Hour 1: Dak's Deal and The Cowboys' Future


Go morning it is time to get up with great expectations. Now that he got huge money does the dallas. Qb need to play figure in order to justify it plus tag comes and goes with big names involved summer staying sober and ready to go. We'll tell you what it all meant pain. Which quarterback is ready to break the bank. Next could be the one in baltimore. We've got special guests to talk all over with you as we get up starting right now on a wednesday from the seaport jam packed. Delighted that you are there. I am greenie. thanks for getting up with. That's i got a terrific squad ready to go game tonight. Lots of football conversation leads. Get this thing rolling. We begin with the biggest winner of the nfl off season. By far his name is raine dakota prescott. Who on monday night agreed to a four year. One hundred sixty million dollar deal with the dallas cowboys. And i want you to hear a little bit of this exchange between stephen. A smith and cowboy legend. Michael irvin on stephen as world yesterday. If the dallas cowboys win the super bowl. Not only will. I n c parade in front of all those disgusted fans. Y'all i actually. What are your suits do it. I will see you at so fast. And we won't be looking so we're we to be the dallas cowboys stadium. That's right for the and we're going to be looking at so far is so fast with dr. Oh god all right and so we get this thing rolling this morning. Big swag gets up with us here. Torrey smith is becoming a regular and we could get used to that with us here and we'll have another special guest joining us momentarily. But marcus let me start with you. There's michael irvin famer cowboy. Legend saying we will be at so fi stadium for the super bowl. This year is at super bowl or bust for dak and dallas market. No not super bowl a bus this year and i don't know wh what over drinking old get home. Sometimes you get lonely and you have a couple of drinks. They the dallas cowboys will be in so five playing in the super bowl. But i do think this team got better by signing dak prescott and the bottom line is this when that gets paid. The amount of money gets paid pressure comes with that. Too much is given much is required. We've heard that so many times but the bottom line is he's giving you free service and play beyond what you paying them for the last four years. So now i'm the peter piper presser calms along with that but everything is all good in dallas texas as a fan. I'm ecstatic 'cause we have that press got backup quarterback. That's all say about that. I'll know what the hell irv was talking about. You've been a part of that thing on this program for two years. So i celebrated along with you tori. Let me ask you though about the pressure because it's one thing to say yet. He's the little engine that could everybody was rooting for him. Every wanted to see him get his money. Now one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the nfl is the pressure on you to play like it. torrey smith mean. You're talking about the dallas cowboys. He's the quarterback of america's team so the pressure is always there that doesn't change people are gonna complain more but the pressure is always been there for colonial beach. Virginia and half of my family got was mad. They have never been out of the state of virginia so the president they had each and every year on year on year. It's so we talked about mike alarming. He reminds me of so. Many delusional cowboys. Fan always had that high expectation but the reality of it. Is you know back. Prescott is a quarterback that you can't win the super bowl with and all this does is make sure that they have guy for the future. I'm with that okay. So marcus the next order of business here that i want to get into with you is very simply about the idea that the cowboys now will be for. Lack of a better word handcuffed and building out their roster now that the quarterback has paid so much. He's been working for way to not let me go ahead. You i tell people all the damn time stopped talking to me about cap numbers first of all. I don't wanna talk about cap numbers. Since i've been in the league cyz tori been in the league. Teams have figured out a way to make it work. Its own the dallas cowboys. Don't tell me about being hamstrung. The damn sales just franchise more because williams and they in modell. The united states of america when company names figuring out the dallas cowboys will be fine and actually the contract that that has gives them flexibility. Look there will be casualties in will not be this year they will get law collins bags zag martin. It'd be. I don't know how terrorists memphis feeling. But he may be bank dolphin. Sablan was injured last year. That wasn't the injured that was made everybody else before they pay day. Stop token the me about the damn tapped every team in the nfl. Go figure it out or they're going to be negative and played that season. Alright i'm i hate. You got me going like this early this morning. I don't wanna talk about cap numbers. I want to be happy for that. Okay i'm with you and listen even though we're not even in the same room right now. You have me intimidated. So i'm quietly going to say to my friend that might be loved. Big swaggie was actually wrong. No team in the. Nfl has figured it out. No team in the nfl has won a super bowl with any player making more than fifteen percent of the salary cap. Tom brady won all those super bowls because he was taking less money. Patrick mahomes less money. And all the quarterbacks get paid the huge contracts do not go on to win super bowls. That's just what has happened. I'm saying it can't but that is just what has happened tori. I mean that's and you said it perfectly saying that it can't. It's very much still possible. So we continue to punish dak prescott because he finally received the payday. He earned the cornerbacks that have been paying for years even in dallas. Tony romo was paid at that point. Which was the highest quarterback in the league it happens. That's the cost of doing business. You can compare it to real estate no matter where you are if you are an area. Let's say watched in dc where the house value was up. The house may not be the best house in the world. But you're going to have to pay the top of the market price and that's what we saw with the prescott. And he's proven that he is elite that he is a top of the market quarterback. Dallas has to do a better job in free agency and picking a smaller guys and drafting wealth. To make sure that you can balance that cat. I make it clear i agree with every word you just said. I want to doctor get every penny that he has coming to him. I am merely saying that. The idea that that hamstrings at team's ability to put a team around him. Marcus while distasteful is actually accurate is. There's really no other way to say it. No team has russell wilson azziman back to the super bowl since he got paid. These guys when the care. 'cause we we we you had this so. Do not pay the guys. That's the best guys all your. What's what's the answer. Because aaron rodgers salary did not stop the green bay packers from getting to the super bowl. It stopped them because they didn't convert three journals. That's why they didn't go to the super bowl. It wouldn't is damn salary that you pay really good quarterbacks. That's the first step to being a good football team. I'm gonna leave it at that. Gee i'm not about to go through this. Which you about talking about teams. Don't we in when they payday quarterback. I'm not doing that. Which matt ryan didn't give up twenty five point lead in the soup this damn salary there. Okay listen i'm merely don't shoot the messenger here. I'm merely telling you exactly what has happened. Let's see what happened. I'm sick all the messages and the messengers capital i will. I will accept that fully. Let me bring dan graziano under the conversation and dan. Let's run the hurry up around a bunch of notes from tag day yesterday. let's go through it. Start with alan robinson. Gallon robinson of the bears franchised as we expected. Whoever the bears quarterback ends up being this year they want that person to have alan robinson to throw to one thing that should make him feel better as his tag mobile higher than the regular wide. Receiver number becauses. Salary was high. Last year he'll get about eighteen million on this tag whereas someone like a chris godwin. Who will talk about a minute. We'll get about sixteen million kenny golladay of the detroit. Lions not a franchise not likely to sign a long term. Deal in detroit. He will hit the market and probably become the top target among the wide receivers on this year's free agent market should have a strong list of teams interested in him. I know there teams like the new york. Giants like the new england patriots big market teams with some money to spend that. Have an idea that they need to get a number one receiver and he is a guy that should appeal and chris godwin of the buccaneers. He staying in tampa which is interesting decision by tampa because they have another one to make on shaq barrett. Their edge rusher. Who is the franchise player. Last year would have been very expensive to franchise him a second year in row. They go with godwin with that tells us about tampa bay as they tried to keep their super bowl. Champion team together is that they are at work on a long term deal with shaq barrett and hope to get that done to keep him off the market by this time next week so there are a lot of those in there that i find really interesting. Marcus i look at some of the different options. Because i agree i mean golladay is a guy that a lot of teams are going to be fascinated by. But let's focus in for a minute here on tampa bay's decision to franchise chris godwin. He's not going anywhere. We had speculated on this show about the possibility that if they lead godwin go and decided to keep barrett instead. Marcus that maybe odell beckham junior would be a nice fit there because of his history with tom. Brady the admiration. The two of them have now that that doesn't feel like an option anymore. Is that your opinion. marcus peers. That odell beckham. Junior will remain in cleveland this year. The best course of action is firmness day in cleveland. Or do you still believe he finds another place to go. No i believe he finds another place to go. Gee and we think about when you don't openly endorse a player coming back. And i haven't heard cleveland do that now. I could be wrong. There could be some sound bite or clip about their of of someone in position making that decision saying that. I believe the best option for ob. Obgyn cleveland as well and i know is relationship with jarvis landry juices as strong as anything but this may be a situation in odell beckham career. Where not only does he have to come back and prove that he can have longevity but also give him a chance to go be a one somewhere in an offense that puts the ball down the field or somebody is planning on doing that and seeing if he can beat number one receiver once again from the browns side of this story as the receiver on my panel today. Do you think it makes sense for the browns to be looking to move on from odell right now. It doesn't make any sense to get rid of good players. You're talking about a team. That's right on the cusp of greatness They had the opportunity to experience the playoffs last year. And you just don't get rid of top players. A healthy odell beckham is arguably best receiver in the nfl. He's hungry you watching the way he works. I've seen a workout in the offseason. Know how passionate he is. He's a great teammate. As well he's a competitor. He has a bad rap by the media. But the reality of it is open beckham. The teammates players love for him to come back bounce back some grab us. Would that chip wounded shoulder. Also the same chip. That cleveland has near shoulder to take to the next level. They be foolish to let him go understanding that he fits within their caps situation. All right. let's see what they wind up doing. Their lot of different receivers stuff that we will get into. But then let's circle at back to the quarterback because as we check our attention to baltimore ravens. General manager eric. Decosta said yesterday. The team could strike a long term contract extension with quarterback lamar jackson this off season that he will speak to the. Mvp of a couple of years ago within the next ten days here was what the cost of said the bentley dealership or the range rover dealership. You know what the cars are going to cost. You're not going to get much of a discount. And i think he's very appreciative of the organization in our stance and different things. And we're confident and committed trying to get a long term deal done and hopefully we can get that done at some point in the near future may take a little time. But we're willing to try okay. So that's an interesting thought. Dan graziano is the cost of a bentley in the national football league as this week forty million dollars a year it could be personally never been to a bentley dealership so i know that makes me different from our other panelists here today. But look lamar. Jackson should be commanding top dollar at quarterback because he's an mvp. I if i'm his agent. And i actually don't think he has one. But if i were his agent i would be saying. Look i've got one more. Mvp trophies than deck prescott has. He's got forty so let's talk forty. I don't know if that gets you there but it's not unreasonable to start there in a conversation. Now what's interesting about lamar jackson green and i know how much marcus spears enjoys. Talking about the finances and the salary cap for mark. Jackson was the thirty second pick and address so same year and same round as baker. Mayfield who was the one pick but vastly different financial circumstances. Lamar jackson made about one fourth as much money. So far in the league as baker mayfield has this year is gonna make about five million dollars mars and make about one point. Eight million and not all of his salaries even guaranteed. That's the difference between the one thick and the thirty two pick so the ravens might find lamar jackson in a little bit of a dealing mood because he has more money yet to make than somebody who was picked first or second or third in that same draft that may be where baltimore confined its discount. If they can marcus spears. If you're making that decision are you buying that bentley. off-season absolutely one hundred percent and this is the ravens mo. in tori is. Speak to it better than i can. He was there longer but the rain say care their players especially guys that they draft and they perform well. The ravens have a history of doing this. I don't believe this'll be a contentious negotiation when it comes to lamar they understand that. He is a flight quarterback. And we know what. The market says about top-flight quarterback. So when you look at this organization's history when you look at the more has done when you think about what garage. You said about his accomplishments in this lee. Yes won't from a from a number situation it may be. It may take some time. But i don't expect us to talk for two years about the moore's jackson contract and like we had to do about that brits cuts if it doesn't get done we need a new topic tori limit. Come to you again as as something to talk about. Is there any concern. Look lamar's brilliant. He's been a brilliant player and to grass's point. He has been by the standards of what he has done. He's been dramatically underpaid for what he has done but he also gets hit a lot more because of the nature of the way he plays. He gets hit a lot. More than a lot of other quarterbacks do if you were writing the check would that give you any pause not at all you know. This guy was the mvp of the league and he's shown that he has limitless potential steel. So this city loves lamar jackson's death organization loves the believes that him as well. So i think it's something that's going to be half that's going to happen. But it's just a matter of when lamar jackson doesn't have the leverage that some of the other guys have had and the reason why i'm saying that is that i remember. When joe flacco was the quarterback and he was looking for his his extensive he was going into his last year was just a little short of that number. That made them play it out. We wanted super bowl and he ended up being highest paid quarterback leaves. Lamar jackson was the mvp already in his way. More competent joe was at that point in terms of on the field. And what the team is accomplished. Now you're talking about a guy that has its fourth year left to play. They can given that fifth round option because he was the first round pick they can franchise two more years. So lamar doesn't really have the same leverage. As most quarterbacks will put a team it does make sense to get things done now before the new tv deals. Because you have more money in the back burner. And as we know quarterbacks senator highest paid now at this president of it next year their top five then it goes to the top. Ten number just continues to push forward market super-quick pause based upon the style of play again. You're writing the check. He's a guy who gets hit a lot where they give you any pause. Not at all not at all. I heard people talk about that. Press guy getting hit too much when he was in his negotiation contract. Look they they are not a good offense without lamar jackson. That's what it boils down to. I still say. I will hold the failure. Your tape is your resume and your tape is your deposits that you make it into. The bank. lamar's made a lot of really big deposits in baltimore is going to be at some point. It's going to be tapped him to draw in this comment. Well this is that group right. This is that draft class graziano quickly here that this draft class of baker mayfield sam darnold. Who's not in this same conversation right now. But particularly josh allen lamar jackson should we expect to see both of those guys before we get to training camp next year potentially sign new huge extensions. Yeah i think it's likely look. I mean look at this off season two years ago. Carson wentz jared goff signed extensions and they're traded by now two years ago dak prescott did not sign an extension and obviously the cowboys paid for that. So you can make either argument. But i think ultimately these teams that have these quarterbacks. Don't wanna lose them and it's more likely than not those three guys get extended this off-season probably well. Don't we have so much more football to come a very special guest to talk football with us as we continue but right now always champi. Let's run the floor college edition and pick it up here. They were down by twelve at halftime to byu. But unbeaten a number one gonzaga stormed back in the second half the beat. Byu by ten and win the west coast conference tournament clinching. An automatic nc double a. Birth will go in. Is the number one overall see elsewhere after snapping string of four straight twenty loss seasons. Congratulations that cleveland state. Vikings going dancing reading. Oakland eighty two sixty nine to win the horizon league. It's their first conference title since two thousand nine cutting down the next you know. There's going dancing. Drexel headed back to the ncaa tournament for the first time in twenty five years beat ilan sixty three fifty six in the championship. Game of the colonial. Last time they made the double a. Tournament was nineteen ninety six. Meanwhile in the acc ten see duke. Blew out boston college to begin. Its quest of winning five straight games in the acc tournament. Something no team has ever done ducas. Twelve and eleven will likely have to win out in order to get into the nc double a. tournament. And here's what's at stake with that dukes. Current ron twenty four straight seasons making the danes is the third longest streak all time. Our analytics are basketball. Power index giving duke just a twenty five percent chance to make the tournament and our wakeup call. This morning comes from the acc tournament. Notre dame wake forest. Here's how the finish sounded voice about it on ryan williamson by ryan cuts back ryan over the irish irish eighty. Seventy seven the irish data The madness is beginning back to the. Nfl we'll go next with the seahawks. Sending a message to russell wilson by leaving his name out of it. We'll get to the bottom of the situation in seattle plus counting down to the draft. One quarterback being compared to russell wilson. Is it high or hope we're talking about it as we get up with you on. 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He is a musician. Who stays in shape by running obstacle course while playing a variety of instruments. Wanting it you think gee you don't work together. We need emergency help if we did this. Because i remember going to that country club you had no way in a. Are we doing this without bold was being passed out. I can tell you that coming up that got everything he wanted. Who are the true winners and losers. Now that the deal is done we'll break down next get up on. Espn we are back on. Get up with yet. Another twist in the russell wilson saga earlier this week by now. You are aware of this letter that was sent to season ticket. Holders that mentioned by name multiple players on the seattle team and curiously did not mention the name of its franchise quarterback the face of that franchise russell wilson. What does that mean. we're going to get to the bottom of it. And we are delighted to have that conversation by welcoming in the newest member of our panel. Along with marcus spears and torrey smith white franey has joined us live this morning and is getting up with us here seems not to be looking at me but my sense is either. He is completely put a back. I'd like to see how this goes either completely uninterested or his shot was frozen. I think it would have been funnier if he was just so disinterested introduction of him that he just continued looking down at income back to us again. This is tv in two thousand and twenty one. We are doing the best we can to bring into this conversation today. But instead marcus i will start with you because i did not have yesterday. So the seattle seahawks sent out a letter to their season ticket holders and they mentioned a bunch of guys and they don't mention russell. What is that first of all. Let me say it is. Don't feel bad about having to come in and replace dwight own on because he would've damn show started over me but let's get to seattle. 'cause this is blatant okay. We had the deck situation with the highlight video. And i understood that gets. that's not under contract. it was a bad look for the dallas cowboys. Talked about this situation. Russ's the face of the franchise like this is petty roses. Petty and seahawks will be fitting. And i liked that part because a messy. I like when betty on when you think about this situation and you think about how everything is transparent. I don't think this is a mistake. I think this is something that they planned on doing. Based on ruts dropping these low crumbs that he's been dropping about the situation. Here's what i won't rust. The do i want to say what russ wants. I don't wanna hear it would be nice and these are the four teams would you like. Would you like more input. I'd just answer the question. Just tell us what you won't mant other. Quarterbacks are doing it totally eagles what. He wanted the shawn watson. Dole used to what he wanted. If you want to be traded if you want outta seattle rush just say it so we can stop thinking about what you wanna do. Or what the possibilities. Aw not saying this is going to happen. But i need to say was going to happen. Gee real quick my wife right now. Start making me coffee in the morning. She put c moss in it. I didn't know what was i told her. Listen if you put the awesome. My coffee and the coffee nasty. I ain't drake ac- muslim. Oh she said mortgage just travel shut up and just try to see moss but the bottom line is this. Gee if. I didn't like the see moss. I would tell her. Don't put it in my coffee no more. I need to tell seattle. Seahawks what he wants. How did you like the cmos. Okay okay. excellent story to you on this. What do you think last week. You said you think. Russell wilson is the most passive aggressive passive aggressive anger. You've ever seen a football player. Have what do you think. Now that they seahawks seem to a fire back in kind in the social media world is a guy. Enjoy spending time on twitter. They call that a tweet. They're telling you something without actually saying it. And so when you leave Franchise player of your team. It says a lot and it speaks volumes without them even mentioning anything so what that confirms to me is just beyond just russell bill and this is a real concern if i were a seattle seahawks fan. I'll be worried if my guy is serious about leaving russell group with you markets rust nieces go and say hey listen i want out or we're going to figure this thing out you can't have this in-between type situation. It just gives us. I really don't mind it but when it comes to your team you want to know what the deal is going forward and the best way to go about it. And now it's like you're not alone. All the quarterbacks are doing if you went out to say you went up. It's an interesting point. A lot of guys are saying things without saying things. Okay i believe we have dwight freely with us here. We've been trying all morning long. Dwight his he's moving. I can hear him. This is a step in the right direction and i want everyone to get an understanding of just. How great our panelists today do you know that the left side of your screen. Dwight frene marcus spears and their careers combined for one hundred and thirty five and a half quarterback sacks how about that from this defense that we have here today. Marcus your thoughts on that. He got by. Do i got one hundred twenty five and a half. Contribute to your go i love. I'll call dwight a. Have you been working on the tech stuff all morning. Long in the middle of the discussion about this matter what you played most of your career in indianapolis we will always remember those great seasons. You had in india and you were a great player but was there ever a circumstance in which the colts would have sent a letter to their season ticket. Holders that did not mention peyton manning's name absolutely never never i don't understand. I don't understand what seattle's doing be quite honest with you. I do know this. They don't move without russell. I don't see them doing anything without russell. Based on how their team is structured. And i was over there for a few months and it's pretty much went up played breaks down. Russell just makes the plate with his feet and it's a lot of creativity they don't have a guy like that do organization or out there in the market so for me russell. Yes he's voicing his concern of how he's not involved in the offensive process. Maybe played calling. Maybe the people you guys pick up. I have no idea but it's going to be is very hard for me to think in picture a seattle seahawks team without russell. Rose i can tell you this. Marcus that everyone i know in chicago feels like it's already happened right like like they. The fans are ordering russell wilson jerseys and this deal isn't happening. Whatever it is so there is a feeling i think out there. This is going to happen. Marcus in your heart of hearts do you believe he gets traded this off season. No i don't believe he gets tradegy. I think at some point this all works out. And if i was a chicago bears fan. I already think is done to. We've been looking for a quarterback for the last forty years in that organization. So listen russell wilson to me by saying all it is and that's that's the point right like if russ is not going to say i want out. Then there's always that big enough great area to say it's too many things that have to happen for him to be out right then you get into money. What teams are willing to give up to get him. And i'm sure teams would give up things but this is this is like this is one of those things where russ has the realize like tour was in a way the climate you're in now allows for you to help me out will make a decision about if you will be. There are not by what you do so if he says it then i believe it's real but as long as we keep having these roundabout maybe maybe not. This is how feel even about the letter. He'll be there for this year and potentially we'll be talking about a serious deport signature. I thought more about what you said there as as we were talking. And you're right the one thing dak prescott the omission video. He isn't the greatest player in franchise history. Russell wilson with no disrespect to steve largest. Jim zoran matthew hasselbeck and shaun alexander is the greatest player the seattle seahawks have ever had and so the omission of him. At this point it cannot be ignored. Right guy stay with me here. Much more football as we go but next game of the night to the national hockey league we go penguins and rangers and sidney crosby taking ending attribute early second game tied at one the pen shorthand and watch the move here you got teddy and blue gert with a strong move in front of that goes five whole you need to look again at particularly look at as he gets out in front and makes the gorgeous move again five whole his fourth goal of the season pens. Take a two one lead under a minute left in the game now. The pens lead is three to we got an empty net. We got sidney crosby and that is all she wrote hands win it by a score of four to their now in third place in the eastern division as we continue our the browns say they want a bill back. What do you expect him to say. The real question is what the swag who say. You'll find out next get up on. Espn what does swag say. Do you know what i say. I say daniel jones gangsta land g. Look at me today. i'm already obese. So beastie i call you broke. Yes you cry. This is not exactly how i meant for this to go. Take that and smoke it now. We really get to it. This is where we hear what people around the world of sports have to say. And then marcus tells you what they really meant. And we begin marcus with the browns head. Coach seven kevin stefanski who was recently asked on k. j. z. On espn radio about odell beckham. In jarvis landry is high cap numbers and whether the browns could keep both of them this off season. Here's what he said. I think you go with what you have. And and you make sure that you're putting yourself in position to feel the competitive roster for a bunch of years moving forward so yeah. I think we're in a good spot. You know the easy part to say. Hey just gives more players what we want. Give three more great players on the offensive side and give us three on the defensive side. And we're going to spend this amount on each guy. I think we have a plan will follow through with that plan. So that was a lot of words. Markus that's what he said. What does wag who say. All right analogy mr spears. A you have a one credit. You've done a phenomenal job. Getting yourself to this position. You have the cast. We just can't sell your home like what you get all these damn compliment. You know what kind of play i am and you tell me. I can't get the loan about a house. That's basically what kevin stefanski said. He sound like somebody that bills jaw to let down by not ever release saying anything so that is why i think one. Ob j. will not be a cleveland brown. I completely agree next. Stop is baltimore. Where the ravens general manager eric. Decosta was asked yesterday what that prescott new deal might mean for lamar jackson. Here's what he said. If you go to the bentley dealership or the range rover dealership. You know what the car is going to cost. You're not going to get much of a discount. And i think he's very appreciative of the organization and in our stance and different things and we're confident and committed trying to get a long term deal done and hopefully we can get that done at some point. Yeah no in. The near future may take a little time but we're willing to try at what he said. Water swag who say okay guys. Listen i've been to the bentley dealership. I went to the dealership. When i was making really good money playing professional football and then i actually went in there and was getting ready to purchase the car and could not wrap my head around paying six figures but aaron the costco go have to. If it ain't the bill the dealership go to cross the street and ferrari dealership. Because that's what he got playing quarterback and he knows that so he ain't talking about or tie iota not saying they ain't good cause and people getting around it them just fine but he knows damn well. He met a thought at dealership. And he may end up buying a ferrari. I think that's an extremely perfect way to put it all right. Finally who didn't love this. Did you see your body orlowski. Yesterday he had this to say after having been all wrong all along about dak prescott and dallas. This is for tad prescott. Leave me alone. This is for cowboys fans. I wear your colors. Leave me alone in my mentions this is for guys like graziano importantly this is for my arch nemesis dominique foxworth on television. Who got egg on his face. What dan said yesterday. Marcus swag who say you know. This is a special one for but this is all four circle that moment right there america. Is dan orlovsky four. I'm gonna take you back in time g. Remember when you were at at bats show and dan orlovsky pulled out a trash bag and norway people takes about carson wentz and then he gave us these trash takes about dak prescott and when you give them dress takes and when people give takes and they not trash you end up with a damn egg on your hand. So that was everybody. That dan orlovsky drove through their trash takes away about wins and we all kept that record of all of the things about that prescott a sticky head from a sticky aid. That's exactly right. He took he took responsibility. G i tell you i lost you. I can hear you perfectly in keeping with issues. We've had on the show today because candidly nothing is working right. Let's do winners and losers and see if that works coming out of the dak prescott deal. Dan grassi on. You can hear me. Give me a winner. Coming out of jack's contract. I can hear you just sitting here. Googling see moss but the winners are are star players coming up on contract situations and other situations in the league in the coming years. This is one more data point that tells players. You have more control over your situation than we used to think you did as people who follow the nfl dak prescott. Didn't like the deal. The cowboys put in front of him. Two years ago or last year he held out he got what he wanted and more players will follow suit. Marcus who do you think is the biggest winners josh allen. And lamar jackson. They sold dak prescott doubt they saw dak prescott go through the process. They dak prescott bet on themselves now. I don't believe there. Negotiations are gonna take as long as daggs did but they saw the money he got the market still works. The market still matters in the market can get you more money than you probably should get right like the aforementioned bentley and ferrari grazziano how about the losers who is the biggest losers out of all this. Well yeah. I think if you're if you're another high earning player on the cowboys you're looking down the road and wondering how much longer am i going to be on the cowboys. Dak prescott salary cap. Numbers will skyrocket in twenty. Three and twenty. Four ezekiel elliott. No more guaranteed money. After twenty two amari. Cooper guaranteed money after this year. Are those guys going to need to start shopping for real estate in different markets than dallas. That feels realistic. How about you swagger. Who's the biggest losers g my biggest losers but not in a bad way on the ravens and the bills because of what i just said previously. They going to have to pay their quarterbacks. These young up and coming stars. That's gonna be the faces of this league franchises for them. They have to come off some money. So now you go into. You have to draft great. You have to get creative. You have to figure out free ages guys. They can come in and they help you. They about the being that window is good window to be in. Because it tells you that they have a franchise quarterback right but for every good side of it. There are obviously some of the challenges. And so on bring dwight and tori back into the conversation and white because of some technical stuff. We didn't have you at the very beginning of our show today when we were talking about that the ramifications of this deal in dallas. And what is your thought on that. It is my experience at all of you. Who made your living sacking quarterbacks down deep inside really sort of hate them so as you see a guy like jack as you see a guy like that getting all this money and in all seriousness and the ramifications that can have. What are your thoughts. I mean i think it's a great thing i mean. I think it was a long long overdue. You have a guy who stood up for their organizations than all the right things you know what you gotta pay your guys. You know an trickles down throughout your your organization as well you see you take care of your quarterback and take care of you guys. Those guys on the team also feel like you know what when it's my time get paid. I'm gonna get paid as well for the thing. Is you have to have a stable organization. A god who's gonna lead that team and now you have that guy deck. That does the now for did about all the stuff that happened previously all the problems and now since you signed on down the line you have to think about how you gonna take this organization to the next. It becomes his team now right away that perhaps he wanted it to be and i think maybe his teammates already perceived it to be but until they actually give you the keys to the car to use that same analogy. We were using a moment ago. You're not allowed to drive it on the lot. Well now he can. Does that change. Anything no doesn't everyone knew that this was back steam. And even jerry jones and the cowboys new this vaccine. They just kept playing around with the money. And that's the way this business work. That's why hate the fake deadlines the franchise tag people. What do they can get the deal done. And we saw that so now with something that we aren't going to be able to talk about for the next couple of year but that finally got what he earned. And now we talked about the quarterback position specifically when you play. Well when you represent your team will you get paid. That's like a circle of life in the nfl. You develop you get paid and so we shouldn't be surprised that we're finally here and again. I'm one of the biggest fans of that. I'm glad that he finally did well. Just very briefly on that you seem to get a lot of people exercised on twitter yesterday. Which i get the sense you sort of enjoy. But you do not seem to be a fan of the franchise tag. What is your issue. With the franchise. I hate the franchise. Tag it's why are you giving up control as a player. You draft there where you're drafting. You don't have a choice of word you picked or were you. Signed as a free agent push far. So you're there now. You have this control so i signed my four year deal. I played well. I'm supposed to be able to get paid based on the market value. Not what you tell me the average of some of the top guy. That's why the the probably it controls player. That's why when. I saw yesterday specifically why i was thinking about a guy who deserves the opportunity to break the bank on the free market. Now he's forced to be in a situation in chicago simply because they have that tag. Everything about the free market is about control is about power the football world and it's supposed to work by that in america and now when you talk about alibaba's he lose control now. The team has that power opium. Why do we even had that. I hate it. A guy doesn't they're supposed to do they're supposed to get paid. I'm being told in my ear that you guys are nodding crazy dwight. While you're nodding you agree. Oh absolutely i mean you have to have more control of the players more control and the owners don't need more control you guys. If you play out your contract you do what you're supposed to do all right. You're supposed to get a new contract. That's everything right football franchise tag. I just more power to the owners more ways that they can keep you not you know. Hey i don't know if you want to give you the big money And all this other stuff. I agree one thousand percent. They need to get rid of this franchise tag thing and just straight off your contracts done you the region or the market marquess. I mean. I can't add anything Other than i agree with tori into why the bottom line is like that that that is how it should be the allotment for owners and nfl teams to buy themselves time to pay. A guy is crazy. Because if i was a player and i say okay well you want to franchise tag me. I'm gonna sit out and by myself time until i'm actually a free agent. We'll say player crazy. He ain't a team guy and all of that and essentially. That's what these organizations are doing. So look i hate the franchise say always have and it doesn't give player's opportunity to get what they should at the time. They should have to break on that thought but we have much more to do as we continue still to come here. Another huge our debt gets dollars is at super bowl or bust now in dallas one cowboys. Legend says yes. You'll hear that coming up on. Espn do you own your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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