When the Democratic Party Supports White Male Power


It's Thursday, April fourth and today, I have a story to tell you about an agreed just abuse of power. No, it's not from Donald Trump. While those stories are indeed plentiful already being widely told the story is about a horrible new policy from the Democratic Party designed to keep candidates of color from challenging powerful, white male incumbents in congress, which is exactly what congresswoman Alexandria Cossio. Cortes, Diana Presley, each did in twenty eighteen going to unpack this new policy and for the very first time. I'm going to give us all few action steps that we can take right away. Listen, I'm here to skip past the BS tell you what you need to hear what the color nuance context. Ashen that our news deserves every day. I hope to tell you stories that simply aren't being told anywhere else. This is Sean Kane. You are listening to the the breakdown. The breakdown. Breakdown. I don't know about you. But the new Democratic Congress has actually encouraged me, and I say that as someone who has serious side, I for the Democratic Party, they habitually over promise and under deliver. But I am particularly excited about some courageous new voices in the house right now right away. I'm thinking, of course of Alexandria Cossio. Cortes Ilhan, Omar ion a Presley role Khanna receipted to leave and others. They had different in first and foremost, they were each voted into congress because the voters in their districts expected them to be different. They expected them to be bold to speak truth to power and they've each done that right out of the gate. Alexandria, Ilhan ion a- row and Rashida speak truth to power every single day. They challenge in Justice. They don't hold their tongues. They propose brilliant, bold substantive solutions to problems they all have two feet on the ground, and yet are fully connected to everyday people, but are also imaginative dreamers who refuse to accept the status quo. They have big ideas big visions, but they also explain how they're big visions will be paid for. And what implementation looks like. And I love it. Now tell you what young people across the country loved they are more engaged in the political process than ever before in great part because of these women and men they believe in them. And I believe in them in what we have seen is that instead of fully embracing them. Instead of Saleh breeding them, the Democratic Party for the first time in the history of the party has just announced a very troubling new policy, and I have to shine a l-. Light on this policy because its potential impact is stifling in what I really need. You to understand is something that I just didn't know until I started advising and managing political campaigns myself over the past two years, I've advisor even help to directly manage nearly fifteen different political campaigns across the country in what I've learned is that cities, counties states and political parties can each create policies that either make grassroots campaigns enormously difficult, and I mean nearly impossible or they can create policies and systems that genuinely create a fair playing field for any citizen in our nation to run and today on need to tell you about the D C C C sometimes it's called the d triple c and that stands for the democratic congressional campaign committee. I need to tell you about the d triple c in a destructive new policy that they just announced. They tried to slip it into a larger document and in a different time that might have actually worked, but people caught onto this real quick brit- brick. In twenty eighteen to particularly bad as women decided that they weren't going to wait their turn to run for congress. They weren't going to wait for permission. They weren't going to wait for a golden ticket or special invitations. And when they stepped up each of them to challenge older white men who had been in office for generation the establishment was pissed from the very beginning. Talking about Alexandria Cossio Cortes who challenged congressman Joe Crowley in New York and John Presley who challenged congressman Mike copy on. Oh in Boston at first Joe and Mike seem to dismiss Alexandrina on both men had grown so comparable that they weren't even used to having challenges, but Alexandrine on whereas serious as a heart attack from day one in each out organized outhustled their opponents, they knocked on more doors. They held more town halls. They won. And the debates, and they offered better visions that just resonated with more voters Alexandria, literally walked in campaign until her shoes had holes in and she won Alexandria Cossio Cortez. One defeating Joe, Crowley, she defeated the fourth highest ranking democrat in the house, and let me tell you it shook of Washington it shook up the establishment, and it absolutely shook up the Democratic Party when Ana Presley one she defeated a democratic congressman that had held that seat since he was elected in nineteen ninety eight. He was the ranking member on several committees. And when she beat him again, the establishment was furious and in an instant, Alexandria, Cossio Cortes became the youngest woman ever elected to congress, and Ana Presley became the first black woman ever elected to congress from the entire stay. Eight of Massachusetts. No, you'll hear me say this a lot. But it's hard to know one moment in history when you're in it, but the elections of Alexandria Cossio Cortes, Indiana, Presley were historic. They were groundbreaking, and then the democratic congressional campaign committee, the d triple c just announced a new policy that's meant to penalize anyone who even works with candidates like Alexandrina. Now, here's the policy, and I need to break it down for you to work with the d triple c I mean as a contract or as a service provider as a consultant or as a fundraiser as a strategist to work with the d triple c or any of their candidates in any capacity, you have to agree to their brand new terms of service, and guess what? Those terms say the term say this. If you want to do any business with the d triple c you must agree that you will not work with or advise n. He candidates who may be challenging incumbent s-. And if you do work with those candidates, you will be blacklisted in no longer be able to work with the democratic congressional campaign committee, and let's be clear, but Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the United States. It's two hundred twenty seven years old and for two hundred twenty seven years, they never had this policy banning contractors or partners are strategists from working with people who challenge incumbents, then all of a sudden after two hundred twenty seven years to women of color defeat to well established white men and now after all these years now you need this policy. This policy is a direct response to the elections of Alexandria, Cossio Cortez and Ana Presley period and they've both. Okinawa about it, boldly, in fact, congresswoman Akasa Cortes, took it a step further. She just tweeted to all of her nearly four million followers on Twitter that she wanted them to pull their donations from the Detroit Chelsea and instead give their donations directly to the candidates who need it, those donations the most that was a bold power move from her and it was warranted. It's fundamentally in categorically wrong for the primary gatekeeper of the Democrats in the house to create a blacklist of people that they will no longer work with in. What is ultimately going to happen is this the overwhelming majority of contractors, hundreds of them, the overwhelming majority of contractors and consultants and strategists who need to sign. This d triple c contractor agreement are now going to be barred from working with candidates like Alexandrian ion ah, the policy is not just racist. Sexist, and it is both of those things. It's a naked power grab designed to keep new people out of congress and keep the old established members in and we must all reject it. And today for the very first time we're going to introduce a series of actions that each of you can take to show the D triple see how you feel about this new policy. Now, they're digging in their heels, but we need to show them how everyday people all over the country and all around the world feel about what they're trying to do today's action, and listen, you can take this action. If you listen to this day, we launched this episode or you can take these actions. If it's weeks or months later, today's actions are timeless we're also going to post all of these actions in our show notes at the north star dot com, but I'll spell these out for you, very clearly to okay at break it down. Action. Number one is this. I need you to make a phone call for me. Okay. And need you to make a phone call? I need you to call the d triple c and in your own words. Let them know why this policy bothers you be respectful. These aren't our enemies be respectful, but let them know that you disagree with this approach and just tell them why here's their number two zero two eight six three fifteen hundred again, the number to the d triple c and this is publicly available on their website their numbers two zero two eight six three fifteen hundred could give you a script. I don't want to give you a script because I want this to come from your heart. Let them know that you are firmly against their new policy of banning contractors who work with candidates like Alexandrina, and let them know that you wanna see more candidates like Alexandrina, not less in you want there to be an. Open door for who can run in who is able to support those candidates who run a right? But here's the second thing that I needed to do I need you to go directly to their website. If you want you can just Google D C C C or you can go directly to their website. And I want you to go to the contact page of their website, the URL is this d c c dot org. Backslash contact me give it to you. One. More time d c c c dot org. Backslash contact, and when you get there, they have a form where you're able to send their staff and Email, and I want you to actually feel that form out use your real name. Give them your real, honest thoughts about this policy, and I want you to start a conversation with them, an honest conversation about how you're frustrated that they want to keep out anybody who supports candidates like Alexandrina and. Let them know why? It's a problem for you. Then lastly, this is our third action that you can take I want you to pick a current congress person that you love and respect and admire that just want you to give to their campaign. I won't even tell you one to support today. I'd love it. If you chose a newly elected person because they generally need the most support, and I need you to understand that they really are only able to do what they do when they get our support Google their names, go to their campaign websites. Go to their social media profiles go to their personal websites, and you'll see the links where you'll be able to donate to their campaign later at the northstar we're going to create some specific ways for you to support some specific candidates. But today, we want you to find your favorite in just take that leap. Listen, it could be five dollars or twenty five dollars. But we want you to be a full invested part of the political process today. Take those three steps make that. Phone call call the D C C, just speak in your own voice. And let them know that you're frustrated with this policy, and you like to see them do away with it. Then send them an Email and then choose a candidate and directly give to them. And let me tell you what I've learned these steps, which the public will never see we're not doing this on social media. We're not making a public show about these steps, which the public will never see they work. I've taken them before I've had teams of hundreds of thousands of people do things just like this, and they make a huge impact. So let's try them out. And let's let the d triple c know how we feel. All right. Take those. The breakdown. Now. Thank you for making it all the way through this episode of the breakdown, if you haven't already subscribe to our podcast, we'll be right back here every single weekday breaking down important news, stories and issues, and we'd love you to subscribe here and share this podcast with your friends and family that we need you to subscribe to this podcast and leave your best review spread the word. Thank you. Of course to the nearly thirty thousand founding members of north star whose generosity even makes this podcast possible. We love you. 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