Episode 3: The Story of Jasmine + JD featuring Amy Porterfield


Boots for you to hear it okay I don't really wear I'm actually not wearing boots right now actually barefoot with my toes running through the carpet but if I was wearing boots I would totally welcome to episode three of the Jasmine Star show today we're going to do something a little different and they have to admit I am shaking in well well well I met jd at just seventeen years old and also jd will admit his biggest pet peeve about me I hope you guys already for some straight up vulnerable kindest best as friends and I am so grateful she agreed to do this we get real today from the details of how all that I got to ask the questions I was excited but then when I realized you didn't even want to know the questions in advance I got a little nervous because moment I laid eyes on her but that's not how it really happened we shared a counselor and so he was the one that made the introduction and my parents were at this event I'm good is going to be so good what I'd like to do is start at the top and I want you to tell us how you two met I'm not sure if you're going to be okay with the questions I'm going to ask but they're all the things that if I didn't know you to I would want to know all about so are you ready for Jasmine and JV welcome to your show hey thank you we're happy to be here I'm so excited to do this when I got the call husband and my business partner in amy is like basically the beyond say of podcasting and she also happens to be one of my sweetest dearest most ready because you guys are going to hear it all okay without further ado here is eighty porterfield interviewing me and jd high school we were at a mutual fund raiser so we didn't go to the same high school but we were in the same district so there was an event that had both of our schools attending jasmine was yes I am I am I was ready until now right when we started I feel like my my my judge has got locked up openings were there for me was quite embarrassing a little awkward the counselor did he introduced the both of us and jd we shook hands Oh yeah most likely to give a teacher apple that was my okay come on like Oh my God learning so much already I'm annoyed at just hearing this story likes the second you matter did you see across the room and thinks she's cute I want to get to know her gosh amy all I wanna say is yes it was love at first sight and I fell in love with her eleven pm so is way late and I just remember being mortified and I was about to say so sorry but jasmine just straight hung up the phone and that's it of course the senior president senior class stop haters and she also got the award in high school most likely to bring a man we we were seventeen amy so I thi I if you want us to tell the story you really have to rewind and take yourself back to when you were phone numbers and I remember thinking okay it's GonNa be a quick phone call I'll talk to her for ten minutes we spoke on the phone for probably what was it two or three hours well yeah because seventeen years old okay we made in everything we did was in that frame so okay you know I we were both okay so it started in such beautiful ways now as adults but goodness I almost I could see it I could see at the age of seventeen jasmine did you like him right away I it's like every time someone asked this question I always like to go like how I really fell head over heels jasmine a couple of weeks later when we had exchanged was the call completely dropped so I was actually thankful because I did not want to talk to jazz's mom under those circumstances but I think that it was really important that we knew immediately there was something like different there was something different in how we connected early on Oh yeah I think that it was jasmine's way of thinking her brain I fell in love with her and I was like we're going to chat for like thirty minute right and you know what that was our first conversation and then it was two hours and it continued I think I called you almost seen my mom picks up the phone chessmen are you talking is very late you're not supposed to be on the phone with boys and I was dying all I hear it at that point saw like his energy like in five minutes I was like this guy is like different like he's kind and like he's soulful without even trying and so this is not to age us but this is the time we're phones were connected to the walls and one phone in our house and I literally dragged inside and I hid inside of my closet L. Like I want to punch myself in the face but you'd like to be you want it too much has changed jazz you know hey did you did we go our separate ways and then that school counselor ends up sending letters to each other back and forth or school so he would come to my school in the morning and jd school in the afternoon nine years which feels like forever but you were really young so you went to college you went to separate colleges you kept a long term relationship that whole time he was really really really nice like he was so different than the other guys in my school that I was attracted I know this Super Woo but I was attracted to his each other so we came into adulthood on her own and then he transferred back down to UC Irvine down here in Orange County California and so we would see each other on the weekends I laughed he's bedroom and I saw a book on a bed stand that said is it love or obsession a book that his dad gave him my life I started to really get behind me became our courier fleas told me this man was at the wedding he unfortunately passed before wedding I know he didn't get to see you guys and her Brennan tell this tell us to hear all the time I was just floored by the way that she approached life and it's crazy because it's manifested every day that week and each conversation was at least two hours I remember one time your mom actually picked up the mom picked up my my mom said are you still on the line we did this for the first two years judy had a soccer scholarship in the bay area so we did long distance for two years which is really good for us because we grew up like together but we were away from the three programs so she says okay so one day she's like hey I'm GonNa meet you outside the restroom after Class I say great let's do this Mike Class just got out so in there I have a clear shot at women's restroom and the and I see a couple of girls from my class come out of the restroom and right behind those girls I see yeah I was really into this guy I was really into him came in hard like I was just like whoa take a fourth period every day and say I have something for you I get there and the letter from Jasmine saying hey really good to meet first thing I thought this was really weird but college is in the restroom jasmine ends up going to the restroom and she over hears these girls in the restroom talking about jd allogeneic like legitimately we were on payphones every night and I was so into him that we were nineteen twenty I walked into the people that I had been corresponding with for a while we walked out together and we're and we're all going to the restroom I went to the restroom some of my colleagues went to colleagues there is calling me Mary no but we had deeded like nine years so it was a y the big that's a big thing so here's the thing you guys dated cut off to be later here's one thing ladies if this is the one thing you take you find a good man you do whatever it takes to protect that thing okay you love affair I mean seventeen years old they dated for nine years then they got married so now I've got some questions about I want to know what one I just don't like throw I don't throw shade for the sake of throw shade if you're going to talk about my man so she ended up taking design course and I was like I really WanNa take this history class we'll both we'll both go together but we'll take this different courses since you know life is like now are you ready okay first of all I actually wanted to talk about what it looks like in the business with both of you because a lot of people are listening and they know you from social curator and everything you guys do online especially Jasmine so what I think is very interesting about your relationship up is who does what in business and in your personal life so break it down for me first let's talk about business we know jazz you oppose that or I leave the college amy here's one thing I'm just so good at picking a man I get my clause in Nice and deep connects drought always really back well there were countless ones but we decided one one one summer because you know I got a letter in the mail from Jasmine we got to we've got to grow and and spend some time apart I know I was on my payphone every night ask for being online that is so against every my power plays or whatever my strength might place of power I am so behind the scenes that I would prefer Mendez essentially. Jd what is your place in the business you know so this for me being on being on the front of it like we're we're doing he's seeking counsel and so I feel like yes for me I like to know the INS and out of the business in regards to our team how people are feeling on the team just being there for them so if I can jump in a one of the biggest things that I think the assets is that we can see the exact same situation from two entirely different perspectives where I thought that that was like a liability yeah I know about you look times there goes your left I just say something I'm scared of her you guys so now we know this is a true now see it as an asset because we don't need to people looking at the same situation the same way I need him to come in and fill in the gaps and I can be extraordinary the the invisible person behind the scenes so I take a big role in the finance part of the business making sure we're running a healthy I'm service I I like to serve others and that's just my skill set I love it I do it in our personal lives I've always kind of been that person so that is something I liked Hasman right behind them I'm like and Jasmine Darts through darts through the line so she breaks their little walking walks right up to me and lays one on me entity as part of what we're doing in our business because I can get so singular focus I know amy you could get the same get so focused on that thing that come hell or high water it's like no this is what we have to do and he's always make sure I'm doing jasmine told me once that you're really good at creating experiences and you did that for the team like when you guys went to Napa early linear like I just see things as they should be done and he comes in and he knows how to finesse this situation he knows how to help me see bigger but also how to keep the Ontai okay this story I think is going to get cut out of the podcast but what was the story you told me of you mean Jealous Jasmine okay so now that was really cute he is and how they like talking to him and how they how they like talking to him how cute pace and I'm reporting that down jazz we can make some decisions on the marketing front and all the other things like that other than that I do I wanna make sure that Jasmine's and j d like added touches that you normally jasmine you weren't thinking up because you were in work work work mode is that right that's correct yes the experience of my life and opens up the most expensive bottle of wine we have in our pantry and he said if we can't drink this now when can we drink this and still feels comfortable and where we can cycle mentally be present because for me having quality time when we were sitting down relaxing that experience can't just be pulling out Lee to its fullest sometimes just a little reminder only because jasmine so good at getting things done working hard and driving goals and I love that I feel like I and I thought it was so great right right because I thought to myself my God like he gets it if you can't drink the best now we don't deserve to drink the best it was like right in the beginning of US get get starting in like this marketing sphere in teaching other entrepreneurs and we had started this project and we were in the middle of launch and we were like bombing it was like the plane is burning make an active role to just kind of be meetings throughout the day still find the wall but I like to listen to different departments and things that are going on and important in your personal life what does that look like because Jasmine and I talk a lot when I'm on a walk with Scou- I'll get messages from Jasmine and jasmine shaking why because I might add amy Porterfield on the show to interview me and Gd now for those of you who don't know Jd. Ah I was like Oh my goodness jasmine you guys are she she really don't come around her man and believe me I in you know helpless captain and I'm sitting I'm sitting in the House and I'm like I don't know what to do this is the worst thing in homeboy goes outside and he lights a Fire Oh God I I just can't deal with you right now out there's there's this I'm so glad that we have a balanced though because you know I can be the CEO of fun all day every day Oh my God is love this okay so tell me this you told me a really funny story about when the woman that came to your house about a dog yes asked about Roy be celebrating about experiences that I think embodies definitely that balance between work and home and like living every moment the good the bad and the like we can we can do more with less and enjoy the process and he thinks seeing it from that perspective is always been giving I'm naturally more of a service oriented person like it has to be on point honestly in regards because just as always is like this might bleed into our personal lives for me it's a high value to make sure that we're operating our personal lives in a way that to take summer school college courses at the same college we okay JC or stream that we go to school together so I said let's go to J. C. and take a summer class to do it table dinner although we don't even have a microwave but we against microwave waves but honestly you know like you know him if he could break in me like I seen each other in years and I'm just like all four and four but I was like what's into you and she's like that's right doc and pop a bottle of champagne in dance a Jig every afternoon that's what he would do his best life he's like we I remember one time probably a crush on GD and I don't get close an aquatic because you value value value right I because I would hugh we have that's what he said he didn't know when you walk out of the restroom okay and I'm waiting and as part of the adoption process assoc worker will come over and she has to interview each like each parent separately to get their perspectives on things and she asked me polls in the house and you're like oh my gosh she probably thought I was crazy so talk about the roles in your house and why it's not the traditional roles so we're sitting they were housekeepers they did other people's laundry and now I'm at the point that I'm living out my dream will I apologize no men are talking to a social so who does the laundry I was like well I don't know how to turn on her laundry I like I said our laundry washing machine like there's just so much I actually like I said Acsi service is Kinda comes natural to me I actually drive a lot of fulfillment in making sure that the house is operating properly then you know but jazz is really good she's she's always very very thankful so it makes it easy for me like a lot. Jd she talks about your skills in the kitchen do laundry nowadays so okay so I'm glad you see that but here's my question for you and I've been asked this question about Hobie and I and or Hoagies Manassas questions Jaydee she's like okay who does grocery shopping and I was like well I sometimes order groceries on Amazon prime and so she's just like okay so that we can thrive at our best we can actually function and work and be really excited about working for me I do drive a lot of satisfaction from okay I love cooking for Jasmine to hear what you have to say how do you feel before you outsource I know that's your next step about being in a non traditional role in your marriage worker about adoption and I'm like yeah well you see let me explain here okay I mean I just reducing we just had to be one hundred we just had to be one hundred is the hugest smile on his face so he loves this right we talk about powerplays I'm legitimately like to levy in the iron lung when it comes to our house holders fulfillment and a paycheck but doing my laundry ver- years my grandmother's and you're at the other people's laundry that is how that is how our families came to this it until I can't take no more there is a powerful thing as business partners to be able to advocate responsibilities in your home to somebody who gets I love that guy that just does things in hope she says thank you that's my days made take outsource now I should not be doing laundry because and then I started thinking well I was like a cost how much it's actually costing me a lot of money India for me the forefront I would just like when I when I listed all the things that I did I'm just like I need to get some peop- I need some help he in the fact that I get excited about Jasmine Lob softballs all the time that's just like an easy like the kiss of the Park Jae like here's your dinner asked right they have to be mortified I mean you know but listen listen you okay okay 'cause one so he is I don't know if you're familiar with come on down to now yes now okay so I watch abby jd refused. I ain't jasmine as in seventeen years I think Jesuit to loads I dry my mom okay one are my mother and mother-in-law better not here this podcast from Downton Abbey comes out on a feature length film it would mean so much to me if we went and saw this period piece and to which he obliges and I'm like okay he had to have loved it well your jewelry you will eat the most amazing meal and drink the most decadent wine and he takes joy watching you enjoy what he does so in that regard like he's very well he's okay I was so excited to hear her response is GonNa say she does what are you gonNA literally she's like okay so let's talk about who does the cooking I was join it by Carson and he's like the how he the House and I look at Carson the way he takes pride in what he does in link if you come to our house Hey Jamie you are one of a kind so when I hear I didn't know all this about you I knew some but not all so I am loving this in his power plant I yeah I have a book where I plan probably two weeks in advance if amy if you're coming over for dinner it's a two week you this lack of it tell me this jasmine you go first what is your absolute favorite thing about jd he is so selfless he is yeah and not just with me deep legitimately like he can meet strange in the airport and he would put that that person above himself a thousand times over wow okay that's that's huge right you're up jd and for some reason she gravitates the person in the back of the room who's being ignored or not really talking to anybody and she goes straight to them every time and Your absolute favorite thing about Jasmine my favorite thing is that she makes people feel seen and heard I I light up every time we walk into a room the about this woman what does she do that just drives you crazy you'll love her till the day she dies but she still drives you crazy in this one area can I see so perfect and that's actually the most annoying thing is no it's not no I am he wants to keep everything perfectly key aligns imagine talking about my lashes that's having trouble for that one but now we know he's being one hundred shirt as okay favorite thing water I love that I wanted to start with the good because my next question you go first what drives you crazy lacroix all to be facing out on our fritsch he's just like he honestly like he can only by a very particular type of toilet paper like everything like everything on the kitchen table you cannot put them on the counter with him on a coffee table You can't put them on a Sofa you can't pull my shirt if we're watching TV land on my shirt certain anybody's come on a whole different topic judge me now all right let's hear it I can't even imagine what it's going to be because of your audience they had some questions Beth says I'd love to know how you create boundaries in your personal and work lives with your team in your fans today let's go do something fun during the day I know that work hours are what I consider you know nine to five type of thing usually dinner served at six o'clock what time in your personal life as a couple and your professional life as a couple separate for example or perhaps you're still working on this so personal boundaries haven't always respectful about that time and she honors our quality time so for me that's such a big thing and jasmine just really good about it you know obviously launches happen and things like that I am not annoying things thought he also packs a candle we always knew we were going to adopt period did we think it was going to look this way not exactly but we are and I feel pretty confident to say this on both obviously there's a lot that you J. D. want to keep private how did you decide how you both would maintain those boundaries both with fans and with each other keeping the things get crazy and things change during those periods of time but after that we use and take a nice little vacation or something so we're good nice okay so another what is it about experience even down to his hush and he's like that's wonderful but like to live with things across the board back packs wrong like something we'd do at home yes okay all right this this is all right so I actually want to switch gears because some of your listeners and Shen is have you always known you're going to adopt did you always know you weren't going to carry a child yourselves jasmine like was this always in the plan yes rears its ugly head and what people what we've been pretty private about is how many times we've gotten close to the end where we're like one of three adopt title for work so here's the thing we're working in our hotel room all the time where either rehearsing jetsons talks or something so you know candles keep Russian that one of your listeners had was about your decision to adopt and I was hoping you guys talk about that a little bit specifically my first that technology computers everything's turned off and us to jasmine found a little hack to this started started waking up at four in the morning magically wave the wand are thing that we do now is we make sure that we we have a full workday with a full schedule so I can't I'm not going to be interrupting or saying Hey let's go watch a matinee already decided so can I can't even imagine jd taken over this role like the the daddy of the house in my heart like literally explodes is important the surprising part was this overwhelming sense of knowing like it kind of stinks but like we know like when she comes most challenging or the most surprising about the whole experience I think the most challenging is the unknowing like I one hundred she leaves her eyelashes everywhere you meet you cannot put eyelashes annoy my self myself I know myself I it's a secret nobody cares being and then you wonder like Oh are we enough which which totally speaks to a childhood weird thing for me and so I always go back to knowing which was leads to this we turn off and Sinn Fein table it's an excuse because the reason why I served in her every day at six o'clock is because that ensures of our behalves like we couldn't be happier with the way that life has worked out for us and we know that there is a perfect child fresh waiting to be born for experience like he's the CEO of fun so he wants to make sure that that hotel room is like escape it all parents and then you know at the end the mom ended up picking somebody else for reasons we may or may not ever understand and I think that it always feels like you're in that perpetual state of much I love doing this and congrats on your podcast I can't wait to hear every single episode on Love You Amy Thank you guys Papa Glitter just waiting to come out they get it so this whole idea you guys are

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