Atatiana Jefferson, Syria, and Trauma-Informed Workplaces (with Kristin Shrimplin)


want to understand the issues shaping the immigration debate. Listen to this week and immigration a podcast by the bipartisan policy center that breaks down the latest on the edify or wherever you get your podcast so the bad news is generally crisis at the border the executive orders an legal battles congressional efforts at reform and much more listening subscribe to this week in immigration on Apple podcast smiles and wallet impacts in happens to every single type of identity it absolutely you know spam Sushil demographic of a life and I'm not an expert on police procedures but I just can't fathom the escalation from the door is open to fire bring up the actions surrounding quon McDonalds murder we we need a different process that that people can feel more confident and and we're police officers to can feel these situations so illustrative breakdown of trust between police and communities and especially in light of the reporting that so many people were involved in cover lots of investigations and heartache and probably protests around the area so keep that community and our thoughts that someone with expertise will be analyzing the circumstances and doing a thorough investigation that is truly fair and just for everybody involved news I'm sure that many of you have been following the news out of Fort Worth Texas where we learned that a Tatyana Jefferson was shot in her home after and on across the United States when an officer involved shooting happens we need a way for that to be independently investigated from the get-go because the neighbor called a non emergency police line saying that he was concerned because her door was opened and from edited body Cam footage that was released hauled after Rudy Giuliani started filling the president's ear with ideas that she was disloyal she was impeding an investigation into the her do you feel like that Beth well I think we're going to have lots of that coming as well so Marie Ivanovich testified if you'll remember I know it's hard to keep everybody you can tell that the police officers were walking around the perimeter of her home saw a figure in a window and very quickly yelled put your hands up we also wanted to do a quick update on the impeachment inquiry we had I mean I feel like blockbuster testimony is an appropriate description outside of politics before we get started we will be in DC this Saturday we can't wait to see many person we have to gets left for our show at the relation like this and the poor neighbor who made this phone call has said that he feels such a sense of responsibility and grief and here's a person who was straight and what's going on here so Marie Ivanovich also known as Masha by the people who love her and there are many was our ambassador in Ukraine who was recalled community police department says that they are sharing this concern they're investigating I think this calls out the the importance of some kind of process that we can depend trying to be a good neighbor and do the right thing to keep his community safer I'm just broken for him yeah for everyone involved in for the community I'm sure there will be and then shot and killed her right there in her house where she apparently had been playing video games with her nephew heartbreaking especially because the presence of a child and the law services breath you're listening to pantsuit politics the home of grace filled political conversations Gordon Freeman had made contributions to representative Pete sessions and then Pete sessions a letter to Mike pompeo suggesting Ivanovich be fired into a home that you haven't even stepped foot into yet it's confusing to me why they even had weapons drawn when call was placed to a nonemergency number in heard like out of nowhere like check not a concern that he gets a check and then all of a sudden number one on his list this is a career State Department officials because we've got a lot of news to cover we're going to share an interview with Kristen Ship Lynn about trauma informed workplaces and as always will in the show with what's on our mind I e club with Susan Page so check those out and there's a link in the show notes and then of course we will be wrapping up our tour in Dallas in November so get your tickets for that as well so just beginning with the days titans in the two thousand sixteen election the gentleman that we talked about last Friday who were arrested for campaign finance violations Lev Parnis and leader in Ukraine over the weekend who said you know she just said America has elections people get elected and we move on and like she wasn't constantly so much expertise in this part of the world very neutral from what everyone has said about her when president trump was elected I heard some sound from a salon Russia Fiona Hill no longer works in this administration and from all reports I read about the preparation for her testimony was dragging the president as has been described by people close to him and so she was recalled from her assignment early she is still a statement department employees Congress sent her a subpoena because the State Department told her not to testify she got her own lawyer and here's my favorite part of this whole thing she walked right in the front door I don't know how to describe it like ready to go ready to say some things to Congress we'll even Gordon Sunlen who is the warranted and she's real concerned and I think her testimony will be corroborated as we are recording right now by Fiona Hill who is a former top aide the national security oh she shared things and from her opening statement which was released you could tell that she believed she was unjustly terminated this came out of the blue for her to she thought it was hello and welcome to a new episode of politics I'm a little bit on the struggle bus today so if I sound funny that's because I'm real sick but I'm here I think people who are very transactional reminded tend not to be folks who are going to be thrown under the bus for someone else they say like I'm just telling you what he told me I'm not telling you that I knew it was true as far as the quid pro quo between the president and the president of Ukraine so interesting all around I know the president pledged to withdraw our troops who are allied with Kurdish forces in northern Syria to allow the way of Turkish forces killing an executing Kurdish soldiers civilians getting caught up in the crossfire just truly you truly horrendous heinous acts and then lay yesterday we hear that the Kurdish forces are now seem to have got caught in between the Kurdish forces and the Turkish forces and there were heinous and horrendous videos I cannot tell you if that's true I can only tell you he told me that I cannot speak to its truthfulness or not which I was kind of shocked that somebody like him would okay moving on to another Jenga Tower I don't think it's still standing I think it's fully collapsed in Syria as most of US already nothing in perjure himself in front of Congress over it so I imagine that his testimony will be very carefully worded and I'm glad that he seems to be willing to testify so we have pushed our allies into the open arms of the Syrian government backed by fully and truthfully as possible and we'll see what happens but it does feel like the Jingu tower is starting to sway for Turkey to come in go after those same Kurdish troops that were allies and create a buffer zone for Syrian Russian leave the area we have ensured that the American troop withdrawal from Syria is as dangerous as possible because the Assad regime sounds like I'm a I'm a skeptic but in this situation it's so abundantly clear to the trump inaugural committee through a variety of LLC's he just doesn't seem to me like a person who's going to be ideologically so committed to Donald Trump that he's gonNA lose every it was a little suspicious even the preparation I was reading about his testimony is that he is prepared to say basically this is what the president told me evolvement across the globe militarily with rose colored glasses quite the opposite I'm very skeptical I have no problem is you know especially as a person that came a political we were keeping a tenuous peace and when we left chaos reigned and continues to me how often we really are holding things together keeping the peace and how often are military Russia and Iran and in so doing created the opportunity for hundreds of former Isis fighters and people sympathetic to isis occupations presence whatever you WANNA call it do great good in the world and they are it's not simple and so Gordon Sunlen who seems to have gotten his position as ambassador to the EU because he owned a bunch of hotel chains and made a million dollar contributions aw reaching an agreement with the Syrian government as backed by Iran and Russia to help them defend themselves against Turkish troops oh Asia during the Iraqi invasion it is not an understatement to say that I don't look at America's in ascertain the you set to testify as well and a big supporter of trump of a contributor to trump the one on the text exchange that was like hey we should take this off line did she not lazy she was like Ha I'm here and I have some things to share with you I loved it I did too and situation evolved because of that the landscapes formed around at people came to rely on us we ask other people to do things to help us thing about and you're right Sarah I feel like our troops are doing something fundamentally different from fighting a war in situations like this still danger Chris still costly still comes at great sacrifice and risk it's difficult in terms of under what authority they do it is it congressional appropriation it does not care about our soldiers at all getting out of his country's safely and it's really just a free for all now you know how this makes me feel veggies in their own country they wasted no time taken us up on that offer immediately sent troops so quickly that some of archer terrible compromises with Moscow and with Assad and we don't WanNa do that but we choose life for our people as opposed to their wholesale genocide seen openly and honestly the the the problems we 'cause the lives that are lost because of our intervention favor of the affordable care act as it was drafting but in the past and it became law and so it tempts now to just shut it down are really reckless because people that and and I think that's a very worthy exercise for Congress to get into so that the American people better understand when something like this happens but it's really pulled out and immediately you see everything that you have been spending time away from your family and putting yourself in danger for erased manipulative and disingenuous to talk about this as ending forever war when that's really not what we were doing the other major story that broke over the weekend to keep our troops as safe as possible and to make those missions as successful as possible I worry not only for the Kurds I can't imagine what that must feel like and I think it's important for us to talk about the phrase forever wars because that's what the president and our Senator Rand Paul have been talked and the New York Times reporting that at a pro-trump conference hosted by American Priority National Doral Miami one of trump's resorts depend on it because a whole landscape has developed around that as the law of the land it's the same thing with our military even where we have necessitated our own presence as we have it is depicted as shooter the heads of members of the congregation have been replaced with like a black lives matter sign in Florida a video was played that was created by a third party American priority said it's investigating how this came to be it was part of like a montage there were always the good guys and that we are always out there in the world on the side of truth and justice the situation is just as complicated as every other one but of in parts of the world there's very valid criticisms of how and went and why we've deployed our troops around the globe but the so I worry not only for them but also for American troops who've been doing this work what kind of meaning does your work have if you are the I think wise decision not to air it themselves I wanted to see how it matched up and I think all of the reporting has accurately summarize of memes apparently and the video is awful it is a spoof from the movie the Kingsman I hated this scene and the you have to denounce this specific video but the refusal to take any responsibility for the you are being slaughtered and are now being forced into a situation they didn't want to be in you know I read where general said this morning we're going to have to make time that we're recording has not yet said on twitter that he finds this to be troubling so I did not see the movie and I will not be watching the video to me any denouncement while he is simultaneously and repeatedly and with heightened emotion you know saying just what is a deeply disturbing video and the White House says that the president had not seen it before that he condemns all violence rain it reminds me of how we've discussed that legislation cannot be an on and off switch you may not like or have been in it's just hard to know what to make of the president's personal reaction to something like this when he's taken to his twitter feed to say so many things but as of the Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi of committed treason saying that re tweeting ministers who say we're approaching civil war you know it's not just that Congress like he was in his rally the other day I really think that a hate America I really think they want to destroy America even describe to you how disturbing this video as I did actually find it and watch it because I wanted to know if the way it was being described in reporting especially from outlets that and I don't know how much more clearly this individual president can declare that that's what he wishes to be and how he is going to conduct his just liberals from Congress in this it's it's media outlets that are I think relatively guest pbs and John McCain a violent visual representation of everything he says every single day on twitter and impress conferences at his rallies it's just manifestation of the ugly violent rhetoric that he uses constantly and if the way that everyone who's not with him is against him it's not virement that creates videos like this that pushes people to make violent hit list of liberal media members and Liberal members of entitled to absolute deference to me is just the entire reason that we tell ourselves we have a country you know now and politico and PBS and all kinds of news outlets and the Church has a sign in front of it that says the Church of fake news. I can't shins I guess is that a process that we're comfortable with I don't know how we sort out all of the different types of missions that we ask our military to engage in CBS me so much about this video which you're right shouldn't be surprising to anyone it's just that we keep inching further and further interest George W Bush discussion many were upset they felt like I was saying that Ellen should should have turned him away those things help me understand where we go from here then where does the distinction fall for you I feel like this is so closely tied to even in the most obvious ways that they understand we still have a constitution and we still have three coequal branches but what oh the I really hated that movie because of this scene but it depicts a very violent graphic shooting in a church and the president away from the notion that it's the job of the press to criticize whomever sits in the Oval Office and hold accountable whomever is in that see that he deems a problem for America that since that the executive of our country everything he said in Minnesota last week at a rally that it's impossible for him to disclaim fully any responsibility here errors and that's why I'm so encouraged by the handful of people within the administration who are complying with Congress's investigation and showing gene and Mitt Romney and James Comey depicted in this video so it's anyone who has ever dared to take issue with this president they are our enemies I mean he uses this language constantly and then what we're all shocked when it bubbles up into our experiences or to discount the hurt and grief that people feel about her sitting with George W Bush also don't mean to centered on the sort of white wealthy experience of the Lgbtq community and so I do not mean in any way to discount exc it is disproportionate grossly disproportionate to women and girls that's not a very accurate portrayal of our founding but the story that we've all grown up with about our founding is we wanted to be free from an oppressive monarch I think he has a deeply problematic legacy I completely understand why some people would say that in even stronger terms and you know count the whole aspect of the Bush legacy that centers on Iraq and the the decision to be there and the way our country conducted itself while we were there critique is with the O- on stumbled into this fancy place I can be powerful people who disagree with me felt like her characterization of what was happening specifically that black and Brown people within that community suffer in ways that white people do not and that much of Ellen's work has been really ellen has done enough because clearly not enough work has been done for the Lgbtq community and I did not mean to imply that the work is done and I understand you are still supportive of the president but who would say I think this kind of video is gross or wrong and I think many of them would say both in people's problem with her sitting laughing with George W Bush was disingenuous Not that I thought she should like you know come in with an anti-war post before we move onto our interview with Kristen ship linen are compliments for the other side we wanted to to give voice to a little bit of feedback we heard from our Ellen Degeneres critique in an issue with her presence in that box that day and people are upset with me as well because that's what conversations like this for saying that I it and Congress to I just don't understand what the end game is here for people who are still really in it with the president that's the question I have for folks just come out and said I was invited to the space and I was polite and I have great issues with many of George W Bush's policies she could have just said that what I might or refused to sit with them or spit on him or whatever like I was not advocating for Ellen to turn her back it'd be rude I was advocating for to be more honest in acknowledging people's a- and refused to engage with him and I'm sorry if I gave the impression that was definitely not what I was saying I think I would have had much less critique of Ellen me this isn't an endorsement of being George W Bush's best friend but it has also to say that I don't think we can influence each other when we just can't shallow as the discussion around it has appeared I just don't want to out of hand decide that the best job for me Beth silvers in looking at this story is to give it act and for Ellen George W Bush I have no idea what their private conversations look like I have no idea whether they're influencing each other positively or whether the whole thing is the show and more voices mean better and more diverse community so subscribe rate in review today brand we drove by an outlet for shoes that I love and this weekend Chad said do we need to stop here and I said you know what no I've kind of I've made me is how much I want to conduct myself the way she did because Mike Pompeo was condescending he was clearly several things on cable news lately and even meet the press I you know I watched Chuck Todd Interview Senator Ron Johnson a couple of weeks ago there was no value in that such admiration and such respect for her character and her values and her ability to bring both sides entire demeanor did not shift throughout the course of being spoken down to in a way that I personally perceived as pretty gendered and also perhaps time whatsoever because Senator Johnson was ridiculous and it made Chuck Todd Mad and it was just two people being mad at each other instead of an actor he just simmering with anger he took personal shots at her for her questions he told her that she had her facts wrong without saying what was wrong with him and he was completely undeterred she did not escalate the way that you see a lot of cable news journalist escalating with their guests right now you know I've watched live next up we are going to be talking about domestic violence and trauma informed workplaces in light of October being national domestic violence awareness month using thread made from plastic water bottles ultra comfortable as soon as you slip them on better yet rockies has diverted over thirty five million water bottles from landfills already rule interview Nancy Lyons did not do that she had a list of questions she wanted to work through she followed up on her questions and her the other and also to draw the line while she will she will go no further so happy retirement to her and it sounds like Hawaii is really losing a very valuable represents or seven minutes and what really struck me the entire seven minutes is worth watching I think it's really important that people see this interview what really struck me who is a journalist in Nashville Tennessee she the opportunity to conduct seven minute interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and she made the most of her publican minority she has made both sides mad at different times which I think is always the 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Kristen shrimp is the Executive Director for women helping women there's an umbrella term that we use for dating violence intimate partner violence sexual assault sexual harassment and stalking so we absolutely not in Cincinnati and Sarah and I sat

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