GSMC Social Media News Podcast Episode 167: Stranger Things and Viral Videos


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Brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I'm your host, Sarah. And we are here for another episode of social media news. Talking about what is trending things that are going viral, all of that good stuff that you read about on social media. And of course, you know, there's a lot, but we'll see what's been going on in the last couple of days since our last episode we're going to start with stranger things stranger things season three premiers on Netflix on Jews, lie, fifth, and the cast is a finely apparently, it's been long awaited out, promoting the show as part of that they, they teamed up with Jimmy Fallon, which they've done before it is part of promotions. And they. Is that they've cited to excuse me? I just lost my thought a little bit. They decided to get up close and personal with some of the fans, and they decided to do that, at the Madame toussaud's wax museum. And that is where they went to pull some pranks that, apparently were equal parts hilarious, and heartwarming, there is this supposed entitled strange things and viral videos this video this story, also has video, of course because it is a part of Jimmy Fallon. So. In the video Millie, Bobby Brown fin wolf hard and the rest of the younger generation of stranger things stars team up with Jimmy's Jimmy barb Fallon. Nothing. That's in quotes, for some tonight show, hijinks. So it all took place in Times Square at Madame to so's wax museum there, where fans thought they were taking picture with the wax figures of the stranger things, cast, but time and again, each of fans got a surprise when the real cast. Via the real cast before. They're awestruck is so luckily, one fan had one there had worn their Justice for barb t shirt so Jimmy Fallon's barb outfit felt the Tories, and if you hadn't caught that one ice or stumbled over Jimmy barb Fallon is Barbara's from the first season and the can the cast did a great job pretending to be Weck statues. I mean, they have to hold really still while the people are coming in getting situated for their pictures and I don't know that I wouldn't have been able to blink or not blink core, sneeze, or do something. But so in all the clips that they show, everyone is perfectly, you know, they are believing that these are wack. Statues will one prison, say they look so real. And so they sit down on a bench in front of the cast where they're holding still and then as the camera person says one, two three than the cast does something to let them know that they are not in a room with wax. Figurines, but with real people and their reactions are great. They're what you would expect. There's jumping in John dropping and screaming. And then they turn around and realize that they are with the cast and a very weirdly outfitted Jimmy Kimmel. I mean Jimmy Fallon excuse me, because well, he has a beard in barb, did not have beard, then you know, they're really excited. But it's a very cute video and the, the cast like they had a blast. It's all the younger, the younger cast members and barb, played by, of course, Jimmy. So it's a it's a pretty funny and cute video if you are a fan of stranger things, or if you're fan of kind of sweet cute, mostly innocent pranks than that may be something that you want to check out another story that I read comes to us from board panda, which is a one place that I like to go comes up on my Facebook all the time. Probably because I keep clicking on stories from it, but they're, they're good stories there. Usually rather on the sweet side. They, they do have ads, but they aren't like massive, click bait where you have to click through eight hundred different screens, just to get to the story that you are trying to read, but this story is, it's title, Japanese zoo escape drill goes viral and people are laughing at the real lions reactions. So the Japanese zoo decided to perform a lion escape, they did so by putting a person in a looks like a lion. Mascot outfit. This is at the Toby zoo, in a he me h I m e it, you know, you're not going to have a lion escape using real lion. So they had a human dress up as a lion. But the fake lion was observed by the real lion inhabitants of zoo as the impostor the story says was roaming zoo freely. The reliance kept. There observed the scene. We'll never know if it was intended. But maybe they have learned the lesson as well. So, yes. Oh, gosh. The pictures are hilarious. So there's the, the zoo crew with their net and they are decked out in their uniforms with large boots and Lee look like hard hats, but they might not be and the lion. Human is down on the ground and the net is over him. So it's obviously it was good practice for the zoo workers. But the lions, the lions look so super board. And, you know, maybe they're just those are just lying faces. But their reactions are pretty funny. So this is also a video. I think dang near everything on this episode is a video and one one person responded on Instagram saying, I worked in the zoo and can confirm they do these these drills like this one time, they did a rhino drill and very slowly. Drove a golf cart around with a rhino label on LMA. Oh. Another person commented. They've just taught the lions air urgency plan. I'm not sure that's the smartest move. So you look through you look at the pictures and the lions, you know, in the one picture, they look bored in another picture. They look like they're just like what in the heck is going on here. I have absolutely no idea and lots of lots of good good comments. My friend, worked at a zoo did an elephant escape, funny, thing was during the drill baby elephant did escape he ran around even pushed over a popcorn cart, but ran back to the enclosure and acted all innocent. He had a fun time. Yeah. The, the, the lion's faces are pretty funny, and then the comments are entertaining, so that I don't know. I just thought that was cute, and it kinda made me giggle, which is what I really like social media for is when it can struck me and make me giggle a little bit. The I I'm pretty easy at my social media needs. Another feel good story. It comes to us from pink who often it shows up on social media, this time the story is not so much about her the about her concert, and the, the member of the person who got in without a ticket that is because at her concert in a liberal pool at Liverpool's Anfield stadium recently, a baby was born. Yes. So during the very first song at the Tuesday night show a fan gave birth to a baby girl, according to the Liverpool echo, Denise Jones was a couple of days away from her official dude, eight when she went into labor during the very first set paramedics rushed the concert goer to the sidelines where two doctors were on hand for what turned out to be a very fast delivery khloe dry. Hearst posted pictures on Instagram her in the hospital with the baby her with the paramedics and then the baby herself who's very cute. She said baby Dolly pink was born at, at an Phil Anfield Wilst watching at pink concert mom and baby are doing amazing. Thank you to the amazing paramedics that delivered her at L LLC at live echo news. Hashtag Liverpool baby hashtag Liverpool to heart emojis form. After a pink took the stage a six pound four and a half ounce baby named Dolly pink arrived during that set. Another quote this another post Twitter, a tweet this time from someone who helped deliver the baby says, well, at doctor, John, Matt, eight an I just livered a healthy baby girl, at Anfield at the pink gig. Thank you for your help at she listened bunch of people and says amazing, not to hash not just a pay not just a GP. Hashtag, pink for a girl, hash. Take an filled. I'm still massively in shock just a bit gutted. I missed the concert, the new mom joked to the publication the next day, but I couldn't be any happier right now. And she is not the only one who is smiling and happy. News of this delivery, of course, made it to pink mate made its way to paint. And she responded because of course, she did she wrote Dolly pink wanted to get the party started. She wrote alongside a screen grab of the news. And that reference to her two thousand one dance pop anthem was particularly apt given that pink was performing that track. When Dolly's mom went into labor, and then there's another, quote, another post from khloe dry. Hearst are gorgeous Dolly pink and a couple more pictures of her with the new baby. So I guess if you're, you know, if you're a pink fan, even in the womb, then you want to be at the concert and little, baby, Dolly decided to make her appearance, a couple days early, and maybe kind of ruined her mom's concert going experience, but definitely made her mom's day other ways I can only imagine with that heartwarming story. We are going to take our first break of the podcast when we come. Back more viral videos, so stay tuned. You're listening to the GMC social media news podcast and I'll be right back. 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Save ten dollars on one gallon and forty dollars off free and five gallons. For a limited time, only at the Home Depot. More saving. More doing. Limit twenty gallons per household. See store for details. Always on the go, but the day, just be more without your Hollywood thins foot. Golden State media concepts under ten podcast take care of that. And all inclusive luck of pop culture. Welcome back to the GS social media news podcast before the break. We were talking about the baby that was born at the pink concert, Dolly pink, was her name and a lion. Not relying that escaped and didn't release gape. They zoo in Japan into move onto a video that was in response to one of those great headlines, you always read in line at the supermarket talks about which celebrity couple is breaking up this week. And, you know all the heartbreak it's cetera. This time it was referring to me lacunas in Astro Ashton Kutcher saying that they have broken up. This apparently was news to them. They saw the headline on the cover of a magazine and responded by posting a video on Instagram. So the video is Ashton Kutcher looking concerned and saying, babe, what's happening. What's going on? To his wife, Mila Kunis in June, nineteenth Instagram video me LeVine, drops a major bombshell, telling Ashton, it's over between us she holds up her phone showing a picture of the tabloid magazine cover with a picture of the that seventy show sweethearts and the headline it's over. Ashton, of course, can't believe his eyes or ears. It's over between us all my God. What are we going to do? I felt suffocated meal says, albeit not Jilani you felt suffocated by me, Ashton said with shocked voice before asking I was just so overbearing wasn't I these meal also relates the news that she took the kids that would be daughter Wyatt. Who's four and Sunday Mitri, who's to while revealing Ashton's very dark secret was the cause of the break-up as to what that secret was couldn't say, she didn't read the magazine but only had a picture of the cover. I guess it's over Ashton captioned the sarcastic video, maybe next week my way. Will be having twins but for the for the third time, but who's counting meal and Ashton's video got some love from fellow celebs whose drama has been front page news on similar periodical 's this is amazing Demi Levato commented while adding a heart emoji Dax Shepard wrote, dammit. I was going to take a run at M K. I want a refund. Dax's marriage. Of course, to Kristen bell has ended. Similarly numerous times within the pages of those same magazine. So I'm sure he knows how it feels to be the last people to find out about your supposed break-up. And so I, I appreciate when celebs can kind of laugh at things and instead of just, you know reply responding with, with outrage and horror. It's something that you really can't control. They respond with humor, in this case, of course sarcastic humor, but humor just the same and I appreciate that. Our next story is about a post on social media. That is. It's both heartwarming and it ends up being heartwarming. But it just makes me sad. And that is that it's about a little boy, named Colton roemer who was involved in the planning of his. Seventh birthday party. His mom says he helped me design and write the invitations that was from his mom, Megan meeker, and he, he then distributed the distributed those invitations to his classmates in keystone heights, Florida. His mom says everyday Colton would come home from school and asked me if anyone had called say they were coming when a week, but Wyatt by without a single RSVP meeker began to worry. I this horrible feeling that no one was going to show up. She said this is this is becoming a trend. That's just making me sad. So many parents are posting that nobody is showing up to their kids birthday parties now. Maybe their kid is a horrible little brat in school, but I can't be all of them, and there's still even little strange horrible kids. And I don't take that derogatorily. I'm not saying that any of these kids are horrible and all kids deserve to have friends and these posts, just make me sad. So June eighth was the day of. His fortnight themed birthday, and he got everything assemble the up the symbol the, the gift bags and the that were filled with handpick toys, he helped to fill the pinata. And his mom said he was so excited. He had never had a birthday party with friends before. So it was a big deal when they arrived at the outdoor venue. Colton took a seat at a picnic table and began to scan the crowd for his buddies and his mom stomach, of course was in knots at one fifty eight. She wrote to the Facebook group keystone heights word of mouth saying. No, sorry, three nineteen. I don't know if it matters. But she wrote, hey, everybody everyone a favor. My son's birthday. Party was today at keystone beach were still here. We invited everyone from his class and so far, no one showed I'm asking if anyone could please make stop down in help. Celebrate my son seventh birthday. He is beyond crushed. This was his very first birthday, his first birdie with school friends and no one showed come on down. No gifts needed. We have cupcakes juice cetera. Everyone is welcome. I just want to give my son a good party. We'll be here for another hour or so, maybe so if you're not busy, come on down with a smiley face emoji. And she posted pictures of the empty picnic tables, and her son looking very sad. She says that Colton kept asking what time is it and why isn't anyone here yet, then he started crying, and my mother was like Megan, you need to do something, you have to make this, right? And that's when she. Posted to Facebook page. She asked if anyone in the area wanted to pop by with their kiddos, and what happened next speaks volumes about the kindness of strangers because within fifteen minutes, they were surrounded by more than sixty well wishers including local firefighters, and police officers. Meeker is quoted as saying, teenage boys took time out of their day to come say. Hi, Colton couldn't stop smiling. He was so thankful. And there is another post this time by clay county sheriff's office in Florida over the weekend, deputies Spalding and Carter were honored to attend a birthday party being held at keystone beach. It was an amazing time, and we were glad to be there. Thank you to all the wonderful young people in their parents, as you can see county fire and rescue able to come out to which was icing on the cake figuratively speaking, so Ramos family recently relocated to Florida from upstate, New York, mom says I was overwhelmed by how the community stepped up to help us. We're new here. We've kept ourselves. It's it shows you how good people are as for Colton. Meeker says he has been telling everyone it was the best birthday ever. Well, I'm glad it turned out, okay? But just it made me those stories, always make me sad. And I'm glad that worked out in the people stepped up, and who knows why this classmates didn't show up. I mean, there could be a million different reasons but. Just kind of makes me glad I have puppies and not children, who would be, heartbroken, and sad about various things, so we are going to take our second break of the podcast. And when we come back more videos, stay tuned. Tired of thinking something's free only defined. There's a catch Atlantic Union Bank are free. Checking is really free. No minimum balance require no monthly fees. No, catches, even better. You'll receive a one hundred dollar cash bonus when you open an account before August. Thirty first at set up a qualified direct deposit. 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And here this out, there's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching, the Golden State media concepts podcast network is here, nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news, sports music, fashion cooking entertainment, fantasy football and so much more. So stop blurted around and go straight out to the Golden State media concepts podcast network, guaranteed to filled that podcast. Whatever it may be. Visit WWW dot Jesus. Mc podcast dot com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and download on itunes soundcloud, and Google play. Wilson that and see social media news podcast. You're talking about a lot of viral videos this week. The next one is another kind of heartbreaking story. This one about the seven year old actress who plays Tony Stark's daughter in avengers endgame game. She's adorable. Her name is Lexi Rabe, or Rabi. I'm not sure exactly. And she posted a short video on Instagram. She has the cutest lisp, and she's just talking about, she's only seven, and so sometimes she act silly. And you know she goes out, so please don't bully her family. That is extreme re extreme sound bite of her video, which isn't that long? But she is very sweet. It's got the sweetest smile at the end to. So the, the post underneath. Video says I hate that we even have to post this, but yet again, Lexi's getting bullied and this kind of thing makes. Makes celebrities makes liberties never went to leave the house never want to meet people, please. Keep your opinions to yourself. So Lexi can grow up in the free world. She's a normal human being, and she's a child, we give her a talking and we give time outs. But we don't do that in public, sometimes we're rushing from place to place stress. Like everyone else to get to set on time or work or whatever. And we seem a little grumpy, I'm sorry if you see us this way, but that's life. If you ask us for an autograph, we always almost say, yes, if we happen to be having a bad day that might put a sprite on the right we are not perfect. These perfect children are not being given the freedoms and the rights, that they should if your child is so scared to be themselves in public and mess up a little than your over parenting. We give our children, plenty of rules and boundaries. But then give them the freedoms to mess up and learn from their own mistakes. They would not be onset on movies if they weren't well behaved. Trust me. They have not to hire. Kids like that. And there were plenty of children that productions can't work with. So if you see us in public, and think you the right to judge weight number one until you have children of your own number to realize that we're not perfect, and we're not claiming to be, but just try to realize the different strokes for different folks, what you do with your kids may work for you and what I do with my kids works. Well for me. My children, love and respect me. Even if they act out sometimes thank you, Jessica, and then. So that is the post that obviously written by Lexi's. Mom in the video. Lexi says. Hi, I'm lexie. And I'm only seven years old. And I messed up sometimes. She is also currently appearing in God's Zillah king of the monsters. So she's having a big big summer. She goes onto explain that she sometimes acts Cillian public. But that doesn't mean should be criticized. If I go anywhere and acting a little silly or messed up or anything like that. I'm just seven years old. She says, adding, please don't bully, my family or me, and she extends this video, or she ends video with by quoting her endgame character I love you three thousand and then she blows the cutest kiss. It is a very, very sweet post about a problem that this family is having, and I'm sure, you know, people in this day and age feel like they can comment on everything. But she is just a child. And, you know, she has only seven so of course, he's not going to act like a complete professional, although she is incredibly poised in this video. But it is, it's, it's a sad post and hopefully their family can experience more kindness from strangers unless criticism another video that has recently gone viral is less sad, although there is crying involved. It is a video of eight-year-old, Derek, who is wrapped in an embrace with his cap and gla- gallon clad sister that happens to be a Charlie who is five, and she was graduating from preschool, he is holding her and crying. And. She is crying, and the Instagram. Post says hashtag feel Good Friday today. My daughter graduated from pre K after the ceremony. My son walked up to her and gave her a hug. I'm just so proud of you. He said, then, of course, my daughter started crying as we wiped away tears. My husband asked her pumpkin. Why are you crying? She responded. I'm just so happy. We are, so blessed, tag, someone below who is a blessing in your life. Let them know how much they mean to you, if you can't take them, call them, text them or write them, a letter. It's important that we share joy, it is important that we share joy. So it is a very sweet picture. And there is a video to go with it of brother and sister hugging. Of course, she looks will in her little cap and gown and. It was shared. Let's see. It was shared by the today show. They say this video gives is giving us all the fields when this little girl, graduated from pre K her brother gave her the biggest time to celebrate. And then there is a link. So there is. According to mom Charlie lives for Derek's approval. She admires him so much at home. She falls him around and wants to do everything he does. There's a really cute picture of the whole family, also. And it's just a very sweet story. So this is a much sweeter story then. To last one which had very cute little girl in as well. But yeah, so I can see why this video went. Went viral. And that makes me happy. When, when sweet things like that go viral instead of things that make me cry forbade reasons are less story is not a video, but it is actually something that my husband called me today to tell me about he said he was going to take a picture. He was going to take a picture of the television. And instead he accidentally hit the call button on the text, and he called the told me about a bride who had said, guess how many bridesmaids she had and I jokingly said, twenty five Nope. I was off by nine she had thirty four. So she got married in Destin, Florida. And there was a wedding photo shoot on Kasmin Carters beach on June. First people were staring or sorry. Caz, mccarter caz, may Carters beach wedding photo shoot, not caz mccarter speech. I apologize people were staring Carter told today, no one could figure what was. Going on. It was clear that Carter in a white bathing, suit, and Vale was the one getting married. But who were the thirty four women standing behind her? And as we know those were her bridesmaids Carter is thirty eight. She tied the knot with her husband, Gary actually, on June seconds. The photo shoot was the day before. And she says she wouldn't have had it any other way everyone was handpicked this she is in Orleans based performer. She said, I traveled for eighteen years as a singer and made incredible friends along the way, I felt so loved and blessed to have my side, and she was she said she was blown away quickly diverse group of women who ranged from twenty one to fifty bonded with each other. We had doctors and performers lawyers, just a big assortment of different personalities and it was nothing. But love she said my girls from Atlanta are now talking to my girls from Nashville on social media, and it makes me. So happy pictures of the photo shoot look like a giant. Party, you know, with thirty rights may do this kind of his kind of party so to make things easy for her bridal party Carter asked the women to wear neutral tones to the five AM sunrise, nuptials full, I don't think I can get up at five am. But that's okay, many pick dresses. They already owned, well, others grabbed a twenty five dollar design Carter found on Amazon. She said, I wanted to keep it simple and affordable. I told them that not to give me gifts and that them being there for me was the best present I could receive. She also chose a destination where no one would have to travel more than six hours by car. So that is very sweet. The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch twelve of the bridesmaid's walked with groomsmen, while the others came down the aisle fashion show style, like they were on a runway. And that is a pretty amazing number of bridesmaids to fit in. I mean they're twelve groomsmen. Into. So even even if it had been twelve and toilets still a pretty substantial wedding party. When I got married, I wanted, three three bridesmaids and my husband wanted ten we compromised at six, so in the I'm looking I scrolled up and saw a picture knows before, at the June. First photo shoot. They're all in swimming suits. So the bride is in the white bikini in her veil, and then all the other all the bridesmaids are in different swimming suits. And then for the wedding, they wore those neutral colors. And of course, there is a picture of that as well. All of them gathered around the bride on the beach and looks like it was a beautiful day in a beautiful beached. So definitely you need an outdoor space or really, really, really big space of you have thirty four bridesmaids. We definitely could have had ten at my wedding because six barely fit in the church that I grew up in. So we would have had to move outside or somewhere else at any rate. It. It's a very fun looking photo shoot and to each their own when it comes to the number of attendance, you choose to have at your wedding, so we're going to wrap up this episode of the GMC social media news podcast. Thank you for joining me for all of these viral videos, et cetera. And I hope you have a great week until we meet today about what's trending next time. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts social media podcast part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at WWW dot Jesus. Mc podcast dot com. Download our podcast on itunes. Stitcher. Soundcloud Google play. Just type in MC to find all the shows from the Golden State media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports, entertainment, and even we are us. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you. And we hope you have enjoyed today's program. 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