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Hi i'm nick nick turner and we are the house of get rich nick for this podcast. We are out there in the world trying every get rich quick scheme to tell you guys which which ones actually work and which ones are worth attack like donating plasma online poker task grab it writing books. We're walking dogs on rover. We're hijacking a a truck going southbound in tijuana. No one's going anywhere until we get what we want. Get rich. Nick is out now listening stitcher apple podcasts or wherever you get your your podcasts. Please don't take personnel. Polite goethe been were. Let's hear it for the burrito. Come on that's not fair man. Oh look the fool retention retention smoking cigarettes again. Ask your doctor of ball kicked rex's right for you. Go put your floppy hat hot in enjoy your day live on tape. It's the fastest our in podcasting. This is never not funny now. Here's your host jimmy pardo. Everybody welcome to the program eight and welcome to the program never never not funny. I've done my show before <hes> all right so i've got we're at episode so twenty five zero three that proves we've done twenty-four previous seasons. We are currently in the twenty fifth third episode starting third being all bumpy. Maybe some turbulence um how the <hes> the third episodes starting and some turbulent yesterday going into denver you tell me i did. It was very bumpy. How was your flight home smoke. Did you leave on time. No okay all right half our late thirty minutes <hes> <hes> <hes> i had one of those things where yesterday <hes> my flight was delayed but the pilots ever still going to get you there <unk> on time if not early and then we landed in fact fifteen minutes early wow and say fifteen minutes early of course that means your your flight area. The gate is taken. We're waiting for them to push back forty five minutes later fuck forty five. You know what i hate to say this. You don't wanna patriots now but i told danielle that i i think once because i'm not gonna make the dog because i didn't fly as much this year. I'm not gonna make the level of executive platinum. They usually have <hes> and i think it might be time to move to a new airline because the the the american in the last year has fallen off a cliff cliff like they're they stink lately. They really flights are canceled rolling. Way flights are delayed this happens. This nonsense with the gate happens <hes>. If you look look at like steve byrne and who is it see bert kreischer me boy. There's another guy who does it on a on a regular basis on twitter where it's like sitting on got here early sitting on track amac vernon jordan. How am i now forty five minutes late for the plate. I was early to us to do aren't they doing some big renovation at l._a._x. They're trying to add gates or something well that may be the case <hes> but where we were going last night was that that satellite one the fifty to fifty eight through j take take a bus so they know how many are there right and <hes> but what i think would who is happening is that they are having a fight with the mechanics union and they are for some reason both sides are playing hardball so planes are not getting as fixed as quickly so that's why that's why the cancellations okay. The bullshit of this is inexplicable. Sounds like someone needs to take over that business and make america great again anyone <unk> at this one that deserves the laugh about that's a little that's a nice piece of business. That's a nice piece of business <hes> so i have to. I've got a much american flavor could've taken off a little smoother and i need to figure out who do i go to do. I go away because i'm going to. I'm sure some people they all suck every airline stocks but maybe it's time to just do what i do which is by the cheapest ticket every time regardless of airline and just go. Oh that way yeah. I know then you don't get your your. It's the problem is you can't go back now that you're locked into the upgrade to first class situation listen. That's too sweet. I know it is to lose. I notice and <hes> but maybe i built that with delta. Maybe i maybe i have a year of of uh of but they came up this trip because you actually took southwest out to denver that's right and there's enough of our stuff is in the west that you know there's alaska and <hes> there's there's airlines that are easier and more convenient for the places. We probably go more have found american very convenient to that was going well. I just mean you used because you started in chicago. I think you were doing a lotta dates in the midwest which no no no no. I did it start flying until i looked here but weren't. Are you still going back to the midwest to do what you're saying. Yes yes yes yes but now never not funny. <hes> this isn't a blanket. This is not a that accurate a blanket statement but we go to san francisco. Once a year seattle we go to denver san francisco. That is a good example of i fly american so i get my miles now and that is not a convenient flight right because i go into san francisco which are always delayed and oakland's much better oakland's a better airport. Now we can do jet sweet jazz or sweet xer sweet x. men. You bet your sweet ex buddy well anyway. Tell you know i got the eyebrows from elliot over there. You had a thought on the american airlines falling off a cliff while it's it sounds like you actually have your finger. You're on it with the mechanics thing but what i was gonna say that the construction there's different instruction being done but i think the main thing that's happening right now is. They're creating a train to go from. What will be the green line nine. This is nobody cares about this upset. All the green line los angeles l._a._x. Will finally have a proper train. Where's that train going to let you out at the airport in the middle in the middle of the so it's gonna it's gonna go through right through the middle of all of that spaceship <hes> yeah so it is it's gonna it's gonna do a little dog around the spaceship thing so it's gonna come down kind of down century. I guess so i think because it is right there now. I knew exactly where it's going to turn because it's right you go under it on century so it must like make them make a turn that i have not seen that yet but they're gonna redo some of the parking app neighbor council meeting. We had a presentation about this right and so oh it's i think i wanna say twenty twenty two twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty three twenty twenty one they're going to have they're going to change things. It's going to be awful <hes> but then once this gets all taken care of it's going to be much better just in time for jimmy retire from show. That's it because i when i when i went underneath it the train i was like i can't wait for that day because i lived yeah a three minute walk from never that said do i want a trade. Do i want the train to be controlling my arrival to the airport. You want to build a little ten minute dole rideshare ten minutes or is it thirty minutes like this yet so it's neither sir but you've gone to the staple center where all of a sudden hey. There's no trains and i've had a run home and get my car to get to the staple center. If that's happening at the airport now i'm out thirty thirty minutes and the the other thing too is that i'm not sure how the routes are going to be. You might actually have to go to union station. I o does who's not only that no but here's the thing no do i would not. I would have to go adding a not exciting. Anybody outside los angeles right i would get i would actually go east to the crenshaw yeah and then the direct one is from crenshaw to l._a._x. I agree so if you draw this up. I there's a p._d._f. I could show you but the other those are gonna move all the parking stuff and the car rental stuff and whatever to another place and like and i think that's where the ubers uber's and lifts will also end up so if you did take a lift you go there and then you get on this little. It's not actually a train. It's it's a it's rubber wheeled like buses but on a track and so so then you'd be out there so that there's a lot of changes going on in l._a. Bottomline yeah that doesn't affect fifty two j last last night probably not but that's the construction <hes>. I looked it up. It was actually fifty two might have been. I don't know i was so i got off my plane at eight forty and walked in the door and my house at nine. Oh two that is wonderful. That is just wonderful that is but i walked to my car. I didn't take a shuttle. I walked out of the airport down. The street got my car drove home and his wonderful just just one it is. I wish i wish burlington living in the philippines. It's amazing i shouldn't i actually had the thought as i was walking. I should stop saying how great this is publicly because i don't want other people i mean it's already too late. Everyone knows about how great it is but it's it's getting more crowded and i don't want it to change and i just i had a sudden revelation of this isn't going to be like this forever because well. You know that's good. That's what happened in chicago. Midway airport used to be burbank and now is almost as big as o'hare. <hes> says the guy that has hasn't flown into midway in ten years. Maybe i'm exaggerating that a little bit but i know that is not what it used to be. I remember i had friends who lived on the south side and and visited wants wants and flute at midway and i was like what is this crazier board. It's like when albany to midway. Albany is a similar like burbank very small airport and i was like this is i'm living in another country. I flew exclusively into midway when i first moved here. <hes> because of a more planes went in there. It wasn't like southwest. Now is the way to go but it's it's burbank you at least then it's not i. I'm totally not now that it's ramp much more a hopping airport near talk- pardon air talk their talk somebody would do do not taken is actually isn't anymore. What isn't larry gross. Oh is that. What is that what you're show scott plain talk <hes> um pl called air talk because he's on the air. Everyone's on the air. If you're on the talk show the dumb name for that show yeah yeah run into another w i will not hear it i will not you won't stand for it by the name never not funny well stand by me is a song song of course that was very popular and benjamin e. king yeah ben e king <hes> but we we alluded to we went to denver and had a wonderful matinee and <hes> had a game for a day. We had a couple of bad gentleman. We had <hes> colin. I i then kicked him off the stage as i want want to do somebody <hes> doesn't do anything wrong but they beat out for humor's sake and then a guy named tom <hes> built in for the rest of i guess most of it right <hes> but again as i've said as i say at the end of every podcast live show i'd say occasionally here in the studio we have and <hes> circle back to something do <hes> the greatest fans there just the greatest fans and it came up with the woman karen who and this happens this truly and you know this man. I'm not telling you telling the listener so that they know that. It's not just me blowing smoke. This is every venue we go to when we are getting paid at the end. They were like you know what's great about you guys. Your fans are the best you have the plight fans you have the the most prompt fans and they all and and i'm not making that up every then you they say the show was average for us. People were yeah and and that means a lot because then they tell us and i'm not gonna ruin the details but they tell us about the shows where the fans are assholes <hes> and <hes> it so just you guys should know so that when i tell you that you're the greatest that it is based in fact and research research not just bragging or being partisan or or sucking up <hes> because a new seasons on the way it's really is <hes> a very nice thing <hes> so thank you thank you for that came out to denver and we got to enjoy denver. The mile high as i opened the show with it was nice to walk off the airplane to that crisp cool mountain air about ninety nine degrees and stifling stifling but windy for some reason. We didn't cool you down man. That's a creepy wind. That was hot. It was like a convection donovan. That's perfect blowing in your face. Yes it was blowing hot air. I call at the elliott gary wake up over there alive condescend to me good stuff having fun. I'm garrett just go by quick. I wanted to thank my friend. Logan hale who came show. It's very nice and elliot you know him <hes> and he was very nice and gave <hes> jimmy and me a ride to the airport and thank you for that to to worst and again. This is an example of how great of a guy i mean how carrie i did not want to step on their friendship and i said i would take a separate car and i dave logan would hear nothing of it. I enjoyed the air enjoy. The ride logan was a very nice conversation. I enjoyed it. <hes> sort of how he got us from there was more or less traffic than on our way there but yet somehow the guy whose company i was enjoying god's there in record time and in the uber. We took the lift that we took it seems. I don't know if i didn't look at my watch when we when we left the theater did you because it might. It took us twenty two minutes to get to the airport. It's crazy and it took us about thirty two yeah to get to i in my head i was like oh maybe it just seemed faster because we were having a nice conversation but i was about ten minutes aster while which was good because i was <hes> you know we were a little worried that my flight i had a type thing where we had to do the show meet-and-greet and i didn't want anyone to i feel like we were shortchanging them. You know at the show but like i didn't want to miss my flight because it ends up being delayed and it was so frustrating ninety minutes show so we did the live shows are generally ninety minutes and i just you know we we do two hours every twice a week here so it always feels weird to so <hes> to fly to a different city do shorter thing it is weird but at the same time there is a venue that has and stuff like that so long i've gone i've gone to the plenty of shows in my life and and if it's two guys talking past ninety minutes it doesn't matter how great it is that that could feel like is is going to happen. What's what's going on here. You also have to that. You know i hear neal. Brennan does a four hour. Show nope wow. I don't care how you are dave chapelle doing six hours. Yeah that's insane. I never understood that new p- i remember dennis miller might have said something and he seems to be a good guy these days but i remember him saying something about like you know. Why do you why do you. You only do an hour and he was like because. I don't want to hear more my voice. It's not wrong so we agrees with us this previous when we all enjoyed them but i no i play matt belkin app and you alluded to this. You texted me but yeah it was like we're gonna play this. We had a plane sitting directly across the aisle for me a celebrity signing what does that. You're not even a castle. Here's what happens but it's a different deep sir. I started i did anyway and then i hit my skin of my finger out here and that mocked everything yeah so <hes> by the way with all these new great jingles that are coming in for the balabagn's and so on and so forth. Didn't i beg for an alternate of this one. We we did talk about it. It may be <hes> my cousin heard that yet or how about these other people that are sending you know what if i was one of those people i would probably i mean we get sent plenty plenty of stuff but that is that one is sacred. I would not as a fan. I would not want to be i c. I wouldn't want to step on celebrity settings because that's a masterpiece. Well you step on a crack. You break your mother's back. You break back. Why did that start. What is the origin of that. Does anybody know people felt like maybe there should be more o._c._d. In the world's let's put this yeah did you did you see the you're not a social media but it went around another weekend of that group of cows crossing a street but he those guarantees eight here on social media when they were doing hop they all jump over the white line in the middle of the street and they all run some of them kind of stop and then jump over cows a running <hes> well. They're moving moving the rasa <hes> and pointed out that i guess it's because they have their eyes on the side so the peripherals not great so they see that as a <hes> as little as a blockade regret. Oh wow the campers somebody said on twitter. That doesn't mean doc is right. I just was like oh. There's my actually they have all peripheral. They don't have the the three d. of having to icing same direction. The guy used the example with horses which which is why they will jump over a <hes> a fence serie. You know in a show of some sort <hes>. What are those things called. I can't horse show. Would they jump over a gate. Is that what it's called. It is all right mother. <hes> interesting misfortunate bad luck or thought to be the result of stepping on cracks in the pavement agreement. <hes> this superstition originated back in the nineteen in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries unfortunately when racism was prevalent society <hes> <hes> so it may have been step on a crack in your mother's baby will be black step on a crack in on your mother will turn black black. Interracial marriages were frowned upon by some <hes> yeah. That's i've never that's bizarre. Everybody just stop saying things. I think is what the here's the here's the part about that. I grew up on the south side of chicago. Where we had <hes> eating me mo grabbing it wasn't tiger and uh-huh wrong up we also when you would all jump on a human being <hes> a blink pile <hes> and as a child. You don't know these words. You don't know that those words is our offensive. <hes> let me just quick with. I'd never growing up. I never heard that by the time it got to me. It was break your mom's back yeah. I didn't know that the catch a tiger by the to- thing. I didn't know that until five six years ago oh wow that was the thing and i'm like oh. I didn't know that was you mean. You only knew the racist version or you mean. You've never heard of the ride never knew it was there was a race version and you neither early me. We never got you started like when you would knock on people's doors and runaway yeah they call that the n. word knocking knocking. That's what they go. What the hell i don't know i have not heard until two thousand nineteen at eleven forty forty. That's what they call the in detroit when he would knock on someone's door and then just i don't know so ditch yeah i for me. We never growing up. I don't think i ever heard a white person. Say the n. Word my entire life my father not anybody else we had like a <hes> sitting indian style and that sort of stuff but never never any of that stuff so for me. It's it's all really foreign like oh. That's what that was is yeah. I can't think of a time when when i heard a white precede either <hes> until until rap music became lots of kids. Were doing doing it in a different context. It really just shows you that you can be surrounded by not outright racism necessarily prejudice. Is that where i mean. I've heard that we're a lot growing up and i don't necessarily mean. This is gonna sound really weird but i'm not sure that when i was does hearing it it was met race. Racially i know for for a fact as a child we didn't we just obviously we heard somebody somebody. When your child you just you learn how to speak from the people around you and the context is you only have one context for words so that if they're if if people are saying it out of ignorance and they don't mean they're not indicating any hatred or anything. They're just saying words. You dislike you. Could any word could mean anything to you. You just learned by by context clues. I remember doing it at bringing it home and doing eighty meeting mighty and my mother just you know. Where did you learn. Why would you ever ever see that and then then with the other one you know when everybody jumps on top of burson yellow pile and save deal my mom's like what why do we're. We're what friends of yours are saying this. You know then when i remember the exact guy it was like you know where do you. What do you mean whatever it doesn't mean anything. It's like. He didn't know what it meant right yeah. I'm pretty sure on facebook. Now knows what it's about third fourth great eight. I'm not talking like we weren't doing eating meat in high school. No i don't think anyone's yeah it was <hes>. Do you pick the people for your team. We ended up uh-huh doing the bad thing that's how or the very hurtful like two captains and they each take turns picking well. That's what we you got to. You did the back to see who who got to be first and then and then here here comes. The pain comes the emotional scar one one of a. I'll take matt every time every time i can't i. I always wanted to be captain so that wouldn't hammer and like what was for both of us some sure we're in the same boat i was just very small for my age and so it was just that it was it was a speaking of prejudice. It was just a pure like that guy small. There's we could be good at anything and even though we would play every day so i mean maybe i wasn't good well. You know i told the story before he even even as an adult when pat francis and i went to the comedian sunday softball and we were the two last pick and he was here over his team and i was here for my team it was he's like hey. We didn't know you guys can play pat being a headband and me being short garin. You can re-re guest why not a this is a first timer here walking through it all and again remember. You can take your time yeah no rush. You might be right there. There is oh. It's a it's a <hes> you said might rape you right there kind of a is this a brian fewer in on the players club. You missed list <hes> a doozy actually eliot. I'm sorry i brought up. I just remembered you specifically asked me not to mention it. Oh jeez <hes> but i listened to a ten times minimum. Tom basically is it us. It looks like it's from a oh. No no that's for me. That's format. I recognized the lady from elliot <hes> good idea while you're out over over seven eleven grammy snack or something to garin. You look great today in other words. He's sitting in that chair was he not here. No guarantee eight probably some elliott. Can i just briefly explain the ad leave it hanging really he doesn't he's not happy about this but just so you know and maybe this'll move sales of the players club. Season twenty-five is available at never not funny dot com. Hello nick nick turner's just walked in. He was sitting out there. <hes> nicely this question for you when you went out out there by the way <hes> just based on internet clips. I had no idea that nick was going to be this tall okay. I'm throwing by throwing gonna be okay. I'm gonna be okay. I remember we were just talking talking about how hurtful was when people would pick you last on the playground so back to the basketball days garin when you went out to get the fedex i was nick sitting in that chair no so in the time that you've walked four feet this way back ten ten seconds he appeared. I assume that he he came around the corner. As soon as i turned yeah turn around to come he nick turnaround ziyang. I'm a big fan. I know talk show up. I'm not showing up early here. Thank you. I'm trying to do my best not to get yelled at <hes>. There's no way to avoid awesome on time is on my nerves who shows up on time late. Nick turner is there. He's got a brand new podcast. Ask nick believes ear wolf right. Is it on your wolf and he called the make rich. Nick is that what's rich dick. Get rich nick garrett quick but we're both knicks get rich nick. It's very very clever. No idea that way at all. I thought it's very very awkward. Confusing is how i thought that sentence. It's changed. Get quick nick. Nope nick nick yeah you got. If i may is a guy. That's got thirteen years of a name that i regret. Can you change the name and hear me out. Nick get rid of that iran. I try every day every email malas thinly-veiled. I don't really know nick veteran. Here's nick <hes> <hes> when i was blizzard out the blizzard of madison wisconsin never came uh-huh but all those again all the american airlines flight and every flight was cancelled into madison and milwaukee. I could not get their nick. Vetere was the guy that filled within from the weekend. That's the only way that just makes planes. That's how you know very good again. The gate he was in chicago and was able to drive up up because the blizzard never came <hes> the airlines predicted a crazy blue which by the way the blizzard did come but it went north of madison and chicago. Oh yeah <hes> <hes> like <hes> minneapolis like <hes> matthew game is supposed to reach matt couldn't leave his house because of the blizzard so he wouldn't have been able to make it anyway <hes> <hes> it never came. It never came to madison so so the people that run the madison club thought i was insane and made up like excuses as to why i was going to be there as as opposed to maybe cooling and going haywire all the flights into medicine cancelled for the next two and half days you rely too. I was lied to by the government. Oh boy yes and this went already. We can finally talk about what we came here to talk about on just went all the way to the top so finished explaining all say says that elliot misspoke twice in a row in a way that was very and didn't realize he had both times and and and it was so crazy that we we actually had to back the tape up and play it by him. I all but requests and so then we got to hear elliott. This is the part that was so delightful. We got to hear here as is playing back. You get to hear elliott reacting to finding out that he did indeed say the wrong thing twice super funny yes but now now he wants to pretend it didn't happen now. Why can't we bring that up. I just didn't wanna make another thing of it. I i i also looked at the the that clip because i wanted to see what had happened. Whatever and all i was saying to me because i was legitimately like. Do i have a mental thing where i think i'm saying one thing in a different things coming out and i just i realized that probably i was speaking lazily and so my mouth was closed when i was trying to say ryan and it came up ryan not that my brain decided no. We're teasing it now. You ruined it. We got to play back now. Wait a minute. It's supposed to be like trying to get people to sign up for the players because they find out what what you actually said. Oh i didn't now he said maybe this will move some sales. I you know what turns out. We're good business. It definitely just discovered well. I will one hundred percent admit that i didn't realize that's what matt didn't want me to say. Can we not bring this. Yes i did or are we allowed to bring this up in the future. We didn't find it peculiar that i was dancing around what the actual he basically told the whole story except for what you said i know lucien is is that you bleep that part and do a little quick voiceover. That sounds like a lot well. He doesn't have the do it because he's he's. He's just making the video for the players. I would have to bleep it in my defense. I thought you gave away the the cool part. Which was my reaction to that thing. I think i'm i'm just trying to sell people on the idea of how funny it was. I think that that that moment. We'll still hearing messing with you. I don't think it matters. That's the second guitar we've had to do that right. I really one of the time i thought i said betty white or something instead of something. What was i do not not like it was like gee i said betty white. Something crazy didn't look it up. It's probably in your notes but how do i ah type in. His notes are very good erin. Come on man you know they're not you know there by the way i have not looked at a single. They might be like every second detailed. I have no idea they aren't but i will say i will say that that ninety percent of the time when i need to figure out where something is i can use those notes to find a very good average well. That's all fame numbers for that yeah. Those are hoping number. You'd be very proud of that but that next. Do your masters degree in your wall dickhead the fact that you couldn't say with a straight face that made that hurt your message. I was having my joke. We all know that thing is a sham screenwriting. Yeah yes nick charge. You can john no. I'm just excited that whatever i didn't know idea what you guys are talking about the entire time of what are your dreams. Go to the coffee shop. At at the corner. I did and incredible cold. Everybody raves about tried to make me feel like a jerk. Who did the woman who gave me my coffee. Why why should we can feel like i ordered. <music> is driving me. Okay is coffee called coffee <hes> she's she laid it down and i says is iced coffee and she said it's cold brew and i was like is this is coffee. She's like they're the same so then. They arts no nice coffee. Is you brew coffee and you let that's hence the ice his coffee so i said okay. I'll get you back. I'm gonna go broadcast is next door you done rebecca. Her name was oh wow yeah i will say this. We've given them how we'd been here four years in the studio five years <hes> six years six years. It'll be six at the end of the year for six years. We've been nothing but a compliment. That copy shaaban based on people's reviews one time in that time fine day i also. I don't drink coffee so i didn't know. Is that true that the cold brew tastes different than brewed coffee. That's been put on ice. I know that it it costs more of course this well brewed. The coffee isn't iced coffee is chilled in the fridge. No puerto rice. I mean you know to make it cook cold right. Don't they sometimes just to speed things up is put a ton of ice in port over that they do. I think those days are gone probably just waters it down and because if you get enough thrown back at your cantering undrinkable the garin cockerels on the world wide web and he appears to have an answer he just did a bernie sanders like fingertip cobra who was made without heat which creates lower acidity for smoother naturally sweet taste to iced coffee is brewed double strength then cooled which creates a refreshing so they compensate yeah because then then you're watered down with the ice you want it to be watered down. I make my own iced coffee every day. Every day. I make a pot of coffee happy. The wife drinks hot coffee and i'd wait the next day to get terrible day. Oh that's my life. I've been drinking terrible day-old old single bird bruise. Yes yeah you've been doing around. This is why my life is. You don't wear a ring. I've noticed thank you. I'm not really married. I have been together with my lovely bright for seven years so saying my girlfriend is silly. Oh so you just say wife as a shorthand sure explain yeah. I mean not all the time. I was just testing it out. This is my first day. I was like feel today. I'm married. It felt incredible until you shat. I didn't shed on spicer was questioning. The lack of ring and i was gonna ask how long you been america was always interested. I was not putting it down because i didn't know you were running some scam common-law. It's a common law marriage at this point yeah. That's a common misconception that i should be corrected. Not gonna tolerate that in here with nick turner first time apologies accepted <hes> for all you know he was going on an audition and <hes> was playing a single. He was auditioning for a single guy role. You put the ring right back. I imagine i i just couldn't see in the role giant diamond wedding ring. You didn't feel single. I did wear once. I was auditioning for commercial missile to be a plumber and my t shirt maybe green and not white and the casting person was like you know you're trying to picture here for these people and they're not going to use a plumber. Ah i love to color. My teacher doesn't give me the job over my acting. We'll do that. <hes> and i think you have to assume not get a callback. Oh you did of course i was gonna say 'cause. It doesn't fucking matter but this isn't always the case but i would. I would think you want to go into it assuming that the people are very stupid because then if they aren't great but if they are covered your eye to meet a t shirt was a win right color and by the way do plumbers always wear <music>. What's white t shirt yeah. It's the worst color i'm no. That's the trope of some kind but as well it is for painters yeah painter's. Why do they do. They was all white so you can see when you've spots yourself. It makes no sense right because when you see them either waiting at home depot or when they come to your home to paint it's white pants with white shirt with a white cap. Why don't know what is the reason. I'm sure guarantee. I have an answer. Painters wearing white began in the eighteenth century to match the whitewashed buildings buildings. The mohammed was racist. What why do we want them to blend in the culture is this is pretend this wall painted itself. The most common color pages deal with is white and the other white stuff plan spackle. They won't splotches do not show and it's a symbol of cleanliness. Apparently it does denote some professionalism. You know what i go along with that. It's a symbol of cleanliness the first day you wear it you throw it away. You're one of these are white washed painter. You can do that a lot of work but they're good at the job. I want a guy that i don't want to blend in with the wall. We just had the <hes> the <hes> living room painted on my house with the mccullough japan the same exact color that it was uh i don't remember they call it surf side at the dunn edwards that we got the paint surf side and we had a dancer. My question whatsoever white as a blue has a these surf side. You've been in my living room indiana. I can't picture the color because the crew the <hes> <hes> fireplaces that the fire a brick red. It's that blew that then with the white crowning looks pops out and then the blue it looks very <hes> cloning with that red and the white in the kind of patriotic you love. You're damn right. I walk into that room and saluted every goddamn dayton jordan then we had the foyer painted. I want to say tangerine. It's a nice it's a subtle orange that you it was abeche tangerine and i like it. It's kind of like that <hes> on that never not funny a pusher and that's what they can't say look at that look at surf side today. Go look at surf side. That looks like a beautiful album cover. It looks out just before they got there. They'd try one. Maher said album is my favorite swear that i am aware that garin based on what you just said. I wasn't aware of it earlier. Though i am got the information art and nick turner is here but what we were just about to start celebrity citing so let's take a break. We'll bring nick over to the table with celebrity. Sighting knicks got a brand. New podcast out called a get orig- nick now. Yeah i get it. Thank you gary. I thought this was going to go on a lot longer now. Is one of you already rich so you're just focusing on getting the other nick rich playing the game. Nick nick nick works. You know you know. I live a life of leisure. You have a half hour special on comedy. I do but they stopped stopped paying me for that. Yes i f- gets you nothing at the club. No no i really felt like swansong comedy. When i got the half vira finally good night. Now i can retire. Yes i'll pop up later. If podcasts become a thing and they have yes yes they had before. I said there is a revolution. I'm familiar conan. O'brien step down from television ran to the mailbox my variety. I saw the news. Sir flipped turks looked. You did the sadly by the way it's great when everybody can do a special half hour but you did it sadly when you were no longer allowed how to pick your backdrop your name on the wall whereas in my day which is now going on with on twenty four you got. You had personnel personally <hes> creative meeting to decide what you wanted to have as your thing. Would you believe i just had a picture of me behind me. I wanted to look like the old the dean martin roasts. That's how to achieve that but that's what i wanted. I just wanted to <hes> beyond before midnight and the guarantee that i i don't care what's back there. Just put it on a time. My mom can see it. Yes and they said no. He said no. We've got we've got some stuff plant years new years and i did it three years ago three years ago so i got two thousand and sixty thousand sixteen rated election going on that your big year yeah i did not know sponge pro-trump stuff. If i didn't no young one click red hat on. I thought you were doing ironically because not all right nik turner's here when he comes back and do that celebrities wherever hey money's too tight to mention that <hes> that's a song monitored tat dimension. Here's the way to loosen that money up by. You mentioned you mentioned speaking of mentioning things you mentioned in that song a lot and yet. I couldn't tell you who it is. Let me see if i can guess okay <hes> now. I can't even though he brought up probably last week. Simply red simply red <hes> credit card bills every month bills bills those bills you get them multiple payments multiple due dates wouldn't it just we hear i'm listening to have just one payment or lower rate. 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Terms conditions apply to you stupid officer subject to change without notice and the rate right of course includes a zero point five zero percent auto pay discount so visit livestream dot com slash pardo for more information that is livestream dot com slash part light stream a better way to consolidate all day your credit card debt. Hey we know how hard you've been working. Well drunk. Jimmy showdown reworking kit at here hey you we know how hard you've been working smooth. So here's a gift on us. Yeah matt this is coming from our friends over stitcher premium which were part of we are yeah you get all the first thirteen thirteen of <hes> for first thirteen seasons of funny. Oh over there. You can listen to binge it. Go through the from episode one relearned this weekend in denver. Many people said they did that. Yeah binged it <hes> traveling or what have you going through a tough time. We were there to help end to hold this labor day. You get thirty percent off. Stick premium matt yep by going to stitcher premium dot com slash labor day and then using the code liberty l. a. b. o. r. d. a wide. Just put it all together. One word got <hes> labor day. I've been asked to ad lib here about labor day working promotions whatever labor day's day let's talk talk about where we celebrate the worker. Yes we give the worker a day off. He's worked hard all week and all year long. Put your feet up. Thank it's time for you to rest right and what better way than rest on that labor day than to listen to podcasts hank thanks for all all i know about hank and it's very little is that he worked his ass off does but not on the lord's day and not on labor day day to sit back and listen to podcasts <hes> and what you know what all that okay that we just about working. You all often see a mattress sale for labor day. More various other sale like that macy's is heavy liberties well well. We are not above doing promotions. <hes> stitcher premium is doing a labor day special. Yeah say that they're say what what you just said was that that'll written out. What part what you just said no. No that was the part. I was making up because it says to police ad-lib here about labor day okay working now. I just did about promotions. Okay okay and i'm gonna do whatever hey lemonades great. I don't think i would have interpreted that as being do one of these three things. You don't have to actually go through each each single one yes matt. I know that but i'm doing this for humor. What about this lemonade certainly put a spotlight on. It seemed like you were reading it. That's why i was confused. Feud thank you. I'm very good cold reader with the words me about this lemonade but that was it that was the whatever <hes> if you sign of percents premium you'll be able to listen to name of your your show ad free. I guess in our case it'd be never not funny. 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I just made i just i was up at the rooster feathers nick and i did it opened up. My second. Show saturday opened up my said we're talking about. It's always a good feeling when you hear the eh management. Sending waitresses always makes you feel good. Thanks for a great week jimmy. We're we're gonna send you for home four. Also i know the plan was to have less waitresses so you were already starting off with a few diehards. We need this because they've got kids yeah and then when you see them go home. There's going to be home. You're like oh jeez. That's on me. They can't baby food now because i can't draw more than these seventy seventy five people on a drive them home. Oh jesus christ. I got a show to do things and chauffeur now that they can take time booking. I'm not that interesting because he has time to do that while the opener opener in that was not a slam at rooster teeth when i say i'm not saying that you could save <hes>. I love that clip one of my favorite gloves on percents me too. I like it. I'd never work there. Although love you there will be ready for that second show saturday when they get a sense of folks always our interests or saturday they they may also on friday for you and i'm hearing thursdays already light. That's fine so good luck <hes> anyway back in <hes> <hes> meta. I wanna ask you very quickly. Did you sleep well. You got home at nine o'clock so you i know but i but i had to watch l. E._m._c. on recorded the soccer occur game <hes> the playing the galaxy very unsatisfying collusion <hes> yeah <hes> could've been could've been worse. That's the thing with soccer. If you've got a tie you can always look get elected. We didn't lose yeah but it would they yeah it was ridiculous that the best team in soccer cannot beat their biggest rival insane five games in a row because that's the only sport port you can record and watch later because no one will spoil it pops up on your twitter feed. Unfortunately i a friend of mine. Texan me come on i thought i didn't i don't think she did spoil it but it seemed like sh sh she were a listener of ours. It's a i'll say hello to danielle who's a longtime longtime fan of never not funny and <hes> works fox sports and <hes> is a big soccer fan too so we she's the only person i know who also gives shit of this so we text about it and i got off the plane and i had a message from her from before it started. She was at the game and she was like. I have bad news every game at l. a._f._c. There it's not really mascot but they have a falcon team. Falcon named ali and every game a celebrity brings the falcon out on its arm and then by the way i should point out that <hes> will farrell is one of the team owners so imagine the first game ever played will farrell walks out with a falcon. His arm is very on brand for him and then the falcon flies up into the air like whips whips around the stadium and it's very very exciting actually and so- kareem abdul-jabbar was the guy i was like. I have bad news. Kareem brought out elliott because we knew i wanted to be at the game and i couldn't and then then. I got a text as i was walking car. That said i have better news but i just glanced and saw that that's what it said that was like i don't want to see this because i thought she was saying they won <hes> and then i realized that game was even over yet but i was still like what does she mean. I don't understand and then then. I try to put it on my head so the audience one korean. Maybe that's what it meant and because i was playing. I don't actually know maybe she had sent that hours earlier too. I have no idea what the time line of it. I didn't ask her. What was your question. Did i go to sleep. Oh so no i did not go to sleep early because i watched soccer game which yeah yeah so now. I'm exhausted nick. We're in denver yesterday. We did a live show in denver wonderful degree theater yeah. Have you performed there. I haven't it's i love it. I i'm only first time there. Yesterday is great which has got a great vibe and he used to be a movie theater but it's like feels. It's it's seats the the right amount of people for us but it doesn't feel small like the right size. That's where the garlic stu there show. That's exactly right. Quick shot up to karen from the high high plains comedy festival than you. <hes> who <hes> was <hes> <hes> <hes> instrumental in bringing us to <hes> to adam <music> adam cayton holland yes <hes> was mayor the mayor of denver <hes> stanford comedy <hes> i got home and i watched a documentary documentary <hes> no choice now doc. I watched a documentary recommend around woodstock last night. <hes> there's another one well. There's woodstock is the movie right and then this was documentary about <hes> woodstock itself the town nope about the concert. That's an interesting show to try to fill so what are the most payments rock documentaries all time for we know about woodstock okay and then relig- via this ninety minute version of everything you knew about. Which is it recent yeah for. The fiftieth breath. Aniversary was a good three days a defined a generation that one. Yes you know what i enjoyed it but i you know i'm obsessed with woodstock i i don't i <music> i i. I don't think i would have been a hippie nineteen sixty nine but i think the jury's out up from me on that one jimmy i would have been there. I really there's no doubt my mom because he loved music. Actually that's a good point yeah. You're not at all a hippie but you would have had to have gone but you would've had to like. Your car stopped then. You'd have to decide like i'll just watch. I'll just walk three miles closer. We would fucking hated that the mud mud. I wouldn't have even with the last night watching them with the sliding in the mud and just going. What do you do now now. You're sitting cake mud because he thought to be funny to use that as a slip and slide like the first time i went to chicago fest. When was the not the band the city of chicago fest. We went to see chicago but we had to walk about three miles from the train train station to the stage so that part of it is not <hes> that problem and like <hes>. I like a festival atmosphere of concerts exciting revival there. Did you hear the on the radio. They were playing the entire audio from woodstock. Get serious the i did hear but my friend was like texting texted me like funny stuff. They're like they're like <hes> robert morris. <hes> you have to leave who's robert morris silly. Why does he have to address that. In this documentary they all of a sudden the stage became because it got sort of hand to stage became also the public address system right so they would just go like yeah uh robert borosage. I call your dad. He just wanted to be here. You're having a good time and they would do that now. Please welcome janice joplin that crazy it was but isn't that the famous thing where they had to announce. Don't you don't take brown asks nationals yeah what was wrong with. It is bad bad bad trip yeah. You're you're a bad trip man. Yeah yeah see this is why you need five documentaries. That's why you need five amazing. Jonathan documentaries never know. What else are you gonna follow by. The way steve byrne addresses is that on twitter he <hes> he heard our show that we were talking about this other documentary addresses on twitter. I retweeted it as to why there are two documentaries and how how the two camps <hes> do not care for each other. Oh dear that was obvious so tickled. Level controversy remember when they for tickled showed up at the theater yeah yes now. There's debate between st burn cycling yeah yeah. That's that's crazy. That is crazy. It's also crazy that <hes> one of them. I'm being very well. Publicized on hulu and steve byrne was like i. I just put on youtube for free. That doesn't seem fair either well. If you've seen the anyone that's on hulu hulu around the end. There's no spoilers. I'm just saying does become obvious. I'm when you get there guys you to john hulu citizen air. We just lost one of the brothers others yeah all right. He was a great force in politics. All right we go around the horn in a moment per se here we go. Let's pick up celebrity sightings betty. This gentleman nick stat from denver to los angeles sat across the aisle for me. Okay actor use an actor first-class class row two k. Is that more than three. It's closer to the door advice why you can't say i can't say that it is is. Does this person have any connection to denver you know. Does this person that that i know of was a john denver. He's dead. What let's oh no bob demo who is going to be good friends and also not bob number also did what if john denver a haunted just planes that fly over denver. He just shows up you know he died in a plane crash right so i appreciate that kind of humor but he's always on the plane. She's just they're just are dr saint of digging forty five minutes to get to my gate. You think denver has on the do it one more time to rue bring me home. I don't think keep died airborne by the way if he's going to haunt anything that would probably the mountain crashed into the ocean. Oh you did yeah. I hold his picture of the ocean. Yeah yeah that's true. You can do it but it's very rare that another human being will come along and be privy deer hunt fish with glasslike to grow out of there yeah well. That's what we were able to find his plane. Why do i always picture maybe because of the song rocky mountain yeah because he was from denver but he was it was a small at me. It was was it a glider. It was an experimental rutan long ez plane yeah cool because that helps if it doesn't but it was over the ocean was not yeah yeah monterey bay yeah jeff hart. Oh i remember when i was when i got that news. Where don't we all nope. Nope garin other people care about others. I don't know <hes> what year was that. Seventy ain't got no hang on. It was ninety five. What oh i was alive. I was gonna say it must have been before. I was old enough to be ninety six. Maybe ninety seven okay. It's in that area my guarantee at least right about that. It's between ninety five ninety seven. I'm gonna stick with snap between it is is one of them is one of those ninety four ninety seven. I'm going to stick with ninety five. I hope it was ninety seven just so that i can know that he had the chance to see twister in the theaters. It was in nineteen ninety six october twelfth nineteen ninety seven <hes>. He did it oh but he did not see titanic. No i did not which which is too bad. I think so where he loved to see the way love the ocean yeah well. He had a closer look. Do you think he just he's got locked into the got. It looks so delicious. I have to fly down. There in my mind probably was the this experimental plane but i'd like to think that he chose to do it. I mean not suicide but maybe he thought the experimental plane was so <unk>. Good actually go underwater. Oh again in fifty s dopey john denver right disease. I think that was well wasn't that documented documented and it was just assumed he was a doper. I don't know why is he having more trouble or less trouble than harrison ford up there. Oh so you're saying maybe as harrison ford much luckier because like crashed like oh. He's definitely got that each dope yeah and he's crashed right. He's yeah he's saved. Saved very few lives crazy that he's still arash. Turn over all right so you got actor an actor who no. I do not know if he's got anything to do with denver okay. Let's pretend that's assuming doesn't is this actor over fifty. I'm just saying no. Is it bob denver campaign. I really i. I honestly want to know oh what pitcairn's doing. I'm not sure if it sounded joke. No no he said it before we did you all say he said john denver. I said bob denver denver but then garin also said bob denver hang on gus. Here's what happened. You said john denver then. I said no no he's dead elliot elliott said is it bob never and i know he is also actually conversation. He's also dead minutes later. He's lost hear me out. He's gonna bring the house down odd denver. Here's the here's the brian ryan level creeping into this. I swear to god garin was the one who said bob denver like in in my perception of the event it was. I didn't remember that he had already said it or something. I didn't understand i was reading about john. Denver's death that you are and so i did not i didn't go to fly when he died. Oh he has he was drunk. Driving arrest. Oh jesus he was not allowed to drive to fly fascinated. Is what happened so i did not hear what elliott said. I said he repeating the joke that i thought was going to hear me out here. Guns me out denver the last dinosaur china sort of the road to take up two seats denison small. How do we first class. Is this guy movie star. You're so no no no. I have to think about it. A never toppled maybe but not a movie star like you would have said yes if it was if he was clearly might be and i don't know it is currently popular is two gentlemen. Yes yes i think he's he's in his forties. Which the upper forties maybe he might be fifty or fifty one b forty eight. He's gen-x <music> so please look like a flannel shirt tied around his waist with some like thermal underwear top yeah you know he did not he. At eight i will give you this clue. He had on pair of <hes> very expensive jeans and a track jacket blue trek jacket with the two white stripes on sleeve. What is this was. A rapper was not i would out out. No i mean i like rap as much as everyone a big rap guy. I'm not writing a book to write a book or how easy easy to read a book. No i don't just to get the deal <hes> thrown about. Are they know direction if they are <hes> <hes> so this guy's on television disguised last television show right now oh boy that's a good question. I'm gonna say no okay but with all the the streaming services maybe do we all know him from. Everybody in this room knows nobody. We all know him from one particular from a movie you from one particular thing but you also but he's done a lot of people from like you might know them one thing that well that doesn't help us them. I guess but who's your guest. I don't think he's that old. I was gonna say aaron paul but he's not come on. John and we're doing serious guesses today. Is this a <hes>. Would you consider this a comedic actor. I would very much so very much so <hes> <hes> very much. Is there like <hes> network sitcom that <hes> the famous successful network sitcom that he was on no he was never on a the big show. No no no. I didn't say that he was never on a network sitcom. Was he ever in a movie. That got a sequel. Ooh ooh boy. Was he ever move. I'm going to say no. I really to be like oh. I gotta i gotta guess random guest danny mcbride no like i would wear no jacket all day with great but yes i totally c._n._n. Jacket i will tell you i ultra. That's slow so tell you this. He took the track jacket while i was freezing on the plane. <hes> took his jacket off and was having a very nice <hes> fitting t shirt on and she's sweating saw aw oh. There's no doubt he's cooked up. Okay coquette yeah part of that sentence with an offer that jacket to me that would've been nice the so-called oh my gosh if you if you do you think that this is a part of my guessing strategy if you'd asked him. Can i borrow your coat. I'm cold would would this actor have given it to he probably would have and <hes> had some fun with it okay. Here's here's the last hint he and i spent most of the flight eyeball each other trying to figure out how we know each other okay. I know how i know him so you've met him. I have not met him but i have been in the same room him. It's not bad at a party the same plane at a party. <hes> no was no was it like coenen on and go okay was this karen was was conan was karen. It was cared theater. It's so we're not only <hes> okay. <hes> was he on premium cable. <hes> comedy like an h._b._o. Laugher as they call it in variety. I know nick reads it. Maybe they ever get ankle from a laugher. Maybe i don't i don't remember networks and he's done a lot man so it wasn't like the star of any he was the star of a comedy t._v. Show but you don't know whether it was premium. Cable basic cable was was basically at least one of them's basic no wear closer. I have no clue mike mike loser not good in the nineties that show thousands yes yes so in the last ten years even okay wait was on it wasn't a stream or a network of basic cable start on streaming show. It was on comedy. Central was on comedy central. It was one of his shows is adam devine to young. We're doing david kettner. No no david verse sure. I forgot one of his shows was comedy. Central was it originally originally only aired on comedy central well. I asked that because they they <hes> debut now maybe stream somewhere else currently currently but try. It's not a comedian as we know it. Oh that's a good question. We don't know him as a stand up comedian a live comedy performance. He's only ah yes. He comes from the boards. Oh improv sketch props guy he comes george went no but i it makes forty-eight was great great and he's most famous for his roles in the early two thousand ah classic sitcom that he's best known for that's for sure like ryan styles right yeah i had a guess and then i discarded the guests you say it out loud. Please <hes> now by gonna guys rob you will no. That's not that i know those guys. I would have said hello to them about ready. Yes right you do no. I am having tray with me browns. That's it you got yep father guido ducci. I i did a bit at pedro's. They just comedy over in <hes> las vegas and todd was glass was not in the room but i did this whole bit. Slamming whitney brown did this entire thing had a good for not long like ridiculously like what why take the time to do a bit about eight whitney brown and i'm slamming him slamming slamming and i go todd todd glass. I'd say i go you gotta be. What do you think of that is always great placement bananas kananaskis. It was the opposite of what i just spent seven minutes taking down a whitney brown house yeah yeah that's weird. Did he not watch us. No i yeah i don't i was just surprised that you guys are does what he wants to on his own. It's surprising ones where you go. You might even say you like brad. Pitt was there and tying. I'm glad of that is you. Don't know brad pitt you didn't see last night's friends. I was letting candles. Keep track of of all the other guest stars up from where we talk less in friends. He was on an airplane on a plane which gets us back to this. Play as eh having your dancing around ask more questions that are not about the t._v. Shows that's more about him. Okay is this. The person wears glasses. Normally i have seen photographs with glasses but unanimous guy that we're glasses no white. What's your question. Is he white. No he's black. He is yes. I have a question. Do boys make passes at girls who wear glasses since we're on that topic yes oh i was told otherwise. Can i say i wanted to ask if he it was way. There's maybe an hour and a half ago didn't out of respect to ryan backstory ryan mcmenamin very very wait a in living color cast member no oh he's on l. No was the ah was the peel. What's your question. Is he key or appeal. I'd keegan michael key. He was only so much better than i thought. It was gonna be. Yes that was amazing. I saw him in the airport. Plop down on the seat next to me at one point and you say yes. It's me i mean i didn't because he kept a high bawling like going but not i but in that way like alike vaguely yeah we know we know we know where i did it. When we want to go hey jimmy but then i want him to be. Thank you okay right right and then oh okay okay. I'm just confused because the window next to me then. I'm a little little confused because if he was on that plane for two hours then he wasn't making a film or television <hes> which is <hes> what he seems to be doing every waking hour of every day because he's on everything yeah and he is on a streaming show that we watch that's currently on friends from from college. Canceled canceled couldn't say yes summer. Curse forgot about that you can't do it. Was it just can't we can't take credit for that that we saw just recently but not because i brought him up the curse does not apply but we did it does but we talked about the show when it was on now because we loved it. It was great. It was a good show. The great fred fred survivor be met him recently. I did warm up on his current television. Tonight's the fox one yes i that i saw when it came out and i think it still aired but i have never heard about it again. It got a lot of press for that premiere. It did a one week zero oppresive. I literally it could not be airing. It's possible and i wouldn't i just how many weeks did you do that well. I i only did two weeks because it tapes. Yes you know they did one every day for those two weeks the full two weeks yea i mean it wasn't even like full two weeks. We did like two a day so it was like i worked like gate eight days or so. How many episodes did i think there's tend all ten yeah but you're not sure if nine have aired tired. I don't know i don't know stick around and did you. Did you have to be in the in the room while they did the entire show yes yes it was very it was one of those where i freaked out because i i've done you know warm up for other stuff for late. Nights and those are incredible as you know you leave your done your seventh scotch by the time the host gets out there. You're depending on mir but this was. I had to stay out all the time and and and you know it's like ninety minutes. Sometimes you go out yeah and that's that's too many times like one of the producers grabby the second as like you gotta go back and do a dance. That's contest and i was like i thought that was a joke. You really want me to do and you did that. No you can't do it at that point. You have to have control way before that because they gave me a bunch of candy and i was just like throwing it out like just shot up. Just get out and then you realize oh you have to make them. Do you something for candy. Oh not just you've already yup. Yes so once you give them the power over and these are professionals because no one's there to watch the show you know attorney or bumped it up. Oh good for them. He has thirteen or something so much. You know i mean they did not deserve deserve it doing this job well. That's that's definitely offer this guy. I got coffee with some guy who'd done like hundreds of sitcoms t to learn magic and i was like i need a better short. I can't do that and i just held the candy hostage and made them do do whatever for it that contradict what you just said. You know the first then i learn how to do it was a trivia questions. I gotta ask ask him trivia questions i did once when i did a game show years and years and years ago <hes> i brought <hes> dollar cds and i would give those away when they would do. There's little antics. Did i buy them right yeah. Yeah i thought it was ten dollars yeah but it was ten dollars of o- here who wants to who wants and it was always a joke thing make fun of that <hes> and then <hes>. I was asked to not do that really why. I don't no no i mean i'm always thinking like amount of money that i could walk away from this like. How much money would i give them right now for me to we'll be able to walk away and then to rehire me in for a different show. Yes i i know because i just like doing the calculation on my own too far into it. It's it's not worth it. <hes> i've known at the beginning you know there's no but now one hundred percent one hundred percent yeah. It's the hardest thing i've ever done. Yes it now coenen poland. It was late night wonderful. I've done cobra a handful of times so great and that's so much fun so different thing. It's everyone wants to be there. That's scream stephen like all their ten minutes of it right and then eventually like an insane band comes out out. Mike plays me off right. These are flipping in their seats yeah but here. I'm like oh you dollars interesting. Okay one more than me. In the other did early on was for andy killers the pet shop on animal planet day one i did. I did one weekend with at five on a saturday five hundred sunday. The five hundred saturday were rough. That's the best way to put it rough and <hes> but i finally sold on doing that. <hes> aimed at tune with the band stumped and the band loves it because they're bored out of their fucking minds during the breaks too so i get into the next day. I'm like well. That's great. I'm going to do that. The entire i m a day i found a winner and very person to produce inside of me. Was i had a band doesn't wanna do stuff the band and i go what they want to do that so you can't do that so let me go over to the band. I've walked towards urge them. The band comes up to us because they told us you're you. Don't wanna do something and i go. I would demand to go get some we because when we do go well then something's up and then yeah we didn't like it like entertaining the fucking audience so we didn't do we didn't do it because the police details so that means you're the someone from the audience tricep surname asong that they can't play doing anything. That's amazing hosting the bank. I would i would be hosting. That's what i would do chitchat with wheeler center yeah no i i just i love it. It was to me by the way i was just ripping off johnny carson doing that with dino something abandoned him going up in the crowd and then talking to the person in the band would do it but it worked because it was fun interact with artists they're involved and then here's and then the joke approach they don't do it. They would just do to kill each time like oh yeah yeah yeah. We know that one yeah which is funny the first seven times it really be before you need it again. <hes> all right. Let's go around the horn. Let's check in with gary. Cockrell pop goes but he's impetus that is sponsored by dog pile dot com gary what happened this weekend. Anything import happened. No not really works. It's <hes> with the movies. I can't talk radio now. We talked about that. Though didn't we saw what you're ready or not. Did we talk about we. W we did talk about that yes yeah. I think that was the last movie. I saw well good for you. It's good that you're taking a break from the motion picture that we <hes> you appreciate it the next time you go. Should i watch that yeah. It's a little spiel as three cheap to go. Are you always that where you live over in that arena yeah pretty much get it. I don't wanna get too specific. Specific live above the theater theater. It's not legal protection for you coming with the t._v. Show the kids slept in the tech room mm-hmm. We loved the first episode and then you stayed with it and i didn't they. Oh what was it called shine or no. Oh it was the kid show right yeah it was it was and it was produced by the guy <hes> who produced hamilton it was it was billed as kind of like a musical tv show set in high school but what it actually was was a highschool show in which the characters are putting on a production of spring awakening eh rise. Oh yeah that fell flat quickly. Yeah that was very disappointing just for the simple fact that they weren't singing because i think it's always interesting when someone tries to do a musical t._v. Show it's for so bizarre and i watched them all. There's a new one. The disney plus is going to be high school. The musical the high school musical the musical the series is coming out of boy. Get ready for that. That's more confused with colons colons one show to call off the new <hes> bradley whitford. Show looks good where he's a choir director. I've only seen the billboard lord and i gotta say it's given me. The billboard doesn't look good. I'll tell you that much giving me amen flashbacks. Oh i think he's so great. Bradley is that he's awesome <hes>. I don't think he signed onto junk. That's my that's a good point right. Billy madison best movie ever not billy madison. Oh ability balls remember. He falls out they do the prank where you like make them fall over backwards over a bench and then he's got these short shorts on and then one kid goes. Did you just see his balls yeah. They were weird. I think that every time that was in the script his ball adults writing conscripted adam saying yes and tim herlihy probably yeah. I think it was nick. Where'd you grow up. I i grew up in virginia richmond virginia outside midlothian virginia outside. You mean outside like in out of doors. There's a big fan two bucks to i am i live in the suburbs. <hes> there wasn't much of a of a downtown richmond at the time. It's grown some <hes> a lot since <hes> uh-huh but if you lived in the city that's bad news. That was rough. Oh yeah oh yeah it was third per capita murders what one year when i live there and you'll you and it's etched into history through the avail song which i don't know but at some point in the third per-capita <hes> <hes> third per capita next year number one anyway that's available the big punk band which mond so story. They're just so you guys get rich quick yeah. We just tell you wanted to stop that ship and the stories over here's five dollars. There's an extra seven to make sure that happens all right. Richmond april richmond's got. What a funny bone. What does it have their funny bone. Yes i was told we're going to get really into the industry yeah. Let's get into it urban to urban for me when i tried to <hes> have you performed there. You know what mike schmidt and i went there. <hes> i think right before it it was maybe transitioning listening to an urban club and so we would we would leave when it was. The majority was an urban crowd bike and i was leaving well. We pull that one off like we felt good about yeah that we were able to get laughs in a room. That didn't probably want to see the the two white dudes here. I just it's like the only place on earth that that can go and i could bring an insane a number of people to come out nato. They can't book you know small. I have i've done. I've done some of that not in a long time i should i should do it. I'll do it you hear that richmond common october thirteen to the richmond coliseum how oh wow gee that. Was that many eight hundred yeah i think i think it'd be good. I performed calcium once you did graduation wishes for my school stays yeah. Did it take ten seconds. I about died. I almost knocked my eye out through the hats. I looked up looked up here. What are you trump. Look at the tone. I'm never felt so stupid then many times since but i cut me i'm bleeding from my face. All my graduation wow yeah also i had shaved my head why on the radio four tickets to the tibetan freedom concert art nine hundred ninety eight grand and they they they they broke the like shaving shears the electric shears on on my curly hair and then they just started cutting with scissors shaving it with a straight razor bleeding my i'm waiting from aw graduated high school. Yeah that was that concert. Though beastie boys incredible rained-out rains you got all does there's nothing i i saw a few bands r._e._m. Rage against the machine <hes> and then at some point michael stipe came out and said that it was cancelled for the day too much which rain there was two days but we didn't have tickets for the next so you know you can come at its type. I can't no i found him later. We we dealt with it. Okay could your local guy right yeah. It's hung around till he was <hes> down. Go back to rich <unk> and it's raining too much. They played it for that too so it's very confused. Oh weird rockville maryland close so interesting yeah okay well. My geography's very poor except early nick. You know it's getting away with anything else over the weekend and i didn't have a celebrity sighting. Oh my gosh unprecedented second celebrity sighting does it does it biki michalke because if not i would maybe suggest what year we're in. We're in this one thousand. It might not be but if you hold it until thursday. They've i'm going to say yes. It's not was he bigger than being salting. Was he ever was that he was. She was she ever bigger than keegan. Michael key is right now. Do bitch leslie and war and leslie. She had a huge tv show all right. Go all right suzanne somers t._v. Show cybill shepherd. No you're a generation above where this way. She's older other. She's younger generation more recent as when she likes suzanne something i mean cybill shepherd i i would say ninety t._v. Actress so this is a two thousand oh two thousand actors and so this is your sitting for your t._v. You're bleeding from your head. You're watching television kirsty. How know what it kate hudson ever to share of blood. I heard seattle. It was a great. That's a great gasping now. She's not yet yet again. Another cheers here's related actor that i mean that does make sense because she was also on veronica's closet but this woman issue is probably a comedic actress. Even her show was dramatic. This show is dramatic. Show which i think kirschstein not quite as much as kirstie alley. This is a network show. Yes it was. I knew stand up comedies. Well no no no no no no so that the woman from a <music> providence was was she. She was her name in the title. What do you mean by that. No no was on sample show. She like like valerie harper. No it all the ladies are oh lady. It's a bunch of ladies on a dramatic series a network drama full of women marcia cross that was great. Guess oh was it. Was it a desperate housewife. It was a table and gloria. The hope. She's imprisoned isn't she. Was the last one left. I don't remember martius ross wait. What did you say already emerging. Who's the other one. Oh teri hatcher. That's big on seinfeld. That's why that's why i said not as comedic kirstie alley because everything she does seems to feel like maybe she's not a good actress <music>. Maybe i dunno hatchard the bookstore no where'd you get your starbucks. Starbucks probably cold brew superman is that why is that slacks loss lois. Yes hilarious one of my favorite. I still do so many of those bits. My parents parents quotes. We live sisters nick i do. I have a brother named jeremy turner and is he back in that area canaria he he's he's in d._c. He's german overlook. He works for the government. Oh goodness works for the department of defense. Oh my god he's. He's got a very good job where he has things to do that are important <hes> he's over d._o._d. And i i do not i am here i. I don't know exactly what he does because i don't listen secret no no it's not as the jeremy click nah with him being in the government. You don't have to answer this. You don't have to off his spot to use match words <hes> <hes> does she wear a red hat privately. Oh come on. Everybody who lives in d._c. Is smart okay. You know they don't if they not privately ed privately. If people who wear red hats take off you know in d._c. I think <hes> but no he's <hes>. He's a normal person. We grew up in the same same house. Everything's cool yeah. Do you ever too hard on the right there matt met that didn't help you at all. Sorry i went to a special dentist. I was i was listening to <hes> the <hes> <hes> the politics janet. What's it called no no the other c._n._n. Politics spreads chris cuomo's on it really sounds like a radio show radio dickhead. I always thank you and somebody was talking about how he again defected. This comes up is ridiculous that we have people still bring up hillary clinton in defense of trump and it could have been worse with hillary and hillary hilary lost everybody when she said deplorables and the guy brian ross goes well. Do you think about it <hes> syria. Maybe she was standing up because you guys chose the caller killary for the last two decades like how dare you anyway. That was a long winded way for me to support your theory that <hes> we can't go too hard on those people unless you're matt somehow defending what did i do. You went. Oh boy for humor. Oh heavens nick. Come on as we did. You didn't hear your socio. Three lewis show lately saying pick off my headphone right yeah and then your head started bleeding. Ah careful with your head all right gary well listen. It sounds like it was an exciting weekend. I put a shelf together. That's about at home or at the store at target you went to target your cube thing that a boy and what are you keeping your long place. Yeah <hes> stands for lanka lump laser. L._p.'s record collections growing shelving rained it in a lot of you do sell sell anything no he does not only by. I haven't bought a lot of maybe one or two a month. That's pretty ah it's so many i mean you know in my in my mind to a month. That's it seems like a lot to somebody not buying mike vinyl yeah yeah but to a month does not seem like anyone how do you aren't. They just like for putting up on your wall listen. You can listen to them yeah. There's turntables in fact. I recommend many you turn turn to go to u-turn right out last part and it'll probably oh by the way jarod i just went to amoeba <hes> <hes> you know televisions. You'll be able to get stuff and was given a amount of money that i was <hes> i as a reminder. I once said to the guy when he said okay. I can give you you this much money and i went oh. That's a kick in the balls and he got mad at me well. If you don't ask don't <hes> this was the opposite he i in my in my head whoa they're gonna offer me about. Maybe eighty bucks. That's what i thought what i brought and when i went down he goes. He goes <hes> all right so it's one eight eight credit. <hes> this cash well roger rabbit. It is really good credit done well. You can never you can never tell no one time. I went there with with boxes. Full of stuff authors like all right well. Here's twenty five bucks and then the next time less stuff sort of similar ten times that yeah it's weird. It's benign. There's no way gotta get a an app or something that you can scan the things you have and find out what they might be worse. They don't want to take that time. Is there a list of like beckett's hits of records. There is not there used to be something called gold mine so there used to be and maybe maybe it's still out there the newspaper but but not and <hes> collectibles than just you know the junky guarantee over there what's beckett's beckett's is the baseball card collector magazine sports i did yeah. When did you stop. Did you stop. I mean i did you know middle school age for for five six years probably so i don't know if i would have anything cool. Maybe like ken griffey junior rookie there yeah that's not active but nothing still worth anything that was worth hundreds hundreds and now. What do you think maybe twenty eight i don't. I don't know i don't care you're. How many baseballs shops are their card shop dude. When i moved here i go through phases where it's like. I wanna be back into baseball cards. I did a search. I guess when when i moved i was the internet was around so i was here while going to a baseball card show. They don't exist anymore. We have a local shop. There's one in burbank and there's one in beverly hills otherwise good good luck whereas there was a time they were everywhere. I've i've often thought about just been like one day and was going to spread them all out by the beckett's see what i got what but <hes> from all i've heard is since we've got nothing. <hes> ken griffey is at the eighty nine nick eighty nine griffey that sounds right eighty nine griffey upper deck rookie card that should get you all the information that you are at that info she gets you. This is the old man junior trippy junior okay eighty nine. I got his rookie card. I got it in sixty. Three gave back to back home runs father-son this yeah so i'll show you here's the here's the quick search response here are they all different prices yeah and they vary from forty thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. Is it signed no bulletproof glass. Here's meant. There's that's impossible. No maybe meant to to a ten year old yeah. Nobody's sure i can see the image. This one's a ten pristine ten. What's the forty. I bet yeah yeah. I would take like i had a sharpie. You know if it was like a freight edge in a black card. I would just like oh. You know what am i doing. I'm like i'll never z. At defining glass there this was not jimmy hart nights and not a greater for forty six. Twenty nine is one three nine five they. They're all over the place five twenty one hundred fifteen everywhere one hundred thousand what now that that guy's never selling oh. This is an era. Did you hear you can own a piece of a honus wagner. There was a guy with a honus wagner baseball card and he's selling one hundred dollars shares. Oh is that right yes so you can like one hundred dollars share so that if he ever sells it i would get a little pizza yeah well. I'll do that yeah. I i don't know why would he kill into this. I probably internet you can probably google honus wagner card. I'll give it a hundred bucks but if you have a guy who google stuff for you hopefully currently doing it. This standard spelling that a bonus honus bonus hear me point one two million dollars yeah yeah. That's the the one wow you're right. Why would you sell it. You guys making have graduate. Yeah seems like a scam is this. Is this one of the things you're going to deal with qatar. Yeah we could do that. What's your walk us through your show of course know about it because <hes> i booked you and your here term here biggest biggest fans a and thank you for listening. It premiers the trailer so far from here soon <hes>. When does this go out. Do you days okay. Yes then it premieres. Here's this week tuesday august twenty seven so every week we try different thing to get rich. Quick a different way to get rich quickly like <hes>. Let's say you know you have a bill at the end of the month. You need a one hundred dollars two hundred dollars. What can you do to make that anyway so we've tried a bunch of things and none of them get that much money so for example plasma donated plasma to get money and it was quite a journey and nick ended up not being able to donate because his mouth south was too cold when they they run you through hundred tests. You're there for six hours. It is insane to get seventy five five dollars. You're there six hours well we we went and then we had involving the driving too because we also went and they didn't accept my social security card because one of the numbers was as much allegedly believe me so anyway we had to go back and then his his mouth was too cold and because he recently drink some water can he they didn't let him in and it is insane because seconds and it's so funny they did you they. They give you two shots and then mike he went warm up your mouth. He was like if i had known that it wasn't gonna work. I would've gotten a coffee but he sucked his mouth. Why why doesn't seem possible that your mouth couldn't get back to item temperature within seconds. I know it seems like a weird scam. <hes> and then the people who are they're letting in the door are just dregs of society but nick vat or out. Who is you know like a second place jimmy pardo they wouldn't let him in and it doesn't make an as addison yeah yeah i feel i i. I've given so much to that place. It makes sense that or it's going to come in second and then when i finally did it after i was done. They were like here's here's your fifty dollars seventy five dollars and they said it isn't go well. You've got my plasma yeah. I guess you can do all the negotiate him it. Wow yeah and that's episode one. That's episodes well. What do we do a lot of lemonade stand we do we went horse racing in where we saw one of the best celebrities on precedent third exciting resident third celebrity imagine how he's gonna play. You just did it so it is all right. You're a horse race at the horse race. We're about to leave david milch which we did our last beds. We went in one last one and then santana turned around. Yes yes yeah which is now shuttered uttered yeah and until nine horses in a day you're going there. Was the celebrity okay. This is a man and of course we paid. The extra five bucks to get the v._i._p. Of course on the whole premises make money so we're not spending. We definitely spent more money than we gotta spend money make money. That's not encountered in the final tally. We're trying to have fun. <hes> isn't aker. Yes issued a gentleman. Yes okay as over fifty. Yes over sixty yes yes. Is this somebody who did not surprise you that they were there for strategy known for gambling. I did not know this isn't george segal. It is not does he have a mugshot. I yeah i do not know but i mean we've all we all have passed some follow up. Does he drink coffee from a mug. I can only assume <hes> movie star. Oh yes in a movie star. No no movie star. I mean movie star but i mean that's from <hes> from a bygone era. Maybe yes okay so this. Guy's name was above the title and we'd all be excited in the seventies or eighties. Both i guess elliott gould no guesses. There is something slightly confusing happening and i don't know how to address it without giving away too much information is he african american. Yes and i couldn't figure out how sean connery the fun all sean sean connery. He's bedridden. I think he's heckman. What was the confusing thing now. I have to know well. I just you're thinking of a movie star told us he's always is but i'm seeing some people are much more. He's does more than just movies. No he's a singer also know he's also an athlete isn't. He's a news report way way way more similar to actor in the same room host screwed this yeah this. This is on you given any any insulation. No actor manatt actor is definitely no addition like a slash. What would you put off akram writer. Yes i said john fabbro. I thought thought you were guessing what i looked like <hes> yeah so he's an actor and a director. Yes yes <hes> and more successful as as an actor or as a director or he's like he's in. He's in his sixties seventies eighties eighties woody ellen no is that wrong but this is what we're talking about you to answer these of course it isn't. He's not a big famous actor writer director robert robert redford. Oh he doesn't rate so this guy right correct. You can pau albert brooks. Yes wow ow oh. No sorry fucking happening now. It's i mean what are the names is. The smell breath yes. You really aren't good at this. I'm so sorry guys. I thank you for giving me a shot. The door was ryan. Yes no. They did that on television game show. What did you do sir. The the final answer. I was a panelist on it was a show <hes> that was on for like three weeks on game show network. I can't even remember what it was called. It was like to natural ally. There will be some weirdo. We got a episode. Are you on a comedian. Yes i was on the committee. There was a three three comedian panel. Every episode hosted by rove mcmanus from australia. Show yes and it was called. <hes> <hes> i dunno. It's on my i'm debbie. If that's a thing so at the final one they bring on someone from the audience when is one because everyone has like a little the whole audience just playing along and so the winner comes up and they do one final two truths and a lie and we tell stories and guess which ones lying. I remember why i know the show yeah. It sounds very familiar. Lie detectors. Yes yes now white game show network because you were pitching same briar okay well. I'm sorry it failed also so <hes> i tell my story and it is <hes> producer story. I don't know if i could say i don't know why i just said there's no reason to <hes> and it was a story about how when he was younger he was working on a film set and he had to sleep in the car with all the equipment equipment or just sit in the car without equipment. He fell asleep. They stole all the equipped so i told this story and meanwhile there's another panelists who tells the story who is telling the truth and at the end they're like okay who who is telling the truth and then you know just like a bunch of like a minute of fake standardized and then i just everyone thought it was me and they vote. It's like everyone thinks it's me who's telling the truth and i stand up like i've won. Something like go over. The girl freaks out gives me a hug. She's like i was going to have to move out of new york city but now i can stay they did it we did it and then i went and sat back down and then the other comic who story was leaned over to me and was like hey and i said what i just never thought i'm like oh no my all all the color interfaith drains for my face. I see lawyers running every direction. Everyone in the room is a lawyer and they come over and they're like this is what has to happen. That's your story. That's your story for life. I feel like i may have to cut some of this out. This is your story for life and and that's that's all there is and i'm like okay and then she won. Yes it was never brought up again until now but you know so. It's like whatever the production action accustom whenever five grand girl one but they want people to win so that's about about that part right mean feel bad about the part that you just publicly publicly. I just my my body of no. No i think maybe if the show had been a hit right they would have come back up so we'll take out here that listen to show you know we don't okay now. Let's take a break and in that break. We'll figure out of nick. Speak further. Hey guys matt here with some dates for you. Nik turner's on twitter at knicks turner's and i see chaos to you are any r s and he's got a new podcast on ear wolf network. It's called get rich nick and <hes> you should check it out. You'll hear about it on the show. If you haven't already it sounds great and i think he goes missile enjoy it. Jimmy carter's doing standup comedy. I'll tell you when and where flappers in burbank <hes> that's october fourth and fifth and then he's penguins and cedar rapids iowa that is october twenty twenty fifth and twenty sixth. Jimmy dot com click the tour link to get links two tickets to that nothing coming up for never not funny are maybe there is but we can't announce that yet so that's that's it just go to jimmy carter dot com and not too late to sign up for the players club. Actually if you want to join an unseasoned twenty-five see what happened with elliott's mouth last week entertaining inning go to money dot com and create an account. You'll get to the premium page where you can purchase a season pass between nine nine enjoy. Hey our guest. This week is nick turner and yet we are now reading an ad for their new podcast nick nick nick vetere sarah and nick turner having new podcast on your wolf that is called. Get rich. Nick stay tuned because we're gonna talk more about it on this episode. Which is this real. No there's mid but we talked about at the end. Oh yeah we do <hes>. They try nick and nick. Try everything under the sun to make money now fast today. Wow aw i was making fun of your ad lib. That's a sentence. I never thought i'd hear try everything under the sun to make money now fast today yeah. That's not on me man. I think there may be making fun of those ads that are like make money now now fast today including here's the thing include horse racing lemonade stand donating plasma trivia nights task grab it and more some of them work most of them. Don't <hes> if you know either nick or nick feel free to share. Hey hey knicks on the show this week and i'm enjoying his company already me too. He's really funny and fun to talk to and again. I can't stress enough how we've already talked plenty about. This shows that we're now advertising advertising <hes> plus the interview fellow comedians specialists like henry zabriskie. He's of course the guy from less podcast on the left now. That's something that nick did not tell us so now. I'm glad we didn't find what is important is the <hes> the copy guy did this copy matt gershon and j._c. Coakley oh yeah. She has an money s. t. records. Hey plug ad within an ad get out records dot com subscribe to get rich nick now in your podcast app. Get rich nick a better way to laugh. Forget rich history. Welcome to the program episode twenty five. Oh three <hes> nick turner is here. Nick is of course he's got. The hot new podcasts going out to get rich nick number one. We don't know what it isn't like. Your vision board. Though that's good that you're thinking vision board showed them how we're headphones on. The vision board is you're wearing like their mutton chops. I wasn't committing because when i put him on no one else had and i thought i would adjust here a little bit with them like that. No no you can't talk news. I'm trying to be <hes> you care about the environment but the paper straw does very long you gotta use to one for each one. Yeah the coffee shop next door. Plastic drugs also very thin so i you you know you try to smash the paper off us to see here that peanut rebecca you just getting out their off brand pitas out in his room right now it do you mean the character from hundred that's two shows in a the hunger games came up. I don't know anything about it when it was the other one <hes> about movies like to hunt and jimmie spoiler alert. There's a character named pita watching. I always oliver waterston. There's good. I like the first one i've never seen any of the other ones. The second lead yeah right. That is a spoiler. What did you say the city of the second lead but that may not be accurate. He's at the character. Pita is a major character is in the story. All right nick nick is not here. Thank god you were supposed to assist against today. Nick turner is here nick as let's check it very quickly with elliott elliott. How was your week well. I went to arizona. My dad had actually a very nice visit with them two meals with him well. I had one meal and then i back to meals. Though i will another meal i was going to correct to give the exact information that i realized nobody cares yeah. Well soups not also. Nobody nobody cares do not eat at the second meal you just that's correct yeah. You're keeping him company while he had a meal so i will say the puzzle the president i will say while i was there there you know he's facility so there's people at various levels of communications and abilities there. There was a man there who i'm going to say say is what macdonald will sound like when he has dementia. Oh i can't do it but just imagine mcdonald's cadence yeah. No words was it was <music>. I it's hard to laugh at somebody in that kind of situation but it did it did give me a little bit of joy. I will say to think that and eh wasn't mcdonald. I've got a question was about denver ally farren aaron aaron. I'm aaron here. It does seem like a joke that would go right into the theme is that's. I was so strong. Oh thank you thank you so much <hes> <hes> i do that because we're as a family family watching friends all the time. I've gone back to doing the thing i did back when it was onto was like anytime there's any joke that's such a joke. I'll just go barron in an american in an area that the button. That's your children appreciate the fund. How about something from this decade. They like the show. They're not into me doing that but i told you that charlie jumps up and basically like like he does his dancing dancing to the themes on every time but in a way that's very aggressive not the right word but he's kind of it's taunting saying basically it's like he's taunting specifically his sister with his dance moves because he gets rid of interface and i'm like don't you can dance but you can't talk because he knows that she doesn't like that so you tell them you could dance. If you want to you can leave your friends behind see dance and if they don't dance well no mind yeah. That's the one hit <hes> he wanted to the men without hats but of course that we know that's not true because he always talking at the show years later still had poor guy walking through arc. What are they poor guy. He chose to put the hat on. I'm making fun of that. He was so so insecure that he had said now did he ever i don't that's an era where i would not be surprised to know that he recorded an album. That's great question. I dunno no no. I bet he did things probably the name of it to karen. That would have been a good one for twenty five. Be bob denver okay so i just realized who bob denver was gillian seen that gets a great show just real well. That's that's mel. Mel brooks right sure so funny. Oh you mean the gambler what happened to speak to mel brooks. No we didn't and that was it just a great shame. It's just a bunch of comedians going back and forth just being like what do we do. What do we do we shouldn't we can't i don't he doesn't want it. It's not gonna make better there. He's got to be like you know why. I lived another day because nick one of the knicks came and said hi and ruined my day enjoyed it. You you have the chance to have of mel brooks on your podcast. That's the i mean the number the sleepless nights i've had since this but i just don't know i've never i don't go up to anybody. I don't go hummer anybody. I don't want it. I i can't do it. I see as someone who had a very tenuous connection to mel brooks and approached him based on it he was. It's very nice about it but my dad was his projectionist says fox. I should've gone with that. Climate other people's stories my dad. It was richard pryor works with him. Nick turner right different names <hes>. Is there anything else elliot well. Let's see i do have so we're have our airport stories. I also was at the airport and i'm sort of interested as to a how you would have responded to this. You think i responded to this. Okay all right so as i understand it with southwest you get your little. Get your little letter number combo and and that's the order that you go into the blame. We just talked about this last <hes> last night <hes> yesterday in denver colorado because jimmy hadn't flown on southwest so long that he hadn't seen that they now have set up the those polls when the settlers five apiece right right but it's my presumption that it's not the a group of five. You actually are number twenty three then. You're you know in front of twenty four correct yeah so i'm waiting at number twenty three. I was see one. Oh no. Which is your barely on the plane. That's fine but it was a full plane. It was totally full so being see one has its advantages right no it doesn't it doesn't a sense that you're the first of the the last anyway does that. That isn't necessarily important the fuck did you spend that in your head that see one is one hundred twenty people got on before you or something i it sounds accurate that means he's in the middle seat. Yeah actually it wasn't how is that possible. I got the last window seat with the c one so so i'm i'm waiting for for you know a to go through beatty go through and the i b goes out and i'm just waiting for them to call for c. and some people obviously are gonna gonna go there before that's done once as done. Don't you line up for see no. You can't beat us. Nobody because it alternates so no but it's a half a second half be for first f._b._i. F._b._i. For second half once the second half of be goes then you could go so so i'm waiting and then there's a gentleman who <hes> physically imposing gentlemen i will save for the purpose of the story who he's very clearly in the first position like he has staked his claim warning it and you know he's not see one so but but they haven't actually called us to go up yet so i'm like i i'm sitting. I want to set said i'm going to wait. They finally do call see so. I go and i stand in front of him because i see one. I don't know if i didn't look at him to see if he looked at me funny but here's what here's what i did do is because i kind of felt like he had that imposing sort of feeling like can we stop and guess what you did yeah please do you held your ticket up in a very ostentatious manner to let him see over your shoulder. I i mean i was on my phone but otherwise one hundred percent yeah that's what you see one the phone call on my glasses on right excuse me yes precisely so i'm standing there and winning and and i feel a little bit of fidgeting but i don i. I kind of glanced over. He doesn't seem angry but <hes> so so then as soon as the last of the line of the be the bees the second half of bees is going in as soon as the last person in from be goes in he bolts what he bolts goes right to the guy and goes yeah i'm c. and the ticket person says just goes nothing worse and they haven't even called list to go in and other things that are worse so yeah so now my question to you is this. What do you think i did what we let's. Let's say what what would you. I have done if anything i would have done nothing airport. You can't do anything. I would have done nothing but what stood about it. Here's the thing about elliot you're unpredictable. There's uh-huh times when he would do something like talked to some guy who's harassing a woman or nothing so what did give me an example example of him doing nothing ever i would never probably it is unlikely that i would tell the story of i did nothing because that doesn't seem like a story right well. It's already radius story. The fact that he he stood in front of him because that was your place and then he bolted by but it's pretty crazy. I think you went up to the ticket persons that excuse me i'm see one. Do we ask you a question and we know was he c two. I actually don't we see c. Seventeen i i was never able to get sees werther. I know there was one high end the all the seas i think i think there are two rows. It's as well oh wow yeah yeah so so any other any other thoughts. Nick your thoughts you listen to the program no i. I'm very much someone who says stuff you are. I am i must say stuff. I got a gun pulled on me last week. Yes hey the other story the wrong go ahead knicks me and another comedian. Jason burke were driving being back home after a show in this fair city of ours down from like nowheres ville like south west of the downtown. I i don't really know i haven't had much business there but that would be south central. I believe south central city area kinda. Yes okay so oh sure historically this south l._a. Okay yeah so this story is probably not the only one so i i'm honcker her. You know if somebody does something wrong. Guy drifted honky who likes to hawk and he drifted into my lane and it was like right at the red light and so i- honked because like your mullane buddy so then he turns to look at us and this is a tiny gentleman alan and i'm very large and my buddy jason is like six six and it's just funny to think this guy's like going to intimidate us. It's like fully these cars weren't here. What what what then let's fast for. Let's figure that out so on staring at him back speed like i guess is what we do till the green light enjoy us. This is what i do for fun. I don't let the yes because it's my life i so we just wait for the red line and then he and then the the green light comes and he likes starts to go before us and then you know i i tried to catch up with you know so then he backs off and he goes slower and then i kind of turn turn around a little bit to see him and he pulls a gun out of window just to show me as he's turning right <hes> which there's a lot of things going on there but i'm like this guy already gave up. He just wanted me to see it but he's got no plans and i thought he was very very small thing to pull a gun out for how many times melissa got pulled a gun out. Yeah just anything goes wrong. That was wrong chain a c one. I don't think so i mean the thing about that is like i get ah nervous when i do a u-turn owed knows cops saw me but i'm not weaving gun out now. It would have been what i was staring into his car. He just shown me right all right very suddenly but that's not the game was playing they can. I need to be already. Have one foot out the door in this case season. When did you get like a rush of adrenaline i did but i was surprised is that it wasn't more just because it was like kinda behind me and it was kind of over as it was happening so he didn't really pull a gun on you. As much as he presented a gun he brandished. Yes yes but it wasn't a gift. I didn't think it was a graduation and you know you finally know. He had a gun to harm. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. He wanted you to know yes that. Stay on your mind as you were going to sleep that night. Were you like no i was i had been wronged at the show. You know someone said something to be asking before. I left the show. They asked me if i wanted to work the grill for another spot at that show. What and i think a lot of things but they asked me. I'm not yes they asked asked me to and i was like what i have a half hour special. This is a short done. Maybe seven times and i have if you worked the grill. You can do a spot and i just are a million things right through my head. What i said was no i left and then when i got home i never told my girlfriend a friend wife about the gun and what about iran home to tell her it was like he asked me to and then two days later. I was like casually mentioning it someone else. She was like that was real. 'cause someone jason posted about it. I said oh yeah. I didn't say yeah. Ah good wow that's insane yeah. I don't know you didn't punch that first guy what i do. You want the grill me the gun. I'm with you. If only i'd had time to think about like eunice during the show it was just as i was leaving like i'm saying goodbye and then i'm like what what wait you weren't asking for another spot. No i just don't a spot right wasn't a response to i'd love to do it again. Oh well you can work the grill. If you wanna do it again. This is like oh. Can i do it next week. I guess you can do anything week you on if you work here at this shit all right now back act two. You seemed very small. Oh yes very very small. Show you see one it yeah so so here's what happened without belaboring bring this any further <hes> i thought about whether i would say something to somebody about it and it didn't take very long. I did not i didn't because it wasn't one of those to fight but to give this a little bit of a button so that you don't make that face anymore so obviously i'm behind this this guy all the way down the the again the runway gangway. I'm watching to see if he's going to do anything like to show that he did a thing or two somehow figure out what's going on. Nothing happens. We get into the plane what he chooses to do. Which i found very interesting was he chose to there there. There are a few middle seats. He chose was to have an old lady. Get up so that he could sit in the middle seat. You didn't have to choose that seat and then his bag was like too big for the spot that he wanted to put it in and i helped him push his bag into the spot and when he turned around and i saw his face he was pleasant. I don't even know what what so there. You go come on guys the real heroes i'm reminded briefly of the point said basically to paraphrase paraphrase. Why would i tell the story. If i didn't do anything and you all remember that it was it was well remembered. What's the point in retrospect. You said that that was the exact reason why i said it makes a left turn in that. He ended up helping the guy that he was gonna fight fight with. That's true and i actually wasn't as you did you go. I'm c._y._a. Shove that bagging a little bit just to get it a little and you've got an i._r._a. Or window see. I got a window seat in the back. He's dumb okay. No he wants to get off and he wants to get off early. That was obviously in a hurry clearly true i okay but then maybe check in early aflaid. Is it from arizona to fifty five minutes the other thing. It's nothing it's nothing but i was for me. Is that other situation whereas like maybe ten years ago i would have been fucking pissed <hes> but i was like you know what big deal he needed to see yeah. I'm the same way i think about ten minutes ago. I would have been fucking pissed. We both have grown. That's like the equivalent of me and my story like picking up the you guys bullets off the ground. It'd be like put it back in your gun. I'm surprised you didn't do well then. This isn't your style. Maybe i would have done this. It just be like when i got to the person and be like oh. I don't know i'm c. C. one. I don't know how talk to the matter. I don't know who goes when but i i was see one just in case you're wondering mad at that person might have been a little the guy he could have just not known how it works but the been rushed and he just out of his brain the gate agent <hes>. I don't like the lax attitude. I think because the problem the major problem that everyone agrees with about southwest is that system is so it's it's so chaotic to begin with that they sort of they should be more on top of it because they've created situation that causes that kind of confusion and that kind of is amazing and so they should be more on the ball all with their own. Let me tell you how it works because i'm the only person between this crowd and a riot because if everybody if everybody thought oh well it's fine as as long as you have on your thing and you can just come in and then there's just gonna rush to the right. People have been lining up in order their entire entire long for centuries. People have been lining up for anything. It's that yes <hes> these people airports that can't they can't do it. I was saying that the gym yesterday that people get stupid when they get in an airport they just like suddenly their brain flies out of their head and there's like don't know simple like how how to behave like a human being in the plane yesterday for me. I was in group one and then i had to move around people like we all did we all had to maneuver because these the people planned to themselves and so then i said i'm i'm curious as to and they were for it's like why would you get you know. There's three before four no matter what the fuck is happening on this plane yeah. That's that i was group for yesterday and i kind of did the thing where i'm just like. I'm just walking. I'm not i'm not doing anything. I'm just walking on. I'd probably five people off offense. I you didn't stand no. I didn't but like when it's four and everybody starts going yeah. Do you like because if you don't assert yourself then you your last that's centigrade degree you kind of have to but i walked by people who had been standing there and in a way. Maybe you agree with me. It's like if you were staying there when it was group one then you're kind of an off <music>. I'm just gonna walk onto the plane good for you. You're the winner here yeah. I don't know if i am kind of selfish. No <hes> what is selfish what happened a lot of airplanes stories <hes> but <hes> getting off that in that satellite <hes> fifty two to get on the bus and there's one line for to bring you due to the <hes> five gates <hes> then there's wanted to bring to the fore gates and that's it there's those two lines and then this woman and man decided to make their own line that was gonna come in to like there's a it was a line yeah and they had this little offshoot satellite satellite for the guy behind migos <hes> there's there's two line sir and then just cut in line but he said it in such a way like nobody knew how to go. Oh fuck you who it was. We were like oh can you. He's then you do the thing that like in the merging situation worse than everybody just bumps up to each other like do not let this asshole and we work together on this right behind me because i happen behind right okay. That's what i did kind of do that like i moved over to the edge of in case. He was trying to get in kicking michael. Key has as many problems as you do airports. He was also on the same shuttled as me so there's a chance he may have you didn't see him in in that situation and see where he was in that <hes> do not but i did see him on the bus you don't think he was involved in the boxing out the guy. I don't know let's link suitcases aces. Let's do hands across america. Make sure i don't get it yeah. <hes> nick your weekend anything of import before we get out of here i just just i went to disneyland for the first time yesterday. You went to disneyland down. Yes for the first time ever yesterday. Where would you go with private tour. What what yes. I had a private tour guide which means as you have fast past the whole day okay. How did you get that. Can i ask my buddy. It's like the d twenty three expo this weekend and my buddy brooks wheelin is on on big hero six t._v. Show players club. He's done players club here. I had this conversation with him. That's that's all you know. Brooke stood in an episode now he said i've never not funny and saying okay and you say we'll players club crazy news for you. Oh no switching the the thing the players club that's for the fans we care about the most yeah this is just an ear wolf episode of the here's the why am that fan and paid for players club so many different. Those are a special place. Yes well brooks's insulted all that he should not be no no. He wasn't insulted. I tried to make him feel bad so he had a tour guide for the day and and it was pretty incredible we we went to the cantina and we got kicked out what well v._i._p. They i know now i know. I know this was confusing. You're only allowed to two drinks at the cantina and then rose will try or hear of that. No no no no no. We're on a tour so we ordered the third round and then the guy said oh. It's a two drink minimum and then so he pointed out lyra my girlfriend and he was like oh well. She's ordering it and then the guy said well at the moment <hes> i do not alcoholic drinks because we're we're almost over and you guys it'll take to to make the alcoholic drinks which means nothing and is just a complete lie. That's i already left out. Okay so then we got kicked out. You know you can didn't understand them not wanting drunk people wondering about desert that right it makes total sense but we still just went <hes> ten feet away and got drink somewhere else and then puked on the gravitron state fair and good sounds like yeah. It was not that expensive of autour well. That sounds great. It was in credible to die right every ride. I mean you know we did as much as we could. I we he probably did about ten. We didn't have it the whole business to do. He was doing stuff so we didn't get it till two thirty so we got a little late but just one of the best one are the best days of my life. It's awesome the whole time. I was looking forward to this instead. Oh yeah instead nick next time trade then. I'll let you sit here you. Ah to brooks is gone. We're gonna go you guys can do. I don't know who's going to put it out or what's going and having with it yeah yeah well. That sounds great yeah. I'm probably rooks. Yeah looks good bernie very good friend who are very close to my if i'd say he's a good friend. That doesn't mean that you respect someone in this case do this thing. I don't know what you're saying. Nick the podcast once again is called get rich nick and he's irv walker stuart again oak every week nevada out. Try different way to get rich quickly. We're writing books. Were doing background. I was a background extra for an episode. <hes> we interviewed a friend who <hes> smuggled some pills from tijuana. We're we're gonna try to. We're going to everything every single way. We've just tried to make money. We're gonna try to do it. That sounds fun. Yeah ear wolf is era and it premiers this week this this week great awesome. Thank you for being here. Yeah thanks ali bob golden cockerel back video village is the set of poems eliot hochberg berg over. Here's the entre nous nick turner algeria part of us on the podcast a._k._47. Gone not forgotten if you enjoy never not funny why not sign up for the players club. You get full video of every episode and an extra show every week. When you become a member sign up now at podcast ask dot com hi. I'm nevada and i'm nick turner and we are the house of get rich nick for this podcast. We are out there in the world trying every get rich quick scheme to tell you guys which ones actually work and which ones aren't worth your tank like donating plasma online poker task. Grab it writing e books betting on the ponies. Please going on ebay background extra making money from metal detectors lemonade stands selling fruit in the backyard trivia nights selling from the backyard back yard. We're walking dogs on rover. We're playing video games for cash. We're starting to patria on way too early banning. How much walk losing what we're hijacking a truck going southbound tijuana. No one's going anywhere until we get what we want. If you are intrigued by any of that thank you you can tell which ones are not worth your time because we're still doing the podcast. If we were rich. We'd be on a yacht somewhere on a rainbow. Get rich nick is out now. Listen in stitcher apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.

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