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If you're an author or plan to be one get excited because this podcast is for you book marketing mentor is the only podcast dedicated to helping you successfully market and sell your book. If you're ready for him, powering conversations with successful marketing, mavens, then grab coffee or tea, and listen to your host, international bestselling author Susan Freedman. Welcome to marketing mentors that we keep podcast where you learn proven strategies tools ideas and tips from the most as every week, I into juice, you to a marketing Mazda will shed their expertise to help you market and some will books today. My special guest is a marketing expert as president of make it so marketing Tina Lissa so bored transforms business books into Amazon Sally since two thousand and three business also have turned to hurt to help spread the word about that new books and grow that business. She's over twenty years experience in the publishing industry covering marketing sales distribution and publicity. She successfully managed campaigns in the fields of sales marketing leaderships business consulting motivation. She's known for keeping complex campaigns on track and getting. Results. What an honor it is to welcome you back to the show. We had a few weeks ago. So thank you for coming back and being this week guest, next, but and mental absolutely. It's a pleasure to talk with you again. So Tina lost time we talk about promoting your book, and we did touch on Amazon. But I know that you have got such expertise in setting up pages and helping authors do what they need to do to really be fought the presence on Amazon. So let's get in and talk about that. And what they have to do and how they do it. Sure. Great. I think Amazon, it's something that you have to reckon with, because it's our biggest avenue for selling books, and especially for selling books online, which is critical. And if you're looking to build an audience, and you wanna Bill. Your own online, audience, you need to be selling Amazon. The reality is people are comfortable buying from Amazon. They're much more comfortable buying from Amazon than your little shop card. So it makes a lot of sense to just drive the traffic there. And the more sales. Amazon, the more you're going to show up in search rankings and show up when people are doing searches for a book on your topic. So it's critical that when they do get there are I show, we talked about how you can drive people to the Amazon page. We really wanna talk about how that can look good when they get there. It's kind of like having you bought a new house. You're going to have a housewarming. There's a lotta stuff you have to do in home to make it friendly and clean and happy and warm and bright and food and drink, and all that stuff to have a nice house warming when you're going to do a launch on book, you need to treat your Amazon page like that home, you need to make it look welcoming. And there's a lot of. As to do that. So first off, I would say to these thing to do is really to look at competitors foot or your idol in your subject matter looking their book. I'm looking right now at one of my author's books and he's a best selling author in sales arena. And if you look at his page which shows us a along formation first thing that we see is the title when the book came out his name. I knew this when they show your name as the author, it's blue highlighted so that, you know, it's a link to the authors page, you wanna make sure you're filling out your author page, that's kind of a given with any books that you've written any information on you, there's bio on, you have video people can follow you can have a link to your website. So that's how you make that connection between somebody looking at you on Amazon and also your own business, or your website and perhaps get them in. Into your newsletter and so forth. Communicate with there's a lot that can be done just in that berry, beginning of looking at Amazon page, the Cochabamba that hate because I know that is all this some things that are all too should be doing to maximize that such took to us about the oils of page, your author pysche. The most important thing is to have nearby on which shows on the left hand side. They're also going to show all your books that you've authored in, if you only have one gonna show one that's fine. They'll also be able to show videos that you're uploading, or in blogs, if you're linking to that on your author page, so that's just giving more and more information about MU and you thought later which is really nice. We wanna do that we went to kind of fill out all the boxes on this page as much as. Possible. So people will see that you are somebody to be reckoned with when you'll notice if you're looking on say, your, your idols author page when you scroll down on the left hand side, you'd rather wonderful bio, and be sure makes this bio, really sing as far as who you are in your field, as opposed to just the kinds of things you do. But how you're standing in the world. Like, for instance, this gentlemen says how many people are reading law because it's over eighty thousand people and he's been named an influential person in his field. One of the top twenty five those types of things that you want to show. If you have anything like that credits that kind of thing, even essentially education depends on your field. If you look at your bio on this author towards the bottom about left hand call, it will say something like arguing author, helpless, improver, author, pages by updating information. So you learn more at author central author sense. Is really your place to go and play, and learn more about specifically how to do this stuff that's the great thing about Amazon? There's tons of to'real there's tons of human as they are definitely not about eight hundred number where you can call people that's not going to happen. It's very hard to even get E mail from people at Amazon, but they have a ton of QNA's. So when you go to author central that will help you with doing your author page, and also doing your book page, the so that's new help keep that in mind, the author central. That's what you would go and upload your book. Is that correct, right? I'll give you the information on how to do that. Because you is the author. You have the ability to go on this page in make changes your publishers by letting you do that for any reason if you're the big, New York publisher, probably not doing that in you have to work through your editor on that. But most of their publishers you're able to do that. It's easy. But it's just a matter of kind of looking through and walking your way through it. And if you get stuck on something you go to author central into a search on how to do whatever the things that you wanna focus on our herself. Sometimes this page, you may have. Oh coming out. You may have gotten your is the numbers. You've created your title all information. It's showing up books brench, which is kind of the bible of all the books they're coming out or come out and that will times populate announce on page, and you may not even realize that yearbook may already be on on, and you wanna look at that, and then you wanna step page because people could be seeing mostly people in the book industry, but I get closer. You know, you wanna make sure that information's cracks and then it's complete. So let's talk about the different sections, the very first section you're going to see is the description section where they're talking about the book itself a lot. Times people take the back cover from the book and put up there. Now all you have or endorsement quotes on about over of your book and a little bio about you. Neither of those things belong there. So you really need to do is to raise the marketing copy. And if you're not good at that you need to get somebody who is I certainly have done that for my clients, it makes a big difference when someone else takes a look at it. But how did you get your? Hey JR is written for your website. You know, you need to look at it from that perspective is this description is really brochure for the book, and it needs to give people, some bullet points what it's about what they're going to gain from it. And also, you need to speaking directly to the types of people who are the audience or such talking about small business owners or solo for north unity using those words in this description. So it's calling them out. No go, I'm reading this y'all. That's written for me. I need to keep reading. Find out more about that description that's a critical part because it shows up on the above the fold. Hey JR of the Amazon. Hey jr. You don't have to scroll down to rated. You do probably have to read. More is a little remorse. Read less seeing a whole scripture, but you wanna make sure the beginning release things because they're seeing that at the top when they went on the page, that's just gonna grab them on your book cover. That's what's gonna grab them left of that description. You're seeing cover art, and you're also seeing something on most books are already polish. You see something called look inside, which is you a glimpse at the first several pages of the book, maybe just a random sample within it or the intro chapter alum kinds of things rotate. If you go back and look at again, you may see from pages. So the look insider, the search inside feature as used to be called is really important for people to figure out whether they want the book. It's like when you're going to the national book story take a book off the shelf. What do you know she knows the spine the cover in the new open up and you page through it a little bit? The see if this is written for you. And if you like it nece look at the table of contents. That's a look inside does so be sure to submit your book or the look inside or search inside feature. That they would find on the oil through central is that if you go to author central, you'll see information on how to applaud that. And what kind of file you need in that kind of thing, if you have somebody who laid out the book they may be a better to do that for you? If you're not real technical, but that's where you get the instructions for that. And it also takes a certain period of time. That's one of the things you wanna look at in advance of releasing the book. Ondrej because I know the importance of Johndroe in terms of getting classified in section where you have. To be more of a best seller, because you're sort of a niche area talk to about high you find the right Jonkers for yourself. If you look down on page their product details about the book you'll see gives the basics you wanna make sure you have all this permission fell out. You know how many pages, who the publisher is when it came out, or when it's scheduled to come out the ISP n numbers helping the book is how much ways Hudson reviews is something that will talk about, but that's that into this Amazon. The seller rank Ben shows up, how many it is in all of the books on Amazon, which in your case when you're starting out could be pretty scary high member. But below that if you're looking at the Amazon paste, like I said justed you're looking at your your hero in your field. You're looking at one of their popular books. You'll notice they have rankings in specific sections, usually there's two of them. And in this case this gentleman as a sales marketing experts. So he's got a ranking in books. Listen money section further subdivided to marketing and sales than it subdivided into sales in selling an his next one subdivide similarly, but it goes from books visits in money to specifically marketing sales and marketing he showing up in the prime categories for him of sales, and selling and marketing, a naturally critical for his book, because that's what it's about. And that's what he's expert in. Those are the things you wanna be doing to tag, your book and just show it. So it'll show up in those categories or suggesting those categories that's really important people will look for things that are in those categories and shows up the way that you get specific ranking, though, is the Huzzah of how many books, you're selling that you're showing up in a good ranking among all the books that are in marketing, for instance marketing so big Lita. Apps. So cake sales is so big. I mean you don't stand a chance against so many of the people so dividing up into those small sections gives you much more opportunity to be seen in that marketplace. Is that correct? Right. Inferences sales in selling these categories for him because they further subdivide from there you can go for marketing sales, too sales selling anything it's sales management, would, for instance be one of those or telemarketing. And if you're, we're about phone sales, which I've helped authors who had looks like that. That's definitely what they wanna tag because they want people to realize, hey, if you wanna book on phone sales, look mine. The more specific the better in terms of showing up in a ranking also helping people to find the right book for this Jomon kind of it's almost more like, yeah, I made it in a big category. As opposed to something more subdivide. Vetted really assess what you books about. That's good for you. And I think if you're starting out with your first, or second book or really tackling Amazon for the first time to get those types of rankings this fabulous. And that's what I focus my business on how to get that one of the things is tagging it in the first place and being specific about it to do that. But then also beefing up the page in driving, traffic to the page which we talked about in our other segment, Stoker bell reviews because that's something that people get very hung up about, it's like how can I get reviews because obviously, a mole reviews, especially if they of verified purchases, I believe that is for us to Chris about. Not sure there's tutor for things happening reviews, you'll notice when you scroll down, Amazon page, they'll show you. Whole bunch of other books, you might wanna get. And then below that there's aditorial reviews where you'll see review in it's usually something like praised for this title, title's name, and then they're all kinds of reviews that the offer has gotten previous publishing a book. These are what we call endorsements for a book, these types of things you would see on the back cover book or on the front, cover of a book, there from people who are colleagues of the author, somebody who is also writing books, that reach this audience or similar audience, so their their, their cohorts, if you like their books, you might like this book type of thing you need to get those and potentially with your publisher, also getting some of those, they may know some people, but that's a whole thing that you have to work on as far as getting endorsements. Let us help. People with that. How do you get endorsements? You basically ask make it hit list, and ask people you mostly things by Email. Now, never send somebody the book as an attachment because they'll never open Email. It'll end up in their spam with some, the relationship Email saying, your big fan of whatever they wrote, and Wia love them and follow them. And you've written a book on this topic and you'd love to have take a look at it. They like it appreciate their endorsement, and then the reply back to you. But that's the basics on how to get endorsed, I work with people to do that, if they need that in their prison their book, but below that you'd have your about the author bio again, that's at a tower reviews. You can also have something if you get reviews in Qurqus, or any other type of publication at specifically reviewing books, those would be put in there, but it also could be a review from somebody who is. Client of yours. But alumni times you want those to be more household name types of companies so that it makes sense why they're reviewing it or the person gets oh with this person, the Joan from Sophos, for instance, if you're writing a book for CEO's while he'd be a great endorsement now endorsements versus reviews, which are way up at the top on Amazon. You'll notice those stars right below the title of the book says by the author name and then you've got three stars four stars five stars. You're looking five stars up there, hopefully in issues head on reviews. I take a look at an author in wanna see how their books doing look at the rankings. Look at this advice, e have seven reviews or no reviews. I wonder what's going on, if they have no reviews I figure the book hasn't come out, yet you can't get reviews until the books published literally cannot be putting your book on Amazon. Page, you know as a person who's reviewing it until the book's been published, or an additional that has been published. So there's a few things you can do to make swerve. If you have a publication date, say you coming out able I with your heart cover soft cover of your book, but you wanna do book launch, and you want people to be driven to this sincere. This book, gimme a couple days before you actually do your launch the all year reviews show up April, first, you can start asking everybody to do the reviews. There's another should he little thing you can do and she could actually come up with an audiobook version of, of your book and have that come out, sooner and that way, you're getting reviews on it, and they're all showing up on the same as your hard cover soft cover page, or your kindle version of the book. But somebody to consider a lot of people will do something like a ninety nine cent copy of the audio version. And that's a great way of getting people to go by the book in the ninety nine cents audio version, and then have you asked them for review? So what you would be doing is going to your close friends, and your family and asking them to review the book you ask your beta readers. You Asher close colleagues in a lotta time shift people reading the book to give you a to'real notes before it goes out, those people, you definitely want them to be reviewing the book for you. They're already invested in it. Make sure that when you ask people to do this, you'll be sending them an Email. It's probably the same thing send everybody. Hey, I'm very excited. My book is, you know, ready to come out on Amazon or ready to release the book in April I could really use some reviews. I the big saver to ask you, would you please go here and review? The book is a variation on this. You can say, hey, would you please? Go here. And by the audio version, it's on sale now for only ninety nine cents. Be really helpful beyond sale. All this week, the publisher will will say Kayla stupid nine cents version for this week in, then you get all your reviews and it helps through sales and they can post a review for you. It's really, really critical. Yes. No great question, less time. We lost his new set any mistakes people making I love asking that question mistake, people make masks for reviews is they don't tell their friends not to say their friends in their review. It's important, you don't do that, because you'll get flagged and reviewed clinical out, and then you're kind of like the poster child for. Maybe you've got a illegal review thing going on where people manufacturing, these, and you don't wanna go there you don't ask your close. Friends, your family. Your beta readers your close colleagues people that, you know, they will host to review. You can send them a PDF. Qaba. You can ask them to buy the night sent audio was into it wanted people will do that, not even read it, and they'll go poster review for because they like you. And that's fine, make sure you warn them not to say that your friends related or whatever, because that will get the review flagged. It's mostly a Hank. Jimmy favor at really appreciated and then give them what they need to do that. Whether it's tedious, or is the link to the page. That's a really critical thing. Don't ever expect. Somebody just go to Amazon find Juba. It's kind of rude. Tell me about you meant to cook a hernia, and I know that that's a paid for review. What you'll soul sawn paying for those of us on a big proponent of people basically paying for anything. I don't see how that really helps I think maybe you were writing fiction, I think purposes, possibly worth it or other reviews worth, it is you don't have him, but I mostly deal with business authors. And my feeling is this. You've been in business for a while. If you're writing a book you have in network with people that you built a business with and you should rely on them to sell your book. And that's what my business Zola that way, you're not relying on hoping spending money with few are Tope. You're going to get covered someplace or spend money trying to get repaid reviews or to spend money on advertising. Hoping that's going to sell book. That's a really small return. A book sale is of very small turns actually be spending money on. I'm all about blood verging other people's audiences in order to boost your book and to Mr. business. I'm not a fan of. And we talk about. Light era that Amazon is a shop window. A Yukon expect Amazon's do the marketing and sales full you. And I think so many people think that oh, I'm going to be on Amazon and Sutton. I'm gonna be marketed. I'm gonna sell millions of books. Some that just isn't the case. So you've got a rinky poll to the window. Sales. Peggy. Hoping this is still true, but, you know where it says, frequently bought together, I think you can actually pay for that to get that, if you want to, I don't think that's worth it for most authors aren't a big time author who are selling a ton of books, I think most authors who you have a book out, because you want to promote yourself in your business. What you do you wanna show yourself as an expert you wanna get your permission out there? You wanna have his calling card, you wanna be a published author because it raises your denzel's. I don't think it's worth it to be spending. A lot of money on Amazon, essentially, pushing the book, I think there's other ways to do it, which is use other people's lists to derive people to this page to get them to buy it. Have them recommended review it so they'll be interested in reading it. You're the you can do though. That could be fun for you is trying to see if they have on this page on always see it. But oh. It's way down at the bottom of book page set up an Amazon giveaway. Amazon allows you to run promotional giveaways to create buzz reward. You're on inside attract new followers in customers. Learn about you can do giveaways all kinds of province on Amazon. You can certainly do them with books can run a giveaway to your audience. You could run it to if you're on a podcast. Hello, you can do give away for your book for them. You can also just give books to the podcast, author, tell them that you'll send to their listeners, if you know, the third call or whatever kind of things there's ways to June that to get book in hands to give to essentially promoted, using Amazon, wave it isn't necessarily costing money. They give away is not a big Haast says something to think about now. I think that's really important to know you know, what would be cost-effective in terms of, you know, where you put your money because yet very easy. Easy to. But a whole lot of money in two things that are not gonna pay off for you. You really have to think about how much is this book the unit price in this book? And also, what are you netting out of it before you're spending money? How many books do you have to sell using this method? In order to make this worthwhile. The reason why and I always laugh when I say that to my authors speeches were talking about how much my services crossed and they laughed, because there's no way book sales are going to pay for that. Well, I mean eventually with them it does. But what they're really looking for is a new client for them. And that's invariably. What happens, you know, where they say, hey, I had somebody who told me he hadn't even done the prelaunch shed. And one of the partner saw something we didn't interview somebody as they saw him in somebody came to him and said, I was listening to podcast. Joe so-so 'bout your new book and I wanted to talk about hiring. You got into Klein out more for me. That's the kind of stuff you really looking for in expanding your audience, and bring yourself out there as next for coming out of the book. That's a great. Fake way into telling listeners about your services, and how they can get hold of you. A hold of me is probably not sure if you're probably be able to put up my Email on your page. Also can go linked in Tina low Sasso board. I love habit, you pronounce it correctly. Susan your fabulous. It's L O S A, as in board like a surfboard, and you can reach me a link to connect with me. And let me know you heard me on Susan freedoms, wonderful podcast, and that would be great. But when I do people work with all kinds of authors, I work with people who have large contracts with newer publishers in part of their business model with the publisher that they're going to water promotion. They have large list and other lists to promote the book at when they're launching. That's a big part of what I do. But I think for smaller authors, there's ways to utilize those services, and make it work for you to sell some books, and to build your prestige in the industry, and also to build your audience online. To drive book sales, but also to drive more business for new engines, keep doing it. A lot of times we do things like a soft launch where will work with you, where you are with where the book is, maybe it's already even out what can you be doing now? And what can you do every week? I think that's the most important thing. I would ever tell author stone ever think you're just gonna launch the book and it's just going to snowball from there, because that doesn't happen, you wouldn't not prospect for new business in your business. So you can't do that with your book. You know, it's your baby new to keep promoting feeding it. That's what I help. People do is to come up with a plan to do that show them how to do it. Right. The stuff that they need to be able to do that. And also stick with them along the way to kind of coach them into success invaluable few offer. And if you would leave a with a golden nugget to what would that be as far as Amazon pages concerned? One of the things you have to remember is so look at this from the perspective of somebody new who doesn't know you, you might even wanna get somebody who is in familiar with what your businesses, but, you know, them as a friend in their ten, surely, someone like your book audience, and have them look at this and see if it makes any sense if they understand what your book description means, see if they understand the emails that you're sending out asking people to do something, because I think, so often, we get wrapped up in our own little world of the book, when we think everyone gets it. And we leave a lot of stuff out, and we don't make it clear utilizing your own network, whether it's asking them to do things for you. People are happy to help just ask, whether it's asking them to review what you've written or to help you by setting review of your book. Ask your friends, ask your family, your colleagues, they'll be happy to help you and. Saying now move on. Next great with. No. Shame in all skiing. And you're right. Is no. You go onto somebody else that planting Guerande song next. Just keep that in mind, humming to yourself. Wonderful, thank you. Tina again for sharing your wisdom, and thank you so much taking time out of your precious day to listen to this interview, and I sincerely hope that it's some ideas, you can use to sell his wishing you much book marketing success. The time is now to take action and finally build your book, selling empire, and the great news is that Susan is here to help you, visit Fook marketing mentor dot com at sign up for a free fifteen minute book marketing strategy session with Susan, she'll help you discover your first steps to marketing and selling your book only those who take action or rewarded so visit book marketing mentor dot com, and we'll see you again next week. Hi Susan, again, with some more ways to exercise your marketing muscle in the loft showed we talked to about target and national getting and I said that I would explain the difference. The two phrases niche and target marketing on known as kissing cousins, the phrases target a niche, marketing, get tossed around quite a bit, and they're often used interchangeably yet, the two not quite the same thing. One of the primary differences between the two is the FIS of the market segment presumptive. Let's imagine your book addresses the needs of parents of teenagers, because of its size market is would consider that target market. However, if you focus on parents of young children eager to prepare them for preschool that without any. Shadow of a doubt is categorized, as a niche market, the so could another example, professional women between the ages of thirty five and fifty five years old would be a target market as it could include women in multiple industries, and in different positions. However professional women in their forties employed as it ministry. Tis Wooding in the healthcare industry would fall into the knee schmuck. It category before building all the platform you need to identify your best audience. If this isn't something, you instinctively know, then it's imperative you devote time to pinpoint exactly whom you want to talk it with your book message. Take it from me once you've nailed this, you'll be equipped to determine the right marketing tools necessary to connect with your audience. In other words, you take the guesswork out of the equation. One important point to mention in discussing natio- target markets revolves around money, whichever market you, choose make sure it's growing all stable market with money to invest in whatever products or services, you plan to offer until next time, keep exercising, your marketing muscle. And if you want more marketing tips, text A M U at seventy two thousand that's a m you at seven two zero zero zero.

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