Episode 53: The Purpose of Awakening


Some American awakening. This is signs of life. Hello Hello, hello, America, world! It is the American awakening squad so excited to be with you today. We've got an unbelievable show I'm going to tell you more about that. In a minute, an and Snyder Brooks good to have you here and seven friendship on screen. Thank awesome and is is the best on so many different levels and one of the things. The end was telling us before we came on. The air was that she woke up feeling hopeful today. And and hopefully we juiced up a little bit, because I was asking her borrow a little bit of hope before we got on the Air so I me. You asked her to wise hopefully earlier in Obviously going through a huge year as a society as a glow, but especially as the US, or we have our particularly distinctive distinctively us and. Different moments in a movement happening and I think shaking moments in their violent moments than I'm really I think I feel encouraged stands. Actually, there's like the artistic moment is starting to bloom. Soma and poets aren't putting. Some of the pain to speech the hope to speak so I just feeling that we legal a little bit and I. It's like a really great thing because it's uniting thing at the. The softening thing for all of us. Oh, I will say of the of the people out there in the world that get the spirit of this band This this group of folks that are doing the American Waking Project together I put an like in the top. You know three of anybody who gets us an an were grateful for you jeff. I'll let you do the official introduction of of an. If you will well I I might have to toss it back to you. For the official introduction I thought I was just introducing the the book club I, mean I could give the unofficial that and credible amazing, and I remember hanging out with her last November You know I don't even know if I could explain all her amazingness, because like I said I think it was on the last show I. Said you know I'm a public school drop-out, so she uses words. That I've never heard I've never seen I. Don't know what the I don't know what they mean I. Don't know what's going on, but it sounds very smart very incredible. You can't do talk so. Maybe actually at I like letting, people share a little bit about themselves just for a minute to, but yeah, I mean you do such incredible work across so many different kinds of platforms genres where you've been where you are now. Maybe if you wanted to share for a minute or two before we jump into the book, what what you would say to that? Share so! I, guess! At our like unnecessary status, but ever since I was nineteen years old I kind of had a moment and I. It was like an an me. I was a fairly new Christian like three years in, and I just somehow knew that I was called to build bridges, and so I think at heart like that's what I feel compelled by we're. GonNa talk about purpose, and I've wound up heading into sort of writing as the main way in which I try to do that. And I used feel like failure, frankly, and in that regard, rough waters out there but yeah, I ended. The magazine started a project called. Called breaking ground this year this trying to address sort of the twin Mexican twin crises of Volkova nineteen, and then all that happens in sort of this mass, awoken awakening since under Floyd was killed on May twenty fifth, so complex liners by you'll like really worthy to try to cohere a voice that is one of faith in realism and hope, round kind of different quarters quote Unquote Church. And I guess just broadly say he will go at an all of our own worth RS, and to try to do soul-searching ourselves that also maybe bring some grace into the moment So that's what I'm working on Spin Hopeful and Jerry! Let me, add one more note on that, which is just to echo what I said before which is that you know, and is one of the sisters and the movement that that understands exactly where we're coming from and her breaking ground is completely in line with what we do, just in a slightly different, nevertheless fully adjacent space so breaking ground work is exciting or pleased to be partners with you in that we hope to be encouraging in your in your future efforts in that in that area end. Let's bring it back to the book. For today anyway. we wrote it I starting eighteen months ago and it ended up at a much different place than we thought it would be. When we started and guess what where God brought the end of that book by the time we're done with it. was to be equipped to speak exactly into this moment that an was talking about The arc of it is from. Joel purpose and overcoming adversity and being in community, and then living fully into the American idea, which is exactly what we're all wrestling with right now and so I don't know how it happened. It's way way above my pay grade how this happened, but it's coming out in a few weeks and it's right on about all this stuff. We're all talking about and over to. To you, Jeff with that. Yes, so we had to chat about chapter. Two Is I. Think one of my favorite chapters from the book. John Pacific because I love how much you told your story and this? I think it was really captivating, really powerful, and I think the diagnosis is very very strong, and what the chapter two is on its purpose. You know that. That if we're going to actually have an awakening, if we're going to actually find a space of health and flourishing, we have to dig into this word purpose. Do we have it? What is it? What's the point have? We misplaced it so John First question for you. I just wanted to ask real quick simple basic wanted to get us started I. Mean You you shared? Shared a lot in the Chapter I. Mean I remember reading it again last night after I like I said I remember six months ago. Something whenever you sent me the PDF and remembering I go man. You really cover a lot of ground on your own story from I. Think like nine hundred ninety two last year. You know I mean in that in like five pages. With a lot of downs and stuff like that see what what what do you feel like? How did that story real quickly? Get you to this purpose question again. Why do you think so look? I struggle with knowing my purpose. I'll be blind about that and. You know I have some foundational struggles in in my spiritual life, one of the being knowing purpose and other one knowing that God loves me. I mean those are pretty pretty fundamental to the whole story line of who we are children of God, and if you don't get those tangibly and and and experience, then you're kind of missing a big part of the story. Story I understand them concept I have trouble experience them in reality I'm which you know, not. Everybody's like me, but probably a lot of people are sort of like me that way, and so I think that I think that a lot of times a person who struggles the most with a particular thing, maybe the best person to speak about it right because you're like. I'm thinking about it every single day for the last thirty five years of my life. Right I mean I I somehow winding way around this this subject line, and realizing that that you know when I go through difficult times you know which they don't go through difficult times more than the next person does but I. You know everybody goes the difficult times that when I do I say well. What's this about you know? What am I about? Who Are we? What is there anchoring and that that drives me back into this arc over and over again you know in I won't go into the details about the whole thing, but you know it it it kind of fastens attached to one one window of time, whereas where I you know, lose it an election in a in a huge fail. That's what felt like humiliation fail, and then I have a stroke and then we have. Have some family challenges, and it happens all in a very you know kind of tight, little window, and a in a sort of the story of like sort of kind of going back to the the anchoring bits about hey god. Put us on the planet for a purpose we are here for meaning and significance. Every single human life is an extraordinary narrative unpacking itself because the god of the universe poured his creative. Into, each one of us, and if any one of us is not showing up with our full selves, the rest of us are are suffering i. mean now the person suffers the most is the person who's experiencing that right Of course, the person himself that doesn't understand that purpose. It feels the most acutely, but but the next person. Your family feels that your friends feel it. It we all need each other to fully embody the creative essence that God is infused into every single one of us I love that I love, that's good. What about the part that relates to me and this is can be the discussion for everyone now is your distinction between happiness and purpose, and I think I felt like that diagnosis was very strong of this moment of is. Do we believe that outside or an undersized problem in the sense of you know you talk about you know when people focus on happy, the more people folks on happiness, they actually more lonely. They are the more depressed they are, the more. It's Kinda like chasing the carrot on the stick. Rather than chasing mission and vision and purpose and kind of like stuff that might be in the moment, not painful, but difficult work, but fulfilling those and sometimes those do go against each other, but we always choose the immediate satisfaction I almost think like the the Christian version of this, and I think has to do with language, so we've kind of flat in language. Happiness doesn't mean like you said what it used to mean. The Christian version of that I think we do a lot is love right with the way that sometimes you hear this Christian version of love. Expounded on his so Disney, not scripture dude, I mean when you know it's, it's not this actual sacrificial crucify form version of love. It's this personal fulfillment. Love so I think a lot of that. Language differences and stuff, but yeah love to chat about that. Do we think that that is this we've? We've kind of traded mission vision purpose for personal satisfaction and happiness. Do we think that is a big part of some of the problem? We're facing as a society and why? That is where that isn't what that is. Well I'll start off. I'll just say Yeah Ado, but I understand it because the truth is the chasing the mission and purpose and deeper things is way harder and it. JK can probably attest to this. A life lived in search of those means that you probably won't be comforted a lot more often because that's that's I mean to connect with the reason why you're on earth and to constantly sort of if you're feeling like you're struggling with that. That to to be able to find some solace because that's a that's a life God journey thing that's much deeper and bigger than all of us but what I will say to and I am not going to disrupt the conversation. I just want to say. I'M GONNA put a pin in this one of the most beautiful things I loved about this chapter. Was that even just as you wrote this? Jk laid all this stuff out. What you came back to at the very end in re regarding the family mission statement, and when you found again how it reminded you who you were one of the most beautiful things I thought about this. This was like you let a see in this chapter, the journey of a of a person who was searching for it, but it was there all along, and that like no matter how frustrated you feel, thank. Thank God for the moments where God reminds you of who you are in ways that are not far from you. I was really inspired by that I was touched by that because it really felt like. There's something in that for all of us like God. Loves US so much that even though we might go through a lifetime of questioning their times, he'll bring it back. It might might reminded anyone else also. Also reminded me of Lego I. Don't know if you guys are familiar with the story of Lego. But they had this mission statement, and then fifty years in the nineties, almost went bankrupt, because they lost the mission and vision by just creating things that are outside of their mission statement like biochemicals, and all these weird things that no one wanted, and that wasn't bankrupt, and then the CEO. We're not actually creating anymore. Anymore, why the things we are called to create. They changed back to the mission statement. Now they're just like huge multibillion dollar company again, but it's stuff like that that just like a rediscovering something. That's already there. Just kind of keeps you honed in. It's really powerful the the I I love the way Jeff Eski can run everything through the prism of Lego. God. Bless you jeff for bringing back. I was building yesterday. I love it. I love it. I love that about you. You know that, so that is a great reminder. Jeff Lego Story and on your point I I look back at. Picked up the mission. which which is there all the time you know? Just don't look at it every day you of. How anything that's is is part of your life and becomes part of the. The wallpaper like it's there the whole time, but you stop looking at it. You know it's there on the on the bulletin board in the kitchen, but you stop, look back and I'm like. Oh, yeah, so this is what I resolved to be true a long time ago about who I am about more importantly. How got who God is and what we're supposed to be doing? which is a poor ourselves into other? Children of God because that's the story line, right? We're all children of God and everyone needs to know his love. as Oh insect and I forgot that, but it's still true right, and so you're just right, Marissa. You're Kinda like Oh. Yeah I know that already, but I've forgotten it, but now I know it again. I hope a little a little better, but maybe not I duNno John in your book. Six of risks than Jeff said sort of delineation between happiness and Besson's. There's a lot of talk also like jets between happiness enjoy. But I did not know John You. In the second chapter you talk about that translation of the life liberty pursuit of happiness new I don't NASA, but he joined a Mia. Actually. The meant the root of that word in Latin, which means that flourishing and I sometimes wonder if you lose of this new chapter and but like. All of us who understand that lie in happiness is enshrined in the founding. Whatever all the ways. Rightfully under huge microscope these days. Did. That really messes up in some ways as sort of in terms of the country, these thoughts. Has Jeff brings up this term. Crucify Arms Exhibition, which is obviously like Christian thing. I wouldn't say necessarily of Western or like a beideal. Very sort of scandalously Christian idea like the sacrifices, actually heart of life, all I think the US historically has often money. I think back to reward published that crazy bestselling book. The purpose driven life, and very percents was life is not about you and that like gangbusters. Writer Lee rubber. All like. How do we write a I fix? Don't know, consult so well, but. There's like this almost more materialism in the US. It's like sort of a Combo of almost like consumerist happiness. Liz with with some compromise with sacrifice, and anyways. That's just like something I'm going to put out there. And when I did this work on years ago on trying to understand like I was talking to custodial staffers in presidents of universities in. Soccer players bombs like people all across different offs ablaze in society. I, just asking them. How is your character shaped? Because I was I understand character Bremerton today and Everyone usually toll, the narrative where a series of stories and they always wanted the three par pattern, which was one sort loving authority figure in their life. Second some experience struggle that like shapes them both in kind of this finding gave them in some of the scars left. but who they are, and then a third thing was always some awakenings context beyond yourself that you've set. Things felt very moved by that. You want to serve, and there's just something about that outside of self vision, whether it's narrative or alone or off or God, or whatever that I often think like somehow missing both in our education systems, and there's just something going on where. Like colleges, a lot of time train people to think in a very Chiba tron way like what's my career steps that I can take which acts, and then that's always you always quarterly crises of you've lateline seven year. Olds never actually considered the why questions, because somehow this notion of a broader context that might summon them to serve the needs of their generation. Just haven't hasn't been presented as part of their understanding of what. What it means to grow into adulthood and It mentioned twenty seven year olds and I think I'm the closest one at this stage I think as as I've thought about purpose in which has been an inevitable part of spending that much time with you guys is. Is this idea that purpose is also this this interesting bridge right between the individual and the collective 'cause like there. There's something about John You mentioned this earlier. Earlier that purpose it is something about discovering your purpose. You know you're you're made with a certain set of experiences with positive negative. You have certain gifts, talents that only you possess like there is only you here, and so that that is very much in the individual, but there's something about that the fullness of you and what it offers, and it's actually critical to the whole the flourishing of the whole, and so so there's. There's something beautiful. The like I wonder if it's like a both and right, and also in the in the near Book John In that chapter you talk about how often we shoot for something. And when our eyes are fixed on something, we end up missing it I mean like usually if we shoot for purpose. Maybe we'll find this happiness this joy that that we're talking about right and that we seem to pursue I Dunno sometimes almost so blindly, so yeah I wonder if there's something one really beautiful about how actually the individual purpose are searched for purpose actually connects us to the whole and us, finding our purposes necessary, but also yeah like. Maybe we stop chasing after happiness so much in going for the purpose, which is about everyone. Maybe maybe we'll find a thing. We're actually looking for while feel like. That's a CS Lewis quote. Right? I was Gonna I was going to go there on. You got what is that? We are put first things first. Things thrown input second things I, and you lose both or something like that. That's right well. I think one thing. I think an you completely brought it down to the actual central point that I've noticed we do a lot of work similar to purpose and mission and vision with families in our in our work. You know it's like my fulltime job. In one of the things that we find that families tend to get some level of breakthrough is win. They establish a mission vision. Exactly like you talked about John Now. There's a couple of things that I. do feel like there's a lot of mission and vision paralysis meaning I think. A lot of people get very overwhelmed by that. That they like. What does that mean so the first thing I would say to people there is we kind I think it's easier than people think just like think about yourself. What do you like to do? What's natural? What what what stirs your heart? What are you engaged with what you know especially? If you're a family, we say like what if you five elements of a team? How do you five work together? What does this person have this person and this person have the when you put it together powerful in the just kind of jot stuff down. You know to have like a Northstar, but what I what I have noticed that it does truly at its heart is. The happiness thing tends to be based in consumption of almost always noticed that the personal preference personal happiness is how can I consume things right so it's very inward when mission and vision purpose is very opposite. It's very outward. How can I contribute? We always talk about consumption verse contribution, and I think that just turns everything on its head, and it's not a coincidence that the rise of a consumer nation early nineteen hundreds of Revolution Henry Ford the assembly line. ETC is the beginning of when everyone start getting depressed because like. That classic line of having a bunch of stuff you don't need to do something you don't want with people you don't like. That would ever forget that quote, but. That's kind of what we've created, and so we've created this monster beast of of that, so I just tell people man. What would it look if you say? What can I contribute to look? What how can I contribute? Gifts my resources whatever I'm stewarding and I think that really quickly in versus this flips it, and you start to feel that dense amount of purpose that kind of your created for wow, that's a lot, there boy. The. It is and I feel like one of my one of my prayers in this cultural moment. Is that We would all get really honest about the fact that quite honestly we just don't value other people as much as maybe a God would ask us to or want us to because I feel like sometimes if we miss that step just being really honest, because like like we all know kids good to care about other people, but the truth is. We're all going for self. Unless something has disrupted that way of being you and has inspired you to look upwards and yeah. I, think I. Think Yeah, you. You will find your life when you lose it right like when you're giving it away when it's sewed on behalf of you know flourishing of other people I think like you know just being honest that in and of ourselves we don't really care about the flourishing of other people care about our own flourishing. But that honestly what we're really looking for? That like piece that connection that like walking with people that come Rodri- that not feeling like you're alone. You have to step out of your natural me and me alone. And you've got to connect with. Lay Down Your own thing to pick up this larger thing. The all of us together because like yeah like you're saying Jeff. That's where we're gonNA find the fulfillment, but to get that fulfillment. We're GONNA. Have to die to some things self. I know that's not popular. You're going to bring up dying self again, right? It's this common. Always end every episode that. You know I mean wisdom. Everyone needs. We know right like when you're thinking about yourself. It's a lot easier to get depressed when you're only about like what you want. It's a lot easier to focus on what you don't have. As soon as you widen this thing up. And you can maybe start to other people and what they need, and how you can meet their needs, and how they can meet yours and how we could do something larger together. That's when life seems like it gets interesting. Is Much easier to stay to live, but sometimes you can't control when we're brought to the end of ourselves than to the honest when the pandemic or started. So mid March I was like everyone. I think feeling like caught up in the pace of a total change of reality. Was this music for x Y, Z and. I was. Just like deeply transfer repair flea reflecting. Its toll notion of like actually seeing a flourishing pain are weirdly paradoxically in Nashville. Each other at least of all worlds, and there's something about it. Crystal logical are of death and resurrection that even uses literary device. You react delay believe in Rabat me. Jesus. And today was overly wishful, but I was like. Maybe this pandemic in a funky way is taking over. The whole earth is in. divinely caused, but is like a moment of allowing in all the message. A lot of us is give up our conceived in control things, and there's something in the suffering going on, and frankly a lot of the dying. The flying on there is a Motif in scripture that over and over again this kind of arithmetic pain and disruption often precede like deliverance at Nah I. Don't I still haven't quite seen that? We're in the middle of a huge earthquake. Earthquake on multiple levels, so and it's up to a lot of us to shape what comes out in the delivering sense, but again like the character were when studying organizations that helps people both feel cast comments collective, but also need us ever their own agency, the musk to me, the most instructive and compelling communities that really just luminous, almost like it uses face I like little. Else just as minimal minorities, they were almost always filled with people who Krizan or like longtime addicts or people who experienced ordinary loss, or an like, were suffering or to Romanticize. It but I just struck by house over the point, horrible wisdom and sort of humility in the spirit, actually that I was seeing encouraged. You know context within the individuals in those communities. Those people have like been humbled to their deaths than almost hit bottom, and I just often one game. We don't all have to like. She'll someone else delay? Revelation by like! How do we get to the end of ourselves? and. There's something in this moment. Some dimension of a collective being brought to the end of ourselves bed going. Eighty percent of Americans right now think the country is spiraling out of control a percent. You can't get eighty percent of Americans agree on anything and eighty percent of Americans think that the whole darn the whole darn things out of control. What does that mean? We don't know but I. do think we talk a lot about on the show, is it maybe there's a moment for a collective purpose to be refined individual purpose to? Then collective purpose to be refined and then new life to be brought out of the pain of these moments. I hope I, Q, y feel like i. just had this little epiphany. We were talking again of the same thing like Khan. The consumption contribution thing of consumption actually creates individual isolation, because everyone is a competition right? Everyone is a competitor taking away your resources I. If you think about it, but contribution creates teams like you, you can, if you know that it's outward. Outward focused using your resources to do something than actually a a grouping of resources will allow you to do more, and that's why you see business, and it's not a coincidence that families have been based on consumption the last one hundred years and you ask any family. Their mission isn't the I, don't know you know you go to a business who they're literally their. Their entire premises to create things and put it out into the world. Almost every single one has a mission statement. You know you can just say and they can answer it in two seconds. You know same with a sports team out of the League. Championship you know Patagonia do no unnecessary harm and push back the environmental crisis I got so easy for businesses to. To Flip, put that out. You can't get one family to have that answer. You know unless you're John, Kingston and your book about but but I think that's what it is is I'm realizing that it's like contribution creates teams and consumption, actually kind of keeps fracturing you outward question that an older mentor of Mine Season Seventies Matt, mccarter Johnny or member. says. Try to find your plumb line and stick to that, so ask you. What is your online and that's I. Love that I'm still articulating mine I think. You know what their national lines. I guess that's the last word. That's a good word. That's a good word. And Snyder Brooks so great to have you with us, and let's bring in Dan. His Dad Cockrel from national. Come on, guys. Hey, you know. How has her list of favorite things? I have a list as well and. I would just say that. I was going through this list and I realized that that are musical guests is on this list multiple times one of my favorite records of all time and I, and I have a lot of records I listened to a lot of music. It's been probably the thing that's defined my life more than anything else has been the music that. That I've been part of one of that's records to be. Loved is definitely one of my favorite albums of all time so Wow, I'll say that, and then that's voice. There are few artists that I think that can be as versatile as status been over the years I've listened to both his works as a solo artist in his works in a collective ban setting. With his friends and leagues and and there's something about a guy who can, you can sing all of these various settings and still be believable in still be authentic and every time you listen to this of year. Yeah, yeah I can feel that resonate with that and statutorily done that well, so it's a great day to be able to introduce that cockerel to the show. That's good to see you. That was really beautiful. Thank you. It's really going to see down. That means so much well. It's good to see you a lot of times I've been asking artists first off to just you know. We've been in kind of an odd season a lot of our conversation today being about this season of. A pause. How do we reflect on a season? Where where life is usual sort of stops, and then we have to kind of figure out. What's the best way what's the best purpose? How do we have meaning in the context of all this but I was wondering for you as an artist paused and not be touring to be doing more writing and things like that has been a good creative season for you. It's been a a boom. I've I've had so many things that I'm creating. I started I started doing something in the last year that I've never done before. I started painting in that. He's like strangely taken off for me, but I've also been writing a lot of. I went through three years of two thousand, sixteen. I will I would say two thousand fifteen through two, thousand eighteen. I wrote so much I written probably three albums worth of stuff for the League's out on the last leagues album alone together a route as much if not a little bit more for my solo record that's coming out next week. And then I wrote a good bit with with joy Williams a my friend Jesse Belan, and then some in the new respects in some one offs right, but I was tacked and I. Don't know if I picked up the guitar for. The better part of six months on am. I didn't miss. It started picking up again, but I would see it on the wall. It'd be wild like. Hangs there like something I do and I don't do that anymore. Is so you know I I know that a lot of people. We all do it different ways. There's no wrong way, but you know you hear a lot of people like you show up every day and you sit down. No matter what you write and I would say that that's great. But I also believe in seasons and I think that whenever you're farming land, you don't. You don't. In Farm, the same land without giving a break in and I think you have to replenish all the nutrients in the land in order for to give back on something that special, so I spent probably I? DuNno, the better part of the year and a half. Just listening I would go for these really long walks I moved out to la when I was making this album. My hope was to make an album of people that didn't look. Think believe like me and That's not always easy to do a natural. I moved out to L.. A., and I made an album with people that truly didn't look think bleed like me, and my thought was I think a lot of times. Um, we surround ourselves with the sameness right, and but unity doesn't come from Sameness. It comes from diversity, and so my thought was if we could all pitching to make something beautiful together may be on the back side of that when we go played shows, which were not playing right now, but we will soon. Hopefully you have when we played shows. Those rooms are full of people that don't look at them. Think and And believe the same, because that's what grade does right and and so while I was making the album I would go for these long walks five miles in one direction. I would start Koreatown which is like la La a and I would walk for five miles one direction back in the next day. I find a different direction five miles back. No music on, not-, nothing I would just listen, and what's going on is so not surprising. I came back from one of the walks I called my brother. WHO's a pastor and It is predominantly of a church of people of color. In it started off a ninety percent white in now it probably be. The opposite and I told Brag as Brag I. Know this sounds hyperbole, which I am prone to, but I think there's going to be a civil war in this country sooner than people think and I said that to two thousand eighteen may, because I just remembered a song that I wrote on the next day and I hadn't thought about it. I was just in the Chaz section. Is Seattle this past weekend? Went there and visited some friends of mark and Brian. Campbell who have a restaurant called catalysts. Is I was like while we're here? I gotta go see Chas, and I was expecting it to be here I didn't know. I wear like bulletproof vests for like. Dog Goals, but we will with the whole family. They have three kids analog in around at one point I'm on like asking Anne Marie Mark's wife. I'm like. Are you having a hard time wrapping your at mind around? Like what you thought was going to be what you're saying. She's like. Yes, it was actually. Beautiful, peaceful and I. Listen To a lot of the speakers. There was nothing inflammatory. It was truthful. It was really it was really beautiful by But that's a long answer to a short question I apologize. I love this. I'm just now starting to really write a lot during this season good. I'm glad you are because I. I know that what will come out of it will be some just real. Incredible expressions about the experiences of going into these places, and that's a really great thing to do the best I do feel like I've said this multiple times, but the best songwriters are the ones that have taken that disciplined to look at the world listened to the world, and then describe it back to us and feel when you take that seriously. The art that comes out of that the expression is always worth everybody else's ears to hear so that you got Would you mind playing song today? Yeah I wrote this About Me Realizing the complexity of Mike Humanity and an end, the evangelical world that I grew up in the false idea that we are to be We don't need people right in that. You're supposed to be self sufficient in everything, and I was privately having this conversation. I'm like. But like I'm really needy. Like if I was GonNa tell anybody what I'm really needy person in so this is this is a confessional as much as it is anything else. I need to rule truck. A needle home that's. A shelter from the. A needle mountain to climb. Nurse things. But I need Steve. Is Out to. To whole. I needed human. A needle laugh in the SAR. Wish I didn't need so. A need the sunshine of firm. Need the. Story. Gala this. This. Sudden Free God allowed. In this law. All. Is You. You. Need the smell of the Pie. Through whom? Feels like a letter. Sent. A Long. I needed. CARE allowed more. A needed care about moon. We. Anita five hours. Anita posted. A needle. Go. A needed. Anita. Story! Of Meeting. A need to see you. Gal, HAW! Tickets. Data! Lavigne lists are. A? Oh! She. Know. She Yeah. You've got a new record coming out in like a few days six this this month twenty six this scientist day next week. Yeah, yeah, so which is pretty amazing. If in case, you feel the same is the name of it. I've got to hear some of it and scrape scrape. I love you, so thank you know I'm a fan so I'm going to say that, but but a truly is again stuff that the way that you can put stuff together and string the ideas out. The way you do is is worth it is worth listening will thank you damn. Without I. Don't WanNa put you on the spot to have to play another one with that guitar unless you feel like you could, but what he how you feeling. Can I can. I can try out I mean. We just It's interesting when when I'm writing. It's like this album. It's a real album in so I. Think what I've tried to do in. My career is to be brave enough to walk into rose that people are walking out of because honestly room for me. But. You know the common. Logic values these as in the music industry is, don't make out. Nobody's listening to albums. You WanNa like you WANNA sings in, so my thought was like within. It sounds time to make an album, and because I think there is cross cross section between what people want. An what people need and and if you can find that? That Bullseye I think it might be my personal bullseye whether I note or not. then maybe there's a conversation to be had in disturbed, but the outcome is if in case you feel the same, it starts with the first person chorus of. If in case you feel the thing you hear the whole album, the new the last thing you hear on the album is the last course, if in case, Sanchez a real album how when I made when I wrote this song it was. It was a the beginning of something. I don't think I when I wrote the Song I. Don't think I think it changed my mind songwriting from from there on I realize it was something that only I would say I think. I found my voice ended so some part of To. Its will keep son. Mall, son. Bradley. Tripled, runes will. You lose your office. Canoes eyes. To See just when? You Go. Oh proud moral. It's made standing in. This world has breath no. Oh it is. Not. True will keep our son. Lives the sprouting. Trouble wounds will flow. Cute show opens. News. Sieges. Need. But. Mad. LA This firm has no. We go. Know. Legras. We. We. Know. We know. We. saw. We become. It's made laugh. Is What. You. No. Proud? because. Yeah Man. It's good to have you on the show for being with us and I. Really do get to hear all all talk and share your heart. Thank you absolutely well. We'll see around Nashville. At some point, I'm sure John will kick it back to you from Nashville all the way back up North thank you dad. Dan So grateful for you to and Snyder Brooks. Thank you again. Thank you all again as always so good to be with you, God bless you be with you, and until we're connecting next fight the good fight. Signs of life is produced by American awakening. A campaign for the soul of America committed to slaying the giant of death and despair in this American moment. Signs of life is made up of Jefferson Ski. Dan, Hazeltine, Josh Jacob John Kingston. Joel Sergi Calvin Lee. Christian plazas. MARINA PUFUS Andy. Peterson and me Marissa Prince. The show is produced from our headquarters in Lexington Massachusetts. Then you can learn a whole lot more about the movement by visiting our website, American awakening dotty less. Relevant podcast network.

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