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Every wednesday on scoops. Danny mac dot com. We visited with brian. walton of the car donation dot com covers the minor leagues and major league baseball emphasis on the saint. Louis cardinals this is brought to you by the good flow folks at blue tail medical groups so before you have surgery think about the alternate opinions that you can get out there and the ways to heal your own body and that's through the good doctors and they are magnificent at blue tail medical group doctors from all over the world are finding out how they're doing this and not having people have surgery so before you have surgery make sure you consult with blue tail medical group. Find out more blue tail medical group dotcom brian. It was Kind of a throw. Back the clock day yesterday with john lester and going for the nationals and adam wainwright going for the cardinals both look pretty good in their respective starts. Good morning to you. And it's It's fun watching ueno deal. The way that he's had he's been one of the best pitchers if not the best pitcher in camp for the cardinals. Absolutely he has. And you know. It's important for the the veteran guys like clarity. And the day before and and wainwright yesterday to pitch into the sitting and show that you know. They're ready to carry the innings in the regular season. Those guys are going to be extremely important to lead the staff when you know. The rest of the rotation is perhaps a little more unsettled. But you know wainwright talked about the fact that it was great to face leicester who he considered his nemesis early on. You recalled beaten twice in the world series. You know way back when but now he you know he respects him very much as a as a as a competitor in it. So it's kind of nice to have less drought at the central division. Actually so yeah. No doubt i i. You know really interested in the start today for carlos. Martinez he'll go for the match. You can see the game on fox sports midwest beginning at noon I just wanna see more efficiency out of carlos number one and number two. I want to see where the velocity is at the velocities. Gotta get better in my mind. And he supposedly is holding back which on macau's martinez supposedly holding back velocity for for crucial situations. But this bugaboo the car. The carlos has had from the very beginning. Which is he doesn't seem to be ready in the first inning and he gets behind counts sometimes gets into real trouble and it's it's a concern that they haven't figured out how to crack that especially given the carlos was coming off that winter ball stretch where he had his arm was stretched out and he was ready seemingly prepared to start and go deeper than any guy in camp. And then we start seeing those outings where you know. He's having to get pulled before the end of his innings because a pitch counts and it just you know it's just the same old inconsistent carlos martinez and given the other injuries to michael. Listen kim he's expected to again. Be one of those veterans to carry a greater load and so far. We just haven't seen that consistency needed on his part to do that. It is hard to believe for me that week from tomorrow. The cardinals will open up a hundred and sixty two game major league season so happy. That baseball is back. Fans in the stands full season but man this spring training is just kind of gone by like a blink of an eye more. So than i can ever remember. Maybe it's because of lack of games. I'm not down there. I'm not sure but it just seems like this. Spring training has gone very quickly about for you. Yeah you know. Only twenty four games. Which doesn't seem like a lot less but it really is in the schedule of of Four games on and a day off means. There's sunday sunday. Saturday where they weren't games and it just it just felt all the way around and of course not being there and not seeing You know stands full. You know but i think you know it's it's interesting. You can kind of see that everybody's now they realize it's last week and they're trying to do the final tune-ups and the guys that are fighting for roster spots or or fighting but you know we're really starting to see things come into focus. I think you know we talked about Starting situation k. k. Kim gonna get into a game before the the camp if he continues to progress. Well and mike show. That said kim is going to be in the rotation when he's ready which suggests by the way and and and and today was supposed to be positively owns eight not martinez and so there's nothing wrong with daniel but it's pretty clear. I think that without saying john john. It's going to be the guy. That's gonna be that extra guy in the rotation for as long as michael says out and so you know you can see the rotation coming in shape. The bullpen has really been set all along assuming the cardinals go with fourteen pitchers. You know they'll be these eight pitchers in the pen. If you count the two starters kim slash can't there's been a lot of talk about the camp of matt carpenter said probably top two or three and plate appearances. He's one for thirty after coming off the bench. Yes yesterday and grounding out hit the ball sharply by grounded out one for thirty. Where's your concern. Level right now with matt carpenter going into this regular season. I don't think there's any doubt that if matt carpenter wasn't matt carpenter who's a guy who's been a career long cardinal and a you know an obviously a tremendous asset for the organization on and off the field he would be guy would be talking about you know. Hey you know. It doesn't look like he can make the team You know given the way that he's been hitting this spring but there's a simple matter of eighteen and a half million dollar contract. That is staring the cardinals in the eye and they made the decision with extra power to go ahead and eat. Most of the money and and let him go but fowler was a career. Cardinal like matt carpenter was and it's a tough decision especially when you look around. You see a guy like john hausky who has played extremely well and you know might be the guy that would get that bench spot as carpenter. Wasn't there but you know as bad as as spring has been and it's terrible. I'm like two eighty three zero p s. I think he's going to get some time coming off the bench to to figure things out and you know who knows what'll happen from there whether maybe maybe it's a mid-season trade away. Maybe it's an injury. You know i i don't know but You know the fact that he's only had one hit all spring and and you know seven walks you know. Even his on base up to sixteen is just you know. Obviously not where anybody wants him to be. I don't you know who knows what's going on between the guys ears as as as happy. His he wasn't knowing aaron auto joint. Know the cardinals. He knew that that meant his days of starting. We're probably out. And tommy edmund. Strong spring just put the exclamation point on that In terms of the name of john nikolsky. If you didn't know last year made a major league debut Picked up a first major league. Hit you know him now in spring training if you've been following the cardinals percentage well above five hundred drew key walk in their comeback tie. Yesterday he's doing everything possible to make this team. He leads the team in walks. I think he's got eight. He's ten runs batted in that leads. The team dc any path in which john nagorski can make this club. Well the the one question that that gives john hausky a chance. Perhaps is a decision that mike show has has to be made but has not yet been made at least publicly and that is of the twenty six players on the active roster start the season will they go with fourteen pitchers or will they go with thirteen pitchers and i think john galaxy can probably that guy who might be on the bubble And again the situation with carpenter not being as dependable as you like. And you know Although the galaxy a right handed hitter obviously so it's not interchangeable thing. But you know you'd like to have a guy coming off the bench with with some pop and right now you know you look at that. That potential projected bench. You got justin williams on proven potentially ron don or sosa and then andrew kisner. Who you've gotta protect your extra catcher. So you know you just don't have much of a threat coming off the bench now and the galaxy could be that guy. I think the other thing was very interesting. Mike show had pooh-poohed all spring long idea of nagorski playing in the outfield saying. Hey we've got too many other outfielders that we need to get time and you know. Who did we see in left field in the seventh inning. Yesterday yeah john nagorski. How about jose ron don. Another interesting name has had a salad camp. A situation where he can make this club. I really do and you know it's it's also not only. Has they run. Don't who's a another guy who's like twenty seven years old been around. There's always had a good but never really had a chance in the majors and Mike show speculated recently that maybe he's a guy who's a little bit later developer but they're very happy with what they seem to him. I can play second. He can play short so he provides that that middle infield defense and You know a good dad as well But he's not on the forty man roster so he would have to come on and somebody else would have to come off and that somebody would be at window sosa. Who's out of minor league options. And so really. I think the decision for the infield reserve position right now is between sosa enron. Don't and and you know it's all along. It appeared that run. Don't it's been ahead so so we saw taking. It took a couple of swings at pitches out of out of his own just seemed over anxious. And maybe he's feeling the pressure will be. Dc did seem like that with the game on the line yesterday. so is we look at last roster spots. Let's assume that matt carpenter is going to make this team. I think everybody understands that. Justin williams we don't know about his options situation but he is automatically options. You've got kisner we. We think he's going to make this team run known sosa nagorski. There's a battle here so it really comes down. To how many pitchers they want to carry even with four days in the first month Which limits then your bench. And then it's really a numbers game. The business side of the game of who's got options. Who doesn't so some difficult. It's a good problem to have but some difficult decision potentially here for the cardinals in the last handful of days of this camp absolutely right and the one guy. We didn't really talk much about just williams that's right option Elected guy was power has had a decent cat but really none of the none of the four th outfielder competitors have had this huge camp Lane thomas started out. Strong is really kind of peel back. Austin dean has been consistently. Okay matt caesar just you know he got hurt in behind the others but i think That assuming that williams imagine we get that fourth option last days the camp which i think are lodge. I think he's probably the best bet to Open you know. Open the season as the fourth outfielder and that was a guy that you know. Everybody's been talked to talk about potential but this is the first time he seems to be doing a good job. Putting together certainly. Hit a nice You know went down. Nice double down the down the right field line yesterday ryan. Wrap it up with this It is my cheat sheet during these games in. It's your prospect guide. How can fans get that prospect guide in it is outstanding for research. Or if you're a big fan and you know you love your cardinals what where do you. Where do you find that On the carnation dot com. You'll see a an article in the rotation of a big blue logo for the nation. Twenty twenty one prospect guide. You'll also see a tab right at the top You peruse a table of contents to read about the history information the prospect and and scouting tools information as well as history about the minor league system. top players. Top managers drafts rule. Five international the whole bit. And you know the core of the guy is in depth profiles and almost sixty prospects in the system and we're hoping that the minor league season will be able to get underway The first week of may and a lotta. Those games will be on tv for the fans. You can't even go so you know you'll be able to look up and you know read about this next wave of cardinals prospects. John tory's or malcolm or trey fletcher. Or whoever they may be and all these guys many more are profiled in the cardinal nation prospect. Love it great. Stuff had the cardinal nation dot com the cardinal nation dot com and again. We are always brought to you by blue tail medical group. See what they offer before surgery blue tail. Medical group dot com. Hey brian thanks is always will catch up next wednesday. Yeah i should have a lot to talk about at that point absolutely. That's the eve of the season opener in cincinnati. That's brian walden of the car. Donation dot com on scoops with danny mac.

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