iBlackjack at the iCasino Penns Barstool app. Home Depots pimped dividend. Cheggs back-to-school bounce.


Nick this Jack and this is snacks daily. It is Wednesday August Nineteen Nicholas. It finally happened the SNP five, hundred, an all time record not too but small businesses are losing, right? Yes and big publicly traded businesses that are in the S. and P. Five hundred their win is painfully true and it's a painfully simple explanation, but we managed to make this our best snacks. Daily yet, Jack First story casinos are living in the blockbuster video era basic doesn't sound good but penn national gaming shares have doubled this year because it's turning casinos into net flicks for our second story. Since you TEMPIO CRIB MID pandemic, not bad home depot has become the exhibit of the Home Improvement Industry Great snacker. By the way we're looking at the upgrade it's made to. Its cash dividend for our third story just in time for back to school check is setting record sales in online textbook rental but the stock has doubled since it's not your textbook. Textbook Business. I love. What we did there now it's knackers before we jump into all that good stuff in May Jack Dorsey of twitter toll twitter employees they could work from home until the end of eternity. Then Mark Zuckerberg half sucked. The idea bass announcing that facebook would aim for fifty percent remote workforce long-term. Sucking up full second. So maybe you've had a work from home fantasy yourself out there thinking about instituting a strict no pants dress code for the whole office, little disclosure Jack and I wear shirts like a third of the podcast we actually record. You may even have stalled like a two hundred megabits per second download speed Wi fi for your backyard your life goal standing desk year at everyone has it. But Classic Amazon, it sees all of this movement towards a permanent work from home and it doesn't care get the. Jacket. I noticed that Amazon is adding physical offices in six cities. The opposite of work from home we're talking three thousand, five, hundred work from Work Amazon Corporate Jobs New York City Phoenix San Diego Denver Detroit and Dallas Congratulations Zuganov Amazon office. You'll get Neva's on office you'll get office one key we got to point out no perks Jeff Bezos does believe in like Free Greek yogurt handouts pays police in the Church of frugality so you're not getting any like Greek yogurt for bill yet work from home isn't a guarantee Starts. Daily. Rain Food Candy. Use robinhood family. Informational. Just so he get. Recommended, security it's not a research report or investment advice to offer or sale of security. Digestible Business News. Video. Financial LLC member. Less Abby C.. Four our first story, Penn National Gaming is getting Wall Street. Love even though it's casinos are dying because Wall Street thinks Penn is blockbuster, but it's turning into Netflix's knackers Jack and Chechen, snacks out earnings last quarter for Penn National Gaming. Very. Specific. Name. Fell because Penn has casinos not just in Pennsylvania Casinos in one thousand, nine, hundred different states somebody Ben Franklin he's passed spoiler alert here they were all closed in one, thousand, nine, hundred. That's right. All of Penn national game is casinos were closed the entire quarter that we're talking. So then minister to snag, it's off a two hundred and thirteen million dollar quarter billion dollar loss for the quarter contrary to our experience house doesn't always win a pair we don't perform well On. The table. Now, we don't know when Penn National Gaming's casinos will reopen, and that's a huge problem for the company. So then Jack and wondering why is Penn National Gaming stock at a record high up one hundred and eleven percent since the start of this year, it's a very simple ads are it's one word either three or four legs pens it's called Barstool simple furniture penned made a wicked investment in Boston born tabloid star Barstool just a little bit earlier this year this is. The Dunkin donuts of Sports Media Deborah. To Hazelnut the Cup Colada. Now, here's the idea behind Penn national gaming acquisition of Barstool which was announced in January hen wants a piece of the fast growing online sports betting industry and it just so turns out that barstools founders a guy named Dave Portnoy who speaks English with a Boston accent and speaks betting with a sports acts. Yes he does well put now barstool has given take and we're going around here a Jillion sports and culture podcast, and it's the number four ranked podcast publisher on her and it has hundreds of millions of people on social media who listened to everything Portnoy says. So Jacqueline you're noticing here is the epic. Collision of tech and media products collided Dave nor is about to tell all of barstools audience to download the Barstool brand new sports betting APP that's right. Penn calls this the best in class sports betting product ever launching September because again, they're heavily invested in Barstool they own the company right thirty, six percent of it now, and it could go up to fifty one percent. So starting this fall, all of Barstool podcast and blog posts are going to end with a very clear see ta for the You WanNa balance sports we just yelled each other for half an hour download the boss sportsbook APP put the money on it download cache APPs. Back every podcast is going to drive business to this brand new APP, which is controlled by Penn National, gaming work on and now. So Jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over at Penn National Gaming the future of casinos stocks isn't casinos it's I- casinos smackers you have heard a lot of buzz over the last couple years about legal sports, betting APPS like draftkings, and although investors think this is a megatrend that will result in the legalization of all betting at tons of. APP for everything that happens in casinos right now, which will increase the size of the market for sure because you can gamble from any again things that Jack and I are really bad playing at no evidence of this comes from Berry diller probably snacker who's the founder and CEO of a C- a company famous for investing in APPs is resume includes scaling Tinder Expedia, them, Yo, college humor which nick and I loved rumor odd traffic and invested pedia. These are all online businesses. All turns out this Barry Diller the port of digital media APPs invested a billion dollars through a sea into mgm resort the famous Casino in Vegas. Now this news does not mean that Barry diller is pivoting from APP stick casinos. It means he thinks casinos are becoming APPs. That's why he's invested slot machines. BLACKJACK craps all the other confusing stuff all from your phone while riding the subway that's his vision. Now, this long-term bet that Barry diller is making is a bet that. Casinos are kind of going to go the way of blockbuster they might go out of business. The casino stocks are now building the netflix's of gaming for the future and it starts with Penn National Gaming and the Barstool sports betting APP four our second story with American spending zero on entertainment fashion and leisure. You're spending thousands at home depot, pimp, Yo Crib. Yes. Has Home Depot at a record high stock price, and that's because staggers. This is a big box store that specializes. Literally specializes in big box. That's what they do. Make everything you buy depot comes in like an enormous box. You'd better have a pickup truck small were unfamiliar with that term Sir. Now, from May June and July you cancelled your vacation hated ended your gym membership finally because he can't even eat in buying new. Clothes whatever those look like and you didn't drop fifty bucks on Law Garden Kiani. Bucks. Instead, American spent all that saved money at home depot like Adirondack chairs, a hedge trimmer a Coleman Cooler must be nice. All that added up led to a twenty three percent sales jump over at home depot. That is who. For a company that already is worth three hundred billion dollars translation. That is thirty three lists. You could thirty three lifts in a single home depot translation. That's like a six foot dude who's in high school and then add eight more inches to his noggin. Derek Derek wasn't eating Derek a late growth spurt like that tends to just not happen. But here's the weird thing snappers the Stock Home Depot after they made this earnings announcement fell one percent after the call because the CEO stood in front of reporters after the earnings report. Yeah and he didn't look that excited now just not that much enthusiasm from this guy, it's like you just had a fantastic quarter. Can you give me a grin and what this CEO apparently is claiming the reason he's so down early signs that the spending boost home depot just got from stuck at home Americans. He doesn't think it's GONNA. Last think about this stimulus checks for twelve hundred bucks they already got spent. And thirty million families just recently lost their six hundred bucks a week. Extra unemployment benefits already pimped you home with the brushed brass sconces. You're not going in for a second round as concerts unless you got a second home to pam porches like rare must be nice. Now, a company like Home Depot is only as legit as last retained customer clorox also got a surge in sales. Thanks to the corona economy and they believe that cleaning behaviour like OCD like don't want to be near germs that is here to stay at home depot, thinks that those new floorboards just got we're just one off purchases. You're not coming back for more basically investors stock down because pimple crib like a wedding. Talking about this, you spend big ones and hopefully never again. So Jack what's the takeaway for buddies over at Home Depot Home Depot stock, which is ticker symbol hd is a profit puppy for shareholders. We're not talking about a home depot product being a prophet puppy we're talking about home depot the stock, and that's because we noticed one line and home depots earnings report. On September seventeenth, we are paying each shareholder of home depot a dollar fifty cents per share as a cash dividend. Let me know your vetnar county that is not just a one off. That is the. Hundred and thirty fourth straight quarter that Home Depot has paid a dividend to shareholders like a check from grandma on your birthday. But every three months now home depot's stock is hitting two hundred and eighty five dollars. It's up thirty percent this year it's a clear corona economy winner. That's one reason you might be pumped homedepot shareholder. But even if the stock hadn't rose this year, each share would have received six bucks in cash. Thanks to these quarterly dividend. Thanks to the dividend two percent return considering the stock price, which is in big but it's not nothing considering dividends. If the stock price didn't move, you'd get two percent return just from the dividend home depot is a profit puppy already today it just doesn't get as much future hype love as like Amazon does four our third and final story textbook legend check is soaring as the school year kicks off. You've racked up a decade of degrees you communicated they have a decade of acquisitions that are finally paying knackers. We have all been there jack the title principle foundations of Calculus volume six, edition five because addition for uses different numbers that example on page thirty, eight, C. You gotTA. By addition six and it's GONNA cost. You know roughly three hundred and forty six dollars and twenty six cents never around number these off textbooks. Jack what's the way to that text book? By the way? It's break your back because it's fourteen pounds i. hope you got a military grade backpack turn to chapter six in herniated disc along the way. Oh good news comes with a CD ROM in an online portal but don't worry you can offset the cost because you can sell back at the bookstore at the end of the semester for fifty bucks. The. Textbook. Industry makes. No Sense. So a couple of founders over at Iowa state came up with this idea for a company called Shag and these Iowa state cyclones must be English majors because. is a mash up of chicken and egg beautiful because which comes first the job or the education or is the education, and then the job their core business of check is selling or renting textbooks online for much cheaper than like the Middlebury College bookstores going to sell them for and the results are showing right now in the corona economy sixty, three percent surge in revenue from last year and the stock has doubled this year. But there was one number that Jack and I found way more fascinated. She doesn't just have customers. Now they announced a sixty percent jump in subscribers last. Quarter subscribers added more subscribers in the last three months than they didn't all of two thousand eighteen and these subscribers are paying twenty bucks a month for the net flicks of getting smart. That's right snacker. This company has made a decade's worth of acquisitions and it is finally paying off right now in twenty ten, their quired crame star, which sounds like my nickname in college but it's actually the original homework help or online. Then they snag Node Hall, the craigslist notes then this study blue, which is like convenient flash cards microphone, and then they grabbed a coding bootcamp because if you don't. Have a coding thing they know him gives you any credibility these days and thanks to that arsenal of ED tech companies they've acquired. They're now offering a subscription study pack for twenty bucks. This is an online tutor, lucious the toughest questions they got a mass already tool and it's all on subscription form. Basically, they're selling you the textbook and then they're selling you twenty bucks a month study pack to make sure you get a text book is always enough nineteen, ninety, five a month because venture capitalists won't talk to you unless guy subscription private now, the average American college student is not. What you're picturing in your head right now, the average college student in. America. Is Twenty five years old and nearly half of them are employed forty percent. It's not just the eighteen year old with the scarface poster and thought Father Poster so that everyone in the dorm knows how tough they are. No they're not going bankroll by parents. These are working adults who want to pay twenty bucks a month because they got to keep cost down and they gotta get some skills. They gotTA bring food home to kids at the table that's who is targeting. So Jack, what's the takeoff our buddies? Checks true value is that it owns the entire customer value chain smackers most platforms are just connected like a user with a service, their matches, basically, middleman airbnb they're pretty much cupid for like sweet pads for the weekend. They do not own that three-storey Malibu conduct just finding someone who wants it for we put. Owns everything that offers every part of the value chain transaction the lessons that quizzes the study guides, the distribution channel, and the data from all of its four million users. That is all check. The value for investors isn't just like one of these touch points. It's in all of this eeo calls this disproportionate value and Investors Agree Jack a whip of the takeaways force over there Penn National Gaming Casinos are closed, but it stock is at a record high investors don't care if Cassini's Greta business as long as pen moves gambling into its APP Home Depot. ONE LAST QUARTER AS AMERICANS TEMPIO next quarter it might not because you'll crib is already gotten pym. Third and final. Check is a Netflix. And like netflix zones, its original content check owned its original flash cards. Now time our snack back today this one tweeted in by Anka Anger Wall, and to messed up study from twenty sixteen. So apparently, genetic data like DNA in our good stuff they use acronyms because they're so tough to say case in Point Membrane Associated Ring C. H. Type Finger one, just get short into March one understandably Microsoft Excel accident I miss classifies that name as the date. The first day of March thought March one was marched the first. So the study looked at three, thousand, five, hundred, ninety. Seven published science papers and found that like a fifth of them were affected by those excel errors, science papers, kind of need excel. So scientists have recently renamed a whole bunch of human genes so that Microsoft Excel stops misreading them as date feels like the kind of thing you know apple wouldn't have messed up before we go snappers happy zero, birthday, Jack Arthur Brandenburg here's born yesterday Jack Arthur Brandenburg happy zero birthday happy first birthday to ran patella laugh Kansas, and so feed yearly in San Jose California. Nineteenth. On Staten Island Jody Louisville Kentucky Home of Mohammed Ali and Jordan Hormones in Charlotte North Carolina and congrats on the first day of business called the Davis Haruna. Jenny Gal got through turn off or she's employed in reading Pennsylvania show Chang's knackers. You look fantastic. Ask Your Friends H. Y. H. Y. S. D. Have you had your snacks day we'll see you tomorrow. This is Jack I own stack of Amazon if you know. 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