Down Under Sigmar 20 - 2019 Masters Round Table


Good hey you find legends. Welcome to down on a sigma UA. He as always with the coach and he's friend maybe he's a friend maybe he isn't the frame depending on where you stand in this community. Laham Shadow have A. You've had a lot of love and this week how you might. I am right. And I'm loving the split community of this likened love lamb. It's been great. It's going to be a main very very sane but also in the low master member that I am also low Mazda. Matt's disappointed in that comment. I mean good man how. `Bout you really well and we might have. I've all my Gosh Dave. We've just been trying to sort that. Some guy comes in takes off his shoes guys. We all he on the on the Dan onto seek mainstream. We ought to be talking all things. The Australian MAZDAS which happens this weekend. Downing Melvin We have ten challenges to the throne. We have the back-to-back Mazda. He himself will do the round rubbing reductions. I will start with the Moscow because he is the Mazda. He wanted two hundred seventeen. Hey wanting two hundred and eighteen will he win in two thousand and Nineteen? Will he triple crown eat? Is Dave the mango himself? Kerr Dave Good Madha really good. Glad you could join a no. No Reggie Y- applaud your Wi fi into the mango and basically just let China access all of my information just to get on here. I'm pretty sure will now tracking cookie. Now tracking your your. Espn your adult website. I'm not I'm not on my burner so you won't get anything bad right. Daif as as Megara Nasi pointed out. I'm the current reigning Mazda in a week's time. Will now that south still still title. I hold a finger. It'd be hard run if anyone likes wrestling. Dive is the the undisputed is the inaugural. He is the absolute legend. Daddy's the Mazda and we have three people on the street who are going to be vying for his bought. The first one is The overload himself he runs Bush radio. He runs basically the whole Victoria. He is the legend himself. You've probably seen him on faction focuses. It is Joel. The overlord McGraw how I might go myself yet. Really good and for anyone who hasn't seen your five thousand point. Mega battle hasn't listened to the fine linguistics. You guys on the source. Give give everything introduction That's the guilty pleasure. Might Bush Friday guilty pleasure podcasts. An area in the community sites get on that was good in charge. And Don. Sorry Yeah. That'll do so well knowing that he doesn't even aged auction. You just know him. As he's gone he runs the basic. Kfc run slash. A is an absolute legend. A also a man who basically is my co posted. The these days is the mayor the mayor of dubbing himself he hasn't had to do any like building openings today so we rain team. How Mail on doing well? Thanks Buddy air you good. What do the introduction? I mean it's not like the the just saying the Bundy. Bdo sorry for people who got triggered by me calling them the Bone Daddy's restrain on that monster and that mustaches floats can't call them. Stores Floats attributed few able from Anthony O. R. I was fine with it. I find it was hilarious during trump. Yet okay on that If you haven't Samuel Navy On from ole-ery plying IOS refugees. Now and heading off to mazdas fondly. Miss de just last year and So yeah pretty came for the weekend and just catch out with with all nights and I've actually ever really sparked to die before that'd be good catch up with him and gets made him and Yeah and everyone else say should be co or so crew and also have Ashley gearing coming later in the show as well who everyone may know him prior mom and if you ever videos as well to be tagging along with us as well he's also qualified for the masters but yes So Magara driven mid much needs for airless. We've got the new battle force boxes coming soon. That coming out this week and also had some artwork released for those slice of documents. That was it really. I'm ally it wasn't. It wasn't Minneapolis. Better forest boxes Ninety four or something the four on each side. Yeah came five Zero Forty K. But this full focuses into the based on armies from the stock collecting books so stolen cost and not hose and then as escape in one and a someone else and a glimpse spot spot for not haunt the stone cost and yeah they're pretty good boxes the knighthood one is just so many models like so many others. I can say myself opening that box being like. This is overwhelming like overwhelming amount of spruce. But Yeah So looking pretty much news wise. We only got doctors very nervous coming out in this sharing of some artwork so I think we can talk about games. Played Any guys been doing much practice for this weekend. Even though it's a big one couple of games. Yeah going in between pining Off Lost in both so great. Start OUT BAD losses out. I just just working at how. The army works to be honest because it's a new army. That's only played three games with army itself The first game was a different list. It was nationalised But yeah just plan a couple of games just to cause all obviously right in the bulk and looking at rules is a lot different actually plan the army and and how it works So yeah just trying to get up and just work to be honest. Yeah so a couple of times Both close games. I wasn't like I got washed but I have noticed. Noticed one thing. The army's just doesn't die luck. It's just both games. One game was given and the other game yesterday against Jesse Perkins Fiqh and Yesterday against Jesse I think a lot of lost one hero or something like that was against must stalkers and that was like I didn't even lose half mommy against fix I. It's pretty good skype and the other day was assign obey lost ending as well so but it's it's a lot different to what I'm used. Applying Amused applying those. Obviously death. And Everything Dawes so you just throw. Abel's vices in your expected to and so just getting my head around that Just echina- things so try it again tomorrow. Heartfully and then ready for the weekend solid solid. Sol-solid Dave Carter say. We'll talk about the army list light up but have you practiced practiced lost time I sawyer. You're running ORCS and said this is my Mazdas list. And then I look at the muscle legalism I. That's not oaks and we will bring up lists soon so we'll listening and we'll share what they're actually bringing boss. Yeah I'll just leave A bit of advice here for and Mazdas Playa. If you laser week is running for about two three weeks into MAZDAS. You probably win one of the least questions we got was actually from the mayor of Dabo and he ended alright the question he says. Can you please all day how it's GonNa feel for him to become these dragging Mazda for the next six months and then also Australian US sixteen months and also to ask for a cheat sheet on how he can beat your army a please n? Thanks so he he He really entering sites. Yep that's GonNa feel it's GonNa feel good for wall night and then the pressure started to build and the expectation start to build and crushing. And then you find yourself sitting in the bottom of one day news kind of shaking bitten chafe abating. Miami's just kill the big things I guess. Just kill might units. You can leave the noblesse against aiking. What you do against diabetes. You push it forward for the best savings plan Moen. You've had practice games with the arrogance. Yeah I have I have. If if you want me to go in later how I got to. The stage of submitting an idealist stuck in all happily guy. That won't have was one of the questions I wanted to know. Why you some of you guys sit. At least that are very new battle. Time so potentially armies that haven't gotten to these points so Yeah stay tuned to that one because with rain acce. How many games did you win with the oaks two or three okay cool? That's the reason why this attack a running mosses list. I think once ray long weekend was I got. It was October weekends ago. Long time ago now mission was a two yeah. It was like a wake before two weeks before the submission. Yeah Joe. Have you had any practice of your mommy list? So I have a couple of games with this particular lists while ago. Actually at been bet right side can go back and watch lies on the Michigan Youtube Channel. Dan Phelps does not wanna give nothing hard But I had a game yesterday against the old might Patrick. Absolute master himself in them. Day is a bite. 'cause WE'RE JUST. I'll just try different ship. Could to start huma bind against the no shave again. Stop bitching takes me humble losing Siwa good. I have another list. The question was From Pat Nevin friend and said how does Joe McGrath feel Recently being Had A crushing defeat at the hands of the mortal corn army. How's IT GONNA affect your confidence going into the He is throwing salt. He is trying to get onto your skin even though he attained and use your club. Hicks is an extinct anything from. I think he could see that response on twitter. I think there's a photo about pat. Nevin said this is the face of a guy who just beat it by corner me. And it's drove pretty much flipping us off if that's the first time you've seen that side is because every time he Me I'm usually flipping a month so you might not say that too often. Go hang out with your games a doing any hobby and a you playing any games. I've been working but I've had a game against welfare with newborn daddy's and he was not happy he doesn't like crewless. He thinks that superstrong which I don't see but yeah he thinks the Scrim so it'd be good just enjoying the hub pot mainly probably trying to get everything. Bill had more practice games before Cancun. So yeah how about yourself your. I am a building at the moment so I've recently been hacking a out of production. Hieaux hero I think he's called. Halsey Co Caledonia Keller Journal. Basically someone who's did The the the old leader of the Phoenix God and converting him to be free killed so That'll be money. Anointed we laughing at his law of how you make else into humans when it should be the other way around. Humans wants to be else. This is my hobby that remark. I'm a hobby this I think will say to me on my chat that they don't like you. Liam stop running my hobby look. I'm just saying that. Elves are superior than humans. Kick off the show now or Wakeham Again. Completely sidetrack because lamb is being a jerk. It sounds like we're getting into the masters chat already which is wonderful. I just wanted to a couple of quick shots as we always do in every episode and that is talk a little bit about around the grounds of what's happening so from an event point of view I was a highlight Next weekend there is here on happening. Up in Brisbane We've got call to glory. Which is obviously Cancun. Chartering forty players happening If you haven't got a ticket and you want to come jump on the white list contact heralds of wall There is a white list. People always drop out Put Your name on that register if you come into Cancun as well definitely check out a Vince. Venture ellas painting workshop the day before Joel Gaming on probably GonNa go there. It should be a really good time ideas painting seminar at a depth. Deq On and I learned so much about non metallic metal And that was Anina to our workshop. Victoria's just announced an event in February the day. I think it's coming. But something something dos throwing the dice on you is something that is They they running a two day today. All which should be really cool and as of Saturday the first of December all Dumont darkness is getting tickets at full essay. Jt At sold out is she should be a great one. I'm certainly Kay on going if I can get a ticket. You guys you guys. GonNa I three full. Yeah did enjoy myself lost on I. I missed that loss. Time I'm pretty Kane. But depending on like other events that may happen next year as well. So we'll see what happens. Speaking of what else has happened recently. There's been a whole bunch of new content so I'll give out some shots. Heralds a new podcast with Dan Rowsley around the leading cities foul charge of applauded the whole library now of the next team. Tournament Joe. You guys have put out the you'll episode fifty of your video. Bet Reps thousand point mega bashful. It was yeah so fifty Youtube Channel Image of gaming which is pretty exciting stuff. Smashed them pretty quick which is good. You get what you pay full. Which is nothing. So the quality isn't the best boss in adjustable Schedule absolutely check all of these guys out. Checkout Joel's Joel's Reps. Also worth checking out eased Plastic crack. Our good friend paid off has put up a really cool east analysis off the MAZDAS team so check that out. I really good really good one really good one and Alfred Look has put out a video round the coasts. I also want to give out some quick shots. Obviously and as always to my patriots are absolutely frigging amazing. Not only that bought this week. Actually yesterday we hit our two thousand five two thousand five hundred subscribers so thank you to everyone who subscribed to these channel Really appreciate your support. Thank you to all of you guys on the street today Joel Dave Liam Matt and everyone who's been on the channel in the past. I really appreciate your support and your feedback and also thank you to everyone he kenny. Tyler reflects dog Many people here who have really made these channel happen and I appreciate your support so Yeah that's all. Let's go back to the show but someone's don't get excited Do we WANNA talk masters. We WanNA talk. Chaz nineteen would. You WanNa talk about what we're expecting coming up in like literally a few days time. Strat in the deep end. I lame lame so you got this really important question. For All of this is like a serious question and What does the Australian Mazdas main to you? Joe guaranteed good. Tom Isn't really look at a Master's in south. The accomplishment Getting in as the accomplishments I this is just the the reward at the end of the year. Conver- thing So yes that's all. It is as just a waking with some people Drinking Solid at those are great. Weekend so yeah These is what is the Moss Joy. Mazdas made you. We'll explain something always bane playing towards for the last two years so It's a bit of achievement To the football grand final Once you get a you know you enjoy it with a win lose at S- afterwards you have fun with might say Yeah just just looking forward to it. I WANNA go to be competitive Dining expect to win but Just just to go and do well And finish well is is all on heightened fall so yeah Should be good sick and finally the Mazda himself what does the MAZDAS mean to? You look mosses maids to me Street cred and Hot Babes. I mean what else is there in life down the road. In short he's come up jared Found it's going to be. It's going to be a good weekend. I'm really looking forward to this. Fancy Schmancy Tail Stein. In Luke's Dope frosted glass windows for the shower and she has in the middle of the room. Come Tall Leave THAT DOOR. Wide Open Who's tired of the credit? Yeah Taller cuisine is a style with us me. I got a I got a big old room made money. So what will drive these streams also taken down to a discussion of whose whose staying where we've got the new Reality Show of big brother outgrew. Shot for this show or much turn to an AIRBNB. Talk Show But yeah so it'd be pretty cool Erica. I think if you three for it's kind of like guys y turnoff with three three different On bases order chaos and district usually deaf. So I don't have them so take. You don't know what do you what macaroni is doing. And it's like you run like a DEF comedy but play with a model a proxy. Like how he's using humans as else. You could do the exact same thing. I'm Anthony Cook. Could even bring myself today that Liam Liam I'm literally clicking Kick Shadow Hammer from the strangely talks about me again. A bit of context guys. Maybe just a re one for a second for anyone. Who's joining the Stream? Who is in new store in the community or does it know what these events all about? The Australian masters is an invitational event. Only that happens. At the end of season traditionally AL season starts on the first of November and carries through until the thirty first of October. This is for the next season but right now. It's a combination of the best of the best tournament. against the people accumulate points for the tournament. Attend the bigger the tournament. The more points are available The top three ranking points over the top three events I guess. Come to a tally and our top sixteen invited to an event now. Unfortunately a few people have dropped out so this year. We only have top ten. But that doesn't mean that it's a lesson. Competition just means that a detachable is even tougher to win because he's going to be submarines Isn't that right Joel? It may signed. I'm GonNA submarine or one. The AD already FA- I ran. I wasn't getting actually. You know what it's a really good point as well side. The draw is already up and we'll get to the draw very soon bought and we've got at least as well so the lease have been published yesterday so we've got Was it six. Chaos armies to order army's One destruction one deaths. Today's taking the destruction Matt's taking the new the new Bundy's We've got one almost one of every chaos to Corneau's inch but is like one stable and one slash one. I go one of an one fake army. Of course we've got we've got the the chaos tool sets there's no danger what we've got cast wolves. Yeah it's pretty good mixture of like thing As I said before has actually coming a really good time. Army with that But we talk about that most saying but yeah I yet ten people. It's not the usual but It just competition and I think that's main reason like this is like showing you why we're moving it to doing it. Media in like sixteen months sixteen months guys off the chat chat called me off. The Order Army's not just order not not any order army they had to mixed order armies. So we'd have to worry. That storm caused worry about deep. Can we don't have to worry about five slayers these are true mixed order army so we'll bring it up on on the on. The chat pretty soon bought Some Pretty Quirky list guys. What are your thoughts on? Some of these was submitted as they. Are they representative of the Meta? You think people would playing cheeky buggies and bringing something for laws. Do you think it's someone who's playing against the metal? What we've built on the list that was submitted their own competitive. I wouldn't say any of them are fun lot. I think anyone's really fun. Least if if you know what I mean. But they'll probably have fun with a list but they all look very competitive in there. I'm way I'M GONNA CO JAL out What stood up back to you up here and I said not taking gut track and cities Maryland sock. You not nice I can still for sure. I'm not Boise's title track telling you and what have you done against Lynch? Don't even do you'll be on a Miami's not the three or four Cape is like normally say so. I've heard I've just got bags of depravity. Just bodybags of two product will kick us a whole lot. So it's all good all blades. That's been was better than generating properties is making sure us. Apartments should step anyway so the the lists although there was some interesting non shelves that probably comes to ten people in the usual suspects for those non. Shell is not coming so I think from looking at the list that are coming. Think if Luca comedies daycare ages would have torn it up with that many ills and being that fast and having that turn three or strucks fast just sort of run amok. I'm surprised I fly slightly schizo. Just so good. Nice CDs I guess to the to the to weeded do to accommodate bringing mixed order instilling his own but more power to them race race. Michaela is bringing a legions of goal. We've got Joel. You'll bringing slash We've got Sam Morgan. Who's bringing auto super interesting list? You've got three hunting hounds which I think is incredible. You've got children. He's twenty drops he He is you look at this list and you know you scratch your head. We'll talk list properly but It's certainly one of those least where you like. How on Earth did this guy gets a master's he must being sparking something. But there's some secretly taking this you've got Jordan urges running Nergal you've got schwinn running What is essentially a devoted of Sigmar? Army Buddy these order material. You taking the SEOK. Born rapists Matt Campbell. Who's well known for? Cohen is taking corn. Charles Black is taking escaping tied at Dave taking the more tribes. I'm sure Jim. Darkness will be screaming and cheering on your behalf Absolutely champion of the community and in finally Tyler McDonalds McDonalds Taking Cohen. So they avi armies that are gonNA be coming with us This weekend just WANNA say regardless but Dave if you take a mosses again but you many people that can't list yeah but sites. They're on. Jay outstayed something slightly. It's it's a quick it's easy it's good apply recommend Sabaneta. It's very straightforward inside. It's not much trick. Stuart Frost loads of Bala. A good I am not I miss my Bush Friday dives and this is just we record. Stop you put the fight up on. Mango Mafia are gonNA facebook tight end. I always like theory eliminates the easy pick effect it's going to be taking A Mallet Tankard authariel scenario. It's it's an obvious If you've got a theory canner burial site. Forty-five monks against there isn't it about them. Were Clark just helped me with everything and it's just awesome. So what's everyone's expectations for the event? So what's your goals? We have goals of we have expectations. Are we just go ahead have a good time? Look my expectations out. I'M GONNA win until I lose my first game. Numbers there for from Soon as I dropped that first game. That's that's that's made done for the weekend on a with implies it's interesting because you can still win Going full one if everyone's full one but it just paints occupy here you match up against him while by the strength of schedule. So I'm just GONNA brought myself out to off depending on the drive in isn't it's probably not. I'm sorry it's going to be a serious bet. I game Offense has lost yes man. Yeah as I said earlier Kindergarten trauma best A call we'll be trying every game Even if I die losing say I'll still be that fine but I'll be trying to But yeah look the on tagging awakened animal off spending money to Melbourne Cetera et CETERA. So I WANNA try. Lack gone there for raising So Yellen tron dual and. I'll probably don't have the perfect place for just because I haven't had time to play the the is much as locking and Refund Melissa Block off couple of games authority changes to accommodate now so Yeh Look at it obey. Were Obey David. Getting Ready to go. Yeah Man for sure I'm the guy three the TRIFECTA back to back to back drop the market. The end probably kick cat on the way out casual things. Look Oregon. It's going to be really hard for me to Somme to win it this year with only ten people as Jell said I think we can all guy like foreign one and it's up in the air and if it comes to that again. This is the two men sacrifice. Ultra win it. I'll definitely try always come every game and try win. It asked me that question in five dice. Go and speaking of questions While we gotTA P L Webster has asked a Dave was the official snack of the masters. And maybe I'll ask the gentleman as well so what's the facial snack of Moscow for yourself. Shit dog that is a hard question. Big Fan of Nabis nuts. Betty's look when I was up at rocky for related bit. Always nine is the snack. A dactyl loughgall snacks and a bit of a Connoisseur of snack one snack other night. Man I Don. I reckon I can't do it again. Do It's an impossible question or I may. Maybe maybe the man can help. What's the what's the official snack of the MAZDAS? Tight Fan Anything. You'd say like a trial and names him then. Zora. You're a man and I'm a big fan of those peanut admonitions to Jerry again. Gone peanut EMINEM's to medical bringing them all eighty boom list law cod said. Nabala nut so Make that as you will What's the what's the the match up? The guys most looking forward to. And why like if you could get any drawer in any army whether it's the opponent or the actual faction what's the one that you're most looking forward to and why because I look always wanted to play against him being Caving loss GEOS planning. It's at a bird a fair bit and he was ranked number one for most of the year and then he dropped off at the end but I've always wanted to dive and never had a chance. Say That's the main reason And also I locked to say how to actually go up against the line rape is 'cause I buy supplies combat armies and Yeah it'd be interested in set goes someone who had pushed by Dave Kerr at the master's two years ago. Enjoy that if you get the chance. What's what's the first mission that passed over the boss. I'M GONNA play San Morgan and battle for the Poss Sirkin. It's the easiest way to get away. Kipnes he wanted to applying Sam if it was like scorched by your models but The past good good mission American. Good matchup they're a good solid joan. M Well It'd be GonNa win the thing you've gotTa few last you buy. I WanNA staife again Save Aging Guy. Three against me. Excuse me I'm sick song Save this dump am on anyone. That's dives never bait on ever played straight never played. It's just never been day dramatic. I've I've never I've never played. Euka replied missed out like twice. Yeah Okay you can't duck named it was assigned one hundred percent Adam. Burt last year at a few different tournaments together both Finishing first and second and not playing each other. Yes that's correct. I don't think I've played at all not boy which is odd go. What is your least favorite matchup? So you've got your favorite. What's the lease Start WITH AMERICAN DEPENDING ON SCENARIO I would say slogan If it was one of the objectives around the board because obviously Miami's Quad slide Odd side that won. It just depends on scenario from a few If it's very light number of Genitive on pretty good at holding objectives. How to move often so anything more than say three objectives. It's and someone with a lot of movement. Yeah that's what. I'm not looking forward to within shooting Mt Hood as well. Yeah vaco ECHO LACED. Trying to think of everyone is going. I'm going to say the man who broke my heart. I was really worried about God. Trek Jal legit asking the pay. Gacek come in. He's just GonNa kill everything. He touches his knee. And all of my heart damage low attacks just gonNa go to one damage. He's just can three up on what Wanka. So what was what was the plan. You obviously thinking about go- Shrek how you GONNA handle him. I hadn't come up with a good one yet. People like just Just started noblesse unlucky. That's great except the die instantly so I think at the end. I just figure it's just going to throw him like just just bodies to bodies holds at once. Yes I'm like that and just just try one objectives. Just look I'm going to throw it out there. Show broker trek. I think he would've won any contact that back to China to be. I'm not you take. Oh but I imagine the answer is yes. It's too white too. Dave not worried about facing Nash. Fair you're going on yeah on. I'm a bit afraid of playing salon. Nash Toilet and the Mass Murderer Matt Cohen like a good a good role on me. I'll just puncture me The the OSCE barn rape is I don't think I can kill all of them. Get through their lines. Castell SOM- Tokodi and fifty Is Probably GonNa kill me the only people that I think I'm GonNa Convincingly Sam Morgan Maybe I'll have a shot on ash if I can GET PASTA INTO I. E commerce are using rules coming through. Yeah that went through Tacoma. So that's why Kinda went right Tried to figure out my so yeah. I'm pretty much afraid of everyone to be honest the Mazda himself jo Jo Giles slash site. Yeah so that's what we prayed of Jolo. We afraid of sluggish. We've prayed of Joe with sluggish. I'm not afraid of Joe. I'm afraid of SNITCH. I look on crutches once-in-a-lifetime If you're allowed you've ain't planning for threes needs. They will come out of a coalition mosses. Landside should be good but some malloy. My probably wished met is actually against child. Black in terms of The thing is with mass climbing at this level scares me. It's just the Playa and the plant with that particular list and matchup Unfortunately after night who implying fist anymore. Battle-plan and Charles is going to be really hot matchup real month and go all the way but some yes. That's that's the one on soda laced hopeful abandon. I'm confident against Cohen. Confident Against Bein. Rapist. Confidence against ECK covent against Roster inside become Daiva confident right now. Stats or anything to guy by then. Then then you're winning seventy percent wainwright all tied thirty three. You'll you win. It's because he didn't bring you can even go trek. That's that's clearly obvious. We because I had bunching many bays on the fraud. I know that's what the problems about if you're running guide track. That wouldn't be a problem. Joe Theme you've done it for yourself. Plus I've actually bring up these. We wanted to talk about guys. Least if that's alright with you so bring Joel. Joel you talking. I you clearly and bring go trick boss for the podcast listeners. Alright out the actually Jo- you realist. You read it up backing Probably GonNA COFFIN AGAIN COPE SO JOEL. You are bringing. Your allegiance is sluggish. You upbringing from the motor realms of actually and your host is Gone Seca host What are you bringing bringing a keeper of secrets? Which is your general command trait of speed chase. All you got was interest hand The odd affected the thermal Roddick Cloak. You've got a spell on the property of damnation you've got the community Which is the lore of sled issue yet you have to ninety spills in advance vs Wendy yet coat hysteric frenzy you've got your buying blade to blade heralds exalted chariots one nine. I'm trying to. I'm trying to on my other monitor. Let it this is my matter. This is this is my main monitor. He's a little side laptop monitors. I need to double up. You've got the bring help at Herald of Exalted Chariot on Exalted Cherry. Good Damn my English is not good today Got Not effect with the Komo of the dock prints And you've got the boredom nation spell and then you've got what is it the rapturous circuit and then the born of damnation. So you've doubled taken a spell. You've got the mosque. You've got a unit of health dry with Close B.'S. Got Three of those two three eight hundred five two units of five seekers. Then you've got to batallion so one is the Sika cavalcade supreme separates And then finally you've got the on bill total taking you to command points and total of nineteen ninety. It's wasted time birds. This listed can be super faucets. Got POLLENS ON KNIFES. The unions will retry charge. The Capa- can retreat judging flaw which is not the chariots a whole heap models when they charge individuals in combat Yeah and then knocking blow up with staple friends who through the spell? Puerto Pretty much all she. Yeah Cool I was GONNA ask what you run through that spell portal. I'm glad what did you say was? It's realistic shoot Sara Frenzy there. It is all look what that does Useless against your army. Hold on this list. What you could expect from a list is going to be super fast. It's GonNa Balk in hopefully in them just so to win on objectives and Q. When you come. Niimi idea getting shot by the way in a chat. He People Calling Your List Tame as fuck you got people calling vanilla as Faulk the You're copying it and you're copying it in the chat by the way on my look if you're gonNA SUCCINCT. Karachi the so I I like show listeners. It's the best comment about slash. It's so good so at least locker friendly show lock. Hot Show has said it's vanilla as or F. Slash is meant to be to be kinky and dirty so she is not impressed to dirty about that. You need more capers secrets. Apparently like those like tights. That's what they've lost game. They want more look. I'll tell you right now. The exulted chariots by doing more damage than a capable. And so you have one Caipirinha list and you just Paul with charities and I do more damage. Kate Oriental. Lots run off. I kid you not. Laboring is a searching for what they can do. Sort of twenty points is absolute. Boggling can also respect jove and you have to build those 'cause F that kit right all. I got dressed in the building for me soccer po busted sucker. And you're in these guys. We Charles Black running escape. And Todd said we've got the Gracie on the screaming bell we've got the Gracie I we've got. The Lord will bring a GonNa play praised on the plague furnace twenty clan. Rats Claims Twenty Twenty clan. Rats forty plagued months forty plague monks. Jim Needs Wolf flattening. Vortex US sold screen bridge for two thousand points. On the noise ninth battalions. What are your thoughts on this list? And what's your what's your message to your opponent. Charles Charles. You've you've got two games up on me at the moment might but it's not gonNA be threat. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa fucking smash the Cape. It's time Eric in ulysses go. Arkansas is the money on this run Diana what what are you? What are you saying? This is because he's got here is clear. One of those charities should be out of the out of unit rats anyone he really goes into especially Pauling in twice and he does not care if that chariot dawes back zoo. Just put another one on the board luck title no-bid Right. You can dispel if you dispel vojtech. Semaine you laughing. Can you Baristas into enemies along? Pretty good against magic. It's gone can roll like unbalanced dispels and all that Phnom Money's on You. Hey Joe depravity and this lace that anything but authentic that's the bias bring brings designed to poverty ours. We thinking Jolie's guide to beat Charles in Radwan Oregon Oregon. It's up in the air. It's going to be one of games of the Rams Argon is going to be super taught if he gets the Gemini. It's GONNA make it. Hotter Avenue got buddies for those two middle objectives Yeah it's not GonNa be an easy game that's for sure. I think it's the bridge with the plague bugs that I'd be most concerned about especially if you're bringing I deplore amongst ause or is there we can? You can turn one with them if you bring them up with the plague phone so it's a pretty easy time on charge some Where do we go look funky fluid if they twenty five year? Which can move Like all in seeks. Yeah it's it's easy to screen your army. Unfortunately so yeah I think even if he wants to pop up. Forty plague monks everything to me. Everything in the game should be on gels terms so we think he is going to be a good gay. It'd be Rahm public towards JAL on the way Louis checks are really good player as well site. Hey could pull out of a hat. Dos have been pretty hot site every time I've played him anyway but yeah he's just he just rawls good. You've put water already. Put England Talking Eight. They say dos. Okay we get it. We don't die because measure gaming. Do you put out an amazing podcast talking about how to cook dies. I believe it was traced in hush airing his wisdom so goose them shoved wife for thirty secons with the six five up. You lost the puck went. Call the Kettle Black Swan dive. You're running the MALL TRIBES. You will be up against Who you begins Europeans. Sam Morgan from the dwells below will go to Sam's very soon. Do you WanNa talk through at least do after rate amount again. You definitely do crap. Sorry Liam no heck out of me. Because I'm going to make mistakes so you're running more tribes she. You'll more tribe is the bold ahead very appears to he s going to do for you. What have you got a tyrant? Which is your general. And he's command. Trade is the Lord of You've got to show with Clara And you've got the lore of gut magic with the RIB cracker. You've got the frost on Stone Horn with the artifact of brand of the spot. I think it is flawed. Vault The map trigger. Yeah he's gotTa say odd fault Get a carpet in the chat from from Sweden's GonNa Smash me of at that out. Trade is the metal crusher trump Cruncher you got the Frost Lord on starring Horn. That's more at a clinic and he's got a black hole as outright. You've got three August Glutton's three Oga gluttons. They both have clubs or blades. You've got guts twenty no blogs and then you've got the tyrant gut God for title of two thousand on the nose with one extra command point release so firstly. Let's them. Let's get real here. Let's get docking date. Who Thinks Melissa's Pacers Shit Cross loads a good man with a lot of people here on the Stream and probably watching haven't seen the new in action yet? They might have seen what altuve battled they want to see? Something may be online but the base closure rate is very different in the new book. So it'd be great to hear what the new laws with this combination side. I'll give you a bit of a back story of my year in the making and coming to this point and what we're already cy. Most of this year. I've been playing Dockland Kevin's definitely for the back. End of the was playing Dockland Cavins and I was really enjoying it. Xining it not having a little fun with them then the cities of sigma came out and I was like I can fit into CDs and then I read some of the wolf girls things that I loved in disappointed to be honest and it is a native to still take Dockland. Cavins allegiance to run the The battalion which is essentially how was playing around the activation rules and Yeah getting around those kind of newel books and I was running. Go trick in it too and it was a bola so yeah I just. I really didn't feel like that. A step up. I felt the list weak- which was a bit frustrating so I'll try to play A. What's the Oakland clans the Walk Lancelot? Walk Lynch. Yeah Big Wa. I really wanted that to jail with me. I wanted to be code. Big Wa But unfortunately just didn't Nile. Something that are really locked in something that dumb. Kinda meshed with me so I was sitting there deciding what what am I going to? Then someone from the chat Smashed base chloride is in that kind of like. He's picked up a little bit. And and then I am. I've had a couple of games with them and Eric and they do. And I definitely have the gear in the Mainz to win games and are are kind of Through this book off of a dog to begin with but after I applied it. It's definitely it's definitely fade on and I think it will catch paypal. Add in some games with the best rule that Olympic before so essentially. This list has gone if three minute which is pretty obvious. frost lords in that line gots economy guy date diving on this list because there isn't much to it either lapping this list. And it's kind of guy. So what is what does it do? So the battalion contains pliant. Yeah the tyrant and the online guts is in that battalion and it doesn't do anything worthwhile if that wing guys on the hard drive off onto the guts. Yeah I WANNA dumb to Audifax on my frost. Lloyd's one that Moronic bad. I want it bad and I really like would more give it a WII Leeann Shit Man Stein on. And it's the best in everyone who thought about his women culet. I fuck you. The list is being done in a way where it's very self-contained this wholly within that. I need to Cape. There's no like buffs and overlapping buffs and lucky. If one of the characters dawes it it takes away the strategy in the synergies and it's yeah every unit does what it needs today and it doesn't need that extra support. The butcher is in that because he's Cu and elect the mole. Nathan Mauger has off. It's the best thing ever doubt really gone once for me win. A five times. Cubed I'm going to say my Salvatore Gust And that was the best other other than that. It's a very punchy list. Very Punchy Army that occurs the bowdoin tries to kill you. It's about it also landed on more jobs super interesting list. I think people are going to be very curious to see how how they go and your opponent will be Sam Morgan from the dwells below. Who's running the allegiance auto which is coming from ogre? He's taking the tornadoes. Tanabe shod which is general with command trait of legendary fighter and the sword of Judgment. We've got the Rune Lloyd. We've got a nine zero. Also we have A Rune Smicer with ruining iron. We've got twenty long beds. We have one are up to one. Gyro Copter Twenty Shadow Warriors twit ten shadow warriors ten shadow warriors ten optional company with a three skyhooks Another ten to three skyhawks ten earth. God Bazookas Five Zero Five Konare Roy. Five canea a chameleon skinks five tree rings five trae Reds Than My personal favorite one. Hunting Hound one hunting hound one. Hunting Hound says a total of two thousand points. What's your what's your take on this date. How how you saying these lists Ash You sneaky though just coming in on a man's back to I ask tally by trade The list spies. It's it's putting a lot of units off the board or has the ability to put a lot of units off the board. It has a lot of units that it can just put up in law blocks and it can kind of flawed in this bit of movement. Shenanigans skinks in revenue NSEN Rendez Other than the liberal shod. Which it's Kinda gotta get lucky doesn't it? I mean it has to get a full plus the jump into combat. Yeah then it has to get five upstairs hit then. He has to row well. On Day six. Amino it can work now. It's pretty cool. Personally I just don't like things that involve many dos to make something happen. I'm kind of saying the BIZAC as a as a threat unit to take things down but I mean you got a lot of to be honest. You've got the Kenner are coming from the sky with show warriors popping around the board. We've got the TRAE. Red Sea can do some side boarding. The the chameleons can jump around the board. Obviously the TANABE shot as well can jump around the board. So a lot of movement Shenanigan. Yeah what of multiple small units a law? He's GonNa Flood The board and Play Movement. Shenanigans with you but yet question. How's HE GONNA win it? How's he gonNA kill you so we will move around the border control now? I'm the idea behind. The list is to not being combat with you just kept you on objectives however with your models can against him to like the frosties and then like the other ones candy is to h is going to have a hard punch line at commit that many models at into the proximity of sneakily units be an interesting match up but we need to do his thing with him. Woke up the boat and yeah he kind of grab it choice. He will who it will definitely use multiple of these units to grab it. But what at the end of the dialogue cows at Tried Guy Tanguy that's is has the best thing for my mind. Yeah I just think this is one of the best lists for me to play against with Mushayt list just purely That models counting. I think we'LL MODELS. It just makes reference. It does. Yeah and also the temple shot has said it's so swinging but when it goes off on like a support character like not even like the big guys it does the job but he does have lost. Dykes to make it work. Would they address? Yeah we we want to bring into the fall though although the Mayo in Joel Having waiting patiently. Let's get asked to explain a little bit about. He's laced-in what he's bringing in. Why and what's what's the least take yes show So join and Talk Talk. You throw it on the on the screen. Yeah let's do it Elliott's Co all right so we've got free to figure general so he's just on foot He's the kind of A last minute addition to the list. Hammond the cross Behrman Needed to fill out some battleline since fledgling shortly battleline in citizens sigma now But yeah the list is essentially. It's divided stigma lists with with some some free threatening the And it's Based off the list that I talked to to Sidney j Tay Which was obviously two thousand five hundred points. This is kind of a scaled-back version of that See for freedom. General Allegiance Auto Mall Round Warrior priests in this is why we've got ogres realm so I'm sort of judgment legendary. Which is seems to be a standard mixed order lists these days and I've got the two worlds in there which can get plus two to hit onto him city and make that judgment Gulf unfolds. And then I've got another warrior priest. Matheson redundancy on the prayers again. The world is More UNDERSEA ON THEIR PRESENCE. Well and The endless spells and also some shenanigans in killing their mind flatulence so that they get the extra tax and then three ten across bowman to fill out the battle line and those guys work with the general said twenty four inch range if that moves As they get an extra tax H. And the free general's command ability to give them a hit and win so you can get a sixty tax out of those Outline units threes by Twos at range. So that pretty solid and then we got to forties of flatulence And just attentive flagellants. Because I had some points leftover not enough years less to throw anything else in TAK- he works really well with the fledgling says well could see 'em he'll kill as he as he telephoned That gives me an extra attack. So yet gives them the the hitting power on the charge as well as when they get charged and then the everybody's Which is always solid in a good second option in the Scenarios where I don't want to be throwing the flood zones. The board sets the standard for a lot of people is In at the master's there are ten armies and of that six of the McKay also think about the world in their additional shooting attacks against chaos They are some good choices. Yeah yeah was that a gamble that you're thinking that we're going to be a high kafer presentation or what was your thinking behind this and will that that was part of why chose to take this list might not own 'cause I have played both of those lists throughout this year And I I ended up landing on this list because I'm not sure if it's going to be viable in a year's time and I wanted to be able to play a Miami's at the master's level so so so far I've played my my two others Zengin. Mind Joe's Amin that it was a choice between the night on the divided them With with Smash Bang strong in the metal at the moment Corn under this To class that made it to Moscow is with the economy's so it was a safe bet to say that I'm GonNa be quite a few Damon's in chaos armies with the world's doubling up the damage against those guys as a pretty solid option. Any questions you guys have about. Ashes listing pretty straightforward. Compendium Shit isn't we'll have accomplished let in like two to three made up on me. So this event. This is the army's so those the flag well-designed yeah well the flatland cities The world is the warrior priests on said Basically you lose all of the buffs that you'd be able to put under the flagellants and I've just. I've done other models to put into a cities lists I have not actually looked at what a war all too does. But it's pretty nasty against chaos. The the the the big lies abatements lot of banishment. So at St h Waratah twenty range. They moved ten. And then you've got threes by twos and minus one Renzo or minus two against Demons And then his three damage or damage against Kyle's can get can get quite a bit of damage Outta well. Okay Cool Very. It's it's racist is how will help on showed. Joel Kepa out. You're getting taking trek even more now. so good not taking track. No have you seen Beautiful Mandy? Missed it I just took everyone on the the Masters facebook group as Aga's Auden has lost. You saw Ivax beach. I should've concise over so mashes appointed. Actually by the way is talking about Donald. Lame JOIN AROUND THE TORONTO LIST. Yes. This one's a corn from the mortal realm of shy ish. And it's the Vengeance slow. It's radical bud FESTA. Who's a general made? Ada Traits Omni artifacts scout shot mantle. Another blood festive. Which was on vetted. Fear I Senate rage. The ragged cloak. Scott Brand slowed appraised with Blood blessing killing frenzy. Rigors temblors template is five cents a goes off center goes and tyrants of Blood Battalion. He has some skulls. Any has an extra command point. he ends up nineteen ninety and he has two extra command points. And it's interesting. 'cause Senegal is authentically allies and they have not been counted unless it's a different format that confusing. But yeah that list trying to think you're GonNa go and what you're on. What what do you say to your opponent? Well I'm not going to get a trash-talk by the way. Yeah now that's not gonNA happen. I don't know if I've met Tyler. Actually 'cause Vein to a Lotta then propping Queensland. I'm not sure if I've met him. I'm definitely not playing against his corn and I'm going to feel terrible now if I have in fact played and that's going to be awful but I do you remember a tried looking like drinking later bottles of AAs break- that could've been any of you guys. Sorry Stereotype topic ways. He he he loves the Treasury's might if you bring in Nas fresh off break- go along way. We'll be good. May I did meet him embrace him if I correct me if I'm wrong early? Do they do really well? Brace him up but he also won best opponent general. So he's he's a good sport and he's a A good player now. That's going to be fun game and I'm looking at this list. It's an interesting scenario for yet. Pat Nevin generic tons of blood. That's the one So it's neither of us will be look at the other passing on time one His his blood. This is darned have the Movement for and even with launching the cell Seca because of the shape of the deployment siren on. GonNa hit infest at So it's GonNa be really interesting to see how plays out like whether he lets me flood the board or if he tries to to get a a commanding position on the table Top. It's GonNa be it's GonNa be really interesting you think he's. I'll say I love you. Got You got Joe Joe. What he's going to try day. My opinion is By the way for affected he's at he's got sweaty palms He's got matched up against any Damon Army. But he's he's GonNa do but I think he's going to do is give you ten eight eight shooting and Bam just sean with with Dabo. Use the Santa Goals just to tie ups oil Count really progress any further waving on than just coming in to try and smash the allegations. Ernie game plans. That sounds like what I was expecting. So it's making plans around that at least But Yeah it's GonNa be it's GonNa be close. I think the big thing that's going to help him out is that I'm Ryan Clark. rage More also really thoughtful is one of the festus. Yeah i-i scared about his ability to matching defense intake that affect say tax that. Yeah No. That's totally a race. I think you're GONNA save right. Click hates now because of like using armies with pizza shooting like binary businesses off now. So I think it can't go on. You might see a lot of it. But it isn't like the first choice but if you never the met is changing. Shooting decades has with psychic abilities. That's for sure. Yeah I was GonNa say what I was GonNa say scorgeous skulls clearly doesn't worry you other then veering cancel and I think that laser range after World Talk. I do some crazy damage to blockbusters. Gather the heck so go to skulls a a solid that I'm like you say in my particular on the first time in can't is going to be white back off the back of my front lines. I'm going to be sitting here at the pinnacle of the of the The charging points The AD is not likely to influence much fest analyst. Hey Ash sor today that All night the head head Honcho. Ios In the Tiber woefully talking about What are you taking the flagellant things? The crazy that Ben Johnson was he was he talking about the flatulence. Ben Johnson the head the head. Dude Indie Ivy. Andy someone out anyway. But yeah he's talking up Despite the sigma boys the crisis Maybe that's new arm in the future might just get new. Pre exhauted happened to me instigating. This is like this is like a taking the chaos to a codex off the affordable website and. It's just like tempting tempting. Aw Yeah what about that official had as a da the Castro apply but just a companion Malley Seimas ashes lists? Yeah Yeah now He's running the The binary this The head traffic's a late on. Legion and then he's got a Cavallo's with the mighty Okay how pronounce that even play the applicable On might see. You burn shape with the K. K. Migrate God Damn Shot. Off the field. I get and now drained vitality and another bone shape With the IMPERA Weapons never sold mason with the rainforest battle shield spell their twenty motech. God's on to have great blades. Twenty Motech Great Blades Twenty God. Great Blades and then we have six Focus with two dreads Baoshan Animated the Montek Shield Quotes Battalion. And we have all the endless bells from buying. I'm rapists with by Anti Straight Gut Nightmare Predator and the soul stealer Carrion nineteen ninety points with one extra cam points so matt. What is your view? Point that one extra points just from the battalion actually get command points. some are listed as A nice pretty straightforward. It's just hard to kill the Motech God. The Saving Li Hod to kill Is Sixty With a three out re rolling size The motech show cops gives me a h Tang is me affray showed wall ability For one of those units at saving me two points to Disciplined points H H Bell Ran The Leash Kavalyauskas Hayes command ability gives plus one attacks to a unit Hollywood in twelve Cont STACKED BUT PRETTY GOOD. The shape is there. Obviously he'll is Bring models back. And then they also spell Kostas The Saul Mason's designed pretty much. He just has a good spell and then he can cost endless spells whatever it's pretty straightforward least It's all about just not dying. Obviously the multi. God really hard to kill. But they're actually really good in combat you can get them to so they've got to attack h there This vice two attacks h hit on threes wearing on force I've got a spell can cost onto ignored. Wayne on a five up. I also ignorance or anywhere on the six up sites I strive for that. Yeah they weapons exploited on a six on his another spell makes it explode on a five. Say Dan Lewis spell the todd. Strikeout gives me plus on the hit within twelve inches by That can be hitting on news exploiting fives That can be wrong. Wants to hit at Wayne. Draws let Dan they waiting on foes But yeah they. They caught deadly in combat stalkers. Their full under point unit Do what a full hundred point unit. So too does that just can doa damage if you put them in that stance. Although second contain cafe beautiful I too but Yeah that's pretty much. What the army does. There's not really much too hard. We smoke army You notice deadliest August though not deadly And different of So I'll probably the last two years obeying the last year and a half obtain running lanes in a Gash And running all about just running aboard. Join a hip away in small units die. Just bring them back With the points changes at the middle of the had to Melissa went up fifty points. I lost the extra man. Point lost a few things of of sort of haven't really applied them. Except Sidney J take because I could fit more into the tone off. Dasm points But that's kind of oil of steered away from the legions for the MAZDAS and gone with the new army. I wanted to try the new armies. Well Yeah that's pretty much that's pretty much. It other players had an opportunity to play against the buggery guy. I tried to line up a game against lamb. Hit chickened out. So yeah I haven't played against the brain rape is yet. Are you serious? I came back. That's unfair? Now I think often mazdas may naturally be playing a game straight off to pretty much depending how he feels so quickly. I'm so calm. Yeah Dave have you played Dave? Have you had a game yet again? Spine races play against him about twenty times already. I think better than you. Yeah my of now. I haven't played in once. I'm even look through. That Wall Scrolls Cy. I'm pretty sure you could just say things Kickoff Semaine couldn't I'd start to him. Tell tell if we get gang con. I am not going Consi- good luck on that. So it was that I was GONNA say may do David favoring and explain how he's going to beat you some water. I think you're You know Arya Glutton's wine even kill. W be lucky to kill one one model in the Motech God But I think you you steinhorn definitely GonNa Smash Strom mortals on the charge and then they especially I'm really worried about the the metal crunch with a the state Style combat phase And obviously all the rand on on you on you guys but even with two random still a five upside Jerry Rawling And then Yeah of got got a bit of Neg. Wani Mommy and stuff like that. So I think it's just gonNA come down to your motor ins- will just sorta smashed Erkan but Yeah I think I'm not worried about your other. Even I got with a one ren will will do damage But it's just the four upside ray rolling so hopefully negate. Fa It of whatever that I put through. What's here what's he motorway in. Saif you have deaths is obviously yet Also got a spell on on a unit which is a goal motorway on a five up so I could cost set on on my front unit. Or whatever and They're ignoring fog. Don't only give the audience just like Apprai- demonstration of how bad it's GonNa hurt. When I'm more of a Halloween might bind toss nexus I can pick a put it the middle of board and then pick when you only have one spell cost Neg One to cost the nick onto bond and dispel With on a two up for the whole ten say good luck getting off on a non or if you're a non well next month next to my Doda. That's often a seven. Yeah well average. Val You definitely definitely got the motoring a to to Smash Smash Mommy. What are your Jostle because that's got a lot of moins in it. I think definitely definitely if we get paid up against a gentle ongoing absolutely fucking smash off the table night. I played. I played the other with Mina gas leak so it wasn't the least bit. I had always had a unit of twenty Motech God in combat with Exalted Chariot. A normal charrette and What is what's the Big Bitch Kepa. And they survive to combat. Because I had the five motor inside and it actually killed Nearly killed the Capa- and nearly killed by charities that don't don't question respond to Joe Appropriate. Now I look I honestly. I think I can bait Joel. I'm not saying I can beat him. Especially with the largest that like this is a bitch Because otherwise is multi God even a unit them hidden if if I get to go first into his cape the to rent so he's gotta six up against all the rain's coming in You Know Luck. Yeah Capers Hall. Nice that the Cape Is. He's he's enjoying the sake of the big Jarrett said Yeah but inside the anything that the Charrette's can do to me is the motor earns. They multiple a massive attacks. Diet. Really get through Just because I don't have a lot of rent this way you've got ana is what thoughts might. They've got their own twenty six twenty six age. Yeah but if you don't have random it's a three upside save and then a three again like I get to write roll size. Yea like one hundred twenty attacks against through that man. You know one's got that Wichita bring daughters just taking more judge launch or at Megara. You're definitely definitely worried about jobs. Least as Flammarion Appreciate on this kid not giving you any depravity. That's a good thing justice's fest time at Mazda's on his new to the same this year. He made it in. So we got Nergal Hajer Decay his General Hillary's resilience With artifacts load obliged with the EPA quits broach associated with blades putrefaction spell and run against with lorries inscribed by five five by gangs in a black cyst with the Bhave decays Limbaugh Regard thirty played barriers and steady plague monks with the double blades and the banner. And in Gong's on Xtra Command Point What are your thoughts going up against his Matt? We'll he's he's a four up as a full drop. Sorry on the five drop say Of already been he's already been asking me a lot of questions about Miami and of pretty. I've been with him and telling him how mommy works on. I don't WANNA go there. And have any GOTCHA moments early sale. I'm happy to explain how it works. OF SODA. Banging his head about who takes I and now it's all up to him to decide with the full drop and on the five exciting. You're pretty happy to have that extra drop that. Let's drop in on like well. That's good so now that want to. I want that choice and he's like okay But this list As far as him killing me I think the plague monks of probably the only thing the an Ragas that Kill my unit. But it's more the numbers. He has the numbers for objectives. The block kings on death lane. Not Worried about Aachen obviously tank tank Myers to the stuff here like bears and not gonNA damage me But they're gonNA hold objectives. Say the other thing is with both really slow armies and getting to those first middle to middle objectives. I ten for other of us is going to be really hot Block King's water four inch five inch move players four inch flag monks. Maybe a six inch other So yeah it's GonNa be it's GonNa be difficult for both of us Luck obviously I can spend discipline point to make strange extra my unit sigh of probably got the better chance of getting to those middle ones says tiny who's also got the wheel to add territories moved. Yes if he gets the royal also he can make roll of a six Yes Hey can spend a command point to make a seeks But I think with the objective so I If you put your model rod at the tip of that point and to that first objective I think you nayed eighteen inch move to get to it to within inches On I think it's Danishes a way to get at that. I need you just just on the seventeen inches away. So yeah you need to. You need to run role of the six a six inch move to basically guarantee yourself to get there. Yeah say hey mark. Get one of them. It's if if a was if they had moment in a he got his to begin to that middle. I ten. It's GonNa be really odd to me To get him but look. I think it's going to be a bit of a slap fest is fought This could obviously just vice di DI stuff. That doesn't Dr at I. Had you guys say gone already. Know what I think I just feel like negative lost a bit spies. Look he's got to snuggle. He can screen out the bears which ought to kill Iran. The kings aren't going to do much at all And he's Motta wins in this. Doug list is actually fairly minimal. It's John I think it'd just be a case of CEOS. It's the blight. But he's gotten away at your You'll stupid to Ryan Pace. We'll make that which are played nergal and even a seven. I feel like that's odd to get all just come down to who controls. The objected suggest Yup look can get my stolk made a fair bit. Quite easy on one Just getting the run role for the Samaya. Motech God for the other side or whatever. Yeah so what is the courts for in this list. Missing suddenly hate. Czar play joining hates. He uses aprons braves. Because it has an extra artifact and also he wants to use. The homage decays Command ability and also never compatibility so he wants to go to set performing once episode. Let's so you can make a lot of blocks in the plight bears. We put it on. The floor is they might be linked to in. La Nick for shooting. Yes so he wants to do it on that and then also he wants to make the biking's like fiberboard is what he wants. He wants the cake and eat. It is pretty much what he's going to sound like these scheduling absolute grind bought way. Assuming a guessing I guess the Jordan doesn't have the bottle wound output to down material. Is that fair assumption? I thinks I am Oregon. It two and a half hour rams this game together. Tom Just purely by chance drawn. Yes the radicals can get dom I've met you. Yeah I described Matt enjoying it because he was a message in Jordan. Better Describe it like he's Globeop BETTA energy ability when like no-go about a year ago pretty much was like dad being durable in D- Matz Amish Newer NBA. So yeah. Yeah. He's very gray units. I E accomplishing something stupid. The death would do top frequent. He's wrote against like you said he could do mortar wearing he does day. Three on a number of units. You can describe the back. Think finagle in this kind of environment. I think it needs to guy more of the Amish I'm waking up to negative fall. Montesano Nama and if you did that then I'm blocking so just be tearing you up but it's definitely not that list. I think this this list was the same list that he took his first tournament. And which she I think he heard. Em The wave came came third Bottles yes I think. This is a bit of an image to the to the list that he took to to start out his tournament career. Then get by bringing into masters as well so it just move forward with the lost battle. Royale The last Bachelor which Races Legion of as goal. Which is going to be the Bulls Central TOROK REGATTA? Which is the General? Which has the command trait of grotesque and the artifact of Armagh of Blah Blah Blah We have the Damon Smith. We have Epitome interesting now. Why Choice we have thirty funnel? God that five ten five five blades. Twelve could I five born? We've got a skull Krecko we've got a magma cannon and AMAC McCain. We've got the bridge sets to K- That is GONNA come up against Schmidt Campbell Campbell's running the blades of corn. Which is go reaper? Vengeance we got the wrath of Cohen Blood Duster which is the general the Meiji Ada Command trait the skull shod. Mantle was the artifact we have a bloodthirsty incessant range with the amber glaze we had the bloodthirsty Alvin Fed unfettered fury with Crimson crown. We have a skull. Takeoffs loaded priced We hit which has frenzy. We have a Bud Secreta. We have five flush ounce fly fishing five on five flush out five freshfields to five five and then we have the targets of blood coming in nineteen. Eighty two men points so maybe quick round Robin We're GONNA GO MATT's blades of corn verses races. compendium not a real army. Hashtag however you want to the Legion of as I like Matt Scott this Against run run nice to two units of flesh stands up Grub the objectives if he's given I turn Tixx And then he sorry blood us. Is we own. I what I can do and what I do. We've turned to blood motajo sides. It's a very very tough lacy. Nice had apply it well Also a one size flesh hands to be dying to get those blood toss so he can get extra moves freeze blood test all all that sort of Jazz Look it's going to be very tough. Match-up Anaya. Racist Racist got a bit of shooting. So that'll help him. But I think if Matt Smart He's hauled Mars to be stuff at a range I turn anyway so I think it's Matt Scott. Game to lose to be honest arts may think Matt who else who else will stick with the ring allows I You not unless Jaw Oregon but boy russ is going to shoot all of that stuff off the table and win one pace. Yeah I reckon he is very soon. He's been playing them for the bid up pot of two years. And he's flinching this list and he's style towards it full a very very long time and I met in the same bite with his cone but I think Cohen have lowest ceiling chips. Do Okay so he got one. A pace I reckon that. Tash e choice to shoot madoff type Gel said and then those could die a bell tests fop and they fly might alistair dies a blood this he's got maybe one But are anything even took the plus one site look. I'm not gonNA tear apart. Matchless Kasese list is amazing. It's proven by those cadogan eight up says he's got fifty shooters plus cannons. He skull crackers Djeich End If Cohen go up and sit on those objectives at the just GonNa get shut off thing. This is the Castell scam interesting. And and Joel Graham in the chat saying he reckons. Trolls can do it as well as the sole screen bridge so interesting coal out Ash. What are your thoughts? I think the Green Bridge is unlikely at costs game Yeah I think I think with the with the scenario it's going to be as go very dependent on who takes the fest ten because I think if Matt goes fast with the amount of extra On those flush with Meta host He could sign off the board pretty well and just get positional on the objectives as he needs to but then that said the shooting from the choices joke. So I'm again depending on a few days roles with the magma cannons if you can get some lucky sixes on those guys into a Festa yet it's GonNa be. It's GonNa be really interesting. I think I want to call this one either way. I think this is going to be one of the clancy games in that first round are so we got two people on the side of race that one person on the side of Matt. We have ash who doesn't WANNA make coal? He's down the Middle Lane. Where you at with this? Yeah I'm you guys GonNa hate me but Not Not just. Because he's a club bank or anything because he plays it's map Just we'll practice and yet you has talked about shooting. Listen stuff but like racist. GonNa shoot him off But Matt Snow Jake when it comes to like measuring in zoning out to avoid that as much as he can And also those shots off no Like Niger so good for what they do. And it is a movement game ominous Fill that role. It's not a shooting game. It's not forty kind So the Cadila to this twelve gossip can move fourteen inches in charge. Yeah so that's one unit and he's Scalp and mascot five of that so I reckon it's going to be close guys but my votes map. Good good good unbiased opinion. They're fine. Let's stories game. Well yeah if I if I fortunately. Nick is stretched with that activity So that's there the lists and very interesting? I think we got some listening to questions. We'll go through kind of wrap up with Who's GonNa win it so I'll take the first one. Let me take the second on. The first one is at least Cola. A friend of the show McEwen McEwen and he offs. Do you consider your army to be a metallurgist ACCOUNTA- medalist or `gate-keeping list Do you do you have another category that you would find yourself in. So how do you? How do you see the list that you're submitting Dave start with yourself. How do you say a u? Medoff CANTAMESSA mitigate capable something else cut nme upside down see. Yeah a dime think. I'm medoff off the Anti Meta Cape official. 'cause it's definitely polarized if you can deal with the the Steinhorn Sir and the I N Guts. Then you've got away to deal with it that If you die than and yet it's GONNA walk. I have a a lot of combat. Omni's as well so I'm coming for you men Joel Joel. How do you say your list? Well everyone's GonNa sign the Omitted List Fed A spin off of the of medalist so I I've Jumped ahead a thinks in them. So I like a day of the King of the the deactivation woes route with the likeness. All I think the mindless is the king of Kings I just unfortunately Shaami's Day. Yeah that's where Awesome Matt Knew Army. I think it might end up being the Meta at some stage but It's it's Ne- I just picked it because it's and it's death and I played. I don't probably probably make leading into Kaanai. I imagine it's going to be a whole bunch of burn. Raker armies. Yeah Yeah Aviator have the tools to deal with that high yet. You Not Gonna be able to get through it yet. How ABOUT YOURSELF AMBUHL? I designed the list to be Gay Kepa. But it's turned out to be Kinda Canada with all the armies of the bay so yeah. I think it's landed as Canada and do in before onto the next question asks Yeats WanNa quickly define or just give people a bit of an idea of what a `gate-keeping list would be versus a guess Accounta- mental would be sure so say for instance let's take the Binary Pos so they're a great example of a gay capabilites. Because if you have more wins you can take them off the bullet if you don't. You're going to struggle or if you don't have high rent you'RE GONNA STRUGGLE ANSWER. That can catch a few armies off God And if you the way. The the gatekeeper works is that it's not likely to win the tournament but it might stop some of those strongest from getting through to round three or four on the top tables. Thanks sick So this next question is pretty much targeted towards Matt and Dave. Sorry this is from a front of the shy anyone bringing one of the new books to the masses. What attracted you to the new army that you'll comfortable enough going away from what you've got to democratise status to being with site debut kind of gave us a little bit of insight into this but if you want to expand on it more like what made you decide like what made you feel comfortable to bring. August mazdas to defend your title gamble to be honest. There's a lot of other armies out there. I think that would have been in a more comfortable position. I K- I fly sliders. I think if I'd taken fossilized art feel very confident. I I really wanted to play destruction for this and I don't expect to win this one nor got a wish. Should scientist is destruction? Your excuse like the end of it you like our destruction are now. Just blame it on being bad the all-talk it'll targets right on the Chin. Who HAVE A BASEMENT? Baits me and it's it's a low temp able which is a bit disappointing The ten pretty good people. So Yeah Gable. Nice map is the Gambler as well My other option was Site was GONNA apply death. Think no matter what But my other as alluded to earlier milder lists that up implying this year so to change did anyway. And look anew those definitely GonNa be one slash Bang Jal and thought was gone as well so I thought it was gonna make to slash and I knew my death army doesn't deal with just if on not striking fast and against slash. My my death army normal death army was just going to die was just GonNa get walked off the board so to Tiga Nami. That doesn't tend to get a lot of the forties sorta mind little chance of Surviving to turn three and a gaming and SLA national something a lot but So that was Kinda my idea behind it. It's probably not the rod ideas. Fires denied neither. Yami that well. I haven't played that well But look all my other options. We've got painted and stuff at home. I just don't think had that competitive in awfullest This is probably as competitive is sort of Izaak. Appeal picking up from pints. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Y'All definitely one of the people that I'm GonNa be messaging nearly all the time Broadway holiday going because I really want to see a good result and I think of some heart complaint again be very curious on how day goes as well so make sure to keep their socials updated hundred percent on the next question. The next two questions from the same person So the first one this is Michael Thomson He said when it comes to results. Do you think it's your ability to write a list or the ability to play the game So pretty much is pretty much saying like is it Yami List that makes you pretty much win the game or is it skill it can be both in a way so Joe What do you think been earlier in this in the strain that then Lissa Largely irrelevant at in a in the masters. I think when you woke up to title you actually going to be applying against the pass. Nafta SEAN at that's my opinion on on on Rove at obviously lists out sent mighty technology that can't be sorta just can easily by cite medalists ashes list excluded here. Obviously then gay at you by sleep. Just add flying in Seattle personal across the table rather than the models that are actually owned the title exactly. Yeah I got a pretty polarized opinion on this. I think that lists in IOS currently On a big deal they might be down the lower end even the bid. Pack of Ornament Is this two prime examples of this. That will back out my statement one. Is Dan Brew Janet? In Sydney? He can run some pretty shitless that other people will be able to use and does well with them and then The cantopop in Queensland would be day Matthews and Hanes absolutely gabbage mixed destruction lists but he comes paypal So yeah out on. Thankless has a thing you really need to worry about unless you're having for the toll. I think probably garage. Yeah I think definitely the the middle play middle table players Will rely on a good list to get them through the middle tables up to the forum. One category and any top players will. It'll it'll come down to players go basically. Yeah so while I was GONNA say to backup Dave is I played. I have played Dane and he. I'M NOT GONNA lie. He writes wait. Destruction lists when I played. I was like some weird old school oaks list. He had even had the weaver and he had a double. Yeah yeah and I was just like this is weed. And then he pretty much. I was playing any Messing up real good. I can say that he must be real goat and good so I can back you up like this does not make sense. Should not be happening but it did. Do you think they both go? Hand in. Hand like a Semi I'll applied at that much. That always ray riding it all the time so and in the end. I had a good lease that I'd written Obviously it's not at least I got off the net. Asuncion night myself but it the more you play it the better general you become anyway but then you've got a good list as well like I think I sort of go hand in hand quite well but I think if you're just starting with an army As as dive assigning a mole comes down to the general die for example. I think a lot of his results toys. Different armies playing at tournaments. He's doing and he's doing well all the time so it's not like you could say he just plays. Cayo story just plays destruction and nothing else I. It definitely depends on the person but I think it a good plan that plays a list a lot will will be a goodly. Straw if automate say yeah then. Try and play in the chat center really points like knowing how to use your least to win in any battle plans are going to be the m the expression all been using for this particular conversation as dime played list. Play a game. That's referring to yourself with that site. You should win. You want to a table like top level wall Hameed surely ninety. Exactly what your army does. You shouldn't have to look at rules or anything and then you should just be able to play the game better because of that because you focusing on what's happening on the table rather than what's happening rules. Yeah exactly and one thing. You did mention Matt where I'm Dave is a good example but I think most of the monsters I kid you not everyone except for like two or three people off played different armies throughout the year and have done well with it like you got at night haunt Which she did really well with your divided on the show and Joe. You've played fifteen events and appreciate you played like fifteen different army lists that nothing was the same. Yes I And you've been playing the death but I think he wants to do. Some tweaks of your list of everyone has played like different lists throughout the year and have done quite well that starts commissaries but like the masters level players is not Craig list. It's Dave Dave took once but as early in the Tabriz You ran the The Duckling covince thing. Everyone's conic shown is more than just a least a play style. It's it's gain that diversity and getting experienced the table. Yeah exactly Next question is Chris. Says did they. Oh shift armies enlists around the recent releases. Or do they stick and tried and tested their armies going into monsters. Kind of answer that early when Alex Practice Games and stuff in the own answer that quite well. But I'm just came on Did you shift yummies oldest around the recent releases or have you tried and tested? Zombie out. Hips I've not played a game with this list. I was forced to shift this left around because of the because of the city's book but it does play very similarly but the list of implying with my diverted sigma so I've got experience with the units and but Yeah not so much with the list as as it is in this iteration because I think we've all answered this kind of question earlier. When have you guys practice any games? Bom ousters and at the ISO said Yes to an extent except I think yes. Dave has practicing games as well. Just just this year Ryen hoop is August being as the better as the MESSA is currently flipped on its head. And how does everyone feel of the ten mainly taking Shaami's thing you try to say Out Your Niche Amish Armies in hopes to count the As we saw a few months ago site you guys ridden any army lists the better kind of thing you know you guys said you want your hyping for most Nash. But Ryan has disappointed. Us funny enough when you access this question. A did you guys think this is going to be a slayer army coming. Chaka's played fly. Sleigh is Through through the competitive year now I personally I didn't really as Should Bay but that's the I just knew I needed an army that could survive a bit more. And that's why I went beyond but I'm not really gonNA break the Meta on China Eight. Meta just that's just what I'm taking Look I was expecting another slash Tommy. The Bay but I'll never ran soda on medalists otherwise lines similar to have met runs. His armies like he's definitely for example So like while I am running. Slow Nations. Definitely not the typical snaps. I'm trying to catch people at. We'd some different taken. I want to actually show people what they're capable of them. Yeah that's a look at the site but that really. I think it's pretty obvious that everyone's taking I'm comfortable with rather than trying to count as something electron account of something say Fool's errand you've got a tax on the couch with and not Schayes with them being nation looking list. It's more like Lisera reflection of the blah. Anything else seems like we've already now lists to to be able to play into each scenario because there is the the scenarios that are possible over the weekend And that kind of ends up being a bit more of a a well rounded list rather than something that might be tailored towards the five scenarios. You know we're GONNA happen in an event that's actually a really coal so some of that international list is that's quite common. They announced the the scenario the battle plan until the day. Oh fifty minutes But certainly in the Australian culture we announce out battle plans off the list of mission but before the game so you you know well in advance potentially what scenarios you get a play so I guess to to win the masters. You need to be a thinking about how you'll your mommy list is going to handle all eighteen scenarios. One thing I also bring up. Think four of us on this dreams that I went to Moscow and I think we still have it. Everyone born on me that they were comfortable with. I think I was at Moscow's last year. Did you play their inflated? Whatever but I think we all brought army lists that were comfortable so kind of like you kind of say that every masters even the mosses before then everyone vote armies. They're comfortable with so on Dot Com on your army done which impressed wave saved impressed. That had like a moment of it to do it But yeah sick armed. Dana Dana Matthews Day has asked in very curious interesting question. A bit of a side question from this has ever on feel about travelling to Melbourne. So a bit of context the. Moss's across the country every first one was in Brisbane Sacramento in Sydney third. One is now in Melbourne too. How do you guys feel about travelling to Melbourne to play? When there's only a couple of you guys actually from Melbourne Joanna. You're a little bit out of Melbourne but is only like one or two locals for Melvin Shoot the MAZDAS. Be Sit in a location based on the amount of people who have qualified. If there's more Queensland as it's based in Queensland To attempt to minimize travel you know. What are your thoughts on the rotating skype so far? I just wanted to chime in real quick. There was fought out of the top sixteen for Victoria qualified for masses. So I think by going off that we're actually probably up there anyway however in saying that I would have preferred if it was Bendigo instead of Elwyn machine personal preference because you offer bed Nico so people who are watching and look to site if for example. You just have it in Queensland H. E. Because Those Mall Queensland is then you're GonNa have the Victorian and the Sydney on's probably dropping out so I think we probably should try and look into having a centralized location for all three that easy to get to Chepe CHEPE is to get to The probably it probably is a good idea that it changes h. e. gives everyone a chance But I think also when it changes to the middle of the next time Easier for people to like. I think ban these Tommy as probably mole the reason why people aren't going than where it actually is And probably because where it is because people don't want to travel that far before Christmas I Audited and A. Hey Hey you change it especially And even Victoria that the starting to get a lot more applies to on a lot better players into time Victorian and South Street in that they could have could have the majority and And then if you've just go to in Queens Nha then that that majority might not be going. Because it's too far to travel. Cy I think you need to be automated. Random bit give everyone. The opportunity Dan and it does it. Builds bill to communities in is all the sites as well. Sorry Gosh you're talking to Dave. I'll just going to ask you used his this third masters. He's obviously played locally in Brisbane. He's now traveled to Sydney now travelling to Melbourne. What's your observations being? You've been to all three now. I guess the vote kind of felt the same really. I mean being in Brisbane where it was hosted in. Brisbane was about ten minutes away from my house. I'M NOT GONNA say that was bad. I I really wanted to be in Adelaide next year. adult one. Sl missile sites only those statistics Really get anywhere else if they move it to Perth Tobacco idea. Guess Lao Gai to pass is really expensive to get these country. Now believe it exists. I think Lisa conspiracy theory this kind of leads into Rot Ryan. Who is asked in a chat and again prepare France on the podcast Ryan has said what do you guys think of having a state based Mazdas and in leading intellectuals championship so You know have you been will be more local that kind of feeds into a top. Maybe Ash I. What are your thoughts on that and the other day even in the the Gert? I'm well I guess the same questions still comes like way. They held the Australian championships. And I think even just logistically it becomes difficult for the tires to To have five different venues say for instance and have them locked in months in advance then all of a sudden cancel on four of them because the majority of people are going to be playing in like for instance. If what what happens if the majority of people end up from the Adelaide Sane and then at means you have a lot more people travelling and yeah I think from the perspective of doing state-by-state Mouses. I think at that would be fine like it would affect the Australian Moss's but it's more about whether the logistics of of doing a master's in the location that The majority of from is that that's kind of where it becomes a bit of a problem. cannot jump in a lot. Everyone complains about traveling. Fatone amounts Luck where I live. It's a minimum a minimum three hours from any luck. I think Charles. Bendigo is probably the closest tournament for us from And then cameras the next and then anyway from there we go to fly anyway luck on traveling for every tournament. Anyway like anyone is really gonNA wind about it. I just after travel. Anyway look is punishment for Randy Randy from Hey he manages to get himself to a lot of tournaments and traveling for all of them Rocky from Canes he travels around Australia Lock. It's probably an expectation that there is some level of of Travel involved to become a master's level playoff doing it. Maybe in your local patch. Maybe he's not enough. Yeah possibly I. I'm not trying to create a war between. Why don't you think people should have to travel on not sign that at all under sighing point of view? A lot more point of view where I do have to travel pretty much every event then from Moscow than for me to have to travel masters. It's not an issue lock. It's just something that you know. That's just pod impossible familiar with tournaments anyway so as county boys different to the the city by the truck run. We used to drop in the three four six hours to go somewhere. Doesn't says is management as blacks in the cities on drop twenty minutes to go in some way. Might if you'd like to get five minutes away instead twenty minutes et. Cross with a small in twenty minutes. So what am I doing it? And that's the other thing like what people sending the chat lock Mice delays major cities have a direct flight between major cities like Obviously Aubrey does flawed. Flawed Melba. If we gotta get to Brisbane it's to at least two flights Or if dr it's Thursday now is or something ridiculous that on not going to do for weekend tournaments. I yes sorry Beckham. There is lots from indicate to Sydney in back near so. Wow there's no excuse for Pushbacks I was on that flight off to be honest. And and you know. We'RE NOT SAYING THAT PEOPLE AREN'T TRAVELING. I think it's it's Charen within the community that we know we literally spoke not long ago about running down to Adelaide to support Jimmy darkness with J. So It certainly that but I think a really good point is that know we have. A lot of us are very fortunate in that position to be able to easily find ourselves in another city via direct flights so Not Alone position to travel. We have family restrictions and certainly things like Christmas at is is a very expensive time in a year in a very challenging time for certain April. But I'd like to think in the next competitive season when we're looking at a master's around July July carnival August Twenty twenty one. Hopefully some of these restrictions of of been reduced sick. Yeah or I was going to say quickly about the championships like I think it's a good idea. I'm a spacious got sixty months to wait for the next masters maybe next year if someone from each state or whatever the Maas Committee just WanNa run in event something would be swayed But yeah now. Elizabeth is on the chat. I think still. She's which player would you hit in the knee to eliminate from the tournament? Because you worry about the list. They upbringing and in all seriousness. Do you have any Preparations or rituals for good lock. That can give you before tournament. Jodi owner of poisoning psych-out. I'M GONNA take out gels second day off onto the next buddy pot. Gang Jarl is nothing refreshed career online. handle it and I have never done that roll taking Joel Out. Not May a modern involved from taking out by Joel is is being need and captained and taken out honestly though I'd probably Huddle Matt if I could select that level of play Can Cause problems for all of us said she saying why the Nays wild the hands. 'cause then how can they guys We would you with an APP with the dice up DART. Okay some of mead. Maverick meet Megara. None of that should not against it on but any good rituals anything where you guys like. Kinda do just hype. Everyone's just like now. We do not do that. Not Fo- drinks drinks his head like full canes restraints. That it's just one of these damn on twitter guy fallen at some way to add Dane. Dan Super Bowl has put up a at twice. Scientists are you guys. GonNa add like a morning ritual or whatever before tournament at. I'm not gonNA site on. It's been appropriate appropriate. But go on that twice as fun. Isn't that just an every morning? Ritual ritual ritual was. Get up make breakfast and lunch before getting up. I D channel. Joel Onsang Guy Phone. The tweet in the interests Bilas One Army I mean one question from Matthew Timothy Oxygen Pick one Amish Boffin which would obey and what changes would you make to make that army stronger or more competitive in the current environment? Forty I think so I would get it. Get A on. What you're doing to Mike Slash Bitta. Rod is being reduced the effectiveness of the likeness right. And then you drop the points of fame at sixty points and then suddenly hundred percent bit of a gray feigns we do. I think I like them one. Sixty like she'll or up on you Greta Damon in a seeks up on normal. Here's some sloppy. It Guy. Three at five reduces the effectiveness. It's enough not mind. The like is to be honest. The does the depravities what what gets me rectify if you spend out Olea depravity at one in one guy so you can only put one caper on the table. Then that sort of Selva love appropriate. Did the reasonable sizes of mine. The reason why slash ISCI strong in my humble opinion as slash black is because of the likeness on site. You reduce the effectiveness of the Lakers at you. Reduce the effectiveness of double calling from the Cape of because your pilot has more engaging experience to then attacked you and damage. Thankfully kill you before you get to all in twice and then because of that happening You get Previti Point Generation and will you heroes. A debt has the likeness isn't reliable. Just tweak the Lakers can when on ten three hundred and ten depravity and that's good because if the life is wasn't Paul and may kill you stuff. It'd be a different story. I I do. The one degrees make great again That was the smallest but I loved And when I was I was quite upset but I was packing up. The veins. Got Fifteen of those where we shoulder just the one that makes happy to hear. Miami's it odd think of Saliva quick tonight maybe. My blood clots some inaudible again and make a salt vandamme Tampa on foot lex rouse astros. Something similar I can around that Ash Yeah look I mean I think most of the books In a pretty good place save days There's not really anything that you've made it lose because you've taken the army anymore. The only thing You may be looking at is putting a bit of a boost on Some of the less used a citizen And that sort of thing within the agencies so like like the crate from Kane and And that sort of thing like not the allegiance itself but the some of those Those books whether it skewed to one list Dave Kaya Kaya. Neda rewrote entirely buffum. Stay Change I my hottest storm cost. 'cause I do like stone costs. Phoolan little bit away arguing with Asha. I think I need to do is actually improve the internal balance of books to move away from the singular sub factions that are always implied. Anthony medically great again make what I grow again. Liberal rates holes off. Did you say Dame's tweet? Yeah I did but it's been a long time. The thought that liberators were the baseline for everything. I O S and used to see them anymore makes me sad And Julia Chatterley role. I agree Demons massive wrench Damon Army. I love them and make them good outside of the chain shows. My answer is going to be very unpopular. And the way I'm going to word this is about. Yeah say so Venice of shoot those pain Jersey. I want them to be more skillful to play it. Make sense like I feel like it's too easy and I want them to be fixed so it actually skilled plant in similar to like what Jones said about smash lawyer when for example Hag. Nah It can be the rerunnable ability where they can. Rewrote fanatical faith and then. The five thing can be appraised only one unit can get it like if they can switch that around Had Not seen people take the other ones because they can have the five of them that one unit if I take drake you whatever and stuff like give people like. Don't make it too obvious that makes sense. We great and I just want and I think daughters the Kumano range on but at the moment to easy and also Marathi is busted. And I've had like everyone both Lizzy Lockhart She said bring back the wanderers but more importantly the wo- dances. I miss those days. It'll would afford they cope but yeah that's really. I mean to me I can't I I always put it in the stream earliest so We have we have wrapped up with the last of the questions and I wanted to provide any of you. Opportunity Locker Wrestling Promo. I'm GonNa put you on full screen if you want to do this to to either promote yourself and say while you're GonNa win the Van Trash Talk. Your opponent very fundamental them make them cry Does it do they? Don't WanNa tell till the the old why they're gonNA win monsters and like stay. Rotten barrel. The Cameron and cut you promote aren't divy. GonNa this is GONNA be extreme. Dave Dave the mango Mafia. The back-back master himself why you'RE GONNA win this figure out when the cameras brought My first game because my first guy is basically Already Iva to walk through this mission probably the West list going. It's just going to be all up and go checks no comments. I met this in the bag. Don't maybe said Said lack of Austa said like an absolute Mazda track which maze. Nothing's GonNa stop the monster designing a retorting Say they sense bringing Joe Era. Well I'M GONNA win because I'm running the coach Slash Amee Accurate Matt GonNa Win. Because nowadays mommy does and different and what it does. But that's our auto working out as the waken guys now out to kill me. I'll be just standing there with all on it in game every game laughing face. Yeah love now. Ashes looking really awkward. Like place that look at me. I don't WanNa say you. WanNa do it ash. Yeah I can. I can wrap it up with this. Oregon. I'M GONNA win 'cause no one knows. Miami does either It'll also shoot off the nationalist. So Yeah we've got track not not being there. I think we're pretty good right. I love how this always Mazda level players of all said pretty much. I'm scared of guard. Trek and by God is not really wanted to but I think he's at debuted. It really won't go trick in the upper weekend. Yeah he's boss era. He's really good. That's the reason why took to the exalted. Charity Floyd I'd see Malkin's that's why I've got as well. Yeah I think we. I think we got a nice way to wrap this up. We've got to request one from Elizabeth asking for a macho man voice. Anyone WanNa take a stab at doing the Joe man no you don't. I just did it again. Full screen again host green you again. I wanted to do something I want to do. The whole Cogan. They WanNa take a step at whole kogen. I'm GonNa Brother and you know what you're GONNA do. When the two-time Mazda is coming wild at United Really Bad. I'm not a hawk fan who that was really bad. I'm the rock. I'm all about the rock. Bet guys this has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you very much for joining the Stream. I wish you all the best of luck. You guys have five fantastic games. I wish what have you become the Mazda or retains pasta? I'll be very curious to see who How you guys go who you matched up way. Then and what that outcome is Is there any shoutouts? You Guys WanNa make if people wanted to chat to you further. Where can they find you on the Internet's dive you are? Are you retired all guy? Shout out to boys in Mega Mafia. Obviously the Brits McCurry if you guys are looking for a really good event in Brisbane Arken Chrysanthemum. Boys put on the best tournaments in Queensland and A- forgotten. What else am. I got to best best of luck and I'm looking forward to to seeing older photos with your shoes off and you house debts. I'll be passed. Anson it up. Big Time JAL COMING FOR AN ARGUMENT SHEDS LA boys as well the better than the mango mouse yet. Admission Gaming yes I reckon we run the best moments in Victoria on the enough and the God's said Bush radio I listen to podcasts. I watch a battle reports on On Youtube as much a graph. Mj onto them fantastic wobbly token clubs. We want we'll bring up ash all right. Yeah I'll give a shout out to clan filth Where one of the most competitive clubs in the whole sane said I think that's been proven to Next one let's say some of those some of those teams spirits coming to to the tournaments. We'll see if we can get some competition going there But I'm also I'm also ashes. Underscore McKiernan on twitter. You can find me there such a nice person. You can't argue with that you like I wanna be mad at you mash but I can't you such a nice person finally mail if when you not I kissing babies looking old people and shaking their hands during the marrow. Judy's where can they find you on the Internet on twitter facebook Pretty easy to fall on shed at to the border long game incurred from Albro. Donga twitter. Handle on you'll you'll probably put on an eighth this video. I'll put it all in description on the podcast and on the I'll do thanks land. Where can they find you on? Low like bats at shadow hammer underscore on twitter on facebook Amazon Page my name Liam Brennan Blue. I get a message. May Ask you for list advice. Or whatever and I'm on their shirt clearly and that's pretty much it also shot at the client bill. Well the great great great great are GonNA end this with learn train. Play has has said something. I'm not going to mass associate. But I'll say finally the coach house come back to the hostas talk show. That was terrible. All right we should just calm lows. Are Guys these absolute pleasure? Thank you very much. I wish you all the best of luck and let's see who wins it on the weekend. Save voice by.

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