The MMA Beat: Episode 228 (Conor McGregor Speaks Out, Lobov-Malignaggi Trash Talk, UFC Rochester Recap)


You're listening to the media podcast network. It is Thursday may twenty third two thousand nineteen and this is the beat. Welcome everyone by name is Luke Thomas on the host of this program. You know, from Sirius XM as well as MMA fighting and today, ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special panel. You know, I've been doing this show. It's gone through many different interruptions, different studios, different hosts, different. Panelists I've done more than any other person on the shows on 'em may be episode. One here we are episode seventy eight billion we've had a Mike Jackson on the show before, who was a fighter in the UFC. But he was also kind of media before that we have never to this day had a UFC fighter straight up a UFC fighter as a panelist on the show because we weren't sure if it was going to be a good idea. Well, we're about to test that little theory arly to my left is Denny's. Past that is you see bantamweights boom is here. Ryan keller. How are you, sir? Good. Thank you have at the at the very end, you know, heavy is the iceman from fighting as well as the ring Chuck men, and all the men in the hat, man of many names. Yes. All right. Boom, we're going to see how this go just talk for an hour. Trouble in this could be a huge success everything. I was gonna say probably never been in a pressure situation like. Woke up sweating this morning. Welcome to the Tara dome. All right. Let's get this going. We'll start with you is because let's start with KFC was that. Did you know you're with doing the show with you? I'm sure you saw what happened on my day perfect of that was at a Dave and Buster's and Times Square. I can think of everything else to do with spit on one another, and so she got a venue. So here's the issue with this him. Yeah. Pull him going out there on the heels of Dante wilder, by the way, telling Dominique Brazil, Brazil. He wanted to kill him in the ring. You have you have paulie kind of thing similar things, at least to put some low ball in a coma, bidding on him threatening to essentially commit a war crime by doing bad things to his corpse. It's like it's gotten to the point now where everyone's kind of laughing because it's a bit of a sideshow, but you have to see, and it's also going to be in Florida to Florida but yeah, so you kind of have to just sort of wonder if this is all be joke on the other hand man, it is so ugly. Now, I'm wondering if the people promoting because I've seen how paulie promotes in boxing, didn't look like this evening against Adrian Brodie and that was ugly. What is happening here? Is it going too far? How do you feel about this or the big circus? We should just laugh at it. Well, I think you do have to think seriously in the sense of, like, you know, having security, there to make sure nobody gets hurt and, and take it seriously in that manner. But as far as like the promotion itself, I don't think it's gone too far. I mean, just a few months ago, you know, we're talking about Conor McGregor and Habib. That's too far. I think this is right on the border line. I think it's it's always ugly. It isn't pretty but it is the fight game. This is the hurt business. These guys are going to fight at the end of the day. So, you know, I, I don't think it's gone too far, you know, they're attacking the character of the person, which I'm, I'm usually fine with that. There's been some things said that, you know, a little bit off. You know, probably saying he's going to pee on an arts and whatnot. But there's. They're talking about religion races. You know. You know. Not yet, but I don't think that's the direction they're going to. Because if you look at their trash talk is really based about just each other like I have a problem with you, and you have a problem with me. Whereas the Habib and McGregor situation, it's spread out in, and then it was it was more culturally, rather than just attacking the individual. So Kennedy turn of their shirt, but at least at this point, I think it's, it's fine. But we've yeah, no. I think the question is what is too far? You know, I think if you're spitting on somebody that's, that's a little too far to me. I mean, if you spit on me where sensually fighting. So, you know, police doing things like that kind of crossing the line, but words are words and fight promotion is five promotion. I think all his fair, whatever you wanna say you're going to say you know, in all honesty. They're going to get into a ring and scrap and do a bare knuckle in harm each other. So it's you know what you say can't be too much when, you know, at the end that's what's going to have. What about the we've gotten a little comfortable everyone? Frank Kemira said he wanted to Brock lizard, we the first death in the Arctic. You've lost his job at WC. Commentary for that. That was ten years ago. It was a different time. Everyone was looking for to get accepted into the mainstream. So I get the difference. I'm just wondering in your a competitor. Someone wishing death on you do what if what if something bad happens someone's going to trace that back and go. We did not take this seriously, right? Oh, yeah. I mean that's another thing that, you know, this is escalating further and further as time goes on. It's like people are setting the bar higher and higher. Like you said, what Connor and could be it got so out of hand with racial comments and religion and stuff like that. I feel like now that sets the buffer other people to think, okay. Like we can go this fall with it. It's funny because it's almost like he paulie feels like he's in a sideshow like you mentioned. I feel he believes he's in a strange cameo in the gutter he's going to some other place to kind of carry boxing integrity. And he's going to show all these fans are gonna show this guy, this guy from them may world kind of what's up, you know, and it's just it's bizarre level because like you said, this isn't the poli- we've seen in the past. So I feel like he's carrying a little bit more. Your baggage into this, which is a tell obviously, like it's, it's obviously psychologically involved more than maybe he normally would be. And he's got something to prove I guess, so it's, it's all playing out in that in that sense. But man, I don't know that he doubled down, you know, about the coma and all that other kind of, you know, I don't wanna wish harm on anybody. But, you know, if it happens at least show, you guys, you know what this, dude? This is real presenting it like it was a useful. Teaching right. That's what I'm saying. It's, it's I guess we've kind of with the with the backboard between him and McGregor. And then, you know that you have that whole sideline going in. It doesn't feel over the top, it feels like it, maybe where you insipid it might be just given that kind of bad blood between the camps and everything. But I feel like it's only gonna get crazy from here on out man as we get closer to this thing. What's the worst anyone's ever tried to like get promoted fight with you, like whoa? How far is somebody gone? I haven't had much happen to me to be honest. I've gotten people's faces before back and forth, but no. Onset anything like really militias to me or I'm not like the type to talk trash. So I don't think I set it up where it's like it's gonna come back at me like that. But yeah, nothing really crazy with me. No one touched me. No one really said anything about my family or any kind of religious things. So I haven't had struggles with that. But I think that with the poli- thing, it's, it's like he's so fired up, and it's interesting because he doesn't have a direct beef with Artem himself. It all came from that sparring session with Connor. It's like he's still holding onto that bitterness of that video, and he was talking about that. Yeah. He's so heated up to like get back at that, that I think this fight is like all about that moment. This is really I think that's exactly this fight is like, we don't really know what happened in the sparring meal. We saw that little tiny thing. Was it a knockdown wasn't a down? He says, at least the whole thing. Yeah, yeah. I don't think I don't think it's fair to call a front runner. But I don't think he's much tougher in the early parts of the later parts, this, paulie, trying to drown that memory in the bathtub and set a new one. Not just gonna fight with Connor, but I want to show you I was right about, and I run as your show live, essentially he was set up because if you look at all the interviews and all the media, he did. He went in there going on here to help McGregor immune McGregor. I remember like he was talking about McGregor like they were partners. But McGregor was not in that partner business. He wouldn't he brought him in. He flew him into beat them up. Take pictures of and then ruined his reputation by putting all this footage out there. And we know the maitre was how, you know insane. They are they just came after paulie. And I think that's something he wasn't expecting. I mean if you just look at all the media he did post that. I mean, it's just hours of him just going at it and ranting about this. So this is in a way like a little outlet like a way to vent. In a way to, you know, I guess released some of that anger that he has been kind of get back. Yeah. Very sweet wheelhouse for local organization to find because basically taking been data. That's very alive in a white community in Saint Louis, we're going to find some resolution by bringing these two guys to go, what better way to do this, they have way more attention on this fight than they could've possibly had, if they'd had fifty of the way they were going, you know, the, the fight cards that they're putting together with some names on them. But, you know, there's no real be this is the kind of thing they need to find like Mendez a complaint almost on a sideline. You know what I mean? And this is tailor made for bear. No cliff, see because say, like bare knuckle FC wouldn't exist. Bare knuckle boxing, thinks, says UFC in boxing, you know, if you put Paula long, gene, and arts and blue while in a boxing match, you probably know who's gonna win you know if you put them in the UFC in a in a fight that wouldn't be that intrigue because, you know it was going to win as well. But this is a right in the middle. There's clinching. There's forget about the storyline in the beef just the fight itself. It's actually intriguing. It's actually you got an active fighter. But you know that's not really a boxer. And then you've got you know the clinch aspect of it. So just from the. Perspective is actually a really intriguing about this tailor made for that or. The mot- the highest selling pay per view history. Had the promotion that all of us were like that got a little far rights. Versus McGregor two and a half million pay per view buys this fight. I think I don't know what it's going to do because it's. I don't know. I don't know. So that's a good price. What's it gonna be Florida's making them wear gloves that have no knuckles, but they have to have gloves, which is like the most Florida dumb ass thing I've ever heard. There's that, that I was just thinking about this. I remember some bare knuckle. Yeah. Yeah. I was I was thinking about ten years ago with the US he was promoting itself and promoted against fighters were like these guys have accounting degrees in their college graduates, and that was fine for like a respective -bility notion, but to promote a fight. This is the best of became sees probably ever going to do. And the best the UFC ever did was super ugly. I'm not saying this historically crazy. I think everything goes in cycles, but it is kind of alarming Brian right? The like we knew ugliness sold. But I don't know that there's a breaking point like oh, you think ugliness cells up to a point. I'm not sure about that. A little seems to sell as long as you keep up the ugliness. No. It's true. It seems like in this this business. There's like no laws. You know what he'd like do whatever you gotta do to make this cell, and I it's interesting that it's like that, but, like, why don't you engage in more that kind of stuff if you know, the work, I think it has to be somewhat in you, you know, I it's kind of, in your personality to let loose and say crazy things. And when you do stuff like that, you have to back it up. You know, I always admire somewhat who goes so far to say a lot of cocky things, and, and preach things that, you know, you gotta go in there. And now back that up, and that's on your shoulders, you know, and I think for someone like me. I don't really want that on my shoulders that extra pressure. I don't want to put that out there and then be thinking what if now what if I don't do that? What if this doesn't happen, it looks worse on you? You know in the end. So I just try to stay out of that kind of thing. But it's crazy. How things are going. You're spitting on people hit him on the head with microphones. I mean it's funny it makes us want to watch it, but, you know, you guys are mentioned in the Mayweather McGregor and six for four days where he is showing. Up like a pimp and doing stuff and making racist jokes. The tour. Dates where I mean, like I thought that that went too four at the time I was like this is a this is like gratuitous like this is just keeps going on and on. But some people loved it, man. Look at the sales and sales figures for that one is the most uncomfortable reality that kind of thing works as those, it does. And then obviously the common theme in every every scenario it's almost kinda McGregor, right? Because his his specter will play over this as well. And I think that, that's it tells you what kind of business guys running. You know what I mean? Like when he can basically just be a figure that's out there in, in that realm. And it still matters went back to you because Paul he said something that I thought actually with. Right. He said, a lot of things that I didn't think made sense. So not everything. There was one argument. He made that he goes, the these fighters and all the fighters necessarily, but Artem in that community generally, they're like, oh, well boxers, you know, they fight with big pads and limited things you can do at his point is like yes, is multi variable as a may. It's just punching above the waist, but look at the trail of bodies. Look at the trail of damage, it's much worse in inside boxing them, as Emma may, and he sort of tack the community for it. I got to be I don't I don't think he's wrong. I've heard this for years from people that like, well, I'm not saying I made. I don't know which ones harder, right? But I know that the, there's a bit of an attitude inside anime towards boxing. I think people think is a sneaky suspicion. It's a little bit easier and a little bit less dangerous the facts bear, that out, Paul. He's kind of right? Yeah. Agreed with him to some extent. I think you know. And that may fighters think that the game of the harder because of the different aspects that we have the train. In an and using the fight. But with boxing, you're taking a lot more shots to the head because you can't clinched up necessarily and you can't take a guy down in holding down or whatever. So I think with that said, yeah, we just don't know what CTE the research, though. You know, like we haven't seen what it's done to animate fighters that hasn't really been shown. So, you know with boxing. It's definitely dangerous to take a lot of head shots like that, and not have any other option. But, you know, the gloves are gloves. I think you know, I don't really even think poli has something against them. I think this is just him trying to speak on behalf of the fact that he's fighting an enemy fighter. You know, Bill woods. Kidded question, are you worried about C T? Oh, yeah. Hundred percent. I mean, I take by CBT oil every day us that it works. I don't know. I know a lot of people, you know, talk good things about it. But you just never know you know, there's not enough research on CBD, either, like is their side effects later down the road, you find from taking that every day. That's negative. I don't know. But I am worried about it. You know, I've, I've been knocked out once in my career haven't taken much damage, you know, other than that fight, but after that, you start to rethink things, and it's hard to tune that out. Once you deal with that point he does in. I also think that the cultures are different because in enemy you sort of feel like an may make fighters and just EMMY fans have a perspective that boxers or pampered that, boxers, you know, in a way, the culture is, is a little bit different in that, since, like, for example, I've as media, I've covered, you know, open workouts for boxers. And you know it's not a bunch of dudes in amount, grappling, or, and he's usually just one guy and that. Has like twenty dudes around him drying the sweat off. One guy for the water, you know what I'm saying? Just really taking care of them. They almost feel like you know in I mean this with one hundred percent respect like race horses, you know, like Notre. Notre completely treated like you know, like this is the guy wears them may everybody's in there. You're in there working hard. You're in there grinding, you know what I'm saying? So there is that sort of misconception that gets lost old. So this guy must not be tough. This guy has a somebody drying his sweat without, you know what I'm saying? But at the end of the boxers put in the work man, they, they have to be tough to, to, to get their also like just look at record, you know, we tease around about him being the goat and, you know, being a fifty fifty fighter whereas boxers, you know throughout their career until the very end. They get usually set up with, with good ups, right? So I think there's cultural differences in that, but I don't think it speaks to, you know, boxers being less tough than than that feeling as well. How pervasive it is. It's not a scientific, then but I've heard for years. Oh, well bog boxing's a little bit that polish move back against that. Yeah. I mean in a standing eight count. Right. Like that's I always think about that. When a guy like there's no time to recover. The fight is over in, I want a guy is basically knocked down in his is rendered defense. At that point, the fight is usually over. We see cases where they let it go onto long. But that's usually the case in boxing. You could get, you know, just completely clobbered in your your senseless for a few seconds. But then you wake up and you can stand up and actually continue the bite. That's a me is always the biggest divide. Yeah. On his that's when you because you see. Including like melanoma with a broken jaw before. Yeah. And he wanted to quit. He just didn't because he didn't want the scarlet letter on him. Whereas an MA like if somebody you'd be like smart call was the right client. That's true. That's true. And that's that's what he was saying about, like tapping out, you know, he keeps tapping and showing like in may at any point, you can just laid out and tap. If things aren't going your way. It's kind of true. I mean, if you're type strikes against Mets, zero whatever, yeah. If you if you're not in it, and you're having a tough time and you start thinking negative in there. And you know, you're on the ground in a bad position. Like you do have the ability to make it look like you know, put your hover around my neck. And I'm outta here. You know, and, and in boxing, that has is something that really is like frowned upon, you know, to quit like you said, if you stay on your stool, and you don't come up to try to fight and keep going. So, yeah, that's a point too. Com. Hurt. I'm out. Yeah. There's definitely it's easier to, to find a way to, to quit than it is in boxing. That's. Very quickly. I think that's a good thing about like the boxing's lack of humanity is a positive. I mean that's where people get hurt. You know, went when you know you know you one out, but heck I don't wanna look like an idiot, so I'm going to stay in there, you know, extra minute and get, you know, the extra damage and to your point, you know when you get rocked in may get hit. Sometimes we see fight stopped prematurely in right? We talk about it in fence complain about it. But in boxing, like, you know, if if you if you go down, you have the ability to go back up and the will that you have to some into go back in there and get back in the fight. It's it's ridiculous. So I think both both fighters are tough is just different cultures. It's so think about last night. His most ridiculous. It's completely out. See that stuff in boxing? But that fight is over an Emma, may, you know what I mean. 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From the vox media podcast network. N vox dot com. Listen and subscribe, wherever you get your podcasts. All right. More to the other part of the story, which is not connected to the PK of c part. But as you alluded to Conor McGregor going on Robbins, his podcast. Funny, then newsbreaks yesterday that multiple women have accused Tony Robbins misconduct. Good time. Timing was like perfect at any event. Forget that part. Here's the thing, I was thinking about listening to what he, he had said a lot of different things. I'm not really asking any of you to weigh in on the truth value of it, but I found it to be an incredibly deft move by Conor McGregor which they often are number one, he acknowledges sort of, like other sports luminaries, like LeBron. And how they've changed his perspective on taking care of himself. Number one, second of all going on. Tony Robbins, his podcast. We're twenty Robbins was just fan. Boy, ended up it ain't going to sports podcast. And he wanted like a self help guru, where you can just sort of tell your side of the story very Oprah ish in that regard. So that was interesting. And then he to me, like, is this the first time he's talked about the brawl at length. I think so and he talked about it with. Levity and how he was he one in hand. But the thing that was really thinking about was the key insight for me. Chuck, I want to go to you, first on this one. What I took away from. It was he realized that Habib's next fight can't be him. He's got to do something else, but Conner's next fight, if he plays his Korge, right? Might actually just be. Yes. To sit out a rotation. But if he can start to bring levity to an the situation and tell his side of the story and say these guys are running, and God only knows is going to have with Tony Ferguson cowboy right there is a way to weasel his abuse the word. But, you know find a way back in the queue. How effective do you think this is the beginning of seems to me how effective do you think this push can be I think, highly affect, well, I'm glad to hear you say that because I honestly thought that same thing. I was like I wasn't sure what he thought of this brawl. You know, the whole thing, I it seemed like he handled at the time kinda, like counter-intuitively to what some people might have. They might have made a big stink about it and tried to milk, the situation for all its worth, he seemed immediately even that night to just be like, no big deal. No big deal. And so we finally hear him. And he does use levity. And he does mention all that stuff, you kind of starts planting seeds, which you always, you know, he's a very good at doing. I thought it was I thought it was very Conor McGregor. Let's put it that way to come to come in and play it that way. And I agree with you hundred percent. We've talked about it before it's like does anybody really in within the fight bubble wants to see that flight and why we've talked about Gooding so dark that it's one of those things like I don't even sure I want to see that kind of energy collide again. But at the same time, what is he doing then he's going back, and he's reworking, the this is the, you know, the wires behind it and saying like. Well, you know, it was all good fun type thing you know what I'm saying? And I think that he's that's the right approach. I think you've gotta get you have to somehow make it. So it doesn't seem like it's a like a war like you're going back into some dark place where everybody's going to be kind of like the mood of this one is very dark. It get past that, that would be the first part and then start working on the competitive side of it, because he was already planting those seeds as well as saying, like, you know, it was my training. We were we're doing to visit. I'm an attacker. Let me try it my way that sort of thing. He's planning all the right seeds. That's what that's the way I thought, yeah. It was interesting to like one thing, I took away from that was, he mentioned, his foot was hurting, Trine. He can't put a lot of different excuses. You know, from from chaining the way cut and stuff. And I think it's funny because RDA hurt his foot had to pull out of their fight, but then he hurt his foot, and he's mentioning it after taking a loss. You know, it's kind of, like one of those things you don't do you make fun of one guy for pulling out for an injury. But then you say I lost and this is why I had the same injury. But yeah, I. He's Connors really smart. He's playing his cards. Right. Each. He's throwing jabs out back at could be even an Ali, he knows he's going to hear this. And that's you know, Ali has a lot of power and he's, he's going to be stubborn. He doesn't want to give Connor rematch. She wants to let him sit out and you know, try to work his way back back up the top and you know, this is what Connor has to say that trying to find his way back in there somehow. But hey, if poor beats could be that kind of sets Connor up to, you know, another rematch fight. So he he's gonna find his way in there somehow dangerous and we'll quickly going back to you on this one a lot of times. Really? Oh, you know, my hand was Mr. whatever and ninety percent of the time people like ooh. And you still a little bit of that here. But if he can turn that into. But okay. Here's the way to think differently about it next time not like his when you to dwell on the loss, he wants you to reimagined the future in which a lot of fighters. Don't do they don't have it as a way to get it back, then it might work. It might work, right? Yeah. Could for sure. I mean he's saying all the right things you know with injuries. Like some with Conor McGregor like he's going to go in there and make a crazy amount of money to fight some guys are making the base pay and they're fighting for their life, essentially. So if you're not one hundred percent and you gotta go in there and fight for that base pay or let's say it's your last fight on your deal. It's not the same situation as a guy like Connor or someone fighting for, you know, a championship where they're going to go in there with some injuries and make that big payday. I think this was effective, what he's doing oh, one hundred percent and I think this is also not very telling about him. But also the audience like the big fights happen, Casuals, make the big fights happen Conor McGregor versus flew me with it happened because the, the mainstream media, hopped on that, and the cash was were like, what we wanna watch this, you know. But if you talk if you spoke to the hardcore is the hardcore boxers into hardcore and may fans people people weren't they weren't about that fight. So same goes with this one, though, the feeling leaving be McGregor was one. This is Oakley to kinda McGregor. Got washed. And now you see you. Conor McGregor spinning and embellishing, the story line, which he's a master at doing so one stating out there. And this is all targeted towards the Casuals were. That's why he's on Tony Robbins, not, not hardcore fence by painting to the Casuals that look Habib was wrestling me. I was in the attack mode of the whole time. He's the one that looking to fight me. He was looking hug, my leg. He was injured. Exactly. I'm always injured. And then a casual goes. Yeah. Why don't they stand and strike? What I'm they actually fight ways could be, you know, hugging his leg. And then, you know, he's embellishing everything in saying, how the last laugh, you know, by punching his Habib's brother and whatnot. And yeah, I it's just very interesting. And it's also very telling about the casualties because if you listened to that podcast, I think it was. There was an audience there because you clapping we talk. We came up here after that. And we're, we're we're you know talking bad about this. How ugly this, this is a black guy for the sport. And then you got McGregor saying, you know, his cousin try to soak punch me in the punch, and I saw them. Hello. Top of the cage and Stoker punch, the other guy. And everybody's like. Robbins is cracking. I feel like people are so detached from that because we actually get, you know, the nitty gritty like the tweets and we see like every single detail the Casuals are not really paying attention to that. So for them, this is just a circus, when people use exact like I broke my foot, you know, they don't know that we've heard that in the bubble a million times, though, that while they broken Flint. On the back. So I think he's pulling off a steep. It card in the sense that he knows. He can wait it out. He knows if he gets the casualties onboard this up. He's a master of like going like way, too far, like making fun of Habib's wife. And then. Short time later. He's out there with the boys and girls of America painting fences. He's just he's got this ability. It's like a balance, you know, like he knows how to, like, I could do to bad things at one good thing, and even to measure, white how many of the bad things equal the one good thing versa like he's got a real sharp knack for that. So I think it's still too early to tell what's going to happen. But him plans in the seeds and the way that he is getting again, he's not going to get hubby mixed, but he might be after that. I don't know for sure though, we also. Yes. Right. Like what's going on? I mean they right here in this very studio. And he said, nothing was signed nothing signed, but they, although he also said that it'd be was like, I'm not fighting. Yeah. Finding connor's. Right. But how much is that, like, you know, negotiation leverage to, you know, I was curious to what are you guys think about it? Because with Nate Diaz coming back to fight Pettus. Do you think that that's somewhat of a lower for Connor like to kinda get him attracted like oh, Nate Nate's plan bowl? He's coming back, like maybe I should. You know what I mean? Like just in general, I wonder if that's part, I don't know. But I know from Nate side of things we're talking to people around him like his expectation is that he's gonna win obviously, and then bro, it's either going to be Connor title-fights and the west y'all can take a high. These at least putting himself in the Connor sweepstakes is Connor doing the same thing. It's a big question. It's, it's hard to say. All right. Well that other way let me go back to you. Bryan on this because I found this story super interesting sage north cut makes his debut in one we had your eye on the show on Monday. He was saying sage never fought in a ring, man, going back, and I'm like, there's no transparency in. Wayne one's way, cutting program, which I've been saying for six months, the first time I said it, I put it on one of my personal YouTube videos. They got super down voted. I was right then. And I'm right now, there could be a good program just nobody knows which is the exact point that I made. So you had Cosmo all the shandra looking pretty big also multiple time world champion entire boxing. Sage, it'd never fought in the ring, he'd been all for quite some time, he goes in there and gets bulldozed them thirty seconds. Now you're a professional fighter when you looked at that. What lesson did you draw from it? I mean, it's, it's multiple lessons. I, I know you're I favor was saying that he was advice. Is maybe not to go in there and fight that fight. Who knows what happened in training camp and stuff like that. Also on one f seaside matchmaking looking at a young guy like sage and seeing his potential for growth, and then matching him against a guy like that who's got a lot of kickboxing fights and, and, you know, dangerous fighter that's going to be a better striker than him. You know the fight didn't get to play out. Maybe they thought sage could do some, you know, take him down, and get something off on the ground. But a yeah, just think matchmaking wise that wasn't the right decision. You got a lot of potential for siege, and who knows how much money he's making them one FC. He's probably just ready to go. You know it's not on him. He's a fighter fighters fight. And that's just how it is. He's not looking like, oh, this guy was a kickboxer. I don't know. Yeah. It's up to the management, as your major ever been like for you. Honestly. No, it's never happened. I I it's been like here's the option. And it's yes, you know you ready to go. It's yes. So otherwise, you know the UFC's not happy with someone just turning down a fight, because we're we don't like that matchup. We're afraid to fight. This style, because that's not what a fighter is fighters should be ready to fight any style and anybody at any time. So you can't really blame sage himself, but the people around him, he's had a tough time, man. I feel bad for him. And a lot of ways because he's he came in our surgery one hundred percent. And you came under a kind of ridiculous, microscope. Right. I think people were kind of us God before really ever seen him him work. He ends up in situations where he's fighting you know, guys on short notice and things like that was at the Mickey goal and a guys like Reno. Right. That one that's one I was thinking of, but he ends up in these situations. They're just not at advantageous for him. But he keeps he keeps his appointment he goes in there. And then he loses these fights. I really thought going over to the to till one championship the basically they would try to put him with a couple of guys he could beat and get him rolling really surprised that they put him, you know, I, I wasn't sure about like this, this potential matchup, I wasn't sure I was like, but it seemed always to me, I was like that's a pretty dangerous matchup for I. Fight. And then you watch the results of that, and you see him get clobbered like that new. I it just it just strikes you, as like man. This guy keeps finding himself in the weirdest situations that a lot of fighters just wouldn't have to do under unfair kind of maybe us putting too much pressure on her too much too many is on him originally. And so he becomes that appeal like, even what was it deadspin TMZ in those types of? Yeah. They still are covering him. And it's just it's a weird thing man. He's his his star is well past where he is, is a fighter and for some reason, we keep you, we keep getting reminded of that, that, that kinda sucks for him to take away from that thought. I mean I thought the the matchmaking was very suspect. If you look at, you know, the fight itself, yes, you know, sages and everything fighter. But historically, if you just look at his fights, he doesn't really go for take downs doesn't really use his wrestling. I mean he did against in his debut. I think it was on, but, but historically, he's known for his karate style. Right. That's why Tyron Willie brought him in to help them against the, you know, Steven wonderboy Tom century, etc. So, you know, when you pretty putting against someone who's has so much experience in the stand up department, man. That, that's you know, that's that's interesting. That's like when he talked back. He's such a young guy. What twenty-five? No. So much star power. But like you said his fighting career is not playing up to that. And why would you wanna take it like he's a model? I was going to get roles in movies. And then what would you want to take back on a damage here? If you got your face literally crushed face pulverized, wouldn't you be scared in the future about taking shots. So that's the point that I was getting to he's so young and his career now is hindered because such a traumatic injury early on psychologically to get over. That's not easy. You know, the next time he goes into fight, which we don't know, when that would your how long he's gonna now lose years in his prime. He's going to go in there having to be okay psychologically to deal with punching and not think, oh, this might happen again. You know you can't go in there gun shy. And also, like, I don't know if you guys remember, remember when Josh caution fudge ESPN yet is orbital Broten bone broken. He was never really the same after that. And I remember seeing him in fights getting hidden and grabbing his I you know, I don't know if, if he would get injured but just yeah, I think a confidence factor like ways my okay, you know, but that happened in the title fight that happened in the peak of his career, you know. So it's I'm not saying it's okay, obviously, I wouldn't wish that upon anybody. But if something like that supposed to happen, it should happen at that point in your career. Now when you're coming up, you know what I'm saying? So super tough injury. For for, for him. There's a couple of considerations. In addition to this number one, it's like, as you mentioned, like, we don't know exactly how catastrophic that was like. Oh, a rebound is inevitable. Okay. I hope that sounds rose. But like I don't know that it is like Hewlett injury be able to continue to do this. I think the second thing is I made this point. It's like it's not just that tweet. You're talking about where he gets these uncomfortable situations. Like, if you don't groom a fighter correctly, they don't develop correctly. And I don't know what his potential is or could have been, but he's got fourteen pro fights. He's twenty three in two years. Let's say he fights three times a year, twenty five be twenty five years old. You're going to basically know what you got at that point. Right. So I don't know how good is going to be, but we're not far from finding out to be taking shots like this. By the way, the people like sage has no chin bitch. That's shot would have dropped the camp. You kidding me? I'll Ashanti has ridiculous power and accuracy. Flush ridiculous. Never seem. But, but like the, the way this can hinder would supposed to be the growth, period. He's just not. It's not being managed. Well, let's, let's to isn't the footwork in a ring completely different than in a cage. Yeah, I think there's more space in a cage to circle out, you know, in a ring you can get cornered a little bit. So and and Alexandra did a very good job at that he kind of cut him off at an angle. And he you know. The man and then caught him the other way meet them kind of come into it. But yeah, it's, it's a lot different. I feel like in the cage, there's so much space to kind of run away, you know, like if you want you, can you can play that game in a cage where you can move a lot and, and avoid things. And in the ring, I think it's much more difficult. Resembles a circle a lot more, you know in less where you get the ultimate freedom right fighting in back to police point, is what you see, boxers having really excellent footwork in right angles. This is hard to live. Especially someone's really good a cut, and you also then the other part of one over the week. This was happening yesterday. Georgia Petrossian was an kickboxing bout which is part of a tournament face the guy who's tie fighter who is tremendous. I cannot pronounce his name. I will not dry but the other guy, one Georgia Petrosian has a bigger name, I think, to most casual audiences or certainly, one of the bigger store and kickboxing, but he loses now. I thought he won isn't went back and I watched it, but he didn't relatively close. But I thought Petrosian one then Cianci sit on the promoter of one gets out there. And says the I think it, we call it the competition committee decided that the referee didn't enforce the rules, relative to clinching. It wasn't a fair fight, therefore, we're going to overturn it. I was like, what is this? The here's the thing. I agree, Petrosian probably one. But Dinnie is it not super weird that we don't know who's on this committee, what rules they operate by by which standards? Do they apply to overturn a fight or not overturn a fight? Do you not get the Hiba gbs based on this thing? Like I did a one hundred percent. I mean let let's call it how it is. You know, and sometimes media are free to speaking about this because, you know, access is involved. But let's call it how it is. It's not weird. It's sketchy. It's that's what it is. It's sketchy when you're not revealing, you know, fighters weights, you know, in not even the and it still gets to know how much, you know, there are other appointed weighs in at, you know, when you're overruling a judge's decision, basically, in what you're doing is no, this wasn't a win. This was a no contest like it gets into a weird territory. And look, I went and saw the fight right. I didn't see if I live. I saw the fight after after the announcement. And yet, there was clinches where they got broken up several times by the time fighter probably go out on. No. I'm not that will versed in kickboxing as I am in may. But nonetheless, that was that was the, the referee's call, you know, how many times do we see Dana white talking? Smack about referees or judges. Do you know what I'm saying? And he goes all the time. He goes, that's their job. I didn't agree with it. But that's their job. And that's sometimes he has know. Who do you think one in this fight? He's goes, it doesn't matter what I think that, that's what the judges that's what they're so regulated in Singapore before. I mean it's like exactly if that's an availability that that turns everything into something else, like nobody would ever really do that. That's what makes this crazy, right? Like you're you're way, overstepping your bounds. When you have a third party arbiter for a reason, and there's a, there's a big reason because there's gambling like there's outside gambling. There's everything if you can just take, why not just say, well, you know, say north goal was actually winning the fight before that landed. So there's really no difference. I mean do you're still you're changing a you're changing something that you saw that basically goes against what the officials ruled I it just it can't be done it, just it, it it sketchy in. It's like at you. It's crazy. To me, you know, it's like that it doesn't make sense. Did they, they actually overturned? And they're doing a remand. The of the fight, but it's crazy because a lot of fights actually have legitimacy and being overturned, but it doesn't it never happens. You know, people try to get, you know, fights over term, when legal things happen in fights, and it just never happens. But then you have a situation like this. It just seems real sketchy. Like, am I against in theory, the idea of a promotion overturning a fight based on a referee, botching jobless just imagine? Right. Not necessarily I, I can imagine. I can imagine a scenario where if everything is above board. We know under what considerations you would do it. Who's on the committee that makes this season they would have to write up a report, you could read why they did it, what the rules would be about it. Like if I understood what the process was, and who was involved in the process. Maybe I wouldn't agree. But I'd feel a lot better. But you've got a way in system where literally is not public. I asked Gary tonal the our have you ever seen your opponents way in know what the what? And when I call this up people like, oh, there's anecdotal evidence, I'm not saying it's not it's not a good program. I don't know what kind of program it is. Here's what I can say definitively. You don't get to take credit for a damn thing until it's transparent the commission system in the United States is not great Bryan probably knows that better than we. But the reality is this at least they're away ins. The media are invited. You can take photographs. You cannot videotape. You can talk you can look at the scale that's not a perfect system. That's a lot better than I have no idea what my opponent weighed in it. I didn't even get a chance to look at it. The results aren't revealed. You're going to have water style drug testing with literally is not even a thing. It doesn't exist. You got your own agency, you're pushing fighters into which is super sketch, and now you're overturning bouts, and you're not telling us why or who did it or under what circumstances, Gloria red flab sitting other than that, man promotions. Been humming along pretty nicely. At the same time this is what frustrates me like Asian needs a one doesn't it? It's out there doing what they're gonna wanna them who've tried to do the Asian market Mike. Do basically what one is doing failed. So it's good to see them, actually. And I like the fact that they don't have the ten point must system. I actually think that's better. And they are putting on interesting fights. I want them just to do the right thing. What I don't want is emit community. Give them credit for something. They do not deserve. You wanna take credit for something prove it. Yeah, there's there definitely needs to be transparency you, as you said, like I'm still not in favor of a promotion being able to have that power to overrule something. But if you're at least going to do it tell us how you came to that decision. Tell us who came to that who was the people involved that came said decision. But just throwing a Facebook post and being like you'll this is just undermining undermining the officials that basically are in there. It's just it's I just don't get it doesn't translate. You can't do that. I mean they did it. But you can't it's like something that just literally shouldn't be done. All right. Let's go to the next one, which the UFC, Rochester leftovers run all on this one. How hard is it for you to make one thirty five? Not too hard at all. I about one fifty five like when I'm far away from my fight leading up to my fight two weeks out. I'll be like one forty eight and twelve pounds of water. It's, it's not too hard when you show up on Tuesday. What are you typically about one forty eight? That's a lot, she's Christman. Yeah. I I don't I don't get really big. I stay in shape all year round pretty much and I don't I don't like full loft where I gained like a ton of weight and getting the sixties I usually stay one fifty five or under throughout like my whole can't. All right. So you had Kevin Lee in the main event against Huenfeld us owned by the way huddled zone. Just criminally underrated. We'll talk about that and just a second, but I kinda wanna start with Kevin Leland. This one with you. He changes weight classes we knew the ones that you five call was hard for him. We've seen it in person because they have public way in the ultimate fighting championship and sees. Yeah. Not seriously. You could watch look at this guy he looked terrible. Right. So he jumps up away class. And he makes the way he looked so much better at least on the scales. And then he goes up there and has the exact same kind of cardio problems guys full of talent. What went wrong? You know, I think that it was the way that he came out the gate hot like that. He, he started that fight way too fast. And he kept that up the whole way, and it was kind of interesting because when he at the end when he missed that last heat down. He just kind of collapsed. Like he just hit like a wall like his pace couldn't be kept up any longer. And, you know, you could say wait cut or different way class. But Rothfield Dasani says Ford at one fifty five dollars a very fair fight size wise for him. And he's had better performances at fifty five I feel even though the week cuts so hard. He he's done really well he he you know, walk through bar bozo with with wrestling. So I just think that he was so diligent with the wrestling, China take though, Sanyo's down. And I, I really give him the credit for his defense. You use the Comoro a lot to try to, you know, distract him from getting take downs. And I think heavily just got so tired after a while that he just collapsed at the end and kind of gave in. But yeah, I thought he looked healthy at one seventy I think you should probably stay there and you never know it could be a coaching. Something something in this camp the way he's training. You know, I could be training completely different for the type of style that you're gonna put put out there, so who's to know. But you look all right. You would tell you to me to me. I agree with everything you just said, it also seems like he needs to strengthen its plan b a little bit. Like I feel like he doesn't have a plan b it's like he's going. Yeah. It was like he goes in there with a certain game plan and he's stubbornly going to die with it. If you can't get it done. And we've seen him power through guys and make it work, and then we've seen ones like this for guys like off-field as long as we can whether that early storm and been basically take the fight from him. It's been rinse and repeat with a couple of his fights. So you would have liked to seen. I would like to see him develop a plan be a little more where you can see them. Makes them invite a adaptations where he's basically, you know, you see something different from him coming out in the second round or third round. But I think it's just he kind of fixate. It's a little bit on what he wants to do, and it costs them because his cardio, unfortunately, that's what that's what keeps happening to them. I think there's a lot of things to consider, you know. And I got to be very careful with what I'm saying here because this is a the truth. Professional elite fighter. You know, I think, you know, technique wise, and, you know, I've been grappling. I wrestled for two years, I been doing jitsu for almost eight. I think, you know, through a lot of techniques, especially in the take down. He, he tries to power through a lot of a lot of things in, when we see that, and, you know, sometimes it's effective, and you can get through, you can power through certain moves. But nonetheless, it will cost you to your gas tank, some something you have to use frames. There's certain things that, that you technique ways that you implement that that will, you know alleviate that as far as the gas tank goes. I also think you, you know, some fighters are just cardio machines. Like if you look at Kim, Alaska's, that's just the way you're born. Some guys are better built for three rounds. Some guys are better for five you know I think Kevin lease probably a little better built for for three than five. And also, you know, I wanna critique them too much, dude. He fought the number three guy, you know, former world champion he, he didn't get any easy fight. You know what I'm saying? I'm sure if that would have been any other welterweight he. Probably would have gone the w so I still think Kevin Lee is an elite fighter. He's young, there's a lot of room for growth. I'd like to see them again. One seventy just how he looks I think, you know, I wouldn't want to see him back down at one fifty five I think let's take another look. Look, you find a really tough guy. A lot of people have come up short against RDA. Let's see what you look again at one, seventy. So I had a few reads on this one. The plan B one was the one, I read, like what he was against Barboza will things that makes Kevin least dangerous in my mind is he's got the wrestling, but he actively guard passes. And the actively takes mount mount, I think is a lost art, people aren't a very good at it 'cause they just don't practice it but he does so when he can Lord his technical superiority over an opponent. He's a nightmare. He's a nightmare, but if there is a if it's close or the person is even there's no other gear. And like I was on the Monday morning illness. I was looking at the numbers if you look at, like the takedown numbers per round for Habib fight, like one or two most because once he gets you there, bro, you're there, whereas kenley. He was getting a takedown and then he'd get doesn't designed to get up to take down four take those around. This is not you have to have super good cardio ridiculous. Wrestling, or the ability to do punishment in the in between. And if any piece of that any leg of that stool is missing the whole thing collapses. But Brian, I saw an internet commentary, and I want to be very careful how asked this question. Kevin Lee is a polarizing figure now I think he's championship material but he's got some things to figure out. But one of the things they said was Kevin Lee is better about assessing his opponent's weaknesses than he is about realizing his own. So let me ask you one. Do you think that's true? And to how hard is it to assess your own shortcomings, and I don't mean to bring this up, but it is relevant your coming off with two losses. Surely, you must have done some reflection about that. Yeah. I mean you have to look at yourself and see where you're doing things right doing things wrong, yet, you know. That's also the coach's job too. But I'll like meetings with coaches. Not not necessarily meetings. Like I strictly that, but when you're with your coach you'll, you'll, you'll touch on that stuff. You know, you'll talk about that during training or whatnot and see, you know, last fight this happened or this fight. This is going to happen. We gotta work on this, but a lot of fighters don't wanna focus on their opponents that much they want to focus more on themselves and just forget, who they're fighting what they're good at and whatnot. And just get better at every single area so that you're prepared for any situation and with Kevin Lee, I feel like his expenditure of energy is a big thing, and that's something you can't teach. And that's why he's he's using so much strength, like he was saying with everything. He's streaming, you know, he's trying to get you down so much he doesn't go to the plan b like you were saying, before, like, also the takedown, he's just holding waiting trying to get you down straining shrinking. But he doesn't go off to a single switch back to a double. He doesn't do a lot of switching like that. And, you know, I Don I don't I don't know if he's has a game plan issue. Or if it's you know the way he's training. But, you know who knows. I'm not I'm not sure. After after a win or loss. Do you ever go back in and have a hard time figuring out like why? It went the way it did. Or when something goes, right or wrong. You're able to be like, okay, this is why this worked, this is why this didn't. It's, it's not. It's not that cut and dry to me. I feel like sometimes you lose a fight and it's just you got caught or that guy was better that night. I it could be simple things like that. But you have to just get better everywhere. You know if you got taken down a bunch of times and held down he got taken down four times in that fight. Yeah. Now, it's like we need to work, our takedown defense, and our get ups. You know what I mean? Like something specific if it's so obvious in the fight like you got broken down here. You know, like you didn't move you, you were in a Comoran, you just stayed there type of thing like, then you can look at specifics. But other than that, I feel like it's just get better overall everywhere. Yeah, I great. So then that takes us to I'm not the same fighter. You are. That's what. Yes. Heavyweight championship. Megan Anderson, now, this is another one where it's like I'm not sure what to say about this one because. You'll Felicia Spencer was a black bones jitsu. She's just really good. She just knew how to progress an attack is Megan Anderson Danny, but of another sage situation where I don't get identical. But these people get pushed so far, then there's these ridiculous unfair expectations that they can't possibly live up to what happened there. I think, yeah, I think just there's a few issues there like for one matchmaking is key. And matchmaking is very important for fighters development. But when you have literally, no division, then all of a sudden matchmaking becomes really hard. Right. I think from the Holly home fight. We saw that Megan. Anderson, clearly had a hole in the in the wrestling, and grappling department, would you have Holly home, a very decorated, you know, boxer and kickboxer someone that's historically only, you know, in harmony fights, you know, start striking. And then, you know, she recently added the wrestling component by no means. She's an elite wrestler. Yes, she was, you know, and also a wake less below she was throwing around Megan Henderson, and then. They pay her up with cats and Ghana which, you know that fight we know high went down and then Felicia spends her know former Invicta champion super legit. Black belt. So I think the matchmaking was was quite were in this specific situation. And I think you know, meeting Anderson has is very talented. But this is why you need, you know, we're having this is why you need certain fights that, you know, proper matchmaking, you know, would allow that, but with no division. You know, you're just bound to bring, you know, the best of the best to, to fight, you know, she's twenty nine I feel like with matchmaking. It's kind of it's interesting because it's up to the business. The UFC to say like we want to we want to focus on good matchmaking for this fight. I felt that doesn't go across the board. Like they're not focused on, like we want a good match up style for this fighter. They're just like, well, this is the next person. They did that. We're giving certain people, I'm saying, but not across the board. Not for everyone like Megan Anderson, now a big star. I, I know the way class is, you know, not not strong but they're willing to risk her losing to bring in a new star potentially because the week class, isn't deep made it out. But I mean they have her doing a lot of media. She's, she's sort of it'll, it feels like the UFC believes in her and one invest in her is just the matchmaking portion has an line. But also, like I talked to Laura Cinco who does a podcast whether they, they know each other, and Laura was telling me, she was like, let me just she's like, Nope. You don't have to believe if you don't want to, but she's like I trained with Laura or excuse me, with Megan, I know very well. She knows the answers to all the position, she was in just don't fight nights something didn't go wrong in Bowie. She walks around mid one. Seventies as part of me wonders, like do that cut might be a lot harder votes. Realize, yeah. She's tall, man. Klis a bet you it is. But what, what is she supposed to do? You mean they fell one million Kayla Harrison? That's the way it'd be seriously, one of those situations where she just doesn't somehow the spotlight when she get in there. And it's a very isolated. You know there's some people that's, that's the toughest thing is when it becomes time to execute. You just lose some of it or you're slow to react or whatever the thing is it could literally be something like forever. But we've, I've, we've certainly seen her look a lot better. So I I'm not sure but it seems to me like there could be somewhat of a psychological issue going on there, too. I reached out to people to do interviews. And like doing interview coaches were saying, like in the gym, she's knocking out dudes installed. She's doing really well, but under the lights could be on this crazy, because they really, they really increase the spotlight on her because she was being kinda groomed in this weird way despite cyborg. And that was kind of out of the gate, and there's a lot of their first familiarity with her were basically, like, oh, this could be a person to come on and challenge cyborg. That's a hell of a place to start. You know what I mean? That's your lineage. Yeah. And then but you're not ready because you're still developing your game. And it doesn't matter. Because they need you now it's like it's a terrible. Now. Now Spencer's there. She's number two, now just like that. I mean in fairness to Felicia like do Felicias very skilled there. Yeah, he'll Jerry sale. So it's like how is making gonna make up that distance in the in between? You got a lot of work. I don't really know what I don't know what the answer there. We let me do it very, very quickly. I want to say a word of praise to ha- feld Assange to the fight was over. Everyone was like all Kevin Lee fell short, which is not fair to Kevin. And it's not fair to have held is hard to do you always has always as always. Good. He's twenty nine and eleven Brian and the reason why I wanted to bring this up is at twenty nine eleven he's as he pointed out number three in the world. Still in the world's wait wait class, which is not the best one second best one, you have an issue with that bantamweight. You went said it's a little better. But still, you know what I'm saying premier way classes in the sport. And what's happening is, if you are twenty nine and eleven with the kind of losses, he had as a boxer, you'd be washed he'd be nobody. You would not be anything but he is like the exemplar of what it means to be an MA elite fighter because, yes, he has fallen short, you know, fallen short because he took risks and he fought tough dudes out, more often than not he beat him, but he was speaking about the different cultures between anime in boxing, RDA is pure, and isn't he. Yeah. You have to praise that he's fought to who's who won fifty five one seventy and champion. Yeah. Became a champion, and he's taking devastating losses and after taking a devastating loss and coming back and still performing the way he does like you. You have to give high praise that I got and that was a great performance. A lot of people are saying, like all Kevin Lee, this, Kevin that he tried his best to implement this game plan, the whole fight, you know, and then RDA shut it down, essentially. But all people see is that like he failed at doing what he was doing. But RDA's he's doing amazing at one seventy right now. And, you know, he's been knocked out bad a bunch of times, and he shows no signs of fear, and they're still so high priest those kinds of bells truck. Not be shopworn. No. Because he was he's coming off a couple of losses rightly so coming to pay more, which was the record beating. Exactly. And then and then to Kobe. Right. And it's like so you, you're not wanting to present. Sure. Because sometimes you do get a guy like that third fight where it's a desperation kind of fight, and they, they will look different. But I you know that guy always brings it like you said, and it's crazy. You were mentioning how unsung he is ultimately like when he went through Pettus, back in the day. A lot of it was like what's up with Pettus, what, what happened with Pederson, then he beats cowboy the whole narrative, when he's fighting cowboy in that fight was about cowboy wasn't about already and then he goes right through him. And I felt like we never gave him his, his praise for that either. He's one of those guys, you know, he fights guys like Robbie Lawler, and you think like still be the one who's going to you know go right in and he wins up fight. You're just like the guy is just he's, he's not, he's like it's perseverance. But it's there's something else. There's something else that we haven't identified a quarterback who throws the inception, and then take on the next possession marches them right down the field of amazing. And I've always said of this, I think raffled pound for pound the most well rounded fight. In the game. He started getting these, I fight, you got viciously Kayode by Jeremy Steven. They look. Look at them now. Yeah, I think he broke his jaw in that broke his jaw. Yes. All the guys. He's fought. On the back. It was one of those Gable grip j just kind of crushed crushed it a little bit. Yeah. So no one gave him any praise. And I couldn't believe it. But okay, we took time to do it. That's how I know the last thing of this portion of the show, it's called under the radar but we look at just maybe one story that we didn't get to on the run down today. That's worth a mention we start over there work this way. Ford, Chuck, what is under the radar shutout to one Adams who heavyweight who's been basically calling for a shot against them egg? But for the most punishable guy, probably in the AFC right now, the one that people wanna see get beat up Greg hardy. And who's able to get sounds like that. It's happening. And I, I gotta say, sometimes like you see that a guy who wants up. They actually put it out there. It's a it's just one of those weird lessons you like dude shoot shoot your shot, go for the stars and that sort of thing so good job by him. Shout out to the California kid who's not a kid, but he's trying to make a comeback. You know, he's he's hinting at possible opponents that are being thrown at them and just had a kid. I'm sure that, that's inspiring him. But I just find it interesting in this game. You know, your favorite is a guy who smart with business. He has multiple businesses, and he obviously probably doesn't need money. He doesn't need to fight for money, but it just goes to show the addiction of competition. We always want to get that feeling back, you know, there's nothing like winning a fight out there, so you know, without being compared to that, I'd his age, I'm kinda surprised he wants to come back. He's done enough in the sport. He has nothing to prove, but, but you know, we'll see. Brainer to write for Sacramento, Sacramento coming up. So that, that makes a lot of sense for him. But I wonder where they'll go with matchmaking with him if they'll give them like an up and comer or like a big name, still I wonder where they'll go. The competition facing NICKY Ryan over in Polaris in jujitsu match this weekend understand made this point when he had him on the show. He brought Gordon Ryan over for quintet. So he knows who the Ryan brothers are. And they decided to go and match up with NICKY, Ryan and every time I asked somebody who's trained or rule with NICKY, Ryan. I'm like, what's it like to go God like it's a nightmare to go with that guy? So he went up and signed up for it to your point. The guy loves it man. Yeah. He's staying sharp. He said he loves training, jujitsu. So you know, obviously his desire for competition ago against a guy like that crazy. What's under the radar? So cannabis company, a company that must. Home. So anyways, they, they signed a we'll tell you we'll take a billion a million dollar partnership with the UFC and they're going to be at the just doing some tests on CBD. I guess, you know, with athlete, you know, injury prevention and recovery all that, you know, CD you know, and I like this because we want experimentation, we want to find out what works, and what doesn't make maybe it doesn't lead to anything. Maybe it does we don't know. So they're going to do that as well. And, you know, I'm also happy because we know the stigma, and we know that marijuana is a banned substance, at least in competition. And we know obviously, how Silia is and maybe you know, I know CBD's a little bit different but maybe that can start breaking some of the stigmas around the, the plant. Yeah, well as I indicated many times number radio show. No one knows about CBD people have anecdotal evidence that it works. And if it works, you think it works by all means keep using it? But as I speak today, there's not a whole lot of evidence that. It does which just totally unknown. Plus there's like a lot of inconsistency. Like you might know a good company, and I might not know good company, and so therefore, we're getting totally different kinds of products. So that's a bit of the wild west for me me under the radar was you started decided to sort of bless NS, f-, sanctioning are, and as a screening for supplements, your supplement where you could sort of trust that they have undergone a sufficient degree of quality, control. You never know what they're contaminated. But it's simply reduces the risk which I don't have any issue with for the most part, what I did find funny and the no one will notice this. Have you been to the performances to before once? Yeah, it was. It was a it was a cool. Yeah. Good. Signed a deal with something called. Thorne. T. H. O R, N E supplements. And I looked them up. They do have high ratings, but it's not exactly what you would think it's less GNC, and more, like, Walgreens where like you can get creating at Walgreens, but I don't know. That's what you were gonna Walgreens to get actually. Yeah, it's, it's more like lifestyle. You know, how things your grandmother might take the note than a fighter. So I urge you to look it up again. They do have high ratings which needs to be knowledge. They are NSF certified, the only thing I've found kind of interesting was on the front page of their website. They have detox products, which is red flag city because there's no such thing, you know, all those girls on Instagram who still you fit fifties. They're not really we're seeing those I'm going to do a juice cleanse. It doesn't exist. You have your kidneys your liver, your sweat glands, and your skin that is your body's natural detox. There is no such thing as detoxing with toxins. So for them to have it on the front page of their website. And they're the ones in the PI. Worth looking into. Right. All right. Well, you just put it over the radar rather over. Over. You're on notice. Just keep that in mind. Hey, Brian did. All right. Rights to still feel my heart take him. But folks to what's next. How can they get in touch with you? If they want to troll, you whether you control me at Brian, boom, one three five on Twitter, Instagram, the you're supposed to fight may you had an injury. What happened was to see you again? Yeah. I had a neck injury. Unfortunately, I would've liked to push through it and fight, but I was advised by management, coaches, you know, last fight on my deal. Don't don't risk it one hundred percent which now looking back. I agree with. But in the in the moment on my I, I wanna get in there, you know, I put the work in, but I feel like I could do it, but who we supposed to supposed to fight Mitch ganja's who? Who was that was a good fight for you. Yeah. Good matchup for me. Good style. That made it hurt a little bit more enough fighting and having watched a fight, I think I could have done well still and, you know, hopefully, get back in their early July. Nothing set nothing official. But yeah, you could check out my YouTube channel. I try to do the boom breakdowns for the and, and music to I've been working on music. I got it out on Spotify. You could just search boom in and some new songs coming out. Yeah. I get the microphone here. I got like the music stuff. Look. Always that music in my family man. With your plan out here. Look forward to having you back in the cage, that's where you really belong now this was another dream of Mayes, this is awesome. I really appreciate our very good. Well, we are done here, keeps sending those questions those comments using the hashtag the MMA beat for the iceman Chuck mendenhall, Brian, boom, Kelleher, Danny, the mustache Sigler mustache in Spanish, a good thing be going. Thomas ends up to let them fly. This is the maybe.

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