal death match. So it's the exact words from one of their songs, quote, glorious steeds, call us and lead us to the oxygen mask in Jerusalem. The blood of martyrs protects us take us oceans until we reach our shores and crushed the treacherous ones fleas rivers of martyrs and quotas so to recap that's talking horses directing a mob of. In this case singing children to mosque in Jerusalem via rivers of blood from heroin martyrs. That's what I got. Yeah. And the blood protects the mob along the way. The mob of singing children is protected by a magical shield made of blood river on the way to kill Jewish. People is the plot of that children's song. Yeah. Yeah. That's fucking terrible. It doesn't even remotely rhyme. We also got a dramatic spoken word condenser. I guess during the musical program that include the following quote. We will defend Palestine with our bodies. We will chop off their heads. And we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted oxide Mosk. We will subject them to eternal, torture and quote. Yeah. And if you think the song is bad, you don't even wanna see the fucking pop up book, actually, actually, do you wanna see the the pop up? Yeah. So the release of this terrifying. Music video the Muslim American society put out a statement explaining how not all the songs were properly vetted. No mention of how not all the holy books were properly vetted either. Right. And by the way, if Islam is listening, you guys need some peer review, if you need some peer review. That the crown would be a much snappier read. If you pulled out the murderer parts is this a lot of fat in their reputation. Yeah. Yeah. Right. And while you're at it, you could drop the sexist parts NIA Barrasso, stupid apologetic and the repetitive stories of Moses without losing anything. And then you can kinda wrap that empty cover around. Any you want really? There you go you save saving so much money. Right. There point being there's no such thing as Lama phobia. A phobia is defined as an irrational fear. And I don't see anything irrational about fearing Islam or Christianity, right? There certainly is discrimination and bigotry toward Muslim people the people, and that's what made when they say, Islam phobia. But that's an incorrect. Use of the word. But yeah, that bigotry is terrible, especially considering that Muslim people as group are actually one of the biggest victims of Islam that being said the other really big victim would be the people whose genocide is called for in the Koran and that would be everyone else. All everyone else. It says the book not making that up. It says murder nonbelievers until those people run out of people seriously. So more of a story is Lomb Christianity and Judy. Awesome shouldn't be legal until they amend their books. 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I really don't I actually know a lot of secular women who have mixed feelings about abortion that being said mixed fillings is a long ways from wants to outlaw and like it or not abortion is the not Suthin wedge into rolling back women's rights across the board. And if you don't believe that look how seamlessly they transitioned from the fight against abortion to the fight against contraception and all forms, so. Yeah. Self-appointed Georgia governor Brian Kemp. Went ahead and signed that in possibly onerous abortion Bill. We talked about last time under the new law, which is set to take effect on January first it will be legal for a woman to have an abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat as detectable a thing that generally occurs before a woman could conceivably know, she was pregnant, so if you want an abortion and Georgia yet just after go in and have a preemptive one every month and a half or so now, there's no. No question the under the current law. This is unconstitutional. The supreme court has been striking down far less. Cumbersome restrictions for the last fifty years. And there's no question that any previous court in my lifetime would do the same to this one. But this isn't any of those quirks and the whole point of this fucking laws for it to wind up in front of the Trump packed high court now off the record assurances to Susan Collins aside, there's every reason to believe that this court will overturn Roe the first chance they get. But there may still be hope as we saw in Kansas last week the state supreme court. There was presented with a case that affectively banned all second trimester abortions by banning the most common and safest method used for them. The law diplomatically called the Kansas unborn child protection from dismember bit abortion act was passed in two thousand fifteen but was immediately blocked by district. Judge over the last few years is worked its way up to the state supreme court, which basically took a look at the law and said not only does this violate the constitution. Violates the God damn preamble. That's right. There legal argument is that the law, violates the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness part and have no legal scholar, or so I can't really comment on the legal mayor of the argument. But the logical arguments seem pretty fucking sound. Of course, never wants to be deterred by the realize -ation that the violating basic human rights. Antiabortion activists are now shifting tactics in an effort to add an abortion ban to the state's constitution. So don't worry. I'm sure I'll have some bad news to offset this story. And until then I'll hand things back over to know antiques. Thank you LUSA engine. Pews will not replace us news tonight, I cover some encouraging demographic news on the show recently. Let me out. This place. According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, fully half of Americans believe that Christians face discrimination in the US despite being the Qadam majority and having actual KOTA fide laws giving them extra bonus rights. So first and foremost, the survey confirms that the reason efforts to redefine discrimination in such a way as that applies to people not being allowed to discriminate against other people is working. Yeah. Dislike all those sexual assault laws that were foisted upon men without our consent. It's yeah. Right. Okay. So fuck I should know that that's the only disturbing take away from the survey. So the survey looked at nine categories of people ask fifteen hundred respondents, whether those groups face a lot of discrimination some discrimination or none at all and for an atheist show. Yes, the key. Takeaway is that fifty percent of Americans have deluded themselves into believing that evangelical Christians face discrimination. Like, not just Christians specifically the least discriminated against group. The most powerful subgroup of Christians that is in current charge of the goddamn government at every level. But it would be a crime to report on this story without at least mentioning that twenty percent of Americans seem to think that black people face no discrimination in this country. What? Yup. Quarter of them feel the same way about LGBT people and his Spanish X and nearly a third don't think women face discrimination either. Like thirty one percent, okay. Say though, I'm not convinced. Those people are familiar with the numbers and words, you're using. So maybe. Then again laws are discriminatory against criminals. So that's rough for the criminals, it's like explaining the to Drax at the end of gardens the galaxy. My find a gay person irksome and remove their spine. Okay. Well, that would be murder pretty much the biggest crime, that's legal. All right. So in addition to presenting the results of the survey pew also compare them with the same question asked three years ago. The biggest shift in the data was sharp rise in the number of people who recognize the discrimination that Jews face, right? Okay. So some discrimination rose from forty four percent sixty four percent and a lot rose from thirteen to twenty four. Yeah. No all star thing insanely low. But I I was in courage to see that the number of people who recognize that misogyny is a thing did rise nine percent all the way to sixty nine percent. But the third biggest shift over the last three years was the uptick and people buying into the Christian persecution dilution. And in milk money news tonight, satanic temple is now officially attacks exempt religious organization approved by the IRS bands. Yes, it is. Yes, it is courting to a press release from magnolia pictures, which just released their new documentary about the temple called hail Satan with question Mark at the end early Cording to pictures, full religion status in lawsuits and tax exemptions. For donations have been granted to the so-called religion of the prince of darkness, or at least. That's the lie. They were forced to tell in order to get this approval. Yeah. Right. I don't know all the locations just yet. But a pretty sure this means that when you put money in the swear jar its tax exempt. It's got damn. So there's been a debate in these secular humanist community about whether the hypocrisy of accepting this bullshit tax exemption. That's only available to religious organizations is worth the benefit of the new status strangely enough. There's no debate about that among legal scholars who know how to read the constitution. Yeah. Those people are aware that the very first amendment says none of this should be necessary. So there's that, but those people aren't empower enough, sadly, and here's the explanation, we got from satanic temple co-founder Lucian graves, he basically described the move as the best available strategy, given the current set of nonsense rules that exist according to graves quote. This will assure that the seatac temple has the same access to public spaces as other religious organizations. Affirmat- standing in court when battling religious discrimination and enable the temple to apply for faith-based government grants and quote. Yeah. No. I'm with him. It's like, okay. So, you know, like, even if you're against the electoral college, you should still participate in it. It's like. Yeah. Maybe stop in at the rust belt once or twice whoever twenty twenty. So yeah, I definitely appreciate the argument that if we're fighting against the negative influence religion. We wanna have all the same advantages that are opponent has especially when it comes to fundraising and legal status. But I get the feeling that the federal government is not going to understand the absurdity of the situation that's being pointed out here, and I'm confident that because we just saw the idiot Christian theocrat in the federal government choose to give special status to a group named after the magical demon of supreme in there. Rather than just make religious follow the law and pay taxes like everyone else. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, right. If they didn't burn the house down when they had to let the Mormons, and they're not gonna burn down the fucking house guys. Exactly. So if you're atheist and you're wondering why the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment, which by the way was granted to African Americans in eighteen sixty eight by the people in charge of America in eighteen sixty eight. Yeah, if you're wondering why that doesn't apply to non believers in twenty nineteen don't worry, you can get the full suite of American human rights now at who is. Sign up Tannock temple and agree with the way, they spend their money to be clear, I probably do agree with their politics. But this is the dumbest possible singing can't just have human rights for being human. I have to do this whole stupid life thing. If only you were a corporation, right? And now that we have to draft a corporate charter for heath co I guess we're gonna close the headlines for the night heath. Thanks as always Jumanji and will become back. Andrew Seidel will be too polite to correct me when I mispronounced his surname front entire interview. It's it's sytle, by the way, not Sidell those Despites know about to say over and over again like Erik Seidel the poker player. I thought it was say good correction. Hey, he still working on that website for later cheese. Yeah. Yeah. So I learned Java python and HTML. And now, I've just got to learn linear, b and Esperanto. No, I'm telling you. It doesn't have to be that hard you need to try wicks dot com. What's wicks dot com? 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So don't forget to head over to patriot dot com slash scathing atheist and make your pledge today. We've added new rewards and even more patriotic bonus content. And if you pledge enough Andrew has to play twister with us in his pajamas. That's we have it in writing. We have it in writing. Excellent. That's Rex legitimately and writing. Please don't deny me that will be curious as well pleased to not fuck this up. In two thousand ten purely to survey showing that atheist tended to know significantly more about the bible, then those who profess to be the word of God. And as unsurprising these results were to we nonbelievers, many atheist still aren't themselves for debates with Christians by studying up on theology and scripture, but today's Christian, especially today's American Christian increasingly grounds, their arguments, not in theology, but in history or some allusion airy variant thereof, and that means that atheist need to turn increasingly to history to refute them. Well, thanks to my guest today that just got a lot easier. Andrew Sidell is a constitutional attorney with the freedom for religion foundation, and the author of the upcoming book the founding myth. Why Christian nationalism is unamerican? Andrew welcome to the scathing atheist. Thank you so much for having me on. It's a pleasure. I gotta say usually when I have a lawyer on named Andrew it's not you. Isn't that Torres guy? Yeah. I feel like I'm committing and droll -tory. That's one of the commandments. Man. You gotta be right, right. Yeah. Exactly. Are Chris our nation was founded on these things happen. Okay. So speaking of that every good book needs a good villain. So let's start with the villain here. Just so that we're all working from the same definition one is Christian nationalism Christian nationalism is the idea that the United States was founded as a Christian nation or founded on today. Oh, Christian principles, and that it needs to go back to that foundation. Right now. Wait is now a wildly popular view used to be sort of this kind of impotent side show that really the only the extreme fringes of more conservative politics adopted. But now it is in the mainstream, and it is actually the reason that Donald Trump is president. Yeah. Your book you present some damn convincing statistics that that is the primary factor. Really? And this is not my research. This is Andrew another Andrew, Andrew Whitehead. Out of Clemson has done some brilliant work on this. And he actually examined the data from the twenty sixteen election. The biggest predictor of whether or not somebody was going to be a Trump voter was not their political party, which is kind of amazing. It was not their socioeconomic status despite all the stories that tell us otherwise it wasn't even whether or not they were a Christian wasn't their religion. It was whether or not they were Christian nationalist. That was the number one factor that made somebody a Trump voter. So we we don't just see Christian nationalism. As this weird side, showing war. It is the reason Donald Trump is president. He rode this wave of Christian nationalism in to the highest office in the land. Yeah. It was pretty obvious. That was his goal is soon as as soon as the picked Mike Pence as VP there. And they they been remarkably good at at employing the rhetoric any Trump is I think he's he's atrocious public speaker. But a lot of Christian nationalism is focused on the. These these myths and really the underlying emotion of what it means to be an American and Trump is is very good and has become even better since he's entered office at playing those those Christian, nationalist, heartstrings NFL. It's a little bit alarming to see in my opinion. Yeah. This this from a Presbyterian that had to ask another Presbyterian. Whether that was a kind of Christian. I'm okay. So now, we know that you, and I know anyway that America was not founded as a Christian nation. So why does it matter to them so much to build this mythical history? I mean, it's incredibly important because a lot of their political power is tied up in it. So the lies surrounding whether or not America was founded as a Christian nation, all these myths that they have about the American founding and prayer at the constitutional convention phrases like in God, we trust one nation under God, God bless America. All of that those lies makeup, the Christian, nationalist, identity and bad. Is where they get their political power. These lies are driving public policy. We see education policy immigration policy, civil rights, women's rights, minority rights LGBTQ rates, even our foreign policy when they moved the Cima embassy in Israel and prominently these days in the redefinition of religious freedom as basically a complication of discrimination. I mean judges now are deciding cases based on these lies admits, so it's not just in the culture war issues, but in many areas beyond that, I mean if you had to put it simply it would be the lies are destroying our country. Really there knowing away at our liberty. I think that we the people have duty to stand up to the lies and to the bullies pushing them. Yeah. The constitution doesn't invoke God. But it sure invokes us. Yeah. Absolutely. Does right there in the first three words. All right. So the whole argument is that the like she says that the government the legal system it cetera. Are grounded in Judeo Christian principles. Now, this is a question that people don't ask enough, but you address a really well in your book, what our Judeo Christian principles, and that question was actually one of the things that kind of led me to write this book because if you've ever had a debate about whether or not we're Christian nation, and you know, you know, even the most basic facts about American history of of your eighties tend to go straight to the treaty of Tripoli when somebody claims that we're a Christian nation. But the fallback position is always. Well, I actually didn't mean the we're Christian nation. I meant that were founded on Judeo Christian principles. And and I had this argument for a living. I mean, this is a big part of what I do the freedom from religion foundation's try to get government officials to stop using their public office to promote their personal religion. And I'll write them a letter and explain hey, you can't tell a kindergartners and first graders to pray before they go down to lunch. That's illegal in one of the things that will always get back is. Well, actually, we were founded as Chris. Nation. So that's okay. So I I've been having this argument for a living, and the argument that I kept hearing in return was after it was debunked. Well, we're founded on today. Oh, Christian principles, and whenever you follow up on that will well may want what what is your day? Oh, Christian principle. It people did not have a good answer for that. But Christian nationalist did not have a good answer for that. So I said about figure out, you know, exactly what what is it you Christian principle in how could it possibly have influenced the founding of our nation. It turns out that if you look at those today oh Christian principles, especially the ones that are central to the Christian, nationalist identity. They are so thoroughly opposed to the principles on which the United States was built. I mean, they different that conflict to such greed that to put it bluntly as I do in the book Christianity is on American. So okay, let's compare them. What would a nation that was actually built on day? Oh, Christian values. Look like, it would look a lot like the early settlements in Massachusetts that the pilgrims and the Puritans created. I think those were these sort of monochromatic theocracies that really worked to enforce religious conformity and uniformity using the government. And and if you saw government founded on Christian principles today, I think it would look a lot like that. India might look a lot like what we would see in the Middle East now just with a different religion as as the the motivating factor any go to tie into the previous question a little bit. So those Judeo Christian principles if you listen to the believers, it's it's the main principles in the bible. It's the principles in the ten commandments. And generally if you talk to any person any American out on the street, they tend to think of those as. Positive good principles. But once you dig in you find out that they're really not. Okay. So. Yeah. You touched on this already a little bit. But most of the time when Theus are called upon to refute Christian nationalism. They go straight to the tree Tripoli. Right. And that's good, right? The United States is in no way. A Christian nation is a pretty good quote to have in your back pocket, but the Christian national association have quotes in their back pocket, and they can present those and make it seem like the founding fathers are also saying the opposite your book does a lot more than that. If you don't mind, can you expound a little bit on what your plan of attack was when you set out to refute their narrative. Yes, I so there I mean, and there are a lot of even good Christian nation Christian nation, quote, unquote books out there that to pretty good job of refuting the myth. But I wanted to I wanted to take a different tack than so there are two main differences. I think between my book in some of the other folks that are out there. The first is again, it is soon as we debunked that Christian nation. They always fall back on I meant founded on Christian principles. So I actually focus on that. Second myth because if it pervades all the other Christian nationalist arguments out there if America was not founded on Christian principles. It is not a Christian nation all of their other arguments failed and well, many authors have refuted that first fiction Christian nation. Nobody's ever touched that second. So I went and I compared today. Oh, Christian principles to our founding principles. I compare the bible to the constitution. I compare the ten commandments to the ten amendments. And I really walked the reader through in or you not only that we were not founded on your day. Oh, Christian principles. But again that those principles are oppose to the values that founded America's that's let's kind of first big difference in the second. Big difference was my approach your previous books have offered. They've offered gentle corrections to the Christian nationalist, actually, guys. Here's what history tells us. Here's what the founders actually meant. Here's what the founders actual. We said big hind leave it at that. But correction is not enough. Otherwise, President Trump be President Trump also go on the offensive this book isn't assault on the Christian nationalist identity. Not only are Christian nationalist wrong, their beliefs identity, run counter to the ideals on which this nation was founded they are unaware again. And I think that's really kind of critical because we are in a fight for what it means to American. They want to say that to being American is to be a Christian, but patriotism has no religion. And honestly, this is not a fight that we can afford to lose. But well said well said while tell you what you are. Absolutely speaking our audiences language, when you talk about going on the offensive, but I want to give you a chance to respond to a potential criticism that I think you'll probably run into in the book, you say things like, you know, Christian principles are on American you compare God to grill in a threat display. Are you worried that you're turning away potentially sympathetic Christian readers when you say stuff like that? Not not particularly I mean, you know, calling out Christian nationalism as unamerican, I can I can understand maybe why that might be distasteful to so people who make the word on American might make some people squeamish because there's this inherent value judgment in it. But but the point I'm trying to make as we are in a fight for our values America's in a fight for its values in Christian nationalism is warping and torching those values. It's dragging our country down this dark hole so to hesitate to describe that identity with apt phrases because they might be unpleasant is to see the American identity to imposter to refuse the label that which is Anthony to America's to wash Christian nationalist hijacker nation. Yeah. The the the thing is is that they certainly aren't avoiding that. Right. Like, so it would be under lateral disarmament. If we did that that's a great way to put it. I think that makes that makes perfect sense. Absolutely. Yeah. It's also kind of the principle that this show is founded on us. Well, all right. So there now the book is broken down into four sections the first section kind of deals with the quotes, and you go into more the stuff that you were just discussing and then the book sort of closes off with a lot of discussion about the Christian phrases that have sort of crapped into our our government language. God bless America one nation under God at cetera. These are you know, we cover a lot of this stuff on the show and invariably get atheists that'll comment on the little right in and say, hey, man, these fights don't matter, right. Like, the the fights that manner are the fights for gay rights in the fights for this that the other, you know, whatever their XYZ issues are as the most important ones. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. Why do fights like this matter so much? That's an excellent question. It's something that is especially working that we get in our work all the time. And I've given a talk repeatedly on some sure there's a version of on YouTube somewhere called selling usually titled sweat, the small stuff why important to challenge these small violations it, especially when you're talking about these phrases like in God, we trust her one nation under God, they are symbols. And we disregard the power of symbols at our own peril. Greta Christina wrote a great piece on this once end she pointed out that segregated drinking fountains were really the biggest problem facing the civil rights movement. Segregated lunch. Counters weren't really that a deal, but they were symbolic of the larger fight and important to tear down those symbols for that reason. So I think that I think that's something that everybody needs to keep my they can certainly go. Check out the talk that I think gave it one of the F R F convention. And you know, as I'm answering that I'm thinking about another another point to your previous question about turning certain members of my audience off with with some maybe stronger language, and I should say to I don't think I'm gonna convince Christian nationalists with this book to change their minds. I'm aiming at at secular Americans and the middle section of the country trying to wake them up and arm them for this argument. So that they can turn around and when they hear a Christian nationalist 'bout this nonsense. Correct. That error shout at argument down defeat them. So that it doesn't get repeated and end up in our legislation or in a court case of a judge citing it in a court case to decide the law eroneous lease. Yeah. Which is a real thing by the weather that that that ever points out in his book that that it's not a hypothetical there. It is absolutely not I pathetically. I have seen that happen. And I could say, you know, as. Person who just read the book, you do a great job of exactly that. I, you know, I because you know, the arguments are worse than you think if you just have like sort of cursory understanding of American history as I do, and you have a cursory understanding of the law, you can refute these arguments pretty convincingly, but they are actually way worse than you think. And this book does a great job. I think of arming you with not just the the baseline reputation, but like you said the offensive bit that goes after that. Right. Absolutely. That that is the primary goal of if you take things like in God, we trust her one nation under God since we were just talking about those, you know, most of your listeners probably know that those are not from the founding era in God. We trust was first added to their coins in eighteen sixty three sixty four and in the nineteen fifties. We saw his shoes wave and they'll leave it at that. But that actually tells us, and if you look at history tells us even more than Christian nationalists used deliberately they took advantage of time. Of strife and division in this country to impose their religion on everybody else. I mean, it was deliberately done the one of the Christian nationalist who's responsible for getting in. God we trust on our money specifically said that during the civil war when our country's tearing itself apart brothers killing brothers that that was a quote pro piteous time, it was lucky that was going on because they could get the money or the guy there got on our might. Yeah. Unbelie. Well, luckily, we're not in a divisive time where the country is rent apart now where they could really get their foot in the door. So thanks for the book. Thanks for the information. Thanks for the great read those. My pleasure. Thank you so much for having meal. I really appreciate it. Yeah. You bet. And if you're as excited about the book as I was before I read it the book is available for preorder. Now it's releasing on may fourteenth. It's densely packed with information, but still manages to be a really fun, easy read. So if you wanna learn once more that the Christian arguments are even worse than you thought check the show notes for a link to preorder your copy once again, the name of the book is the founding myth white Christian nationalism is unamerican by Andrew L Seidel. You gotta have an initial if you wanna be a great author after all Andrew thanks again for hanging out, man. It is absolutely by pleasure. Before we straighten your ear backout tonight. I wanna tease you little bit. Andrew title was kind enough to stick around after the interview for a patriotic -clusive where shared what he believed to be the two biggest legal battles facing the wall. Seperation was the answer. I kind of expected the other wasn't and it was goddamn terrifying. 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