Sunsetting the Season with St. Laurent


If you haven't heard about anchor it's the easiest way to make a podcast lending slain. It's free the creation tools that allow you to record. Edit your podcast right from your phone or your computer inc. Will distribute your podcasts for you so to be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make podcast in one place. Download the free anchor app ago. Anchor that fm to get started. Hello welcome to mow wine. Wine mishaps and more i am your host shandra. Savage welcome welcome. Welcome t tonight's in this episode nine of season two. We are winding down season to have one more episode to go after tonight and then we'll be back after a short hiatus we going to do some rejigging of our programming and to make it better fever season three set tonight. I'm excited so excited because we are tasting a twenty eighteen some wrong from the criminal region of austria and it is grown in lower in lower austria 'bout under the under like two thousand acres of salon a grown in australia's indigenous grape there. And that's why. I wanted to presented this evening in tasted with all of you for the first town at sal. This is a beautiful beautiful wine. It's a dry red wine but not too dry. There is some residual sweetness in there. So let's take a look at this collect has its Just feel like. Whenever i look at wine i think of that. How most men look at like the body of a car like ooh. Look at the lines in you. Know in a swirl it in the glass of looking at the lakes Like that's how men look at lines in cars so I get immense joy out of looking at the color and really experiencing wine as a whole. But it's a beautiful deep. Garnet color is not purple but deep garnet very clear and it's really intense colors while so i'm going to give it some and then we're gonna get to the nose because the knows always knows just everything everything in more dock fruits nobly very not this week but definitely some plum. Sam really deep dark cherry pepperoni knows but nothing to profound Smells windfall celestino. It tastes just as beautiful as it looks. And i'm so happy about it. You know what it reminds me of. And i believe you know going back in the courtesy of my mind reading about this. Wine reminds me of a piano noah. You know it's very not neutral but is not as heavy as like a cab. Not as spicy as cher is. But it's just a very nice well-rounded red wine to have and you know there's nothing too crazy going on with it as medium acidity it has you know. Medium tannin's avera is very round Is no jagged edges in. This wine is vice. Teeth is concerned. Very smooth and very fruity. But not in a overpowering law lake coin type of a alcohols not bad on about thirteen percent. I'm into it And i believe. I got this bottle for seventeen. Ninety nine around there a What would i pair this beautiful. Why man i feel like it goes with everything i think it's all around crowd-pleaser i don't feel like you have to go out of your way to drum up some exotic dish with it. You could have it with chicken. You could have it with Some ham you can have it with beef. You can have it with mushrooms sauteed vegetables. I just feel like is such a well rounded you can have with aac plant It would pair just astoundingly well with all of those things and into it. I'm into the saint laurent We've only covered about one or two wines the season from austria and they were both white So planet planet molly last week but that was from croatia. So it's pretty nice to be able to have taste one of the red wines from austria as well and i'm so glad i did because this is really beautiful. I'm going to take him at the set. Yes lisa haven. Who is a friend in a faithful listener. You're definitely gonna wanna grab a bottle of this around. I will have in the show. Newt's a link where you will be able to purchase this line. It's not an affiliate link is just giving us a resource where you can be able to find this line if you have some difficulties in locating some of the lines that i review because they are off the beaten path and not normally in the supermarket or You got a decent deep digging for some of these gems. And that's why. I love doing this podcast in. I love doing the podcast the way that i like to do it because i don't wanna talk about chardonnay. I don't wanna talk about pino griego. But when i do you wanna talk about. I think things that. I had to pronounce the things that i have to practice pronouncing before. I actually get on this podcast in disgusted with you. I wanna make sure that i didn't have the Pronounciation sometimes is a challenge though in the if the wine has a pretty decent alcohol content than is even more difficult for me to pronounce the wines tease times. But i couldn't ask for that gig. I in maybe making wine in that could be on the menu in the future. You know girls got big goals so imparting shirt episode tonight imparting if you sam any value in tonight's episode please like share telephone attila friends on and come visit me. Come visit me on the interwebs as usual on. Instagram laughed at maligned for you. Facebook at maligns to their asthma. Wine view all the at maligned for you and there. If you were able to experience some of the wines at discussed in prior episodes please reach out to me. Let me know what your thoughts were. Also relief ed because i already know should probably discuss tonight's episode with me tomorrow anyway. I'm gonna see next week Tell you. I'm not going to tell you what you're tasting next week. I'm gonna put it up on instagram. So tomorrow you know it tasting next week as we round out season two so happy. I was able to be here with you this evening. Hopefully you learn something new about a different grape or different wine that you've never heard of before and you can go and expand your palate a. As usual shala duty.

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