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Fallout at Maryland


Welcome. To college football presented by John. Drew pampered. One day after being reinstated. Maryland football coach DJ Durkan was fired Wednesday that after school president Wallace Loh met with campus leadership and faculty majority of which express concerns about bringing Durkan back. The about face was met with substantially more public support than the original decision. That was made by the board of regents. There was a sensory leaf that docto condemned. I commend Dr low for making the right decision with insurmountable pressures to do something different yesterday. So to censor relief, not only for my family. But for this team Jordan's teammates as well. For me. Personally. I'm not really playing for head coach playing for. The guy upstairs who you know, we've dedicated the season to get dedicated the rest of my career base in my lifetime. And with that. We welcome you in to the Thursday vision of college football match Amanullah show, and Jonathan Vilma manual start with you, which your reaction to the firing of DJ Durkan day after reinstating the about dang time. I gotta be honest. I was completely disappointed. I was distraught. By the decision to reinstate him in the first place. Utterly ridiculous never should have happened. If there is ever a point in a game in society in life to to not even make an example, but to really apply a legitimate decision and firing someone this was the time. This was the time to prove that football games wins and losses. Do not mean more than life and they failed. Yes, they made up for it on Wednesday to a degree to an extent. I am pleased. But I'm still a poll that he was reinstated in the first place. Yeah. Ottawa Paul is the perfect word to use. Because I sit on the board of trustees for university of Miami. And the first thing we always worry about is are we creating a culture that kids want to go to create a culture that the students can thrive in can they grow can they develop and to keep him and reinstate him that is the complete opposite of what you'd be doing for that football program. I don't understand. What would make them decide? Yes. We want to reinstate this guy to do what what is going to happen with that football program keeping him there knowing that he had a kid die on his watch. Completely appalled. I agree with you wacho and Davey hit the nail on the head. The question. You have to ask yourself is for what is not even as if they tried to even though this would be a legitimate. It's not even as they tried to reinstate Durkin because he is some sort of renown phenomenal all time winningest coach in football history. And even if he was that still wouldn't be. Legitimate. But at the point in which he's an average coach coaching us for what has been an average ballclub. It really just makes no sense. It was embarrassing for Maryland to make that decision, and they deserved all public scrutiny that they got and we'll continue to get because that decision was completely utterly embarrassing. There's no place for that inside. He let the game of football. I couldn't agree more. What I loved none of the student athletes protesting, but the students themselves much more wear much more conscious of what's going on in that university and nuts than not putting up with the poor decisions at the board made. You do wonder just how much more radioactive DJ Dirk and becomes in terms of where he goes next. He became over the last twenty four hours, not just the decision that was made, but how was handled and the reaction to it. So we'll see what happens there. But guys una player perspective. Their reports out there about a player altercation perhaps there at Maryland after practice you've got some guys that are probably happy with this decision. Some guys that aren't Jonathan as a former player self. How do you move forward inside that locker room? It's hard to understand why the players would be fighting. I don't know the details of it. I know that being a captain for three years at the university of Miami. We would have had a team meeting, and we would have said we're going to come together as they did under Matt Canada. So it is outside of their control to hire fire coaches, but it is within their control of how they're going to respond to whoever is the head coach. So I applaud the teammates that said we're going to respond by they're not playing by walking out not practicing and having more leaders within that team saying this is what we're gonna do because that's what we would have done. There have been no way that he would have been head coach again, it would have been us out the door, and you guys board figure out who's gonna be our coach because it's not going to be him first things. First student athletes, understand just how much power you have. Let's go back to two thousand fifteen in Missouri. When thirty black athletes said they were not going to. Play until the acting president Tim wolf, I believe his name was where to resign. What within seventy two hours? There was his resignation. Let's fast forward now to twenty eighteen at Maryland. Yes. There was a Twitter uproar there was public uproar. But the student athlete said, you know, what we're not going to stand for this. At least the majority of athletes did and the student body followed suit, I read the futon body president met with the president of the university and said, no can't do this isn't gonna fly soon. Athletes realize how much power you have. And then to answer your question. Ultimately, when you think about things the players, I cannot look be Durkan. An I if he were to walk in and give me a team meeting. I'm telling you that right now Vilma if he walked in and I'm sitting reclined in one of my seats like do on T meeting days and in walks head coach, I'm walking out is he walks in. So I think from here you have to rally around each other as a team as a unit as eight or so scholarship players in the hundred four so athletes and figure out how to win. Ballgame from here because right now, you just got to focus on ball and try to eliminate some of the distractions and the first ball game up from Maryland a game against Michigan state this weekend. Let's focus on another game this weekend. Little more sizable more college football playoff implications for this one number one, Alabama taking on number three LSU. It's our Wendy's fresh look here on college football live take a look at the last seven meetings between Alabama and LSU. The tide has won all seven of those allowing no more than seventeen points in any of those games with two shutouts. That includes the national championship game to finish the two thousand eleven season. Twenty one's Bama victory. I'm gonna ask you the toughest question. You've been asked all week Emmanuel star with you. Where is Alabama vulnerable? I could lie to you. And try to make up an answer answer out of my. But let's be honest. The honest answer is we don't know. We don't know because we haven't seen it. Sure. They've given up a couple I think seventeen twenty plus point games sherbet to and been benched in the third quarter typically because they're up by so much. I can't say their own LeBron's offense. I cannot say that they're vulnerable on defense. Toe to be totally honest. We don't know. But the only comparison I will draw we didn't know Georgia was Volna Rable because they before they played LSU by the time they played LSU. What was typically a sixty are gain turned into a two yard gain. So I think we will see some very similar instances with this Alabama LSU team because Alabama hasn't seen LSU speed strength into nasty yet. I don't know, man. There's always a vulnerability mean, that's what makes the great players. They go ahead. And dissect the good players because I can see vulnerabilities in Alabama defense. I see when they get confused on ships and motions when you run to players through their zones if they're zone coverage. They get confused. Take a look at a little bit at the Mizzou offense of fortunately Mizzou's defense wasn't good enough to keep up but Mizzou had a good game plan of fortunate came out of wack, and they couldn't withstand it, but they can do they is in LSU. They can do a lot of the things similar Mizzou. If they choose the problem is that LSU's offense has been so boring over the past seven years. That's why you see the twelve four twelve to thirteen points game because they have to be more, creative athletes athletes. It's a wash. Now, you have to get creative as a coach at figure out how to put your athletes in the best position to make plays. Got a weakness for bama's missed four field goals inside of forty yards. And by that. I mean, they don't care feel goes. That's the problem. Touchdowns here. Yeah. This is obviously the most Louisville game for Alabama in the regular season. If Alabama if they had a choice if they're if they're going to finish with the law somewhere Emmanuel start with you would it be better for Alabama to lose this game against LSU or to win this game went out in the regular season. But lose the championship game. I say this lose the championship game. You never want to lose late. I understand that train of thought. That's usually usually the bandwagon. I am on. But you have to play in your championship game your conference championship game. And you'll get a little bit more Greif. If you lose a championship game as opposed to a rivalry game early November. So if I'm Ella. Bama moves the tambien ship game. If I have to lose one. But again as Alabama they really gonna lose one. I agree with you. I lose late in the SEC championship game. Before different reason. If Alabama loses to LSU, they will have no signature win this entire season. It doesn't matter. They roll on Auburn by fifty points when the gums down to the committee looking at their resume verse other one loss teams, they're gonna say what is our Bama done. They've looked good for terrible opponents and it looked poor versa. Good opponent. So they need this victory to have a signature win. So they can have something on the resume that people can talk about to get them in the playoff. That's it. You hit it right there. We haven't seen a team lose in a conference championship game and make it to the college football playoff. However, you look at that schedule. Bama getting a feather in the cap beating LSU at night and death valley. We're dreams go to die. There's go to live that would be that would be a good thing for Alabama. So we've got LSU at three we've got Notre Dame at four. Let's take a look now one final team vote. Brought to you. By Dr Pepper America believes Notre Dame should be in that number four spot. They are capturing forty four percent of the vote again. Bama Clemson LSU Notre Dame there at four after this weekend. We are guaranteed to see a shakeup there in that top four where the top three matchup between LSU and the tied up next year in college football live much more to get to including the top four as we said there's gonna be shakeup Chuck holds in the top six though which team should enter the top four. We're going maize and blue we're going red and black those teams involved in two of the four top twenty matchups this weekend perhaps the best weekend in the history of western civilization statement, Saturday Penn State takes on Michigan. And then undefeated Notre Dame number three and all the land visits. Northwestern. Seven fifteen eastern four fifteen Pacific both games on ESPN and live on the ESPN app. She can watch anywhere. One team is brought to you by ice cold pepper, the official drink of Painesville. Watching college football presented by John pepper. Took knowledge truth brought to you. Truth teenagers, can communicate entirely emojis. Why birthday party? Kitten sucker bulb pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch them. Save on car insurance at geiko dot com. What are you talking about paper clips shoulder? Shrug high five wizard. What go fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Kelly football is presented by ice cold junkier pepper the Bischel drink vans. Ville. Let's take a look at our Dr Pepper championship drive game of the week preview. Michigan fifth in the college football playoff rankings fourteenth ranked Penn State Michigan both the top total defense in the F B S, and we'll try to avenge last year's twenty nine point loss to the Nittany lions as the revenge tour continues in Ann Arbor, that's where we begin with four ounce manual Jonathan Vilma. I met chick I down. Let's assume the favored teams win this week Michigan beach Penn State Georgia beats Kentucky manual who slides up into that fourth spot. I think you have to give it to Georgia because they're one loss is to Manila soup. That's obviously a really good team. You gotta give it to Georgia. They're beating Kentucky team that's been dominant. If Georgia could beat Kentucky after rolling over Florida. I personally got rock with the bulldog. Man. I'll show you discrediting Michigan because they lost the Notre Dame who's a number three team in the country. So I would take bitchy gain over Georgia. Because Michigan frankly is looked better than Georgia. Forget the losses. Let's talk about everything being equal the thing. I love about the committee. I test who has looked better in their wins. And it's been Michigan defensively. Michigan. The run game has definitely looked better than Georgia Dome of not entirely wrong. So that's the I I can't be mad. If you get in there. I love how you say you're wrong. But you just didn't want to say that. That's cool said it's just wasn't a conviction chose argument soon as you started talking. I wish I'd done that. You're right. You can just feel it right there. Never better complement, then you're not entirely wrong football. Let's go to second down. Here. The football power index is giving Notre Dame excuse me. Northwestern a twenty eight percent Shantz of beating Notre Dame on the home field. Jonathan go at higher lower for northwestern. Twenty eight percent. I'm going lower. I would put it at twenty percent. And I'm looking at the combination of Ian book and Dexter Williams on the offense aside for Notre Dame there frankly too much for north western northwestern Tandy's comeback wins. They keep it close. But there's too much offense too much firepower for Notre Dame. I mean, you look at the first game wimbush, and it was low scoring ever since in book has been there. They had been ripping off point and Dexsa winds coming back. It's too much. I really agree in book have been dominant, Dexter Williams a beef. But northwestern it's weird to say the best three loss team in the country outside of that first loss their second to loss of coal and they won their last four games. If I'm not mistaken this northwestern team a good football team a team that a lot of people are sleeping on the quarterback. You see there's a loose of you give faith in the pocket. He can make all the throws. I north western a forty percent chance to pull off this up north western is, oh and thirteen all time as a home dog against top five teams dating back to nineteen eighty three. All right. Let's go to third. That means you're saying chance you probably closer to twenty than forty. We'll put it that way. Third-down West Virginia goes to Austin this weekend manual, what are the chances? You get West Virginia Nali to Texas but to win the big twelve start of the season. I thought was for dinner was going to win the big twelve now halfway through the season. I'm not sure beating Texas. We'll be difficult the Texas defensive backs have a chip on their shoulder, which they should they have to come out and play. Well, it's that home. I think Texas will play. Well, I actually think Texas win the ballgame. But remember everything's on the line for West Virginia in the last game of the season, they host Oklahoma. And that's going to be the deciding factor between them go into the big twelve championship. So for them if not so what about this game? They have just a big game coming up if we'll get back on a role they can pull it off. So are you saying they can win the big tour where they can they anything they can do it. But if I'm betting ban Vilma, which I. I'm not I don't I don't like them to win it anymore. Okay. I'm saying they cannot, and it's because of will Greer will Greer he'll give you three touchdowns and three picks. I don't know which will is gonna come out verse Oklahoma. So it's going to be on them say he can't do it. All right. I don't think we settled anything there. Let's by the way, West Virginia sixteen percent chance to win the big twelve that's second behind Oklahoma sixty percent. That's according to our football power index as fort down tonight ESPN we've got number twelve UCF facing temple McKinsey Milton by the way is a game time decision Heisman hopeful there. Jonathan does you see heavy path to the college football player? While. It is a very very difficult pad outlook that I looked at the teams ahead of them. You would need to losses that one two more losses for Michigan where Oklahoma Oklahoma state, Washington state or LSU. And I said that there's no way bama's gonna lose to there's no way Clinton's gonna lose to and then they can squabble with Notre Dame for the three and four spot. So basically there is a chance, someway in that math is someone wants to do the mad, but it is ridiculously hard for UCF to make the playoffs. It's hard, but Vilma track with me you count in Alabama. We can count in. Clemson Michigan loses this week, then beats Ohio State. You're not both those teams out. What Virginia loses this week boat beats Oklahoma. Those are two ofttimes not them out Notre Dame with one law who've been undefeated for two straight years. UCF might have an argument, George if they take a loss this week to Kentucky, but Kentucky move with the Bama like there are. Narrow it won't be so much up to you. It's really going to be a war of attrition between the power five team. You had to do a lot of talk in there to explain that pass and annual. A two loss LSU's going to be above UCF loss. Notre Dame's gonna be above a UCF of here. But I like the the picture of hope that you're painting trying we believe in UCF, man. We're trying get a minute. They may not they may not be one of the four best teams. But they deserve a system where they can prove whether or not they are how about that. For the for the here on college football live coming up next here on college football, live NFL jobs opened up so speculation about college coaches making the jump which coaches fit the NFL Bill. Football is presented by ice cold junkier pepper. The facial drink vans. Bill. I'm going to know how we ship all college basketball, initiatives state versus Kansas by the college football playoff top twenty five then to. Into the state champions classic. This is meant up date is brought to you by Nissan premier partner of the Heisman Trophy. Now look at Heisman update brought to you by Nissan to Lois still top the list, but he'll get a big test this weekend against third ranked LSU which has forced four turnovers in each of the last two games to his next. I n t will be as first of the season. Meanwhile, Kyla Murray second in the Heisman race got a good opportunity to add to the numbers facing, Texas Tech. And it's one hundred seventeenth ranked pass defense. Kyla head coach Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma had to answer some questions this week about speculation about a potential move to the NFL. Now that that Cleveland job has opened up. John. We have seen some notable college. Head coaches struggle in the NFL even Nick Sabin had a losing season before going to Alabama from the Miami Dolphins. Why do you think that is? Well, for two reasons Schick, the first is a relationship or the player and the coach they're used to dealing with eighteen year old kids as opposed to grow men who have been around a lot of football. And it's hard for some of the coaches to adjust the second. And what's always stuck with me? Sean Payton saying as you get older, it's not about the scheme. It's about the players that run your scheme, and a lot of the young coaches, they try to come in and put this new scheme and think that it's not about the players as opposed to having a players adjust to what's going on Davy. You're exactly right. Chip Kelly came in in two thousand thirteen to the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia Eagles traded for me in two thousand thirteen. So I got two months after chip, and he had a saying culture beat scheme. And he also said that culture can be talent. Well, in the NFL, you need some talent at the end of the day, your culture in your scheme. All that stuff is great. But it helps to have Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers, etc. College coaches, typically don't understand that. Yes. You can take the league by storm which. Did. But ultimately all of that will fade away. Eventually, it's just the different learning gap. Just makes you wonder why any coach at a good college job would leave for the NFL. Unless of course, you hate recruiting college football live manual JV. Thanks, guys. See you Friday.

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