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and. We have some breaking news here on I. Take this morning the Indianapolis Colts closed their practice facility this morning after several members of their organization tested positive for coping nineteen the colts, they are scheduled home game Sunday against the bengals. When you don't. Tom Brady particularly has one more Dow, but this game is over l arises. Don't tell them the keys dog. It's always comforting when you have quarterback of our caliber Tom gotta be Tom I'm going to be somebody different I'm not playing against planning is news. Hello everybody. Good Morning. Welcome to I. Take on this Friday. I'm Charlie Arnold joined by Max. Kellerman. We have Stephen a Smith. All of us in. Studio. For. The first time in a while you were out in. La. Playoffs, how remind me I didn't want to be back I. Mean I. Had to go out to Los Angeles I had a lot of things going on, but I must confess to you and Max Kellerman. that. I took some time and I met with a psychologist. A therapist rather to help me get through the depression that had to that existed because the finals was between Miami and La and the Games are in Orlando. Coast to let. Therapy did you discover anything about yourself? I discovered that you know I have a problem and and problem is an addiction. To Los Angeles and to South beach the combination of the two I was devastated I was depressed went through his. Past this problem with the you know I had to come home and just spend time with loved ones, family members and my I take family hoping that the cure me and Max. I have to say he broke Mahar he wasn't here. Max in the Hamptons and he wasn't here. And that just. Left me all alone. You know. So I'm still recovering, but I'm getting there maximum getting they're. To getting help is realizing that you have a problem. So thank you so much for doing that guys one evening I think that will cheer you up this weekend that bad man Aaron Rodgers has taken the field this weekend against the box and what about this one is going to be the last time we saw Tom Brady we saw him finishing the game having lost track. Of downs on primetime ceiling lost the bears the bucks now sitting three two and top of the NFC south along with the saints meanwhile that Batman Aaron. Rodgers, and the packers are perfect for no coming off a bye week with rodgers playing out of his mind the only quarterback with the Qbr over ninety at ninety two point five. So CNA, whose performances this game going to be. More about Libya about Brady or about Roger going to be about Brady and the reason why I think the evidence is there that three and two on the season the two worst games that Brady had a two games they lost the first game, the season, and the one that they just lost last week. The reality of the situation is that outside of those two games where. Tom Brady completely like sixty three or sixty percent of his passes respectively lied about sixty five percent of his passes or better than the three consecutive victories that they had when this dude is clicking and he's and he looks like he's clicking and playing at an elite level somehow someway to Tampa Bay buccaneers find a way to win whether that's gets Carolina Denver or the Los Angeles. We've got to take that into consideration we also have to take. We also have a license if we want to take for granted the greatness of Arron Rogers, what we see from him is what we're seeing from him we. that. We will see that from him. So you SORTA anti what he's going to do what he's going to do. The question is what kind of answers the Tampa Bay buccaneers going to have a response to that Chris Godwin has missed three five games this season he's their playmaker at the Wide Receiver Position Mike Evans a stud it but basically he's open when he's not open, he's not a breakaway of player per se he makes tough things happened in the beneficial fashion you can sit up there draped all over him. You'll find a way to get a catcher. Jay Hammond. The OJ, how was the camera breaks and those boys? Same same thing even though it's not to that degree Chris got went is the break away do? Tom Brady has not been with that weapon and I don't think if I remember correctly, I'm not sure if he'll be back but not this week but in the end, what it comes down to is. Questionable. The success of the Tampa Bay buccaneers is going to be predicated on Tom. Brady we know whatever Roger's GonNa do. The question is will Tom Brady be up to the task of matching and don't forget Davante Adams? We'll be. Right Well. The story line you're absolutely right. You've identified the storyline heading into the game, but in terms of whose performance will actually determine the outcome of the game. Tom Brady as usual since he went down that ravine, Stephen Ravine and luckily. From far away. Turns out. It was just the Raviv. beetlejuice is I can't believe that he needs glasses. You talking about a clip to ravine you if anybody would not every improved the Clinton and. Barrage. Of Benach Yalies. Go ahead. Tom Brady as usual in the last couple of years. It's not that he can't make throws when you need them to he's surrounded by offense weapons even with the injuries that a couple of tight ends is going to have one of his stud receivers is writing a defense. He has a real good coach and the defense, and that's what the bucks are about the bucks if you had to say, what's the signature of the bucks so far? This year at Devon's pretty good. Aaron. Rodgers playing on a team and Aaron Jones has been excellent. But he's been playing on a team who's defense is closer to Seattle's than an elite defense. They're not only ben but not break now they bend in break points that is not a stud kind of defense. It is incumbent upon. Aaron Rodgers yes. He's getting Davante Adams back. Who knows if Davante Adams would be one hundred percent, but he hasn't had recently when he's finding receivers all over the field that no one has ever heard of. It it's like if you replaced Aaron Rodgers with just any old quarterback, Green Bay packers team wouldn't be anything. We won't be talking about the packers now this about arod Rodriguez, the Aaron Rodgers show floor looked when guys the reason those no-name receivers are making catches. It's not just that Rogers has always been more accurate than Brady's always at a better arm right? It's that he's scheming these guys open lot of open receivers. So I give credit where credit's due the floor it's always. The quarterback in the coach. But in terms of the players on the field Aaron, Rodgers play will determine the outcome of the game. He doesn't have anything else to rely on his running back, but it's really rogers. WHO's GonNa do it if you replace them with someone else the packers or maybe a five hundred team maybe not even Aaron Rodgers were talking about the super bowl. Well, we've see what the Tampa Bay buccaneers all without without Tom Brady I mean, we know that I mean. James Winston giving us new meaning if the thirty for thirty I mean thirty interceptions and thirty touchdowns and all this other stuff new meaning with but he'll be back. So he'll be back some day in the near future and I think he'll learn error of his ways. But in the end, what it comes down to this, what you're saying about an rises a good point but I piggyback off of your. Earlier point prior to that Max where you talk about this defense, it bends a lot. If you look at the Green Bay packers and what they do, you know what you can exploit the for some degree. It's not a horrible defense by stretching imagination. But in the same breath, you can exploit them and in the end by the way, devante Adams is not a no name he's not a scrub he can. He can bow vow scanlon he can ball he's not a scrub they've got. So they've got resumes that shows what they can bring to the table. So I, got to pay attention to that in a case of the Tampa Bay buccaneers we understand who Tom Brady is and a bottom line is is that when you look at Bruce Areas and the way he likes to air it out, he leaves on his quarterback. He's well, he was willing to take chances James Winston? You know he's willing to take those chances with Tom? Brady. which we have seen already. So as a result of that, that puts more of an onus on Tom Brady somewhat dictate the outcome. Again, we're not disagreeing with your points about Rogers. What we're doing is taking it for granted and saying, right How Tom Brady as motivated as he could be gestured the debacle last. And Nick foles beating again by making the place when he had to put his team and field goal range and then Tom Brady not able to make the please and making a mental thinking it's he had another down. After chewing out in the middle. Mitigate. Covers bed. And shoot out as offensive line. This will be a highly motivated Tom Brady who looks like he will have Mike Evans you will have to of his tight ends so I get that but that's what you're saying we can take for granted Aaron Rodgers, going to be superman but if Tom Brady is superman, they'll win oh I don't know about that I think is talk radio plays. The boots will win I. I'm just curious. Do you think because of the bye week that any of the momentum has been maybe paused a bit on the side of the packers? No no I think the practice will be ready I'm anticipating that they'll win this game. All I'm saying is that the Tampa Bay to have any kind of change any kind of changed Tom? Brady. got to show up because Rogers is going GONNA show up because even when he doesn't show up, he's still looks like a guy that showed up Ra case Qbr through four games in the history of Qbr absolutely you know who's third on that list Tom. Brady Tom Brady. Peyton manning because these teams have never met in the playoffs. The bucks right now are ranked fourth to make the playoffs in the NFC, the packers second. So maybe a little crazy on this game to the bucks or are home underdogs by a little bit and so be a good one. We're all going to be watching last week mark the sixth Annual Kpmg Women's PGA Championship. Golf Club in Newtown Square Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia as the first ever partnership between the LPGA tour the PGA of America and KPMG THE KPMG Women's Pga Championship. 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Lou, back in the driver's seat, having agreed to a five year deal to become the next head coach of the Clippers according to ESPN's Adrian Watson ASCII He is replacing Doc rivers who served as an assistant last season under which ended with the team of blowing a three to one lead in the Western Conference semifinals and losing the Nuggets Tyler who had tremendous success coaching Lebron James in Cleveland as we can all remember and now he has to very dominant superstars on his hands in Leonard and Paul George. So with that Stephen I ask you how do you think tyler should go about approaching the duo of PG and You gotta get. New. Face. You gotta get facing you gotTa demand by reminding them who the hell this supposed to be as opposed to focusing on who they are. Now, let me give you some background Max Kellerman and let's let's break this stuff down todd. Lou should have been the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers the Los Angeles Lakers. Essentially wanted to pick half the staff for him and obviously that was not a position that he respected. So he turned down that job frank. Vogel. Steps in and it turns out that Jeanie Buss Rob Pelinka made the right choice Frank Vogel who's a defensive minded guy acquiring Anthony Davis shortly after his arrival as head coach ended up delivering the championship major props to them, Lakers should be congratulated especially Jeanie Buss first female to do what she has done nominal. Okay. Now, we get to the clippers. Dot Rivers is a great coach. I don't believe that it was right that he was let go because of the pandemic stalling the season. Especially when Gaza didn't even WANNA come there. But nevertheless, you were there for seven years and you never got to a conference finals. So you're going to have a lot of people that don't make that argument especially at the end of the day when they were reporting in Orlando that you saw Guy Sorta rolling their eyes and being somewhat dismissive of him because they had heard his voice. So many times they need a new voice tie Lewis the new voice because Todd Lou does. Not Play Tyler, who is the person that will tell the Bron-. Shut the hell up. He's the person that will get in anybody's face. He's the kind of person that look at. Linnet it'd be like you'll menace man handle those excuse me excuse me this. Yeah. Understand you're going to be ready to the playoff average thirty eight, thirty, nine minutes Matt Waco Myth no gains the problem is he's the double negatives, but the problem is this. You missing, Games during the regular season, you missing practices so to chemistry and the cohesiveness that we need come playoff time, we don't ask how would I know it because I want a championship with a superstar i. kind of know these things a heated do that Paul George Star but this levels to this this superstar status that's not where you are. You could be there but here's some of the things that you need to do and you gotta get tougher. And you can't check out can't be overwhelmed. Epidemic and all the celebrities that are going on. You can't do that and when you do stuff like that, it's going to matriculate right on now to the rest of the team because any here's what it comes down to. There's a billionaire who's got a new arena where old L. A. Forum. Yeah. Right. Near will only former. Inglewood. They got huge expectations if they ask the fair weathered stepchild in La if they would outweigh before you know how it is. Now when Lebron and a house as the reigning defending champions, you have to have personal pry to a degree where you are answering Nicole Kawai limit the knock against him. Max was not that he wasn't a great play not he wasn't top-five we know we could do. Co. Island is considered relatively indifferent. He does his job. He does nothing to galvanize the folks and bring them together Paul George. One of the nicest due to the world. Maybe that just ain't his personality, but he's not accused of being indifferent kawais accused of being indifferent todd. Lou Ankle have that and that's why believe he's right coach the job outside of his basketball knowledge and his resume. In terms of how I agree with what you're saying in terms of how we should approach that do oh, look when you're Leonard when you're not vocal when you don't do things that you mentioned, you have to lead by example, which he almost always does but he had his game seven meltdown like secondhand fourth quarter game seventy went away. It's hard to lead by example I mean. When, you have to lead by example, you better show up answer the bell every single time Paul George is the issue. Let's be honest. That's the issue Paul George was not good enough in these playoffs and by the way all the hand wringing about Kawai and all that stuff. If Paul George winters played like an all star the playoffs they probably would have faced the Lakers and maybe giving them a good series but but he's not that's why he hasn't really been a superstar quite waiting for that to happen I think it's you know we're going to be waiting forever. It's just not quite who Paul Georgia's Paul George, an all star plus he's Not An MVP not a superstar but when was he closest to that and you brought it up the other day? Who'd you give credit for Paul George Best Season with okay. See it's Russell Westbrook. Right? He knew this guy has to be elevated and that's the real issue with the clippers right now they don't have a point guard. You think about Kawai Tony Parker, Kyle lowry won championships. They need a point guard who can create off the dribble create for his teammates a like Rondo for the Lakers. Even if you don't get to an MVP guy or super star guy a guy who can do do it when it county are considering Rhonda they should. Be Who who can organize that offense and put Paul George especially in positions to succeed Kawais, the type of dude for the most part, you can give him the ball and say take us there and he can go get his own shot and he can hit a shot can hit difficult shots and even better yet find easy shots, right? Paul. George in the play offs need Rondo type to get that done. So in terms of how Tai Lue handles that duo, I agree with you that could be as approach. But if I were Tyronn Lue I go to the Front office and say we need a point guard I like Patrick Beverley he's not. That kind of point guard they clearly need a point guard everybody knows it and Kawhi Leonard privately his climate for one. It's not that he wanted to get rid of Patrick Beverley but Patrick Beverley is basically a defensive ace who's to WHO's small and has to play shoot and play opposing God. So they need a point guard that can run a team could shoot Patrick Beverley defensive energizer bunny that comes off the bench and do it for you while clamoring for that but it's important to point this out. Max Kalemie, you got the greatest point guard in the world it pull Georgia's alone in the right corner and hits the side of the backboard while. While the Denver Nuggets on. One run at nothing an. An avalanche has weight and you follow it up with brick at the at the break. This nothing appoint got to do this. Now his whole kids the other part about. That I wanNA give to you. I'm GONNA hold wildland and more accountable than you. and. It's not just because the game seven. It's because since you are the face of the franchise and the leader of the franchise, right it's not enough for you to do your job. See when we talk about the greatness of Lebron James, this is where Lebron. James has a totally bona fide. He's totally justified and having an attitude with the world that doesn't appreciate this about him is great as he is. Max. Points this out. He does all he can't appeal out the greatness from others. Kowa this two words that have been used about him in different and selfish. They say the selfishness breeds from the difference the fact that you don't seem to prioritize galvanizing the folks around you means that essentially you're more concerned about you. Than anything let me let me just can't do. Go ahead. To do that, and that's what I wanted to let. Let me just say I appreciate that and real differences. Lebron has been the chosen one since he was identified as a basketball genius as a child right coup. Why is board man gets paid? Let me grab these rebound. So I can make the league they entered the with very in very different ways much less was expected of. Charlie's right. He's never going to have a personality transformation. He is who he is, but maybe it does need to be impressed upon. Kawai. Maybe Bhai. Tie Lou and by the way is become a much better passer but it's not even about the fact that Lebron's more of a point guard than Kawhi maybe it needs to be impressed upon Kawai. What needs to be higher for him in his list of priorities is bringing a team together in any way he would say this to you though. We have seen people throughout history have personality transplants at work. Personally, on a personal level, you are who you are. But when you show up to work those couple out, you can have an infusion of something. If you're convinced it works it's very chain. And his personal life I. Never talks to anyone he's buried withdrawn from what is the camera goes on hold. That's right now that's that's absolutely and I know it and we're both joking about it but I- shockingly I can be quiet sometimes but you certainly wouldn't know that when you're. Off. Trust me. How am I to have any? Do you on camera I got all of this off camera I know when to shut the hell up and chill out and be mellow natural born leader. That right but you got. This? You GotTa be you got your money if you've got the bag and you got the chips and you got the resume, you got care enough to sit up there and peel something out of other people. Yeah. So why has to do that Rondo and fix that? We'll see if title can fix that liberals believe he would. You lose resume speaks for himself on the wrong wrong when he? Finally Head coach. And a heated and at times downright ugly rivalry, it's going to take place Sunday as the foreign browns make their way to Pittsburgh to face the undefeated dealers. Baker Mayfield has been limited in practice this week with swore ribs it's injury happening last week's victory over the colts the browns they're now tasked with slowing down Big Ben. Rothlisberger was playing with total command of his offense after sitting out only the whole season except where six quarters last year. So a couple more things that I want to add I also WANNA welcome and Ryan Clark to the conversation here Ryan how you doing. So good. So a couple of things to add the browns currently do have sixteen game losing streak in Pittsburgh also something to add Odell Beckham. Junior. was sent home yesterday from practice he wasn't feeling great justice as. It takes about A. Negative cove in one, thousand nine. So he should be good to go on Sunday. So. Let me with you. To have the best games big Ben or Baker. Mayfield. It's actually Ben. Rothlisberger The steelers don't have equality win yet. They're undefeated and win is a win right. But if you're breaking down your analyzing power rankings or whatever who if they beaten, that's any good grounds are pretty good. They're going to have to beat a pretty good team and Baker needs to play. Well, I'll leave that for you Stephen A. But the main thing about them with Baker is don't let them play too much. Don't leave it up to bigger protect them a little bit right. So they can run the ball and even with no nick, trump Kareem hunt is. Damn. Good And myles Garrett get stripped sacks and stuff like that. Big Ben's good like they haven't. They have a defense obviously in Pittsburgh and they can run the ball was connor but clay who Juju Smith Schuster remember when we were like, Stephen I'll give you credit like we know of Judaism number one. It looks like a number one to make. Actually without a B, he wanted a number one. Let's honest. He needs another guy on the other side who can really play to bring out the best in him. He has that incapable now. But. Someone's got to get the or plastic. That's right against against a defense that can force turnovers and get to the quarterback. Someone's going to have to get those guys the ball it's not gonNA be rolling over an easy team here. It's not the same old browns coming to town then Rothlisburger I. Commend Him. He came back after a catastrophic injury with a lot of time off he's looked excellent so far but. Against, very. Limited opposition he has to be excellent against a good opponent now for the steelers to win this game, I, disagree with you, I think the more the person that has to have the better game as Baker Mayfield. But before I say all of that Ryan Clark, can you help me out here? Who was the idiot Cleveland Brown? That talked about this is the myles Garrett game. Is A game like Karima. Just idiot I'm not calling him an idiot. That's an idiotic statements. Listen myles Garrett sits up gets himself suspended for the rest of the season because snatching a quarterback's helmet to knock him upside the head or trying to knock him upside the head with we try to move past. You remind the world of that. Now how intelligent deck? That's just dumb. Well, there's a reason his on the browns now and still oxygen. I mean that's just dumb. Okay. You sit up there remind the world that we talk to move pass it just think about football opponents going at one another and this guy brings it up light Mas Derek victim like myles Garrett was a victim stop it. Okay. That's number one number two. Here's the deal about Baker. Mayfield, and we have to accept this Baker Mayfield is not the reason to Cleveland, browns. Have won four straight. Kareem. Do that agile mortified carry nick prior to that I'm sorry Ashburton. Damn. Near six yards carry Beckham junior job is legend. He's what mean Kevin Stefanski make sure that Baker Mayfield ain't throwing the damn. Day think of intuitive wins Baker Mayfield. Completed Sixteen of Twenty three of his passes that sixty nine point fifty, seven percent. Okay. They want both gate then they had to throw the ball against Dallas thirty tar. Focused their. Students. The percentage dropped and then they had throat. Tom Last week. About fifty, six percent of the more Baker Mayfield throws the. Day Joe Losing. The Damn game it's. Not a good thing. Why is that relevant? You're proven my point why is that relevant because the steelers have the number two ranked defense against the run? Okay in order to beat them, you need to throw the football and that would mean that Baker Mayfield got the cell up got to step up because the one thing still is GonNa do is let Kareem Hunt or antibiotic from that back deal beat them. They're going to make you roll the ball, beat them through to take them. And that means Baker Mayfield is gonNA. Show up in order for them to pull that off and less Kevin's defence all of a sudden. It has Odell Beckham Junior and Jarvis Landry. Throwing pass on flickers and stuff like can throw now I know they can throw but I'm just saying. Or something like that off rather than a Baker Mayfield go hey ryan. Listen. I. Thank you. Both make good arguments. Steven A. You were kind of Max argument. Then you came back and brought it together. That's why you're great on TV. But I'M GONNA have to agree with Max here to me. It's been rothlisburger and I think for many of the reasons Max mentioned but also because of this ben hasn't necessarily played great, he hasn't been that pro bowl form of the form. We saw him in two thousand and eighteen before he left but he's coming alone. He's also on a team that depends on him much more than the Cleveland browns depend on Baker Mayfield you said it right about me field Steven Kevin Defence number one job is to manage Baker Mayfield to Kevin's. Kirk cousins is Bacon made Breaker Mayfield and that's what he's done. He knows how to win games without allowing Baker Mayfield to play quarterback. We watched him to do that against the Indianapolis Colts and early on in the first half, he was trying to throw interceptions and then in the second half he did. But let's look at the Pittsburgh steelers. In the way they play offense whether it's Juju, Smith Schuster Chase Klay Pool Deontay, Johnson, they want to run through bid Rothlisburger, Eric Bryan in radio, and so what that tells me is you have myles Garrett who'll be hunting Ben Rothlisberger all game don't worry about the fight don't worry about stuff with Mason Rudolph worrying about the way that you are going to him because Ben Rothlisberger is the reason that you win this game defensively they headed stopped people defensively they haven't. Turned the ball over like they did last year and go back to the colts game last week Stephen. The coats are very good defense to the coats were very good against Roy and Kareem Hunt deering Johnson dot show here those guys have been able to turn out yards in spite I mean with nick choke sideline. So I think for this Cleveland Browns, you stick to the same thing you always do you run and run and run and go over the top but Ben Rothlisberger has to lead the Pittsburgh steelers. First of all, you're wrong and I know you know football you forgotten more than. But you are wrong but it's not. Me That is not what bothers me are about what you said it's not that you're raw. Desperate but. You are A. Champion. Law. Because you will play defense for Pittsburgh's Taylor tape that didn't allow people to run on them. I. Just highlight the you out of steel it's up. To In the entire. Against the run with me in order to beat them, you have to have and you. And you just send up to. Cleveland listen what you gotTa do what's been working for you run the football football when no one runs on this Berg if you're. You statement. Gold water, black, and gold you want to sit. Around with a goat with ring what a ring because of that branch Dot Yuko sit up. At big. Well. How could you make? Better than this. So May. Still listen you're trading the steel city, you're betraying them you. WanNa take. Here's the thing. Here's the thing Baker Mayfield. Big. Because they are good against the run or does he just have to get the ball to owed Dell and have all? You guys. Because Odell catching eight your pass and take it to the right which means you've got a better chance of getting the ball to Dell giving it to Kareem. Meeting. Dao playing well. Stephen we were missing is this though the run game is going to lead to whatever the Cleveland browns do Baker Mayfield doesn't have to play well, the Cleveland browns have to play well around Baker Mayfield because that's the way they want gains if Ben Rothlisberger. Does Not show up if been rob Burgers does not play great against the Cleveland browns protect the football score points push the ball down the field the Cleveland. Browns. Game and will win game. Nothing. Lebron. That they're not going to be. PART ARE NOT GONNA Do what they're supposed to do. Committee Bill To throw a football. The steelers not. Teams. Worse. When we but that's why I'm picking the steelers to win the game here but I'm saying, does it have to throw the ball down the field thread the needle as I said, you can throw a little pass to Odell Odell can make things. I I didn't get particular about what kind of Andrew. Most, but then on its maximum right here. So. We have to go over twenty three. Still, make any over twenty three and throws they lose the Game Jay. Van What did I stutter traveling? Turnover battle. In clear literally. In clear in the Hey. Ryan let's listen. Pittsburgh. Sixteen straight losses in Pittsburgh Well Ben Rothlisberger against Cleveland all career twenty-three to in one. Against Them. Never lost against Cleveland at home. OBE everyone's ready for this huge matchup Tamar one of the best pound for pound champions and Basilica Chango going up against a rising star in a female Lopez and we would like to now welcome in boxing analysts also good friend of the show Teddy Atlas help breakdown this upcoming fight this weekend teddy how you doing today. Good how you doing when the only thing I look forward to more than a fight like this having cheeseburgers with my Two guys back. Charlie nothing could be better before I got paid to debate with. Stephen A my first job professional job on TV in ninety eight going back twenty two years was arguing boxing with Teddy Atlas. The Guy. The Guy who has to argue with Teddy Atlas and. His. Declaration Max just admitted on national television. He hasn't won a debate in nearly a quarter. So. Let's go. To capitol. because. I WanNa know what challenge lies ahead for Lopez this upcoming weekend. Will challenge to challenge of fighting the for me my summation, the pound for pound bus fighter in the world. The Hembo Crawford you choose it. It doesn't matter. You could flip flop either one of them. They're the two top guys to challenges to get his bomb to the target yet like custom out on my mother used to say you know teddy haven't powers great. What if you don't have a means to get it to the target? It has no value. It's like a military weapon uses site. If you don't have a missile, it just pulls up and makes a big hole in the ground. So that's the challenge get it to. The talking get into the Chen or the body is might be a good idea where the guy who moves dead so much but get it to the target with low tranquil when he's in the of target and when he makes you miss is coming right back and he talked to knew something. So keeping together mentally with with all that going on with all the chaos stop coming at you and don't get discard go get frustrated every he's hard to hit I was looking for that because I needed intensity when you come up. With flat to see it. Let me ask you this question. I listen to you on get up this morning and I liked the prediction about Lohman Chanko by decision. But I'm saying this, it's one or the other to me. I think tank. O by decision. Or Lopez by knocked out like the seventh or eighth round just catches them when you think about Lopez and what you what seen even though he's had more fight for just as many fights. Islamic takeaways at this point do you expect experience to be an issue in this file? In better. be of woman ankles, GonNa win it better be. I mean, otherwise you go with Youth and power punches though now may on and this Guy Mopus was born to bunch and he's got one other phone, Stephen and Max. He might be a pack, Yell Lopez in away that power in either hand, but his closing step his ability to. You know kind of like an athlete in football basketball any those sports where it's not about one of the forty it's about the quickness is about the. The birth he's got that birth not everybody's got that birth where he can be turned out of rage and then right he's enraged she's right on top of that is the thing that's so dangerous about Lopez. How Fares he can close that gap. So Yeah, Lo and Jacob better uses and spirits, and there's no margin Farah none. So he's going to have to really be at his best at thirty two years of age and you know what? I don't judge fighters chronologically I jugs as like a car how many miles does it have on it? You know it's not a matter of how old it is. Miles on the old Domina of Lohan. Juggle four hundred amateur fights. I. Don't get hit much but he's been hit he and lately he's started show that maybe May and I love them. But maybe he thought foot chatel just a little bit he got dropped by is a couple of weeks ago and he got he got shaken a little bit by Campbell and I want to talk about first of all four hundred amateur fights one loss any event that lost twice in the amateurs anyone two gold medals it's ridiculous but Luke Campbell Norris show you that. Not, really a lightweight Tayo, female Lopez easy to root for these these terrific fighter and a great kid easy to root for. is a really more like junior welterweight fighting lightweight. Check featherweight junior lightweight moving up lenora Campbell by the way Campbell a gold medalist and Lenore is an excellent fighter they bothered. More than these normally bothered their range ear kind of fighters they have heighten reach that's not a feeble but low chant goes complimented females IQ teddy how female us that boxing Iq to help him deliver that power. With faints. If he does cold punches and you're on the right track back. You're more than just a guy that eats a cheeseburger well. Definitely. On the right track you you can't vote cold punches at a magician at a guy that becomes a ghost in you're gonNA miss and you're gonNA miss you're GONNA get counted. You've faded a little bit get him to make his move prematurely a little a splint Michael second sooner that he intended to a little faint he moved by then you for your time. That's what you gotTA. Do you gotTA BE SMART? You have to elevate as your touch on new cerebral game where you're doing At the top of your game where you're not just going in there and trump and budgets you do that you get taken apart by tangle. Steady. Lopez have to catch Lohman Chanko or do you think he has the skills necessary to them and beat them down because he's the bigger fighter with the bigger punch? You know that's a great question. Stephen and I'm going to say that every just going in there. To Mall Them. Well, then he's going to be missing. Because Norman doesn't get more. He's got the best legs in a business not only does he have the best head moment the best legs his father when he was young men him do something and feel like do you guys wouldn't have wanted to do it? He made him stop boxing and take dance lessons. And that's what made him do. I Dunno Max. You take sides since when you Don't want to take. I. Know he's taking dance last he dances I'd say, Hey. What he's. He's Yes. Dancer but. Listen Lohman shared goal Stephen, does it give more so of the attitudes to Mowlem well, that is going to be missing is going to get out box that was going to happen but to your question. If he wants to be able to bounce alone struggle to be able to play A. Game of be able to do more than just go out there, and we'll go out there and have to knock them out. I think somewhere along the line, he's got hurt Loehmann's changle and reverse the roles flipped descript way gets low and Chango to have to take chances not counterpoint so much to have to take the risk a little bit and then. Both Lopez gets a chance to show his other boxing skills but I think he's got a hurt him. In order to do that petty I look at a fight like this. Big. Favorite, he's a three to four two one favourite because he's so supremely skinner than I think I'll tell you the truth. The danger is dangerous dangerous. For. Boxing history and I think about some fighters. Guys quit proud champions like Gandhi Al, war or Nicholas Walters the men a lot of guys will just like before the avalanche came I don't take this beating it's about to happen they quit I don't see. Te'o. Is that Kinda? Guy One you have match ups like this one of two things can happen if the older guy schools the younger guy, it can ruin the younger guy or the younger guy can. Come out of it better because he went to school on the Guy I, think of like even Alexis Arguello beating up boom boom Mancini Mancini afterwards took a beating, but he came out of it probably a better fighter if that starts to happen to Fem- Oh, do you think that a fight like this can make him better or is he being rushed and it can ruin him if he gets outbox thoroughly. and. It's a great point to Max and you're very true history has proven to be true. They're all fights VAT of fighter will lose on his way up and it will make a better fight ahead get to that big fight head lose it competitively won't get blown out of the water and gained things to tools the mental and physical tools that he needs to get to the next level to really the the thing you're really talking about is. To learn, you could depend on yourself to learn. Gibb belong. A lot of people don't understand they said vitamin you. Re Blooms. They don't know until they know. If they belong at that level and Max you right on the button that's what you gotta learn. But I'm GonNa take you back a minute Max and I think you're on the right track one, hundred percent but I think Lomo I think that Lopez already had that lesson against the Japanese fighter of to go you know he he didn't look great. He went twelve rounds everyone thought he was going to blow them out like it was blowing. Everyone else out I. think that that that's the reason I think he has a chance against Chang without that fight I don't think he would've maybe looked as good against call me as he did he was sensational and I don't think he'd have a chance in this fight with low and changle but he does because he went through the process you describe and you described to beautifully but he went through that process with the Japanese fighter where. He could go the distance he yeah he goes go the distance and he learned good depend on himself. He learned that what he didn't hurt somebody didn't somebody out. He could still he could still win. He could still he could still be there what he needed to do as a fighter he could still behave. Like a fighter he learned that against the Japanese fighter and I'm thinking that lesson now into this fight. Yet will no doubt a very big night for both of these fighters will be very interesting to see who comes out on top Loma Chango. Lopez tomorrow night on ESPN. Got It. Then I'll be looking for teddy afterwards to. See You tomorrow, Twentieth.

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