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Give me money to dot com podcasts presented by TRU SPEC all I'm your host Timbaland joined by Jonathan Wolf from Golf Dot Com John What's going on this week professor through Brianna happy British Open Open Championship. I'm not quite sure which way we go get chastise for saying it one way or the other but happy open week. Let's put it that way yeah. Let me ask you this. Where does the where does the Open Championship set <unk> on your list of majors? Everybody kind of has their favourite. I'm curious to get your take on this yeah by far my favorite love waking up early grabbing a cup of coffee in in settling in for for the coverage and it looks like this you're GonNa get a proper open with some with awesome wind and rain. There's something about the open something mystical about it. I guess <hes> just because it's yeah it's a great I think I think we see things we see things you know in the event and I agree with you by the way you know if I were to win any championship chat by probably pick the the masters but just from an enjoyment from a spectator watching on T._v.. There's something about the open. There's something mystical about it. There's something more raw about it to you know that the courses are are a little more raw the weather's more raw. That's less predictable. You know if you've played links golf. You know you can hit a perfect shot and end up in a really horrible location and vice versa so there's there's just that intangible factor that you can't really put your finger on in for whatever reason I just I really enjoy watching links golf. I enjoy watching players navigate through links golf and their way around a golf course in the way that they have to attack the course so much differently than what they see over here in the state so looking forward to the week should be really fun and exciting and definitely excited to hear about what's been going on <hes> in preparation for the week with all the different players. So what have you been here in this week as far as what guys have been exploring and testing and trying and what's hot on the equipment news this week John Yeah. I think you gotta start with Tiger Woods. I mean he's he is the epicenter of the equipment industry pretty much every week that he's out there but I think even more so this week in tiger is testing to different putters which is surprising especially coming the week of a major championship but one of them is his usual Scotty Camera Newport too but this a little bit of a tweak to it he added a from what I've seen from zooming in there is a truckload of lead tape in that cavity <hes> <hes> you know tigers talked about in the past he has struggled on slow Greens and typically the Greens that you're going to see the week of an open championship are a lot slower than what guys are seeing weakened weak out on the P._G._A.. Tour so adding that led tape is obviously going to get the head weighed wait up and then we also saw trying out a new Scotty camera. This is a prototype that I saw at the P._G._A.. Championship that has heel toe soul weights in so I think if you know again tiger doesn't have a deal with Scotty Cameron so they aren't really saying a whole lot but but just from me being in the industry I think what happened is tiger probably tried his putter with the lead tape then tried out this one with the weights because hey if you can't pack on enough lead tape. There's another way to you can go when you can do these interchangeable weights in bump up the head. Wait to try and get the ball rolling. Get it to the Cup so he's trying both that's gotta be the biggest story and then the other one that I think needs to be brought up is Jordan spieth putting in Titlis New T. One hundred the iron for the very first time major championship and I think that's gonna raise some eyebrows because again maybe a driving aren't here there. Some new wedges that that's pretty common at a major depending on the course conditions but for him mm-hmm putting in a brand new set irons is pretty surprising but I guess he played a pretty big role in the design of these and fills pretty comfortable with them. Yeah that's all great stuff right there and lots of digest. I think <hes> let's talk about Tigers puttering. That's an interesting and <hes> solution to the same thing that I've heard from from folks in the camp that when he gets on the shaggy or slower Granier more imperfect Greens <hes> that that sometimes causes more of an issue than he would like and the there a couple different train of thought when it comes to waiting swing waiting the weight of the putter <hes> when it comes to slower Greens some folks actually prefer a lighter putter and you'll hear that you know preference <hes> the idea of being that they they're making bigger swing so they feel like there's more freedom to make a bigger swing with the lighter putter I I personally prescribed to the exactly alternative theory to that which is going with heavier and probably a little bit more evolved when you get onto slower more rainy Greens. The idea here being is that if you have more mass in if you're putting stroke is at roughly the same pacing as it would be with a writer butter so therefore the acceleration remains constant instant regardless of whether using the lighter heavier putter so we've got more mass and it's accelerating at the same speed then it's going to impact ball with more force so that way there's less of a calibration than you have to make us as a player to try to actually hit the ball harder so so to speak <hes> because you're playing on on slower brings. Now I feel like Tim. I deserve it to merit for forgetting to mention this but there was another equipment change. That looks like Tigers GonNa make which is the addition of a club that I think you're going to see a lot of players players have in the bag this week with the wind blowing in the weather conditions being what they're going to be were a port rush and that is he had a new tailor-made P. Seven Ninety U._d.. I'd ultimate driving iron to wire now. This isn't your standard traditional to iron this. One has tailor-made speed fo- material which is going to Kinda help speed up again speed up the face. It's GonNa make it a little bit hotter than traditional to iron a little bit more forgiving tiger. Obviously he's not gonna be the only one. In having this club in the bag I've heard that Jason Day doesn't Johnson a lot of the tailor-made staffers are going to be using this new U._d._i.. It's a little bit tweaked from the previous version that came out a few years ago but but again it's it's more subtle changes instead of having the tailor-made script that just has the tailor-made badge now on the show which actually batches tigers the P seventy w irons which makes me wonder how much input tiger handed into the design of this new driving arriving iron which leads me to this Tim just Kinda. Give us a little bit of a rundown on the differences between a driving versus a hybrid and how could benefit certain players yeah. That's a great question because a lot of folks that are tuning into the open this week are going to not a lot of irons off of teas. GonNa see a lot of driving irons gonNA see a low loft irons. Obviously I think a lot of players understand out there that these types of clubs are more difficult to hit and therefore just due to consistency reasons they opt out of having having to irons and three hundred these days but then the question is well. If I don't have a traditional two or three iron what should I have in there and it's interesting because in the fitting in the fitting environment we see that there are a lot of players that are very misinformed and uneducated when making this decision so very very pertinent for the discussion this week with driving irons being seen very prevalent Leone on tour kind of breaks down into four different selection criterias the first is the players overall ability or consistency constancy so if you notice that you can hit your seven iron or six iron at a certain consistency and then you get into the forearm three iron and to iron in that consistency suffers tremendously that's probably one red flag that you at least need to consider going outside of the two earner three iron and going into a more forgiving club now the question is which one should you select <hes> in general the next thing that you need to consider would be the overall trajectory so a traditional long iron what Botha lowest relative to trajectory when you're talking utility irons conventional irons hybrids and fairway woods and then kind of the Middle Tier as far as the trajectory pattern would be the hybrid and then the highest of those those three with typically be the fairway would so if you're an extremely low ball hitter. Maybe you don't have tremendous amount of clubheads speed <hes> and you don't stop a lot of balls on grains. Then obviously trajectory is going to be a major criteria and you're gonNA PROBABLY WANNA consider a high loft fairway would the other thing that you need to consider what Bi Directional component a lot of hybrids are designed with a little bit of draw bias built in that's either through a little bit of offset or through the natural angle of the club itself so in in the case of folks that tend to hit it out to the right if you're right handed player having a hybrid in the bag if you do suffer from consistency on the long irons in you do need to hit it a little bit higher but not <unk> significantly higher in the last check check box would be that you tend to miss shots with pushes fades. You're probably right in the sweet spot for considering a hybrid club plus with with a lot of today's hybrids him we're seeing that they now have at adjustable Hazel which is something and initially hybrids really didn't have but pretty much. Now you get a lot of the same technology that you're going to be getting an fairway win a driver so for for guys as you mentioned. Maybe having a pusher pool. It's a whole lot easier to grow hybrid in Eh in in really straighten that shot out you know we haven't really seen a lot of driving irons but then you bring up a really good point hybrids can be great because they are very versatile and <hes> and again I think that versatility is increased over the years definitely and you know what any your point regarding seeing some of these technological features that are baked into hybrid designs these days we have adjustable law. We have adjustable face angle. We have adjustable waiting these days so you know they can be designed and unfit to that. If you have a right tendency you can definitely help correct that I will say this that hybrids are lot better at correcting pushes fades in slices than they are at correcting draws polls in hoops on the converse going with a long high high locked it <hes> fairway would that's going to be more ear towards somebody that tends to hit it too low but a little bit too far to the left typically in they're looking for a little bit more right bias in their game or just in general somebody somebody that needs to hit the good significantly amount higher death by you. Bring up a lot of great points. I think again with with so many options out there now you're either crazy. If you don't have at least a hybrid or utility iron the bag or your player mayor who is just that good and can use a traditional two or three iron because <hes> again the technology changes that we've seen over the years these these new driving irons I mean they don't look like shovel and I think that was thing. Initially when they first came out they were still also beefy top line was big Seoul was big and I think that kind of turned some people off but if you've seen some of the clubs even this this new piece of ninety from tailor-made I mean you look at the top line you look at the soul. This thing looks like a blade <hes> and I think again that's why why so many players really like it but yeah these are going to be plentiful this week you will see eight tonne Agai switching to driving irons in <hes>. It's going to be a really popular club especially off the tee definitely an imperfect segue into something. We're going to cover every week. which is you know if there's one specific club? That's comes to mind based upon the context of discussion. We have each weekend so for me when I'm when we're having this long iron slash utility iron in discussion and you know what we're gonNA see on tour with Wada irons off of teas presumably that brings me back to two thousand six oily and you know seem to be mentioned a lot on this podcast so far but tiger two thousand six hoylake. Lake to iron he only played one driver all week long and didn't hit it in a single fairway bunker in that golf course was notorious for the placement of its bunkers in helping they were <hes> so that's kind into where I go back to do you remember watching that event and I was in disbelief that he didn't use a driver. The entire event never hit it in a fairway bunker and just no methodically part that golf course with the two. Aren't I mean he he didn't have it was it was so baked out and it's going to be such a different setup than we'll see port rush with the wind in the rain in it being a lot soggy or in the ball rolling out. I mean tiger habit advantage because that Stinger that he hit that I think everybody everybody who's an over. He's able to hit that thing on command so it for him. It's okay I hit the ball and it goes two hundred thirty two hundred forty and then you're probably what another forty fifty yards roll out on some of these really firm fairways especially late in the the week on Saturday and Sunday when the Gulf forces just you know at its episodes mercy so yeah it was fun to watch him just pick apart hoylake that year with with nothing but along iron and you might think it's interesting tiger. I actually talked to him. <hes> back at the end of two thousand seventeen and I brought up the you know he's US long earns a lot as you mentioned typically swapped out a to arm with a five depending on the golf course <hes> but I said you know tiger. Usually I use traditional long irons not not anything else in corrected me and I guess I kinda forgotten about it but the that V._R._S. forged the long iron that used for while he said look you know I learned to embrace that technology debt forgiveness hotter face. The ball goes forever. You'd almost be crazy not to consider throwing one of these in the bag and we're talking about one of the greatest if not the greatest ball-striker of all time admitting that even he he likes a little bit of forgiveness at the top of the bag yeah out of curiosity and then we can move onto what was that to iron in two thousand six was that was that a V._r.. Forged Muscle back yet it was it was just it was just the the standard V._R.. You're right I mean it was it was a traditional long in for tiger back then it wasn't I think it was probably five or six years later when he went to that V._R._S.. Forge which was <hes> you know it was a little bit wider soul little bit thicker top line line in that kind of started tiger down the path of of really embracing the game improvement technology that he could get the long irons neil from there he went into when he started with tailor-made. It was tailgates to or preferred U._D._i.. which was the predecessor to the piece of Ninety U._D._i.? In that looks like he's going into that here's the last question about the open John who you take. I mean for me. I'm taking zander softly. I I really like his game. He's if you go and you look at his his recent recent record a major championships he's finished t six or better four of the last six majors which is really impressive when you consider the high quality of play that that you have to have weakened in week out especially at the majors for him to go T- sixer sixer better than for the last six he finished runner-up last year at the open so all hitch my own hitch myself to to that horse and see what happens. What about you tim? I gotta go with the pick that I've been sticking with all year. I can't believe Tommy Fleetwood. Elite hasn't won a major yet <hes> he's really really good putter as we all know that just don't see a lot of holes in his game he hasn't had you know the most productive major season a definitely would have selected him finish higher and most of the majors that he's finished this year <hes>. I know that his games been coming around I just I I gotTa feel like like Tommy is GonNa get one of these. Why not get one you know on his side of the pond and poor setups that he's familiar with breath? I'm going to Tommy fleetwood. I think I think he's GonNa pull it off your soon in a moment it'll be nestle. Mushin for years does Tiger Mak- What do you think definitely I think <hes> I think he definitely makes the cut. I think he's in contention on Sunday. <hes> wow we've got a couple of majors pass since August and he feels good about his game. He's obviously been very judicious about the number of starts and then taking care of himself <hes> making sure that he's fully rested and we know that you know tigers prepared fully rested feeling good about his game as one that I don't WanNa face so <hes> I think he's GonNa have a good showing. Maybe not win the event but definitely make the cotton. Keep it interesting on Sunday yeah tim honestly. I don't know I might be a little bit of fencer here but but I am I'm Kinda cool on tiger. He wasn't really <hes> that excited about whereas game was during his Tuesday press conference in again. He's not played really well in the cold damp conditions missions in <unk> historically. That's just kind of been the way it is now. You're talking about the the back in being forty three <hes>. I don't know I I would not be surprised if you missed the cut so with the picks in let's get the part to over interview with Charles Charles how the third unfortunately Charles's in the field at the open championship but did have a great finish at the John Deere after speaking to us. Here's the interview Charles. How often do you do you change your bag set based on that? You're playing not very often in if I do it'll be do I take the five without initially said the word that the lots I call it a five. Where do I take that out into hybrid in her vice versa? I don't really change bounces on wedges. You know the odd time British au Vin. If there are ways are really hard for <hes> you know I'll go bug Aaron Bill Bogey and have them change a wedge vows but other than that. Not Very often <hes> some guys will face leading to the masters you know we've seen your drivers the employees with all kinds of setups. I've never been worn for that so Charles. What what are the things that stuck out from me from a recent conversation we had ad was you not only tested the P._S.? Two in the U._S. three but you test the driver in every possible Scherf it setting a titles offers a just simply to make sure that the driver did what it was supposed to do you do that for the other ones in your bag or just the driver and then also. How long have you been doing that particular process so I do it just with <hes> the driver <hes> but I been doing that since all these drivers came out with these adjustable way etcetera etc etc <hes> I I've seen far too many times when you get a driver and it's supposed to do X. and it does why and then another Golfer when it's supposed to exit does do X. and so there's obviously all kinds of things happening and going on with bloodshed and Cetera et Cetera et Cetera so I've just been the guy of well this is my job and and I'm GonNa take time to do it so we're gonNA tested every setting leading possible <hes> almost in a mental way it reaffirms okay? Yes I am in the right setting and it kind of eliminate that wonder I just moved. It's a little bit over here and and where I can say no I I've done that. I've tested tested. I saw this I I. I'm the right setting <hes> you the most comfortable place a golfer can get especially professional is to know if and when you hit a bad shot that it's it's on you and your golf swing and not the equipped <hes> that is sort of being holy grail that we're looking for. Is that oh I can bring all this on me. I'm a hundred percent happy with my equipped now. That's a lot easier said than dumb <hes> because we are creatures that has always looking for what if I pledge Utah that but so kind of borne out of that mentality that's why try it every study awesome Charles the I won't mention who was but they told me a story. It's up there as far as one of my favorites about you using a driver for with an orange crown opin driver you were roommates with Andy Solheim back at Oklahoma state and I heard that King you one with the driver and pink didn't even know where you got it. Could you tell the story about the driver at the Orange Ground Yeah so <hes> back in my days at Oakland mistake <hes> Indie Solheim <hes> was in school at the same time our word played on the golf team and wonderful and his father John Solheim is <hes> is a wonderful man and so we would always mess around with stuff and it started with an old set of paying irons <hes> they made the heads black for <hes>. I don't know what they did if they'd put him in some of inner cooker whatever and so so we got really cool <hes> and so then and I kind of became the sort of a test me for Andy in empty try new stuff well so any wonder if we made an orange headed driver Charles which you play. We sure I would so andy had it. May I dunno where he had it made or whatnot but clearly I don't think all of their representatives of the company new I had it and yes it caused a bit of a problem and I cited for any to give me because then people wanted one what their school colors on it so neil driver came in my bag pretty fast but I still have I heard they actually took it across the street or Andy did to the auto body shop and how to patent with the paint on it. Yeah I saw the driver a house with the IT came out of their fast. You've never had a problem at least from from watching switching out gear in out of your bag but if somebody told told you Charles you've gotta take all fourteen clubs out of your bag immediately and you've only got a couple of days to find a new replacement. What's the one club that you'd have the most difficulty finding a replacement for -obably driver in Erie might say that is because is every kid <hes> like for example J._J.? Titles to I work with <hes> wonderful even he will tell you. It's you know every head is gonNA be slightly different and there is a little bit of learning curve there of the driver not emotions from the driving range so you can all search whole of Agassi's just a little bit of eight altered his tea and okay. This is more of a beer drawl and learn the head. Is You go. It's that little bit of I think I think an iron will be the easiest to replace <hes> you know it's a loss in allies <hes> drivers how all the center of gravity is or slightly different single is going to be slightly different. <hes> yeah that that's the one club that need a little more time Charles being that you've been out there now twenty years and congratulations on that thanks you absolutely so I mean plane. You played your share pro-am. I'd be curious superior one piece of advice from watching all these damage that offers play one piece of advice you against the average sulfur out there are some go get <hes> in your go find through SPEC center. Go find someplace where you can get fit for your for us. If you're gonNA invest the money the golf clubs costs which is a lot of money. I totally understand that <hes> take time to get it right ones Ford View <hes> I don't. I don't think that the average golfer understand how basle the difference that can make in their games. You know they would assume much like buying a car this little work <hes> as you well know that all clubs on operate the same way okay and proper city can greatly help your game. It's my best pizza device Rallo where from trump's folks we're going to. It's true. Yes Charles. Thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate it.

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