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Hour 2: Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson join


ooh Stephen a Smith show here with you over the NASA was of ESPN radio ESPN news. Two hundred fifty plus markets across the United States of America check your am FM listing near a shoe this is this even a Smith Show podcast day welcome tower number two week episode episode one drops tomorrow just a real raw uncut an edited version of our take on sports life culture seven to nine three seven seven six to Stephen Smith show on ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance celebrating seven years and over seven hundred cars donated of debt now speaking of that and we'll get back into the park has a little bit more little bit later but in the interest of honesty What the hell did I see last night well let me say this I love how you say you know the real because to be quite honest with you the level of honesty that both of you have always given me throughout the years that's why I've always has when authentic dude that I ever covered in all my years covering the NBA The one and only Matt Bonds Stephen Jackson as well both champions by the way Golden State San Antonio Family everything's affects us yeah it's a little scratching sound I'm GonNa keep on talking mixed mixed I for me all right exactly was done I think we're number two trinite on apple right now for sports podcast so we're trying to get to the I've got to admit I thought about doing sports pocket I'm still take about oof isn't a pencil it is my honor and privilege to do the next hour this radio show I mean I have brothers calling me out conversation about it to go on on live and talking about sports and giving that raw paying too ended up showtime has been a blessing I think having guys like you y'all kind of scared because I like to be number one talk about a little bit Stephen From your from your perspective it's been a blessing I think From Sydney the veterans learn more at keys to Prague Dot Com also prep you in jail for winter with pennzoil synthetic motor oil the first motor all made from natural gas not crude oil the not to be Superman and a d tried it but he just didn't have it last night and you there's no way you can have a guy like Casey people twenty seven minutes and don't score like that yeah you know like I said I it's great to team up Jack Again post career On this and some that we really enjoy we have fun doing it we're just getting started so we appreciate all the support that we love people and we talk about a lot of topics so we just want to show Duda shoulder right way and everybody respected and get what they want and that's the real per month and we're gonNA give it to them well I let's see y'all man how y'all don't think long overdue may glad to be here well first of all before I do anything else I want y'all telework got a podcast right talk about that I'm going to get to that in just a few minutes but the first thing I want to do is talk to Y'all about your podcast just a little bit before we get into that a little bit later talk about that all the smoke we just lost for showtime last wall when it came to your damn teammates and your and your contemporaries if you had to check with some honest you just never ever hesitated so happened but it was really interested me you had dogs out there and you had cats the dogs won the game last night the clippers came they fought they scratch the use me you must have forgot who the hell I am that is not what happened I'm going to start you Stephen Jackson what the hell did I say I didn't see that either I think he he wanted role and honest slice and dice you but you're actually make people feel good about it. We saw the first game of the season to me my whole narrative this summer was the clippers more complete team or a team that has better chemistry from the RIP 'cause they're only adding two new player a country okay crazy he comes he comes to La and he doesn't tip toe paved the way and other people I think is is the main reason why we didn't start to show off just smoking so to be respected because our opinion should be respected because we come from an honest place and we really love the game on here's where I'm at with this Kawhi Leonard is a superstar a champion in NBA Finals Mvp. Who Left I have this dance podcasts at Y'all's right now let me tell you what it is this do cats adults you you come from the intellectual perspective ah players what their identity is going to be they loaded up a lot I would like to see them a little bit more creative as far as the way they give him the ball with dribble handoff pick and pop screens they kind of dropped for the whole time and let anyone WanNa play off them so I just think Lebron was was a little more passive which kind of threw him out of his rhythm but I think he just wanted to see what he was going to get what they D and how the team was I thought I was GonNa say I thought I was go see the K. K. James Show up and put a halt to Kawai to some degree by saying is they can't they can't count on him having twenty I think I think Adrian Brodie every Bradley finding his identity obviously Rondo coming back coups coming back they're still a work in progress let me say this person the Lakers are adding thirteen players plus a whole new coaching staff and trying to figure the situation and what I saw from Lebron last night was just more of trying to figure out what they're still to me if Anthony Davis NPR MVP contention at the end the season I think the Lakers played their season right because Lebron is not gonna be able to carry them an seventy one came in with the attitude of Oh yeah I think in the leg we gonna lay down to the Lakers and Lebron ad no we got dogs becoming a scratch and we went we fight to win this game and they took it you're good no one have a problem with this because this has been my whole knock on the Brown says he'd been in the League you don't have that Kobe in them that dog in like you is this for quickly we'll get into some of that before I got I got I got Utah last night I'm just very upset to April for the first time nine years this is the first time we've seen you since April and your answer to deferred Anthony Davis does react to it by the way y'all can take your headphones off I got the call relaxed without the help us but let me say this to you see see here's the problem and it's a good problem but here's the problem Western Conference finals? I just think the Lakers are going to be a work in progress I think they're going to win some gains Bhai thirty they're gonNA lose some close games it's going to be up and down and they can't really green can't get twenty eight L. A. First thing he does say you want me get Paul George if you don't get Paul George I'm going to the Lakers did that Toronto I did he did it to the clippers then he says okay you know what here's the deal get Paul George and then he gets Paul George they got the new balance commercial he talking each get a good balance I think we play off each other world but like I said it's the first game and obviously this is a hyped matchup this to me is still going to be the yeah what did it no America these are two of my brothers here you understand you understand two of the most honest Jenny Here's where I am about what I witnessed last night from the Bronx Disdain Clippers first of all clip is a better team there deeper team they're better defense it's his seventeenth opening night you know what I mean so like I said I think we're going to work this this La Battle the whole year and it's going to be hot and cold back and forth but I just need bigger picture but he can't do it by himself the whole season but what about opening night you can't do Friday against Utah the opening night against tells going to be tough too it's a mad love and support for your because Y'all always on if you can't say something you don't say kiss you ain't GonNa lie antibody and you're going to give you gonNA give it to them straight and I know how y'all let's be real he looked tired after dropped seventy four it was and like I said I think he's filling his teammates out obviously he came he shot nineteen shots I just think they weren't in his normal rhythm because I said they slow the ball down and tried to load up and see what they had what do the clippers having them considering the fact that they did what they did with out holiest channels in that locker room and they got they put them in a Kennel after and they let him go I believe that but I believe the Lakers was going to relieve leg is going to find it because I got I think that that that dynamic door all right can overcome the better team having said all of that Oh from game one and this has always been the knock on the Bra. He don't have that that Kobe that dog in is year seventeen marathon man you know I'm like I was hired for that game and I knew I wouldn't even plan but to be they would so gorgeous Hawaii play at staples center against the clippers like that game you should've let everything hang you should have been in the playoffs Lina now you change your mind I thought you had the Lakers on this I said they have better players legs got better players to better stars to have more dogs I think the Broncos are probably took it over even with my own he could do what he had to do to get that team to win but to me I just think he's always kind of sitting back observe why the situation by because he knows Matt you just understand but I just see like I said I still talk to a double by the way volt Kevin Durant was healthy I'd be saying Kevin Question I agree with you I'm on the same page we'll right now to me he's the most effective defensive player one on one locked down in the most efficient offense he is the best player on both sides of the ball the most effective player on both sides of all from shooting percentages to shot selection to the only thing that to me that the broncos betters get his teammates I can not only that then he's in the navy said this is a town now both for the game the news what are we to make of the fact that Lebron James wasn't really seen guarding Kawhi let it does that mean anything to you I mean the fact that you're seventeen like we were fortunate enough to play fourteen we know how we felt and all that kind of stuff towards the end of our career light he's seventeen years with shine the way we were oh came out open a tablet get todd I'm going to say for the top but if after Kawagoe gives it to you in the second quarter we have a problem with mentally and physically draining oh coming in the season saying that they were going to be you know leading the League in one of the top defensive players in the league I thought I would see him taking a check in the channel right he's going to set the tone and everybody else following it's going to be real scared with PG whether you want to call the best player in the world or not I know Dallas you with that roster list of meat we set the tone defensively for the starting group to me they had great everything starts at the top rate Ownership Rate Management Doc just coaching which he's great and then you add to selfless superstars to team it's already in the recipe and that's why I think a lot of us have picked him to win the championship this year Matt Barnes Steven Jackson Right here it was stephen a espn radio espn they just me or should there be a problem with the fact that and if you look broad days or opening night who ended the season in April Lebron where he drove spot and mantras he turned to hit mantras with a elbow is laid it up so he can do that there's no replay he just don't have it in they worry about what people are saying because if that was the case out have been doing that a long time ago ours said about me speaking of ours Lebron at this point no I have probably on this podcast from La Right so yeah in this time around you know La let me ask you let me ask you a question any time Patrick bellies deleting dog and he says the tone he says I'm a guard Lebron Cohen Garden Right I'm pickup four court first game of the season all games player to me whether you want to call them the best player not is up to you other than that you know you got to your best players coming off the bench the bench strength for them Louis mantras hero set the tone Patrick auty just kidney your face coming at you and Nelson they cover for you you do not know I don't recall that that doesn't make us go ahead it was it was so why am I gonNa know if I'm liberal why right now maybe later in the season off because he's younger and he's got that motor still is fine he could do that I'm just saying yeah we takin over this ain't shutout I got the crowd and I'm the reigning in the NBA Finals Mvp your day is Olga are we to make nothing of the Fan taught standard town brothers clearly coming for you see the way I've got to get on here 'cause I don't recall any at this cat is clearly coming for you and you're sitting here telling us about the big picture eight that part of the big thing we paying attention when I'm a man and I've seen you do that to a lot of people you know some gods they nice they got skewing pretty and you're like wait a minute and let guys the star but he's finesse going up against heroin fragile that physicality it was like he said you got me skill wise it is a role for me to pay attention or to provide a heightened level of sensitivity to the fact that you got a stall yeah so you know what I mean but to me it's the bigger picture for him and they got to figure out the team with their identity this am I wrong now first of all y'all gonna be that's in town saying and he's backed by company because you know new balance is trying to make noise Nike and and they are unapologetic about trying to say I said that the ADC libra that's true well it wasn't Lebron it was a d I'm not going to Goto I but I'm not figure skill but he soft you know what I mean and I I wouldn't I really liked the way he took it to him but I completely understand what you're saying when trail started putting that would on him he took eighty out of his game you know what I have I have to say Lebron I wouldn't be paying attention to it because I think the bigger picture I'm confident and competent enough to know what I need to do what we need to go who's the biggest threat to the Lakers clippers injury but outside about I know injuries given but teams Hewlett in ice can help but that's beautiful during the regular season it's a youth is beautiful during the racing you need experience down the stretch and that's what I love the Lakers have a bunch of proven veteran players proven champ stuck in my day we not duck but I don't really call that duck and to me it's just like for what you know was gay and I feel all the high excitement around it and they knew you were gonNA come for them the next day one of the top three best players in the legal team in the world you know what I'm saying I know I have to go I listened to the child and Lebron no he's great you know you have to do Anthony Davis is are you talking about overall over I say Philly Philly beat you know depth and they lost jj radic though yeah ballot because you ain't got a chance I feel your name but I'm talking about Kuwa- and come in for for Lebron for the next handful of years and I love it got you bonds Steven Steven Jackson right here with Steven on ESPN radio ESPN news. y'All stand with me for the hours I got something else I some four Anthony Davis last night should be a cause of concern I was talking to us about that this morning and Ucla group chat he's not very two more stars to come you know what I mean so to me integrated to players as much easier than integrating thirteen players plus a new staff like I said I think one thing about L. as people don't have I think you would probably be more pro four not that you use it or you're telling Athletes Youth I understand your angle too you said if it messes up your money you need to stop it to me it should mess up your money because these guys who won championships have been integral parts of winning championships. I just think it's going to take some time you think about it won't point last year the Lakers had two players the clippers out entire team they were just waiting on recently retired and Percy Harvey and matron talk about they used it so to me I love with your platform to me your voice is bigger than just sports you have a voice that the ESPN radio siriusxm channel eighty plus ESPN radio simulcast over the live national television airways of ESPN news number to call it was over triple eight say espn that's eight eight eight zero citizen kid has to step up right Milwaukee's about Denver I don't trust to me I haven't trusted him where someone who use cannabis our entire careers we've found ways to to to make that work and it helped us and then you're hearing so many different stories of player that do use it now or who just goint to me that's absolutely ridiculous let me tell you something first of all I appreciate your comments and this is the biggest reason why because he most people I think an unsung hero to was Mohawk he did a great job guard Lebron and and and getting some Doc rivers because Yeah Patrick Beverley guarding him yet always I wasn't against a per se I just use it we became against it was for this one thing I've never believed in it for recreational purposes Argonne on them and we Paul George get back you have him spend some time with him I mean Damn I'm thinking about it I really pick the Lakers roll team my chair don't want to admit they ignorant let me be the first to say when we come to that you said you sat up there you sit on social media you might be a bit ignorant to this and I was like he's right he's absolutely right because it's never something that I want to do because I saw cats growing up in Holland squeezed that were prisoners to it so for me I was competing no how many how many NBA teams got ten guys is willing to go out there and compete like honestly you look at how many guys you know what it's going to go on a game compete adults uh-huh patients that we have to have patients with the Lakers and just see what they're gonna do but I mean all the running up and down every day after day that's what makes everything right I mean because like I said there's going to be a tremendous rivalry angel pumpernickel opioids and toward all instead of just having long term effects on our health and getting US addicted but then they wanna find suspend us in some people losing their careers over I'll share with my audience what you had to stay to me you anything about but you said it to me so mad maverick appreciate it any no biggie but just tell the meaning to me it's disrespect good athlete down with no doubt to me is just this whole movement we've been making in Jackson that resonates around the world into me if there was a little bit more education on the we'd side in in in the narrow the negative stereotype giving it and if you understood it a little bit how did not not so many teams they have an identity so as Stephen the saying that we might have been wrong at the clippers might need to be the favorite to win at all I'm not going to say that you you can't change now everybody getting on me about the use of cannabis getting on him though it was it was a respectful call us to get to because I know that Steve Man Masbate Matthew man was on social media talk about Steven talking about me and I'm sure I'm sure you will wear this this I I'm not I'm not I'm totally so we're disservices stick to your guns were jump I love the Lakers I think it's going to take some time regulative effect on that individual's and their individual performance and then I'm thinking about the the corporate sponsors or whomever for the PRI- It could be folks a professional athlete because for professional athletes I've seen to many instances I'm not saying everybody who who you know but I've seen to many instances where it had a I've never been against it for medicinal purposes a matter of fact my mom got arrested so passed away from cancer and me and my family thought about using it for medicinal purposes I remember via social media and they didn't exchange phone numbers and he had a chance to explain it to me how I explained it to you like I said I think it's all about delivery you know the way he felt he wanted to do it was his choice you exactly right anybody I was never suspended for a game I never I never I never came up never got caught with but people that get caught with it and jeopardize everything like that and then suddenly you make and then now you jeopardizing it because it is like David Ervine for example listen Matt Barnes explained it I'm Tom I even brought snoop dogg right here on this radio show while I was in la and I said because these people won't listen to me could you lay and he said you ain't talking about what cats do unexplained it but this cat who wants to come on this show and he can own peril if he wants to because when he retired from football he was on this right way I wasn't doing it for people to know Stephen They I wasn't doing it to be saying I wasn't doing it to be cool I was going to keep my body and my mind in a right place to go out there and put my take time he said you talking about cats that allow it to affect their money if a league has a policy against and if you get busted cannabis are we jeopardize my job I take heart take care of my family it's a no brainer I would never do it again so guys that's willing to come to the professionals the two does always been if you like me you scratch to you Claudia Way to get to where you are we both know what poverty is knowing what it's like to starve and Dan wh what I was saying to like I totally agree with you on that because I've always say is not what you do is how you do it my my whole NBA career. I did it you are in violation of it is going to cost you millions so not talking about you not talking about Cuba hypothetically just use you as an example 'cause you're sitting right in front of me my an outdated way of looking at things I think we're so progressive now and you know with with with regulations across the country with legal medicinal and recreational number two stuff that you know folks to put in the Y'all bodies that we don't know about go ahead speak on why I got a chance to get to know David urban since he you know he retired we connect body on the line every night and that's it it wasn't a nobody to know it wasn't for people to say Oh Steven Jackson breaking the rules it was none of that is not how you do it now what you do eh I given this up he explained that like you do he explained that like out having to do well he said I ain't giving this up what my football and I'm like is not been accepted because guys like they're doing it for the wrong reason I'll give you the last word on this subject because you was bringing up some of the other things that needs themselves and mega tron alluded to that whereas jobs like being in the NBA jobs like being the nfl you got pete they got to understand where you're coming from and not totally understand because I would have if it was a situation where what I'm GonNa do by judging only judging cats that lose money because of this after work so hard to get them but no brainer that's I have always been against the recreational use of it for a professional and because my attitude is fair or not if the League's have the policy in place what's it all of this that you windy that's when I'm on the only thing that I wanna say is that's what I'm speaking against to each is all right look at these you know T- take another look at these outdated rules and allow cannabis not just the actual fly but CBD's well to be an option for treatment as well as the opioid they try to poison our body with it's not something I was promoting I was trying to do to make cool for me to focus sleep recover and get through my crazy on the on the court life and off the court lock you got if he had to choose between his career in cannabis that he would give up I probably couldn't for the fact that I know what it does for me and I've been doing it for so long so it's like I said it just like Jackson what's and start smoking all of a sudden that didn't smoke when it was coming up and and jobs out because he writes even they are idiots and they are the reason why Ucla Cannabis Research Program over studying the plan from head to toe and in doing experimental trials then we want to take our findings to professional sports and hopefully have them I haven't understanding that we need to re enters insurance can be you're listening to the Stephen a Smith show podcast ESPN RADIO ESPN new download the vivid seats APP enter Promo Code Espn twenty-five at checkout to get ten percent off your next order don't buy just any seat get a vivid seat all the smoke the new it's Mark Computer career I'm pretty sure newhouse might be haunted what makes you say that the furniture is levitating on the ghost welcome home there's a lot of guys that they really like I said I wouldn't someone who could take opioids you know you give me one painkiller my stomach is turning upside down so like Jack Post they're gonNA hold it against you and use it as an opportunity to take your money from you which you worked all your life for and I think that that is not small but I totally understand what you come on cast Matt Barnes Steven Jackson former champions in the NBA with their own pockets on showtime it was going to do it up you can do it to go to my computer career dot edu take the free career evaluation today you could start a new life as an it pro and as little as four months even if you're not a techie in rocket science that's you know what's really scaring missing out on Gyco for help with homeowners and renters insurance GEICO makes it easy to sink bunch great the athletes are or the new guys maybe using it for look or whatever I think guys that actually or users are using for the right reason okay I appreciate it Stephen I think there are times where I'm head story of TMZ and we're you know we got a game the thing that you know what I mean so for me to be able to focus it was something I needed so I'm working with UCLA anthing nope not me I don't know the first thing about computers well guess what that's okay because you don't have to before they started many of their graduates turn a computer on and off and that's it now the it profession the Stephen A. The NBA show seven pm every Wednesday night ESPN has a seven thirty game from seventy relations. I need to pay you hi you're not sticking around the bar is just getting started took a week call today and see how easy homeowners and offered me billions of power make no mistake about oh by the way the jaw hit a news I got my own MBA show on your show it debuts tonight congrats sportscenter growing up Stephen a my question is this with the NBA season getting underway. I think the East may not be wide open but what do you guys think of Miami and there's the right here with Steven Steven Steven Jackson I met bombs radius with Stephen a back with more in a minute about away by now you've probably heard me talk about my career accent Matt Barnes right here with Steven A.. ESPN RADIO ESPN news editor eight say ESPN eight eight three seven seven six y'all WanNa take some phone call these folks they won't talk a little bit so would look around enough eighteen nine and eight I mean that's not a bad stat line right not bad ass Eddie I said he is almost tripled appreciate the explanation and like I say you right when you said I was getting ready to write let's be honest now the absolute too but I just WanNa make sure that I'm clear when I'd say how they have obviously there in hopes for Bradley beal that's probably not going to happen this season of someone like CPI can get out there I think he definitely make them a competitive team in the east but there's a long season but that first game means a lot I'm talking to Stephen

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