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Dale Avatar wits to Gotcha podcast is presented by capital one. Where you can open a savings account about five minutes and five time national average this is banking reimagined? What's in your Wallet Capital One? NA member FDIC. This is the Dan Le Batard show with these. Two cats podcasts. Fun Show here at a Friday Dan. We'll be back Monday. I spoke to him back Monday. That I can put my feet up on the desk and chill and I am looking forward to it. Perhaps we'll have weekend observations. Diana Receipts Studio with us. Steve Legal Viga to join US at ten thirty. Everyone's very excited about that. Steve Levy GonNa join the show. I'm serious Marty. Smith will join us. Live from is alive from the Alabama. Lsu Game Yes sir All Right so Marty Smith at eleven thirty OUGHTA Games tomorrow but he's onsite good. PF T- commentator. Join US at noon eastern very good friends of Diana generousity so he will join us at noon. Eastern from Barstool and fat Joe is back very third consecutive week. Wow what was his record last week. It's PFC commenter. It is a commentator. Sorry about that. PFC commenter you know why. I'm excited to have St Leon. Because he has the Levy Lounge. It's probably the most is known for well here. Here's what's interesting because Diana wants to talk to him about the Xfl you guys are doing the Games together correct. Yeah well. She came up to me about five minutes before we went to air instead. So who do you want to have on the show and I was like well I feel press now. He's can you get a coach Sean. Payton maybe get bill belichick. I'm like Stu I I can't do this in five minutes. But maybe Steve Levy will come on. He's a great. That's a huge guests for us. So I'm so sick you guys want. Steve is very happy to be on this well. We're excited by the way. Feel free if you want before one o'clock ought to try and get Sean Payton Honor Bell. God we'll take them. I mean feel free. We have two one o'clock. I probably Shoulda told you this yesterday. Yeah I'm actually shocked after working with you a few times. You haven't taken my phone yet. I just started reaching out to people. You probably have. You probably had I face scan doesn't work for them every time. But we're excited for Steve Levy. So you could talk ex XFL Chris has questioned about the Levy Lounge. And Roy wants to talk hockey so a couple of mentions dog. It's talk about that great leaves. I have a house that are moving into and I get my own little man cave and I would like to. I would like to design it as I wanted to be the Levy Lounge. That's what I want it to be so I need tips on. How designed Barry Melrose to stop by? And then you'll be all set. You should just put up posters of Steve Levy in it and call it the Levy Lounge. Don't threaten me. That's what you should do that But I WANNA start here. I never thought I would start a show with two thousand nineteen with this topic. Newt Rochdi there is a read coming up a sportscenter coming up. Diana will be handling the sports centers today and she asked me right before we went on air How do you pronounce this? And who is this person and that person is newt rocketing now I was mocking a relentlessly. How old are you? I'm sorry you're not WanNa give your age on the. I think we've discussed this before. Twenty six okay. So you're twenty six and I said. Are you going to be embarrassed. We discussed this on air. And you said should I know you're a young. I mean I guess I kind of understand although he is considered maybe to be the greatest football coach of the history of football and you cover football okay boomer. But let's say he was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. You're your rights. Yes he was born just a couple of years before Greg Cody. But here's the thing I thought you were allowed but I just assumed everyone knew rock me was it till I wanted to the other room and I said to Billy Hey Diana does not know who rock knees Billy said neither do I. What's voted for him once? No He's not a politician. He's win one for the Gipper did did you see the gipper. Look here's what I know. Who is the Gipper Word Association? Gipper Rodney I just saw the word rock in it so I immediately went to wwe and it was like maybe he was a wrestler. So we're we're doing these great podcasts on. ESPN and that's the reader about to do. That's what I thought it was and so I mean K N ut that's not an easy pronunciation well then they started doing this thing. I can't believe nobody knows who this guy. He's a musician from like the eighties. One Song who is this Guy I feel bad though. 'cause now my credibility is apparently swirling the toilet but listen. You can't be the greatest coach of all time and coach in the eighteen hundreds. I'm sorry the game has changed drastically since the eighty hold on a second so he was the head coach at Notre Dame from nineteen eighteen thousand nine hundred thirty. I understand what you're saying. Okay but he didn't even pass the ball back and billy. His record was one. Oh five and twelve well they have to other teams the play against one. Oh five in twelve. Here's who the GIPPER is. The gipper is George GIPP. He was the quarterback and he will he played several positions but he selected as team captain and he died from pneumonia and in a big raw raw speech. New Rock knee said win one for the GIPPER mixed savings evens one fifty four and twenty one right. And that's better is it. Yeah and we know who that is one of five and twelve. I mean I billy he is. I'm telling you he is regarded as in fact. I'm reading it right off. His wikipedia. Okay without question America American. Football's most renowned in coach. KNUTE rockne Now question have some question. The question is I. I'll put it on the poll at lebatardshow twitter. Do you know who knew rockne is. How many rings exactly exactly one one? He didn't even win a superbowl. Get outta here. I appreciate the support shipping container. It says one title I I feel like he's one more I do. I mean I'll have to research it but I I cannot believe we started with Knute rockne a upgrade ring against six other teams. One Ring. Yes it's he's stinks on. The ball was new. Rock knee overrated array. Doesn't stack up against Satan. You can and that was just as Alabama record but still I mean this guy's a better career just a one school then rock knee. Did you hear that. He's not even counting the national championship at Lsu. Okay okay. Put that on the poll as well at Lebatardshow on twitter. Rodney or Sabin. Not Making enough about having the two greatest coaches of all time. I can't wait for that. Hbo Thing like wearing Christmas sweaters. And they're just talking about the game in life are the greatest coaches of all time without question. David Audra wait for this game. I imagine stabile. CHECK DRINK eggnog. Yeah you guys out of a thermal yes yes ask Thermos get crazy. You know. It's it it everyone says it Bella check a little bit right. I mean I cover football so yeah but have you ever seen like the other side of Bill Belichick. That's everyone talks about that. We never get to see the grand sense of humor that everyone talks about. It's not that great if you're trying to get him on your bill Yeah no I mean. He's he's a dry sense of humor if you've spent any time around anyone that was part of the New England way. We'll call it. Whether it's coaches are player they all have a very similar sense of humor. It's dry. They're very good at the pausing When you talk to bill he he it? Does this pregnant pause. Sometimes it can get a little awkward where you you think. The conversation is over but you asked him a question. You just kinda standing there thinking. I mean. He's a patient man he's calculated. He's very comfortable with silence. Do you think Nick Sabin. Roast chestnuts on an open fire pole. Yes please ask. Who's the coach you guys most want to go to a roller coaster theme park with? He'd be pretty good but maybe read need to cool for one leach. You WanNa go with someone who's going to embrace it have fun upbeat. Mike Lee Pretty much going to be the answer for every specifically said roller coaster. Here though. Because we've done Disney before we've done Disney parks. Oh Willie different. What's interesting is I went to the pro bowl last year and one of the players gave me a pass to go to universal studios radios? And what they do is they shut it down just for. NFL players what you cannot get in there unless your family or good friends. So I mean this was like a coveted pass. I got a Oh man so I hopped on a roller coaster In about thirty minutes before I had eaten something and it wasn't sitting. Well my stomach at all and I one of sitting on the same roller coaster with the entire titans offensive line to rain. Rockets coke the Hulk Gotovina's shoots you out of the befirm. It's going to work. Yeah I never works thinking walking up towards the ride this this is probably a good idea. I don't feel great but I didn't WanNa look like a wimp with these guys stomach are I'm going to go on the go on. Go on it. I I hill that we go up. I threw up all over. These ride is tailored to on own up over Taylor Lewan yes. Wow that's a revelation picture from that. I would love to see but I have to tell you. It is so so awkward. I even covered n Tennessee Games this year. And I don't want to because I don't WanNa see these guys knowing. The last time they saw me I had puke all over me and on them and and they're beautiful wise. There's like who is this check. Why she with us? Are we GONNA get sick. I wound up getting food poisoning. I had food poisoning and I WANNA puke all over a universal studios. It was great what you're going to a Disney park. You didn't buy the picture you have to buy the picture after you throw a ball over the titan. That's probably a missed opportunity. I honestly honestly just I needed to just get home just because I felt gross but I had thrown right. That's like a bad. You get aware that you're going to buy the picture you gotTa wearing get actually definitely probably never will do an interview with me again after that experience. What's your favorite coaster? 'cause mine is doing dragons. I like incredible hulk but he's doing. Yeah dragons is dengue. Is it not the same roller coaster named differently. or it's totally done. It's not the doing dragons with wow. I'll say EH. I have no idea what it is now but I know it's different. What was the other one you were talking about the ride rocket select I always pick sabotage by BC? Boys they get right with newsreels. Alan your head your head rocks around too much but you get the music I like. I like the one with Aerosmith at. That's a good one. Yes but billy that one kind of just goes up it goes up slowly but then it gets right to write rocket yes woah. Does that thing. Where you're like all the way laying all the way back as you're going up and you feel like you're gonNA fall out of the top of the thing but you're not gonNA call? The mummies really underrated by the way in terms of roller coasters in the unitive. Sel Universe it is good but they don't have like all the pomp and circumstance of the Aerosmith Rock and roller coaster which is kind of weird because they should update it because Aerosmith is twenty years younger. No but they're in the they're during the perfect and it's a joke. Can you give my black cameras in that. Yes Ken Marino I enjoy any. How do they get those guys every day to make it the stretch? Betting in mega super strict spent a lot of time with these parks. Going this weekend. Worse again why did they share that in. This is a Florida thing isn't it. I mean there are three hours from our house. His knee employees. It's four hours from their house and it's about twenty minutes from my house. All I had was action park. That's all card is to God shady. I mean that one's GonNa come back one hundred percent I have thanks to Stugatz. I just don't understand how you object to the idea that like. It's kind of amazing like I don't understand how you would object to the idea of anybody in the world calling shady. Listen Listen I know I'm shady. I know what I am okay. I'm more self-aware than you think. I Am Shady Shady. People out there. This is live with our show with his two guys on. ESPN ESPN radio. ESPN radio presented by Progressive Insurance. Dan Lebatardshow it's brought to you by new Shell. V Power Nitro plus premium guests. Are you asking me if you should start reading now. What was what was happening? Like this is the most are difficult show ever done. Because you guys don't give any direction y'all just stare at each other and I'm supposed to read your mind. I knew here I told you. Once you're on light comes on win turns blue you start talking just fifty buttons with lights on Christmas on my desk deflecting. Let's go. Oh I here's your sportscenter. Levy waiting he's got better things. Yeah Mike was very happy to autumn. That the second but two dollars for blaming run and now I'm nervous doing a sports center update with knowing leaves on the line. Because he's he's the man at Sportscenter so here we go leave. You hope you like it. The Clippers defeated the Blazers one. Seven zero one zero one quite Leonard. Twenty seven points thirteen in rebounds in his return from load management prior to the game the NBA. Find Clippers coach Doc rivers fifty thousand dollars for comments that were made that quote unquote were were inconsistent with Kawhi Leonard Health Status and finally. The average person listened to twenty-five songs a day the satisfy crunch of Nature Valley. crunchy bars can keep your family going. Which means more outside fun for you in the whole grain oats real delicious honey tasty to Nature Valley oats crunchy bars for your latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day? WE'LL GET to Steve Levy a just a second. Billy what's going on back there. What is Doc Rivers Odyssey? Talk any more every time he says anything. It's fifty thousand dollars. Just stop answering questions I. He's too honest. Don't answer questions anymore doc. Put It on the poll Lebatardshow Abattoir show on twitter. Should Doc rivers. Stop talking. I am with you. He gets it in the wallet every single time. He opens his mouth. Steve Levy Mike had had a weird reaction about hanging up. Steve Levy and putting on hold. What you were? You were thrilled to be talking to Steve Levy. You didn't think it would feel that good. This is one of the icons of that You you know the sportscenter class at everyone just refers back to and remembers as part of their childhood not to make anybody feel older or anything like that but I grew up watching Steve Levy his NHL coverage was amazing. I still love it every time they throw it back with him and Barry Melrose. This is an absolute thrill He is the most underrated sportscenter anchor in the history of ESPN again. That's a compliment. I hope I hope you take it as such I appreciate you guys have me on once every four or five years joining so much. Great thank have you ever been on the show. They show three or four years ago on vacation or something. Uh Steve Help me out your friend Diane City and you guys are terrific together. By the way Steve is now just doing sports that our whole beyond the call for Missouri Georgia this weekend a a big game in the SEC. Should Diana resenting. Your friend embarrassed that she did not know who knew. Rodney was you mean Kanoute. Yeah Yeah. That's a tough one Rossini. We're going to be in the pro football business year. We gotta know who is one kipper etcetera. I in fact I ended after the cheat right right. That's all you have to know you can get by on. Oh you mean new rocky. When of course everybody knows and you don't even have to know what that me and you can get by so you just gotTa learn uh-huh yeah there's nothing like learning history like this live on the air? Obviously you know one here on the show is GonNa let me let that one slide. So now that the whole world knows is that I don't know something so I'm GonNa work on that but it sounds like it's something I can remember. Glad to see your friends on the carriers. Usually we do it here. I mean we just let you. We let you drown here Steve. That's what we do. That's the most comfortable. Everyone on the staff is very excited to speak to you. So my apologies here. Because I'm going to bounce around with you you for second because Chris Cody only wants to talk to you about the levy labs. So that's a Roy. Wants to talk some hockey with you and me and day. I don't WanNa talk some. XFL NFL with you. So let's go to Chris. I the Levy Lounge well. I just bought a house and I have my wife has given me permission to have one little room a man cave even though there's a washer and dryer and and then we won't talk about that but I design it and I and I want the vibe of the levy hung up on your question I would to a really bad question. I I don't really don't blame him. Guys Alevi loud. You're talking about the laundry room. It's amazing insulted. Well why are you bailing. Do you want to ask them how to create Alevi last legitimately Hongo. No I know I know. But don't bail on what he calls back like ten here okay. The laundry room. Chris saying it's my man okay but it happens to have little stevie there. He's back art. I know this was a really thrilling to talk to me but so I have in my room a a man cave and I'm trying to get the vibe of the Levy Lounge and I just need some advice on what kind of stuff I should get I. I already have the life flag a picture of Barry Melrose in Yourself self-driving detergent. What's the VIBE? I should be going for so it's it's been a long process. I mean this is just not developed overnight. I mean you've got to really work working this a little bit Take some time look at it. This was the brain child. If you won't be you know I'm not really self promotion. Look at me guy. This was Tommy Edwards a Our legendary director and Bristle for a long time we've had went to La sports set up and he started with a song just crappy side and then who fall in so you know the red velvet ropes and red carpet all that and now they have the modern version. I think what you need or The true authentic veal is worn down. The leather couch is soaked in cigars smell. I would say that is. That's the essence of Barry Melrose. Really it over the years he's been the guest for you know. Ninety nine percent of the levy loud. I'll talk to somebody else and put him in allowed not enough. It's kind of a bell. Rose thing so Seth Greenberg has been fighting to get in it but for some reason. He's not been able to get a massive bouncers at the door okay. Barry's you'd be the only person allowed in that they put now the Paul Berry. Marrow's the only person allowed allowed by the way you're under self promotion but you have a segment and a thing called the Levy loud and I'm anti alliteration. Name was something there again. All Right Roy is very happy to be to to be able to discuss hockey with someone who is actually as knowledgeable as he is so roy. Go ahead hockey question. Effort again started off one one two and to you start Florida panthers now six one three making the playoffs this. Oh that's GonNa be brutally honest with you okay I yeah I listen to this college football thing. I mean if I every minute I'm awake. I'm trying to read and watch something about college football so I will Right after the conference championship games around December seven. I will dial in hockey and I'll be fired up about the goes cats. I think Roberto Luongo can lead them to the promised. The ski was doing there. Okay okay I mean. It's always a safe bet. You say they'll finish five points out of the final playoff spot and you'll be right. Fourteen fourteen. The last fifteen years five points in a good run and they've got a couple of years has been can you guys. You're killing me for the new Rodney. He doesn't even know say it's hard to do a lot of things that's the thing that's so great about. CVC does where a lot of different hats. I know at this show. We always talk about which coach which player you love to have dinner with and hang out with of all the people. ESPN offense do not that. You'd even make my top five. Steve Levy is like my number one because one he always picks up the check. He's got great tasting food but also He's got the best stories. Ah Yes. CNN and student. I hear we're we're talking right before Steve hop down like what would you love to know that Steve Levy knows about working in Bristol and Steve. We don't really WanNa talk talk about the best that you've worked with because we get it. We know you ever worked with someone. You don't have to say their name or they were just horrible. Arable to anchor sportscenter where you were thinking the entire time. Like how are we GONNA get through. This wasn't a delegate question that you mean leave me like they're horrible title people or people with no talent on the go with the ladder. Good people know talent and I would prefer you say their name Maybe once or twice I have rolled ruled by is a little bit. Wow I'm really sitting next to this person you know an ED. But then then he fatherly instinct takes over being the old man and I I gotta keep this thing afloat. You know and And I gotta I gotTa keep this thing going but I and had you know a lot of people who were just nervous you know their first timers you know their ESPN rookies. And I can see. They're they're nervous but but they've always been good people and there's always been some talent there. You can't walk through those doors in Bristol with those skills and You you could say it's Randy Scott would be God's but he's actually not a good person the up and got nothing for you. They're now being randy. Scott Steve reworking. I Love Yeah. Yeah we know you do nice person right. Good Guy Yes guy. XFL very excited. Diana's very excited. You guys will be calling games together. I'm wondering why will this league work with others have failed so that's a great question so honestly I have turned down. XFL interview since the news broke. Because I don't know anything anything about what we're GONNA do. Okay I mean you know. I'm sure they're going to be crazy. Rules I just don't know what they are yet. You know so I'm only comfortable coming on with you guys is 'cause you know as little or less than I know so far about the XSL so Here's why it's GonNa work I give you is going to work Bench McMahon a Disney be foxy and I think the NFL wants this to work. I I really do and and really I think this is the last shot doc. Guys I think this is the last best opportunity and I think because the NFL wants this to work and because based on mistakes that have made in the past with other other Spring Football Leagues. I think I think this is the one. Plus Rossini on the sideline and we lose. You know yeah They actually was asked to do this. And I wasn't certain if I wanted to do it. And then actually heard Levy was on the call and I'm like all right. Sign me up so Stephen. I got to do Monday night. Football this year together. Still you is the double header game. I'm not sure if you've got to see. It was the second game. One raiders broncos are broncos at the raiders. And I tell you I was nervous this disaster and when you're nervous you want people next you to be just as nervous too in a way because it's like I'm scared to levy wasn't even breaking us ways. Let's get going let's go. I didn't watch the game but I heard I heard okay. I'm just telling you what I heard that people like that telecast that broadcast team more than the than the first get about that leaves still. Why couldn't you stay up past nine thirty that night? Forty seven years old. I mean I didn't ask for any of this. I mean is is this all of it and that's what it was. I tell you honestly if we're being Franken was a career thrill a career highlight eight and my takeaway at one point was They have the billboards. You know the music conic music. And the showing Bo Jackson You know in the kingdom in Seattle battle and the producer Tim Corrigan's ear and goes you know goes to you okay. Steep start talking to Greece. He's looking at me critics looking at me and I'm like I got it. I got it I just want to hear the music wash over me one time like I really. In that one moment I just wanted to enjoy it I have young kids. My folks were at the House. I had him wake wake him up for the opening for the music and all. That's like the dad's doing Monday night. It was it wasn't all time. Career Thrill game turned out pretty good and yeah. The feedback was really nice on twitter. And as you know that is never the case now which made you more nervous wondering first sportscenter or first Monday night. Football Telecast That's a great question. I was much more nervous from my first sportscenter much nervous. I wound up staring at the wrong camera on a two-shot doing my lead in with call ravitch mature about thirty seconds. Yeah I was. I was geeked up for the Monday night thing but really once once we started it was honestly. It's much easier than college which what ball it it just is. There's there's half the players and in the NFL. You don't have to look down. I gotTA spotter. We got guy next to meet people pointing got one hundred people in the booth in the NFL. You know all the key players you never have to look down and in college you know. It's it's a mishmash. It's it's much harder college football all right Steve. This has been delightful. Thank you for joining talk to you again in four or five years why. I'm free tomorrow if you guys need me tomorrow. Maybe Monday. We'll call me Monday. Sounds Good Asu. God's ears cintas provides a wide range of products and services that enhance customers image and helps keep their facilities and employees clean safe and looking their best yes. 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We guarantee ship station will make getting orders to your customers a lot. Not Easy after that ship station DOT COM Promo Code Fan ship station makes Japan Donlevatar stains on it. And that's how we challenged that Stugatz Stugatz how is tennis. Figured this out. Nobody else can figure it out. Why are you guys? Clapping back to you. Guys are doing That's what you do when you're when you're waiting at tennis challenge you clap. Yeah I am Ed Greg Call these live at our show with this to God's own. ESPN radio stunned. The freshen it up Roy. It's been wiles is. I've done these. Yeah that right big is back on Monday. I gotTa Start Reading Sports Centres again. Let's see if I still have it and the reason I'm doing this is because they never seen any day phone cords wrapped around her neck as she takes phone calls. Here we go. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance celebrating. Seven years and over seven hundred cars donated the vets learn more. At Key's the progress dot com guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the shell upends all performance. Line here's your sports center. Update Antonio Bram as backtrack from his profanity filled tweet against the NFL by tweeting quote. I'm just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name. I love football and I miss it. I just WANNA play in a very emotional about that. I'm determined determined to make my way back to the NFL ASAP. Ohio State Defensive End Chase Young has released a statement saying that. He's not playing Saturday against it's Maryland due to accepting a loan from a family friend. He said he is working with the university and the NC AA so he can play again shocking and finally a study in two thousand. Is it a fifteen officially concluded that an apple a day does not keep the doctor away. We all had the same reaction. That's the most shocking news. I've ever heard those Blake motion activated security cameras amazing using right well home security just got easier because now blink system started just seventy nine ninety nine visit blinkprotect dot com slash Dan. That's BLINKPROTECT DOT com slash. Dan For all the latest headlines and information to the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. Still got it because I don't have dance sitting here breathing down on my neck just waiting for me to mispronounce the word like riding a bike. I bike all right. Are you ready to do this. Inner City right for those of you just tuning in Diana's any at studio with us last time we did a show together up in Brazil she took real. NFL calls real NFL questions and she answered them seriously but but she did so in her mom's voice and so many people loved it. Everyone loved it the folks up at ESPN all the listeners. Our listeners that thing went a crazy on social media did it. It's I think it's because everybody knows either someone as ridiculous as my mom or someone grew up with Amman. That sounds a little odd. Whether whether they're from the south or the like somebody tweeted me. My you sound exactly like my my mother who's Indian and I don't know how it sounds India but it does and You know the important prop I had when I did. It was a a landline accord. Because when I grew up the phone was up. In the kitchen accord was extra-long. She had like an extension in court on it and she would vacuum and clean and cook with the cord wrapped around her while she yelled so. I just feel like if I'm GONNA take calls. I should take calls the way she would if the kitchen. Okay let's do it all right. She is wrapping herself around the telephone cord. Are you ready to go all right here. We go let's go out to Marcus. Marcus go ahead. You're Iran with Diana Rossini's mom Diana Hanno or the Viking's GonNa Disappoint Megan and miss the playoffs and if so doing your quarterback in the first round of course they are going to disappoint you. The plane the cowboys this weekend and crime time crying talk Kirk. Cousins doesn't prime time he takes a nap. He just goes to sleep he he. He can't with the spotlight he can't do Jerry's world. He lost that more Matt Moore the Vikings their four game win streak. I mean right now if I were you I would get a car and I would leave ministered so damn cold. There comes a Florida. Hang out with us in Miami. Let's go you ask. Let's go out to Carl Carl go ahead. You're on with his mom. Hey Mrs Art Agent Green never played for the bengals again. And it's Mike Brown. The worst art sports. I don't think Brown is a very bad owner. I just think he likes to do things a little bit old school and like I know a lot about old school. You gotta gotTa stick with just what your instincts tell Ya. I just don't think it's very good as for your wide. Receiver A.. J. Green he's done for the Hanko be playing again. He's got the faking injury here. Faking injury there. Why would he want a plane team when he? They could've traded him. He doesn't want to be there anymore. I mean have you. What what a tame? Let's go to on that back. Go ahead you're on with MRS are are What are your thoughts about ghosting? After the second date thanks bye. ghosting ghost it. mytalk could just get one day nevertheless ghost. That's the problem with us. She's like Oh he's not smart enough he's not good looking enough and the thing is they're usually not the guys that she brings in this house. I mean I don't even know what they do for eleven. The last guy that came through he left after one day because he said that she wasn't very interesting and nothing nothing. I kind of agreed with him. Let's go this is amazing. Seventy six four five five six four eight three seven. Let's go to Russell. Russell go ahead. You're on with Mrs Rossini. Yes I believe in Ryan Finley at all really. I think that he has an opportunity to be a very very good player so I think he should stick with him for now but let's give them about a game or two and then we'll we'll we'll come back to this conversation. Give me a call. Let's go out to Let's go to TNC Terry you're on with Diana. His mom go ahead TNT. Terry Hey Mr I think I just wanted to know and the let you know that your daughter's on a great job of saving the show but do you think she would have been better off following Michael Strahan career. Oh I would've loved dubbed. You WanNa know why I would've loved that Mike Astray has got his own talk show. He's on Good Morning America. He was really pretty Kelly girl that one time natural for a while do you see the the Co host. My daughter works with you. Michael Strahan works with superstars daughters out here with this stu gods got who is STU gods. What is his real name anyway? So yeah you know if if she could work a little harder. That's the problem with us. She doesn't work. She just wants to just happen. You know but I feel bad because ricky and we thought we instilled very every hardworking girl in her but now she just wanted handed a. That's a problem let's go to. Let's go to Kyle. Kyle go ahead you're on with Diana Receives Bob Hiking can because percents take the promise land. I absolutely think Jacoby can bring them to the promise. A here's the thing about your Kobe Bryant. He's got these young energy about him and the players love him. Andrew Lock as you Alexi you later. Jacoby perset he's mentored by the Great Bill parcells and I personally think that that hall of fame man is giving him all the great advice and he's going to be able to come through in the end and take Indianapolis to the playoffs that hey maybe even a super bowl let's go go out to This is amazing. I'm serious. Let's go to Justin Justin. Go ahead you're on with Diana receding or am up devante Freeman. I mean you know. He's on the Falcons. I get it but you know is worse in keeping them on the fantasy team. I mean even with all all the Falcons troubles that I'm sorry my name. Allison this is an offense she showed this is the NFL and by the way PPO. Let's go Out to Let's go to Steve Steve Go ahead you're on. ESPN radio with Diana Overseas Bob. Good Morning Mrs are if you were. Gm what kind got a contract. Would you offer Antonio Brown nothing. Nothing the contract would say. Go get a job being away to somewhere because you do not have the mental and emotional capacity to handle the stresses of being an NFL. Play this man so talented he is. So you know there's all these coaches and GM talking about what a good wide receiver. This men can be. Even I remember Jon Gruden my daughter telling me it was like Jon. GRUDEN was salivating over the idea that Antonio Brown would be on that rate esteem but you know what though if you're not put together upstairs it ain't gonNA walk so I put in a contract. He needs to go get some help. Maybe figure out what he wants to do but on unfortunately for me wasted wasted talent I got no time for that. Let's go to Let's go to Jake Jake go ahead you're on ESPN radio hi. So knowing orange you know now about action park daughter got mono there would you still have let her go there and do you think she was one of the more well behaved kids or bed and my daughter was as an angel. She was an angel. She was very very scared of us. Because you know what I wasn't afraid I'll give a little slap on the Budi. And now she knew if ricky my husband if he touched the belt denver around around his waist she knew. Don't break the rules as action puck. I remember when she went there. She went with a boyfriend at the time she came back and I noticed right away she was tired. I said something's is wrong. You look tired. You look very tired. And she's like I'm fine. I'm fine guest watch go fricking motto. Let's go out to Eugene Eugene. Go ahead Ed. You're on with Diana. I'm constantly having a debate with my friend. Who's Better Philip Rivers or Eli Manning? That's a very good debate. I'm GonNa say Manning actually I think you got to Super Bowl rings. He's a super bowl. MVP Bay offense stupid. It's Eli Manning. Let's let's go out to I agree with you. Let's go out to John John. Go ahead you're on with Diana Cities Bob John. How good are the forty forty niners? Who can't have good? They Jimmy Garoppolo man. It's like looking at Aladdin. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa take a magic carpet ride with him. I did my name. I wish it wasn't Camille. I Wish Jessica I love you bump. Let's go out to Marcelle Marcelle. Go ahead you're on with Diana city. I you are what about. The Eagles changes the eagles the eagles showing some resilience right now. I mean they had all these issues. Is Everyone Gossiping talking about each other that good wide receiver say and You know I need to get the ball more leaking all this information then Orlando Scandal. Goes out on on Fox sports and says this place is a mess Howie Roseman disaster. He's alive and guess what this team does. They unite care about the drama. I love the eagles fly. Live baby fly. Let's go find a caller Mike. Go ahead you're on. ESPN radio and I WANNA know if you think John Gruden's the coach of the year also are you proud of your daughter be on. ESPN U. The UPN. Thanks long come to the. Yeah Chuck wrote it. What Jon Gruden coaches the heck? Is He dawn. I five and four hundred million dollars. Think about ten years now the coach of the year. We're talking about Sean. Payton in data New Orleans. They're five and Teddy. Bridgewater has started a game. Three years five. I know they go to recess right back in the team's win in the Super Bowl Sean. Payton in all the way there as for ESPN youth. That Diana B- On look nobody ever watched that I don't even think anyone's watching this either. Donlevatar about tarred fake. Marty Smith you're on. ESPN radio STU Gods Ready Band party you got doing Man Luther Down here with Nick Doc fees. That's great this is Liberta show with as Gods on. ESPN RADIO ESPN. Radio presented assented by Progressive Insurance guests on the Dan Le Batard show appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line as now at. Here's your sports interrupdate. Antonio Brown has backtracked from Profanity Hannity Phil tweet against the NFL by tweeting quote. I'm just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name. I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I'm very emotional about that. I'm determined to make my way back to the NFL ASAP. Ohio state defensive in chase young released a statement saying he's not playing Saturday against Maryland due to accepting a loan from a family friend. He said he is working with the university and the NC AA so he can play again this season and finally a woman was pictured standing at her own funeral and the photo is going viral on twitter according to the twitter user who share it. The corpse was fashionably dressed up by her family and made to stand. She looked fabulous. The One hundred fiftieth anniversary of the first game in college football history was was this week and ESPN is celebrating Mr Tomorrow at three thirty eastern at es on ESPN. You you check out. The Princeton Tigers in the Dartmouth. Big Big Green from Yankee stadium for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on. ESPN radio all throughout the the day. Please put me in a coffin lane down when I die. I do not WanNa be standing greeting guests. It's great I love talking about you. Like a cocktail mortis. His on camera with us is live in Tuscaloosa. It looks chilly up there and Diana Rossini's learning when you're in Florida you don't say down there you say up there because everything is up from where we are How how hard is your hair down more my other? It's there's A. There's a bunch of monitors in front of me where I can kind of look at myself and there's a whole lot going on there. I always say that when the good Lord Jesus comes back there's going to be two things left and that's cockroaches and this and so Trust me they're the bristle rate is is very very stiff. Check check out his podcast. Marty Wadis Miss America. Sorry about that day at Mardi. What am I looking at here? I'm looking at an SEC. Game Alabama and Lsu with an over under of sixty three. I know it's like a big twelve. We're expecting like a track. meet man in fact it order on said to me this week that that what's become in the SEC is basketball on grass and that's exactly what we're expecting to see here to very high powered. Offense is to defenses. That have been an entire season trying to figure out exactly what they are their identity. Of course we've been reporting all week that Michael Divinity won't play for Lsu one of their best pass rushers that affects the depth some but they're accustomed underplaying without him in Alabama's had a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball throughout the year. One point they're playing five freshmen so it is going to be attract me. That's what we expect aspect and that's so different we're used to non six. We're used to slobber knocker. We're used to a ground and pound in this game and that is not what we're going to get tomorrow afternoon noon here in town. I am changing my twitter handle slobber knuckles Diana knocker slobber knocker slobber knocker learning to use that in one of your tremendous NFL reports. I am expecting of you to hear the word Slobber knocker in in some three below zero vikings giant's game in early January anything giants January. That's the problem. There's the issues my hat will be very big by then. I say landed a great sit down Makuto once again. You always get the big interviews would what would you what was your takeaway. What's he what's his vibe going into this one? It's interesting because as we've been discussing all week. LSU Hasn't beaten Alabama in since two thousand eleven and he said to us this week. Is that motivation for our fan base. Yes is it motivation for me as a head coach share. But we're not preaching that to who are team and our players because I don't want to inject any negative energy at all in this week. It's a new team. It's a new group of players and and they have that brand new potent offense under Stevens meaner and Joe Brady this. Just lighten up scoreboards and has made. Joe Borough the heisman favorite at this point. Any shooting up male capers draft Graf board it seems on a weekly basis. So that's kind of the thing This is a very different. Lsu Team you can see it in him. And I think all all of that stems from that offense and from the way that Joe Borough carries himself within it. I also got to sit down borough this week and I asked him what he had had learned about himself this season. Because he's putting up these numbers because he's able to slinging around all over the yard with that group of receivers and he said very flatly nothing thing. I always knew that this season would come on. No the preparation I put in for the last twelve years of my life and I knew eventually I would be able to be in a position and to have this type of opportunity and I was like man you can't. There's no way that you would think that all of those variables would come together that you would become a glorified game manager manager last year to a heisman favorite this year and guys. It's all because of Joe Brady. Diane I don't know if you had any any type of relationship or had ever chatted with him when when he was with the saints but when he made the decision to drive up ten to baton rouge it changed everything. Borough told me when he walked into the very first meeting with offensive coordinator. Steve vins winger and Brady. They handed him the playbook the very first week one installation and he's flipping through these pages and he goes. Where did that come from? Where did that play come from? Where did that? What is this and they said? We're opening this thing up. Man We know you had the skill set. It's your time go show America and borough borough told me that he talked to J. T. Barrett. Bear it of course spent some time with the saints. He knew Joe Brady already and bear it in borough teammates at Ohio state. They're very close friends and Barrett told borough. This guy is going to become your best friend. He's going to change your career. He's going to give you the platform to show that skill set and boy has tremendous access tremendous insight but Mardi. My mom just sent me a text instead. This man talks very weird. I said he what your mom mom Diana Diana. What's your home town? It's called Norwood New Jersey okay. Norwood New Jersey is slightly northeast. Taste of APPALACHIA. So your mom may have never been subjected to folks that like me and in fact the weirdest part about my accent. I never considered it to be that abnormal. It's the most polarizing thing outside of my hairdo. People think I'm faking this. y'All they think I'm making this up for some sort of professional game you through that while you throw it in Burgas. Obviously they have absolutely no idea how our business this works. This sound is not. It is not something that you see very often or hear very often in traditional media in fact a lot of college college professors implore students to go to some sort of oration school to learn to lose their accent. I just happened to get lucky enough to get to keep mine and bless you with America. Marty I use you as an example all the time at ESPN. When I've received some feedback? Sometimes I sound a little too a little to New Jersey and I said have you listed Tamari Smith. He may not be from New Jersey. But he's definitely from Uh uh certain reason of population. The rest of America doesn't sound like Marty Smith so I really should be thanking you. Because they they never have a response. They're like Oh yeah you're right here's the thing about it man. I've never been told once that I should change anything by anybody at our company. And and I'm so grateful for that you can be southern and you can or you can be North Eastern. You can have whatever accent you were born with or reared within instill articulate. It doesn't define your intelligence level ever in one of the things that makes me laugh is going around the south as I do. Cover an SEC football the time almost invariably on a weekend basis college students will approach me and say you give us hope because we sound like you and we think. Because you're doing this that we have the opportunity to do this authentically this way. I'll tell you guys a funny story. One one of the first times that I was on a larger platform was when Dale earnhardt. Jr. The NASCAR driver was making the decision to leave the team. His father founded to go to the death star which was Hendrick motorsports and become Jimmy Johnson. Jeff Gordon's team made a NASCAR. I did this report on the pre-race show and get back to the media room and I have a message on my phone from from Windy. Knicks the lovely and talented Wendi Nix. Who grew up in the PD region of South Carolina? Sound a little bit like me and she said to me on that message message never change. Please keep that because Wendy had to work really hard to lose her accent. That won't happen with me. Were to use articulate. Go is excellent is a love mornings better than Marta Nick Sabin very very well you have a good relationship with him Have you spent some time with him. This week I'm wondering how feeling headed into this game. I haven't seen in this week. Tom Rinaldi I was on the. Tom was with Alabama and Tom did spend in time with coach. Saban and from everything I've heard from my friends inside the wall of Alabama. There's a level of relaxation within him this week. That unique. Here's the thing about saving he. He has a very interesting philosophy when it comes to the magnitude quote unquote of a game. They WANNA treat every game the same but when they're playing an opponent they would seem lesser. He is so much more demonstrative towards the team. Then he is on a week like this when it's one versus two versus three however you WanNa play the numbers two very good undefeated teams with so much so many implications locations on the line so I think he's in a really good place. I think he knows the two is GonNa play in two is going to play very well so I think I think coach's rather relaxed by comparison to normal. We'll get you out of here. We have under thirty seconds Marty. Smith's America new episodes out this week. I told that it will get people very hyped up for what is the game of the year morning. I spent my evening last evening. with Travis kind of breaking down this game and what we expected and yeah I got Kinda got fired up man. I can't help it this game and I'm GONNA I kind of call it one for. I don't understand as a tangent. How Ohio State got the? Aw at the number one spot in the first college football rankings. I don't get it when Lsu's beaten three top ten teams already. But I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to nails. They're going to have to tell us a helmet more he. SMITH'S AMERICA CHECK IT OUT CHECK About Tomorrow College Game Day as well. We love you buddy. Enjoy the game say mom Diana hiring used to be hard multiple job sites. Stacks of resumes confusing review process us. But today hiring can be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done. ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash game. ZIPRECRUITER sends your job to over one hundred of the Web's leading job boards. But they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job as applications come in ziprecruiter analyzes each one and spotlights the top candidates. So you never miss a great match Ziprecruiter so effective that four and a five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now my listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash game. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash G. A. M. E. ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash game ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire Donlevatar Donlevatar is to God shady. I mean that one's GonNa come back one hundred percent I have thanks to Stugotz. I just don't understand how you object to the idea. The and it's kind of amazing like I don't understand how you would even object to the idea of anybody in the world calling you shady. Listen I know shady. I know what I am okay. I'm more self-aware than you think. Think I am Shady Shady people out there this is the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz on. ESPN RADIO ESPN. Radio is presented by progressive of insurance guests on the Dan Le Batard appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. And now. Here's your sportscenter. Update The Washington. Professional football team has placed Trent Williams on reverse non football injury list ending his season. Williams last week revealed that cancer diagnosis that played a big part in lengthy whole that was part of it and he lost trust in the team's team's medical staff and organization. Rick Pitino is accepted the head coaching position for the Greek national team. WHO's looking to qualify for the twenty twenty Olympics and finally a man once robbed a bank for a dollar so he could be arrested and sent to gel for free medical? Care this sport center's brought to you by advance auto parts. I think ahead think advance at any time one. Four batteries is about to fail. Get a free battery tests and free installation with any automative battery purchase at advanced auto auto parts for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio and throughout the day. I'm not gonNA prompt or reading. RV off the cuff kind of person. Fat Yogurt Agendas. A twelve thirty received studio with us. We appreciate her being down here for the last two days even though we have done absolutely nothing nothing with her and she expected us to do with her not me gross pizza but I did buy pizza very nice. Thank you Rajapaksa at the chicken farm. I bought yesterday as well. I know she left half of it because it went home and car and I ate it while I was driving. And it's now lodged in your tooth. PF T- Commodore mature is GonNa join us right now on the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Check out his podcast. Part of my take very popular also Barstool as well and very good friends with Diana Racine and he joins US right now. Listen before we get to this game. You WanNA play which we're all confused by by the way But you'll set it up throwback I barely read it and just robot the right idea man. Let's do it but before we get to that and you'll have to set the game up at Dulles the what you WanNa do. I am told that you have a great story. Diana received has done. I think this is your show with us and she has lit up the radio. I mean I'm telling you she is. Our audience has fallen in love with Diana receipt. And I know you guys are very tight. You very good friends I am told you have a great story about meeting Diana receipt. If you wouldn't mind sharing it with US I don't know if it's great and and you're starting to realize what I realized a long time ago that she is awesome some small doses. So she's the perfect to have down there for for a couple of days We've been friends for what like three years frenemies for three. I don't know what you want to call it. It's like okay. Yeah it was. It was a while ago and the first night that we hung out we went to a It was a basketball game. And then we're hanging out. It was me her hank our producer. Much like your show. Actually you guys stole the concept of having a handsome producer behind the scenes that runs the shop from us so our our producer handsome hank He was hanging out with us and an unnamed basketball player. But I will say that. He's tall and has a general aesthetic. That's kind of similar to mine long hair picture like a giant Sheryl Crowe and so we go out together we hit the bars. It's late night. There's no place open that and we should want to go in so we find one Kinda rundown spot at about three am and there's a line that's around the block and the guy. I was set his name. Name the Guy Spencer and I look at each other. Oh Shit shoot I said look at each other and We're like we're not GONNA end. This line is too long and Diana marches is right up to the front of the line right like like. She owns the place like she's want to do and she says to her credit she did not say do know who we are. She did not okay. Do you know who I am she said do you know who they are. And then she pointed at me and Spencer and if you've ever seen a standing next to each other the best way yeah I can describe it. It's like if goldilocks was looking for Post Malone and then there's the giant one that was too tall and the other one that was way too short that's kind of the zones that were sitting there and we looked at each other. And we're like we're getting out of here because even if the guy said yeah I know that Podcasters Caster and that backup center on the nets and we'll let you in. That's not the kind of club I want to be in any way so you actually should've said that I was rose rose Lavelle they ended. That's what you should. You should use it then. I just don't like standing online just cold in New York so I I will use anything I possibly can ask after the door talking to security to to get in whether it means. Hey hooking up with tickets. I'll hang out with you that that would Spencer Haywood. I mean what a grew wild stuff right. It was it was unsuccessful but it taught me a lot about Diana from nine one which is number one. She's not afraid to ask anybody any question and number two. She has very bad judgment. In France I would agree agreements. And how many bars and clubs have you been leading since you've met me all of them. Yes you are good at opening doors that will give you that very good but but his point is you're choosing friends all the wrong people. Exactly Dana goes health. All those comments Eh with us on. ESPN radio check out his his podcast. Part of my take all right. Set up this ridiculous game you WanNa play because I gotta be honest with you. I'm confused I tried to explain it to Mike and the guys they're confused and by the way it was a very nice thing to say about Billy Gill and him being handsome so anyway set up the game at tell us what the hell we're doing here so I don't know if we can even call this game. Stu Texted me yesterday and said something funny to do. On the radio it's not really my forte. I don't hurt my show. That's awful. We don't really do comedy here either. We're very serious show Anytime we make a joke on part of my take is by completely accident we stumble into kind of like you guys do some but so I think My thought process. was there a lot of stupid words that get used when describing driving football on television. What you'll hear Chris Collins worth us a big word to describe something that happens during a football game? But you'll never hear anybody used that word out side of football so an example would be like Anemic is one. I was like to bring up. So if offenses anemic there. I guess impotent they they lack iron. They're not good. They can't move the ball. But you never hear somebody referred to anybody As just being anemic unless they actually have a medical condition so I was was saying. What are your favorite football terms? That only get used a big words that only get used to describe football events. Okay that makes sense. Yeah Yeah it's not the way I described grabbed the guys though so that all scrambling nobody. Nobody can think quickly here. I just learned a word Slobber knocker so I'm going to start their Chris. What's the problem here? No I feel like he described it a lot better when you described it. I had no idea what we're doing now. I have one. How about potent good? Pretty good pretty. Good Bill you can dunk see. Here's the thing. He said have football term so I have pylon on here but he wanted to play. This is a different game. Like Pooch kick doesn't work worked for this game and it's also one word script works. I think we're works. Kampala Judy Kampala. That's more like a basketball thing. I think how about your yard. Don't ask you rent a coffin corner. Okay excellent game. Switch unabated to the quarterback encroachment. Unabated encroachments is good thank you bye-bye matriculate matriculate is a great one. I like matriculated. Unabated like potent especially for talking about the charges and Philip Rivers. I don't like Pooch kick I think that's two words. Somebody said it was one word. I think that's too. I like lackadaisical. Especially because lackadaisical isn't really a word I think the word is lackadaisical but if you've ever played high school football. You coach always pronounces it. Lackadaisical Hut hut like what the problem with hut is a believe. I said a big word back with the three letter word. Yeah all right how about this punt better. More word extracurricular Ooh Ooh I like that hit somebody in the face and they're the announcer says little extracurricular guys are scrappy up there. I got another one this one in kind of his US outside of football but pedestrian Yeah good view the judge Jerry on this great. I've actually shared this with in the past it. The words snack. And here's why coaches when they are talking to you about the players schedule full grown men were playing the sport. They'll say well they have meetings and then they have snack and then they have meetings and the snack is really what it is they they. You get a snack but when you hear that we're don't you think kindergarten but you play these games than I do like snack. Yeah because you're right. Life is what happens in between snacks. That's a good philosophy. That's I like the way you're looking at roll out okay. grid iron and that's a good one induced again. One Dan Lewis Gridiron about yard talking into yard. I didn't like it I more. You say it doesn't say touch step. Yeah well here's a good one. Here's a good one defense. The word is defended right everybody everywhere else in life we say defended but once Chris Collins would have started to say defense as in like that pass was defense. Maybe it was troy Aikman that started. That's one past defense by Minkah Fitzpatrick. Eric I don't think that that's the correct usage of it. But he's talked me into it. So what tag all. That's a good one. Thank you nailed it that one really good segment radio. Nobody knows of rules still right. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really did to be honest. Man We all did Yeah I want to Diana. Because if she doesn't win them chill complain and complain complaint. We will never hear the end of it. Check out the PODCAST. Guess part of my day. PF Dave thanks for the time we appreciate it as always end. Yeah we'll talk Monday. Good yeah that was great thank online physician consultation. Only available or the physician determines restrictions appropriate subscription require full details newport safety information. Hey guys canoes. The outrageously expensive little blue pill is now generic which means you can get the prescription medication to treat At affordable prices and hence makes it extra affordable. You pay just thirty bucks for a month supply and right now get your first on my doctor's visit totally free when you go to four hims- dot com mm slash. ESPN five that's right. Free Zero Co pay. No expensive appointments no awkward face to face conversations to get your prescription. Hymns connects you doctors online. Who who can evaluate you and if appropriate prescribe your ed medication and a pharmacy since it right to your door? hems makes it affordable private and incredibly easy. Nobody likes dealing with now. Thanks to him. Nobody has to. And that's really good news to start your free online visit you need to go to this exclusive address forums dot com slash. ESPN five that's four. Hymns DOT DOT com slash. ESPN five for your free online. Visit F. O. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash. ESPN five Donlevatar. Did you guys. I see Gilbert Arenas Assessment of Zion Williamson agent. Zero Stugatz you enter my question. There are no like no okay the show with Stugatz on ESPN radio. ESPN radio's presented by progressive insurance guests. On the Dan Lebatardshow talk show appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. And now. Here's your sportscenter. Update The Washington. Professional football team plays Trent Williams on the reserve non football injury list ending his season Williams last week revealed cancer diagnosis. That played a part in his lengthy hold out and his distrust of the team's medical staff and organization Rick Pitino. He's accepted the head coaching position for the Greek national team. They're looking to qualify for the twenty twenty Olympics and finally a thirteen year. Old Boy in Florida was once arrested for excessive farting in school. All back in two thousand nine vivid seats the tops tickets source live events. You Crave now has a loyalty program that allows Vance Sern credit back. Go to the APP store. Google play download the vivid seats enter Promo Code. ESPN twenty five for ten percent off your next order for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day so ten years ago. He was arrested for that. He knows that was my bed. Two thousand thousand nine. What do you call that in the law? When certain years goes by? And then you can't go back and I have no limitations. Okay wow I apologize. We got it fat Joe with us on ESPN radio. He's celebrity prognosticator that Joe. Oh three consecutive weeks by man it was gonna be hard to get me out. Ah Let's not brag too much. You were doing three the guy who I'm almost. I'm almost like a ringer here on. ESPN a ringer on on the ESPN. I understand but I listen. I want you to brag too much you were just two and three last week. The guy you're going against was worse. I mean hey there's always somebody worse the guy not listening to Joe low seen every Sunday caused me out looking into positive way I want to end it right there to be honest with us year. Audience Radio we're going to get to the pigs at a second. This is your third consecutive week Our celebrities twenty one twenty four colonists twenty four ads what he wanted. So we're gaining ground here. Fat Joe as a Knick Fan. I'm wondering I put me where you were as nick. Van Fat Joe. When Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant decided they didn't want to be next they wanted to be Brooklyn Nets even yeah? I believe I knew about a week before a week before. Had shut down with them and they were like yo no way. They're going to Brooklyn and and I tried. I cried sweat. Bullets dove on the floor. I kick like Obagi. I begged him as much as I can. But they would they they was going to Brooklyn. There's not And we can do so eastern. You sat down with them. Yeah where are you right now. Fat Joe Mexico right now. poolside God be honest with trump in Mexico planet of carbon. Can we heard. We heard the pool water splashing. There's a song out. Julio Nineteen forty forty two I mean we we live in a life. My wife was out but I but are you actually in the pool right now. Oh you're in the pool physically in the bully and the drink in the Moscow. God I love right now as we talk Scou- in my aunt lean back baby star. Rapper Noriega and with Sean Peck. Kastner course in he said let me talk to Noriega. Whereas Noriega Noriega makes this leaker man he walked away went to drink drink? Drink champ this Guy Thomas literally drink champ bad influence on fat Joe. That's why Moscow in my hearing that well they're all right so you're living life. What's the most amount of money ever spent a night for me now? I don't even I don't know I mean I mean I've done some foolish things in my life but I don't I don't recall right now. We're trying to be frugal. You Know Your Mexico at a pool of Oh man I mean let. Let's say the fact that the Nixon wasn't sure they were going to take the ran for the The full contract contracts runs in the food family. I gotta be honest with you. I love you. I Love Fat Joe. You hear me. I love you to keep doing this thing every week. I well we keep having you back because you keep winning but listen if we move over this every time we do it. I want you in a different pool. Let's get to the picks. Let's do it but I know they start for celebrity prognosticator swing some money literally. Who picks like he's making the picks? Yes okay we ready. We call that the double entendre. Let's call we in the pool making the pooping. I'll get it all right here. We go. Kansas City is at add Tennessee. The chiefs are at the titans. The titans are plus six. who does fat joe like? I am going for candidates. Study Baby. Yeah all right. Let's go to the next game fat Joe Buffalo at Cleveland Cleveland minus three Brown's a three point favorite at home against the bills bills. I am going toward the Buffalo. He's going against your brands and I'm sick of this week. That's provided by Caesar's by the way Fat Joe joining us from a pool in Mexico New York giants at New York jets jets at the home team. Here jets are giving all three points. The jets are plus three. Who Do you like fat Joe Giant toll away with that one giants Green Bay at home against the Carolina Panthers? There's Green Bay five and a half point favorite. Who Do you like? I don't think I've went against Green Bay in these picks and I'm not going to begin to Green Bay baby left call era all right Joe Pittsburgh plus three and a half. They're at home. They're taking on the La Rams who do you like I'm picking to ran sheepdogs dogs okay man on the side ramps all right. I thought you we appreciate it. Hey guys what I'll be talking to you you next week. Okay all right man. Enjoy enjoy Mexico all the festivities. The pool just calls from opole every week again tomorrow. Nineteen degrees why. Why because you're so awkward on interviews timing so bad Chicago I ask a follow up to date there some like some sort of update for National Gig? Performance gig okay. Why should a piece that together? We wanted him to drop his phone in the water. I ah only because it was just jealous. May He painted a perfect picture of what you should be doing on a Friday. This is what I thought. It'd be doing Miami Noriega. I sat my hotel. No Rim along. Ram seat does this show. infre- ABSO awkward though bikes. I can't I can't even I'm not gonNA defend them. encore you try to be cool with them and it's just awkward though. Do you said he loves it. He's drinking Donlevatar. It's Friday I'm getting into the weekend. I WANNA get my drink on on Stugatz. You've got to open up the club open it. I would open it now but is the computer buffering during this is Liberta show with this to ads on. ESPN radio if you missed any of our interviews go check come on man and he delivered to our podcast brought to you by capital on Capitol on his reimagining banking offering against with no fees or minimum. That can be opened five minutes capital on. What's in your wallet? Capital one one and a member. FDIC thanks for joining us. His new single yes with Cardi B.. My name here. Sorry about that and well a or an well and well I saw. It's out now an well. Just call them you like. I am well a Diana or an well absolutely the latter ask his latest single. Yes is that that way Cardi B. AT AAA friends call. It is out now. Have you enjoyed your little time down here in Miami. We have certainly partly enjoyed having you. Diana have been fantastic. Thank you for all your help. Yeah this has been great different vibe down here Miami then when we were in Bristol for sure we'll explain boy that what do you mean by that. We are a little bit of that Lazy River thing going on up in Connecticut I felt like every two seconds someone who was poking their head. You were saying hello to everybody. I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with you because you were taking pictures with everyone being you know from from the bosses down to you know the PA's highlight room so it was cool to actually be around you a little bit. More aren't very distracted her. I'm always distracted even when I'm not distracted. You've noticed that but so are you because we are the same person you a bit on that nonstop I mean no one works the phone like Diana generousity. I don't even know what you're talking to the mom during the break. You're getting ready for your Sunday football. Gay I'm trying to wear a couple of hats right now. ESPN so they have to do my homework. And prepar these games during a commercial break in when you're talking to me but this is so much fun you were saying to me that this is so much fun. It's hard going back to the series. You're you're great the serious stuff you have tons of credibility your great. NFL reporter but this is a lot more fun than Miami. Eighty five degrees here but yeah no and and the entire crew here. Everyone is just positive and happy and I mean they WanNa hang out with me. But when I'm here you know you guys kind of treat me like Princess Diana guys guys kind of feel bad we should have. We should have done something last night with Diana we really something. Why don't feel bad? No no I actually got to feel bad. I just figured why don't you guys guys was going to hang out. I don't know I mean typically do variables have changed and you want to take me to the airport. It's it's you know it's all on on the way for me to but this has been a loneliest trip. I've ever been on sorry. There's a lot going on. We didn't ask for any the cars sitting carseat. Oh it ended for Princess. Diana really felt like that it was a necessary Diana Ross Diana Ross that better she's alive yes a lot better I just WanNa make sure all right. Let's she died. Let's let's open up the club we close at what's the matter you're mad at me. We love you seriously. Thank you for all your help. Not just this not just this week. we were up in bristles. Well in fact I used to everyone. It was held that Dan and we'll be back on Monday. The the staff staff here the shipping container. Ray Job read cody is real good. E Erez and countless other goes that I can't remember because this is not like five years Dominic Foxworth meeting times. I didn't ask for any of this. What are we going to dominique do dominate dominate Dominic Amina College for the first few days dam was all I know I know you guys don't remember hiding out that it was the first do shows remember breath? Thanks to Randy Scott. Oh yeah he stopped buying. He did a show. Go Joe Mikey Mikey. A rece Davis receiving even how Dunkin for a half hours at four word Davis preview. The upcoming college football season when he joined US Matthew Berry Matthew Berry Studio field. Yates I jog DOC. Next Door Mary guy you ready for your upcoming fantasy drafts or he did Tim Kirch in he tells rates stories up in Bristol. Jack del Rio Mike Golic senior. Mike Golic senior in your mouth. I mean amazing. Moskva doll was to fights ago cliff different production staff producer your show without Roy actual production staff. That was great. Anyone else fits offense. Ed spits Christine. Lisi steel easy was fantastic. Yes from Bristol you're missing someone. But Mortgage Co host. There are Spain Clinton aide Sandik stands at fantastic. Yeah attracting the the Clinton Gates thank you put us in a bad spot. Yeah whenever you sleep has the first two segments at ingrate last time you guys. You said Dan was back Monday. Because you've got the week I was like I need to travel did WARFORD. Al Horford that Brown Delaney Walker. Okay Gruden Jay Gruden. We've

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