The Steelers Retro Show: Who is the best backup quarterbacks to ever hold the clipboard for the Steelers?


Pittsburgh. steeler fans. We are back. Didn't you just see us? My Name's Brian Anthony Davis alongside with me as Tony Jeffey. Owen we just had. We had the steal Q. and A. and we got down and dirty, and we are turning. My actually disagreed, which is actually good flora? Own Sparring partners. Yeah, we're back with a brand new show, and this is something that we've been talking about for a long time and we're GONNA call the steelers nostalgia. And I haven't seen anybody pop up in the live chat yet in I'm hoping that does I. I haven't seen anybody as far as viewers so that might That might take a second to come in, but what? We're GONNA do here. Is We're going to talk about? The Greatest Memories we've ever had. In Pittsburgh Steeler, history, but today we're GonNa Talk About Memories of backup quarterbacks now Tony before we get into the topic. Let's talk about a little bit. How this came about? Right I was looking for some information for one of my articles I'm doing the Uni Watch and the Union watch is A. it's called Numero Oni. Or numeral UNI instead of Numero Uno, I don't really know if that's working, but. So what we're talking about here is. I had to go back and look for some information on Walter Abercrombie. Abercrombie because I grew up with them and. I actually have fond memories of Walter. Abercrombie but I just wanted to get a little bit more for this. For this article, so I was looking through and I found this article by one Tony Deficit, and it was not a behind the curtain article. And so I I was looking up and I'm reading it and I'm like my Gosh Tony's is in-depth is I am on this and it's one of my. One of my all time favorite games that you talked about. And it was the steelers against the raiders, and they needed that to go into the playoffs in one, thousand, nine, hundred, four, a crazy season. One of my favorite seasons I think it's one of yours to Tony. Oh, absolutely absolutely one of my favorites, so I'm thinking you know want. We need to just talk about the past. Sometimes we talk all we talk about who's going to be the backup quarterback. Do they have a plan? What's going to happen here? Can the defense sustain all that? Yeah, we. We talked about that all the time on this network and we're GONNA. Continue to do that, but on the show, so if you if you WanNa talk about steeler football for two thousand twenty. That's what the last show was for. This show is to go ahead and talk about the past and stuff that we love. And we're going to actually rank some of these guys down. We're GONNA we're going. Rank them from five to one and we're going to see who you have in there. Who European is and now I already see some people saying a best backup quarterback Ben Roethlisberger You know there might be some guys in there that aren't. Traditionally backup quarterbacks, just the they were the the main in waiting like Kordell. Stewart's probably not going to be on the list because he was really never officially a backup quarterback. So we're GONNA talk about those guys, but whatever you WANNA. Talk about this is a fun show. This is to let your hair down and Tony, if you have more hair, you could let it down. Write. It down. Slowly, it's IT'S A. Cascading down my back. To to you know to check this out, look. I've got. I've got growing. Wings trait how about that? I'm jealous, so we talk about all the time, and this is something that we've talked about in history that the most popular guy in a football team is the backup quarterback that is until he gets to the game and the about the guy behind him so we're always. Were I mean even throughout the Ben Roethlisberger era. Everybody wanted a different guy to get that shot. People even wanted Mason Rudolph when they got him. They might have not been happy. And that's been throughout the years, so let's talk about our great memories of backup quarterbacks and I am going to go ahead. I'm going to add somebody because I saw one on the live chat and I'm going to. He's from the same era as somebody else. That's on here so what we're going to do. For Number Four. We're going to double. Up We're GONNA have a tie at number four, but let's start with number five Tony when you talk about best backup quarterbacks in Pittsburgh steeler history. Let's go number five. Be I in my opinion. Be Byron left which I think he. Overall top ten pick to get him to get a player like that and Ben's. What fifth year it's pretty a pretty big, pretty big fine for the steelers back then and helped them win the Super Bowl. So. Why was he availables? Because David Garard came out of nowhere and became amazing quarterback for that team, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Byron was what was he fifth overall in two thousand three? Would was fift-. It was I think it was four two V. Yeah, like you said it was year before Ben. So that he was, he was considered a top notch quarterback for a few years before he shall out of favor in Jacksonville. So, what was your great memory of Byron Left Which? I have a few My first one would be the the wait Monday night game against the redskins from Ben went down. And Byron came in through that great touchdown pass to San Antonio. They won that game fairly handily, and and that's because they came, he came in with was a steady presence, and then my my second favorite is He he played in that the season finale against the browns and eight when everything was pretty much wrapped up. Excuse me in he ran for a touchdown and I didn't see it at the time. But on the sidelines. Casey Hampton guys, they were they were just cracking up because I guess he stumbled, and he was never known for his running, so he stumbled on the way into the end zone, and everybody just had A. Crash up over that, so that's my second favorite third would be the the Monday night game against. Baltimore and twenty twelve where they lost, but he he he actually ran for a touchdown. I thought that was pretty funny, and he broke his collarbone in play. I think so. and Yo he was wearing. That was one of the first times wasn't the first, but they were wearing the bumblebee jerseys those I, remember him played valiantly in that game We used to Joe ears. Tacoma Byron Sandwich and But here's the thing about left which he's going to be a head coach in this league. He's the he's now the offensive coordinator with Bruce Arians. He's in Tampa right now and boy. Not Too bad as one of your first gigs, you, you have As, an offensive coordinator and you also have. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Rob Gronkowski Andrea, so that's not too bad as well. He is going to be really good, but he doesn't need those guys. That's how really good Byron left, which is so I love it. I WANNA big I WANNA shout out to big MARV thirty four, who who I just brought him up earlier talking about on the screen talking about how Great Byron Left, which is one of his favorites He writes what's good. Eat All steelers, nation fans in the house, bad and Tony, so glad to finally catch you guys. I work too much. I love it. Thanks big MARV. Here's mark. We have all these people that are regulars in the live chat. We know these names. We know Dave Shipley, and we know snowman and frank the tank. We know these guys, but there are so many regulars that we have that catches. On the podcast platform on the streaming platforms, so thanks so much for those hards that. The we don't get to hear from all the time because they're catching us on the way to work. They're catching us when they're at work or at night. They're not watching on Youtube, but now they're hanging out with us on Youtube right now, so get some rest. You earned it and so thanks. Thanks to you! big MARV really appreciate Ya. What a great name BIG MARV! I want to hang out with big Mar.. Absolutely so you know what I'm agreeing with you on Byron left which. He was Kinda hurt. In the two thousand ten season at the beginning. So! He was not able to come in Dennis. Dixon was actually the starter. When ben was on suspension for those first four games, they went three and one and I think Byron did play, he played. He came in and played in that time. I Know Charlie played. The dentist got hurt. They might have had four quarterbacks that season of two thousand ten, but they did. Go to the the Super Bowl. EMBIID MARV mentions Dennis Dixon being kinda good. He's honorable. Mention guy for me With the guys on this list. I'm probably going to go ahead and look at a different direction, but. That Dixon Long career, but I remember Dennis Dixon in his first NFL. Start on, believe it was oh nine. Thousand nine and they really needed that game against both more and I mean he came in at the last minute to. It was a situation where Ben announced that he was ready to play. On Saturday in there, they said No. Dennis taking the reps in. He's he's. He's going in and the, I think they lost game twenty to seventeen, if I'm not mistaken and he was really good So I really think he would have That I would have loved to have seen more of him, and it's a shame that he got hurt in College Would probably be the number one draft pick if he didn't have that devastating knee injury, but he still was able to have a good career in the pros. Manahan gives us two dollars. His top two would be Tommy Maddox two thousand two Big Ben. Two, thousand four. We're not counting big band, but thanks. Sean. We're not gonNA Count Big Ben. He wasn't. He wasn't really meant to be the backup backup. He was a man in waiting Tommy Maddox. We might hear more from him later. Let's just say that, but as far as Byron left which goes, I must caught him San, which see how? WOULD THAT BE So as far as a buyer left, which goes I think he definitely needs to be on this list. So. We'll go ahead and put him at number five. Let's talk number four now and this is. We're, GONNA go back a bit. We're not going as far as Dick Shiner. In Ninety, nine. Actually this one guy might have been a backup to Dick. Shiner in sixty nine, if I'm not mistaken This was his rookie year. I believe so. We're GONNA talk about this guy in another one that he backed up with at the same time. So this is a tie here. Let's go back to the. Let's go back to the glory years of the seventies with these guys. Who are tied Tony. Had to carry handwriting in. Jefferson St Joe Go. Jefferson Street show I? I gotTA. Tell Ya those two. That's got to be a tie because when Bradshaw was struggling. Early on these guys came in. And not a lot of people realize this but Gilliam. Is Gilmore Gilliam? Gilliam, but okay I've heard pronounced both ways. Okay, Let's just go on, Jefferson Street so Jefferson St Joe. He came in, and he started the one thousand nine hundred seventy four season. For the steelers. The season been start off that great. But. He was he was solid, but bradshaw made his way back in, and took him the Super Bowl, but going in was a very big part of that team and very important. They really needed him in there. So. Then we go to Terry, Hanratty, who was I mean? He was banged up. At times, but you know here's a championship quarterback from the University of Notre Dame, and if you don't. If all you know is rudy about Notre Dame than you don't know about the great history and when we're talking about the great history of the Pittsburgh steelers. Excuse me the great history of the fighting Irish. Terry Hanratty was a great quarterback for for them. Any also played college ball with one rocky bleier to in they were they were big buddies here. In Pittsburgh. Interesting thing about Terry Hanratty as well. He is responsible. He's responsible for one of the great nicknames of all time in Pittsburgh. I don't know if you know this, Tony. But. We've talked about him in the past. I'm always going to talk about one of my all time. Favorite steelers Jersey number sixty eight. Elsie greenway. So really, what was his nickname? Yeah Hollywood. Hollywood banks. Did you know? That, he was just bags. Wasn't Hollywood exit I? He was known bags because he wore a handbag. He was like Joey Trinity from friends with a man purse. or The men Satchel I mean he. But you're not making fun of six eight number sixty eight. He was six foot eight. You're not making fun of. Elsie Greenwood but they called them bags his team. Team could do that. So back in the mid seventies, hanratty started a rumor. He started a rumor that the steelers were going at trade himself. An Elsie Greenwood to the Los Angeles Rams. US of that, he became Hollywood bags. I never knew I never can have that nickname. That's that's pretty good stuff so there you go. Victory Asher throws in four ninety nine. We really appreciate your hard work in. DOE Thanks Victory Jefferson St Joe. Gilliam is number one and he's definitely on our list here. We have him at number four, but Jefferson St Joe Legendary Pittsburgh. steeler yet can't forget that guy. Here's a guy that didn't make the list Antoni actually talked about putting this guy on the list. and. It's Mike critic yeah. Crew sick was six zero as a starter I believe a as a rookie. Ben Roethlisberger had his great two thousand and four winning. When he was winning these games, he broke the record of another steeler backup number fifteen. My crew sick in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six, who went six, zero was a starter when Terry Bradshaw was. Tony, why is crew sick not on this list. because. He was the epitome of a passenger. He didn't one single touchdown pass. It was all about the defense and a rushing game that year. So, that's where we didn't put him on the list. Yeah, he did not have a touchdown pass in his career. I believe for that. He didn't have a touch entire career, but he was really important to the team. And so we were, we were doing a show the other night. The steeler preview the steelers preview with. Mike Back Dave scofield myself, and it was going to be on advertisements, so I went back, and we were going to talk about the steelers advertisements of all time and we talked about. Of course we talked about Joe. Green and we talked about. The fact that there was a steeler uniroyal tire the steeler tire. Than? They did commercials for of course, Elsie Greenwood with his. Miller lite commercials! You had Jack Lambert Myron cope with Kennywood commercial. Of course, Franco had a bunch of commercials of Bradshaw, had bradshaw had one for Redmond Redman Tobacco which you remember, remember that. Yeah, he were. To pay in the in the commercial, I watched all these convert I watched all these commercials. Then there was another one with Bradshaw. And it was four. I. Forget the product, but it was aftershave. Maybe Aqua Velva, but it was like A. furred after Ele Capri Shave Gel that you put this gel on before you shaved. It was like it wasn't really a Gel. It was like it was like colonial slapped it on the shaved, so it wouldn't burn and. Bradshaw teaching his backup quarterback. Mike Kusak who was in commercial. About this. About this certain shaving product. paycheck ever had. Could have been any NFL yeah. So! There you go so. We we had a talk about. We definitely had a talk about my cruiser there to and bring them up Sean. Thanks for bringing that up. Sean Monahan brings up my crew sick so there you go some really interesting things Let's go to number three Tony. Or third backup quarterback here and. I've seen him. Come up in the live chat as favorites here and. He was pretty important especially for the two thousand two team, so bring up number three my friend. Tommy gone, Tommy Maddox I mean he he he may be saved the two thousand twenty season. He was toast of the town for a year. Which is which is what most backup quarterbacks that's usually what happens they? They come in and look at what's his name for the Jaguars last year he was he came in and set the world on fire for a little bit. That's backup quarterback. Normally do Gardner Minzhu Yeah. So here's the thing about Tommy Maddox. What a great career! For the fact that here's a number one pick. He supposed to be the guy that supplants. John elway and a lot of people don't realize this they. He was a quarterback that they would just. They would just rotate. Dan Reeves was rotating back and forth with another quarterback and. In place of it wasn't there yet. But it was in place of John Elway just back and forth like every other series in game. It was elway. Away it was a stout in. The quarterback that I'm thinking of was from the University of Virginia and I. I'm not professional enough to have had that down because i. what just popped into my head and I could remember them doing this during Games but. Was At more was gaining more from the University of Virginia, but we're looking nineteen ninety two, but he goes back and forth he just never made it in Denver though Matt extent. So He ended up with a couple other teams. Of course he's out of the. He's completely out of the League. He selling insurance in Texas. Then Vince McMahon calls. He? He's now with the LA. La Extreme maybe. I forget. What the name of the the XFL team I think it was? He Express I think. The Elliott Express Steve Young's team in the USA. That's right. I don't think with the extreme, but yeah. Okay wasn't the express all right. Okay, so that's we to figure that one, too. So I think it was sean more. The quarterback that I was looking for. Virginia and I'm thinking it's Elliot Extreme, but if anybody in the live chat wants to help us out with that We will mention you fund -ly so. Tommy Maddox, so he's out of the game. He Sewn Insurance. He comes back. He wins. They win the. La Wins the championship that year and he's the. He's the. xfl MVP. So now NFL comes a Colin. And I was shocked that the Pittsburgh. Steelers came Colin for him. He ends up on the steelers. He was there in two thousand one. Backing up, he was backing up. Actually he could have been the third quarterback. Was He the backup to Kordell in two thousand one. Yeah, he was number two and one and we never saw him. We saw him at the last game. This season against Detroit is when we saw him. We and we were talking about that. I was right. Read over and helps me out and says Elliott, stream in the first xfl. He so he doesn't really have to be much his first year. When thirteen and three with that team, they went to the the NFL. The AFC championship game, and they which I was there and I'll never forget. He blew it and I was at the game for years before where he blew it. Actually had super bowl tickets that year so I'm still upset about that. We actually got through in the lottery, and I have plane tickets to new, Orleans and everything so just didn't get a chance to go in, but Tony One of your thoughts of of him coming in that year, in two thousand and to take us through that. While, he came in in the second half of that. Third game against the Browns at Heinz field, they were oh into. Cordell wasn't having a good Go of those first two games he kind of. Picked up where he left off in the AFC championship game, and of course, the defense is having a bad time of it to. so come on. He came in and and say today. They won an overtime and and he kept. He was historic. CORDO. Started one more game early in that year, but it was basically Tommy. Maddox show the rest of the year. He got hurt towards the end of the year and Cordell came in, and and when a couple of important game actually people forget that he came in and in quietly when a couple of games there was basically telling me magic show the rest of the year, and they offense of Passing offensive like we hadn't seen since. Maybe the late seventies really they weren't. They were all about passing that year, so it was it was he was A. Definitely one year sensation, but. But it was, it was a fun ride. It was really a two thousand two funnier. Stuck around and he was a backup for a few more years. Team as well in the he, you had to backups. In those early two thousands in mid two thousands, the were both made this list and they were there at one point. He was number three to this other guy that I'm going to go ahead and mention But you're talking about that season. Start off one in three now. His first start was against new. Orleans new. Orleans was a very good team that year and they didn't make it through. That the barely lost that game, but after that he rallied them, they went to the playoffs. You talked about him. Getting hurt later in the season, and there was a November game against the Tennessee Titans and I thought he was dead. I, mean I really I was worried. I was just as worried as I was. When when ranch as ear went down because? He Got Tommy Matt got the lucky end of it, but he was caught off the field youth thought. We thought he was paralyzed. It, it was just A. In he was back in a few weeks, yeah. And then in I remember win. She went down and we went on right after that show was Monday night football December fourth of two thousand. Two thousand seventeen and we were, we felt lost. You and I, and we end the one thing we kept on. Talking about is like hopefully, this is. Situation Tommy May. and. It ended up not being that and. I? I gotTa tell you. This isn't a Ryan shazier conversation, but I'm so I'm so glad that his situation got better. Yeah! And that, but we were hoping that it. It was a Tommy Maddox It was the same thing that happened with time. And we. He wasn't that and we as fans? Weren't that fortunate as well but? They go on to play Tennessee again in the playoffs you know. Tommy Game US Tommy. Chris Molla. In Antwan, randle El gave us an amazing playoff game which I watched not too long ago. And And that game in the snow at at Heinz field against the browns was absolutely amazing. He just had a great season. They ended up playing Tennessee again the next week. and. That's a game that. They almost made it to the AFC championship game, but you had a guy. You had a guy I believe it was Joe Nedney if I'm not mistaken for the Tennessee titans that did the active acting job of a Lifetime Academy award, job and he was gloating about the job he did underway in Washington and he had a chance to kick again. And they lose that game and I'm still mad about that game, but that was one of the worst calls against the steelers especially their. Victory Ashra says Tommy. Gun was lights out against VIC in Atlanta. That was like November. Second or third of that year two thousand two, I was in the stands plexiglass. burruss broke the team record for receptions. Saving your the two fifty four, he threw. Do you remember the last play that game in overtime? I remember and I it it it I. Think it speaks to I was watching with my uncle, and it speaks to how your emotions can can can run things for you. He was clearly short, right? At the with the Hail Mary he was at least a yard, Short and alcohol screaming. Give it to give it to him. He's in. He's when he clearly wasn't yeah, but I remember that they rent. What thirty four seventeen in the fourth quarter and the defense kind of collapse a theme for that Defense that your? They couldn't get off the field on third down, but yeah, it was. It was an exciting game thirty eighteens. Teams Mike Vick converted with his legs. In Stop Them. What a game that was I watch that game. I to put that on my list. Go with a bill. Cower I keep saying. Training emphasize we didn't lose I'm just trying to let you know. We did not kept telling my guys. We did not lose to gain, but it sure it sure felt like loss. It was like the. Cleveland type from a couple of years ago. I just felt like a loss. Absolutely Big MARV s about Bruce Gronkowski if you guys remember, he played for the Oakland Raiders and he beat us when we. When we played them Yeah Bruce. I had a couple. Good Games here, not enough to make the list though. For the steelers, but I was a big fan of Bruce Gronkowski and listen to them on the radio now I think he works for pro football focus in. Very good! Yeah, he, he's very good. I listen to him when he's on the fan. Let's go to number two Tony. Number two. One of my favorite quarterback jobs of all time backup quarterback drops. Mike Mike Tomczak I, mean he? He came in and if you remember Jim Miller one when the the job and training camp at ninety six. After a new all Ghana left and He lasted a half. And, Cower panicked and say we can't have this we. We need a more stable veteran through either times again there. Any. He did a great job that you're taking them to the playoffs. He they He They won the wildcard game. Against the colty crushed the colts and then the next week it. They just weren't. They were playing in the fog. You could hardly see that game. And they played against the Patriots live off twenty eight to three I could still see Curtis Martin running down the sidelines in the fog and Something huge happened to me in my personal life that day. I was visiting my parents. I was living in West Virginia I, took my girlfriend at the time. I took her to see my parents and to me. My parents and she was staying there, and she was a Dallas Cowboys Fan who were gonNA play later on that day against the panthers in they ended up losing against the panthers, which I was glad because. Just to screw with me and my dad, when Curtis Martin ran that eighty yard? A scamper all the way in the fog in the end zone. She got up in sheared in squealed to round. Wow. I dumped her probably three weeks later, but I was saying that moment I didn't bumper on the spot. I started to drive home with her, but. I was not. Never. And I've told you the story about my my wife. Who cry during Jerome Medicines last game it was it was the first. We had only been dating a month. And I took her to. Drove Edison's last game against Detroit, that year in she cried when the fans were shouting one more year one more year and I looked over like this is the woman for me, so that's story the way your your significant other taunts you when you don't want back. But that that goes a long way so I knew she wasn't the right one for me, because she just the steelers, so that's a I. Don't know why we got all the way into that, but we're talking about memories here. steeler stop just I. Guess That's Nostalgia, but yeah. Mike Tomczak. We could talk about that season where he was, he ended up starting. But Thompson was so important that team for so many years. In the early nineties, and when they were when they were going to the Super Bowl and ninety five. When they went to the AFC championship game ninety four, he had come in spot. Start a few times, yeah! He played for game. He started the first game of the year against Detroit. That's at the famous play. You see him getting getting us on how he stayed in that game register got absolutely blindsided. As the starter in that game against the lions at three. Rivers Stadium that was that game and he started like you said several more that you're. You know with you. He did not. I can't remember his record as a starter, but I think it was pretty amazing. For the steelers I, that's something I could go ahead and look up, but he was the guy. He was definitely the the guy for a backup quarterback. He could very easily be number one on this list Tony. But he's not. I mean you could make an argument for Mike Tomczak. And we can look at records and we didn't pull up records because the I told you about this idea. Maybe right before the show that we were doing and we put together our top five, just like that But. Tom Zach as great as he was I think we gotta go. With number one and I don't think a lot of people are going to disagree. With our number one Tony. Take it away. It's at Steel Valley Zone Charlie batch a started off in Detroit, and he came here and he was. He was the he was the. I can't think of the word, but he was your. Typical backup quarterback ee was a veteran, and he was steadying presence when he came in. And Yeah Definitely Charlie batch number one overall. Maybe it's recently bias. Maybe it's a bias that he's from Pittsburgh. But yeah, I think Charlie. Patches on my list, the top quarterback or backup quarterback least in my lifetime. You, know what He. He was a starter for Detroit. And he really wasn't bad in Detroit. Wasn't bad at all. But he really when he came to Pittsburgh, he adopted being a backup quarterback as his role. And I'm the kind of guy that thinks you should have a backup quarterback in the proble I. Even now you're GonNa come crazy I think there should be a backup quarterback in the hall of fame. Druk but that's. The! That's probably going a little crazy, but. He, he was just money for the steelers and he was. Again and he had no ego about those those years after after Ben took over from Tommy, Mattox I mean I think we all agree. They were pretty tough for Maddox I. I don't think he really accepted the role. And and rightfully, so I mean he had had a career resurgence in two thousand two, and they struggled in two thousand three, so they went out, and they drafted a franchise quarterback, and he quickly came in and took a Maddux's place. Meaning, Ben. So you know but but bachelors there. He was a guy like if you The the AFC championship game against the Broncos and no five second year was constantly coming up to him, and giving them encouragement and giving them advice, and he saw that all throughout patches tenure here he was the one that Ben was talking to the sidelines more often than not as far as the backups. So you know when you look at least two guys that we have at the top. Your Charlie batch had a six and three record. As a steeler starting quarterback. And then you go ahead and look at Mike. Tomczak had fifteen and twelve record as a Pittsburgh steeler starting quarterback. They were both three games. Above five hundred. You've got to remember though that. I mean he was a starter. I'm talking about a Tomczak was a starter for very much that entire ninety ninety six year I'll be at one game, and so you gotta look at the fact that. If you take those games. Charlie batch had a better record. As a starting quarterback, excuse me as a backup quarterback, so I think that's something you've. You've got to look at their, but. I don't even remember Charlie. Batch in Detroit. I know he was there. I know he was there at the time. Somebody just John Trenches Charlie. Batch I'm sorry, explore your world. Just said batch had very little help in Detroit, but he still had Barry Sanders. Starting a rookie nineteen, ninety eight, he still had Barry Sanders there. He still had the I. believe still had Herman Moore there he. He had some players there. When he came to Pittsburgh. It just fit. He was home. Some guys don't WanNa come home. Terrell Pryor, said I I was glad. The steelers draft me now. He do anything to come in the steelers, and that's not a knock on them, but he didn't want distractions of being home. Early and Charlie batch just he is the ultimate steeler and he will go down as years go on Charlie. Batch is going to get greater. And is of steeler fans as backup quarterback, because now that he's on the post game show. He's a spokesman for the team. He's an ultimate steeler now and that that career in Detroit. It's almost like it didn't happen as the years keep on going. Yeah and he you know another thing that weighs heavily in his favorite, and we mentioned this earlier with with Terry Hanratty. Terry Hanratty Joe Gillerman. Games FOR THEM IN OH five. When you know when when they went to the Super One won the super bowl or I mean you know they barely made the playoffs that year he won games in? Green Bay. When a game in against the Browns on Sunday night football, you know I mean when you. When you have your quarterback go down like Bendon in the middle of the year I mean. If you're backup comes in falters if you saw last year, you know if you don't have if you're if you're backup. quarterbacks aren't aren't on point that could cost you. A gamer to and and he came in and and wants an important game I think that weighs heavily into you know, and then of course that game I'll never forget twenty twelve against the Ravens. They didn't make the playoffs that year, but He came in and and and and. When a very important game to keep them in the hunt at the end of the year, so yeah, I think we have to remember some of the Games. He did win where during Super Bowl during super bowl year. Oh my Gosh! He when he came in and on that game against the Ravens, they had no business winning that Game Tony yeah. They were no one thought they were going to win that game and he was just he was absolutely incredible. Right we gotta live chat. A got a super chat here from Sean Manahan. Two dollars. Thank you, Sean. We appreciate it. How do you guys forget the Coin Toss Game? Yeah he he was a starter there for Lions Yeah I. Forgot about that Oh. Gosh I mean Steph. Used to talk about the. One of his earliest, not earliest, but one of his main steeler memories from the holidays Thanksgiving was that coin. Toss game. I was an adult and I I was watching that game and I was like how missing this. How May I was happening? When they lost that game and I think that's one of those games. that. That's why they changed the role. That's not the exact reason. They changed a role but Jason. Hansen comes in. You knew Jason Hansen wasn't going to miss a field goal. He comes down kicks that field goal in they win. That game was at sixteen to Thirteen I. I. Don't remember the score, but when he did that, the steelers never had a chance because of. They messed up the coin. Toss. Right I mean the refs messed that up and then give him a chance, and that's why I like the role that. That! You'll at least if they score a field goal. You've got a chance to match it. This score a touchdown. You're done right because if score a touchdown. That's that's the ultimate goal. That's not I don't WanNa. Cop Out, but that's not just like missing a field goal. Exactly and That was. That was the fitting start to their. They had a basic A. Two year slide after that they are three your slot. I guess they lost eighteen hundred next twenty four games through the early portion of the two thousand season all started with that coin. Toss game that was kind of like the beginning of the end for that. Ninety s run that they had under cower. As Jerry Cherry says seventy seven to three seven nine, and that's what happened in that season. You know in you. You can go back to Iowa. Just. Completely pivotal and they ended up. Know the next season. Nine was. That wasn't a very good season. An all and that's one of the reasons. They were picking eighth in two thousand when they picked it up plex ago and the next year. They almost they would have made the playoffs. But. Bubby came back to haunt them as a Minnesota Viking because I believe that. I believe the Minnesota Vikings. They rested their quarterback against Is it against the colts and bubby came in, and they didn't win that game. and. They didn't win that game in all Pittsburgh needed, was for Minnesota to beat the colts, and they were going to the playoffs right, and it didn't happen, and so I've There's when you're talking about another backup quarterback. Bubby wasn't on our list because to me was more of a starter as well, but this it all comes back to the backup quarterback sometimes breaking your hearts. I think we. We learned that lesson last year. If you don't take care of your own business. You might have somebody like Bubby brister that you have to. Hope can take care of business for you and he didn't do it, but he's still one of my favorites number six. Well. We Have A. We getting ready to wrap up then snowman chimes in with how about the steelers top five of backups for a show name? The top five of backups. Why didn't you met maybe for? The name of this show that mentioned. I'm. Not, not sure still gives us five dollars for that and we thank him. But. I'm reading. No Dave ship leasing bubby brister is mom in the stay in slut. I guess she was really animated in the stands. and. They hit her a lot and eighty nine playoff run. So. Map. WHO Nap 1963 was telling me a story about how? I believe it's his cousin or uncle who I met at the game when we were down there last year how He. He knows Mayor Hajra well in one night he was. He was at home and Or was it was his uncle. I'm I'm not sure the got the call. Someone told me the story that all of a sudden on the phone like two in the morning. At his house, 'cause Merrill got him to call I. Don't think it was nap. I think it was naps. naps relative. That was Tony Story come to think of it, but. He said and this was just not too long ago and bobby was just one of those. One of those great personalities. That's the guy we have on the show you need to talk to bobby. Bobby Wood Bat I talked to Bubby for about five hours probably but I. I would do the Chris Farley Remember when. Stories that he would, he would he would have. Because I grew up with bubby bubby came around when I was in high school and through college, and he was just one of my faves. Any gave he gave us. The one thousand, nine, hundred nine season, as well in by was just a tremendous season. There's some. Backup quarterbacks. We've been talking about Tony That, you can talk about as backup quarterbacks. Somebody brought up cliffs doubt. Doubt was Asala backup, and then he started in. Nineteen eighty-three before going onto the Birmingham stallions of the USFL We could also talk about David. Woodley Mark Malone. Of Jim Miller was brought up in the live chat. As well. There's other guys Brian saint-pierre Rick Strom. You could. You could bring up there some names that you could bring up. That You might even say who for back half the back right right? Remember the backup quarterback, awesome stuff, nineteen, ninety-three Saint, len, Dawson and Johnny United. Team every made the steelers team, so that wouldn't be a good one. Donny than make the employee. Was that that mess? Martin there you go, T. What's what's t? Why is t Martin? As far as a steeler backup quarterback, not something he did on the field, but something. That he's associated with. He was one of the many quarterback that were drafted ahead of Tom Brady right right before Tom Brady. Him In the fifth round now I'm not talk I'm not talking right before, but in the fifth round the Patriots took him in the sixth round and. And? I believe the Patriots were picking high that year, too. So I'm not sure where. They might have been pretty close in. He went. He went when right beforehand so. There you go, so this was a fun lively show stealer Nostalgia I. Hope Everybody had fun with it. If you WANNA, come up with a name for this show. You could throw it in the live chat, but since we're wrapping up, you could send it to MIGHT WITTER BTC bad. If you to go ahead and do that, do you? What's your twitter account or do you throw it out there I? Know Yeah, definitely Oh man. How can the name but it's been my name for over a decade now. Deaf Yeoman Ooh I like Rhino tools. The Retro Show let's. I like it. I! Like that we the rhetoric show could be a good one. Jerry Jerry balances smashed the like button. Check the show out a really appreciated this This is not going to be a every week. Thing might be in every other week thing. It might be a special thing. May maybe it just sticks? But we talk about the twenty steelers all the time, and that's what we need to do. We need to talk about the current the current steelers, but every once in a while. It's fun to go back into the. Machine and talk about the great years that continue to make us a fan shape of shape us as a fan and that's that's a lot to talk about Robert Sassa fits. About the hangover. There, you go well. I know what I think we might try that. We might wait till the fall. We might try the hangover I hope we have. Some hangover shows this fall. That'd be that'd be great. we don't have. We do not have a catchy sign off for this one, so you know what? That's. Let's go with little. Doc, Brown and Marty MC fly and. We gotta get you back to the future. Tony Duffy so. It said for Tony. I'm bad. We love hanging out with you guys. Thanks so much, and we'll talk to y'all soon. Great share everybody.

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