20190731 Nicole Sandler Show - Debate 2, Night 1 Postscript


The following program contains graphic material including offensive language viewer discretion is advised without bringing the breast democratic government could exist. We switched to knowledge in London Sunday on looking out over London. Good night and good luck good evening from our C._B._S.. Newsroom in New York N._B._C. E._Z.. Presents Chet Huntley and David Brinkley from A._B._C.. This is world news tonight. Peter Jennings in London Robinson in Chicago and I'm from our desk in Washington right rebel this historic legislation to telecommunications law create jobs when the press is free. The people of country are free. When the press is free people of country you are in danger of slavery ep New in four we information you and the views of people making the news it's Nicole Sandler then lose y'all on the goals handler dot com and the progressive voices network? It is the morning after debate to to debate to night one right. That's how it works. Welcome to the show. I'm Nicole Sandler. The Nicole Sandler show as <hes> makes sense. I suppose I watched the debate last night so you didn't have to now. I'm hoping you did because I want this to be a sort of an interactive program. I think we're having youtube. Troubles Youtube is being funky today hopefully youtube. You're seeing us. It looks like we're streaming anyway <hes> <hes> so so last night night one it was the the touted Bernie Sanders Anders Elizabeth Warren face off or not. You know I started. I never brought into that narrative that was going to be Bernie. Sanders offers versus Elizabeth Warren. What happened was kind of what I expected because the two of them are on stage with a bunch of what what I like to call conservative names again I I had a correct gotta laugh yesterday? When she kept calling the moderates that's the the chosen descript her for for the corporate mainstream media moderates someone who's not a liberal who's not a progressive? Although did you notice pretty much everybody every reese single. One of those candidates called themselves progressives so no they're not now I we went through. I watched the whole thing I took diligent notes right here in my notebook pages and pages and pages breath of notes seriously and I pulled what I thought were the really good exchanges so we we can relive them a few observations off the top. I thought I thought the N._B._C. Debate. <laughter> last month was bad. Oh my God I gotTa Tell You C._N._N.. We assault coming. What was it last week or the week before when they did the big televised draft? Oh I'm sorry picking names from the boxes for which which candidates were going to be on which night talk about a master Batori exercise that was widely mocked right and ridiculed as it should have been but last night my God obviously they learn nothing because the thing began shoot. Tell me it into bring over this I gotta I share this with you. So the the the the thing began with oh no that's opening statement montage. Where is the okay? Here's the intro so now I use a little bit of this in today's what's news which we may here we may not I don't know but I just have to to play this but I'm not gonNA play the whole thing because it runs two minutes and forty six seconds but at eight o'clock sharp eastern C._N._N.. Through it to Detroit where the prerecorded introduction to the big debate began the Democratic presidential candidate and this audience is injured appear four okay now the announcement comes a road to the White House drives through Detroit. The Democrats are in Michigan for a Premier Two night event that will determine who gets left behind and who takes on President trump chance there is no no middle ground anybody tell you that freedom is a conservative value is an American value tonight a fight for the Senator Senator Bernie Sanders determined to cease his second chance at the nomination question fucking kidding our priorities right going in head to head with Senator Elizabeth Warren Timeframe this scene Komo's sorry the same you get the idea. That's nauseating. Yes it does sound like a w._w._f.. Thing and but if that wasn't bad enough so I'm watching them go through this long torture thing that was never ending ending and so that took three minutes right then even though they had a little segment there as you heard from each of the candidates I think each of the candidates then they introduced them one at a time. Please welcome to the stage each Montana Governor Steve and then he walks out to tepid applause and then please welcome to the stage h Washington outsider and that's what they called her Marianne Williamson and ten people they had to bring onto a plus so they wasted another five minutes and tweeted at that time this is interminable or something to that effect. I'm paraphrasing. I'm not reading my tweet from last night but but then I made a prediction I said at this rate the first question isn't even going to be asked until eight fifteen. 'cause you know they were going to go to a commercial break. I was kind of being facetious breath but after they introduced began wants commercials and when they came back they came back from commercials and then they gave each of the candidates a minute for an introductory statement the first stop was you know the bottom of the Totem Pole there Dr Steve Bullock of Watcher McCall it of Wyoming Sorry Wyoming is not really top top of mind these days wherever and sure enough he started talking about what what his gave his opening statement at eight fifteen. I was going to say the good news that they went longer but I'm not so sure. That was a good thing. Oh my God I guess I should I should start with what's news and give you what I what I have today. There are few things I don't even know if I should I let me let me finish my little <hes> my my my observations on it before we hit what's news and then I'll open up the phone lines the I thought God and made no secret of the fact that N._B._C. Most specifically M._S._N._B._C. has been in the tank for derailing Bernie Sanders. They sabotage him whenever possible they ignore him the New York Times they all ignore him when they can and when they can't ignore him they just smear him. There were at least well C._N._N.. Did a thing where they'd put up the question on the Chiron so you could see if the candidate was actually answering the question that was asked and on at least two occasions the questions were meant to smear Bernie Sanders and I look I know I'm sensitive to this but really okay. Listen to this. This is Jake Tapper asking a question to John. Franken looper Hickenlooper sorry and the question tion reads is sanders too extreme to be donald trump now. This is a question for another candidate and basically Jake Tapper said here's your chance to smear Bernie Sanders and say why he's unelectable seriously in poll after poll Democratic voters say they want a candidate who can beat president trump more than they want a candidate who agrees with them on major issues governor Hickenlooper Kluber. You ran a facebook ad that warned quote socialism is not the answer the ad also said quote. Don't let extremes give trump four more years josh. Are you saying that Senator Sanders is too extreme to be president trump. WHO's writing the policies of this notion that you're going to take private insurance way from one hundred and eighty l. shut up Hickenlooper had nothing constructive to say so? You know what that's okay the next few questions later this time it was down a bash not Dana Bash Danna Bash with a question to Tim Ryan. How concerned are you about about Bernie Sanders plan to end gasoline powered cars really because you really you need to take this time to just smear Bernie Sanders go for it Congressman Ryan we are here in Michigan where there are about one hundred eighty thousand workers in auto manufacturing? Your state of Ohio has around ninety six thousand workers in that Industry Senator Sanders is co sponsoring a bill that would eliminate new gas powered car sales by Bernie Sanders again the number of auto workers in your state. How concerned are you about Senator Sanders Plan? How could that's the the question for presidential candidate Tim Ryan? How concerned are you about? Bernie Sanders plan seriously. That's that's the question they did this throughout the evening. It would have been funny if it wasn't so fucked up all right. I want to know what you think. As I just wrote on twitter. I actually made a I don't have a lot of money and you know that that John we're. We're in financial straits over here but after last night's debate I gotTa admit it I was I was I was tempted did by Bernie Sanders people who were so on it that <hes> after let's say if I after this I'm GonNa play for you. Another segment. They immediately came out with the bumper sticker. So after this I donate a ten bucks to Bernie Sanders one because I thought he deserved it in two because I wanted wanted the bumper sticker if medicare for all his enacted there are more than six hundred thousand union members here in Michigan who would be forced to give up their private healthcare plans. Now I understand stand that it would provide universal coverage but can you guarantee those union members that the benefits under Medicare for all will be as good as the benefits that their representatives their union union reps fought hard to negotiate to Clinton's they will be better because Medicare for all is comprehensive covers. All healthcare needs for senior citizens. Oh we'll finally include include dental care hearing aids and eyeglasses second of all you don't know second of all when I wrote the bill and I wrote the Damn Bill Okay so that was Tim Ryan of Ohio who jumped in to say you don't know that Bernie's response I do know I wrote the damn bill his people. This is how on top of it they are. They immediately put out a tweet in a an email and said and came up with a mockup of a bumper sticker picture Bernie Sanders and he says I says I wrote the Damn Bill Awesome some yeah and what it Tim Ryan do today. Well Tim Ryan hold on. I got it. Let me see if I can pull this up and show it to you. It is <hes> hold on. I gotta find it because it's really good a really bad but good <hes> if I can find it if I can find it damn it so tim oh here it is Tim Ryan tweets out if we truly care about lifting up every voice and fighting riding on behalf of the issues that keep Americans up at night let's start by making our conversations civil and productive and he put up a graphic that in all caps in writing all caps as akin to yelling just saying in all caps. It says you don't have to yell and underneath it says Tim Ryan Twenty Twenty so of course I had to re tweet it and I wrote Oh my God. What an idiot there are some things in life worth yelling about you? Just don't get it go home home so anyway but but Bernie's not the only one that I donate it to after last night's debate because Oh my God Elizabeth Breath Warren was on fire and yes I don't think they planned it but they agree on virtually everything and so obviously right out of the gate the first topic that came up for discussion it was a question too Bernie Sanders who was the highest polling contestant contestant on the stage after all. It's a game show. That's how they're printing trading it. That's how we'll discuss it. It was about Medicare for all and they do jake tapper tried to <hes> for for whatever reason they asked John Delaney. I'm drawing a blank. I can't remember where John Delaney's from but it doesn't really matter frankly because John Delaney needs skull him too but so they tried to fos the every question was asked with with the intention of fostering conflict between two of the candidates they just wanted to start fights so here's the opening exchange on medicare for all it started with Bernie Sanders and John Delaney and then Elizabeth Warren of course got into the Action Congressman Crispin Delaney just referred to it as bad policy and previously he has called the idea political suicide that will just get president trump reelected. What do you say to Congressman Delaney wrong absolutely right now we have a dysfunctional functional healthcare system eighty seven million uninsured or underinsured yet five hundred thousand dollars five hundred thousand Americans every going bankrupt because of medical bills thirty thousand people dying while the healthcare industry makes tens of billions of dollars in profit five five minutes away from John is country it called Canada they guarantee healthcare every man woman and child as a human right they spend half of what we spent and yet by the way when you end up in a hospital in Canada you come out with no bill at all is a human right not a privilege leave I will for that? Thank you Senator Sanders Congressman Delaney. I'm right about this. Oh yeah can create universal Their health insurance is illegal. My Dad Union electrician loved the healthcare he got from the I._B.. W he would never want someone to take that away half of Medicare here beneficiaries now have Medicare advantage which is private insurance or supplemental plans. It's also bad policy. It'll underfund the industry many congressman thank you congressman minutes mentioned. We're GONNA come to you in one second but let me go to Senator Sanders right now Sanders Bernie the fact of the matter is tens of millions of people lose their health insurance every single year yes. They changed jobs. Yes employer changes that insurance yet if you want stability stability in the healthcare system if you want a system which gives you freedom of choice with regard to doctor or hospital which is a system which will not bankrupt brought you the answer is to get rid of the profiteering of the companies and the insurance companies to Medicare okay so then finally Elizabeth Warren gets in on it so look. Let's be clear about this. We are the Democrats. We are not about trying to take away healthcare from anyone. That's what the Republicans Republicans are trying. That's what the kids do. The problem is talking points in order to talk with each other about how the best provide yeah absolutely and that's what they were getting from John Delaney from Tim Ryan from <hes> Bullock Steve Bullock. I'm trying to look at the other you know I was not very good at pulling clips from a lot of the candidates because frankly most of them just really sucked hind tit. I'm not sure what that expression means. I've just heard it and I know it's bad anyway but then they went back again so so at one point point they go back to Delaney again for whatever reason they kept asking Delaney questions me thinks they were trying to push delaney and if you stayed for the after show if we're if you went over to M._S._N._B._C. for the after show your tweeted too crazy tweety who needs to retire already who ah you know him and Brian Williams and and frankly Lawrence O'Donnell who were all saying what a great night Tim Ryan had excuse me anyway so they go back to Delaney to keep you know bad mouthing the idea of Medicare for all when he refers to healthcare as a business and Bernie jumps in with a very quick reprimand kind of on the only only one of the stage who actually has experienced in the healthcare business and with all due respect. I don't think my colleagues understand the business. We have the public offshore race. It's a business. It's not a business and at one point. Let me see if I I don't know if I even pulled this. Delaney says Ou Bernie earlier let it slip that that he wants the Healthcare Industry to be nonprofit yeah point being it wasn't a slip. It's should be nonprofit. Nobody should be making money on the backs of our our illnesses. It doesn't mean doctors shouldn't earn a great living they do in all those European socialist countries that have health care as a basic human right a doctor you know because a lot of education does goes through a lot of school. A lot of training deserves to be paid very nice salary. What doesn't belong in the healthcare so-called industry are stockholders who who uh who decide that they want to hide it was the smallest one therefore the least milk? Thank you very much now. I know where that expression came from my husband Fond of information anyway the lost my train of thought I was too busy thinking about the poor dog who gets stuck with the unproductive reductive tit anyway it should be nonprofit. Hospitals should make enough money to to pay hey there staff to keep up the facilities to stay on the cutting edge of medical technology but they shouldn't be paying off shareholders making being a prophet drugmakers should take use the money for research but they shouldn't be paying out multi-million dollar salaries to their C._E._O.'s. E._E._O.'s health care is a public service. It should not be a for profit entity and Oh my God <hes> Delaney just just couldn't understand that in fact here's an example afterwards on M._S._N._B._C. Tweety Chris Matthews. Why does this man still have a job was in the Spin Room in Detroit and oh boy he got what he got John Delaney? Oh I'm so excited. Oh my God sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry Arnaud Echo Echo Echo quiet now tonight to go after the Progressives aggressives you Ryan. Let's see bullock and Hickenlooper okay. Your line was free. Everything is that what you think of the progressives awesome free every that's where they're going like writing off every student loan right everyone what about the the person who just paid off their loans. They're gonNA feel like fools. What about the kids? We're about to go to school school and borrow money. I mean what about the little kids back. I voted acute back. No one another child who's used back one of these people for President after tonight to Back Act Sanders. You say you're in this race to socialism would you could you vote for Sanders. Yes I'm going to support the Democrat John Wallis President. We have uh-huh centers while he's he's GonNa. He's running as a Democrat. I'm going to work really hard to change his mind but I'm going to win so I don't have to worry about. Oh Yeah Delaney's going to win so he doesn't have to worry about it. That's not the clip I was looking for. They must have talked for a good ten minutes and don't worry. I'm not going to subject you to ten minutes of Tweety Ian John Delaney. Oh my God that's torture but sorry about the Echo Echo Echo. It's it's my my computer which I have to treat with kid gloves anyway John Delaney in fact a piece. I'm not gonNA play what's News. Maybe at the end of the show so I put together. There were a little montage from the opening statements. This is how they started. Okay every fights gotTA fight socialism so everybody I had in opening statement. Here's a little montage of a little bit from each of the candidates so you can get a taste because frankly they're not all represented equally here on the show today so that's the wrong one sorry here. I'm not going to subject you to that again all right. Here's the opening statement montage time now for opening statements. You'll eat receive one minute. Steve Bullock. Please begin our progressive emphasis on progress <music>. I'm running for president to get stuff done for all those Americans Washington is left behind Marion Williamson. Conventional Politics will not solve this problem because conventional politics is part of the problem me. The American people must rise up and do what we do best and create a new possibility say no to what we don't want and yes to what we know can be. I'm Marianne Williamson and that's why I'm running events John Delaney. Oh No we have a choice we can go down the road that Senator Sanders and Senator Warren Yes yes please with bad policies like Medicare for all free everything and impossible promises it'll turn off independent voters and get trump congressman. I'm here to say this isn't about left to right. No no this is about new and better and it's not about okay warming old systems <hes> it's about building new systems tonight I will offer solutions that are bold realistic really and that are a clean break from the past he didn't governor you start wondering oh frank mind solutions to problems to make sure that we that we worked together and created jobs. That's how we'RE GOING TO BE DONALD TRUMP. That's how we're going to win Michigan and the country Cornell Senator Amy Klobuchar. Let's get real. That's how y'all better. Let's get real this moment of truth. Let us pursue our national promise I and may be more perfect union of everyone by everyone now and for everyone how we're not going to be able to meet this moment by recycling the same arguments policies and politicians that have dominated Washington for as long as I have been alive. We've got to summon the courage to walk away from the past and do something different okay. This is our shot. That is why I'm running for president. Senator Elizabeth Warren Donald Trump disgraces is the office of presidents every single day and anyone on this stage tonight or tomorrow night would be far better president. I I promise no matter who our candidate is. I will work my heart out to beat Donald Trump and to elect a democrat of you Bernie Sanders we I've got to take on trump's racism is sexism set of phobia and come together in an unprecedented grassroots movement to not early defeat trump but to transform our economy and all right so there was the taste of the opening statements again. You know someone in the in the Youtube Chat Room just said Oh my God tonight is GonNa be just I missed the exact language but painful. It's going to be painful and I'll tell you on a night when on the first night obviously it was a Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Warren Sanders whoever you WANNA put it. The two of them were on fire despite the best efforts of the Pundit class on C._N._N.. And M._S._N._B._C. do did their best says smear smear them on every front. It was truly just other worldly opposite worldly in fact we're up as down in his out red is purple it. It was insane. I'm just we've got a guest coming up in a few minutes but <hes> let me play another clip for you. I mentioned how a by the way someone asked. was there any talk of impeachment. No there was no questions shins about children family separations at the border no question about locking people in cages no question about impeachment no question about Donald Trump no question about about mueller or the molar report no questions about any of that stuff but they try to start fights like here Senator Warren you make it a point to say that you're a capitalist. Is that your way of convincing voters that you might be a safer choice than Senator Sanders no my way of talking about I know how to fight and I we know how to win. I took on giant banks and I beat them. I took on Wall Street and see does and their lobbyists obvious and their lawyers and I beat them. I took on a popular Republican incumbent senator and I beat them. I remember when people said Barack. Obama couldn't get elected did shoot. I remember when people said Donald Trump. Oh yeah here's where we are. I get it there is a lot at stake and people we'll are scared but we choose a candidate. We don't believe in just because we're too scared to do anything else and we can't ask other go to vote for a candidate. We don't believe in Democrats win when we figure out what is right and we get out there and fight for it. I am not afraid and for Democrats to win. You can't be afraid either. You go live. Oh my God. That's why I Love Elizabeth Warren Karen. I was just going to pull up here. I've got I've got my lizzy and my Bernie action figures standing by there at the ready. What do you think thank president and Vice President Co presidents? Let's break them old. Let's do things differently. Oh and you want to hear Elizabeth Warren Pudding John Delaney in its place Congressman Delaney your response so I think Democrats win when we run on real solutions. It's not impossible promises when we run on things that are workable not fairy tale economics look at this story of Detroit. This amazing city that we're in this city is turning turning around because the government and the private sector or working well together that has to be our model going forward. We need to encourage COLLABORATION NATION BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT The private sector nonprofit sector and focus on those kitchen table pocketbook issues that mattered a hardworking Americans building infrastructure creating getting jobs improving their pay universal health care. I don't understand why does to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can't do should want that said at aw all right. We've got more clips to play. I did line up a guest for today to join with us in our conversation about the debate and all things insane about our world so somebody I just met frankly and actually I was introduced to her by one of you guys a listener who said you need to talk to the women behind the Muller. She wrote podcast so there's a muller she wrote podcast the extra points for great name and I. I should probably wait to make sure she picks up. Je Lisa Johnson is one of the CO hosts of the muller she wrote podcast and the daily beans pod and she also hosts the racial Matto show. I you know again. Impose extra points for and I don't think she picked up. Hello Lisa John. She's not there and and we went back and forth on twitter a little while ago to make sure she was going to be there anyway. I think she watched the thing last night. It's it's an interesting format they have it's three women but you know what we'll call her back in a few minutes and see in the meantime the phone lines are open nine five four eight eight nine six four one hour. You can skype into Nicole Sandler all right so I played for you earlier. I'm just going down the line now earlier. I played you know what let me I'll get back to burn in a few minutes. <hes> I need to talk for a moment about Marianne Williamson now. She's been on the show in fact you can go to my podcast page. You just search on in Nicole Sandler dot com Marianne Marion Williamson and you'll find the interview I did with her a couple of months ago probably some that I did a few years ago when she was running for Senate from California as well <hes> but Marianne Williamson took a lot of Gulf huff stuff after the first debate because she came off kind of <unk> Ole flaky. I admit it but I'll tell you something boy. She was on fire last night in fact. I'm GONNA play for you a couple of her answers. Let's start with this one where they weren't Detroit and actually it was Marianne. I believe who I brought up the flint water crisis. It's my response on the flint. Water crisis says it is just the tip of the iceberg. I was recently in Denmark South Carolina Awesome I assure you I lived in Grosse Pointe. What happened in Flint would not have happened in Grosse Pointe? This is part of the dark underbelly of American racism bigotry and the entire conversation that we're having here tonight. If you think any of this won't gain this is going to deal with this dark. Psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president president is bringing up in this country then. I'm afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days. We need to say it like it is it's bigger than flint. It's all over. This country is particularly. The people of Color is particularly people who do not have the money to fight back and if the Democrats don't start saying it. Why would those people feel that they're there for us and if those people don't feel that good for her right wow at Grosse Pointe for those who don't know that's where all the <hes> you know the top level auto executives lived a great movie great soundtrack Grosse Pointe Blank? It's about a Hitman in Grosse Pointe with a great soundtrack but I digress great answer right she had more but our guest will not be here today. Just let me a bit of frustration. There's a woman who is involved in at least three podcasts. She knows what it's like by. She's got two co host so so I guess it doesn't matter to her but <hes> booked her last week gave her the time she apparently got confused so I got a <hes> a a message from her earlier in the day. She wrote Hi Nicole sorry. I was confused about the time zones when I scheduled appointment but I was able to move at Bat oh earlier. She said that she has an appointment at at three o'clock she said how long do you think will be on the air have an emergency appointment to get to at noon. Well L. Newnan California's three here. I told her three thirty anyway she she said sorry. I was confused. I'm I was able to move at back. We're still on for three. I said it'll be three thirty twelve thirty your time. She said great awesome talk to you then while she sent me a message at three ten ten minutes after it was on the one I gave her every opportunity ready to say now. I can't make it a three ten. She said Hey Nicole turns out. I'm not going to be able to make it after all. I just found out that the emergency meeting I have to be at can't be pushed back after all so sorry about the short notice. Thanks for the opportunity. You know no big deal. I got plenty of stuff to talk about but seriously wow that's just I'm. I'm sorry that's just rude but okay back to back to this so we played Marian Williams great rant about flint a few minutes it's later they actually went back to her again and this was the answer that got the biggest response of the night and it was about reparations. Here's what she had to say. Miss Williamson Miniature opponents support a commission to study the issue of reparations for slavery but you're calling for up to five hundred billion dollars financial assistance. What makes you qualified to determine how much is owed in reparations well first of all? It's not five hundred billion dollars in financial cancel assistance. It's five hundred billion dollars two hundred to five hundred billion dollars payment of a debt that is owed that is what reparation is okay. We need some deep hey to telling when it comes. We don't need another commission to look at evidence. I appreciate what Congressman Orca said it is time for us to simply realize that this country will not he'll be all the country is as a collection of people people when there are some deep truth telling we need to recognize that when it comes to the economic gap between between blacks and whites in America it does come from a great injustice that has never been dealt with that great injustice has had to do with the fact that there was two hundred and fifty years years of slavery followed by another hundred hundred years of domestic terrorism. What makes me qualify to say two hundred to five hundred billion dollars? I'll tell you what makes me qualified defied if you did the math of the forty acres and a mule given that there was four to five million slaves at the end of the civil war there and they were probably forty acres and a mule for every family of four if you did the math today it would be trillions of dollars and I believe in anything less than one hundred billion dollars is is an insult in salt and I believe the two hundred to five hundred billion is politically feasible today because so many Americans realize there is an injustice that continues to form a tough talks will today underneath the surface an emotional turbulence. Thank you very much yes. I mean good for her look. I admit I'm I'm not got the right person to weigh in on reparations. I'm still trying to figure it out. I know there are a few factions that are not on the same page and if anybody has any ideas of who the right person to talk to about it is please let me know because I'm I'm trying to figure out who I mark. Thompson mm send formerly of Sirius X._M.. Keep saying he'll come on and talk to me about it. I mean it was a dust up over that very issue and that people that got him fired from X._M.. He's very well informed well versed and opinionated on the subject so again that that was that was an amazing take reparations for Marianne Williamson who the corporate media just wants to paint as a flake turns out. She's a spiritual virtual teacher of a lot of people. She radiates positively in love now. Do I think she should be president no but does she have something good to add to the conversation. especially the way things are today fuck yeah. Hell Hell Yeah and frankly. I'm glad she got to say the things she said. Last night you know again it was Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders and Marianne Williamson who spoke truth to power last night here was I wonder I don't know I know what the answer is about. I'm trying to see if I can figure out what the question was that they asked here. It was at <hes> shoot. I don't even know where where it was that it was a Elizabeth war okay. I'm just GONNA play it has to do with the trump administration's tendency towards white supremacism. Tom And Elizabeth Warren nailed it. How are you going to combat the rise of white supremacy? We need to call out white supremacy for what it is domestic terrorism in the country now where the president is advancing environmental racism economic AMAC Racism Criminal Justice Racism Healthcare racism the way we do better is to fight back and show something better so I have a plan for example on education that says we have to build a better education system for all our kids but we've got to acknowledge what's happened on race so my plan has universal tuition free college for all of our kids Glenn also increases the pell grants and levels the playing Seinfield by putting fifty billion dollars into historically black colleges and universities loan for ninety five percent of the kids with student loan debt and helps close the black white wealth gap in America you go Elizabeth Warren then they turn to Pete Bondage. Pete Buddha judge has had some problems with race relations in his town of South Bend Indiana and he was asked you know what he would do about white supremacy advantages you have been criticized for your handling of racial issues in your home city from diversity resource to housing policy yeah given your record. How can you convince African Americans that you should be the Democratic nominee as an urban mayor diver as a what he's mayor of South Bend Indiana in diverse communities as an urban mayor urban okay? I heard that racial divide lives within me. I'm not saying saying that I became mayor and racism or crime or poverty ended on my watch but in our city we have come together repeatedly to tackle challenges like like no you have far too. Many people were not getting the help they need it in their housing and so we directed it to historically underinvested African-amer no now in the wake of a this is all not true he total and he gets into it at the end of the clip. I don't know if we're GONNA make it for another forty nine seconds. Frankly they're going to have to queue in a bit because what I noticed about. Mayor Pete's answers last night is he spends a lot of time saying what the situation is his now but never says what he'll do to fix it. At the end of this Lawrence long tortured answer. I are queuing pain. We'll be taken less seriously as long as you apply for a job and you are black. You are less likely to be called just because of the name is why proposed that we do everything from investing in historically shortly redline neighborhood and build blackwell's in holes to supporting entrepreneurship for thinking on you knocked down the homes in red line and areas he knocked down the homes of people who were behind on their water bills. Not a fan repeat just saying yes mayor Pete also has a police shooting. He can't run from all right so there is mayor Pete sorry nonstarter but but then they went back to Delaney again but I learned something about John Delaney that Tourre P- whoever the hell is former congressman from some state John Delaney is worth sixty five million dollars holy shit progress will go any coming to you now. Your estimated network is more than sixty five million dollars that would make you subjects as Senator Warren's proposed wealth tax on the assets of the richest seventy five thousand homes households or so so in the United States do you center warns wealth taxes a fair way to fund childcare and education. I think wealthy Americans have to pay more. Yes when I grow a blue collar family I in my family to go to college became a successful entrepreneur create. Thousands of jobs supported thousands of entrepreneurs all around this country and I've done well financially. I think I should pay more than tax. I think wealthy Americans should pay more in tax but we have to have a real solution. The real solution is to raise the capital gains rates. There is no reason why people who invest buddy should pay less than people who work for a living. That's ridiculous. It's the biggest loophole in our tax code was rubbing her palms together species and if we don't raise if we raised their taxes they won't invest. That's cool easy it. That's how we get more revenues from wealthy individuals. We roll back the trump tax cuts to wealthy individuals. I think the wealthy tax will be fought in court forever. It's arguably unconstitutional in the countries that have had it have largely abandoned it because it's impossible which one here again John Solutions. It's not impossible. Promises thank you raise. The capital gains tax taxes on wealthy Americans thing when our first few up so so then and Elizabeth Warren gets to respond. Take it away Liz so I m proposed a wealth tax. It's now time to do that yesterday. It's time to tax the the top one tenth of one percent of fortunes in this country your first fifty million dollars you can keep free and clear but you're fifty million first dollar you you got to pitch in to to center. What can America do with two we can provide universal child care for every baby in this is country age zero to five we can provide universal pre-k for every three year old and four year old we can raise the wages of every child Oh care worker in Preschool teacher? In this country we can provide universal tuition free college. We can expand Pale we can put fifty billion dollars into into our historically black colleges and universities and we can cancel student loan debt for ninety five percent of the people who have it and start to close the wealth gap gap in America. It tells you how badly broken this economy is from the wealthiest in this country congress invest in the rest. It's not about whether wealthy this is not about whether wealthy American should pay more. I think we're all in agreement on that. It's a question of you have a real solution to make it happen yes she does. She's got a plan for that. How about you Johnny Johnny Delaney? I don't think you do Johnny. You just want to keep that sixty eighty five million dollars for yourself not pay taxes on it. Well guess what John and I want to extend that fuck you to Steve Bullock. I know I haven't given you much from Steve Bullock but let's do it in this context Steve Bullock of course who likes to tout that he is a two term Democratic governor from a very red state Wyoming well the question here had to do with Nuclear Weapons and Elizabeth Warren had a very sensible take on it a- and Steve Bullock Disagreed Senator Warren you WanNa make it U._S.. Policy that the U._S. will never use a nuclear weapon unless another country uses one. I know President Obama reportedly considered that policy but ultimately decided against it. Why should the U._S. tie its own hands with that policy my God because loaded question safer the United States is not going to use nuclear weapons preemptively thank you we need to say so to the entire world? Thank you reduces the likelihood that someone miscalculate someone misunderstands our first responsibility to to keep ourselves safe and what's happening right now with Donald trump as they keep expanding the different ways that we have nuclear weapons different ways that they could be used US puts us all at risk. You know we talk about what's happening around the world. I have thrilled brothers who served in the military. I see they would do anything. Our military is the best on earth but we should not be asking our military to take on jobs that do not have a a military solution we need to use our diplomatic tools our economic tools and if we're gonNA send someone into war. We better have a plan for how how we're going to get them out on the other end okay like her answer. Steve Bullock weighs in next. Thank you Senator Governor Bullock your response to senator warrants proposal closer to the U._S.. Never use a nuclear weapon. I I wouldn't want to take that off the table. I think America's strength we have to be vulgar. We can do it again. Dan I hope certainly in my term or anyone else. Would we really even get close to pull them that trigger but by by the same token this guy talks like a toss for country destroy America America First America is no longer trusts astor's going from a position of strength. We should be negotiating down so there aren't nuclear weapons new keillor. There aren't nuclear weapons since Elizabeth Warren straighten him out at a time when Donald trump is pulling out of our nuclear negotiations expanding the opportunities is for nuclear proliferation around the world has pulled us out of the deal Sir and closer to nuclear warfare we have to have an announced policy that has won the entire world can live with. We need to make that clear we will respond respond okay so governor bullock was given the last word here you need need to hear what he had to say. Brace yourself part I agree with but by the Senate like we by the way hold on what what what what okay so I need to hear that again. Listen carefully part I agree with yeah but by the seller in fact nuclear proliferation proliferation what reducing the same juicing oh I get it Korea not proliferation but getting rid of them all right. I'll shut up this time so you can hear it without without me. exasperatingly authoritatively making words part I agree with but by the throat like we need to get back to nuclear proliferation but when you hatful proliferation reducing the same time when you actually have career when you have others I I don't want to turn around and say well. Detroit has to be gone before we would ever use that when so many crazy folks are getting closer down nuclear weapons I don't I want them to think I could strike this country and I and we the United States of America wouldn't do a thing part of the strategy really is the ability ability so thank you very much moving on moving on now please. No this is not an important of subject. Forget it Bernie you don't get to away and Elizabeth Warren. We'll leave it at that brilliant statement from Steve Bullock. Oh God I didn't play for you his. I didn't in pay for play for you. His comments on immigration get ready for this Steve Bullock Democrat from Wyoming. How can Democrats trust you to be the leader on this white for gun safety when you only change your position to call for an assault weapons ban last summer I oh I didn't even realize that this was supposed to be a question about gun safety because in my notes it says immigration because he evolves into some strange means language here of American households? I'm a gun owner. I hunt like far too many people in America. I've been personally impacted by gun. Nonviolence had an eleven year old nephew Jeremy Shot and killed on a playground. We need to start looking at this as a public health issue do not a political issue K.. I agree with Senator Globe Ajar. It is the N._R._A.. And it's not just gun violence. It's when we talk about climate when we talk about prescription drug costs <hes> Washington D._C.. Is captured by dark money the coke brothers. That's been the fight of my career in the coke brothers out of Montana Montana taking the first case after citizens denied it up to the Supreme Court making it so that elections are about people that's the way we're actually GONNA make a change on on this dawn is by changing that system and most of the things that folks are talking about on the stage. We're not going to address until we kicked dark. Money and the posters is not corporate spending until we kicked dark money and the what and the one day J- We're not going to address until we kicked dark money and the posters you're not corporate spending. I'm sorry and the what until we kicked dark money and the posters corporate spending out of these elections I have no idea Nia authentic frontier gibberish. Yes it is I do have one positive clip from Pete Buddha judge I mean the guy's is a smart guy right and he said something that I agree with one hundred percent in fact. I've said it here on this program before. Take it away Pete. It is time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say look. If if if it's true that if we embrace ace a far left agenda they're going to say we're a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a conservative agenda you know they're going to do. They're going to say we're a bunch of crazy socialists so let's just to stand up for the right policy go out there and defended and in fact John Delaney he's back when on the Fox the Fox News news channel and I didn't pull the clip 'cause I mean really but here let me see if I can even find this apparently apparently John Delaney went on Fox. Let me see if I if I have it here. Wow C._N._N.'s first democratic debate drew eight point seven million viewers worse <hes> mum of course. I'm not going to be able to find this because I'm looking for it <hes> Um. I don't know where it is okay. There's that Pete but a judge clip. I don't know but yeah God. It's just he did John Delaney has been. I played one of the clips with Chris Matthews last night. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA play one more clip if I can if this'll work. Do I have the artist south right yeah all right. So I told you tweedy that would be Chris. Matthews was in the Spin Room at M._S._N._B._C. at the at the debate last night four a hold on. I'm trying to change this picture so I can. You'll see Tweedie and Elizabeth Warren when I play it <hes> so <hes> Anyway Ah let me just play a little bit of of Chris Matthews Badgering Elizabeth Warren over hurt not saying her refusal to say that she'll ray that people will pay more in taxes on Medicare for all the point. She's trying to make is that actually their overall expenses dances will go down but listen to Chris Matthews and watch him if you're on youtube badgering her to get her to say what he wanted her to say and she wouldn't budge. Here's the clip we gotta remember Basic Model Insurance come you take it as much money as you can't have. Premiums have this little in healthcare. They don't have the money how to pay for their own necessary treatment. They will have it under your plan. Where does it come from so costs are GonNa go up for the bazillionaires? It's going to show up for the big corporation operations but out of pocket costs for middle class families actually going to go. They will go down in the campaign. Thought now Medicare won't been paying since so I was fifteen in Spain Medicare for fifty or sixty five with the idea you'll survive. Maybe fifteen more years. If you have many for life where government government urban health insurance you'll have to have more benefits and Bernie silent about eyeglasses hearing aids everything live on your payroll. They walk up tonight. I know you're saying how much your taxes go up and you'd say you is your your costs going to every question how much we are tax rates how much your cost much. It's how much families end up struggling argument the Republicans did a study and they hope to show that Medicare for all was going to bust the budget and you remember what it ended up showing showing that Medicare for all cheaper than our current system. That's the Republican jozy argument that you put it all together. Reduce the cost healthcare premiums and you'll get more benefits there for you Beckham out ahead but will you pay more in taxes this question because that's a Republican talking point. It's not a Republican probably 'cause it's a question about where people are going to come out economically. Mike how much will exco up I spent most of my life studying families that went broke and a huge chunk of them went broke because a high medical bills and many of them had health insurance so the question is not. Do you have health insurance or not have health insurance. The question is how heart you're going to have to dig in your pocket today. Gusty answer that you'd like to give all right. That's enough of that so so there you hear Chris. Matthews views went on like that with Elizabeth Warren arguing with her about the point. She's trying to make for good five minutes N._B._C.. It is time for Chris Matthews to retire wallner add it. You may want to shit can so many of your pundits. The Republican can never trumpers. I respect the fact that they're never trumpers but they're not Democrats and to have people like Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin and David Jolly and it goes on and on and on telling me who we should vote for. I think not what they're Republicans. Tell them to go figure out who the Republicans want to vote for to get Donald Trump out of office but don't tell me how to be a good liberal. I've been one my whole life. I certainly don't need advice from the likes of Bill Bill Kristol. John Putt Hauritz any of these CREIGHTON's they constantly try it out and put on the Air Rick Santorum C._N._N.. Unreal Claire mccaskill M._S._N._B._C. no thank you. I turned off all of the punditry last night because it was all so oh disgusting because they're trying to tell us that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders weren't the big winners last night. Yeah keep thinking that well enjoy tonight. I'll watch so you don't have to. We'll do it again. Tomorrow and Howie Klein will be here to thanks for listening. Everyone take an an extra bong hit for me. See a lighter by the news. It's it's time for Nicole. Sandler's what's news from Nicole Sandler Dot Com and the progressive voices network night. One of the second round of Democratic presidential primary debates is over over and the big loser was C. N. N. or more accurately the American electorate. It was apparent that C._N._N.. would be an issue just judging from the overblown and ridiculous program introduction in this audience is eager to hear what they have to say right now. The road to the White House drives through Detroit. The Democrats are in Michigan again for premier event a defining moment that will determine who gets left behind and who takes on President trump chance chance there is no middle ground. Don't let anybody tell you that freedom is a conservative value in is an American value tonight a fight for the the party Senator Bernie Sanders determined to seize his second chance at the nomination question of getting our priorities right going head to head with Senator Elizabeth Warren Longtime friends fighting for the same cause and the same voters way should dream big eh and that intro ran two minutes and forty six seconds then they introduced all ten candidates individually and have walk out onto the front of the stage to applause wasting more precious time that could have been used for longer answers perhaps anyway they finally got underway away. After a commercial break about eight fourteen when Montana Governor Steve Bullock began his opening statement time now for opening statements statements you'll each received one minute governor Steve Bullock. Please begin our progressive emphasis on progress and I'm running for president to get stuff done for all those those Americans Washington is left behind Marianne Williamson we the American people must rise up and do what we do best and create a new possibility say no to what we don't don't want and yes to what we know can be true. I'm Marianne Williamson and that's why I'm running for president. Congressman John Delaney Folks Joyce. We can go down down the road that Senator Sanders and Senator Warren WanNa take us with his with bad policies like Medicare for all three everything and impossible promises it'll turn off independent voters and get trump reelected congressman. Tim Ryan and I'm here to say this isn't about left to right. This is about new and and better and it's not about reforming old systems. It's about building new systems tonight. I will offer solutions that are bowl that are realistic and that are a clean break from the past governor John Hickenlooper to provide solutions to problems problems to make sure that we that we work together and created jobs. That's how we'RE GOING TO BE DONALD TRUMP. That's how we're going to win Michigan and the country Senator Amy Klobuchar Dr. Let's get real congressman Beto work at this moment of truth. Let's pursue our national promise and make a more perfect union rian of everyone by everyone and for everyone may appear footage. We're not going to be able to meet this moment by recycling the same arguments arguments policies and politicians that have dominated Washington for as long as I have been alive. We've got to summon the courage to walk away from the past and do something different. This is our shot. That is why I'm running for president. Senator Elizabeth Warren Donald Trump disgraces the office of presidents every every single day and anyone on this stage tonight or tomorrow night would be far better president. I promise no matter who our candidate is I will work my heart APP to Donald Trump and to elect a democratic congress. Senator Bernie Sanders we got to take on trump's racism is sexism xenophobia and come together in an unprecedented grassroots movement the not only defeat trump but to transform our economy the government and that's how it began. We have a thorough recap of debate night. One on the Wednesday edition of Nicole Sandler show airing at five P._M.. Eastern two you Pacific on the progressive voices network or you can hear it via the podcast which is available at Nicole Sandler Dot com although the media tried to turn it into a cage match between Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren the two progressives had a different idea instead of taking C._N._N.'s bait they sort of teamed up to defend their progressive programs than ideas against the Conservatives on the panel. The New York Times reported quote there was former representative John Delaney of Maryland who accused Mr Sanders and Ms Warren of making quote Fairytale Very Tell Promises Governor Steve Bullock Montana who lamented liberal quote wishlist economics and former Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado employing flooring the left not to overreach and quote Fedex the election to Donald Trump while the debate was happening California Representative Judy Chu became the one hundred but in sixteen th House Democrats to call for impeachment. Just two more will put the DEM's over the fifty percent mark

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