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Cattle Current PodcastOct. 30, 2019


Choice wholesale beef value CR- back Aku over two hundred and thirty dollars one hundred weight on. Tk Winter Week planning continues ahead of the average pace coming up on your Calcutta market update with old howdy Dole. This is where sexual with your cattle current market update for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the thirtieth of October cavill futures closed mixed on Tuesday with modest pressure likely stemming from technicals as wells near Moncton and contract in jockey live cattle futures closed mixed from. I'm an average of twenty five cents higher across the front half of the Board to an average of twenty seven cents lower other than two cents higher and Spa October and unchanged John. John feerick futures close in average of thirty cents lower amid sluggish trade wholesale be values were sharply higher on good demand and modern Kurt heavy offerings according to the Agricultural Marketing Service choice boxed beef cut out value is two dollars and sixty five cents higher teased afternoon. At two hundred hundred and thirty dollars and fifty five cents hundredweight select was two dollars and eighty one cents higher at two. Oh three fifty seven in there were no results from Tuesday. Auctions available press time one note though although calf prices remained under pressure by the supply feed lot already cattle made larger producers retained fewer replacement Matthew Dirksen a risk and business management specialist at South Dakota State University says the declining replacement numbers also means cyclically higher prices may be closer than originally anticipated in latest issue of the capital Seattle markets dearest and explains the slight increase in cow slaughter volume coupled with your beef replacements suggest that the January first twenty twenty any cow inventory level could be even with or slightly lower than your earlier levels that something. USDA's baseline projections didn't anticipate a until twenty twenty to a smaller. Calf trop. Next year would be supported. Prices next fall he says corn harvest continued to lose ground compared to the norm according to the most recent weekly. USDA crop progress report for the week ending October. Twenty the seventh forty one percent of corn was harvested which was twenty percent less than last year and the five year average. Fifty eight percent was in good or excellent condition which was two percent more than the previous week but ten percent less than last year. Similarly sixty two percents of soybeans were harvested which was seven in percent less than a year earlier and sixteen percent less than average corn futures closed mostly fractionally higher opin higher on Tuesday while soybean futures I closed fractionally lower to two cents lower through July twenty and then fractionally higher to two cents higher as for forage eighty five percent of winter wheat was planted added which was eight percent more than the previous year and three percent. More than average sixty three per cent had emerged compared to sixty two percent last year and and sixty four percent for average fifty six percent was in good or excellent condition which was three percent more than last year and forty five percent of the nations pasture and range was rated good excellent condition which was two percent more than the previous week but three percent less than a year earlier in major. US ambulances edged lower Tuesday amid mixed economic news. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed closed nineteen points lower the fee five hundred close to points lower and the Nasdaq was down. Forty nine point Kelkar market update for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The thirty Buck Tober you can find more at. WWW DOT Kelkar dot recall. This is worse Ishmael.

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