Ep. 828 - Sharptons Democrats


President trump attacks Al Sharpton so Democrats rushed to his defense. The media continue to push the trump is racist narrative and we preview the democratic debates tonight. This is the Ben Shapiro show sorry for the late start guys but as it turns out when you're on an internet company one of the things that you need needed Internet we did not have that finally we have achieved connection and now we begin okay so the big story of today is the continuing fight between president trump and pretty much everybody. I think it's fair to say at this point. President trump was at war with Elijah Cummings. You'll recall that over the weekend. The president went after the city of Baltimore. He said that it was rat infested. He said that it was terrible. Place to live all of that is kind of true and everybody went nuts. This was obviously racist. How could the president ribbons we legit Cummings Cummings? How could the President Ribbon to Baltimore and then people were like Oh yeah it's Baltimore and that city is not well run and the riots they're like four years ago and it has some of the highest crime rates in America and it has tremendous pockets of poverty and people living in absolute penury and rundown conditions people who are trying to displace in their home water to fire hydrants? Just the day can live in these derelict houses so kind of trump's not wrong as an enemy music no no he no tenure that Racist Racist is to criticize Baltimore Racist to point out the Baltimore is not a great place to live and doesn't matter that trump has said before that New Hampshire was drug infested then if he used the word infestation that means he was referring to black and Brown people when he said that no people wanna live there he didn't mean that people are actively moving out and that as of the last Census Baltimore had lost population nation as it has been doing for decades know what he meant was that everyone who lives there is not a human being in the media painted this ridiculous narrative okay so then the president decided to open up his guns on on another front. He decided to go after Al Sharpton so today the President tweeted ever yesterday. He tweeted out quote. I've known for twenty five years is all because Al Sharpton decided to go to Baltimore Baltimore because this is what Al Sharpton does Al Sharpton is basically a we the people concert at halftime of the Super Bowl in nineteen eighty-seven basically just parachutes right into the center of a controversy entre mercy and then he stands there and goes give me money that is L. sharpens routine. He's done it for years. It's Donald Trump tweeted out. I've known L. for twenty. Five years went to fight with him. In Don. King King always got along well. He loved trump he would ask me for favors often. AL is a conman a troublemaker always looking for a scar something talk about the fact that president trump does not see the contradiction between the first half of his statement and the other half take we are best friends uh so he's a piece of crap and always has has been and continues just doing his thing must've intimidated comcast N._B._C. hates whites and cops now. It is fair to say et. Al Sharpton is a conman a troublemaker always looking for a score that is exactly what Al Sharpton is. Al Sharpton is the worst Al Sharpton is a pile of race baiting garbage he has been since he jumped onto the national scene. How bad is Al Sharpton Robert F Kennedy Jr. who has no right winger once wrote in his diary quote Al Sharpton has done more damage to the black 'cause than George Wallace his suffocated the decent black leaders in New York his transparent venal blackmail and extortion schemes taint all black black leadership R._F._K.? Junior trapped in a buffoon who gave them the creeps and then because Sharpton was given all sorts of media attention then R._F._k.. Junior backed down when the diary became public public then he called him an extraordinary national leader over the past decade which is the way that all of this works always is always works where where you criticize people oh correctly and then the media go crazy and then back down well. Trump is not one for backing down on all this the reason that Sharpton ended up with a primetime spot on M._S._N._B._C.. If you you go back is that in two thousand eleven M._S._N._B._C. President Phil Griffin decided to hire Sharpton after Sharpton got into a spat with young Turks host Chink Eiger who used to have a show on M._S._n._B._C. M._S._N._B._C. and eiger accused Griffin of Kowtowing to the White House Ray and then Griffin touted Sharpton said I've known Reverend Sharpton for over a decade. I have tremendous respect for him. He's always been one of our most thoughtful and entertaining guests and thrilled. He's now reached a point in his career where he's able to devote himself to hosting a nightly show. His show has never gotten anything close to good ratings ratings in a second. I WanNa talk about exactly how Al Sharpton was revitalized in the American public because he was basically out of the American public I for a couple of decades there because everybody knew what con Manny was and then he was restored to a point of gory by none other than Barack Obama. We'll get to that in just saying but first president trump he tweeted out if the Democrats are going to defend the radical Michael Left Squad and Kenya Lives Baltimore Fail it will be a long road to twenty twenty. I'm not sure where he's getting the King Elijah stuff. I guess that's his new nickname for illogic by the way it's pretty well respected acting on both sides of the aisle as somebody who at least treats Republicans with some modicum of decency trump tweeted if the Democrats are going to defend the radical of squatting he lodges Baltimore Fail It will be a long long road two thousand twenty the good news for Dem's that they have the fake news media in their pocket. Okay fact check true on everything except for the King Elijah thing everything else true president trump has gift his gift that no matter what he does Democrats will oppose it as I said yesterday on the show. I have a three year old. My three year old refuses to eat the way that I get him to eat is by saying to him. Do not eat that. Donald trump basically does that by just saying that he doesn't like something he'll be like cancer. It's the worst I hate. Cancer been fighting against Canton Malet L._A.. Democrats would be like cancer. How could you fight against cancer? Why would you fight against cancer cancer's? The best pancreatic stage four cancer is the greatest whatever trump trump attacks Democrats decided to defend now. They're defending now. They're defending Al Sharpton. The New York Times headlines All of this this way trump widens war on black critics well embracing acing quote inner city pastors so obviously this is racial thing. It's not just the trump doesn't like Al Sharpton and doesn't like you Elijah Cummings and this morning by the way attacked Mika Brzezinski and Joe Joe Scarborough went after them brutally has just reminded my staff that morning Joe and psycho this is his nickname for Mika Brzezinski which is just delightful that the president of the United States just 'cause people people psycho just reminded my staff that morning Joe and psycho where with me and my room at their request night I wonder Hampshire likewise followed me to other states. Don't don't watch oh but heard me Kosei. I asked to preside over the marriage not true. Does anyone really believe that they were married by Elijah King of Baltimore Okay but last I checked Mika Brzezinski Pretty White Joe Scarborough Pretty White so I'm pretty sure that is not in fact a racial attack. Nonetheless The New York Times Times says it's all about race Peter Baker Maggie Haberman reporting president from widened his war on critics of color on Monday with new attacks on Reverend Al Sharpton now. Why is it that it's always critics of color? Why does it have critics? He Attack Nancy Pelosi. Yesterday he attacked Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski or both white today but apparently trump only attacked black people. I mean you'll you'll have to forgive every other Republican candidate in two thousand sixteen for thinking differently. I'm old enough to remember when Donald Trump was attacking you know every single person he didn't like because I'm older than one minute ago but according to the New York Times it's all about the color look that objective news coverage right there from the New York Times just spectacular objective news coverage from the New York Times get some more of that spectacular objective Journalism Ing New York Times Journalism Ever getting their journalism everywhere. We'll get to that in one second second. I it is very difficult to find sunglasses that are quality and it lasts while and then break right off and that don't cost you a fortune and one of the big problems the sunglasses that you'll buy a pair that's really expensive and then either it does break pretty easily or you lose it and you just spent a fortune on sunglasses that are gone well. 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Nobody's GonNa believe you anymore but according to the New York Times in a third straight day of broadsides odd sides against black figures MR trump denounce Mr Sharpton on twitter as a con man who hates whites and cops and again a sales representative Elijah Cummings in his baltimore-based district drawing rebukes from Maryland Republicans Republicans as well as Democrats Mr Trump's determination to intensify the fuhrer rather than move on guaranteed it would continue to dominate the political debate in Washington and force many of the president's fellow Republicans Publican's to choose whether to stand by him break with him or in the case of most find a way to keep out of the discussion the president linked to clash with Mister Cummings to his earlier demand that four democratic congresswoman of color go back to their home countries and cast it in electoral terms well. No that's not what he did. He did not hearken back to the go back to the home country's tweet he you just said if the Democrats are going to defend the squad and Baltimore. It's going to be a long road to twenty twenty. That part is true now. What trump is neglecting to mention is that while a lot of members of his base are sort of cheering during this sort of thing on he does have to win some suburban women that would be a useful thing and you know what suburban women find off putting the president lashing out in every direction like a caged Hyena I I it's not a good book for the President of the United States so well? What he says about Baltimore is true and what he says about Al Sharpton is one hundred percent every sort of way true? Is it a good politics. Is it smart politics. I don't think so particularly now I guess the what trump is going for here is that it's year and a half out from the election and hopefully by the time I'm the election things will have died down but the quotes will remain forever because all the Democrats came out to defend L. Sharpton all of them universally see you had Kamala Harris defending Al Sharpton and she tweeted out the Reverend Al has spent his life fighting for what's right and working to improve our nation even in the face of hate. It's shameful yet unsurprising that trump would continue to attack those who have done so much for our country. Al Sharpton has done zero things for our country his done an incredible number of horrible things for our country. Al Sharpton is a blot on our republic public in terms of politics. He is just the worst give this is a man who's involved in inciting a program not once but twice once in Freddie's fashion mart and once in Crown Heights will go through all of it. This is a man who has injected himself into every race debate in the United States for the past several decades never to the positive this is a man who who created one of the worst rape hoaxes hoaxes in modern American history and slandered a prosecutor as a rapist for no reason other than his own self aggrandizement a man who earned his living by shaking walking down company after company on the basis of false accusations of racism and yet every Democrat is out of the woodwork defending this guy so I guess if the strategy here is that we'll get to use these quotes next year in the election and maybe it's a strategy or it could just be that trump is a creature of instinct and he says whatever he feels is on his mind at the time because here's the problem if this were all strategy edgy than you would imagine that a year from now as the election approaches trump would quiet down you really think trump is going to stop this stuff before the election or do you think that he's just going to continue to ratchet it up and alienate a lot of suburban women as I've been saying for this entire election cycle if trump's shuts up if we duct tape him if president trump duct tapes himself and goes down into the basement of the White House and watch a shark shark week stormy Daniels pornography until the election the dude will be president forever. If he continues to talk you will remind people that he exists and that's a problem because what twenty sixteen shows is is that if it's a referendum on Democrats Democrats lose what twenty twenty one twenty eighteen showed is if it's a referendum on trump and Republicans Republicans lose so trump's job now is to make this a referendum on Democrats which requires to Democrats to be crazy check and donald trump to not be the center of attention giant Fail Anyway the Democrats come out out in full force for Al Sharpton Elizabeth Warren tweets out the Reverend Al has dedicated his life to the fight for justice for all this is so sickening. It's so sickening. Al Sharpton is an unrepentant anti-semites. Al Sharpton is racist a real racist guy have proof of this Al Sharpton is one of the worst public actors of our lifetime most host black folks in America. Do not see Al Sharpton is a true racial leader. They may see a tax on Sharpton as racially motivated because the media have taught everybody in the country black white and green that any attack on somebody who is quote unquote a black leader even if that black leader's a bad person like Al Sharpton must be racially based campy based on the fact that Al Sharpton is garbage human nonetheless. I don't think most black people in America when they look for leadership look to Al Sharpton his a media appointed and self appointed arbiter of race in the United States and here are all the the Democrats coming out to tout him specifically. We know why this is happening. Right is happening for two reasons one to attack trump too because Elizabeth Warren thinks she's going to carve into the black vote The Al Sharpton and calling out these ongoing attacks on people of Color as Elizabeth Warren and then Joe Biden got into the act so Joe Biden should know better but of course he doesn't because Joe Biden for all the talk about Joe Biden being moderate not really all that moderate he's moderate when you look at the other Democrats which is like saying that Trotsky was moderate compared to win. Joe Biden says the Reverend Al is a champion in the fight for civil rights. The fact that president trump continues to use the power of the presidency to unleash racist attacks on the people he serves his despicable. This hate has no place in our country. It's beneath the dignity of the office kind of ironic for all these Democrats to be talking about the evils of hate well touting Al Sharpton while Sharpton himself responded he went onto and sharpening could not be happier happier about this right. I mean this is sharpens thing. What Sharpton is looking for is the spotlight trump just gave it to him? Basically we all now live in New York City Circa Nineteen ninety-one. It's donning outing from Queens versus Al Sharpton that is what our politics has become one second. WE'RE GONNA get to Al Sharpton response to President Trump and then I want to go through sharpens record. Just you know who the Democrats Democrats are. Defending today I these days a lot of workplaces offer employees. Some pretty nice perks so for example we only chain up our employees six hours a day. 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We've got to change our target where we start challenging the Republicans particularly those up for Centigrade. Is this year that you're going to stand up and really deal with the head of Your Party Donald Trump or oh you are the one that's going to suffer the consequences and make him to his own base inconsistent but use that to go after the senators and the Republican leadership that have line giant. He's while he's peddling racism and dividing this country we leading here everything is that Al Sharpton keeps tweeting pictures of himself with trump and from keep saying best friends with Sharpton and we hate each other. It's hilarious. It's hilarious because they did. They walked in the same circles in New York City. Al Sharpton tweeted out he put out on instagram. Actually a photo of himself said this is a two thousand six photo of Donald Trump at the national action network convention in New York in the photo. He's telling the Godfather of Soul James Brown and Reverend Jesse Jackson Jackson why despite the fact that marched on him throughout the years respecting my work now. I'm a comment and troublemaker. That's why he came to my events. You'RE RIGHT MR president. I'M GONNA keep making good trouble against racism and people like you normalize it but you're gonNA photo with him. You had them at your event. So on one hand you have trump going out sharpens. The worst also used to hang out together all the time and on on the other hand. You have Al Sharpton going. Donald trump is a racist and brutal and also we used to hang out together all the time what in the world also I will note here that Joe Scarborough sponsored a resolution condemning Al Sharpton back in the nineteen nineties for exactly the race Baiter and conman. He has now Joe Scarborough. Tout's that their friends what what has changed about Al Sharpton the answers absolutely nothing absolutely nothing has changed that Al Sharpton nonetheless you have Sharpton on the rampaging. What trump is doing here would make George Wallace blush really really? We've heard the George Wallace comparison a lot with regard to president trump. I don't like a lot of president trump's racial language. I've condemned it when he says something that I think is bad but George Wallace I maybe should spare the comparisons of president to George Wallace for the people who stand in school school door houses right that that school house doors the doorways blocking it segregation now segregation today segregation forever. Maybe should save the comparisons to people who are like forcibly in favor of state sponsored segregation Asian not for a dude who mouth off those talk radio caller navy that but al Sharpton says no no he's just like George Wallace a consistent pattern and a deliberate Britt political strategy that would make George Wallace blush. Would this president's doing. I remember as a kid I just become director of Operation Breadbasket New New York. George Wallace ran in sixty eight. George Wallace didn't do some of the thing that that in the campaign George Wallace was a terrible gosh stood in the door to university I Alabama but in the campaign he tried to dress it up more than what we're seeing this president well you know Kevin Known really not actually George Wallace again segregation Asian yesterday segregation today segregation forever no and as far as people who are racially divisive. I'm sorry Donald Trump does not come close to Al Sharpton. He does not now. Let's go throughout sharpens record since he he's apparently a person of justice and wonder according to M._S._N._B._C. and N._B._C. News apparently he is a person who has fought for justice for all according to Elizabeth Worn. He's a person who's a a good friend of Joe. Biden and Comma Harris Gate Al Sharpton is one of the most despicable people in American public life and has been for years. I used to run an organization called truth revolt. It was specifically specifically designed as a counter to media matters. Media matters is a horrible left-wing organization and all they do is they spend their days listening to conservative shows and then trying to drive boycotts against advertisers unconservative shows even those advertisers don't endorse the message they just want access to the audience and the advertisers advertise on a range of products. That's what media matters does so we decided added that we were going to launch a counter to media matters called truth revolt and we were going to go after advertisers on left and teach the left that this tactic amused on both sides because mutually assured our destruction. We said openly. We don't strategy but we'll do it. If you guys keep doing this routine. The first person We targeted was Al Sharpton why because Al Sharpton is the worst and it is inexcusable inexcusable inexcusable that M._S._N._B._C. found it necessary to put him on the air now they can do it. There are private company and my general perspective is if you actually don't like Al Sharpton. Don't watch your show and I'm not really going after advertisers other than to prove to left that this thing can be done on either side. I said so at the time with that said Al Sharpton is the worst he's the worst is so according to Stuart Stevens over at the daily beast this is circa two thousand seventeen. He goes through what Al Sharpton has done quote. The TAWANA Brawley case as the captivated New York in the late eighties is shocking reminder of the toxic mix racial exploitation and personal ambition can produce the New York Times and Retro report have just released a new fifteen minutes documentary on the despicable host hoax which should be required viewing for N._B._C.. News executives are heavily invested in rehabbing a key culprit of this loathesome episode. The Reverend Al Sharpton Upton Bradley was fifteen years old in nineteen eighty-seven when she was found in her hometown of wapner falls New York with K._K._k.. And The N. word written on her stomach her jeans burnt in the crock feces in her hair and her tennis shoes sliced open. She said she'd been abducted and raped by group of Whiteman. A trio of increasingly prominent and radical New York City black activists represented her and her family early attorneys Alton Maddox and seaver Mason and Reverend Al Sharpton Bradley told them a cop had been one of her attackers Sharpton named that officer is Harry Chris Junior a police officer from a nearby town on who committed suicide shortly after Bali was found Sharpton also named a local prosecutor Stephen Pagonis as one of the attackers offering no proof no none Brawley and her at her advisers refuse to cooperate in any way with the prosecution and it's team sharpen says that was the decision of the warriors when asked why Bradley's team would not meet with New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams Sharpton said it would be like asking someone who watched someone killed in the gas chamber to sit down with Mr Hitler Sharpton later accused Ryan. Who's the veteran prosecutor Jack Brian of kicking a blind man in a scuffle with demonstrators Ryan was nowhere near the scene? After a six month investigation a grand jury found the entire episode of been a hoax Bradley had defaced herself itself to avoid the wrath of her stepfather after staying out late to visit a boyfriend sharpton was found guilty of defamation in a lawsuit brought by prosecutor Stephen Pagonis Kate. Hey let me let me give you a clip of just to Al Sharpton was at the time this is from Morton Downey junior show and this is Morton Downey junior on Morton downey junior show. This is Al Sharpton screaming at a member of the audience that that person is a punk effort and the F. Word is a is a slur for gay people. It is in closer again. Get One thousand nine hundred seventy two two so I mean that was Al Sharpton and not much has changed about Al Sharpton except that he's gotten a little bit more subtle. He said of Assistant District Attorney Pagodas what we stated openly even pagodas did it if we're lying to us so we can go into court with you improve you did sue Sousse right now and and then Pagonis soon new lost it was just the beginning I'll sharpton also had an active role in the crown heights riots of nine hundred ninety one on August one thousand nine hundred ninety one at tragic accident left seven-year-old Gavin Cato dead this according to truth revolt searching for an Alad many in the community blazed the place the blame for the death of Young African American Child on the Jewish driver of the car and the Jewish emergency responders who failed to revive the child some discontented members of the neighborhood proceeded to exploit the situation bank urging violence culminating in deadly riots leads the death of Jewish community member Yankel Rosenbaum who's repeatedly stabbed in the back and beaten by a group of young black men shouting kill the Jew before as the riots continued Sharpton yelled quote if the Jews want to get it on tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come on over to my house a few days after the death of Rosenbaum at a eulogy of K. at Kato's funeral these rights continued for the rolling riots he said quote all we want is to say what Jesus said. If you offend one of these little ones you gotta pay for it. No compromise no meetings no coffee klatch no skin and Ingram one banner at the Rally Red Quote Hitler did not do the job this is. This is who Al Sharpton is this is who Al Sharpton was and didn't stop there Al Sharpton at Freddie's Fashion Mart railed against quote unquote white interlopers what happened there there. There was a a chain a little strip mall that was owned by a black church. The Black Church rented it out to a Jewish guy. The Jewish guy sublet it to a to a store and then raise the rent after the church raise the rents on him Al Sharpton descended on this on this store Freddie Fashion Mart and and he declared that white interlopers were trying to take over the property even though the property was actually owned by a black church and all of that ended with a crazy person trying to burn down the place in killing several people bowl he that he's just he's garbage okay. He's been garbage his entire his entire career his not once actually made America a better place not once that's who Al Sharpton is that while Sharpton was and what's amazing is how Sharpton was brought back back into the fold so for long time. Al Sharpton was out of the public eye. This is why I say when people say the president trump has racially polarized the country president trump has not calmed racial tensions in the country that is for sure his commentary is not helpful but if you WANNA talk about rising racial polarization in America Barack Obama was responsible for a lot of it he absolutely Louis was Barack Obama came into office on a wave of enthusiasm for the idea that he and his very personage was going to help bridge gaps between black and white that he was going to help he was going to help conciliate the conflict over race that his rift our country for hundreds of years. I mean that was his promise right. We're not black white. Were the United States we're not red states blue states that was his routine and then he came into office and one of the first things that he did presumably in order to buy a certain level of legitimacy with certain activists is brought into the fold people like Al Sharpton. This is from the Wall Street Journal Circa Two thousand ten quote Obama's new partner Al Sharpton Peter Walston writing with his wavy font and medallion necklaces the Reverend Al Sharpton Famously Confronted government officials on behalf of black Americans now he has found a new rule telling black leaders was to quiet their criticisms and give the government a chance President Barack Obama has turned to sharpton recent weeks to answer increasingly public criticism in the black community over his economic policy. Some black leaders are charging that the nation's first African American President has failed to help black communities hit hard by the downturn leaving party strategists worried that Black Democrats will become dispirited and and skip November's congressional elections Sharpton has emerged as an important part of the White House response on his national radio program his directly rebutting the president's critics arguing. Mr Obama is right to craft policies aimed at lifting all Americans rather than specifically targeting blacks when recent on air fight with cavs Smiley a prominent talk show host and Obama critic who so heated did it is created a small sensation among black leaders Sharpton told Smiley quote the president is not need to get out there and do a we should be doing. He argued that expecting Obama to become quote a black exponent of black views. I was just stupid because it would create fodder for conservatives looking to defeat legislation that could ultimately help blacks Sharpton said it was a double standard for Tavist Miley and other critics next to expect more from a black president than they would demand of a democratic white president. The Wall Street Journal reported at the time twenty Her given his racially polarizing history and efforts by Mr Obama's two thousand eight campaign team to steer clear of the civil rights leader but Sharpton could help ensure the blacks remain energized energized for November's election an important task in a year that finds the democratic base to be less enthusiastic about voting than are Republicans Sharpton had been to the White House five times since since Obama took office sharpens radio program has become a friendly place for administration officials to address black leaders Obama wooed sharpton he made Sharpton prominence again and then Sharpton Upton was given a show on M._S._N._B._C. and that was Obama picking out racially polarizing not just racially polarizing a race baiting garbage human someone like Al Sharpton and revitalizing his career and making him an important person again a person that Buddha judge has to visit in order to get the blessing of the woke pope over here right he has to he has to go get the blessing of guy who does not represent the black community Al Sharpton Does Not Represent The black community Jesse Jackson does not represent the black community in fact. I think it's fair to say no one represents the black community because when it comes to the black community everyone there's an individual just like nobody represents the quote unquote white community or the Hispanic community when people say that Al Sharpton Sharpton is a black leader. All I can say is show me the size of his his support base. I I'm not seeing it it but it was Obama who decided to bring bring Sharpton back into the fold and make him a thing again. Randall Kennedy Professor at Harvard. Law School was black. I know Professor Kennedy. I took one of his classes. When I was at Harvard Law School Oh and he and I disagree about nearly everything but he's a reasonable human being he wrote a piece in September? Two Thousand Eleven for the New Republic called the Sharpton Renaissance how the Reverend's reputation got refurbished rubbished quote. There's a time not long ago. When the dominant arbiters of public opinion relegated Al Sharpton the outskirts of serious respectable discussion sure he was a fixture on the Ebony magazine list of the top one hundred black Americans sure journalists called him when they need a provocative quip sure Democratic Party politicians courted him but the rebels unmistakably relegated to the Black Ghetto of celebrity journal celebrity activism? No one thought to ask his opinion regarding issues other than those perceived as directly pertinent to aggrieved blacks the difference accorded by establishment bigwigs stem spend more from fear of his ability to cause them trouble than respect for his skill and envisioning positive initiatives among wait opinion leaders who was widely seen as the very embodiment of a race hustler a living version of Reverend in Bacon. The demagogue that Tom Wolfe concocted and his novel bonfire of the vanities there was alas a basis for this negative impression but now says Randall Kennedy Sharpton has risen above the confines of a strictly racial niche and emerged as a person of far-flung and real influence his prominence in the American mainstream from his appearances on the Sunday morning news network programs to a favourable profile on sixty minutes a laudatory coverage in Newsweek and now zone Primetime Sean M._S._N._B._C. is partly by did ambition persistence skill and an appearance immunity to embarrassment but it is also due in no small parts to sponsorship of President Obama and this is what happened here. Obama was alienating Jesse Jackson and he needed Al Sharpton Sharpton to close that gap. That's one of the things that happened in two thousand eight Jackson didn't like Obama Obama went to sharpen since Obama's victory says Randall Kennedy Two thousand eleven sharpton has not only been an unequivocal cheerleader. He's been a vocal critic of blacks on the left who complain about Obama's priorities appointments and methods Sharpton his acidly and repeatedly rebuked example cornel west one of the president's most esteemed African American detractors in that way Sharpton performs the valuable service to Obama validating his ratio Bona Fides when West Smiley maxine waters among others draw into question Obama's commitment to black folk sharpton is on hand to refute them. The president has rewarded Sharpton handsomely for his services when seeking to display attentiveness to black concerns he includes Sharpton among the leaders he purportedly consults his invited Sharpton to the White House for numerous events including putting his birthday bash. The president's Patriots has has played a key role in the renaissance of sharpens public image so as we say when it comes to racial polarization nation in the United States the media didn't take any notice of this Randall Kennedy did the Wall Street Journal did at the time but it was Obama who restored one of the great race baiting Griffin's in American history to to a point of central contention and now apparently it is a point of hot controversy to criticize Al Sharpton and point out exactly what Al Sharpton is if Democrats want this. This is what Democrats bought you WANNA know why racial polarization has been growing in this country it didn't start with trump and and ain't gonNA end with trump so long as the media continue to rehabilitate pieces of crap like Al Sharpton Get. We'll get to more of this in just one second Democrats defending anything trump opposes first. Let's talk about how you can actually get food more easily so right now. 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Make sure that we can continue to bring you. The truth is by subscribing and becoming part of the team when you spend ninety nine bucks a year you get the annual subscription with which comes complete with this the very greatest in all beverage vessels look at that the leftist years hot or cold tumbler magnificent. Go check it out right now. I promise you will enjoy Royat. We're the largest fastest growing conservative podcast radio show in the nation <unk> his as I say say the Democrats will defend anything so long as president trump attacks it and that is why the Democrats have come to to see Rashida to leave and the rest of the squad has their allies is even though <unk> is blatantly anti Semitic even though retreated to leave is terrible congressperson. She has a piece in the Washington Post today. Caldwell trumps hate I continued. Can you do my job. Her job apparently involves helping sponsor resolutions in favor of boycotting the state of Israel that resolution by the way if it were carried into effect it has no legal effect if it were carried into effect would actually be illegal under federal law because federal contractors are not allowed to discriminate E._d._S. is discrimination therefore if she were to legalize discrimination it would be invalid anyway. She has a piece in the Washington Post today. Talking about what a victim she is because trump has attacked her. It's so terrible but she she is standing up for the Truth and Democrats of course are rallying around the squad. They're rallying around anything that president trump opposes president trump could come out against cancer. They would rally allie around it. He could come out against diabetes and there'd be like you know what what's abolish insulin. It's time in diabetes has to have its day according to Rashid it to leave. He said the values I hold. You're not in line with those of my home state of Michigan. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are grounded in the values of equity justice respect for each other. I was elected to represent the city city of Detroit and Wayne County. It's remarkable time in our country's history when the president is hindering our desire for universal healthcare lower prescription drug prices equity in education and stopping the for a profit schemes that her children and communities such as mine with every hate fuel tweet he gets us off track as we try to hold him and his reckless administration accountable Yada Yada Yada Yada and of course I the Democrats continue to rally around now Sharpton and retreated to leave and I guess the greatness of how Baltimore has been run. That's been pretty fantastic so instead of actually instead of actually tackling what trump is saying about Baltimore for example or explaining the president trump doesn't have any solutions for Baltimore. He's just now the off which is actually what happened there or that. The squad are too radical which Nancy Pelosi is trying to say two weeks ago instead the media have decided to rally around the trump is a racist narrative because they're they're really familiar with. It is like an old standby and there's certain quarterbacks you know they're going to call a run on a particular play 'cause they're uncomfortable with the thro well that is the Democrats at this point and that is the media media. They're uncomfortable with throwing the ball down the field risking it all on policy or on a rational conversation instead they're just GonNa go with the run which made him a couple of yards and a pile of dust and the run is racism so C._N._N.'s Don Lemon. Yesterday he talked to a black pastor who met with president trump so trump met with a bunch of pastors from the Inner City City and Don Lemon says this black pastor is godly. How trump attacks people of color? I'm I definitely recall Don Lemon asking Barack Obama whether it was godly for the Reverend Al Sharpton to be visiting the White House after you know inciting a couple of riots allegedly here is here is Don Lemon though doing this routine you know I know it's hard for you. You think it's hard to believe that trump is racist but he's repeatedly used racially charged language. He consistently attacks black and Brown elected leaders does not just attack black people he attack anybody and you know it as a man of faith as a Christian. You're saying he attacks anyone. It sounds like you're condoning attacks. Is that or godly. I'm just stayed in a statement of fact. I'm not condoning anything I'm stating a statement of fact president in trump does not pick the people attacked because of color. He attacked anybody. He feels needed one hundred percent true but I love Don Lemon now doing this religious routine. Well you know you know. Is it godly when he had tax bill was godly when Barack Obama decided that he was going to slander the officers of Cambridge Massachusetts was a godly when he welcomed Al Sharpton Upton back into the good graces of American society after Al Sharpton had helped set set off racial conflict conflagrations on repeated occasions. Don't worry guys. The media is biased. You WanNA medium BICYC- is C._N._N.. Had A panel yesterday talking about Baltimore and someone pointed out he didn't Bernie like Rip Baltimore in Two Thousand Fifteen and talked about how third world country and everyone agrees totally different 'cause that was Bernie man and burnished a good guy but trump's a bad guys when trump rips Baltimore totally different senator <hes>. I'm I'm sorry John Let me let me show you this tweet from president trump. He says Crazy Bernie Sanders recently equated the city of Baltimore to a Third World country based on that statement. I assume that Bernie must now be labeled. A racist just as is a Republican would determine standard there is a difference of course and look. I think everybody should be focused on helping people in the inner city of Baltimore. Get the help they need people would like more jobs. They'd like healthcare. They'd like all sorts of benefits that the government could certainly support but there is a commonality in a pattern with president trump here and I think that's important context. Oh there's a difference. No we're not going to explain the difference. We're just going to say that there is a difference and then everybody sort of just accepted as road that there's a difference that when trump says that Baltimore's Moore's bad place and when Bernie Sanders that says the Baltimore is a bad place totally totally different they mean two totally different things and this is all of course pushing a particular narrative Trevor Noah who who again is in this running gun battle for unfunny EST person in America occasionally. He's funny so he is still running. Well behind Samantha B who I think has his runaway. I mean she's like the secretary of on funniness on late night T._v.. But the Trevor Noah says you don't have to be a genius to know what trump means when he talks about Baltimore really spell it out for me trevor. This language is part of patent right president trump always uses the word infestation when talking about people of color almost always use it. He said illegal immigrants are infesting in America said Congressman John Lewis's Atlanta district as crime infested and that the squad must go back to their crime infested countries like you don't need to be a genius to see what trump <unk> is implying because he's not subtle person okay so here's the thing as I said yesterday he called New Hampshire. Drug infested New Hampshire is whiter than any blank piece of the paper you can find it. Is there one point one percent of the population of Hampshire's black so when he said it was drug infested with you talking about black people at what what did that mean all of this has meant to drive the narrative and the narrative is the black people are under threat Democrats want to portray that narrative despite the fact that we have record black unemployment despite the fact that blacks in the last several election cycles have outpaced the percentage of the population in terms of of the voting population what they want is for black people to feel under threats that black people turn out and vote against President Trump duplicating the Obama twenty twelve coalition rather than their turnout in They should because you know if if America is in danger like who you think is going to be impacted the most by whatever racist policies you know whatever policies that at a press whatever policy that marginalized like who's next to be in concentration camps in America. It's not going to be white people. I don't think so if we if we if we know what's good for us we will definitely go <unk> out there and vote but I don't think anything wrong with making sure that the Democrats have a black agenda Charlemagne the God says this is the narrative that folks are seeking to push and why don't people trust the media because this is not true. Okay this narrative that president trump is attacking Scharping sharpens black or attacking Baltimore because Baltimore's largely black city is not true trump attacks anybody nobody who annoys him. He does it all the time. I also don't believe the media because the media are basically willing to say anything about anybody so for example the media have been pushing for now about a week this idea that that Mitch McConnell Cocaine Mitch's actually Moscow Mitch these actually working for the Russians why well after the Muller hearings which were giant Dud Dud for the Democrats. I mean a giant for the Democrats. They immediately pretended that they were shocked to find that the Russians had been hacking the election had been involved in hacking during the election and they were involved in trying to manipulate people during the election and so then they took a bill the past the past only one Republican vote in the house when they tried to have it declared into law in the Senate by unanimous consent and Republicans had no Mitch McConnell said no sorry this was a controversial bill. It was a controversial controversial bill because usually voting provision in the United States are left to the states. We've already spent something like three hundred forty billion dollars on election security going into upcoming elections that was passed by Republican Senate. Hey and Mitch McConnell connel for holding up a bill that has a lot of specifics that are controversial including the use of paper mandated paper ballots as backups for example. There's also mandated particular particular uses of Federal Authority over state elections. Republicans generally have opposed this because how state elections are run is generally up to states not up to the federal government in any case Mitch McConnell was it's called Moscow Mitch by Joe Scarborough and this became a thing that he's actually attempting to shield. He's actually attempting to shield the Russians that the Russians can continue interfering in our elections nations right now. Trending on twitter is Moscow Mitch MIC treason. It's just ridiculous. I'm sorry it's ridiculous. Everybody knows this is ridiculous. Who has half a brain? Here's McConnell McConnell defending himself regardless of WHO's in the White House regardless of which way the political winds are blowing. I have consistently treated Russia like a threat not even under a Republican Administration I spoke out when I was afraid. The U._S. wasn't doing not to stop the erosion of democracy and rule of law in Russia so much fun. I don't WanNa take the time to respond to critics in the media when they have no clue what they're talking about this modern day McCarthyism is talking and damaging because of the way it warps our entire public underscores okay and that of course is exactly right. It is ridiculous. Do you really think that Mitch McConnell is a Russian tool or the Mitch. McConnell is ignoring election security because it some fealty the trump. It's ridiculous again. This bill only passed the house with one Republican vote. It was not really noticed because Democrats passed it and nobody assumed it was going anywhere. Democrats oh crafts then presented it as though it was some sort of bipartisan achievement and then look at Mitch McConnell standing in the way standing in the way of election progress running state elections is the responsibility of states and localities this is true under the constitution and this has always been McConnell's position which is why I can't I can't find her. I've asked Melt Melt Multiple Republican senators about this not one Republican senator opposes McConnell on this not one sorry McConnell support who is three hundred eighty million not billion in aid to election security funding that passed passed Congress just a few months ago he supported bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into election interference that produced an alarming public report last week. This is exactly like when Democrats claim there's a crisis and then they pass and then they propose a trillion dollar bill that doesn't solve the crisis Republicans oppose it and then Democrats say the Republicans refuse acknowledge the crisis. It's exactly the sort of the same sort of idiotic virtue signalling you see what the green new deal climate change. We're all GONNA die in ten years and if you don't pass this meaningless meaningless bill and vote for it you're a bad person it comes up for a vote not a single Democrat votes for it but the media been touting this the media been touting this Moscow Mitch nonsense pretending that it's real it is not real it never was real and yet they suggest that we are supposed to apparently respect their take on it. Somehow I have my doubts and meanwhile going into the debates tonight I first round of the second debates hard to figure out the term these things because now they're eighty three different rounds of debates but it's the first round of the second debate tonight and Features Elizabeth Warren and Baidu and Bernie Sanders and be in bad. Oh who else Buddha judge adjudged to okay so it's the all white people ate the only question about the debate. Tonight is whether Bernie Sanders is able to defend himself against Elizabeth Warren worn has been making slow but steady gains means the only way that one of them becomes challenger to Biden is if one of them loses. This is highlander. Now only one can only one can rain so we'll see if there's any sort of conflict because here's the fact according to new polls Joe Biden has restored his lead so it seemed after the last debates that he was starting to sing and then Joe Biden went back to his original strategy which was disappear and let what the other Democrats Act like idiots and he started to gain in the polls again according to Emerson poll. He's back on top at thirty three percents thirteen points ahead of Bernie Sanders. WHO's at Twenty Eighty Percent Warren at fourteen percent sanders has gained five points since Emerson's last survey? Kamala Harris has fallen four points which there was a reversion into the mean for Kamala Harris she had a big bump and then she started to drop again. She was not able to build on that momentum because she is mechanical nate silver. Yesterday the pollster compared to Mitt Romney and that I think is kind of fair that she sort of checks a lot of boxes for Democrats but she doesn't enthuse anyone the only other candidates about three percent were mayor Buddha Buddha judge at six percent and Beta at four again. I am astonished by the amount of media attention Buddha judge has gotten to receive six percent these polls Buddha judge does not have apparently the any breakaway quality that has allowed him to climb he sort of reached his high point a couple months ago and it's been again reversion to the mean ever since morning. Concerts also has a survey survey today that shows Biden at the top with thirty three percents sanders is again second in this survey so that's been consistent with eighteen percents and worn at thirteen and Harris twelve so sanders is is showing a little bit more durability than I thought he would at this point. I thought WHO's GonNa slide into oblivion. We'll see tonight if Elizabeth Warren is able to put the hit on him and knock him down a couple of bags. That's what she needs did you because both Warren and sanders are not going to survive to final round. It will be one or the other okay time for some things I like and then a quick thing that I hate things that I like so you're talking about. Climate change is talking about climate change so a lot of folks on the left are very focused in on climate change as a key and important issue. I'm not averse to discussing climate changes to key and important issue if we do so in a rational no way what I'm not going to do is humor the idea that the world will be on fire by twenty one hundred that all of the coast will be under water that we are all going to die by twenty one hundred if we don't do anything to stop climate change in the next twelve years I do not buy it. I think that there are mitigation efforts that can be made things like Geo engineering that can be done. I think that there has been talk. There should be more talk of deregulation of the nuclear power industry which is one of the easiest ways of producing energy at cost effective method without increasing carbon emissions but in order suggest the actual damage. You have to go about it in a rational way so there's a great book out by William Nordhausen from two thousand thirteen. It's called the climate casino talking about the risks of climate change and trying to assess what those risks czar because very often what you hear from the left is this definitive. Here is exactly what's going to happen and the answer is you don't know now it is quite possible that something bad is going to happen. In the future. There are tipping points in the Environment as William Nord House Nobel Prize winner in economics last year talks about their tipping points and we're not sure whether tipping points are where for example the ice caps start to melt a lot faster than they were. If you reach a certain level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere there's talk about a certain level of ocean acidification that is I unable to be recovered from or sea level rises over the course of the next five hundred years. You have to sort of number ones determined timeframe number two you have to determine what exactly the modeling shows about at the time frame so they're models that show the twenty one hundred there'll be warming about two degrees Celsius which is about six degrees Fahrenheit. Let's see yeah about four degrees Fahrenheit rather or it could be all the way up to six degrees Celsius. Sorry it could yes it could be up to six degrees Celsius which of course would be the upper end modeling. It's pretty unlikely that happens but it is possible the best kind of average scenarios three degrees Celsius by the end of the century which means six degrees Fahrenheit which would be a problem but it would not mean that ocean levels rise by thirty or forty feet as people keep saying right. This book does a good job of breaking down. What exactly are the rewards and the risks over time time he suggests a carbon tax as a possibility? I think it's going to be very difficult to implement a carbon tax on a global scale which is what you would need in order to actually affect climate change agent any real way otherwise what you get serious free rider problem where the United States imposes a carbon tax like Europe has and then starts importing oil from other places and also China China and India just keep producing carbon emissions to an extraordinary extent the fact is that as North House points out also whatever future problems we're going to deal with Ross are going to be dealing with an economy economy that is completely different by twenty one hundred the centers of power going to shift in the world economy back in to back in nineteen hundred. Would what anyone who predicted that China was going to be a world economic power or that Russia was going to faded into oblivion oblivion. You can't predict what's going to happen in the economy this book Luke does a good job of trying to reasonably lay out the case for what exactly is happening with climate change what the economic costs are going to be of climate change how we assess those what we should do about it. What what we can do about it as I said I think there needs to be talk about Geo Engineering I think there needs to be talking about building seawalls mitigation? I think that there should be talk about international national agreements but those international agreements have teeth and if those international agreements are not reachable than destroying the United States economy so that China and India can catch up with us and free we ride off of our own willingness to cripple our economy seems like a very very bad idea is when people say they're easy solutions to climate change. The answer is yes if you could wave a magic wand I'm for their would-be but in a world populated by real governments in real people not so much the Paris climate accords were complete waste of time mainly because nobody was abiding biding by the Paris climate accord's the number one reduction in carbon emissions by country has happened in the United States since the Paris climate accord and since the pull out from the Paris climate accord by President trump so that international agreement didn't mean anything China signed it and then kept emitting like nobody's business so again I think the book is well worth reading the climate casino risk uncertainty in economics for warming world by William Nordhausen actual reasonable take on the issue as opposed to the climate catastrophe catastrophic thinking you see so often okay time for a quick thing that I hate aid okay so ted. Cruz was at L._A._X.. And there's this new thing on the left where if you are if you see a Republican public supposed to be right this Republican in public this gives you some sort of virtuous signaling points. It is stupid and irritating. It makes the country a worse place. If you want to his office in protest do it. If you want to sponsor some sort of rally outside the Capitol building do it if you want to harass public officials in a public place simply because because they happen to be standing around an airport this makes you jackass. I wouldn't do the Standing Democrat. I don't think many Republicans would frankly and if they did. I think it'd be a nasty thing if you're not asking him a legitimate quick question if you're not a journalist WHO's trying to get an answer for example if you're just there to bother him and yell at him then this makes you a bad person and it makes the country a worse place because we at least have to you have common spaces that we can share if I have to bring security with me every time I go to the airport because I'm afraid somebody's going to punch me in the face that doesn't make for a better country and if I'm there with my wife and kids in a public place in Europe costing me to scream me. This fairly definition only makes you a bad person. Here's a little bit of the tape awards. The people were standing there shouting at ten Americans silent and there's a bunch of them and it turns as into like quick social media mob everybody bringing their cameras woo. Look at us. Look at our courage Americans no-one silencing. You're standing there screaming in the middle of an airport like jackass now. There's Ted Cruz being very polite because this is what Ted does in public now the fact that none of these people wanted to have a conversation or discussion they just WanNa yell at Ted. Cruz demonstrates zone virtue signaling garbage. I want to make the country worst places a pretty good way doing it already. We'll be back here later today with two additional hours of contents otherwise we'll see here tomorrow to recap those democratic debates. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Intramuros show the Ben Shapiro show is produced by Robert Stirling directed by Mike joyner executive producer Sir Jeremy Boring senior producer Jonathan. Hey our supervising producer is mathis glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Adam Sigh of its audio is mixed by Mike Coral. Meena hair and makeup is just what Olvera Production Assistant Nik Sheehan the Ben Shapiro show is a daily wire production copyright daily wire two thousand nineteen. Hey everyone it's Andrew Claybon host of the Andrew Klavan show politics corrupt but identity politics corrupts absolutely trump has broken through that evil racist system awesome not politely. I admit more like the incredible hulk walking through a wall. The question is now that the wall was down. Will the rest of us have the courage to run free. We'll talk about it on the Andrew Klavan show. I'm Andrew

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