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ACS (Part 2): Brian Posehn, Willie Robertson, and Nerdwalking


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Yeah. Well, I am. So here's how I like life. I like super clean and boring and pedestrian and then if I want to go to the strip club, I'll go to a strip club. But I don't want the strip club to come. I don't want the mountain come to Mohammed. You know what I mean? Whenever I go to Salt Lake City. I'm always like, where's all the trash where so the graffiti, where's everything? And then I go, oh must be nice. 'cause all this place is so trashy when you go to when you go Salt Lake City, especially when you live in LA, you're like brush, no garbage. Where's all the junk that we leave we leave like shopping carts and kids castle toys? I don't know why the weird little pink Catholic. We just dump them. We just dump everything by the side of the freeway. Right. So don't seem to have that over there. The book. Let's talk about the book. I have I know something about the book. And some of the stuff is stuff. We've talked about defensive covered. My, you know, my bullying, and that kind of thing that's a big. That's a big part of the book. Didn't it's really about like turning it around. I didn't know about the part where somebody took shoes from a disabled boy thrown roof. And then blamed you that story. No. Yeah. I went deep in the book. There is a lot of things. I'd never found a way of you know, because I over the years and my standup act I brought some of these stories up. But there was a lot that I'd never been brought up. You know, everybody knows my dad died. But no one knows that my mom's boyfriend died right after that like just went deep, but also try to make all that stuff funny. The thing about me getting beaten up by the special Ed kid be hit new at the space nineteen ninety nine lunchbox and the whole time. I'm like, I'm the only kid here who also likes that show. Pals dirty kid in the special Ed kid hanging out and talking about sci-fi right instead because these guys through his shoes up on the roof, and I don't know why. But I just you know, I always hated bullying when kids believe me, and I would I got being a couple of times because I was like getting my nose in a business where it shouldn't have been. So I went and got the kids shoes off the roof. And then these they weren't even my age they were younger than me. But there was more than and I I wasn't gonna fight back. I knew they seen them punch people before never thrown punch at that point. So I was just like they're like throw it back on the roof. Yeah. It's it's weird. The your formative years junior high grade school high school, the I found I think everyone is more miserable in junior high than there in highschool was that everyone's that's my miserable junior. High was every. And then high school was more focused. I had a couple of bullies. But yet junior high was just brutal. That you know, just what do they call? It a smear the queer you're getting seventh grade. And and usually the queer unless you're near smearing people. I remember once doing playing smear the queer which was also like, I know knock out or something. Yeah. Our version of it was you'd played against the handball court to tone and the ball goes sailing back. And if you caught it you could throw it, but if you drop it everyone would jump on you, okay? We had a version of the crap very popular middle school called butts up dropped no jumped on if you dropped it. And you couldn't get back to the wall before you had to tag it had to get out or whatever your butts up has police stuff and got turned to whip the ball your, but. Yeah, man, we'll always start. It is. Bolic's Lee dodgeball, actually had some rules, right and smear the queer. There was no rule. Lawlessless? I remember very clearly being sort of bored playing butts per dodge, whatever version of sort of young homoerotic butts. We were playing smear the queer, and I stood back and someone did that took against the thing. And I caught it everyone sort of looked at me. And then I just dropped it gonna do now. And I didn't go toward the board to tap out. I took off the other way, and they all started chasing me. At nineteen guys. Chase me could never catch me. But there was one guy who I didn't think was playing who was playing and as I was running past him. All right, gut, and I just folded like a parade on fell onto the ground. And I was never mad at him. I was like, I guess that's the rules. Yeah. He was hiding he was like a terrorist sleeper cell. You know what I mean? Had a job at a why everything was fine years. Every right, right. Making bombs in his basement. So. Now is everyone bullied I guess is the question or does every like like every? Every girl. I don't care how beautiful they are. They tell you. How awkward they were like, oh, you're Victoria secret model? Yeah. But when you're six foot tall and great everyone. Yeah. Right. Right. Not the kind of nerd Iwa. Right. We don't we don't buy it. But every single guy you talked to sort of soums they were bullied yet. No, not most kids from my school. I just ran into. I went and read the book in my hometown in cinema. And I had one guy who I was really surprised by. He goes. Hey, man. My freshman year was just as brutal as yours. And I was like really I was like he'd in seamy did you and I never thought about it this dude he stopped going to school. It was so bad. But I didn't notice because I was in my own. I was in my own shit by that point. But now most of the guys I grew up with didn't get bullied. I was I was the one I was even bullied by my friends because there is like older kids were fucking with me. So than the younger guys, we're like like, I talk about it in the book, my freshman year, the first week of school all these kids I had been friends with since grade school decided it wasn't going to be easy to hang around me anymore. So they like chase me away. Like you would chase. A dog with a Boehner like the three dogs, and they threw dirt clods rocks at me and shit. What is the I'm trying to think of when males or at their worst and seven it's that age. Right. Twelve to fifteen I think, you know, where you don't get the memo, but everyone does that oh, we're not friends anymore. They hate me. Oh, you're mean to my recollection highschool people sort of gravitated almost like me back to their own. There was less less inter inter class on in class like lick grade level like intergroup, bullying and more with this group this group and rarely between with my thing. They didn't know what to do with me. And then I also was so not my athleticism. Just got worse. You know, like when I was in third grade, I could play soccer, but then my bird arm started growing, and and my legs. And I was having I was actually having growing pains and super. Coordinate it. So it just got worse and worse. And then kids would never third grade. I they would ask me to play but by fifth and sixth. No one wanted me on their team. And then it got junior high and then high school there's a point where the popular guys that are doing the bowling start getting laid. And then they. Deprioritize bug you anymore anymore. The short bullied. Yeah. She asks who's not getting temples. And he's or you know, in my experience, it was this FFA kid who really fucked with me. He was your farmers of this total Schicker grew up in this dude with fucking Wrangler on skull. Can that was like Fook you postseason still junior year? And I'm like, dude, I thought we were done with this like nobody's picking by that time. It was turning around for me. Anyway, because I was doing the school paper and radio. But there was still some dues that were like fucking fate. And I'm like. Housing that you know. A weird. It's it's weird. I've always. Fine. At remarkable the sort of energy like the guys are really burning cow. I get burning calories. Bullying like, I get the part where you like that check and that chick likes him, and you like her and you want to get her. So you're going to do what you can or whatever. But like one time a million years ago. I ride my bike only knows six grade or fifth grade or something, and it was like the bully guy the guy like, hey, man. Let me read your bike, and then go stride it. Guys are horrible the other guys I've been ghost written on the fighting in the book. I try your bike. That's pretty good. It's my only bike. Yeah. Let me try it. And then they take it just goes right into a dumpsters street. Search waddling violently hit park, are whatever I'm at a guy goes right a bike. When I was on the handlebar chump off the back of a bike run. I was riding on the handlebars push you into this guy is like whatever threatening me whenever and I was like God. I remember you said red hair. I don't know why. It was scary to me. And he looked like a Danny bonnet type things. Any minute base and has certain point. I somehow made my getaway. Like, I was like I took off on my bike pedaling as hard as I could. And he was chasing me. Like trying to punch me my back. You know, and I was kinda thinking, wow. That's a lot of energy for you. Don't know. You know, I know in your mind, I'd scape. But who are you? Okay. Doesn't like what. What is your your thirteen? And I'm eleven and what what's going on. I where's all the cat from caloric standpoint. Forget about human beings. Why am I running guy smack in the back? It didn't do anything. I question for you guys as I think the only something only guys can answer. Would it? Make it worse. If a guy was bullying, you say in front of his girlfriend, and you know, he's talking shit. And then she goes. Nice. You're so me in being nice feel like my for some reason that always I would observe a girl kind of like calling attention to the situation, and you're not nice. That would be more embarrassing. Yeah. I think so. Absolutely. Yeah. Ever girls would get involved. I had a good experience in the book was seventh grade eighth grade like an eighth three grownup was fucking with during PE. And then this eighth grade girl came over, and it was like a grown woman when you're in seventh grade, and she was beautiful thing and it made him stop. But then by senior sophomore junior year, I had a girl beating me up and another girl jumped in and I was just like this is allow this much. I got. Girl, you should try. We played. We played in junior High Dam softball tournament and like a summer softball tournament. And we went to the inner city, and we played them all black school, and we beat them at softball. And then they said they at the end, sadly, we all had to get on the same bus and drive back to where we were. And at the end one of the there were going, you're lucky. This wasn't football. This wasn't. We're playing football. We would have whipped your ass. And I was really good at football back. Then I was like, oh, this was football. We would have for sure next thing. I know this giant black one was on top of me, and my back punching me in the face over and over again and everyone stood around and watch. I remember the part is a lot of that watch. Because people think people snapping action when a fight breaks out, even even the coaches of the council, they do not they just sit first impulses softball. Coach dude is hey what's going on? This is interesting. Right. And she's on top of me. And I look at my feet like inner chest, and she's like swinging she's doing ground and pound. Would have been twelve so phones. Yeah. I wouldn't. I literally scream this bitch. Find the crawler then we all had to get in the same bus competent was uncomfortable. I've never told the story, and it's not that. And it's not bullying, but this very much cemented. My relationship to this day. I will say first grade I went to a Catholic school, and there was a hot lunch line. Right. The boys online the girls in first grade boys online girls on the other and we're about three feet apart. Right. Just lined up for lunch. And I thought it'd be a good idea to walk it up three feet and give Morad Clark kiss. I just kissed her on the cheek Rayleigh. She didn't like that. And the class, I think the Rasheed whether or not she liked it. I don't know the class reacted very very unfavourably to to my Vance's. And did not go out. There's lots of laughter and lots of been you're pointing and then at lunch we're going lunch at launch. I went over to to where she's sitting on the bench to apologize and to kick me in the now. Not very much established where wireless with women for many years. You know, what could be worse if you did that now that would be that would be for sure written up? Yeah. How the? Found the ladies didn't the ladies like small guys more than they let on they always talk about the big and tall, and strapping and everything so we used a miniature had all the women right ring Trudy. They weren't running into my sauce quad. Charms. But I started to get big. All right. We're gonna play we're gonna play our nerd walking. I tell you this half show brought to you by med men dot com. I'm no, I sent you simply safe go to SimpliSafe dot com. Castrol edge titanium strong for maximum engine performance in online, but online that AG enter the code podcast one. All right. Let's do nerd walk. Walking. Asking if they knew what guys who they are. It's time. Because you. Oh, right. This time. I was the person who is providing the answers, right? So you guys are going to sort of guess too. Whether I could get the answer nerdy question. That's right. And we'll see what k- rock song was that based on that that like it's like a new romantic song it sounded like something like from gold for. For. Was that what I say it's a kind of deep cut its? Totally got I was here. Song? But it's it's I think it may be a tool. Tune. Yeah. Gold is pretty it's pretty crank it up windows up. But you would not change it. If it came on the radio, see, we can find gold by Spandau ballet Tina, it was I know the song. But it's not in my repertoire, all right sorry. Here we go. Dawson, says she. Aquaman part of the DC or marvel universe. Oh, fifty fifty right now. He knows this. I mean, you have a lot of feeling really you think. So. Well, I grew up in the seventies. Automatically knows it. Oh, the off man. Are you really when we say is about given credit because I don't really his his powers being able to communicate with the quad creatures. Right. Do bidding. Why does he get to ride a giant seahorse? There is no I've only seen miniature St. horses. There's no full-size seahorse. Right that references should know the answer. Did he make that references specific to one specific aquaman thing? Did he turn general Brian? I ask your advice on that. I need your input. Did he create a giant seahorse or giants you horses exists? Only minute. You're seeing kids anime. Show. Kids animated. But he didn't change the size of aiding else in the eight communicate show to eat communicated with everything wrote a giant see. All right. Fifty fifty. It's fifty fifty. Yeah. If he guesses it it's because he happened to guess it. Right. Says not really fair coin flip. I'll say knows he. Yeah. He knows does not know. Aquaman part of the DC or marvel universe. Yes. DC? Yeah. This is it dancers. Mike question you either. No, you don't if you're just a wild guess, and you have to get it. Right. Is that fair we're gonna? You got the right answer. Yes. That's what I'm saying. Well, you said marvel we've said he said he doesn't know now got God. I'll tell you all about it one day. But for now, you're wrong. But no, you're cosmetically right and practically wrong, but you put together because he was part of the Justice league injustice. Lease. Math. We miss that cartoon. Namely from the Star Wars franchise. Oh, wait a minute. I think he says other than. Weaving named one villain from the Star Wars franchise. Aside from Vader that changes, everything there's everything. I mean, Boba fett considered a villain. He's a bounty hunters for himself. I consider him in the block and white. You know, white hats situation, I consider both on the badgers. Elliot's can say it, but will accept it. That's a known and T. But even if you look at it that way, Hans not a great guy. No. So what do we fit like the anti hero kind of snake? Plus. Thing. Yeah. I believe it have to be on the binary the only one the only possibility that he's going to get this, right? It was your what he's already represent. I know. But for you people. I don't want to give it away. People only told us. No, no, I'm saying, I don't know what either. But there's only one other obvious villain. The question is in the trilogy. All right. Let's go. No, he doesn't know. He's he does. Because I think he's gonna say Java the hut. Name one villain from the Star Wars franchise. Aside from Darth Vader. Oh. Shaba the. Or either way all accept it. Yeah. He's a villain. Yeah. Right. But okay. All right. Let me tell you about madman. And we'll continue on with the game. And we doing everyone's one in one. That's right, celebrating the first legalization friendly holiday this season and approved states. 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Computers crashed were reloading right now. Right. Name three members of the vendors. Easier than we think Al does is kids. I don't know. He's twelve year old son twelve wrote twins twelve year old. You should know. We've seen one of the movies together. One's a girl though. The true. Yeah. Three shouldn't be hard threes, not hard and they're kind of everywhere the billboard. And we'll never ties name three. Scattered america. You can say Spiderman right the hall, Catherine America. Well, he know the three main those three main guys, I don't know if you the hawks. Yeah. Yeah. Say yes. Yes. This is my guess. No. I mean, I just I I don't know who the vendors are, and I don't give a shit about this genre. So I'm gonna say, no, okay. You can name those three. I wasn't sure. Which ones the avengers are. That's why I said captain America. I'm not sure. Okay. Name three members of the vendors. The vendors. Irun man, captain America. And. Lady. Close. Throes of a fighter man is one of these ventures. He is now in the last movies. Yeah. Yeah. The hulk four that would have been the door or the hulk would have been the key third player laugh. All right, Gina. Okay. Nain one title of lords of the rings movie. Can I count this for to say, no, not a chance fucking way? Go five points. Yeah. I can't. I I don't do. You know, any do you actually know any of them? Of course, the Lord of the rings movies role for best picture. Yeah. You know that the titles? Sure do. Yeah. There's no way. There's no way. No three knows. Oh. Named one title of awards of the rings movie. Lord of the rings, the final destination. Basha? Yeah. That'd be a weird devil Bill. One of them just called Lord of the rings now. Now, they're all subtitled fellowship of the rings, the two hours and was. Prisoner. Part of me was thinking he might remember to towers just because. Yeah. Well, all right. Let's do one more whoever wins. What beloved fantasy character as a lightning scar on his forehead? Interesting. I love it fan. My little poem. I have never heard you say the words, Harry Potter. So I don't know if you know that about him or how much you even know about them how how into it are the kid. That's the my first thought was did the kids read it. And then he would remember that if they did but kids that are into wizardry or reading. Right. They look at reading here. So I know. Yeah. But the words got everybody in the pictures in your mind, no way. He doesn't he can't no. Also. Yes. Back in the game. Beloved fantasy character as a lightning scar on his forehead. Beloved fantasy characters a lightning scars forehead. Luke skywalker. Dang. I like this game. I'm just gonna declare even set win eleven fantasy. Not in the same sentence. Should we do little news Gina grant Hewitt? Where is Harry Potter's lightning scar Shriners forehead? Yeah, I'm gonna see a lot of pictures of how come I never notice? He hides it with his door will ban. Oh is that what happened self-conscious Audrey Hepburn size here? So he's like Manson. Early. Thing removes it well lighting, I mean, you know, German blitzkrieg s you know, it's all family. If asked me, okay. All those crazy Trump tweets. She trump. Gene. The news with Gina grow. We have to get them. A town mash up Brian asked that was fast fun. My wife yelling play one than the other. I want get save. He got it. And from rocky foreign. Out about foul. That makes. Noted that does Gary. Cash on Larry. God what a time we're living in when mean Jimmy would be at k rock in nineteen Ninety-four. Someone said get a mash up of that three weeks later. Nice to watch the razor blades, hunting audiotape and in splicing together with scotch tape. Insane. Right. And the the real insane. Bart is how we don't. Appreciate it. We just the where wire just move right on that was funny anyway, what's next to complain about like? Yep deal. It's a big deal that would have taken a long time. I could call. Well, the White House correspondent's association announced Monday that it would ditch comedy for its annual dinner in twenty nineteen after anti-trump comedian Michelle Wolff made headlines with a very crude performance said last April this according to Fox News wolf has already responded via Twitter saying that the W H E are cowards. And the media is complicit, and she couldn't be prouder of her work as that Michelle will August is convinced she's black. And then I say, I don't think she's black and he goes, oh, she's black. And then I go, I don't think she's black. And he goes, well, everyone thinks she's black. And then I think you think she's black. But I don't know what she is. He's mostly wrong, but partially Reich has she does address that on the show daily shell from time to time. How people? Mistake her for block like she bring up my caucus idiots. I don't know. She's the one guy they announced that biographer rancher. Now would be the featured speaker he he wrote the famous book about Alexander Hamilton that inspired the Broadway musical role of the hoses RA, right? Typically to rose the president and members of the media, but many critics felt that wolf took it too far she launched attacks on Trump black checks, so sassy I grabbed a couple of jokes. If you wanna little reminder from last year back at the dinner. Yeah. I remember the Smokie eyeliner. I pulled three that seemed to be the ones that probably were the big ferret. Well, let's here's the first one is very year. Yeah. Good old fashioned Trump joke to start things out. Of course, chump is in here, if you haven't noticed net here, and I know I know I would drag him here myself. But it turns out the president of the United States is the one you're not allowed to grab. This one's a crowd pleaser. Yeah. It will strikes me that we need to be very careful during these proceedings because Trump is president of the United States because he was at one of these. That's the whole thing. I'm thinking Joe. Yeah. Right. So now, you can go. Well, you know, be careful who you, but I'm saying like you could bring in. Roseanne barr. And you could crack wise, technically, whoever you crack wise about could be running the whole shit show. A few short years, right? But. Jay hard after him. He's just going to go home and tweet and cry or get us into a war something, so yeah. But because he already does he can't take joke. But he's here from absolutely why he's president is because Obama and everybody was laughing at him at that became a roast became a Trump roast. He did okay. On the like didn't he do a Trump roast years ago on comedy central? Yeah. He's so what he was okay on that. But once I don't know, I think though, Bama things set him off because he already didn't like Obama, and then Obama was making fun of them. And that's why he's our president straight live. Honestly, I'd like to really explain this whole concept of the. There's something called wrestling. You guys dual. Yeah. This is juuling with bad breath. Like, this is like we make fun of these guys. But you go to roasts, and there are people that can take it. And they're people that can't, you know? Right. Haven't you seen people have meltdowns at those things? I definitely have a well, I've only I participated in a few. I remember doing Hugh, Hugh Hefner's rose just a few days after nine eleven watching Gilbert Godfrey doing a whole bunch of powers earners. Crazy, literally, we're we're seventeen blocks away from where the towers were small during and he was doing jokes about that. Firemen? That's insane. And I do I I did kind of quickly figure out that you think you're there to roast, Hugh, Hefner, Pam Anderson, and whoever it is in the first five jokes at everyone's mouth are Adam Curle and Jimmy Kimmel are gay jokes. Like and you start to quickly realize it. Well, we're not everyone in this room is up for roasting potentially be rosy. So, but I didn't I don't know. I never saw anyone breakdown sort of at least in real time. Maybe later on they went back and screamed at their publicists or something like that. They I think they kept their poker face on while they were doing it. I remember I happen to be at the, Pamela Anderson. What I just remember Courtney love getting super pissed off. That's the one. I remember that if it had to kind of take also done these rock rock ones. Heavy metal ones where people like lead afford Sebastian Bach. Didn't take it. Well. Younger about John Jameson, other comics and metal comics me and Jim Norton going after them, and they just weren't ready for it. They set they thought they were ready for it. But then we went brutal. And I went after Sebastian Bach even harder after Don Jamieson already got a coffee thrown at him. So I was like let me see if I can get Sebastian actually throat punch me. Well, I think as we talked in the past about back to bowling and being you know, I think we all I think we can speak that we all grew up sort of permanently humbled by our lives. Our parents aren't firemen. Sport did done SRA. Right. So I it's like there's almost nothing. You can say that. I haven't heard or right. Feel good at throwing back to the latte. We we're laugh on occasion about this was when like Jimmy started doing Fox Sports, and he'd get there, and he'd roasts like how he long and how long would get pissed with how long six with seven as a rugged, John huge. Biceps and he's never been roasted. He's never heard a bad word in this life. You know what I mean? So it's like you have to build up Certa calluses to it. And we were so callous by the time. I got out of junior high that didn't matter but Rockstars and jocks and supermodels used to ever having anyone say anything about when I've done row. Some always like I can think of way meaner or stuff like, oh, you're calling me Frankenstein really the villagers chasing me with torches never ever heard. All right. If something original. Jim Norton said I looked like a lesbian that survived the fire. And that was what I went. Okay. Never heard that James that Domi. Instead, I looked like. An ant eater that got lost in a CPA. It was when I was heavier too. So it's like seventy take that. All right, either to more this one was. I would call it a crowd pleaser, but definitely a memorable joke to some the hypocrisy of abortion. Kinda guy that brushes his teeth, and then drinks, orange, juice and things. Mike is also very anti choice. He thinks abortion is murder which first of all don't knock it till you try. And then you do try it really knock it. You know, you gotta get that baby out of there. You can grown all you want. I know a lot of you are very antiabortion, you know, unless it's the one you got for your secret mistress. Can waiver and. Maybe we should put it into this. And finally this Sarah Sanders Sanders joke she did not like this at how we got smokey. I set it up a little before the job before it was actually very funny. I thought of I thought this joke is sort of misinterpreted. Yeah. I think I think didn't understand what smokey I met and reverted. How dare you? Yes. Are they making fun of a woman something that's true the joke before it? She she does called Jimmy costs a little bitch, which was funny. All right. What's that? Tell you Laura Rutledge. Do you guys know her Laura Rutledge? Yeah. She she knew a Jeff Ryan did wasn't. He a quarterback. Okay. Todd. Todd rutledge. Jeff Hostetler got Todd Todd Rutledge was a analyst. I think it's doing best from NFL quarter is a big time college feel like he's a college game day guy. Like, he did like the the studio show was it was it's Jeff Ratledge. I think. Yeah. I think if rod Rutledge. Quarterback as well. Jeff Ratledge for for the Rams at giants Redskins. Well, then who's toddler age because there is a Todd Rutledge to maybe there's. Hello. It's me was he banging Steven Tyler's ex wife. Different. There's a Jefferson ledge Anna Todd relig- apparently Meghan wrong about Todd. There's a Todd Blackledge isn't there? Oh, she was about a woman. Don't try to keep the show on on. Jeffrey Lynch was a big time college quarterback. And then went this wasn't quarterback. Yes. Okay. That's getting. That's what I said. We run. No nice. Todd Blackledge sing. Yes. Sorry. All right, everyone happy. Now. We don't know she related to difference. Actually, she was a misfly data. She won Miss America. Something twenty is before. But she she's a she's a sideline reporter for the SEC network. I knew it totally of us. All all roads lead to college football. Yes. And she got roughed up on Saturday. According to the New York Post, so ahead of the U mass George game in Athens. She was dragged by the BULLDOGS mascot, just a little when the leash got away from her. But then as kickoff got underway. She yes, she appeared on the sideline during the game. Only to be hit by players as they tackled out of bounds. She bounced right back up as she tweeted. She was fine footage of the great footage. But but this is what we got for both incidents absolutely trucked behind the hit. She gets right back out. Visit look. Doc away. Now. Drag it around any. She is tough day. Snot that weird. But it's kind of weird. This is a college football star because Geoffrey riches, college football time block talking about him in college. What hurts Rutledge? I dunno. We're all right. All right. Well, she's feisty. And I like her where Jeff Ratledge plays Kaj vol, Ohio Michigan's like one of those places. Alabama alabama. Okay. In the running for the Heisman. Figured out. We'll Brian you should think you're lucky stars with your cute little gas leak because you don't have it as bad as Frankie Muniz. Does. He might want to board his cat. The next time. He leaves town the actors five story Brownstone in Scottsdale, Arizona was flooded. And virtually all of his possessions of ruined sweet guy. Yeah. Well, he is really upset right now. And I don't blame him his his cat Jerry accidentally turned on the sink while he was away in France for a funeral. He tweeted I arrived for my uncles. I write home for my uncle's funeral defined four of my five story Brownstone under three feet of water. Everything I own destroyed every wall piece of artwork personal photos furniture, all because my cat accidentally turned on a sink a few days ago, while we were gone a few days ago. Muniz coast are co host dancing with the stars junior. Says he quote, cried more yesterday and today than I have in my whole life combined. I know this sounds ridiculous. By swear, it's true. You wouldn't believe the destruction? I think we have picture of it. But you can't see much, but that's his girlfriend tweet. Ding that they're about to rip out all the walls and all the ceiling because of the mold and all the rest waters of weird one. We use it for so much, and yet it causes so much destruction to like it just ruins everything. And it's so weird because you're washing off your vegetables your washing yourself like you're washing your car wash wash your socks wash wash wash water gets loose in your house. Oh, everything's ruined. And that you were getting more take cats are assholes and go. That's my take away from this story. Waters. Destructive. Yeah. Have somebody come by? And check on your kid. Water. I feel like the dog did it and he's blaming the cat. My dog loves swimming pools and loves water. Cats hate water wouldn't make sense for cat to flood itself. Dogs can't get their paws to do that stuff. When cats absolutely cats do that kind of thing Jeff Rutledge to suit Sugar Bowl appearances. That's my dog and found. A church. My my house that has found on my dog just climbs into when I walk it. And like last time, I did it the two guys who aren't charging the church or the found just went. Hey, you gotta get your dog out of there. And I was like, yeah, he doesn't he doesn't listen one hundred ten pounds. And he doesn't listen to anything. I say he's got to stay in the fountain until he's ready to leave the fountain at home homes being destroyed Christi Texas picture the bricks. You wanna say what they're doing to the PI one second to sugarbowl parents is to SEC championship MVP Super Bowl. All I see honor. Sorry. Yeah. Sugarbush hawaii. Trouble is in New Orleans. Oh, which one's the Hawaii want. Able. Let's see this destruction. The last guy that should answer. We're pulling up all the bricks along the side of your house. It could be worse placing it'd be a lot worse. Yeah. Could be cement fence. I mean meant you'd have to get a jackhammer on. All right. Let me tell you about the simply safe and then more Rutledge. Shifra? Let's talk big fan of simply safe home security prepared for everything. I don't know if they can help you with gas leaks. But if a storm takes out your power your phone line gets cut. Keep Pat gets destroyed. Simply safe is ready. Get you the help you need. Maybe you don't need to be ready for the worst case scenario. But simply safe is to is in there, by the way, what makes simply safe so great. It's always ready. It's like lunch meat. That's always ready just fourteen ninety nine a month. No contracts. No hidden fees. I have it max pad has it. I had it Gina grad has it Dawson has it Dawson had it as -partment then he moved. He took it. Simplisafe system with them get up and running and under an hour peel and stick batteries last up to ten years. I recommend SimpliSafe everyone. I know go to SimpliSafe dot com slash Adam. That is simply safe dot com slash Adam. All right, Gina what else. Well, since we're talking about water damage that'd be remiss in bring this up. May we put this on the website because it is it is destructive part of the Canary Islands has been devastated by the worst storm in forty years. According to the sun dot com, towering forty foot. Waves watching it now, slam the Spanish island Saturday night, a blowing a seventy year old tourist off the pier. Catapulting car sized boulders onto the roads and you'll see more waves coming now. Dozens of residents vacationers evacuated twelve bars restaurants shops, I'll decimated. Meanwhile, cleanup efforts are being hampered by waves that are up to sixteen feet as yellow alert for high seas remained in place for most the island. And this thing is just coming up. How many I mean, how many stories crazy big waves already foot waves are the best everything. Big in the ocean is awesome. Like octa pine ways horses. Horses. Seahorses pack of matches. Right. Like are. They are there are there medium size, the largest Chris find it. But not. Animated one. She's in the movie, it's going to be a dragon. He's going to ride a dragon. They're saying underwater watered. Yes, that's his creatures writing. So he's gonna have his creature. But it's not technically seahorses. They're calling it a drag weight has already been in aqua man movie. It's coming. He was in Justice league. Oh, that's that guy memo. Yeah. Yeah. Now, he's dreaming. Wait a minute. You're and so only real powers blowing fire. Right. Yeah. But so. Over to underwater. Right. The dragon thing I'm kinda bummed about. I'm going to go online and get into some fights calling. It a sea dragging. If that helps does not put the word see in front of shit and put it in the ocean. And have these on any better? Yeah. And the largest seahorse. Thirty four centimeters. All right. No way cannot command. Right ac-. It's fake. It's fake. Well, he turns tiny it's been cooked the animations been cooked. Yes. All right. Let's do one more. All right. Well USA today reports that Nissan Motor company's chairman Carlos Goan was fired and arrested Monday after an internal profound. He underreported his salary and for other financial violations, including the personal use of company assets. These statement that Goan will be would be dismissed after an internal pro based on a whistle blower report of that found. He falsified reports ernal probes God, no, nothing you'd wanna be on the business end of internally prob-. Yeah. For many years new, we find know this guy. Well, he's he's Brazilian-born sixty four. There's a picture of him and his cohorts something Kelly went down to. Specifically Nissan said he's accused of reporting compensation amounts in the Tokyo Stock Exchange securities report that were less than the actual amount in order to reduce the disclosed amount of his compensation. So just a fudge the numbers little bit. Now, he's getting arrested, but he was on the forefront of a lot of stuff. He's a big figure apparently globally in the auto industry. His an early advocate of electric cars autonomous driverless vehicles and for integrating communication capabilities was smartphone. Technologies for the connected car. But I think the leaf I think that's one of one of the cars when many cheap cars you couldn't drive away with with the key fob on the tire. I drove away. My wife's tesla with the key fob on the tire because somebody left it like put the keys on the tire. It's basically the car quivalent to put the extra key under the mat like a thief, well, just lift them at their sticky drive over and then destroy it. And then. The car stop. Actually worse. I drove over it. I destroyed it, but the car never stopped. I drove my kids to the to their school, and then I drove home, and then I stopped and then I tore the car apart looking for the key. And then everyone tweeted me how this car cost one hundred thousand dollars and everyone tweeted me, and they're twenty eight thousand dollar car. This wouldn't happen. Which makes the guy spent one hundred grand feel awesome about it was it. Do we him yet says to compare with your tesla might eight Nissan leaf full electric like yours won't start with a fob on the wheel outside the car? This is I'm going to I'm going to go ahead. And do you see see Lon musk? Well, these leeward into Mike my favorite car color combination is a white exterior and a red interior. It's magical it just it looks incredible on any car. And when my wife names, he pays her came home. Well, it would be it would it would make better. Now, they she came home with a white interior and a white exterior. And I said, why don't you get a red tears, which cooler, and she said, they don't offer it. And then they started offering it a few months later, but between not offering the red and starting to car up and taking off the key file Ilan should spend a little less time tunneling under the Santa Monica mountains and a little more time on his vehicle, and whenever you look at a white tesla with that red interior just fucking stunning, right? It's boss. Yes. Tara page from junior high. You know what else? My kids are in junior high and they're not miserable at all. Get I know hate that. I hate that too in the seventh grade, and they're like a happy how they go to private school or public school, but go to good public school. And the kids are all nice and get sucked. I feel helpless. Jason don't jinx. There's a cross God's ears. All right. Let me tell you about the Castrol edge heat friction viscosity breakdown. Rob your engine maximum performance. Friction results in loss for up to ten percent Castrol edge engineered with fluid. Titanium technology physically transforms would be stronger. Under pressure helps fight friction deliver maximum levels of performance for your car. Three times three times food strong against scusi breakdown and leading oils, it is cash real edge one more. All right. Well, this is to your point that you make off an atom don't feel too guilty. If you're one of those moms who cleans the baby's pacify with their own saliva when it falls on the floor. You just kind of dip it in your mouth and give it to the kid because according to CNN new study suggests that a mother spit and the bacteria, and it may help prevent allergies in young children. The research found a lower levels of troublesome allergy causing protein in babies whose mothers reported sucking on the infants pacify or adding to a growing body of evidence that early exposure to microbes may prevent allergies and children together and research has shown that people who live near livestock, those who avoid dishwashers babies born through microbe filled vaginal canals instead of via C-section. They're all less likely to develop Allard, listen. They just people tweeted me, oh expose the kids to peanuts. And it makes peanuts. We were wrong. We're wrong about everything. All the time. The whole microbe germ thing, you know, take this pure, Al and everything we will be we're getting there. But when the dust settles we will be as wrong as we were about the diet of eat a lot of grains, easy with the meets with the fats and don't use butter used margarine and don't use butter used as canola oil all the eight each year, locale chips heart healthy. We turned out to be not not just partially wrong. The fuck and food pyramid was facing the wrong direction. It should should have been capsized. We're fucking wrong about all those stuff was all sent don't have a stake have pasta. That's better for you. You're on a diet. He eats for breakfast. Have some porridge in two pieces of weet tocine, spray some fake margarine butter on it. We were wrong. We're a whale on all that shit. And we will be way the fuck off on all this. And you're welcome America. Because I've been fucking shouting about this for how long when pure L started. I started yelling about fucking waste of time. It's making everyone week everyone. Sick everyone's getting sicker. Everyone's allergic to something wise, everyone allergic that something we couldn't fizzy a lot logically change. It can't be bad for you to get germs. If your mother's saliva on you to have a dog and are being the dirt or whatever it has to be good for us, otherwise, it'd be cruel like nature. Repealing an insane cruel joke on everyone who came before us. Right. All right. This is this shell go down with the food pyramid. At it went when we get a little bit of distance. That's how this is going to go yet. Yes. Okay. Would you? How'd you lose so much weight just walking and eating better? Really? And like being on the road. The worst thing was the weekends ended up in the middle of nowhere and going to stay in shake to in the morning, right? Just cutting that out using hotel gyms is a big thing. And just getting off my ass. Really? So we always talk about it. Anyone who's ever really lost? Anyway, and kept kept off. It's always like, I stopped drinking soda started. Walking was a huge thing for to. Yeah. It's true. So Dan, walking my wife hates that. How much initially lost like really quickly. It's insane that they're two hundred thousand diet books when the diet book could be put it down the road and take a walk literally Brian stores. Everyone stores. The whole thing you fucking idiot right portion controls and important things. Always the obvious thing. Yeah. Not eating it too. In the morning. Yeah. All right. Should we bring it home grand Gina grad? And that's the news. Was the news with Gina grad. The dishwasher the dishwasher on that. Avoid the dishwasher, I've had a dishwasher in so many years. I live in very old houses. You understand? I have to sit around all day, and like here people argue over whose turn it is to load, the dishwasher, unload, the dishwasher. Meanwhile, I just pulled like a fork out of the sink, and I rented off and I just use it. Like, I never or the coffee mug rinse it out. It's weird. Because I go look at the knife's clean. There's nothing on the knife. I'm going to go use the knife another that, that's gross. That's gross. And it's like, I don't think it's gross. I think it's just it was used earlier for something else. And now it's been washed. And now, I'm gonna use it. But don't you want clean? And I'm like, it is clean. There's nothing on it. And then we get into an argument who's loading and unloading, and then you get into the nether world of there's always it's my wife, and then Olga who will not let you don't want that smell that comes off a plate when it's not been Mitchell. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. No, no. It's not you couldn't we won't tell you one. I'll rinse a plate. And then we'll let it dry up top. And then you run run through the dry, and I'll mix them up, and we'll see if we all the people say they can tell what type of goes with and he'll never tell. But it's always a loaded up seems like. S? It seems like such a weird calorie burn so much energy steaming the water and everything like why was just use your plate. And then just rinse it off and put it in the rack. It's with you. It's what I do. How do we get married to all this stuff? People think of like like utensils like you're falling surgery with them was going to sterilize it give it a rents. But it's weird that we went from didn't exist like shampoo, and all the scrubs and everything like to two million years of not existing to it does exist and now, you're gross. If you don't use it or your maniac, if you don't use a washing machine washing machines never existed now, they exist, and it's like, you're grows. If you don't use it for twenty minutes like why just wash sink max van? You're with me on this one, right? Yeah. Totally. I don't I don't have a dishwasher. So I don't even get to win. Yeah. All right. Let's bring it home. All right. Let me say last lease Ben online dot AG sports net challenge so much fun. If you want to get involved in one to go ahead. Join the bed online dot H E pick them where you could win twenty five thousand bucks used the code podcast one received fifty percent. Welcome bonus. I need your help making my pick cinnamon because every week I win. I'll give five you one hundred dollars worth of credit bet online dot AG, Brian fifteen ino- over the last three weeks five weeks of five fifteen people who are getting five organ hundred dollars each. Thanks to me streak is over the street came to a disgusting and this week. I went to and three. Oh, rough one rough one made bad calls on the chargers the cardinals and the falcons, so I'm still sitting at forty and fourteen on the year, which is pretty darn good. But it's gonna take a late charge to get to the end. Fall of follow the action at podcast one sports net. Challenge of. Of sports net dot com. Thank you chargers. A tough one. I was brutal chargers fan into which point. All right. You go to Corolla drinks Christmas crate, you can have yourself a nice gift at Corolla drinks. They had over there and got AMC roller dot com and find out where we are where we're gonna be live shows and cruises and all that Brian PO saying forever nerdy available now at Amazon and dates coming up wise guy, Salt Lake City and JR's last laugh and Erie, Pennsylvania to go to where should we go to find life dates Bryant dot com and find out what Brian's doing stand up you guys. Stick around for good sports, which shack and until next time the sound for for Willie Robertson, Brian kina grand ball, Ryan say Mahala. Fuk you posting. Surround to 'cause coming up next the Tuesday edition of good sports, Dave damage shack and Adam Corolla. -nology truth brought to you by. Truth teenagers, can communicate entirely emojis. Why birthday party? This life kitten sucker ball pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance. Geico dot com. What are you talking about paper clips shoulder? Shrug high five wizard hat, what Goco fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Gas warns sports network presents dudes Ford side, sports fans. Welcome to a brand new episode of good sports here on podcast one sports, Dave damage Shak here. Adam Karol over there ace it's Tuesday. And that means we are a mere forty eight hours away, or depending on your listening even closer to one of the great traditions. That is I'm trying to even think I guess New Year's day, the mole games and Thanksgiving Day comes with football. Now, three games growing up. It was only the two. But now they have that prime time one. It's even better for us. Are you aware of what the match ups are? Jeez. I know I'm not as young boy. It was always Detroit and Gallus would always play one of the games. I remember as a youth being over my grandparents house because they had a color TV set was a big deal. And it was that that tanks giving day. Probably Gary could look it up say probably about seventy five maybe seventy six somewhere in there where Danny white like came off the bench or started that was during the starbuck era ever, you might actually be talking about Clint Longley the predecessor to Danny white and Glen Khurana, oh and stop Bax backups back. Then if you're thinking of I think that seventy four seventy five. But either way. Yeah. Nineteen four unknown Cowboys back of quarterback Clint Longley took over remember that or starbuck young. But I remember going in there, and I don't know who they're playing. But I remember it was like a big deal because I'm pretty sure. Yeah. Isn't the argument Longley? Sorry, by the way. Isn't it? Crazy that talk about being a certain age in and the pedestal that we put the best players of our youth on. Isn't it weird drew Pearson? You may not know this drew Pearson because it's so shocking is not in the hall of fame weird. He was the best receiver the seventies. Now swan I might make a case for because he was dramatic and big moments. But isn't it funny? Drew pearson. No hall of fame. So anyway. Yeah, I don't you know, it's weird. And it's also one of those vestiges that I suppose everyone goes through when they're young which is you go back and look at some of the stats sort of pre all the. Stupid rules that are going on now, and they're not nearly impressive. Even with a guy like stallworth? They're not near as impressive as you sort of thought. They are definitely not definitely not a whole different kind of kind of stat. But the stats should be adjusted for inflation. You know, and they go, you know, Duisenberg was fifteen thousand dollars one this new you could bar three medium sized homes in the San Fernando Valley. You don't compare it. You don't go. Well, Camrys twenty two thousand dollars now. So how good could it Duisenberg bait? Like, well, it was a nine hundred thirty one like you gotta just for inflation. You're so right, and yes, so those guys really get. I mean, the baseball steroid age, really warped all home run numbers. So now, you look back at other guys that we grew up watching like Steve Garvey is not in the hall of fame and Steve Garvey watching him for the stretch that we did he he wasn't. He was the best player in the National League. It was Dave, Dave. Dave Parker who else was even. In the in the conversation. It's so at guys not in the hall weird. So funny that you switched sports switch to the dodgers. Because as you're talking about stats. I wasn't gonna bring it up. Just because it was like not every thoughts. Great one. But I do remember very clearly where I was at the man show when I had a dressing room at the man show at the end of the hall on the stage. Mine was on one side Jimmy is on the other. We to go into Jimmy stress. And we've gone to Kimmel's dressing room a before the show, and we sort of go over the cue cards, sit Courtney brother would go through the new cards and. The we'd make our little changes for me. I'd learn to read and Jimmy make make changes and everything and we were in Jimmy stressing room waiting for the cue cards show or something like that some sort of argument about the great Steve Yeager the the catcher, and I think the over under was maybe eighteen but it could have been fifteen home runs. I said oh that guy. He was the power hitter. The team, you know, and they're like wasn't has like he was a guy who's the catchers brawny guy. And he's the guy had the power and the cool glasses, and he kind of looked a little like Huey Lewis, you know, and you should love him Jimmy. And he's like I do love him. But he didn't hit that. And I think we picked an over under on his best year. And we bet a nice set of golf clubs, and I do I do believe I lost that bet at like something like eighteen home runs. Like, I don't know who was hitting all the dinger's for the dodgers at the time. But I mean, they're catcher. Who I I think Yeager batted like in a power four fifth somewhere in the power line? You're right. That in this day and age if you adjust those for twenty first century inflation he'd probably be hitting thirty if he hit sixteen eighteen right? Then that's that's probably. Yeah. But Steve Yeager what was cool about him. Like, you mentioned he had the tinted glasses that did not look they weren't athletic at all. Now, just like why got I need my shades. Dad kind of glasses that when Burt Reynolds I saw Mark Wahlberg stick you could look down. That's what those classes were made for that. Yeah. That's like when they have those wheels with the numbers and they click click click put the class trying to get the prescription. Right. One of it is marquee marks deck chest. Chest. And if it's in focus, and that's good. That was I mean, it really was. I remember I in for I was at first base in the sun would set. Right. My is at first base in little league. And I remember at the borrow my old man's sunglasses. Once that was the equivalent of what Steve Yeager was doing a major league baseball game. I had to do that wants to to go home. Wake my dad up from his nap. Tell him I was playing a little league baseball game paro his sunglasses, and then return to the diamond and my dad would cut out his medical practice. A little early to come see me little. Always show up. And then and then you hear my mom would they would they would like sometimes once in a while if one of my sisters had a softball game at the same time be like, okay, I'm here. Now. Now, Mojo you run over to the softball game or vice versa. So they so that they were always attending their kids games. That was nice. Yeah. Hi homerun output by Steve Yeager, nineteen seventy seven sixteen homers. And I probably bet Kimmel on eighteen or something like that. I'm surprised that it like eight CM. That's his best home run hitting year is well under twenty goes on in your brain and your address and brain when you're watching them. It's funny too. And you've mentioned Dirk Bigler what I think about when I see Steve Steve Yeager is he he looks like he should he would have thrived in in seventies porn. The right chin. He had the whole thing. He also you say afro he may have gotten a Perm. Yeah. Yeah. He was a permanent guy. Yeah. And speaking as long as we're on the car cut cock talk. I was at the hand surgeon last week hand, Dr getting looking at my hand, I have some hand issues from doing too many years of you know, what you were doing it too many years construction too many years everything, and he was looking at a few things, and he did one of these things. It's just funny goes he was looking my palm. And he says the palm the fascia or whatever on your palm is actually thicker, it's thicker skin. It's not the same skin. That's on the top your hand. It's on. He said your your palm. Your feet. And I was like, yeah. Okay. Make sense your feet and your palm have thicker stuff. Not the same stuff. That's under your armpit there on your Bali or whatever. Then being cruel joke. Funny one. Yeah. It's the same skin. You have on your palms the same shit have thicker on your feet and the top of your penis. I felt a polite to give an answer. Like I had to give other go. I wanna drift replace you've from bursting out laughing general. Yacht. Air weiner. You're just going to go by that. You're not gonna stop gotta in. Right. I think isn't it Adam. I couldn't remain silence. Sure. Enough. Answer. Locally don't leave. Also, there's a there's a there's a twenty three year old woman in the room who is doing like the minutes. She was like hyping thing. Like, oh, he's got a limited moment on the thing. And then he take that thing with the millimeter movement, whatever. And then he did the penis. I don't know if she typed that in type the painting into and my response with other you go. Did you make eye contact with her did you gesture over to the doctor like, hey in the room? It is weird. But then. Unfortunately, when somebody says the skin sticker on your feet, you have to picture walking barefoot like on the sand or something when they go sticker on your hand. You have to pick your picking up the handle the hot Skillet or something. And also when they talk about the top of your penis have to picture using it for something. When you use sandpaper. Yeah. Hot. Guys ever hear that that's infotainment at 'Infotainment smarter than you were ten minutes ago. Thanks to good sport. Look it up. Gary, I'm interested in this. And again. I like the guy don't get me wrong. But if he goes the skins thicker on your hand like it is on the soles your feet, I'm not going to wait and go what about your cat? My head go. Yeah. Okay. I'm not gonna be confused or angered aren't you leaving something out? Yes. And what else? Are you going to go TM? I if with that just to be a completion this atom. I also want you to know that skin is featured at the top of your Weiner. I'm he wove it in. Uncomfortable retailer, you look it up. I'm going to tell you guys about ESPN college football, everyone college football regular seasons coming to an end, but the postseason as need. I love this part defending champs Alabama there in the hunt, sir. Clemson Notre Dame, Michigan Ohio state charge. Oklahoma all the all the stuff. We always talk about this stuff, your members childhood from your child, and then the colors, and the pageantry will the crimson tide continued their domination repeat is chance. Only one way to find out four teams will soon be selected to play in the college football playoff. It's a thirteen person selection committee. They decide the four best teams in college football. And then they play man this election show is December second at noon eastern, by the way, December second at noon eastern on ESPN. They're gonna unveil the four teams playing back to back playoff semi final games as they strive for college football's highest prize. So don't miss that semi final playoff games. Played Saturday, December twenty ninth only on ESPN, Gary any cocktail. Mation? The when you Google thick skin locations, primarily comes up as palms and feet. Let's maybe hope we can get into this a little bit more tomorrow. I've texted Dr drew to. Sure, he's not busy. So he's never brought it up in the entire time. I've known him when you Google in thick skin penis. It's comes up with a lot of like cancer links. So yeah, I don't know. We'll see. That's not any fun, Gary. All right. We'll we'll pick it up tomorrow. Four now for Adam Corolla, Dave damage Shak? Good sports. Girl on Twitter at them troll show. Follow on Twitter at Adam Corolla leaves voicemail at eight six four one seven four four subscribed to take a neighbor weekly dose of inspiration, motivation Lincoln, Adam Corolla dot com. Subscribe to fantasy PS hosted by both Ryan and Sunday Kroll on podcast one grove of Anaheim, November thirtieth with robbery we'll get your tickets now for all the live broadcast may angry. That's books movies and more had Adam Corolla dot com. Stay tuned for eight P news. I can't believe it that Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. Hello until it. Get there alone. Get there. I'll learn to get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with Geico. What's? What's this button? Do this button. Do. Driss believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent hailstorm here to describe the event a football, bro. I was just hanging on the roof. When this gnarly storm starts dropping. Baseball sized hail. Shingles got beat up a few windows. Broken savage. Digital anything to help, bro. I was in survival mode. Your football can't help you in a hailstorm. But the guy go insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Call gyco to see how a forcible homeowners insurance can be Chicago hospital shooting. I'm Tim Maguire AP news minute a fatal shooting at mercy hospital this afternoon in Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson, we have four deceased individuals police officer to female staff employees at the hospital, and they'll Fender Johnson says the gunman shot and killed a woman in the hospital parking lot fry. Fired into a police cruiser, and then ran inside where there was a gun battle with other officers. Join exchange of gunfire in the hospital. One other females. Staff member was struck by gunfire. Fatally? Doing that exchange offices responded was also failing wounded Johnson says it's too early to say whether the gunman killed himself. The officers who was killed joined the police force in the spring of twenty seventeen and it just recently come off as rookie probation. I'm Tim McGuire.

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