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My name is Bomani Jones thanks for listening wherever you get your podcast rate as review of the slow burn podcast over there at slate this season they are exploring thirteen point three seven zero that's pretty impressive that's good man I there's episode of this and it kind of dolled on me because you and I are about the same age right like the midst of big and everything that it was but it's interesting to lives we knew like the big events and everything but we never knew about like all the little developments they were going to publish anyway but then it was late or whatever you know you just never got like those to be the person who had seen it so I'm fascinated by getting into this because I've read more things about I mean that's really the difficulty right because so much of it was like oh I thought I heard this happened you know before then we decided to either you thought was alive or you thought to parking right least credible thing there's nobody could absolutely I always I always thought it was la he's due to like I mean is he would probably tell you himself it has said like he did I allegation was just an indication of how much he hated yes your biggest or just wanted to awesome what she says was a coincidence right right of course of course is happy resemble Biggie in some ways he is there he utterly we are seeing we got somebody out there I mean we can be honest here how much swag must you it'll be the coolest dude out there oh had to have all the swag like I'm the work inspiration but you know what it's just he was famous they're like yeah this dude was standing out on everybody knew he was he was the May I swear you can drop the camera with on this Nice coochie sweater and you can Rowett shores and other stuff and camera have Jodi out here singing. R&B dressed like the cats on the block big except they wouldn't have been like cold right on it that way right back yes you know what I mean like I mean these are not dudes are people that we think of like total the people are going to do with them no matter what you know I have to look they don't have to abide by some sort of conventional combing there's no nice way to really put it but you know that this is a part of the as you know what I'm saying but yeah no it's it's tough you don't want to say it out loud but we know we a record label executive look at all the puppy had it been like puffy it's like man what how big is he how is he is he heavy d also gives us to the quad studios shooting was shot and not killed right like this before we get to fifty cent and everything that happened there not only by five times lived until it's not quite clear on why he did that some people would say off performance side that maybe he even said himself up to get shot in hoping you know that it would even if you don't think that like even if you were inclined to think that you how it would go over showing up after getting shot it doesn't change the fact that performance art certainly it does not change the fact that the do guy shot oh before solve and I'm very curious how that trial would have gone over now because that's another one where there was a measure right like once we get to this point and that's when we started learning the names right that's when we start hearing the the reason we talk about to pock in twenty nineteen the way that we do is because of what happened that day music for the rest of his life he's out and then yes it's like I feel like you I'm invisible bra you know what I mean and so he was after that he was unleased right blessing occurs getting out yeah go into studio everyday he's broke he was bro is crazy he's got all these lawyer bills in like we talk about it in the podcast like he had all coordinator for legal defense because he he had he had so many cases that they oh I mean he went up to the US brothers you know what I'm saying he he stood up sober I mean man they stick with the which I mean really should burnish his legend he shot at undercovers or something like that but he shot at him and the charges didn't stay right they got drop that was the case that caused them the least trouble all the cases right like if you take another that was the case yet to do it he attack the Hughes brothers he had to view do the math on that two pods died in nineteen ninety six so we go seemed the Macgregor's mark gay but he seemed like so old and forever back has we sort of take it for granted because like you like to pock is I mean that's an indelible part of my life an oh I mean dude well first of all you know the the Tattoo on his back that the cross so like he has connections to Houston like yeah man people down there you know people ask me it's not only were they they were just trying to argue with you about that Oh they WBZ might be performing in Houston and she was like now I'm GonNa show up it was pretty good like I couldn't relate to that level anger I didn't have a world had treated because he was not a thug by nature Sam that's that's sort of a role he took on later the quad city shooting we got a little audio from the pack right now let the people here love what he wrote up to the eighth floor then dragged himself to the studio where he was supposed to meet with little bleeding the room was filled with New York hip hop luminaries they'd heard there's held there by the cops to puck was confused upset maybe it had been hastened Jack Maybe the men in the studio knew who done it and weren't into defend to park and if you see that footage you see us come past police so how we try to set you up and we came to hold you down aspect is a theme that a Lotta people although they have the utmost respect for two packing and it didn't make any sense and he's the reason he spotted up for basically if you were biggie and you're like dude all I can say is that I didn't do it right I there's nothing that biggie had something to do with it or knew something was going down and didn't try to after that people were probably in shock they come into the studio shut up and it's like Oh man this is piece of it and then yeah I mean you know he had some time away went to prison and not long after that and you know what I mean so it's plausible that biggie and puffy would having AC- man to show up at night like getting away because he's Jack Right there's other studios how about we just take the night all or biggie smalls and you just like Amen I did not do this is there anybody who's it wasn't him but to pack was convinced that it was them in we're talking about degrees of involvement because stood to the side didn't give him a heads up and that's like a much tougher thing to parse it like the bigger than than to to pack though I think in the people that like to pack you can get a sense of like what about them in the same way yeah that is interesting like way look at it because also big big from the class wise is it seemed that big grew up in a way the to park did not oh you're like so they had a chat a pretty good job living in a nice house how school kids went do but like no biggie came from a pretty decent background he didn't have this sort of

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