Iowa mess means no official results and questions about the future of the caucuses


good morning from Des Moines. I'm James Home from the Washington Post and this is the daily to for Tuesday February fourth in today's News Joe Mansions proposal to censure president trump meets resistance on both sides states scramble to carry out. Trump's corona virus Orville mm-hmm in Boris. Johnson is squabbling with Brussels over what it means to be friends with benefits but first the the big idea Iowa Democrats spent a year evaluating the record large field of presidential candidates all in search of someone they believed it could defeat president trump in November. But on the night they were asked to deliver a definitive result the entire precinct caucus system broke down and I Iowa place in the nominating process. became the story hours passed as the Iowa. Democratic Party struggled to reconcile conflicting numbers from from nearly seventeen hundred precincts partial numbers from selected caucus sites that were being covered by television networks painted confusing and sometimes conflicting portrait of what was happening in the absence of results in real time. It was anybody's guess who was winning by the time the results are reported. Perhaps this afternoon they could be subject to challenge orange or questions from one or another of the campaigns and the scene will have shifted to New Hampshire whose primary will be held a week from today. The one conclusion from the numbers that were being collected by the media suggested that the eventual winner would receive a lower percentage of the vote than any previous winner since nineteen seventy two. When the modern caucuses is were born but that could end up being the secondary story last night it was all about Iowa and not the candidates Iowans of prided themselves on their first in the nation caucus voters in this state of taking their role seriously and over the years a culture has developed here of citizens turn out to see and evaluate the candidates firsthand to kick the tires Democrats? That's often ended up settling on a candidate who would go on to win the party's nomination. But whatever the culture that exists in evaluating candidates Iowa has also come under strong and recurring recurring criticism for exercising outsize influence on the nominating process. This predominantly white state where agriculture is the dominant industry is far from representative representative of our nation the absence of a larger minority population especially for a Democratic Party. That's become increasingly diverse in its makeup rubs raw many non Iowa Democrats beyond that the caucus himself as a target of criticism unlike primaries in which voters can cast their ballots in secret anytime of the day when the polls are open the caucus process is far for more demanding. Participants must arrive by fix time in the evening and then be prepared to stick around for several hours. As the process of alignment and realignment plays out the Caucasus disenfranchise enfranchise some voters. Who because of working hours or other issues aren't able to be at their present site at the appointed hour this special provisions were made to make it easier for those people to pretend satellite caucuses at different hours still? The caucuses are cumbersome and critics. Unfair as a result defenders of the caucuses and of Iowa Have Long said that this is one of the few places where candidates need to meet voters face to face where they must answer questions and listen and perhaps learn a little bit about real life but even in Iowa their eric questions about the prominence. This state plays given its demographics and small size. And now there's a big problem and there is little doubt that it will bring more pressure than never on Iowa's leaders to justify their presence on the calendar and the system they have built Joe Biden's campaign sent a letter to the Iowa Democratic Party thirty last night demanding answers and putting the party on notice about the eventual results people in two other campaigns said Steve Party leaders hung up on a conference call with representatives from all the campaigns campaigns when the leaders were pressed about one results will be released then they had another conference call around two AM's morning for the people that they had hung up on the party. City officials told the campaigns they plan to release caucus results this afternoon to people on that call say that it turned testy Bernie. Sanders is senior adviser. Jeff Weaver got into a tense ends exchange with Iowa Democratic Party. Chairman Troy Price. Mandy McClure spokeswoman for the Democratic Party says they found inconsistencies in the reporting of results in addition into the tech systems being used to tabulate. They're using photos of a paper to validate that all the results match and ensure that they have confidence before they put. Any numbers is out. If Monday's problems were an isolated example that'd be one thing but my colleague Dan Balls. WHO's been covering Iowa caucuses for the post since nineteen seventy six knows that this is the third time in as many caucus nights when Iowa has struggled to get it right eight years ago Mitt? Romney was declared the narrow victor of a Rick Santorum on the night of the Republican caucuses but the absence of full results on caucus night left the outcome unresolved then weeks later. Sanatorium was declared the real winner but it was too late to give his campaign the boost he needed four years ago Hillary Clinton and Sanders battled throughout a long night of counting. Clinton's campaign claimed victory without knowing for certain that she had won in the end her margin was was less than half a percentage point and the sanders campaign. Even now does not believe he actually lost. In the absence of results yesterday cable television provided reports from individual caucus sites the television audience saw was not particularly reassuring especially to those who have been skeptical of or simply. Don't understand how caucuses work island's gathering there presents. They break into groups to show support for an individual candidate and then they're counted when that count is completed candidates who don't threshold of fifteen percent support our declared not viable able supporters of non viable candidates. Then free to move to support another candidate it sounds complicated and it looked even more complicated on television. The absence results created an odd ending to the evening a series of speeches by the candidates all claiming in one way or another successor victory especially Pete Buddha judge in Sanders every single candidate promised to take the fight on to New Hampshire. And that's the big idea. Here are three other headlines that should be on your radar. You're number one house. Managers and the president's defenders offered their closing arguments at the Senate impeachment trial where the senators have largely made up their mind. Democrats have nowhere near the two-thirds that they need to remove trump from office in the only remaining drama centers on a few possible swing votes from each party in a floor speech. Joe Manchin the Democrat from West. Virginia declined to reveal his decision but he asked his colleagues to consider censoring trump a less severe rebuke front than removal from office. That few senators others are willing to pursue Doug Jones the Democrat from Alabama. Who beat Roy Moore said? He remains undecided. About how vote on conviction. Lisa Murkowski the Republican. I'm from Alaska. Condemned the houses pro while also calling trump's behavior shameful and wrong but then she said she won't vote to convict him both the house managers trump's legal team crafted their remarks with a view toward the campaign trail as voters will decide the future of his presidency. Trump pats looney emphasized that the Iowa caucus were going on one last night as he delivered his closing speech and he said voters should get to decide. The president's fate lead house manager. Adam Schiff argued that trump lacks the character to comport himself properly as president describing his behaviors far more destructive than anything Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton ever did to trigger their impeachment proceedings at least ten Republicans wickens have now echoed Lamar Alexander the retiring Tennessee. Republicans belief that trump's conduct was inappropriate. These comments have contributed to speculation that Congress could pursue censure as mansion Incheon proposed but multiple senators in both parties flatly dismissed. The idea yesterday after mansion floated it on the floor asked to gauge the appetite for central among Republicans Mike Brana Republican Publican from Indiana replied immediately quote zero the vast majority of Republicans. He explained believe trump did nothing wrong and has been subjected injected a partisan investigation several Democrats. Also say they're uninterested in the idea calling it a punishment well short of what trump's conduct deserves jon tester a moderate Democrat. It from Montana said what trump did was impeachable and giving him a slap on. The wrist. Won't do any good tonight. Trump will deliver his state of the Union. Seizing the diocese on the cusp of his Senate acquittal. To make the case for a second term White House officials are saying it's going to be sounding the starting gun for the race to re election the official theme of the speech will be the great American. Comeback Trump Lancer percent a vision of as one put it relentless optimism and to summon lawmakers offers from both parties to work together on economic policies and other issues but the traditionally presidential tone preview by the White House has been belied by the president's own messages of discord in disunity and has vowed to seek retaliation and retribution against Democrats John Bolton who he feel wronged him by searing his impeachment into history is an open in question whether trump will use tonight's address to complain. He has another forums about the impeachment order prematurely. Celebrate the trials almo certain outcome some Republican lawmakers have urged the president not not to do so in part because the Senate's expected to formally conclude it's trial until Wednesday in a conference call yesterday afternoon with reporters to preview the speech. A senior administration official said trump's going to focus on five different issue areas. That the speech is going to be thematic a blue-collar boom for which he will credit his negotiations with China Mexico and Canada domestic mastic policies that help working families including paid family leave healthcare immigration and national security trump. Also plans to use. The speech to sound appeals to his conservative Serb base for an example. He's going to propose. A tax break to support scholarships for private and religious schools. The pet issue on the right number due to the second corona virus death outside of mainland China has been confirmed in Hong Kong as the outbreak continues to spread China's national. National Health Commission reported today that there are now twenty thousand four hundred. Thirty eight confirmed cases in the country including fifteen in Hong Kong and Macau the self-governing island of Taiwan reported ten cases. The World Health Organization says there are one hundred forty six confirmed cases in twenty three countries outside of China the United States recorded its eleventh case of the Colonel Virus with a couple from central California falling ill after the husband visited the province at the epicenter of the outbreak states here are scrambling to carry out. Trump's corona virus. I travel order in interviews with our health reporter. State officials complained that the order that came from trump late Friday afternoon with no advance notice required them to rush planning he he banned non. US citizens who recently visited China from entering the country and ordered the quarantine of Americans who visited Wuhan within the past fourteen days immediate relatives of US citizens permanent imminent residents in flight crew members are exempted but Hawaii. Lieutenant Governor Josh Green says the way this was ruled out has made things harder. This isn't the kind of thing you want to do. On the fly why he says because it just creates chaos and there was a lack of answers when they tried to follow up with the feds local jurisdictions responsible for quarantining people once they leave airports under this trump order. That's left these local authorities struggling to implement a system that they had less than three days to devise number three with Britain's exit from the European Union now official at long last the two partners. Yesterday begin to squabble over their future relationship. Prime Minister Boris Johnson huffed that he would rather leave the economic bloc without a free trade deal than see Britain shackled to fusty European rules at the very same same our. He delivered a speech before parliament on the question. E- You chief. Negotiator Michel Barnier outlined. The blocks demands declaring that Europe will agree to a free trade deal with Britain only if they submit to the continent's regulations and so began an eleven month transition period. When all of this may or may not be sorted out in this messy and drawn run out split after forty seven years together? The divvying up of the stuff turns out to be not so easy. Britain under Johnson is now all about cutting loose and going in global and making side deals with the Americans and the Australians. Well Europe is all about the need to preserve a level playing field if Britain wants to be friends with benefits meaning in their parlance lanes access to its single market of four hundred fifty million consumers in broad strokes in language or a ton and marked by the clever turns of phrase that that Johnson perfected as an Oxford Educated Fleet street columnist. The Prime Minister laid out his vision for a post brexit Britain that will be a world champion for a Free Trade Johnson mixed metaphors but his message was clear he said Britain is ship in the slipway ready to set sail. Then he called it a rocket on the launch pad ready to blast off and then finally he said it's a butterfly leaving its Chrysalis. Johnson said the kingdom is reemerging after decades of hibernation to be the lead campaigner center for Global Free Trade. And frankly he said it's not a moment too soon because the argument for open markets is no longer being made by the Americans. The Prime Minister took a swipe the trump his friend warning during his speech that trade wars and tariff barriers are in vogue from Brussels to Beijing and Washington. And he says that's a very a bad thing for the world and that's the daily to Oh two for Tuesday February fourth. Thanks for listening. I'm James Hillman. Talk to you tomorrow

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