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The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 763 First Episode of 2020!


hello seven. Sixty three of the sleeper sleeper in the bus. It is twenty twenty January. Second in fact. And I'm your host Paul Sport to cover and a bunch of news. We actually talked repeatedly. About how active the hot. What's stove has been and it didn't take? It didn't really take a Christmas break. Obviously it's it's certainly similar to bit but still turn out news left and right and it's been it's been fantastic to watch so we're going to get into a bunch of that today. I'm covering it by myself. I think I don't actually haven't talked to Justin my days as get so messed up during the holidays as I'm sure y'all deal with that I was about to say. I think we're still going to get one this week with the two of US forgetting that tomorrow's Friday so so now this might be it so I'm glad I decided to do this So you guys at least have one for the weekend and then and then we'll get back into the real swing of things starting next week but I'm going to start with the white sox. They've been very busy all off season. Really But very recently as well where they've been making several moves including today Thursday the second so I'll get to that in a moment I'll start aren't with the Dallas Kyko signing. They bring the thirty two year. Old Lefty in to be the probably the number two behind Jay Leno I would think thank Giulio Kaikal. And then Ranaldo Lopez Gio Gonzalez Dylan sees can kind of finagle their way into three four five however they see fit I think the overall or at least projected talent of the three of them is not going to differ that much but I think Julia was obviously the Queer Ace and calls acquire number. Two KAIKAL had an interesting ride in free agency as we know his start. He started this season late last year. He had that Compensation pick hanging around his neck. Which I think definitely hurt him as he was trying to get signed eventually signed a one year get right deal with the with the braves finished out the season there through one hundred twelve and two thirds innings of Kuala three seventy five zero one thirty seven whipple high nineteen percent strikeout eight percent walk? You know not great. And oh I think the flip shows that right We try not to overly lean on on any era indicators like fifth or Sierra but you'll get a four seventy two V and even the four thirty nine Sierra in they're both saying that you know he probably was a bit favorable thanks to the defense That he had behind him Kyko did in in Atlanta to come out with a sub for era whereas last year two thousand eighteen. Which I guess now I have to say last year twenty nineteen? I'll get used to that soon and but I'll just start saying the year identify it but I'd say instead of saying this year last year two thousand eighteen. He three seventy four yards very similar but three sixty nine nine V which was nice so we know what he is for fantasy ripe when coming into the season as he's going to this year as as as somebody who's already signed we expect a lot of innings. That's always been something that's been. Well we take always let me say that. That's regularly Ben. Something that's been Expected of him but he hasn't hasn't been devoid of injuries. In fact sixteen and Seventeen saw some injuries for kaikal limiting him to one hundred sixty eight and one hundred and forty five and two thirds innings in those two years spent then back to two or four twenty eighteen and then the one twelve into in two thirds this past year again on a on a shortened season via the free agency. Not Not injuries so I think though that most projections actions are still gonNA put Kyko down for quite a few innings as they should. I would start at one eighty if I if I were making a projection for Kaikal and kind of go from there and I think is a really good chance to hit two hundred and I think even in this is something that nick and I talk a lot about because We tend into differ a little bit on our league. Focus where I'm more of a fifteen make Sir guy. and He's more of a twelve team in those those three teams that depth of league. Definitely it changes things because I think like a hundred eighty to two hundred innings of a fourteen year age which we could go is pretty good and I. You know I'm I'm okay to roster that I think you probably get about if we get to the two hundred innings I think we should get one hundred and fifty strikeouts. He's one of those guys that needs the volume room to counteract his strikeout rate. And don't don't sleep on that by the way. Because even if he's out the we'll say eighteen to twenty percent range if he is getting the two two hundred innings then that is a less of an issue because you really only unless you have an innings limit if you have anything his cap that completely changes things but if you don't then the volume of strikeouts is the bottom line volume is what really matters and Kyko can still give you about a buck fifty. If he's throwing the two hundred innings there I think the whip will continue continue to be challenged the last four years where at one twenty nine one twelve one thirty one one thirty seven and the year that it was one twelve. It was a two fifty six bob and to seventeen average allowed so those were both tough are both excellent. I should say tough to repeat is what I meant to say. So put him down. Put Keiko down for four Tan one thirty in two hundred innings. And that's fine right. I think he we always talk about matching up. Your your guys on your rotation pieces if you're going for a lot of gambles you're more on the risky side and you're a you're a big Lazardo guy. Okay and maybe you're taking flare the as the as and you WanNa get in on I don't mean to only mention Oakland A.'s. But YOU WANNA get on like Aj a park to even getting it on teammate Lucas. Julia WHO's only done for one year so there's definitely some risks there. Let's say the front end of your rotation is is is good but risk laden like there are easy scenarios to envision where things don't go right I think a stabiliser like Kaikal works well however the Front Aero tation is more bankable innings with Say verlinden leading the charge. Corbin and I don't know like a Like Madison Bumgarner. Then you don't really need Kaikal. I think weren't being drafted. You would go elsewhere in gopher the the higher upside bigger gamble type just some of the names that he's going around that would fit fit that are like Sandy Alcantara Adrian. Hauser you my boy. Garrett Richards Force Whitley Aaron Civil Way so I think the Front End W. rotation is going to dictate that he's the one hundred and seventh picture off the board Kaikal is again. That's an FBI so that includes relievers probably about the eightieth starter thereabouts So he's he's a later pick he's not gonNA shoot up in in cost. I think he'll be overlooked because he's is seen as old thirty two. He's not really old. The strike our aid is bad. And and the IRA is a bit tenuous. Even though it's been some for those three years has has been much higher because even the euro and he had the to ninety two thousand seventeen. It was a three seventy nine then. Three seventy four. Three sixty nine was right online in two thousand eighteen and then last year like I said three seventy five four seventy two. So that's Dallas Kaikal. They get a good move for them. It's a better move for the white sox. Senate is from like a fantasy angle but I think that that's a good move there. They also really suggested that they could have a trade in the in the offing. Here with with James McCann because they signed Edwin Carcione to be there deitch and you know once they signed Grondahl. It was kind of like Are they going to get rid of James. McCann is he gonNA BE D. H.. Especially once they had a break you back to. I think it was Grondahl before qualifying offer was accepted. I because I was GONNA say Grondahl could play first on some of those days but no I think a brave who has already locked so they get dawn. It's grown dollars. You know the full time starter. He's GonNa get one day off a week. And even though James McCann's twenty nineteen was Bab infused to the highest degree. I mean he had a frequent three fifty nine. That drove his numbers. He's probably still better than a once a week. Guy I think think at the very least you want him in like a the forty percent of a sixty forty share. But if it's once a week I mean that that should be somebody Lee who you don't really have a lot of expectation of you don't really see as much of a huge impact type guy. Things ZAC collins can handle that while. Also maybe getting in the occasional. I don't even think that Collins is seen as like a backstop that he was always looking to move so But Al Franken are on himself or coming off another season of He. Just Kinda got the job done now. The batting average was still port. Art Forty four after last year's to forty six twenty eight to forty six. I should say but you know another thirty four homers and that was only one hundred and nine games these three forty four. MBP So he's better in those leagues. The slugging was up on a four year. High to five thirty one all all in all it was a one twenty ninety nine. WRC plus that's damn good. He's GonNa be thirty seven but the reason I always loved in Kadarshian to age. Well was because he. He carried a brilliant strikeout rate into his thirties Even at age thirty two it was sixteen percent with a twelve percent walk rate then then it jumped up in two thousand sixteen to twenty percent. Even that's still good for raw power hitter with a twelve percent walk even these past four years where he's been at twenty twenty percent or higher. It's still been very manageable compared to what you normally get out of these heavy heavy power guys and that's going to help as batting average so twenty twenty twenty three and twenty one percent strikeout rates for RCN. They're allowing him to stay in the in the two forty five. I guess this this past year was to forty four so call it to forty to sixty range which is a lot more palatable than somebody do you sit in two twenty then. Those thirty homers are harder to take on so even at age thirty seven. I know he's going to get the the old man discount. I think I'm open to taking it because I feel like it's a reasonable bet that we're going to get yet another thirty homers. I want to say that he he is still First base eligible checking that right now and while he's not going to play first base for them that's actually a benefit to to maintaining his health. Both there is there's the penalty attempt and it's an observed ten percents penalty for playing D. H. Because you know coming coming off the bench cold every time you bad. There's just something it's just been something that's been studied that says when you're in the flow of the game and playing and I guess keeping your muscles hot or whatever you hit better than Your D. H.. It's normal ten percent penalty doesn't mean it's guaranteed but apply that to economic zone and work from there her and yes he does have first base Stilian fifty seven games there so he qualifies with these. So you don't even have to lock up your ut spot let me see what he's done as d. h.. In in the in the recent years here while also looking up his ADP. I'll give you as ADP. I it's going to be to twelve for in Kenner Sione and the other first Baseman baseman around him are Christian Walker Jandi DS. Just above. And then Eric Hosmer and Michael Chavez just below and I like him above all four those guys so once pick two hundred comes around. I'm ready to go with thinking on and I could even see a scenario where maybe I'd take him a little bit higher. Now I will say at one ninety three. There's my boy luke voight so you know that I'm not taking Economic Zone above I love voice so and can our own but You know I I don't I don't mind his price at all still first-base eligible and like I said I wanted to take a look here at how he's been as D. H.. Just in the in the recent years I mean I can give you this. His career totals but that might be a little bit Inflated by previous work I'll tell you that he has a two sixty three sixty five five eighteen line which is fantastic. That's an eight eighty two. PS as a D. H. Vernon commercial over his career. That's thirty one hundred seven plate appearances over the last three years. Eight seventy three eight twenty one this year nine twenty nine in two hundred thirty six plate appearances. That's the smallest sample of the three. The other the other two were four. Eighty four in two thousand eighteen and five sixty nine which is nice in twenty. Seventeen The absolute worst. Ever been as a D. H.. That was back in two thousand fourteen and it was a seven hundred ninety four so the penalty doesn't seem to get hank in Canarsie on. I'm very happy to roster him. GimMe the old man discount all day. Good Park lineup continues to get stronger and stronger especially with the next move. I'm going to talk about. You've got Moncada Anderson. Bray GRONDAHL getting on base in front of him. Then Roy is Norma Zara and the next Guy Atika clean them up and push him in for some runs. I like it. I'm here for then. The last move they did was was an in house move but it completely changes the landscape of their outfield from day. One it's when they announced this just today on the second a five year. Deal for Louise Robert and it is indeed Robert. We've had the Robert Robert Debate. I believe there's video of Robert himself saying that. So that's going off of until I hear otherwise feed. You know something different. You have proof. Tell me otherwise it's the least Robert But yeah he's going to get a five year deal which is pardon me six year. Deal with fifty MIL guaranteed. He'd and to club options Max value. He could get is eighty eight mill over eight years and I hate to make this about someone else real quick but it really really does just further show. Just how Shitty theologies deal is man and look. I know that he's never going hungry. And he's got more money than than he. He maybe could have ever dreamed. I don't know I don't know if he grew up poor or I'm not I don't want to project that onto everybody who comes from You know the Caribbean or South America. He's from Cure sow now. I'll be is again. I don't know if he grew up poor but he got seven years in thirty five mill- with two seven million dollar options for ages twenty nine and thirty which you'd have to be so freaking bad for those to not get picked up that you might as well count those too so it's going to be nine years and forty nine mil which again. Nobody's crying for anybody that gets forty nine mill. But he had done something in the majors when he signed this. You signed this past year when he was already an all star back in two thousand eighteen and had you know nine hundred plate appearances thousand plate appearances of strong work under his belt. The hell was his agent doing dude. It's so bad. It's so so bad but anyway I don't WanNa take away from Robert. Congratulations to him. That's awesome. I love seeing these guys. Get these these deals when they deserve it when you know get them up no funny business of service time manipulation game up from day one. What see what he can do? It's is not the same as like pitchers where you're wasting. You know wasting bullets so to speak high double and AAA. Let's let's see what he's got. Man He put number three twenty eight three seventy six six twenty four slash line with thirty two homers and thirty six steals in five hundred fifty one plate appearances and he did get A little bit worse as he moved up although it was only so w he killed for eighty four plate appearances like okay. You definitely belong higher than this. He went from fourteen. Thirty two to opioids into AA where he had perfectly capable eighty in two hundred forty four plate appearances so then Robert goes to triple A.. Post nine seventy four so the competition got harder and he got better. He needs to be able to show what he can do at the major league level. And he's GonNa be able to show that in Centerfield from day one and this is only only gonNA push his price up. It was already pretty high. So I'll tell you what this is going to be crazy and I'm worried as somebody who's interested in him that I might get priced out because I do want I do WanNa get I really do but I. I don't WanNa be stupid about it. I don't WanNa overpay and and get to wild with somebody who has very good but but not one hundred percent complete complete Player at at age twenty two. He still has a strikeout a strike out. He's kind of in that mid twenties in the minors you only walk five percent of the time if the walk rate stays the same or gets worse in the strike outright goes up which which is normally what you would expect in the majors you could be looking at something like twenty eight to thirty percent mark with a three to five percent walk rate that puts a lot of pressure. Sure on him to do well the Times he is making contact and that can lead to massive volatility. Robert is already the one hundred seventh player off the board with a high of seventy eight and a low of one forty one. You can kiss that low goodbye. That is not happening. He's going to continue to inch upward. And I got to imagine that he's going to be firmly in the top one hundred now and perhaps even in the top seventy five by the time By the time we get to draft season. So you know if that puts it. Let's let's say seventy five and let's look at the top. Let's look at the seventy seventy five there and that's Tommy Fam- actually let's look at the the five hitters would be around their teammate. y'All Moncada Matt Olsen Tommy. Damn Max Muncie and Boba Shet- and those guys are going Sixty sixty seven. Seventy seventy four and seventy five respectively. So you look at Moncada. And that's not a bad easy comparison right off the top two to discuss those two in a similar vein. In fact Robert might be a better base deal right away. Although it's not like Moncada lacks speed. He was ten for thirteen last year. I feel like he could have done more simply if you wanted to. And I don't know if it's something that the white SOx limit and if the limited with Robert or for a choice by Moncada I don't know but it is interesting that he would end up around Moncada Fam- and be shed because the expectation for Robert Right off the rip would be that he would be a player like that and I think fam- is probably the easiest guy to look at adhere because outfield outfield. Now we're fam definitely has him. Crushed is doesn't strike out nearly as much any walks like three three acts almost not quite but in less I if Robert doesn't hold this five percent if he does dip down a little bit in the majors then it will maybe it will be You know three to five X. that that fans able to families in the in the twelve to fourteen percent range. And we're talking. Maybe three to five percent with with Robert and after you know. Okay I will say this fam- did strike out a bit. The last is two seasons. Twenty five and twenty two percent. This year is down to nineteen percent so either way has played skills are much better than Robertson. That's going to give him the leg up there. But the the power speed Combo is why the comparison would work pretty well between those two are scouting report on Robert on on player profile has them as current. These are current Forty hit forty five fifty five. Excuse me I can read numbers. Hit is is forty current fifty future game power thirty current fifty five future raw power sixty five current and future speed. He does sixty sixty feel. This fifty sixty and throw is sixty sixty so it should be a strong centerfield asset with plenty of speed plenty of fielding ability. He he's got raw power that he can add to his game. That could really make him a twenty something homer threat he at thirty in the minors last year and then that speed can take him. As as far as I think the the white sox will allow him. Robert Does strike me as one of those guys like an elder Berto Monte where even if his OB P. is challenged if he's given the green light. I think he can still be a speed asset. So he's GonNa go really high if you're not comfortable paying top seventy five I get it but you better get your mind around it if you are planning on getting a lot of Lewis Robert shares coming into the year. 'cause that's that's where he's going to be. I really do believe that of the guys I mentioned I would take Moncada ahead of him I would. I would take five. I'll take Ghana Olsen Fam- Muncie and the head of him. Right after that it's Gallo Bray you Solaire semi-in I think I'm still taking all of them then. Laureano is an interesting battle. I Love Oriana. You guys know that they would take them so. I think what I'm learning quickly here is my dreams of of Louis Robert Shares which I was willing to pay the The you know one hundred to one ten range that he was more consistently going at with the boost that he's certain again. This isn't even I mean. I guess it's speculation until we see it happen but I it's a guarantee you like. I'm putting a stamp of guarantee on that. His price is going up so is not going to be fantasy teams. So that's the white sox. They've got Kyko ECHINACEA. Louis Robert signed. They've been making big moves speaking of team that's been making moves now not necessarily big and they don't have the the hopes in store her for two thousand twenty as the White Sox but the Miami Marlins have quietly had a really solid off season man. They're committed to not having just an embarrassingly bad team. They went fifty seven one five last year and they'll probably still be a bottom feeder in that division. But do they you know do they have to be that terrible I don't I don't think so. I think there are team. That can maybe even start to push with their pitching that they already had in place and the hitting that they've added maybe a little growth growth from a few other players. You could see a push for seventy wins now. Nobody's doing backflips over going Seventy and ninety two do but that'd be a big improvement for team that just won fifty seven games their recent signing is Corey Dickerson. And I love and hate this move at the the same time I tell you I love it because I like Corey Dickerson. Lot is awesome player. Think If he could stay healthy he he'd be a more widely regarded player because when he plays his he's really good Virtually all the time and and this is even without chorus field where he hasn't been since two thousand fifteen so as just another bat that left coors and did not fall apart. Because if you're good you're good I I can't believe some people still think that You know these top of the scale players like knowing Aaron auto is what would you do he would still be amazing. You're stupid But Corey dickerson has been really strong player. Even as as he's bounced around from the raise to the pirates to the I believe the Philly's last last year and now he'll be on the marlins the Marlins have moved their fence in and like I said he was just with the pirates couple years ago in fact last year for forty four games and then the full season in two thousand eighteen and he performed well there and they have a spacious ballpark. So I don't think he's GonNa fall apart in Miami just Just due to the park being bigger a bigger because it will be signed him. Now why do I hate this deal and put hating quotes. I don't hate it but one of the bombers of it is that it compromises the playing time of somebody. I really like to guys. I really like Gary Cooper was already compromised by. Hey Sue you're showing For First Base. So then maybe okay you could steal some bats in the outfield Gary Cooper. Could now this is another corner outfielder. WHO's GONNA definitely start above him dickerson? Listen goes above Cooper for sure but more importantly and perhaps A bigger bummer. Because I see more growth there. His Herald Ramirez is now going to be pushed to the bench. And that's a bummer. 'cause well this could be short-lived though but the initial outfield is likely to be Dickerson. Listen Lewis Brinson and Brian Anderson and I. I don't know for certain but I think they still want to try to see if if they can if they can get something out of Brinson and and you know tournament. Something that is prospect pedigree portended in or if this is just it that would then open the door back up if it starts off and Lewis. Brinson was one of the absolute worst players in baseball last year. Two hundred forty appearances small sample sure but just got off a one. Seventy three to thirty six to twenty one. It was at twenty-five. WRC plus in fact he now has seven hundred and nine plate appearances in the majors of a forty three WRC plus and you you know. He's he's he has his issues and I have to be honest just to sprinkle a little bit of cold water on it as far as Brinson goes. I don't think it's fully out of bounds to bring up his name. When you're talking about Louis Robert as far as like how it could go wrong? How could you look at the profile? The scouting report very similar in terms of the hit tool power speed field. Throw future get your values sixty and he's come into the majors and he's been a thirty percents strikeout. Five percent walk which is exactly what I worried about for Robert. So I'm I'm just saying if you're looking for how does this go wrong. That would that would be the worse worse case scenario of course but anyway I think Britain's at least he's going to get the opening shot at at center field unfortunately And and Push Ramirez into more of a part time role so I really. Don't I think you can take him in anything but deeply eggs and only maybe not maybe definitely some late Late picks mercer picks in fifteen nineteen mixers. But just have your expectations tempered now. He did start. Nineteen Games and played twenty seven total in In centerfield last last year. So he can. He can hold the position. Think he's better in a corner heralded mears's but if Brinson that bad then you take defensive. Defensive hit to get the markedly better back in Ramirez and Ramirez had a nice little debut last year. Four hundred forty six plate appearances to to seventy six three twelve four sixteen. You definitely want to see that. Ob Pego up a bit and a four percent walk rate held it down. He's never been much of a walker but he's been a better contact Guy Guy than the twenty percent strikeout rate that had in the majors so if you can shave that back down to the mid low teens I think that could offer some batting average upside there. We'll we'll see if the power can develop as Ramirez ages. It can be twenty five next year. So he's not one of these super young prospects so I'm not sure that there's a ton of projection into To put onto him. But I do think there's some I am intrigued by Harold Ramirez. This was a little bit of a bummer to see dickerson. Come in and and and push him into a reserve spot at least to start the year assuming they go with Brinson which I believe they will give him the initial opportunity attorney. But now you look up and down that lineup. And it's not hard to envision it not being a total rollover Jonathan VR. Miguel Rojo's Brian Anderson. Hey Sue Cellular Corey dickerson or L.. Farro Ice Brinson. They need some of these prospects to start paying dividends. Maybe some more growth from Faro. Perhaps although he was he was pretty solid last year himself. He's been. He was exact same was he was in eighteen. Ninety five points for some reason I thought he eclipsed one hundred. He's a guy who lives off of Babbitt. Because here's here's a thirty three percents strikeout rate and five percent walk. That's after thirty seven and five percent in twenty eighteen so until Kelly cuts that strikeout rate. This is about the Max you can expect but I think ice India's Lewis Brinson. They need to start pulling their way But I do like the reserves. Serves here if those guys fail you start to get John Birdie Gary Cooper hailed Ramirez into the mix and then you could see some things happen there. So I'm keeping an eye on some of the MARLINS I I don't want overstock on players on bad teams because they're still gonNA be a bad team even if they did some surge into the seventy wins. I was talking about. That's still bad and that's still almost certainly going to be the last placed ballclub in that in that very difficult division. You know just be less of a less of a clown show out there where they you know. They can't win and save their lives so I'm interested in in a good handful of players on the marlins after coming into last year and couldn't couldn't care less about Virtually anybody team save. Maybe a pitcher here and their next step was talking about Cincinnati who has also had a very solid kind of put them as a white sox analog where they're having the kind of off season that says hey we're positioning ourselves to be something interesting this year with some playoff contention capability ability. They sign Shoghi. Akiyama bring him over from The Japan leg and he comes over without a posting fee and been around long enough. He's going to do is aged thirty two season that he didn't need to be posted. He comes over as just a traditional free agent and he comes over on the heels of five really strong seasons nine forty one eight hundred seven seven nine forty three nine thirty seven eight sixty four opium in those five years one hundred and forty three games and all five of those seasons. I'm guessing that that's how many the games they play. Because it'd be weird if you played exactly that many each of the five years and you know they had a much higher Games played account. But let me see here to get their win-loss oh aid because they're listed as eight hundred sixty two but then their games. The total games says has won forty three all right. Keller me confused but I think one forty three is how many games they play and for for some reason they did. Not What the hell big some of the data gets lost on these win loss records records. Because I'm looking at another team Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. They've one hundred thirty eight games. What Recruiting Eagles offering thirty nine K cool? So I don't know but then I go look at the the team standing or the team stats and all the Games are says one forty three so anyway. He's played full seasons in each of the last five years durability nice piece Gawk Yama Nice whole power speed. Combo deals each of the last four years. Five years excuse me decent batting average. His defense is definitely fading eating a bit in center as you get older you know. He's going into his age thirty two season. But it's still very capable defender in center. He can still hold the position. I cop I ever heard word which as I'm looking at his stats more strikes me as a little odd that I heard this one but I will I will repeat it was Noriaki but a better centerfielder whereas I okay was was more challenged in center and could hold the corners better Akiyama can can hang in center much better however her I think he's shown a lot more power coming over than Than I did. Yeah I'm looking at the seasons before I came over and it was was it was twenty fourteen sixteen fourteen and then four homers Akiyama has fourteen eleven twenty five twenty four twenty so he's been over twenty on each of the last three years. So maybe it's we'll just we want to just you know without all the qualifiers we could just say. `I okey two point. We now and too often when I hear two point Oh people are meaning it to just mean the same which isn't what point. Oh meets two. Point is a better improved version of if something so if you're saying whatever player two point Oh there are improvements there so we'll say I okay. Two Point Oh with better centerfield defense and more power and then I think we get to reasonable snapshot comparison. I'll stay look at Craig article here and I think he makes does he make any mentions of potential comparisons. I don't know why said comparisons weird comparisons okay if we this is quoting from Edwards's piece if we think the bad is likely to buy average with good on-base skills not that many strike outs. Maybe decent power good base running an average to above average defense in center field. That sounds a lot like Jason Jason Heyward and Brett Gardner over the last few years. So That's interesting too. And we love a comparison that doesn't have to lean on Asia Asian player. Now I think does you know there. There's talk of. You don't always have to compare a black player to a black player white two the white and I I totally agree with that big with Asian buyers if they play a style that is more Found in in in the Asian leagues whether it's like the hitch in their wind up For pitchers or or some of the batting stances and kind of like that that slapping I painting running out of the box. When you're hitting not that we don't have American players who do that? But if they're if there's more traditionally Asian League Comps that way. We think that makes more sense. But I do like when when people are not afraid of just like you know thinking a little bit further and not having to just do do the Lazier cops which I major credit here for setting hayward and Brett Gardner said gives you an idea of what we're looking at here Armas. Nice move now I think it has some folks worried worried about sends L. Let me go grab a drink here. Give the normal disclaimer. That I always do if you listen. So Oh you're going to get it all. I don't know that those out to take the drinks and And the different pauses here and there but gives them more real feel. I don't know maybe it doesn't mean you guys are annoyed. Hell by but probably more annoyed that I address that every time. Anyway I think folks are currently worried. What's due for sins? What this tells me a little bit two things? They're not so set on their outfield. As it is. What's not to things? It's it's actually an individual thing about each outfielder that they had you look at the outfield that they had coming before Kiana Jesse winker left Nixon Zone Center. Aristide's I Keano in right. You can paint a picture or that kicks ass and winker stays healthy goes off sends l.. Stays healthy is a fantasy God and just a really good player in real life and then Aquino plays is more like the first part of his season than the second part and he pops thirty five homers and. They're all super fun out there in the Outfield however a lot of ifs there the fact of the matter is that the truth of it with regards to their outfield is Jesse. winker has disasters ashes health profile and I believe he ended last season injured. Do I have that right. Let me take a look really quickly. Yeah cervical strain on August twenty second ended his season after a back injury. The same thing was hurting him throughout all of August before that and then finally in late August I said no what we're going to deal with this season's over he had a quad issue. That was only a day to day thing back in the early May as well and then just in general winker has let me see Museum de L. Stints Jesse winker has so so far as a big leaguer. It's one two three so three two of which have been much longer than and ten days though and that's a problem he He cannot be relied upon to stay healthy at this point. Forty seven eighty nine in one hundred thirteen games in his three major league seasons. So winker is an issue off the RIP Senzo head labrum surgery to end his season. I think he finished. I'm looking right now. I feel like he finished the season but then had it right after we check that right shoulder injury Alfred says no he missed September he was done on nine eight and then his season was over. And we don't know oh for sure that he's going to be ready to go right off the top and he too has had a host of injury issues coming up through the minors. This was the debuted. They've all been in the minors. He's got book. He had sixty eight games in two thousand sixteen that was after he was drafted. Those I don't think that that was injury. Then more than forty four and then this year He was injured with the with the Labor. So I think that they're saying we don't know we don't know we're going to get onto sends out. We need an insurance insurance planning coming in before Akiyama. They didn't have won. Their insurance plan. Was Literally freaking Michael Michael Lorenzen or you stretch out. Van Meter Irvine Gordon Center which is tough neither of them can really hang out there and then with Aquino. I mentioned that he was he was the tale of two seasons. Within his fifty six games played he couldn't have been hotter for a pretty lengthy stretch. Where in his first thirty two games and I'm I'm just arbitrarily cutting it off at You know his first fifteen homers there. He had three thirteen three seventy nine seven fifty. That's good that's an eleven twenty nine with fifteen fifteen homers in one hundred and twenty four point appearances then from September third. Through the end of the year Tailspin City really came back to the the pack. Hit Four homers the rest of the way with a wikipedia. Eleven hundred PSI guy. I don't think he's the six hundred PSI guy. I really do think this is a case. Where you kind of look at the composite and you start to find something there too fifty nine three sixteen five sixty one with nineteen homers for Aquino and and I think that that kind of works extrapolate that over sixty six hundred plate appearances? That's fifty homers. I don't think we're going to get fifty homers. Think that you would bring down the slug a little bit maybe up the OB P some to get a similar you know high eight hundred zero. ps I would put him more in the if if I was giving them projection I'M GONNA Project Aquino Four thirty five homers. That's that's GONNA put down for him and then hope you know hope to beat that and understand that I'm buying a profile of that could pop forty pause but that I should not expect that Oh charge. He's joining me. What's up Sean? Crowe them trying to get him away up here. What's up? Do is happy new year to everybody. You can't talk because your dog okay. Stupid bid I'm dumb. I'm very anyway so now with Akiyama they have somebody who can play Centerfield and Does this mean sends out comes back onto the infield. Could he play shortstop. I mean I mean you were taking an outfield. They're taking a third. Excuse me not not dig a third baseman and putting them into center field tough position. But but now you'd be taking you bring bringing bringing him back onto the dirt but putting shore where he's only played literally one game so I don't know because there's not a lot of flexibility otherwise you already got moved for second and you you know. Put them back to third as Israel is original position. You've got Suarez there but Suarez the first guy. I can't do it so they're kind of locked. It's like shortstop or biased. ICED or else you know send cells not not a fulltime right now. I think that's the that's what we're looking at. Or maybe Rehab we have from the From the Labor surgery is going a little worse than expected and so then when he comes back he might bounced around a bit. And you know Akiyama and Moose are both lefties sell all righty. He could see him. You know no definitely being on the short side of attune primarily and then mixing in against although I don't think they bring Moose in on the biggest contract that they've ever signed to have have them be Putin and I don't see it in fact I'm gonNA look this up. I'm just guessing before I even look it up. I'm pretty sure that he's been pretty capable against lefties fifties last couple years though let me check on Moose all right for his career. He's out of seven. Nineteen O Pius. which lefty lefty is not that bad and then last year was eight seventy seven sixty three the year before that? So you know bounced around a little bit. But even the the worst of that the seven twenty one I think they're gonNA play him. You know so Moose. Mousse Mousse and second base. That's that's not. That's not the avenue for Senzo I would. I would temper my sense L. expectations a bit. I was already a little already getting a little cold feet with the Labor surgery. I like sends out like power speed COMBOS. I want I want to have some shares but I need to see the price drop a little bit more. It's one eighty three right now. which is not expensive but I think I need to go a little bit further down if if I'm gonNA keep buying I think that's where I'm at right now with with Nick sends out now. Jesse winker gets hurt again. Then of course send Zelda left left. Easy Makino is more his second part of the season than his first part. He starts to lose playing time. Send Zelda right easy or or winker whatever but as it stands right now going in sentinels on the outside looking in all right so that's Cincinnati. Next next up is called Calhoun going to Arizona yet another team. Think cincy the white sox and Arizona all kind of in the same boat of flake. Hey we're doing things here because we plan on on being a good team now they have the dodgers to compete with the two central divisions are much more winnable on their face. The twins are still going to be good. I think despite their best efforts to ruin their team the the Cleveland Indians are still going to be competitive unless of course they trade lindor and clever as well. But I don't know but yeah the. The dodgers are a big hurdle that said you. Don't just roll over and say well we can't beat them so we might as well not try that some loser shit and I think people actually say stuff like oh well why you know they're not going to be the dodgers you know now with an attitude like that you're not and now they're they're probably. I'm not projecting them to do so. But you have to try and be you still have to be good enough to get a wildcard. They won one eighty five games last year and that put him on the outside looking in for the playoffs via the wildcard. So even that wasn't good enough now eighty nine wins by the brewers took the second wildcard. So they need to improve anyway even if they're only quote unquote only looking for a wild card so they bring in coal. Calhoun who now if you didn't have on your team and you're not aware we'll just play a little guessing game here that you guys. Let's get to guess privately while you're while you're driving around I'll just and trust that you're not cheating. How many home runs did Kole? Calhoun hit last year. Give it a second five seconds. One two three four five of course he hit thirty thirty three who didn't guess that after eighteen nineteen and nineteen. He blasts thirty three homes last year. Colquhoun did I mean do uh I mean. He took full advantage of the ball in the environment. And all that and You know you pop the a sneaky thirty three homers. There's any and it wasn't just you know leaning on that right field wall in la which has been lowered. He only had sixteen seventeen on the road sexually much much better on the road. Eight twenty six to seven fifty seven as far as it'll be opium go VP. Those will be really good. Ob's you know he had a one zero eight WRC pause. He wasn't great great but he was solid. You thirty three homers all day. Ninety two runs only seventy four rabies Chipped in four steals. He's always been like a chip in steel. His give you nothing nothing worthy of Really diving in But he's going to go home and He went to Arizona State born in born and raised in Arizona. So he's headed home and he should be. He should neither primary right fielder and I'm not even sure that he's necessarily going to get put tuned. Maybe maybe like a Tim. Castro or ILTAMARA Vargas Argus. Maybe takes a few play appearances here and there but for the most part I think he's GonNa set it in. Forget it Kinda Guy Defense has always been you know solid to great. It makes a lot of flashy I think his actual. I'm looking right now. Is Actual defensive. Numbers don't really jump off the page age. As far as his his composite is not Is Not huge. But like I said you know what ten times a year he's making some excellent highlight play. Maybe even more. I don't know what's what's the average highlight plays in a year for somebody who's outs above average via stat. Outcasts was zero. So it's a solid average. AQUINAS was minus one. So droughts was minus two Yelich which minus three and that can vacillate year to year. It doesn't mean that you locked and loaded as what you are. Let me see what he's been in previous years for for the bottom line though is he can hang in right field. You're not putting yourself at a great disadvantage to have Colquhoun's defense in right so I think the question nine is what are we getting defensively or excuse me what are we getting offensively by the way last. Four the four years that optimum average have been tallied lead going back from nineteen to sixteen zero to minus five minus six. So he's actually getting better. He dipped from eighteen eighteen to nineteen from two to zero. But that was after minus six minus five. So what are we going to get off pensively though if the ball doesn't stay the same you'd have to think that the power's GONNA come down to thirty six. I so far away a career high this guy you know. Cocoa whom one seventy nine one seventy one on sixty seven hundred sixty seven hundred forty eight one sixty one constantly living in that You know one sixty one. Seventy five range of Eyeso- Eyesore. I was just slugging minus average. It just gets to the heart of your extra-base hits to hundreds really good or two hundred solid and then anything over like two and a quarter is really good so so as to thirty six hours damn good You know maybe you sold out a little bit more with the greer twenty six percent strike arm but he also walked eleven percent and so I think it what's project the ball to be a little bit more neutral. Let's give him like. I like actually steamer. I'm going to go right with what they have to forty three thirty to four forty thirty one with twenty four homers fairy nice sixty nine. RBI's seventy five runs in the same five Japan steals. He'll be in the middle bottom of the lineup. So five six range I would imagine. We currently have in Pennsylvania as the five spot and that lineup can run deep. If Jake Lamb can return to what he was. The night lineup really starts to run deep with mark taper off to Escobar Walker Calhoun nickhamed lamb and Carson Kelly. Really that's a good one through eighth really solid Martinez. Really the only star power there although Eduardo Escobar was damn good last year But for the most part it's just you know. Quality above average to average to above average. You know fourth fifth outfielder type. You know what you're getting no surprises here. Nothing to Wurley worry about Goff pick three fifty not being overcharged for for the thirty three homers from last year. I'm cool with it moving on CESAR HERNANDEZ SIGNS WITH CLEVELAND. This actually kind of Predicted slash saw. Aw is a real reasonable fit for them they needed something that second base they had Mike Freeman penciled in. That wasn't gonNA work. Sarah Anandas is going to join the squad and I think that's it's a good move there don't trade Francisco Indoor and they can still be very competitive in that central even after giving away Corey Right Kluber. Because you know it's not like coors any good last year and they won ninety three games essentially without him. So you know. Even though I don't think that they got got what they what they should have for Kluber or I'll say what what I think he was worth. Because you can't really say that there was more available. I I hate when we do that as fans sounds like they could have definitely gotten more. Oh you just called one team and took the that offering just said we're not anything else. I'm sure there's instances of that Dave Stewart. But you know let's give these guys some credit what they can get and what's available. Where but anyway Cesar named is GonNa Join Choice? Second base switch hitter is falling down a little bit after after two solid years in sixteen and Seventeen at one zero seven one eleven. WRC pluses respectively actively. He's at ninety nine to ninety two. The last two years basically still solid average guy though what really tumbled last year that killed his value and pushed him down to that ninety two though was the fact that he stopped walking for some reason. We're talking about a guy who is consistently taken walks at a really solid clip nine eleven eleven thirteen percent in in the four years from fifteen to eighteen but then last year seven so I don't know what happened there. I I don't know was it. Something where teams were chess. You don't have enough punch or just gonNa were just going to fill the zone and see what you can do or maybe it was that paired with him also making the changes. They find that. I'm GonNa win all these strikes because his average actually did go up from two fifty fifty. Three two to seventy nine and strikeout rate went from twenty two to fifteen percent. Maybe it was just a mixture of things there for say star Anandas. I'd love obviously obviously but not breaking any ground with this year. But I'd love to see a scenario where he could keep some of these strikeout rate gains and get his strikeout rate or his his walk back in check if he could be a sixteen to seventeen percent. strikeout guy and you know a nine to eleven percent walk that could deliver some really interesting results. Where the OB P. is back in the seventies? He was three seventy one and three seventy three for two years with Philadelphia and sixteen seventeen three fifty six and eighteen and even last year's three thirty three is not horrible but it's definitely far cry from while he was in those previous three seasons if he can be an. Ob P guy even batting six than that lineup. So he's GonNa miss the the studs being able to drive them in but I do wonder. Let's let's say there's a scenario where says Arnez can kind of get back to sixteen seventeen where he's hitting to ninety something with a three seventy something oh BP. I I wonder if they would move into the two spot in between Lynn door and Santana especially because then they would start with four switch hitters lindores Hernandez Santana Ramirez then McConnell combat while. I guess I still like frame of five. Then Ricardo six. I love Mercado so while I think this would take improvement by Cesar Dr Hernandez it would also take Some fall off by Mercado that Senate. He only had three eighteen o b. p. so maybe he is more fit for six and Hernandez would be a good number two then I'd really like him as a runs. Asset second base is not very good. And if you plan to wait on on it you're getting say sorry Anandas round pick to ninety. That's not a bad gamble in all. Let's watch how this develops right now. We've got an Pennsylvania six if we hear. Cleveland suggest that they might let them bats second. That could be really nice if he's squinched inbetween window and Santana and then Ramirez at the four. That's run-scoring for days. Even if he only opposite a little bit from the last year street thirty three and you know gets up to like three forty seven or something. But if you could if this let's get back into the three seventies he'd be a run-scoring machine with quality batting average he's a stolen base. Threat is really more of the high teens. Nineteen Seventeen fifteen nineteen and then just nine last year but if he's back to and they're like they'd be letting them run. I think there's some. There's some intrigue here with Cesar NASA's solid move. Finally the Indians do something well this off season And we'll see you know. The LINDAHL rumors persist if Lynn Door is indeed traded. Maybe that opens up the door for us to move in the top part of the lineup. Anyway anyway now it wouldn't be as good of a top part obviously but We'll see right now. It's up in the air I wouldn't be afraid to put Hernandez in on that. Pick to ninety ninety or later range and Like I said slaughter me there has to be that I wait for forever or a middle That I pick up that it picked up late as well all right next up. The twins have been active now. They were talking a bit to some of the higher end talent in in the pitching pool and it didn't really come through. I don't think they were really in on like Caracol or anything but I feel like they were ruined a bit with Bumgarner and I think even in review so they clearly wanted to address pitching. They had a fantastic year this past season. They walked in pitching right off the top. When Jason Rizzi accepted accepted the qualifying offer so while that is not an addition over over twenty nineteen because he was already on the team it this don't off-season move? Because he was slated to leave otherwise so they did that and then they added back two years of Michael Pineda and he'll finish so he'll finish the suspension appeal suspension. That I think is going to be like forty forty five games so we're GONNA say least mid-may before he can come back but then they doubled up with a pair of signs on Homer Bailey and Richhill so and we know rich by the way is also hurt and GonNa miss some time early weird weird that. He's heard bizarre. Your your your mind is exploding at the idea. Yeah that Richhill got hurt but this is kind of interesting because now they're gonNA come in to the season with Burritos Otari Z.. Bailey and then like two of you've Randy Neck Devon smeltzer and bruised are like the two of those three I think will come in. Maybe we store makes again. That's not that bat important to start the season out of the back end looks but then. They're making like two additions in season. That are already planned Richaud returning from the elbow surgery and Pineda returning from the suspension. Obviously Pineda's the better bet because he's just coming off suspension whereas richhill dealing with injury. But I kind of like how they're setting this up right now. And they're really attacking pitching via depth and they still have some frontliners with Burrito Sonoda Rizzi. They figured out what the owner is. He doesn't go more than than six. Max and those around his best as but primarily like a five guy. Five guy two times through. And he's a Frisbee Sony does it. Meanwhile I liked the homer Bailey. Move now I'm a homer Bailey Sucker for for years loved him as he was coming up with the reds when he finally broke out and started to do some things. He's back in two thousand twelve. It was after you know five years of major league experience so they weren't full seasons A lot of times because of his performance but it was a long wait and at age twenty six he put up two hundred eight innings of three sixty eight then two hundred nine innings of three forty nine. And it's like here we go scuba it's going to be nice Back then the injuries took over and Bailey was actually pretty substantial bust on the deal that Cincinnati signed him to two and After nine his remainder with the red's not oh nine what why do I say Oh nine he did pitch online. But now I mean idiot Oh I was thinking oh nine. The two hundred nine zero nine. After that two hundred two hundred nine innings season he was good for one hundred and forty six innings the following year three seventy one. Era then from that point on he had eh four seasons with a six twenty five yard and a one sixty eight whip in just two hundred and thirty one and two thirds innings. That's four seasons of work so it tells as you what injuries were doing. The to the late Twenties and early thirties of Bailey's career. So then he latches on Casey last year and I believe you we started. Let me let me look at the game log. Yay started off pretty well with three of his first. Four looking really good but the one that wasn't good was really bad. It was seven earned in five innings with three homer so it was really kind of You know pumping up his numbers. He still had four thirty eight. Era Four thirty the era. So it's like okay. Do you really want to. I remember tweeting. Something out about how the splitter was back and he was looking pretty decent you might consider him for a pickup then he probably went out and gave up eight earned in seven innings and I was like cool glad I picked him up and I wanna say let me look at the counter. I want to say that that was a to start week. Hang on let me see gotta go back to to April. Yeah because Thi. This is after a start in the pitched really well Six innings one one runs. Six strikeouts is like okay. Let's pick them up now okay. It wasn't a to start week but it was too starts at Tampa Bay and against the angels angels of Mike Okay. I tweeted out something about the splitter like I said maybe you can go pick them up if you want and it was a disaster Like I said seven innings of eight earned runs no good but then to mortgage starts sucker me right back in again busts up on Detroit. Detroit in Detroit does well against Philli at home then Texas and Saint Louis Smash ten earned in six innings. I'm like Oh oh my God you're going to be at that. Point swore off. Forget it Dude Freakin. Forget it. Well I can only swear out for so long because then. His final eight starts with a K.. C. Homer Bailey. How to three thirty five era in forty three innings with thirty seven strikeouts? He gets traded to Oakland Oakland. And I'm like I don't WanNa say I blindly trust Oakland but I often you know give credence to the moves that they make and if they they like somebody that I'm also interested in I'm like This feels validating and if they like somebody that I haven't really thought about them like let me take take a look so they so they trade forum. I start against Seattle. Great next start at Houston was was awful. But you really wouldn't use them for that anyway. So I'll count and I'll mention it nine earned at a into innings at Houston but for a guy like Bailey. You shouldn't have been starting him anyway anyway. Then six and two thirds three earned against Texas six innings to earn against Milwaukee that another one that was maybe iffy maybe you you started him at the cubs on August seventh for seven hundred four and two-thirds but I don't know that guarantee bottom line is we were looking at his first five starts with Texas or with Oakland Oakland. Excuse me eight seventeen are a but if you look if you dug deeper it's like two godawful starts one of which you definitely wouldn't have been starting for the other maybe you I did but if you just take off those two innings and nine earned then you're looking at Let's see what would that be. That would have been that Antoine into turn it would have been a much more palatable. Five forty one I'm not slam dunk in about a five forty one day but if you put the Houston Houston one aside. It's three good starts in one bad one that you took you. Don't let one bad start that in that inflates in the IRA make your decision. So you might hi to still been in on the on the Bailey train even after the start at the white sox and if you were he closed brilliantly forty eight innings of two twenty five era with forty eight strikeouts in a sub one whip is basically like I would point ninety six. I think yeah point. Ninety six forty seven baserunners. There's in forty eight innings. He was fantastic down the stretch for them. He won four of the Of his five decisions and he went let's see strike outs of seven eight. Three was bad nine three four eleven three. So He's Kinda bounced around that and that was the one problem but he ended up with forty eight in the forty eight innings for Homer Bailey. So that the trajectory of his twenty nine hundred. I know it kind of took you all over the map with his uneven game log. He can could be infuriating at times but I do think there's some avoidable starts there. It's not like he was getting trashed by Detroit. Now I will say if you play that game you have to also say that the at New York start you would take out because you weren't GonNa Start in there either. You'd have been scared of of that and you have have to be fair on both ends of it. In fact he had another start at New York down the stretch where he allowed to earn five and two thirds with nine strikeouts on August. Thirty first right so he it's a give and take. I do wonder though at that. Point with three great starts in a row. If you had said Ed five out of six. If you'd been like well fricking I'm GONNA go ahead and dig a shot against the Yankees. But I don't know I don't I don't Wanna I don't WanNa just just try to make it Much better for myself when I'm when I'm pumping up the guy but I'm a big fan I I can't quit. I'm I'm not going to quit with the twins I think it's a solid move. He's he's GONNA be amid rotation guy I think my projection would be one hundred sixty innings of a four era. Now he had a four fifty seven this past year and steamers giving them a five. Oh Two I get it I do. I don't think that's completely even with Oakland. He was only at four thirty. So how am I down. Four one thing is I think that I just mentioned it. Without a reason. This this is a team that isn't afraid to not push guys and and keep them limit them from from major exposure and understand when they don't have it and take them out so obviously if you get pummeled in the first two innings and give up seven or earned like he did that Houston. It doesn't matter because they didn't they didn't get to take you out out before the shellacking but I think if they curate him well enough. Plus Two sub for era here there's some sub for Ra upside with him. Now I will say he doesn't have the same third time through issues as Jay Z. So it's not as cut and dried as five innings and out what I do like though like I said is that when when a guy doesn't have it they don't really push they jump into the pen they understand. Hey not everyone has five six innings every single time out so I think Bailey can succeed with Minnesota. I like this move. As far as retail goes. The bottom line is rich hills. Good whenever he pitches plain simple. And I don't mean every start I mean when you look at the composite ause it. He hasn't had he hasn't had a bad year since twenty. Thirteen right since his like ascension into high quality has finding advanced analytics and becoming a force. He's been really freaking good and and he can have that those up and down start like some of those starts can kill you but then reel off four straight gems to make up for. He's just one of those guys you have to have a lot of trust. Trust with somebody like richhill though. If you're not somebody with a with a tough stomach for fantasy roster richhill. He's going to be forty he's always hurt. He'll have a few blow ups every year. That make you think you have to cut them and never roster again and yet when we look at it all from two thousand fourteen. Eighteen to twenty one thousand nine he has four hundred seventy one and two thirds innings of a to ninety two era and one. Oh seven whip with five hundred sixty two strikeouts in that time nearly eleven eleven strikeouts per nine and his home run rate is going up a bit one point. Two one point four one point five the last three years. But when you don't put anybody on and you straight out the world those owners aren't as aren't as impactful. I know these put up to forty five yard again. Like he did last year in fifty nine in innings but I think amid threes with like a a high teens whip one eighteen one nineteen whip. I think that works so I think at this point though with all these good years that rituals had he's become a bit of fantasy hot potato. Nobody wants to be left holding. It was like okay we I I I use them at age. Thirty seven in it worked. I had him at age thirty nine and it worked and even last year at age thirty thirty nine. I'm going to say thirty thirty eight and then aged thirty nine. I only got fifty nine and fifteen two-thirds innings but it worked. I think people are going to be wanting to jump off. And that's why his prices at three ninety and I don't even think having an official job having official team is really going to change it so if you want to speculate and you can wait. Feel free for me me. A put a little star next to him. I'll be looking to acquire him off the wire in leagues late. A writer on the tiny is going to be set to return. I don't want to draft an injured injured forty year old right off the rip though all right last two moves here both New York based and Neither is super fantasy relevant. Donald Matanzas finally lands and he stays in New York but goes over to the mets. I say it's not super fantasy relevant because of two things one first time. He's coming off of injury. So it's it's August coming in as peaked Al Matanzas ready to take a role. If he's healthy he should be good again but it's a one year get right deal. And despite the troubles that he had last year Edwin they're going to give him the role and frankly I believe they should i. I don't think he was bad enough that for us to think that. Hey he you totally lost it. It's over so I would say expect him to have the job and Betances is is not even the backup guy I think Lugo is in. The Leagues were Betances has been useful as a high volume middle reliever because of his strikeouts. Continue to draft mess S. such. You won't have to pay a premium at all. I think it's priced. We'll go up now that he's landed somewhere. But it's not gonNA skyrocket us at four fifteen right now. Down Potenza says that could go up one hundred picks and he's still dirt cheap the other one the other move is about the Yankees and we finally learned exactly what Deming Armand is facing and it's going to be an eighty one a game suspension. So he got half a season For a domestic violence situation that happened last year he was placed on administrative leave on the nineteenth of September which ended his season and now ever resolution here and he will have a half season. And frankly you know Oh hang on let me see okay okay. This is pardon me. This is retroactive. So the Games count. So it's GonNa be the first sixty three games of twenty twenty so he's going to miss the first two plus months so we back sometime in June and you know I don't I don't know all the details of it right. He's not appealing this. I don't really have any use for for for you know domestic abusers. I'm glad he's getting suspended. I'm glad that you know they're showing some sort of teeth here and actually coming down with something instead of have you know letting to many of these guys get off relatively Scott free on this sort of stuff so I know each case is individual and I don't want to speak to too deeply on doing Armand's case because I don't know the details and I'm not just trying to like have fake outrage over it it doesn't take much to be against domestic abusers like. I don't think I'm special for saying that they fucking suck You know there's there's not a whole lot else to say here. He needs to have a suspension. I'm glad that he is and Hopefully he understands the gravity of what he's done here and I'd like to see him. You know get bent. You WanNa see people improve from the shittiest things that they do and and committing acts of domestic abuse is one of the almost awful things you can possibly do. And so I don't know what the the path to bettering himself exactly entails but for me it's a situation where I understand that with sports and with US knowing everything these days we learn about when these guys do stuff like that and I. It's not it's not pleasant doesn't as a matter that it's the real world so you know I don't think there's a higher instance of them now. It's just that we know it's just that we know and and does it make it sometimes difficult to like root sure but you know it's more difficult being fucking domestically abused suddenly give a shit if far experience as fans is is more compromised are harder Because of it right you can root for your team. You don't have to do backflips when When the worst of the worst Do Positive things right that. That's that's all I'll say I'm not going to sit here and pretend I've never Rostered somebody on a fantasy league. Who's WHO's been a bag of garbage and I can't pretend that on I'll never do it like I I've had? I've had that internal. Aw debate before. Like what do I do roster him and or or just trying to win at all costs or do I want to make a statement here ear. And what is the statement. And I don't know I don't know the best answer. Obviously I'm rambling a bit here. It's it's tricky situation but again what it does to us. Couldn't matter less. You just wish for the safety of of the people who have been victimized and hopefully hopefully understands what he's done and works to make himself a better person because I am. I'm I'm here for second chances but not until I see something that actually suggests that a person has improved so that's to being a hormone. Don't draft 'em it's GonNa Miss Sixty three games and I'm not even saying again. I'm not he was saying that to like take the stand. It's just like it's easy as they don't draft him because of what he did but also known draft because a bunch of time. Anyway sorry to end on such a crappy note But I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA tap dance around it and not talk about these things you gotta talk about the tough stuff sometimes. And it's the crappy end of sports as tough deal with and Blah Blah Blah. Whatever as far as you know people say I don't want to think about ain't nobody does but we have to okay? We have to and this is one of this. So that's the main Armand. Actually what I think I can end on a more positive note here and it's it's always difficult to transition from something so terrible as that into You know anything really but I think let me look. Did we cover the Julio Teheran move on the last show let me look at his player profile. Real quick anti-drug. No we didn't okay so we get to end on a high no depending on how you feel about whoever Tehran who turn around like my nationally homer Bailey. Bailey was in the the National League for throughout most of his career as well. But he's another is another He's another Tehran. Or excuse me another baby. Formula Guy. Just can't quit even in the face of you know persistent disappointment although I will say nowhere near the disappointment of Bailey. Tehran is actually been pretty good. Virtually every year of his career since he first established himself in two thousand thirteen just by Er as three twenty two eighty nine four zero four three twenty one four forty eighty nine. That's the bad one. Three ninety four three eighty one and he eats innings for days. I gotTa say they want Garrett Cole right we all were kind of incan them in for that and it made a lot of sense back up the truck forum. This is the kind of move that can really help them. It didn't come through but let's not pretend that they've had a bad off season. You can make a case that seven years of Anthony and don't is better move than nine years of a pitcher even somebody as good as Gary Coleman and so instead they got a premium hindered go with trout Tobacco him up as a one two punch and they've addressed address the pitching other ways by getting Bundy in Tehran. And then obviously putting some projection on on the pitch that they already have now Bundy in Tehran. They know freaking can come close to Garrett Cole I understand that and some folks are hoping that okay if they if they don't get a cold and get get Get Rondonia own hundred review and I was. I was one such person who said that. That's why I'm familiar with that With that idea that didn't work either. Just put shafts gone and did this with my lips for some reason. I don't know why did that. Why did I have to do that right now? I don't know but I did but anyway. Tehran Heaney Bundy. He can Patrick Sandoval. Don't sleep on him and of course Otani we don't know he's really up in the air right now. That's why I listed him as as the last of that bunch there he's going to be in there in some capacity acidy but if it's just the five of Tehran Heaney Bundy canning sand of all. I think there's some real projection that you can put on that team to believe that. That's not a terrible rotation it you know it lacks like an as. It's a lot like threes and fours but Nick Nick Volks really turned me onto. Patrick Sandoval was big. Canning guy coming in the last year to talk about guys. I can't quit Dylan Bundy. Step right up. He might even be ahead ahead of Bailey in Tehran. As far as that goes and he we know that When he stays healthy is good but just constantly runs into injury? So I like. It's a solid move. Man You gotta fill the innings to right think we see a lot of things through the prism of fantasy and that leaves us. Judging moves harshly at times times because they're not as like fantasy relevant. You don't really see you know somebody who has like a four forty areas. I don't care about that. It's like okay but the team does because even if all they got and I put all in in all they got one thing they got last year from anybody. Only one guy on the angels made it one hundred innings and that was Trevor Kahlil so to be able to ink in Tehran for double the innings of most. Also there guys ninety five ninety for Heaney and canning and then the one or two for Kale so essentially double the innings count even on a four forty era. That means he's keeping them in most games again. Six three is a quality starting four fifty year. A it sounds bad because a fantasy and we don't think of of of a four fifty s being all that sexy but you're never out of a game if you're getting six and three and silvy piles up a bunch of quality starts and you know limits the implosion 's he should be able to beat a four fifty era. Even so. I like Tehran age. Twenty nine solid move. I think the angels have added Damn Good offseason. To be quite honest their backup plan might actually be better than their a plan with rent Otani back I think Justin Upton is not done on and then we'll see that pitching develops so. I think that's GonNa wrap us up. Though we we were able to end on a high note. Let me click trade rumors just to make sure that we don't have anything it's just rumor stuff this The dodgers may be getting somebody like bets or Lindores heating up though. So we'll see how how that goes but anyway listening went for a long one here. It's been awhile since the holiday so hopefully you enjoy this. Be Back next week. I really don't think I'm just going to say they were not doing one tomorrow. 'cause I covered all the news that we would cover anyway so back next week hopefully good holiday and a happy new year. We'll talk to you yeah breath.

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