Episode 1111 - Byron Bowers


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F. and enter your information for a chance to win free. Dave's killer bread for a year. Wow a year of bread and look for Dave's killer bread in the bread aisle of your local grocery store. It is really good. I've eaten at every day. So ice toasted with honey in peanut butter. Dave's killer bread all right. Let's do the show again all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuck? What the fuck buddies. What the fuck stirs what's happening. It's Marc Maron. This devotee my podcast. Welcome to it the quarantine version of it not that different than the other version really to be honest with you. Comedian Byron bowers is on today. We tape this before. This shit went down before the quarantining really got off in earnest. He You might. I don't know if you know his standup. He was also in Honey boy the Shiloh booth movie. He wrote in Byron's wife directed which for some reason I didn't realize throughout the entire interview. I didn't know that that was the situation. He said that she was director. I didn't think to ask because I'm a fucking idiot. I guess but yeah his. I don't know if it's his girlfriend or wife. I that will be revealed in the conversation but nonetheless funny Guy Interesting Guy Interesting perception of things as I recall heading back into this conversation that I did a few weeks ago. I remember trying to kind of hang onto where he was coming from. Make sure I was following the thread. So that's going to happen for all of you. Shortly I appreciate. I always appreciate all the emails. I tried to read All of them all you people that are getting and staying sober very inspirational. I always like hearing from you and I'm happy that Even in this time of isolation and fear that I'm getting a lot of Nice emails from people staying sober. I've never I don't think I've eaten healthier in my life. There's really no bending because you're you're limited to what you have in the house and I guess it really depends what you have in your house and I guess my heart has to go out to those you with kids that have to supply them with the sugar and fun food that they demand and deserve as children to make them happy even if it fucks him up a little bit you'll give a little of that stuff right so that stuff's around the house. It's hard it's hard not to eat it hard not to eat the fun cereals. Who Doesn't want to bowl a cocoa pebbles when they're in their mid fifties. Why not have some of that around? Is there anyone out? There that does is there out there in their fifties who still eats the cereal that they ate when they were a child. If there are any fifty five to sixty year old people out there just reading the back of a box of lucky charms. Not My thing. Lucky charms not might even the good part of lucky charms. The marshmallow things were not great. Not a fun. Cereal CRISP NOT Great. I was cocoa pebbles guy. I've discussed this before. But are there people? Are there people in their sixties? Fucking up the roof of your mouth with the captain crunch. That'd be the thing to do though you know when you're afraid you think this might be it. Why not have some cereal as opposed to shoot heroin or drink a pint fucking bourbon or snort a bunch of rails if you're an addict and you're going down the drain reach back into your brain and think about what was that. Serial probably word started man. I'll blame cocoa pebbles from drug problem. I'll do it right now. It was Fred Fred and Barney's pro their fault. What else did you cocoa puffs. I think used to be good frosted flakes row K. This all still around right. Have no reason to shop for this stuff. I even enjoyed that serial life but that seemed like a grownup cereal. Whatever you gotTa do to get by people seriously though. Just try not to compound the fear and and kind of hopelessness of isolation with self-flagellation and self hatred. Just know in your heart that nobody's doing anything that they can't do at home. You're not losing. We're all on the same page so it was only a matter of time before this would happen. I mean we've done well over a thousand of these interviews and and I was sort of hoping that they wouldn't come that we found out that a former guest died of corona virus. But it had happened the day before yesterday Adams Singer The composer and pop songwriter former member and Co founder of the Band fountains of Wayne musical producer for for my crazy ex girlfriend for years. Emmy Award winning Grammy winning. I believe Tony Nominated Golden Globe nominated but all that stuff. He was clearly a musical wizard. Genius of Pop. Songwriting musical songwriting very gifted man. But but also very young man fifty two years old was not sick was not compromised immunologically. That anyone knew of he was a friend of a friend of mine. And it's just. It's it's devastating. It's it's really only a matter of time and probably a short time before everyone is directly affected by this by this virus. And it's sad that so many people in this country don't really take it as seriously as they should but that's not really what I'm talking about here. We lost a brilliant artists. That had a lot of good years ahead of him and another guest former guest of this show John Prying one of the greatest. American songwriters is sick with this disease. And he's old and he's he's struggling for his wife and I hope he both through am sad and sorry that we lost Adam and like we do. We don't like to do it but we do. in honor of the artists that pass we we rerelease her you know. Put the put the episode back in the feed so everybody can hear it I talked to Adam back. In December of two thousand twelve. Did know him that well gotta go familiar with his work. My girlfriend at the time was a huge fan of fountains of Wayne. My friend John Daniel one of my best friends. was really a champion of atoms. Genius and you got to know him during that that episode and and you can listen to that if you want but It's just a sad day. Sad Day to have to say a few words. Were fifty two year old man. Who was gifted gone now because of this illness so rest in peace Adams Singer? And take care of yourself. People really really. Jesus God I can't. It's so hard on a day-to-day basis to kind of reconcile. Your deep habit and desire to think things are going to be okay with the fact of the matter and again a great deal of gratitude and love and respect goes out to everyone. You know helping the people that are overwhelmed with sickness and the sick. The healthcare workers the first responders police ambulance drivers people delivering food. People who are actually really doing essential services. Got Thanks you know because a lot of us out here were holed up in our homes we can watch what's on TV. We can look at our phones but we're not going to the hospital every day. We don't know this shit show of chaos and horror and death and disease that you guys are dealing with on day to day basis. Thank you very much for doing that and I hope to God. I don't get sick but if I do. I hope that you know someone is there to receive me and take care of me And I hope that the supplies were there and I know most you realize I don't need. I don't need to tell you that. Obviously we're living in a failed state in that our government's reaction to this was to wait and and it was not enough and a lot of what the federal government's supposed to do They're not doing because over the last few years but certainly over the last twenty whenever possible. A Republicans try to Dismantle the government everything they see as non essential and some of that being what was needed to respond to this properly. So this is the goal. The failed state. This is the Republican vision. Wet private enterprise take care of it great. So now we have people that need ventilators masks. And there's a bidding war going on over who is going to make a profit on those items and which states are going to sell to. It's all working out good vision but But again thank you to everybody. That's sacrificing self-sacrificing in the face of this horror show My job here has been deemed an essential service. But I wouldn't call it self sacrificing. I know that I'm in a privileged position but I'm trying to do what I can. Okay I was trying to figure out I'm doing something. This weekend of for comedy gives back. It's called comedy gives back laugh aid and it's a benefit to help. Comedians who have lost work in income due to the corona virus It's obviously not a cure but it can do a lot of a lot of good. Comedy GIVES BACK DOT COM. Check that out but I think it Saturday is that the fourth anyway look man. You don't need paper towels. If you have dish towels and you can wash him you can use them can use them for anything. What did people use before toil paper seriously? It must've I never see that in any of the movies. The period pieces were. They used for toilet paper. Where's that detail? I'd like that detail I had to go out how to go out into the world. I've taken I've oh I made my own mask that helpful. I just cut the bottom off a t-shirt about five or six inches wide and one of the seams and then I use the other side of the shirt that seem to go. Run down the line of my nose down to my Chin than just tied behind my back but from what I understand. Some people are going to give me some handmade Hand Sewn Masks which I'm excited about here because I think you probably should wear go out even if people are on the fence about it. Why not just where is it going to be? Is it in any way a bad thing boy them? If you're spending your days indoors people now it'd be a great time to launch that idea that you never got off the ground and squarespace can help you turn your dream into a reality. You can easily make a beautiful website for whatever it is you're looking to do. Do you want to showcase your quarantine. Diaries or make a homeschooling webcast or do videos about how to make facemasks squarespace makes it easy with beautiful. Templates created by world-class designers. And the ability to customize just about anything with a few clicks they also have twenty four seven customer support. So there will always be someone there to help and you'll never need to do a software update scores based takes care of that for you. 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Gloved up mashed up and watch my suitcase from Brooklyn apartment to a hurts and got the fuck out of Dodge read New York. I'm one of the lucky few who has a job that is remote able and had enough bread in my basket to make this kind of rash decision? I fled to Dayton Ohio where I'm self quarantining for my fourteen days until my friend and her incredible family are taking me into their corona tribe to ride this out. They have land for dogs a cat and most precious of all each other. I wanted to write you because the night before I left. I downloaded ten hours of W T F to ask me the drive. I had a strategy and it paid off beautifully. See full strategy below. Were getting there. Thank you for still podcasting. I look forward to every dispatch. I've been forwarding your newsletters to my friends who know I need a voice of reason admissions of uncertainty. And of course a fucking laugh love and stay healthy in. Thank you Alex. Then she gave the the the layout Merrin Dr Brooklyn to Ohio March. Thirty first twenty. Twenty Anthony Bourdain one hour twenty two minutes a comfort episode for me and familiar enough with the episode quasi and while I navigated the city Garry shandling one hour twenty minutes as expected. Once I was out of the city I needed some space to processing. Get existential thanks to you and Gary Marc Maron has told the Mike for bigly at one hour thirty four minutes another comfort episode. That makes me think in laugh. Rob Riggle one hour. Ten minutes remembered the nine eleven part of this episode and thought it would be soothing to hear about another time when the world imploded and remind myself that this too will end. Maria Bamford one hour seven minutes. You and Maria. Fleeing a nerd parade said with love in parentheses back in the day. No further explanation needed. Bob's Muda two hours seven minutes. Six point five hours in and I knew I would need never heard episode and Immedi one was hoping this episode would provide some clarity on some of the Andy Myths but alas or maybe thank goodness it didn't Nape argosy one hour twenty two minutes bringing it home. With a comfort episode to top all comfort episodes. I'm from Nashville. Nate'S ACCENT IS SOOTHING. To my brain. I've been to the applebee's where he met his wife. I sold Drums Guitar Center across the street. And we'd have lunch at the bees and like you said he's just so damn funny. Well Alex thank you for sending this and I you know I. I hope that maybe that will provide a template for others who need to flee wherever and they have ten hours to fill but as you as you should all know you can go get stitcher premium and get all of the episodes of them catnip. Date Buster is getting fat and monkey is okay. He's pretty good everybody's well and now I'd like to share with you. My conversation with the Comedian Byron bowers. you can currently watch him in the film honey boy on Amazon prime video and here we go into the interesting mind of Byron bowers. It's weird because I've seen you around for years we've never hung out. Roy. Sorta in passing. How's it going man you know? I don't know I don't know. Did you get the feeling like we didn't like each other? Would no I wasn't that I I just. I just respect the game nowhere and hopefully I will get to the point where we face each other like. We do now right to me. I don't look at IT I. I guess I've been disrespected. Ikea what I would call. Disrespect IT. So much really. Yeah that And coming from well Born in small time move into the city. Yeah that I learned that you gotta work your way to earn that respect. It was weird because I I always I didn't have any disrespect but I just didn't know I see around but by the time you were coming around you know. I was sort of moving like I was sure. Moving out of the alternative rooms. Yeah and then like you know. I'd see store when he start coming around the store more my God. There's a Byron because I didn't you know I felt like Oh man already. Well this is a Is Perception. It has nothing to do with you right. You're learning about life. It's all you know your own. You handle it anyway. Dramatically yeah projections in perception. Yeah you assume things based on your own broken brain true true but I recognize the pattern. I'm like if I get to a point. Yeah you know I like I just met Jay Z and really. Where'd you meet him at a goal party era after one of the awards show really the Oscars? Because that's where I say we gotta do the pockets and the red carpet. We're both standing there like a couple of comedians. Go and look at this fucking crazy crazy. So that's why I'm at the point where I'm just question everything because you Kinda like happen. Life don't happen as you plan. What happened with Jay Z? I shook his hand and he was just like. Hey but it was quick. Yeah it was one of the interesting handshake. And I'm like yeah. I'm a fan to the Jay Z. Right the way he's shaking. My head is not like a business person but this is like a fan right who? Yeah 'cause I've been through it so many times and then I got reintroduced to him. He's like yeah minimum already. So I'm like okay the same night the same night. Oh you're annoying him. Well part of it is but I'm like oh here we go to each other like we're going to bump into each other. Yeah because to me is like this little right just like when we were going to shows here when we started doing the same show. Yeah nerd melt nerve. Feel like nerd me first time. I saw you. Yeah started nerve Milton. I was in a corner like with everything life. Just watching it for the first time and then Emily Bliss Heart put me on to never meals and I remember when she booked me. And I probably sound like cocky. I was like maybe a good show. I told her that she like all my shows that good. Yeah now okay. I'm sorry right are probably always still did my my lane Yemen. Some wonderful shows hasn't been the same sense is still going on now but seeing the same to me. Just change well. I think that you know. I think that it was built on a faulty premise. To begin with you know the whole nerd melt alternative comedy scene. It had a crowd but it was a trend. It was a fad whereas like you go the comedy store. That's eternal that's true. Even a store was struggling. Destroy Struggle because it was dark fucking shit hole for a long time. But then everybody got proud of it. And you know I'm Brenton you got that social networking going got rid of Tommy and brought Adam in and then fucking Peter took over the place and we all were excited to work. I think we you know our excitement about the store. Brought the people in agree. I mean tell me I was there. I remember meeting Mitzi and shaking hands and you go that far back I mean I got in two thousand and ten or eleven and it wasn't it wasn't a moment that everybody else have getting past store is like is like watching my ex wife leaving a U. Haul and then getting the call that I got past like life is a balance is that will happen. That's what happened yeah. So let's go back so you you you say. Eat where you come from From Atlanta Georgia Atlanta. Yeah and that's where you grew up. I grew up in Atlanta here. Born in Athens Georgia Athens short. That's a nice town I it's it's a little rock and roll town. That's the part I know. I'm sure it's not. I don't know I mean you know you got the low any college town you had the locals. Yeah you got to college people to like. Have Fun stuff and in locals locals man like your local. I was my family more local like me going to remember somebody saying. Don't don't fuck a local. Yeah they didn't know hours from there. Don't though if you have sex with somebody that don't have with local or don't what we might never leave or or they might try to trap you unlike. Oh they say the same about Jamaica when you go to Jamaica True Yeah Different Countries. You go to the similar thing you know. Be careful though the locals they gonNa pick pockets you or are they going to rob you all that stuff humane trap you into having a kid. That's the same thing. Yeah yeah that's that's the the the far end of it. Well you're lucky if you get robbed you look if you get wrong. A lifetime of robbing. Yeah so I mean that was word on the street. Don't fuck a local and you were local. But how long did you were you there for? I think like six. I was back but I live at six. And then I had to come back because the state was gonna try to take Me and my sister from mother so she had to send us back to Athens to Athens. Like what's what's the layout of the family searches. You just gotTa sister. I have a sister. Several fathers which is a blessing to separate so your sister's got different funds so it's the same mom same difficult. So who's the blessing? Hurry you like most kids. I say. Get two separate rooms. You've got to separate as you had a relationship with both of them now. We didn't have a relationship with none of the jealousy you know and when you play the dozens in the street they talk about each other. Mom Me and my sister talked about each other all. You'll Danny yodeling she right. You're the only one. Oh Okay so you've of new empty an insult because you didn't know your Dad's yeah but we did. Yeah now we close it in that. I was at my her dad funeral. She's at my dad funeral and when when it ended like they folded the flag here and they was lower my dad into the ground. You hear that clicking noise I remember looking back I was sitting down. He was standing behind me and I looked at and she was her eyes watery and I was like my dash was building. You'll days she's laugh right right. You're devs the military funeral he was. They had the guys come out in the photo flag because he was in the navy. Her Dad wasn't in the military. No he wasn't in the military but he was a he. He had a normal life like he worked thirty retired three months until his retirement. Drop dead. He Pass you. We didn't drop the. He was a very healthy job like four miles every day. But somebody hit him in the car which is funny and say it it designed. That's the worst. Man is the worst we could try text into us. A who the person car sair because You know he he. He dedicated all that time to his job and they were just building a relationship and he was like do what I. WanNa do in life now. Yeah and then have gotten slammed. Meanwhile my dad drugs prostitutes and Kept live here because they don't like this guy you know. It's almost like rich. Dad Poor Dad but in a tragic ways. So you're okay so you you. You're born in Athens in your MOM SPLIT AND GOES TO ATLANTA. We you and your sister. Yeah she left. My Dad was scary fucker. She loved my sisters fought house to my sister father. I see you're older. I'm older year. Okay Day my mom and dad will never married okay. Yeah and yes she. She split and left of the reasons. We're not quite sure our really of yeah because I thought that was the good debt. Well I mean to to the next family probably more than right you know in our town halls and you're not from La People have kids nineteen twenty right. They don't we don't know ourselves. Yeah looking back on the Shit. We all got into her. Manha- had her when he was young. Yea a little bit after me. They probably twenty four twenty five. I mean Yeah. Y- yeah what are you know? Yeah Yeah so you got dreams and unit. Plays like atoms and that really. Don't go together because I have no sense of Athens. Other than the you know the the independent music scene The Independent. And you have the people that you know any small town. It's like you WanNa do what here now. You better go work at the at the plant at the chicken plant. Is Their chicken plant there. He is planting my my cousin. Were there from two different families. My on my mother's side or they're just could go and chickens in taking the feathers off cut his leg on fellas off man and like putting them in packages you know And probably sneaks free chicken. Chicken healthcare probably healthcare. You know that's what you do it for my grandfather hall chickens which is cool because he will bring chicken truck. Yeah yeah bring chicken like baby chicks home. Yeah we had to take back. Yeah like they got a certain smell to him baby chickens. Yeah Yeah and the ad big chickens and back. Yeah Bitch is in the back. That's what a eggs carrying from every day at fresh eggs every day. Fresh corn came back. Why came from the Vine Really You guys made wine strawberry. Must go down. Why did he have like a farm property for that she he they they the Senate a forms right? They didn't graduate school right so they formed. And then Um so. That's what they did with Acre two acres of land. I mean which was big. It's pretty big man. They had everything. Big Yeah Yeah. Watermelon beans and then the land overlapped with the neighbors land. So they gave him that land he will give them like a Stuffy Group. Stuffy grew and he would fish. We go fishing on the weekend so this grandfather. This meeting young. Yeah train has hunt. They give guys like eight and trying to teach you how to really like Fiji Grandfa- yeah yeah. And he grew all that stuff he grew corn. I remember having this shook corn and like get split peas. Your isn't it's not nice until you're older and you're like Oh we had it. Yeah that was the life. Yeah remember fall out of the tree. You pick them the pies come from that. I moved to the city different where you excited. I mean like I mean it seems like I guess like you hard to appreciate things when you're six. I mean all I know is I just had a moment of sadness when I moved to Atlanta Right. Sure Yeah Ford in Q. U. Outward born arrows. You sticks and you hunting for like wild von Arab you make it here you make it you can sticks and you boy narrows and just in the woods hunting for wild dogs dogs. Yeah with her. What a wild dogs. That's what we heard they'd be like stay out of the woods doll attack you. They probably stray dog. Would you take away with the guns of your shooting birds? We started with birds health. Care hands and birds and BB pellets. So like forty forty times but not shotguns shotguns. They all had like eight shotgun and they go out for their. What do you call it? A little birds quayle's or the or the doves rather arrived rabbit ears. Can John Deere make me? I don't thinking should deal with a shotgun shooting a bullet boy. Well you can't just as a heavy gay I know. But then he got pick all telitha where these guys are like I mean they nailed it and then I remember watching a break rabbit down which was scary to rip at skin off and man all new of ended up like a chicken cut it up and just feeling I remember the feeling of this this irving. Yeah it's like yeah like a glove coming. Yeah I shot one bird shot one bird and I watched it pass Ak and it was only an wash the exact same experience I couldn't I couldn't take it. I couldn't take it like some guy. Talk me into doing it with a pellet. Yeah I watched it fall and and I still think about it now. It upsets me is interesting. And then you ten years later you in the city and gun fire just rough blah blah blah blah. He heard it enough so you moved to Atlanta with your sister and your mother when you were six six back to Athens and then back. Probably like eleven twelve. So what happened? That state was gonNA take you guys. Yeah I guess the other guy the father but he ratted her out. He must who who who called the cops. Allegedly was an internal family thing. It was a jealousy internal family. Probably one of my mom's sisters real. Yeah it was. Yeah Yeah what the fuck man. Yeah man so. She was jealous of what she had her kids. I don't know you know that lady your aunt. Yeah I just got into got into it with her. Just now giving Thanksgiving outside. I know I'll be the guy who get into the fight. Era Family is a fight yet. Eat Thanksgiving outside. Yeah I showed up to the South I showed add. Georgia would do adult Jewish chick. Yeah and Israeli dog issue girlfriends Israeli. Yeah Yeah and and I try to bring the dog in the house and they will not bring his dog in the house. And I'm like I pay out the LA THE LA. She got my emotional support. Don't really know I ran into a house with adult and it's like forty four because he's looking at me angry and I panicked because I didn't make any plans in the House with adult. She's ran in the House that I just get us some water. She thirsty. Yeah she'd been on the plane all day this right when you get there as I get the papers for the Ju- not my girl just stayed outside. She's staying. What is is so is so weird. Weird right is weird so okay so your girlfriend doesn't even go into their house. You with the dog. Everybody freaks out and that that's not and then you know so. Your Dog's probably freaked out dog's freaked out and you're freaked out. I'm on. Was It really angry. You know anger issues. You don't even know you're not even thinking once the once. Whatever you raise whatever you you just you gung Ho so right away you go just pick the dog up and just ran in the house out of the House or in the House with adult. Yeah so the you actually have a licensed papers for the dog because you need emotional support Doug I mean it's my girl also but she needed the a dog for emotional. Yeah apparently I need to stop the anger now. No it didn't but I call on down this running thing. I guess. So what happens so you Anka pissed off and you had to eat outside outside. I mean everybody you know. The dodgers wasn't coming in house outside with the dog and Jewish girl girlfriend like my uncles and stuff. They were outside okay so it wasn't terrible. I wasn't terrible. But it's still was like you. GotTa calm down. It tastes like ten minutes or so when you had to come down. Yeah I did you got rage problem. I never looked at it but if I was it could be someone to start. GotTa gotTa go all the way through. They gotta go. You gotta go. I'm getting better at it but it just. It just came out of nowhere though. I don't know where it developed out so in that moment or in general general pro. It's a it's it's horrible when you get hit with it. Yeah so like you know. Usually you can keep it under wraps and all of a sudden some. It'll trigger it. Well I have fucking kidding. Yeah you get loud you get loud and I've I've had to apologize for people ten minutes later Oh yeah. It joke about that. Like I'm I'm I'm I'm closing the gap between an outburst and apology. Like it used to be in. Now's the identity. Go Fuck Yourself. I'm sorry Oh yeah Larry Look Man. I don't know people don't know man I think I put up with so so low internally. Healed it into it just popped is go. Yeah Oh you don't know what's going to pop it but it's better than like schizophrenia. So yeah let's talk like Sir. Okay so you go back and forth. You weren't taken away from your mother but you end up growing up in Atlanta growing up my mom my mom got his stuff together and me and my sister moved back with my mom. And that's where you went from age was seven or eight all the way through. No I was there. I back back in Athens like six. And then I remember landing in the fourth grade in Atlanta and they're having to deal with the school systems even in both ways to deal with the schools. What do you mean dealer because we live in a different place? Yeah Then we were supposed to write and disciplinary problems. And they just couldn't send me home because normally back in the day they will send you home your home and you'd be like I'll be like okay. Go Home I live too far. I see you live. I don't know was take out a few hours to get here. You know really. And that's how they will find out. You wanted to go to that school so you put down the wrong address. Nothing that's where our monitor's yeah. My mom just survive. You don't know what time she just surviving. Yeah but you got you into the school. But it wasn't the district he lived. It probably wasn't district. I lived my time. I came back and forth grade. I was at a school. I had just wasn't clicking. I don't know what it was and then I got sent to a mixed school called Jolly Elementary Jolly Jolly elementary a mixed scores opposed to a black school as opposed to like a black and African school. Yeah and Attested I took a test. When standardized tests and test it out of my class science English and math. Yeah Yeah so so you got to jump great. I got they put me. I went from all black class to class with five black people in it and has that changed things for you. It was adjustment. I remember walking down the hall and people from my neighborhood would just take our heads in motion of the Li- like the separation. That's what you get. That's what I got you know like. Oh you over there now you know and then you have to get on the bus with the people and get dropped off and I remember got in trouble. I can go to gym class. And they put me in his class and his three classes advanced classes regular class. It's behavioral classes So our member like vaguely getting put in behavioral classes. 'cause I couldn't go to the gym so they made me sit in the class with behavior class and I remember sitting on a disk and they would go on over map or SOM- and I was like y'all stupid some like that. Yeah y'all don't get this stupid right we are. They got mad apparently. Why couldn't you go to gym? I got in trouble recess. I don't know you don't know I don't know I had this problem. I always had disciplinary problems. And I don't think it will bad as like people in my neighborhood I want to bring a gun to school dope and I do remember hitting the book as you called me. Input Immature Dirk closed. The CYA book like a frog on a front here and I looked at the book and then I just took the bottom. I had like a pie and I just hit in the face with it and that's no good. Y'All got in trouble so with with all this going on so obviously united comic you know we all had disciplinary. Imagine you were just as smart ass and causing trouble and whatever right. Yeah no guns. No drugs no gun drugs. Not just being smart ass and this girl's face who looked up. He's getting beat up. Beat UP TO. Yeah mostly got beat up really. The girl I hit face beat my in a coast was going to stop the fight. And he's like letting fight and I was like motherfucker like is a window. You not a window closes panel shoes and address. You know what I mean. Yeah and she didn't even grow and she beat you up in front of everybody. She'd beat my s in front of everybody and then we going to high school together and she never grew out of stayed the same size and she's bragging about visit. I like seeing people haven't seen in a long time when they come out of nowhere. Don't you I've been surprised man? I've been surprising is like Oh you made it and you have a lawyer. Write or you're you're still alive successful and we carry from one not the not do you know. We came from a certain place. Where a lot of people and you know. I don't know you people fall off the older you get. This is like the like They fall off for the. You know you get to a certain age people start dying. Don't say I want to say that. I got thirteen debuted with my phone. I cannot erase thirteen thirteen from the past decade. I'm recent shit. Yeah from natural shit natural and like it started you know the younger you are starts with unnatural right getting shot or a car wreck or Fran boyfriend shy. My best friend's sister was was in. The baby was killed by a boyfriend And that's terror. Last thing he said to me was like you should get out of here. You can make it for you. Smart Anna Anna. Yeah so that was a hoot and they play on the car at night in the last week. It was weird because for somebody do that and say I love you. Let this weird to and killed them and against the next time. Nah Nah they call them but the police cottam afford family did well. That's old know that's the old adage that I read a police. Chief said that you know people kill people over two things you know. Money Pussy. Yeah yeah I read. That book is quote from police. Chief I think it's an old old idea. Only yeah it could be true now. Of course break it down if you if you keep it broad you know like what money equals property. Anything that you all have to if it's a big category yeah so okay so you. When did you end up getting out? I mean like what were you doing when you start doing comedy. I start my first time on stage. I think I was at a talent show in college. Oh where'd you go to college Some Polytechnic State University. Zada Marietta Georgia. In the engineer engineer had plan no no stay off the streets at my freshman year. I went to another school in Tennessee and I ended up selling crack for a little while so this was just a state. My goal was to stay on the street. I gave myself ten years of being college. Ten years. Ten Years. Yeah because I can get financial aid because my dad was a crack at the time so I can be like okay. So let's explain this so so you've grown up in Atlanta but not in the hood you didn't get to the hood to later. Yeah I didn't get a decent house in a decent area good great. Now's a nerve then. I got dropped off Tennessee by my mom. What set for college if a college in a new boyfriend and nobody ever went to college or could tell me how to survive world so so when you were growing up though you did good in school funding around no guns. No drugs drugs. My Dad was already Andrea. Yeah you knew. Your Dad was on your. Oh yeah I found out the hard way so your dad like you? But you didn't know when he was in the Navy not so you knew growing up for six years on the farm and but you only is just a neighborhood but yet group that Gustav Lee. Yeah but you didn't know him to be cracking. He wasn't credited and Okay so so when he was a guy who worked in and and probably was like a middle class man. Yeah everything oh he did. He had he had the house. You know having a house the car the boat yeah The extra family. No not another family. He wanted me to move back with them and then the mental thing happen will happen At the time I really didn't understand but you know developing paranoid schizophrenic. How old was he I usually happens in your twenties. I mean he was. He was twenty one or twenty two when I was born so it had to be like maybe twenties and and just disappeared and then the drugs started address disappeared like the. House and everything was gone his job. It all was gone all our new and I remember because your your mom. At the time I was with my mom's in Atlanta and the when I seen the house it was a he was like I want you to move back in. Look I got all this stuff accumulate and make a comfortable home for you and then our mem- grabbing me by my shirt collar yeah and was like Later going around town telling people that I did something to and I heard that. You're you're telling people ideas I'm tool to to some chick this your dad. Y- he's like but I didn't. I just grabbed like this. He grabbed me by my my collarbone on my shirt. And he's like this all you could tell them they can come for me. I got something form and he removed the tiles and Attic via import to oozes out of the here and I remember telling my grandfather he was like. I don't think you should see your day of for a while. So the next time I seen them all that was gone and they say he has a mental issue. Why Yeah so you go visit your dad and he says thereafter him. He's got us. Yeah and he's ready. He's ready you know and you just call. Yeah as you've been you've been around some street stuff so you just kinda not remain calm out. Yeah Yeah so. Yeah and that was the last time so your grandfather. The farmer said you figured out here. Yeah I mean just don't spend time just don't bother this is father. He knew he was ill. He knew something was wrong. People you know started you know what though? Yeah this is a black community. You deal with mental health. Yeah and there's a stigma so we don't really know so you just kind of like you know my keep away from him. We'll see what happens. Yeah let him do his thing here. Figure it out you grow in person you know. Wego pratice thing away. Yeah Right. Yeah we pray pray to distance prey on the distance you know yeah and then like I came back to spend some time with them and We going to crack house but but so we. So how did you know he had paranoid schizophrenia? Hit me later on. But did he was later. Put Away I think my grandma told me that they went to the clinic and I remember visiting him somewhere. We had on all white and he was pretending like he was. GonNa Fleet at place. Okay and so you still a little kid. Yeah this in Augusta. I still was young. And so he was in in an institution probably like around and and then I seen him after that and I remember him the inner security and trying to join the police force Right after he got out of institutions after everything and medication That I don't know at the time. Did he ever end up on Medicaid? He did within. Here's the scenario when you attic and you on drugs you stop drugs. You stop all drills right Not Get that when you paranoid schizophrenic. Yeah who's thinking that? You wrongfully fired from a job and you got a lawsuit with a lot of money coming But people try to get you drugs to make prove that you're not qualified right. They get your money. Yeah then that's a whole different level so if a doctor tried to off you appeal you you paranoid schizophrenic. You'd think he's in from not getting your money. This is what Your Dad's situation was an with drugs. Do to your slowed down here and everything. So he just didn't end up taking it will put him further down. Made it more crazy. The rabbit hole. Yeah so he got to a point where it was no bouncing back so. He's LOST IN HIS SCHIZOPHRENIA LOSS. In the schizophrenic delusions which. I never understood until I did a my first bad acid trip in London and I was like. Oh this is what he. This is where he is forever is where he lives. Yeah I did it for seven hours. He's here forever. It's cold on the place to be. So so what's the story where you go back where he said you know when you found out your old man? This smoke crack. I found out he did crack. I was on. I had to be like fifteen. Yeah and I went with them and like we end up in the project posed to the movies and he gave me some money long story short. He's GonNa go get some food. You can go to the movies. I'm just there to spend some time little. Yeah And my mom number drummer in Atlanta. No this is George number. You went back. I went back. You were living in Atlanta. And he wanted to see he wanted to see me and my mom would drop me off at my grandma's house the farmer. Yeah yeah because she trusted him yes. Change was nobody else right so he would call him. He came and picked me up and we went around the streets of like. Give me a right around the corner and I remember saying I got my son with me. Yeah and then he's I I just go out. And then we went and then that turned into basically like you know you there and I remember like when I walked into a crack house sums like get out of here so I saw basketball. I went picked up a basketball right. Yeah went to the basketball the projects across the street when my cousin passed and I was just in the projects like by myself. Real scared and He came asked me for some of the money he gave me and I gave him some money he can he left and he came back and asked for the rest of it didn't give it to him and then he got disappoint he and then. I got disappointed and I remember his car. Driving down the street he left. You handle coming back to get high and we we went back to Kremlin House. Get dropped off like no movies no food. Nothing and I couldn't even my mom was already at a place where whatever so. I couldn't even tell. Yeah really what happened? I just had to sit because he'd never have to. You'd never be able to go down there again. And just unraveled from there. Yeah Yeah what do you mean how that we had raised dropping like just after that event I uh because I knew I had to do something like I got to do something. Yeah I gotTa do this. Before College. But you're still in high school. I'm still in high school you Mattie. Are you getting into more trouble because of this well not like disciplinary problems? Yeah but it's like I join the basketball team. I learned how to play basketball that day. We'll basically yeah. The pressure was on. Yeah that's all I knew like get out. He's already like couldn't be my mom because the finance situations and then this thing with my dad so like what am I going to do all right. Yeah so yeah man. I just end up like in in the Bonaparte Basketball Scholarship at this college in Tennessee. Yeah and then I go down there and you don't know how to live take areas. Yeah man people getting money for stipends for the basketball players. And they're like on a partial. Scholarship broke of just trying to figure out well man. I'm failing my kristen classes and I've been going to church this whole time. So man I can help yeah. Nah Not really I'd be Horny and search. Yeah but I remember like somebody busted my dad out with a drug dealer and I remember being furious about that. And that was like Ma'am have killed is do right but I can't kill him like I just can't kill them like this. I got to become a drug dealer and when the opportunity presented itself I started to go in and I wanted to see how powerful crack work. Yeah because the make a man like climate telephone pole who climbed telephone pole my day. I heard my dad. Climb the telephone pole for some rock. You hear all these stories you know what I mean like furious right. Yeah and my aunt. It's only two and my little cousin. Dan. I'm going onto my. My Dad's sister is on it to crack and your cousin to now my cousin. Yeah like younger than me so he was in environment though. So some drug dealer Craxi Dad's head and he wanted to kill him. But you figured you had to know what the deal crack in order to you. Got To be one you just carrying like so you think like him. Yeah you gotta like you know weapons and you've got nothing you got no resources really. Just walk up to a crash and just like the crack crack dealer and do you know when you become one you like. Oh so you became one. It's not his fault right yes not his fault or he cracks that what you've learned math sellin crack addictive is addictive and you had to get out just as you didn't smoke it though. No no drew still sold the whole time really. Yeah he's just. How'd you get into the crack? Business got a king observations. Same I got into comedy. I'm new at the time because my paranoia. I knew who was in the building who has straps every way in and out of a building even how to get into a place here in the air and those were good skills for somebody. That's a bigger like Oh gee you That can bring you in because they endanger dangerous situations right and if you got a King I in no everything and then it started with me. Stashing strategy of stashing it. Yeah it was all just two of our operation fair and just thought it was me. Stashing Noah Stash crack in the cookie. When you break it in the bottom jaw right you sit there with a razor and then You just can't keep everything on you. Give you ever been in that environment. You know cranky as a snatch it or you just don't know what happened so you just need a place for the Stash. Keep your main stage and we on college campus right. So you know you just ashes. It was not easy but we definitely couldn't keep it in the room. We were in so this. Is your roommate not my roommate. I had another room now thing. We became roommate. But we know what the master key to the dorm. How you ended up with their Always feel like this is a weird situation but somehow we got it off the ring of the of the Ra. Ra made a copy and time to put it back. And what you get. What does that get you access to empty rooms? I see. Yeah so that was your snack. Break F- The furniture part saga put it like in desk and everything like that and people could be an rooms and I know so. You're selling the crack on the campus. No we was off Christian campus off campus in somebody's apartment and neighborhood in the hood. Somebody's mom had an addiction for so you bought it. You do a broader thing you know oh I see yeah so yeah. We'll crack business. We had a little crack binge. It got bigger when I left but it was crazy. 'cause I remember it was a pharmaceutical company. There and I remember looking at this in his town small town a nick was fit of fifty dollars. Yeah that's how small town with so is the no brainer life for two dollars per product. Instead of five dollars you make him fifty. Yeah this is. Profit is a no brainer tip crack. Yeah Yeah so you go in and like you get you get a good sample. The crack cookers the most important part. Yeah coming That's the shelf. Yeah and if you make a good sample and you give it to somebody. They don't get they. Don't get everybody else right. And we had we finally got that good cook and Yeah man now energy that Oh no. I don't think it had to be because I got out of that school like within a year. So maybe maybe six months a few months lucky combusted. O'meara man like Oh matter. Maher is the issue issues here. It's very good bus when y'all older abbey don't want to go to jail either way you know. Let's just jail day where people go to jail by now this jail or eating Joe. I didn't go to jail. I that was my main was raised not to go to jail. So so how did you get out of the school did they? Did you got kicked out of the basketball team? I was feeling classes and because of the business it just hours just laws for freshman year and then. My friend was dealing with his courtship. By this time he was already like people mad and it was how your friend to crack dealer the og my yeah and she dealing with he will do in. Baby Mama drama. That was that one. Yeah that's a big issue and And he was like. I want you to take over this town. I'm GonNa stay in this town. Do I want you to take over this town. You were going to be the King. Pin. I don't know what I was going to be. Well I thought I knew. Somebody was on was appointed. You Cross a line that you can't come back. I think that's true. Yeah I going to be all no. He won't be somebody here. Ara had an incident when I was hanging. I had three relies. I was on the basketball team. I had this college life and then I had this thing that I would do in the middle of the night. The cracker. Yeah and I was hanging out with some white friends and they went to buy some we one night. I fell asleep and we end up in some project and they got raw and the guys. I stayed in the car when when I got out the car. I've seen these guys like reaching they they hoodies. Yeah and I was like damn well they after me but the wife. Renee was oblivious to what was going on they thought I stayed in the car because I was scared here. I seen two guys on opposite sides of the building. Come with these guns and when they all hopped in the car gunshots route and I found out that one of those guys arkell had kinda worked for so it was a weird thing on the situation that other people were an and I don't know if it was because of me that's the thing about drugs. Yeah as you increase the odds if you get killed for some dumb reason. Yeah that you might not have anything to do with. Yeah and there's like I'm not even on the clock right you know. I got on the college t-shirt you know I'm a different person right now. You know shit so yeah man. It's like incidents like that. The pharmaceutical company and I'm like they win and they legal They'RE GONNA they're gonNA wipe us the street in a new group of people come in this so bad. This is a weird pattern. She got out got out and then like the situation like me kill him all parties killing my own people. Yeah light light their way. And so you know so you were able to get inside of understand the whole Socioeconomic personal Evil side of the drug business drove. But you look if I use later you broke. You know making probably like fourteen fifteen thousand the week and he's like Oh numbers increasing. You know I mean but then you gotta moral struggle struggle and like. I'll probably win. The you know my anger issues happen. Then that's the I. I remember just being mad and when somebody for money is like where we gotta we. GotTa do something right. If someone flip you for some money I mean the first thing that we started soap soap. Oh yeah so it was a thing already like the first batch you bought. Laver's guard is like and then yeah they don't teach you about that. You GotTa Pay Your dues in a game like anything else you you take losses big losses. You know so you got out. And then he went back to Atlanta. I went back to Atlanta Engineering School. Did you feel like you learn who you were? No Kami taught me. She went to engineering school for. How long Maybe seven years. And he's seven eighty off and on. I was there and I mean as you graduate graduate. The first thing I completed. But that's when he started doing comedy started and then I stopped. I started communist quit because I got booed. Another clue before people say I should try the PUNCHLINE UPTOWN COMEDY CORNER IN ATLANTA. Yeah Yeah and Mike Boo Amateur Amateur night. I didn't know people go club. Yeah Yep so Donald Stays never ridden a joke before just went on and got booed and he. Did you have a plan no player? Why did you go on? I don't know funny. I mean I used to crack people up at the table yet. Naturally like you gotta go on amateur. Yeah you didn't have any plan that and watch and I knew I knew about John D. I watched why everybody will go on dates and stuff right. Yeah when I was in junior high. My mom put a disk on my on my this of Martin Lawrence Talking Shit. Yeah and that was the beginning of everything you knew the idea I new idea and I watched it. I watched the jams Friday and then that made me a bully in school. Oh Yeah 'cause I talk I could break talk shit about somebody and just just hurt hurt. They self esteem bullying stop. You know and advocating the man for a minute you know and it was cool and that was the disciplinary problems. Yeah I mean I join the basketball team. I do classes in the date and even with two people. Your secret asshole. Well I don't know probably let my girl tale a so but the first time you've got booed boom. I quit right well for me right away. Yeah so when did you do it again? Maybe two years later then I did good at same place. Same Place. We put together some a joke. I joke I wrote and then That night killed and then I got booed every night since then. I quit again for like another year and a half. You did good one night and then you go back once a week once a week year and you just stink stink and then instinctively some follow my instincts and it was like this will take you to the Promised Land and then I just fought my way through so you stayed there in Atlanta going to school a bit Doing comedy no more crack dealing not. That's over and then your old man's in the hospital or he's not he's not in a hospital he's door from fifteen like twenty five story late. Drew FROM YOU REARRANGE. Fifteen to twenty years. He's not on anything and he's okay he's not. I mean he's on drugs hardcore like he's withered down on no. Yeah like the fame of the burnt fingers and the voice. He got one. I now leave home for a period of days We had to go get them For My college graduation why the I regret in college and when it got him where was he he was in Addison. We brought him back. Yeah we gave a coat. Where by the Pecos streak okay? Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah I don't know you know it was. I think it was. These should be there for a moment. This sure a moment you know so You know him would be. I think he grabbed a Buddhist or something like that during the While. He was there during the ceremony. Yeah his mind right. I mean he's still. He's still got charisma he. He's the most one of the most charismatic personality people. I know you know But beat his Beata. Oh yeah he's beat up but he's still in good spirits. Yeah Yeah but what about the schizophrenia is? Not as bad at the time. Because we I realized he was self medicating sure. Yeah he was self medicate so when you graduate. College do does that when you decide how. How long after that today? Oh Oh he died after tiff last year was just why she I love. I Love Toronto. Came to La. You're at the film festival for honeyball. Honey boy yeah and then I had a week off. Some would like don't book shows instinctively and I didn't and I had a week off between Toronto Film Festival and Toronto just for laughs I came home a fluid La Atlanta. I got the phone call then. I went to Georgia and bears you dead and when he died but I was with him and he opened his eye and we we was able to communicate for the first time and I was able to tell them that I love him and I'm not mad at him and I'm an I'm proud of me live a full life and no need to feel like you fucked up. The life is good and he felt that piece we piece and I felt them. Pass 'em all felt like this energy. Go and his body get got real cold and I told the nurses that he passed and he liked passed in my in my own. While really yeah. It was peaceful and my anger lipped when when when whatever went through my body that tinguely filler. My anger live so I was able to comfort my grandmother's stuff. 'cause he I had to tell her mother was on which is weird. You know he was in a coma. He's in a coma the whole time and I've been here before my grandfather was in a coma and I'm named after my grandfather so when I showed up my grandfather came out of his coma and I was able to tell him I love him. He passed at night so round two on the bowers on the last hour. So I went down. You know And all black. I got the Hoodie. All look like a grim reaper. 'cause girl filming as a problem when you like you data directly like she filming everything and you know my family don't like cameras and shoot around so we played some. Elton John forum. Because that's what he remember. He likes Elton John and the last time I tried to tell him that that I loved them and stuff and he had an episode. Elton John was plan and I thought he was going to die without him. Knowing how grateful I was he was a great dog. So I brought Elton John. Belk which Song Rocket Man in Tiny dancer Oh yeah right Which is a gay is thing legal. Play but it's a very sentiment. The moment for him for both of us here And it was a very one most peaceful moments outside of taking like shrooms that that I've ever had in my life and Yvette. You felt him pass through you and your angle left angle live and I felt that peaceful longtime and this was just last September September third Friday thirteenth September. Four among crazy man. Crazy beautiful moment though is no. I told I told. His Mom told GRANDMA HEALED. It was no other way to heal for him. The mental piece right because before we would talk once. I learn how to communicate with him. We were just talking to try to figure out who trying to kill him. And how did he get in a situation? That was that was always the conversation. Yeah Yeah and but you knew that nobody was trying to kill. Yeah I knew but you know through Improv. Show you learn the yes crazy people right so if you don't yes and are you gonNA argue. I did arguing with them that I was going to do right and I understood like I said I had that ESA troop and I had to tell my family everything he say about us that we're trying to kill is real whether you believe it or not if Israel in his mind delusion is real rather than we could do about it so but. It's interesting though. I I would imagine that once you start. Kinda like you know just playing along that. At first they don't really quite know what to do about it but eventually they don't trust you either correct they. They don't trust you but you still going along with it right right. It allows you to talk to somebody longer and spend time with right right but eventually they'll eat the crap out right they you can talk to him for a while but eventually be like. I can't I can't talk to you about it. Well with me now. I went the long haul when I left. It was like to come down. I had to you got your brain off fucked. I got off. This is the person that you realize this person taught you about women or whatever he wires your brain to begin with He. Why are my brain? If somebody tells you like man. He might have been that way since he was eighteen. We look at it then. That means everything that time you spent together and that stuff. He talked to my been. Well you you you just have the same grooves in your brain so you talk to them for an hour. You can leave now. Maybe someone is trying to kill both of us well. It's not just the thing he talked about women by you can't trust women they got the money and shit. Oh so it was about women. That's true because he had like two hundred women. Yeah Yeah you got a book full of women that he's literally photographs. He showed me and my girlfriend says pride and joy so book women you got a book. A women in old family pitches that remind him. I realized that remind with Tom when everything was good. Yeah So yeah man you have to unwind yourself around some of the things. He told you about women. Are you believe yeah? 'cause I'm in a real relationship? Ride see learned. Yeah so tell me about this acid trip that change your mind I was. I was in London on a trip which I never some told me the number trip in a city and my hero inside we was dancing in the and everything was having They're not saw some trash and it went bad. We're kind of trash like London. Like dirty London trash on the ground like garbage garbage looked up in the city became garbage. And we was in a near Buckingham Palace. Behead people I feel the history of energy. Yeah you've absorbing energy and I'm I'm filling may as need to take over and be powerful and it comes from a place loneliness and I just got lonely. My girl in her producing they having a happier Tripoli skipping in front of me and they will go into place and I couldn't go into the energy we allow me in here and the cops show up and they just be pacing behind me and almost got hit by a car and yeah so I had to experience this trip alone House bad bad for seven hours and then I had and you believed it. I was there I understood came out of it understanding but I knew that this was just a trip and it wasn't real But I was here to learn something I had to go through it like that so you had. You knew that you were on a trip. Oh I definitely knew I was on the trip here and everybody owned that except my and I had a battery pack and they was running around looking for a battery packs of power so they fall to come on and I knew I had all the power had all the resources just like somebody who starts a corporation. Yeah and and I saw that need to control the power because if you have all the power then people need you right people you here in a comfortable place a loneliness so once. I told him I had the power people got upset and I was like. How could you do us like this and I was like you know? They're real creepy whisper shit and then I needed to all. My girl actually pulled me out of the trip. I looked is and saw love. And I remember running the took for the warm water because I felt the need to be mother's womb And I went and balled up and got into. How does that work out? All came out it feel comfort comfort. Show coming out of it in terms of understanding your father it was about delusions being real that they're only delusions to people. That aren't having them but to him. That's that's the ways brain is. This is life forever forever so got empathy empathy. But I knew I could not no more how we say man you crazy why are you doing? That's all you know. That's all it is and the family then don't really understand schizophrenic. So now this is what you have and I'm looking at up and I'm going to explain to my family like this is what's going on with him Regardless of what the you know the you know what you think is going on and they tell you about the shots this is reality that he lives in Israel so he's got of course not each your food or say you're trying to put him on. You'll see them outside. Ignore eating cactus plant and stuff like that because he really you are trying to pull them. And is my. Yeah which is tough for the Family. So we get closure. Yeah we got close. Which is a is a beautiful thing and life when you look at this journey and and and yeah. It's it's trippy like my whole city. Kind of trippy. Now my hours trippy. Yeah scare is Daddy. Death scares black people. That'd be scared that that. Lsd Top of the. They are not as not anything like this heavy in our community and Yet right yeah. Well you do it a lot. Done it enough to really get the message. Where'd you get hip to it? Our fear Oh yeah. Sh- room face twenty fourteen hours it and Joshua tree and I did and I'm the Creator and I gotta understand it. I had a human experience on mushrooms. First Mushrooms Yeah not a black experience. I explained people when the the the the weight of being blackness was gone the heavyweight and is that we care the trauma that we care reference slavery that ended. I had a human experience in find out. Actually what is to be human Which was like the good and the bad that the destruction that we have caused on this planet that all of us are responsible for as well as the beauty like everything. We got computers airplanes. We created from this planet. Yeah so and then I had a spiritual experience after that so I just kept moving up in levels are all on one trip or one trip and so you sixteen hours and you had to guide experience. Yep amid the Creator God in before I only have the voice the spiritual thing guy. Guiding me strong instinct. Don't do that. Don't get in that car. Yeah don't go over there that night right and things were happening so you learn a choice trusted voice right and then but mushrooms you met to create melted created. And when I say it's almost if I met got as a spirit and he was light you sit in the driver's seat and I realized that how connected we are till the source and every responsible our responsibility like almost we created plants and we create living things. And we're responsible for these things you know like. I couldn't even step on grass out there because they feel like the grass. We're looking at me like they were my children and like really like going deep into this vibration the vibrations. Yeah win turn in the Jazz. Everything's connected yeah so frequencies frequencies and not and I I can listen to rap music after that violent of the frequency of just like heavy heavy bays each year. Yeah Getting this real trippy music. Listen to for like a week but it took me a week to really come down. Good so reconfigured your brain. Yeah leave work with some trippy. Dudes you work with Eric Andre. He's Kinda out. There goes on on a whole. Yeah they own a whole `nother level but yeah they out there. Yeah Yeah so yeah. I end up with that. That whole alternative as all my alternative stuff. That's where it started came from an half to the trip Where the true everything led me there. Okay everything led me there and and then a traveling got heavy going to Japan going to Israel for the first time you girl with my girl and light you perform there. I did. Yeah Place Carl. The dancing camel. Yup So when he started doing comedy was primarily Black clubs black clothes. I got boo comic name. Run G was like Yoshua. Smart Clever you should do These white rooms and then I did the punch line and these other rooms in start having success. No I got in the punchline. Yeah I started working weekends and another friend of Mine Drew Thomas. He's like man. You rollin. Edge YOU CHECK OUT. These a lot of comics are out here that make people laugh and they do simple stuff check these comics out and a comic who was a television host. He was like Oh. See this guy why you want me to see this guy. And that was Joe Rogan. Yeah Joe Rogan. Cantu the punchline all Joe Rogan no light. Damn he talking about real. Like Shit like edgy. Shit here in front is conservative as Georgia crowd and then I saw Chelsea Chelsea handler. Come down and I was like oh so I can do this thing you know. I May and then sloppy squirrel. Kathleen Madigan Yeah Who is hosting for? You know the Klu would try to told me down. Hey you gotta tell now or they were cutting my time. Yeah and I was like if I'm if I'm killing these features. Why can't feature and they like they bring the features from La of New York. And I gotta go to La New York and that was the beginning of that talk. When did you move here? Two thousand eight yeah economic crisis. Yeah yes so. It sounds like you just went to school at the punch on. I went to school but really it was the beginning the beginning but leaving home and coming to La Sleeping in your car and like doing all that crazy shit man. For no reason. Could I work? I just could not work so I had to do. The other choice. Was the beetle bomb. Just work on the craft. Yeah I remember trying to get the job. My instinct was like why would you spend in three months trying to look for a job when I gave you the resources the tools to actually make money. That's what my instincts say it. Loud and clear. I was standing in line and fill out applications. And I'll stand with my homeboy. La You gotta pay rent or move out and I was in that line. I was like man. I gotTA move out. Yeah and I moved out and I slept in my car on Hollywood boulevard behind the laugh at it. Would've houses were and I remember like waking up in his neighborhood from coming from Inglewood here and I was like man. This is a nice area people jogging in the morning and I will go to that coffee. Bean on sunset and Neal Brennan just moved here and he saw me in a coffee bean and we still stay at his house that weekend and I realized like Oh I don't ask nobody shit. And then I ended up crashing on couches in me. Josh Animas. We squatted in band apartment in mid city. And then man. Josh tried to find a place together our credit and we will broke and then we gave up in the day we gave up. We found a place to live. And use 'em Beechwood here and it just was the nicest place one a nicer place. How long do you have there? We live there for like a few years Then my I was engaged at the time so my wife came and I ended up getting married or eight came out here. She came out and then that happened and the eight. We lived together eight months and it was one of the best time very presentations. F The place with Josh Yup. Josh moved out I with his girl and then I moved out with my girl Mary. I was married already when I moved. I moved here engaged in own eight. I got married and it was silly silly. You know what I mean. I know been married before and I was like I love this person. We'll try to make it happen but there's no way nobody getting married. Yeah stay in several places in like his all delusions so she came out here. She came here and then she moved back. We got we got. Divorced was not happy. That was the same night you got past the communist weekend I got past. I remember leaving and I went and did the store for Msci Mitzi but I was already like on the list of getting paid like I had already showcased. And what was it like when you met her? Did she was she? She was not okay but she does. Look this dreamy looking eyes. And she was in a booth at a booth in the kitchen at the time and I remember shaking a hand was like had a cold. One is to yeah very soft. And she's dreaming. She looked at me like that. Like in Thomas Mitzi. This his voice was so solved at the time about him. I'm at Thomas G. Her so solve he remember you saw tape in. He told me that she didn't she didn't understand shit. I own my showcase state here but she knew audience lightning like rhythm and I got past the belly room I yes. I was just working out at the belly room for that. Was the system the old system the whole system. And then I got brought down non-paid regular non pay regular and then when my wife? My ex-wife love got brought down to the mailroom. You got paid regular payroll two o'clock in the morning. Paris flew out and drove off in a u haul. And I remember the truck going around the corner and I was about to get real sad and I remember 'cause they made a left arm walking watching my mom walkout when we separated her making a left. So I couldn't get sad X. leaving because I realize like Oh shit. I got this other thing this other trauma that I haven't dealt with. Yeah and I remember going in the House and looking at Beta fish in the Beta fish died in a crowd is yeah. I had a little bow for a Beta fish. The fish that you buys cheap you get it at Walmart and survive anything. It could survive. Serve your your your your wife's family. They live and then it reminded you your mother leaving you at your and I just walked in the house in Athens taken a left. Yup and then you walk in the and the Beta fish died and then that's when I feel it felt like a failure because I could not keep a Beta fish already hard to keep a woman I get it but you but you just get past at the comedy store so so that was. That's what was going on there. What was going on here. Let go you real life and be a comedian. Yeah yeah that was the delusion. Start as I say. That's the question I what's the difference between a paranoid delusional father and a son chasing his dream. Well you have awareness do me amazing pretty crazy like no. I know but but you have tangible evidence that you are doing. Okay now yeah right so but soda. He is he. Yeah the end guy saying somebody's planning kill them and they got him locked in the hospital and they set him up and he's in a hospital right Care Gonna where is believed just as believable as me saying I'M GONNA make it in Hollywood Oh yeah okay but but the thing is is that you know. His his life was reacting. Your life was taking action right and you had a plan and you had a skill set and he sought out to do it. Yeah I mean it's a it's a long shot to make it in show business but you you had a path and the his life was constantly constructing and reconstructing conspiracy against him sometimes it was credible because he was locked up. But I don't see how that similar do you know what I mean. Yeah I guess I mean you gotTa be delusional to think you can make it in this business but after you commit and he worked the skill set and you get on stage and you do the business and you know you're good at it and you know you're creative and you make decisions to build your act and meet New People and take opportunities and stuff. That's not the delusion that delusion was thinking you can make it but learning how to do it and being successful at it. That's not a delusion that seems to be real yet so far okay. But I'm just trying to tell you is different. This is a little different yet. I don't know I guess I still think of an crazy way. It's crazy we do in a crazy business. It feels like it can all go away. They can and it care. That's the part. That's the scary part because I know what I seen. Success Go Away. I know man me too and I seen it in my dad too so it's always like that's different. Yeah like chasing money stuff I know is nothing there. I guess that's true. My Dad lost everything to and I and I. I don't necessarily see I can see why it happened and I'm not that Guy. I don't think I don't know hopefully I'll get compared to do. Yeah well I think you get well you know the thing is that you did something you know you took some risks with your brain sent it out there and you know you saw some shit you learn some things and came back and so now you've got that wisdom you don't live in it all live in it but you know when I'm sitting in an award show As a comedian. Yeah I'm always looking around like to focus this. How did I I know yeah me too but the better thing is is like what am I doing here and yeah this fucking ridiculous when I see you get excited because I'm like what do we do. Yeah this guy who do spots in the or and with through this game and it it made you into a brought out you right exactly. I got into comedy to get me and a meet and that's why I feel. I met at this moment like it brought. I'm able to talk about these things. Yeah and it's like and now everything I get from. His is a by product of the voice right. Oh math found. He found yourself in. That always keeps me fucking straight in the head. You know like Even at the award show. I like the idea that like you know. You still fucking do big things like it was weird that I went to that award show and I didn't have a spot later like you know. Yeah like I always do that. Kinda Shit I'll go do an amazing thing and I'm like fuck. I guess by Sarah Silverman's party like you know after the whole thing. Oh Yeah and then I get over the or Yep and and it keeps me grounded. I did that the night before. I W I went to a William Morris. Party drop layoff went to the Improv. Came back picked up. Went to the laugh at it then the store. Dan went home right. So you know who you are this crazy guy do that to talk. Cedo so we. Yeah in a Tuxedo. Right Joe Mush it. Don't go over with all the time when I'm wearing a took. Yeah so nice to give it a try man. I think I think what we've though is that you know whatever journeys were no matter how crazy you're angry or delusional we are we. We know who we are because of standing on that stage I agree and I I try to give the people man like life is ups and downs to some mation of it and we got enjoy. You know the the real are how to enjoy the downs just like we do ups because when you see somebody pays you know a few people pass and they smile. Look like I did it. That's what it's about in the day where the lower life good or bad we we we gotta do it agreed. Thanks for talking to me. Buddy thank you. This has been been on Blissett Byron that is Byron. You feel like you just got out of ahead. Yeah you can see Byron. Do his work. I think you can look them up online. See some of that comedy. Some some of his comedy but you can also see him in honey boy the film the show a booth movie that Byron's Partner directed being see that on Amazon prime video and a reminder the documentary about the G. Merman comedy festival it started as a joke comes out tomorrow April third on video on demand platforms. He can pre-order it now on itunes. Eugene is an old friend of the show and the stock is about a lot more than a comedy festival. He created a very moving story about the healing power of comedy. And now I'm going to play To peddle through the Vibe River vamp using the built in Vibrato can do a little rock with with my strat cast. Here we go just just like float man just Span Sisters Loses Is Yeah.

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