German Town Goes 100% Renewable Energy; Mississippi Prisons Deaths Hit 15


From NPR and WBZ. You are. I'm Robin Young. I'm Tanya Moseley it's here now and let's go straight to Iowa where the first contest of the presidential campaign gets underway tonight tonight. The Iowa caucuses will set the stage for the rest of the primary season and the Democrat. Who Wins will get a big boost going into New Hampshire primaries next week? NPR's national a political correspondent. Don GONYEA joins us now from Des Moines and done. Some candidates have been campaigning in Iowa for more than a year. Now in anticipation of tonight's caucuses what what does the final push look like. Well it's been fascinating to watch when you talk to voters especially in in large part because of how different it feels from Caucasus. From years past I there is such a large field Some have been here for more than a year. Some have campaigned here for a long time and dropped out already so the field the shrunk a bit in the past month or two but it still big and there are lots of top. Tier candidates ZANDER's Warren Buddha Judge Machar so so that makes it different but but but also can i. Can I play the voice of one voter for you that I think really does capture this. Yeah I mean there is. There is a more of a trying to game out the system. And what's going to happen in the states. After Iowa this is from a Buddha pige event in Waterloo. Over the weekend they pronounce it Waterloo. Her name is Laura Sniffen. She's retired from John Deere. I just asked her the simple question who she's caucusing caucusing for. I'm more or less just kind of keep an open. Mind so I've seen amy and I've Seen Pete Times they on. I have not made it to buy but my husband has and she says she might not make up her mind until she shows up in the caucus site and the best thing about that answer to me is how long she pauses as she's answering. She's takes deep breaths. She's she's really really still still trying to sort it out. That's so interesting you know. There's been a lot of polling and reporting we've been seeing on Democratic voters in Iowa who are more focused guest on beating trump even if that means not voting for the candidate they like best on policy issues. Did you hear that in your conversation with caucus-goers absolutely lutely and that's something else that makes this a very different year of voter after voter. We'll tell you who can win That's who I want. Who can win normally normally in Iowa the look at the field and they say oh? I agree with candidate X.. So they kit onboard and they show up to caucus and you see how it all plays out but right but this time over and over and over people say we gotta be trump. We gotta be trump. We got deny him a second term. Let's meet two more voters These guys were we're both at that same Buddha j.j event the first voice you hear is a college professor in a brand new citizen Omoro baldy. He's confident trump will lose. But the guy I right next to him. They were seated side by side. Christopher Mertz he runs the jazz department at the University of Northern Iowa. He's way less certain certain. So give a listen to them both. I Mr Baldi the new citizen. You're you're optimistic. Trump yes are. Are you so optimistic optimist. Not as optimistic. I wish I could say that I was and I'm GONNA borrow some of your optimism if I may because I needed and I might add. I thought they were friends. They had never met before the rally but they seem to strike up a nice acquaintance with one. Another which happens a lot at these places I want. I also want to ask you about something else. there was this big news over the weekend that the des Moines Register said it would not release a poll that comes out every year. Just before for the caucuses because there was concern that Pete Buddha judges name had been left out in at least one survey How would that poll have been for? Say a a front runner. If they come out it probably would have meant more for all of us about who watch this. Yeah it's a nice to have one final final snapshot of where the voters appear to be. But I don't think it really affects voters themselves much at all and I don't know that it brings people all to the front runner. What what would have been really interesting is it had told us how many people are still undecided? Because we feel like that number is really large this year. That would be nice to know going into tonight but hey you know caucus nights here. So let's just count the votes. Yeah One last question for you. Who needs to do well in Iowa ally in order to move on to New Hampshire? Well I think everybody in the top tier needs to. Do you know something that they can call a a solid performance and maybe a better way to put it. Nobody can afford to tank But especially amy klobuchar coming from Minnesota right next door to Iowa playing upper upper midwestern roots. She needs to finish really well. Because the argument then becomes well If she can't win here where can she win But Buddha jae-jean Gagen Biden both appear ready to move on either way Sanders in Warren are basically going home to New England for the next stop so so they'll be there either their way but there are really a million ways to handicap all this so we'll be watching it very closely thanks so much that's NPR's national political correspondent responded Don Gonyea and De Moines so much do well. Let's go from Iowa to Washington where the Senate impeachment trial of president. Trump is in its final days after Democrats failed to get enough enough votes on Friday to allow for witnesses or evidence today. Each side is presenting closing arguments. Wednesday Republicans are likely to equip the president. Even though many say his his actions were wrong. So is this the end. NPR's Tim Mack covers national security in politics for NPR. He's been on Capitol Hill. He's still there. Hi Tim hither and I the Monday reaction to what happened in this trial over the weekend Republican Senator Joni Ernst told. CNN's Jake tapper that the president asking Ukraine to investigate get a political rival in exchange for military aid. Was Not what she would have done. Why wouldn't you have done it because it was wrong because it was inappropriate? I think generally speaking going going after corruption would be the right thing to do. He did it maybe. In the wrong manner and Senator Lamar Alexander was stronger. He said Democrats made their case. The the president was wrong but Alexander said it would pour gasoline on the culture wars to remove him. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said also the president did it was wrong. What are you hearing? How Republicans navigating that move from? It didn't happen to it did well. This has been something that's evolved throughout throughout the course of this entire impeachment inquiry not let alone the impeachment trial there have always been pools of Republicans who have been open to saying that the president did something wrong wrong. And they're looking at the facts. the President committed some misconduct. There's been folks like senator earns who have been willing to varied lightly touch on the topic and say. Oh well I would not have done what the president is accused of doing. But you'll notice that senator earns doesn't quite you come out and say that it was wrong or that. It was immoral or that it was unethical to do what the president is accused of doing in Ukraine. And then of course there's this The these he's allies the presidents who are still very close to him. I'm thinking about Senator Lindsey Graham for example who have said that the president's call was essentially perfect then. What about Tim I'm sorry to interrupt you. But what about the new stuff that is coming out on Friday night. The Justice Department revealed had twenty four emails. That could show the president's thinking on on Ukraine on Friday we watch during the trial is Adam. Schiff looked directly at trump lawyer patsy Baloney and talked about the New New York Times report that John on Bolton's unpublished manuscript describes a meeting where the president told Bolton to pressure Ukraine for this information about Democrats and simple Oni was in that meeting so looking looking ahead Is there thinking that simple oni will face repercussions for not recusing himself. Well there's there's a sense that That this investigation go into the the these This what what Democrats have called the scheme a scheme around Ukraine that investigation will not conclude with the ending of this trial as if we expect. The president is acquitted on Wednesday The House still remains Still remains controlled by Democrats pats and they continue to have the ability to investigate an issue subpoenas and very is quite possible that has intelligence committee chairman Adam. Schiff may pursue pursue. This may pursue a subpoena of John Bolton may pursue a copy of Mister Bolton's manuscript which is now undergoing security review There are a lot of. There are a lot of unanswered questions in the eyes of Democrats and they may want to continue to look at those so the investigation education. Could you near you. Well but senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News he may try to speak with the whistleblower. He may subpoena him. We mentioned Senator Joni Ernst she. She told Bloomberg News that have Joe Biden is elected Republicans could immediately pushed to impeach. Him just feels as if There's a uh-huh yeah if you do that we'll do this right well. There is an effort gearing up in the Senate as you mentioned to perhaps even here from Hunter Biden and bring Hunter Biden before Senate committee to answer questions so there's a real sense on Capitol Hill that this doesn't end with the trial. This this is this this is perhaps just one act in a series of acts And that there are a lot of unanswered questions that Folks on both sides the I'll have and that they're they're like like you kind of hint at. There's some sort of unsettled scores. I'll definitely meanwhile just a few seconds to go here. But what's the tone today in the closing the argument well. There's a sense of resignation among both sides that That this is a almost foregone conclusion we haven't seen large numbers of Republicans. Come out against the president so an you know the bar so high for conviction and removal sixty-seven senators need to come out and say that the president was guilty. Not of the articles of impeachment. We haven't seen anything close to that. We may see a very Party line vote when it comes down to it So right now. We're going through some of these closing arguments and expect of vote on Wednesday for acquittal. NPR's Mac covers national security and politics. NPR Tim thank you the slot. The world is complicated but knowing the past can help us understand it so much better. That's where we come in. I'M RANDOM ATTACK ON ROMPING ARAB LOUIS and we're the host of through line. NPR's history podcast every week. We'll dig into forgotten stories from the moments that shaped our world through line from NPR. Listen and subscribe. Subscribe now and we've talked here about how the low unemployment rate combined with. Americans being less willing to relocate has led to employers sweetening the pot perspective white collar workers throwing in signing bonuses for instance. But did you know there are half a million factory jobs. Dubs unfilled according to the Department of Labor. That's the most nearly two decades and now skilled factory workers are getting some perks. As Well Austin hovered wrote about this the Wall Street Journal. He's in Chicago. Austin what are some of the jobs and what are some of the perks. Well it seems like the one that's becoming more and more common is just paying for we location whether you're welder. Whether you know how to program a machine or whether you're just a normal laborer some factories are increasingly offering going to move you across the country and and give you a couple of thousand dollars just to begin working. We should say that some of these workers do become white collar workers. Some of these are management. Jobs you profile Fella young man who used to work in a bike shop and got two thousand dollars to move from Salt Lake City to somewhere near Columbus and he bought some collared shirts with the money that he got A. Yeah exactly I mean. Basically the the sky helps run. It equipment in a factory in Columbus Nebraska. Actually you know. He basically said that that he was told from a friend of a friend that there's an opening available and the two thousand dollars was enough to kind of get him to put his stuff in his car and and buy some extra shirt says he said what are some. The mother company's just tick them off will raytheon and Caterpillar Lockheed Martin Even much smaller companies like maker of garbage trucks a maker of parts for the car industry kind of seems like depending on where they are. It seems like it's becoming increasingly sort of what they need to do to fill their backlogs. Half a million jobs even as we have this low unemployment and little wage growth. Is that one of the reasons that people haven't been moving. It's hard to move if you're not going to get more money yet. Ah I think it's something. That a lot of economists are kind of scratching their heads about trying to figure out. Why is the moving rate so low? I mean basically. It's the lowest rate since they started tracking being the metric in the forties. And whether that means that the opportunities are available or something else is stopping them from moving. It's definitely not a particularly good sign. Well you printed into G. H.. Tool and mold which is an auto industry supplier. They've increased their starting wage to around eighteen. An hour from fifteen dollars a few years ago they are also paying moving expenses. They post notices on facebook group called leaving Illinois to get workers from a state that is you know depopulating the try to entice people to move. This seems like a good time. Four factory workers in this in this way. Yeah I mean it definitely seems that way. I thought it's interesting. How over the course of twenty nineteen Wage growth has actually ticked up and so in December wages for manufacturing workers grit three percent which is actually higher than for the rest of the economy in. So maybe we're starting to see me be somewhat of a shift towards some of these factory jobs which which is a good thing. It is a good thing because the industry needs it right but it's important to remember though. Is that a lot of these factory. Factory jobs are not the jobs of old. You know they're skilled. They require some sort of education. Maybe not a four year college but definitely something some sort of technical degree he perhaps and so they aren't just like necessarily just a day laborer and this is one of the problems that it's It's happening a manufacturing right now. They have a shortage of skilled labors. Yes exactly and that's why there's so many open jobs and that's why they're having to offer these relocation benefits because you can't really work remote At a factory Austin hovered a reporter for the Wall Street Journal will link you to his article that list these companies at here. Now Dot Org Austin thank you. Thanks the Catholic. Church is still struggling to contain the damage from the widespread clergy sex abuse scandal that I rock the institution nearly two decades ago. New cases cases are still emerging just last week a former Dallas priest was arrested in Missouri accused of sexually assaulting a young child decades ago. Dallas Police Lee say. The priest admitted to abusing dozens of children in the nineteen eighties. In recent years the Catholic Church has entered into agreements with several states to establish funds to pay reparations to the victims but those funds come with some built in limitations and many people who are abused by priests as children still haven't received a dime Colorado. Colorado Public Radio's Andrew. Kenny has one of their stories. Now this warning. It's hard to hear. It includes descriptions of sexual abuse that some people will find troubling. Pat Wilcox. Didn't know what to expect. When her younger brother asked to move in for years ago she knew he was having a hard time in Kansas but he seemed like a different person Jason when he arrived in Greeley and a beat up truck? He had his clothes in the back the jeans I remember they'd been rained on. She had to throw most of his stuff away. We couldn't get the mold off of them. Her brother is in his fifties. His name is Terry shippers but to their big family. He's should you know he was number number. Seven and Dad said he was his little sugar after moving to Colorado shippers drinking heavily his marriage was over he seemed like a shell of himself after another of his benders. A thought struck pat this. Just not alcoholism I said. Were you sexually abused. Used and he. He looked at me and he said as a matter of fact I was that day sugar shippers joint scores of Colorado's who've come forward forward with allegations of abuse by Catholic clergyman Shippers says he met his Abuser Julian Haas in his Kansas hometown during middle school. You know he was a nice guy. You know how funny you know like to be around you know young boys and I I really enjoyed his company at that time. Haas was a fryer and he recruited shippers for the nearby. Prep school where he worked. It was run by a Catholic religious order. The capuchins early on Haas started paying special attention to shippers after after ten PM prayers. He would take the boy to the pool and to the canteen for candy so it was kind of a I thought was a treat. You know to get a stay up later and everybody Elson Elson. Get a go swimming and And that's when you know it started shippers says the abuse began as fondling and escalated to rape at least seven people have come forward in recent years to allege Haas abused them in the seventies according to the local district attorney shipper says the abuse ended when he confronted the Friar after a few months for decades afterward he buried it. You know it wasn't easy but I just You know for some reason season just kept it in and try to you know. Move on with life. Shippers was a star athlete in school and later the manager of a grain mill. He married his college sweetheart. Jackie shippers to make everybody feel hockey. Still welcome it seemed like you know. He's always very genuine. And very so allies it can take decades for abuse related problems the surface according to an Hagan web a psychologist an abuse survivor herself. There's an awful lot of people who outwardly. Look very successful. Look like things are just fine and they don't sleep at night or they are hyper vigilant. Jackie Q.. Shippers says shook started to spiral middle age. He lost jobs argued with his kids. Drank until Jackie couldn't take it anymore and she ended the marriage. When shippers sister Pat learned about the allegation? She wanted to tell. The captions shippers agreed got mixed emotions. But all in all I I thought it needed to be told and And so I told the mid America province recently commissioned a review of the organization's stations files it found credible allegations involving thirteen clergymen including US representatives. Visited shippers took down his story and made an offer free therapy. He went to eight appointments. You know just to me kept bringing up old memories that I'm trying. The forget shippers is still trying to rebuild his life for now. His family is angrier than he is. This creased I mean. He ruined my family. He you know He. He ruined that man and the Catholic Church. They WANNA just kinda sweep it under the rug to like many others. His allegations are probably too old for a lawsuit and Julian Haas has never been charged with a crime. He lives under voluntary house. Arrest at a captain mm property in Colorado. The Catholic Church in Colorado has agreed to pay reparations to some survivors. The initial payments have averaged about eight thousand dollars but the offer excludes those abused by religious order members like the captions or out of state allegations like shippers. The distinction makes shippers ex wife. Jackie furious go. Can that be separate. How can that be different? The crime was committed. The act was done. She wants a response isn't based on diocese or state boundaries are- presentative for the Denver Archdiocese says the churches collectively going above and beyond what any other institution is doing a cabinet in Providence representative said that it offers offers assistance such as therapy based on the facts of each case. Meanwhile the shippers family is wrestling with what happened for Jackie. It's what was lost. We you would be together and we would be doing our dreams that we had shippers. SISTER PAT praise guidance. Because I was surprised at The Hague I had towards the individual that had raped my brother and for shook shippers. It's the unanswered question. Why he did it? I guess is the question I have. I mean I I think I kinda know now. Uh but it's you know to do what he did is just wasn't right. It took decades for shook schepers to tell his story. He's still waiting to heal for here now. I'm Andrew Kenny And last week the investigative news site PROPUBLICA released database of six thousand Catholic priests who've who've been credibly accused of sexual abuse or misconduct. The church released those names after escaping. Eight hundred page report in twenty eighteen from grand jury in Pennsylvania Ah detailing widespread abuse of more than a thousand children over years Lincoln to the database at here now as public health and infectious disease. Experts were to stave off the spread of the new corona virus. Economists honest are starting to look at its potential economic impact in China today stocks recorded their worst day in years and economists worry that the longer takes to contain the outbreak. Take the worst. The financial consequences will be in China and abroad. Joe Slesinger is the host of Jill on money financial analyst at CBS. And she's writing about all of this on her blog will link you joe. Welcome thanks to be with you so start by telling us about the short term consequences What are you seeing in China? Well obviously there is a huge impact when you are shutting down retail locations and people. The consumers in China are whether quarantined or not not going going out. Shopping couldn't have happened at a worse time. Also remember this was the Lunar New Year celebration the year of the rat and this is a time think of it almost like a holiday season in China and imagine if we had something like this during our holidays how we might pull back and kind of retreat to our families so I think what we're likely to see is at the very least a a short term impact in the first quarter for Chinese growth probably to see an annualized pace of about five percent in China and by the way elsewhere in the program we spoke to an American student in in a province not even in the city of Wuhan where this outbreak started and he said it's desolate you know. The the lunar decorations are falling off of closed. Restaurants is really kind of sad. But what do you think this means for China's trading partners the. US We have the car industry. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean I actually. When we look at Chinese growth we were already worried? It was slowing down. So we were at you know six point six percent annualized in two thousand eighteen down to six point one percent in two thousand nineteen eighteen and I should say a lot of analysts and economists. Don't exactly believe that these are the correct numbers. Let's focus on the direction down and when you look at what would happen if Chinese. He's the Chinese economy. Were to sputter at this point. We know the trading partners in Asia or in Europe Germany's a big partner in Brazil. We'll even the. US We are seeing already the impact we know that companies across lots of different industries have enforced travel bans. They're shutting their manufacturing facilities. They're rerouting their supply chains and certainly lots of retailers closing stores in the affected areas. Well they've been flight cancellations. You know not many people want to fly to have meetings there and you mentioned it's impacting the US on Friday. The Dow fell six hundred points. That's been said to be related to the virus. Yeah I think that the real concern is the unknown and when we don't know things that's when investors start to get a little bit nuts and you know we're all like that when we look at our retirement tyrant accounts we hear a headline. We want to do something. Now that said the as you noted in the opening the Shanghai index was down eight percent but it had been closed closed since January. Twenty third. Lot Of pent-up selling here in the United States stocks opened higher. But I think there can sit. There continues to be a worry that the unknown is really spooky for investors and it's hard to make a big decision to invest in a company or if your company to invest in something big going forward lowered without understanding the scope of how this virus could spread and impact all of us so interesting. Health officials are having the same dilemma. They know it'll be a pandemic. It'll be around the world but they just don't know how bad it will be an investors and economists obviously watching warily as well injure hosted you'll on money malinke again to her blogs blogs Joe. Thanks as always thanks for having me. In the death toll. Inside of Mississippi's prisons has now climbed to fifteen. Since the end of December most of those deaths occurred at Parchman a prison with a long history of violence and squalid conditions. Mississippi's new Republican Governor Tate. Reeves recently shut down a notoriously violent violent unit inside of parchment and Mississippi lawmakers are introducing legislation to address the problem. But some say it's a little too late Jerry Mitchell is he's the founder of the Mississippi Center for investigative reporting. He has reported extensively on conditions. Dating back to two thousand thirteen and Jerry. You're at the Clarion Ledger. Back then Dan and it was a phone call from an inmate that prompted your investigation. What to that inmate tell you well? E unlike other inmates I kinda ahead gotten letters from a different things like this. He started detailing for me the corruption that was going on inside that prison. He was talking about correctional officers Opening doors so that Certain inmates could be beaten even killed. And what happens. Is these prisons in Mississippi acidity there so short staffed like the vacancy rate in Mississippi is about fifty percent Mississippi. Mississippi also pays its prison guards the lowest rate in the country I'm reading here. That an Entry Level Guard makes twenty six thousand dollars a year as you note that if a guard has a family they would actually be eligible for food stamps. So I I could see why this is an argument as to why it's a tough job to recruit it for Can you talk a little bit about how this may have contributed to some of these recent inmates suicides and killings that we're seeing for example on the suicide aside a part of the equation All but I think one of the suicides has taken place in solitary confinement and prison. Prison experts tell you if you leave someone in solitary confinement you need to check on them regularly and that's the other thing is happening with the lack of correctional officers. They're not checking on inmates. They're required under you know their own rules and regulations to do that. I think I think they check check like ten times a day or some something like that more than that even so anyway so people are hanging themselves or and then With the murders is just A. You know it's this violence because if you have inmates charge is the gangs essentially the most powerful and so they kind of dominate and so their rules go and if they decide somebody needs to be killed because says for whatever reason they owe money whatever the situation is they can carry it out without and sometimes appear to be aided by guards in carrying out the one that one's up at parchman there's video you can see and the inmates actually cheering cheering the other conveyed to kill. Oh my Gosh I. Nobody around officials knew they had a problem on their hands corrections. Commissioner police a hall who resigned earlier this month repeatedly asked the state legislature for more money to hire guards. How did lawmakers respond to her They basically ignored her request and said now the money is essentially as that was kind of their answered her. She put this out to them. She told them I was there. Hurt myself and nothing. And this go round on their asking a department grocers for seventy one million dollars. The Legislative Committee jointly budget committee is actually recommending cut. So this is what this is. What's happening unfortunately is is the you know the they're these cries but sint nothing happens in in basically absolutely the answer is well we have budget shortfalls? We had And they also had these corporate tax cuts as well and it was the last priority. So so yeah. They just continued to whack away at the at the funding Jerry Mitchell founder of the Mississippi Center for investigative reporting talking to us about Mississippi's underfunded prisons where a recent spate of killings and suicides have prompted the governor to shut one long troubled unit down. Jerry thank you thank you so much for having me I appreciate. The European Union is hoping to set in law a zero emissions target by twenty fifty for all EU nations. This here member states Slovenia recently became the latest country to declare a goal of going carbon neutral by two thousand fifty promising to double its supply of renewable energy in the next is ten years. Well one model for that could be the town of Wolf Haagen Germany. A place that already gets a one hundred percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources sources. Manfred Shabaab is a member of Wolf Huggins City Parliament and he joins us on skype and Manfred. Your town decided to build. Its own in power plants to help meet this goal of becoming one hundred percent renewable. Tell us why you did that. Yes we choose at Rhodes because we looked for the energy we can use here local and the biggest chance we saw. Aw was in solar energy and wind. Energy Soda. Injury was built in the past chiefs from Priva- chill persons and also from companies and the communities. You formed a cooperative and had the city building operates own Renewable power plants you and other local officials have said that the cooperative structure is critical because it makes citizens part owners of the power plants. It's so they're they're literally invested in the success of renewable energy there. Can you talk about the importance of of that type of cooperative in this. This whole scheme. yes this corporative is very important for us We decided to give any EH person in and around the Trans to build up a cooperative. Which now owns twenty five percent of our? Our City owned utility company. And the idea was if the person's have financial benefits Sir from the windmills. They will accept it Easier leap to build your town. Has the population under fifteen thousand. Do you think it's possible for bigger cities to do something like this. It's it's possible yes so depends on the size of the city. We have much smaller villages who have energy corporative 's and we have also L. bigger co-operatives so it's possible a at every place you have to find the people who do this use. Yes Wolf Haagen Maybe a one hundred percent renewable when it comes to electricity but they're still fossil fuel consumption and transportation and heating heating sectors Are you doing anything about that. Is that something. That's next on on the frontier. Yes we are doing something but it's not so easy as it was in the field of electricity because In the field of heating and transportation every person himself has to do something so we gave some money for owners of houses to invest invest in environmental friendly heating systems are in relation of the houses. And so on and does this one project that we have also some projects in the field of Mobility Germany has many laws to encourage the production of renewable energy. Do you think this model would work in other countries that don't have the same laws like here in the United States. Some um we have to look far the circumstances a in every country. That's it's not possible to take it one to two one. We sent to another place. What you need is the person who do it? And this was a key factor for our success. In fact we have a lot of persons working together from different professions. And this was one enough the key factors of our success to work together. Yes that's Manfred Schaub member of the city parliament of Wolf Haagen Germany. Thank thank you so much for speaking with us on your over. The past decade Federal Wildlife Officials say marine vessels in Alaska's waters hit whales seventy seven times by far the most of any state about three quarters of at the time they hit endangered humpbacks. And it's not clear why those strikes keep happening so a group of federal researchers and Marine pilots teamed up to combine fine what scientists know about whale behavior with what Marine pilots know about ships in hopes of cutting down the number of strikes coast. Alaska's Jacob resnick reports Most of the millions who visit Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska Alaska each year never touched dry-land they view the majestic ice sheets from the deck of a cruise ship for those that do make landfall a visitor's center in Bartlett let Cova displays a towering skeleton of humpback whale national parks scientists. Scott Kennedy explains. She didn't die of natural causes. Well this this is the way that was struck in two thousand one By a cruise ship that was exiting Glacier Bay and it Kinda served as a catalyst to a lot of the efforts to reduce the probability of Collision Between Ships and Wales and the park. The whales name was snow she was pregnant. Humpback that park visitors had been photographing in the nineteen seventies princess cruise lines ended up paying seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars to settle with the federal government after admitting the ship had been going too fast. Scott Gandhi is riding along as an observer on Honda. America's Norodom he's using a spotter scope and has a walkie talkie to talk to the bridge To killer whales twelve o'clock about two thousand meters coming. We take away point when recite a whale. There we right down on the data sheet that has the distance that worry tation the behavior and the role to bring to the ship. Getty designed this program. It's been logging. Observations since two thousand thousand six on. How whales react hawking ships close in but he didn't realize how is data could translate into real world advice until a chance meeting with the people who sail sale the ships in Alaska foreign flag ships have to hire pilots to guide them through state waters? He says the pilots told him. We do this all the time. And it's not just in Glacier Bay and we'd like to work with you and develop some of these ideas because you have a good grip on the science of behavior and but we're the ones out there operating burden shifts every day. One of those Marine pilots is Larry Does he says it was a lightbulb moment. We said look. Let's work on you guys. You know helping educate locate us on whale behavior and see how that applies and and will Helped educate you on limitations of ships and so forth the first step step dispel. Some myths like slowing down is the most effective course of action to take in spotting Awale. It's often better to change course but there are a lot of factors just like like a deer running out in front of a car you know you may or may not have time to react and that action that you take has to factor actor in do no further harm you know. Don't drive into a tree head on. Don't list a ship so much that you cause damage and and such Gandhi's research coupled with the pilots experiences at the helm lays out what they've learned in glacier bay and in some ways it can be applied in other places that's important as it's federal authorities have logged more than one hundred eighty wheel strikes in. US waters over the past decade. And that's an undercount ship. Captains aren't legally required to report when they hit hit Aweil and sometimes they don't even know what happened. The dead whale can sink to the bottom or decomposes on a remote beach other times. It isn't so discreet. Like like in two thousand seventeen when a princess cruise lines ship sailed into Ketchikan harbor with the dead humpback on its bow. Quite frankly I have no idea when we picked up Eric Chamberlain. England is a top executive for the Carnival Group includes Princess Cruises and Holland America line. The strike happened at night. Nobody thought and it wasn't discovered until first light. He he says they followed all the procedures before hitting Wales and that the cruise industry is eager to improve in any way it can for two reasons. It's the right thing to do and it's good business It is Utmost importance that our use of the area the resources areas sustainable. Larry Vos has. He's still learning even after decades driving ships in southeast Alaska. He's had some close calls. There's just times when for whatever reason with nothing else going on literally Awale Services Close aboard this group of federal researchers and independent Marine pilots recently put what their findings down on paper in an article published in the Journal. Frontiers in Marine Science. Gandhi's has a long road ahead but he's happy with what they've contributed so far if we can understand the nature of ship strikes without actually having ships strikes occur then you can formulate management actions or we can understand I in avoidance maneuver without having a bunch of dead whales on the beach town on the vow the Holland America ship passengers rapid parkas hoot and Holler the humpback whale cycles up the ship. This is what they've come to Alaska to see for here. You're in now. I'm Jacob resnick reporting Glacier Bay production of N._p._R. W._B. Association with the B._B._C.. World Service and tiny nosy. I'm Robin this is here now.

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