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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Janine herbs. Federal aviation. Investigators are in Texas looking into the cause of a fiery plane crash at an airport near Dallas this morning. The left ten people dead officials say that twin engine. Beechcraft king air, three fifty hidden unoccupied hangar at Addison municipal airport. President Trump is back in Washington tonight after a historic meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Woon and fears. Bobby Allen has more Trump became the first US president to step into North Korea with his photo op and meeting with Cam. Now, Trump wants to do what no previous administration has been able to accomplish convincing North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons program. Victor CHA isn't hopeful. He was the top career adviser in the George W Bush administration, the North Koreans have demonstrated over the past twenty five thirty years that they're not willing to part with all of their nuclear weapons. So they're willing to freeze some of their capability, but they're not willing to give up all of their weapons because it's the only thing they. Have that makes them secure in the world today, just said before a deal the north would have to verify how large its nuclear stockpile is which the country has long refused to do. Bobby Allen, NPR news in Oregon, a day after Republicans ended a week-long walkout the state Senate was again. Delayed today when Democrats demanded a Republican member, who threatened state police be barred. Lauren Dake from Oregon public broadcasting has more. The walkout is over, but the tension in the Oregon state Senate remains high before Republican Senator Bryan Boca's went into hiding. He told state troopers they should quote, come heavily armed in, quote, if they plan to come after him now book was his back at the state capital, some Democrats say his threat to state troopers warrants barring. And from the floor he says, as an overreaction if people are worried, they shouldn't be that's why we have state police there. They do. Find job went democrat walked out herself to protest Boca's presence without all the Democrats on the floor. They could lose priority bills under the state constitution. The legislature has until midnight tonight to finish their business. Anna churn for NPR news. I'm Lauren Dake. In Salem Oregon, the census bureau is facing a deadline to start printing twenty twenty cents as forms by tomorrow. NPR's Honsi Lewan has more. President Trump called for a census delay hours after the supreme court ruled to keep off forms for now this question is this person a citizen of the United States, Steve Choi heads when the challenges of that question, the New York immigration coalition? The court ruled that the citizenship question was not about whatever cockamamie reason, Donald Trump gave for the supreme court ruled then fact this citizenship question was a direct strike at big immigrant rich states like New York. The printing of one point five billion paper, census forms and other mailings was scheduled to start on Monday, census bureau officials have said that could be delayed until the end of October, but that would require additional resources and could jeopardize final sentence. Preparations on long news from New York. This is NPR news from Washington. Crowds carrying rainbow colors filled streets in New York City today for one of the biggest pride parades ever. The event marked the fiftieth anniversary of the infamous raid on the stonewall inn LGBTQ parades took place around the country today in San Francisco that parade was interrupted for about an hour by demonstrators protesting. Police presence, host Indian officials have condemned Trump administration officials for attending the dedication ceremony of an Israeli archaeological project in a Palestinian neighborhood of Jerusalem. And here's Daniel estrin has more. Israeli officials say they've excavated a pilgrimage route to the ancient Jewish temple from two thousand years ago, and it will later be open to tourists. The underground archaeological site lies beneath a Palestinian neighborhood at the center of the Israeli Palestinian battle for real estate in Jerusalem, the archaeological dig was sponsored by an Israeli group that also settles Jewish families in the Palestinian neighborhood. A liberal Israeli group says Palestinia. Ian homes above the dig suffered damage and some families had to leave their homes Palestinian officials called it a quote, racist, colonial settlement enterprise that seeks to turn the area Jewish White House Mideast peace on void Jason green Blatt said, archaeology points to ancient Jewish history and said, quote, stop pretending it isn't true. Daniel estrin NPR news Jerusalem, at the weekend box office Toy Story, four hung onto the top spot with an estimated fifty seven million dollars in its second weekend in second place, the horror film, Annabelle comes home debuted with twenty million dollars on Janine Herbst, and you're listening to NPR news from Washington. Support for this podcast and the following message come from frame bridge. They make custom framing easy and affordable frame. Your art in photos at frame bridge dot com or visit their new stores located on fourteenth street and Bethesda row. Get fifteen percent off your first frame bridge order with code NPR.

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