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Each of our lives is a story as therapists. Our job is to show you the perhaps your story isn't exactly what you thought. It was I have never thought of it that way and honestly in the first time in two years I feel bad for her because I felt that way the whole time. I. It has just been difficult as thank you for. Allowing me to feel feel bad for her. Hey, everyone I'm Lori Gottlieb I'm a psychotherapist and write the deer therapist advice column for the Atlantic I'm also the author of maybe you should talk to someone and I'm guy which I'm a psychologist and I write the Deer Guy Advice Column for Ted. I also wrote emotional first aid. And we are the hosts of a new podcast from iheartradio. Dear therapists. We both get tons of letters each week for our columns, but we wanted to have real time conversations with the people who write to us and not only guide them. But also share with you our listeners the behind the scenes of what we're thinking when someone says, can you help me with this? So that's an interesting letter. Right this is please tell me I'm not a scumbag letter. Yeah. To me it's I need to get out of jail to. Think that for two years and his daughter six year old She hates me one minute and love me. Later or was raised. In a generation where men didn't show emotions, I am not good at words. But. going through it has helped me grow in that sense, but we wanted to go even deeper than that. So there's a twist in our collins. Our readers don't get to hear how the advice worked out, but in our but caused, we decided to bring people back. So they can fill us in on how everything went what worked what didn't We can all learn from it and I'm glad in a way it did happen this way because I meant more about myself when I won't stand for in relationship I don't WanNa, lose sight of the negative feelings that I cost her I. Just hope that at some point you can forgive me we're so excited to bring you these intimate thought provoking relatable conversations. So we'll begin. July thirtieth with our I. Wait what we call our guest guy. Male patients or clients, but it's more intimate than guests. So you know what? The psychiatrist. Like to refer to the people he worked with as fellow travelers because we're all fellow travelers on this journey called life I've always loved that idea I, love it to. Be One of our travelers if you'd like to talk to us about the problem big or small, send us an email at Lori and guy at iheartmedia dot com. That's L. O.. R. I A. N. D. Gene wine at IHEARTMEDIA DOT COM, and subscribe to tear therapists on Apple podcast the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts starting July thirtieth. Wait to travel with you.

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