1812, Madison vs. Clinton: The Wartime Candidate


It's July thirtieth. Eighteen O to the echo of two shots crack off the banks of we Hawkin New Jersey. Two men stand ten paces apart newly elected New York. Senator dewitt Clinton nephew of former New York Governor George Clinton and John Swart out a longtime political ally of Senator Aaron Burr. Each man holds a smoking pistol in their hands but neither are wounded Clinton and Suard out have exchanged three rounds of fire and so far. No one's been hit smart out second. Looks Concerned Mister sworn out. Are You satisfied sir. I am not neither. Shall I be until until that apology is made which I demanded take this until then we must proceed suard out second takes the piece of paper in his hands and makes his way over to Mr Clinton a statement of apology. Mr Clinton will you sign one exactly. Am I apologizing for please do tell cannot spend our time in conversations. Paper must be signed to bring about an end to this. I will not sign any paper on the subject. I HAVE NO ANIMOSITY AGAINST MR sworn out. I will willingly shake hands and agreed to meet on the score. Reformer reformer friendship. I will never sign this document. We must proceed for the fourth time Clinton and sworn out stand back to back walked. Walk the paces and turn fire this time. Though Clinton Hits Mark Sworn out falls to the ground writing and paint aimed shot just below his left knee suard out second runs to his side. Are You satisfied now sir. It's useless to repeat the question. Determination is fixed. Be reasonable. I never I beg. We proceed. Doctor Dr Runs Swart outside as he removes the ball from his needs suard out moans and Agony Clinton steps forward. I hold no animosity towards you. I'm sorry story for what has passed here today between us. I'm willing to shake hands. Bury their circumstance where it belongs in Oblivion smart climbs to his feet seething and agony Signed the paper. Mr Clinton were take your position for the fifth time. They told their marks walk their paces and take the Clintons shot. Hit sworn out again this time just above the left ankle as sworn falls to the ground Clinton insteps forward and calls out. Are You satisfied Mr Smart out. I'm not Mr Clinton signed the apology or proceed. Clinton shakes his head head in disbelief. You may proceed Sir but you will do so alone. Clinton throws his pistol to the ground walks away from the doing grounds befuddled sworn out turns to a second asks. What do I do now? There's nothing left for you to do. Might suggest we get you to a hospital but you lose your leg. Swart out writhes in pain dewitt Clinton climbs in his boat pushes out for Manhattan. He's lucky to be alive alive and grateful his honor and reputation remain intact. dewitt Clinton the recently elected senator from New York has his sights set on higher office to achieve his goal. 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If you're ready to boost your business do it with wicks go to wakes DOT COM. That's W. I.. X. Dot Com and use code elections to get ten percent off premium I'm Lindsey Graham and this is wicked game. Uh dewitt Clinton like his uncle. George Clinton was a prominent democratic Republican politician. In New York in eighteen go to dewitt was elected to the United States Senate. He went on to serve as the mayor of New York. City and governor of New York state also like his uncle dewitt Clinton and wanted to be president in the upcoming election of eighteen. Twelve Clinton would break away from his party the Democratic Republicans and make a run for the White House he would forge an alliance between disaffected Republicans and their traditional nemesis. That the federalists Clinton supporters from the two warring political factions agreed on few issues but the united around one common cause their taste for president. James Madison especially Madison's posture towards awards. Great Britain in the decades-long conflict between France and Great Britain. The US managed to remain neutral. During Madison's first term that neutrality was put to the test Madison had no choice. But to defend his country against British oppression and defend his presidency against the threat from within the ranks of his own party. This is episode seven eighteen twelve the wartime election. It's May seventeenth eighteen eleven at dawn two warships the US president resident and the HMS. Little Belt are anchored in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina after a lengthy nighttime battle the Americans and the British meat for for parley on the racked deck of the little belt. British sailors are beaten bruised and defeated. American Lieutenant J. or Creighton steps forward and addresses the British British commander. My name is Lieutenant Creighton. Commodore Rodgers of the US president wishes to know your name and rank as well as the name of this ship. The dejected British just captain muster replied. I'm commander Arthur Bingham of the HMS. Little Belt Commander Bingham. Commodore Roger Sends His regards. He wishes you to know how much he regrets. Arrest the unfortunate events of last night unfortunate. Little Belt is shot to pieces. The upper works were completely destroyed. Starboard pompous shattered as I said. Commodore Commodore Rodgers sends his apologies. Amass sails and rigging are beyond repair Sir not to mention upwards of thirty men are wounded or dead. This apology means nothing. It was was an unfortunate and tragic misunderstandings. The rest assured France is your enemy. America is not then why are there so many holes in my ship lieutenant the Commodore or wishes to offer his assistance to you and your crew out very generous. The Commodore also wishes to escort you to the nearest American port. There he will see your shift repaired. Who Sail for Halifax Sir? Not American soil sensing Bingham's frustration. CREIGHTON tries to ease. The tension. Commander had Commodore Rodgers relies. The little belt was merely a sloop not ship of the line. He would have responded differently. I sure you as you know. He was the darkest of nights we were only trying to identify your vessel. You were chasing us Sir and you were fleeing you approach the president and then change course as you must know. Our orders are to protect the American coast. The Commodore had an obligation to investigate. Investigate the obligation of fire on us. The first shot was yours. Sir It certainly was not the little belt fired first. Commodore Rodgers answered inclined signed being grits. His teeth forces down his anger and maintains his composure. Give Commodore Rodgers. My thanks though. I must politely blue decline his offer. We have all the supplies. We need to make repairs at sea. On the journey to Halifax please commend. You are likely to sink in your current condition. We will take our chances as you wish but with your permission we have orders to inspect the little belt before we embark by all means Bingham watches silently as Creighton and the American set about their work. The little belt is a small sloop of war only twenty John's the. US President is a massive passive fourth rate frigate worship the line with fifty four guns and fifteen hundred tons of displacement being knows that he and what remains of his crew are lucky lucky to have survived the attack. He also knows he's not out of danger yet. The little belts moons are nearly fatal with a long sea voyage ahead. Bingham knows that if French warships worship don't overtake him. The treacherous waters of the Atlantic most certainly will now he has another enemy to worry about Americans For many Americans the little belt affair as it would come to be known was payback back for an atrocity that occurred four years prior the Chesapeake Leopard Affair on June twenty second eighteen o seven a British ship the Leopard and stopped and American shift shift the USS Chesapeake. When the American captain had refused to let the British commander Sir his ship for deserters the British had opened fire forcibly boarded the Chesapeake seized American sailors and impress them into service when Commodore Rodgers returned to the port of New York after nearly annihilating the HMS? Little belt he he received a hero's welcome in the minds of many Americans. The British were finally getting a taste of their own medicine. These naval skirmishes were part of an ongoing conflict between the British and the French in eighteen. o Six Franson issued the Berlin decree which banned all trade with neutral parties like the US as well as with their primary. The enemy Great Britain soon friendships had begun. Seizing American merchant vessels the next year. Britain had responded by doing the same when the British needed more sailors. There's to fight the French. The Royal Navy had resorted to impressing American sailors into British service with the support of his Secretary of state. James Madison President. Even Jefferson had responded by signing into law the embargo act of eighteen. O Seven a law banning American ships from trading in all foreign ports Jefferson and Madison. Edison had hoped the embargo would hit the French and British. where it hurt the most their treasuries but the embargo had failed to bring France and Britain negotiating table and instead sent the the US economy into a tailspin? The embargo had been so unpopular and ineffective that it had been revoked in the final days of Jefferson's presidency. But in its it's absence a trade war still raged on and so did the impressment of American sailors on the high seas. The little belt affair showed the simmering conflict between the. US and Great Britain was far from over. After Jefferson refused third-term task of dealing with Great Britain would fall president. James Madison and his response would define the election of eighteen twelve after winning the eighteen. A contest Madison had inherited inherited a divided country and a fractured Republican Party. Madison maintain strong support among a faction of moderate in his party group comprised of a growing class the business professionals estate owners and tenant farmers the Turkey and Quad's led by John Randolph of roanoke. Virginia were a group of extreme constitutional. Oh purists in the Republican party the quids vehemently opposed standing armies and the accumulation of debt and most vociferously war and so so randolph. was deeply worried about another growing faction in the Republican Party. The so-called war hawks a group of younger politicians largely from the South and West led by Henry Clay of Kentucky. Clay had risen to prominence in the wake of the Chesapeake Leopard. Affair by taking a vocal anti-british position Klay they had called Great Britain's actions against the US atrocious proclaiming. I am for resistance by the sword. Clay and the war hawks had won many seats in Congress in the midterm election of eighteen ten and in March of eighteen eleven clay had been elected speaker of the House on his first day congressman in response. John Randolph had remarked. Mark my words we will have war before the end of the session to clay and the rest of the war hawks. Madison had been a week president. who had taken a week posture towards the British Madison Jefferson before him and advocated for neutrality in the ongoing conflict between Great Britain and France on the subject of war? Madison had once written of all the enemies to public liberty. War is perhaps the most to be dreaded war is the parent of armies from these proceed debt and taxes is the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few in his inaugural speech Madison had declared that the US must maintain sincere neutrality. Oh detoured belligerent nations. But by the time of the little belt affair. Madison was beginning to reconsider. That's in large part. Because Madison's diplomatic and economic omic policies had failed the embargo act of eighteen o seven which banned all foreign trade had been such an economic disaster that the act had been repealed days before Madison took the White House. Congress then replaced the Embargo Act with the Non Intercourse Act which limited the trade ban only two British and French ports but like the embargo act before before it the Non Importation Act further damaged the US economy and only serve to increase tensions with Great Britain and France. Not long after the little belt to fair Secretary of State James Monroe tried to convince Madison to take a stand. We've been so long dealing in small ways of embargoes non intercourse non-importation menaces menaces of war. The British government has not believed us. We must actually get to war before the intention to make it would be credited either here or abroad in early November eighteen eleven madison address Congress on the subject of Great Britain with this evidence of hostile and flexibility trampling on rights which no independent nation can relinquish wish congress will feel the duty of putting United States into an armor an attitude demanded by the crisis and corresponding with the national spirit and expectations. Madison asked Congress for ten thousand additional troops for the regular army in his address to Congress. Madison also suggested that a conflict with Great Britain would require acquire the US to move against Britain's native American allies Madison stated that he intended to confront the Wabash Indians. According to Madison the Wabash had fallen under under the influence and direction of a fanatic of the Shawnee tribe Madison was referring to the Shawnee leader Tecumseh and his brother tends to Atallah known as the Prophet since as far back as eighteen. o five to come had called on native Americans to reject the European way of life to come and his brother rose to power and prominence By advocating for nativist practices and amassing a confederation of like minded native Americans suspecting the US would never stop its expansion to come sought an in an alliance with Great Britain as Madison delivered. His message to Congress American military forces led by future president. William Henry Harrison were marching on profits off. Its town the Indian capital on the Tippecanoe River near what is today. Lafayette Indiana the ensuing. Bloody conflict would push the US closer to war with Britain further estranged Madison from his own party and leave open the door for disenfranchise Republicans to cut ties for an alternate candidate in the election of eighteen. Twelve twelve wicked game is sponsored by simplisafe sometime in the eighties. My family family returned home from vacation to find our front door. Wide Open. Neighbor had tacked up a note. You've been robbed. It was a mess a violation. I saw frustration and fear fear. My parents faces. They got an alarm system to vary next week but it required. Professional installation holes drilled in walls wire strung up and a hefty monthly monitoring feet in a long term contract and when I bought my own alarm system years later nothing had changed until I discovered simplisafe. They make it easy. There's no contract. No no hidden fees or fine print. 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From General William Henry Harrison Brigham and the rest of the American soldiers made camp just outside the stronghold of the Wabash Indians rhythm stares out into the cold dark night listens to the sound of the rain falling from the darkness. Here's something else to who goes there. Brigham clutches his rifle tight and peers into the night can hardly see three feet in front of his face. Tammy whistling show yourself from the darkness. Another Sentinel Pierce Brown Hawkins Company. Get back your post private. What's Your Name Soldier William? Brigham looked sharp. William not alone tonight. The general is meeting the Indians at first light. We've nothing to fear. They said they wanted to make peace or they wanted to buy time launch. An attack wouldn't stand a chance against us. redcoats have been training them in the capital teaching them how to fight you really. Trust savages to keep their word. The Brits Danny Right behind them we have orders. Guard brimmer get back to your post. Now wait did you hear that. Of course I did. They're out there. I know it Brown pulls back. His Hammer points has gone on high in the air. Brigham Starts Short. You think you're doing. We should fire our weapons in the air fall back to camp before. It's too late. What we should do is follow orders there? There are Indians in the bushes. I can hear them out there for all. You know. It's a deer. Did you hear that. Brigham looks down how to find a fresh arrows. Sticking out of the Ground Brown eyes swell with fear that word in Brigham turn make for camp as they run in terror. Hera the hear a single shot in the distance. Then the war cries of the wall bashing INS echoing from all sides mm-hmm if the little belt affair had stoke the flames of war the battle of Tippecanoe of that would come to be called poured on more pitch hitch in the minds of the warhawks Congress. The Battle of Tippecanoe was an act of aggression not only by the Indians but by Great Britain Felix Gundy Eighty warhawks from Tennessee roared on the floor of the House. War is not to commence sea or land it has already begun and some of the richest blood of our country has already even shed grundy demanded that Madison drive the British from our continent to prevent them from training. The ruthless savage to Tomahawk are women and children for Grundy Brandi in the war hawks. The best way to retaliate against the British was to sack Canada and bring the territory into the United States. Unlike the war hawks the Tur- team team quids were deeply skeptical of British Baldwin. The Quiz leader John Randolph of roanoke demanded proof that the British cited the attack. Randolph accused Henry Clay early in the war hawks of getting off a crisis to justify war but in the end the war hawks would win the argument a few days before the battle of Tippecanoe President Madison had asked Congress to shore of American defenses on January eleventh eighteen twelve just two months after the attack. Congress responded by increasing enlistment in pay raising wages and offering land to soldiers Madison had asked for an increase of ten thousand troops. Congress led by Warhawks like Henry Clay gave gave him twenty five thousand but increasing. The size of the military one thing committing to war was another John. Randolph declared that a war of conquest to acquire New Territories and subjects was anti-american. He chided his fellow Party members saying they could call themselves Republicans and they could support a war four but that they could not do both Randolph also challenged his fellow Republicans to repeal the non importation. Act on the floor of the House Randolph asked. Will you plunge yourselves in war because you passed a foolish and ruinous law and our shame to repeal it. Randolph reminded the Republicans in the House that the Turkey Quad's had remained inconsistent in their views. From the beginning they had imposed a standing army under Washington. They had always supported neutrality. In the ongoing British French conflict they had oppose was Adams quasi war with France and now they would oppose war with Great Britain. Randolph proudly called the quids those firm and undeviating Republicans who then dared right and now dare to cling to the Ark of the constitution to defend it even at the expense of their fame rather than surrender themselves to the wild projects of Matt Ambition. Yeah but Madison doubled down on April first. Eighteen twelve madison row Congress asking for another embargo on all vessels now imports or hereafter whereafter. Arriving Congress responded by approving Madison's embargo for a period of ninety days Madison publicly denied that the embargo was a war measure. But privately avidly Madison's thinking was in line with clay and the warhawks Madison wrote that the British prefer war with us. We have nothing left therefore but to make ready for it. War though was not the only issue Madison was facing in the spring of eighteen. Twelve in late April just a few weeks after Madison asked for the embargo tragedy. St would strike his administration on April Twentieth. Madison's Vice President George Clinton of New York passed away. His death left Madison without a vice president. The New York Republicans without political leader on May Eighteenth Eighteen twelve Republican caucus met nominated Madison for a second term John. Langdon the Republican governor of New Hampshire was nominated for vice president but when Landon refused to serve. Madison was left with difficult decision about who his replacement would be when the caucus voted Lane received sixty four votes. The man receiving the second the highest number of votes was Eldridge Gerry. The former governor of Massachusetts in eighteen. Ten Midterm Election Massachusetts have been taken back by the federalists and Gary had had been voted out in large part because of his support for Madison's pro-war posture. But despite Gary Support Madison was reluctant to bring Gerry into the fold. Gary had had been a thorn in Madison side in the past especially at the Philadelphia Convention where Gary had refused to support Madison's draft of the Constitution. Gary was controversial for another another reason in September of seventeen eighty seven. Not only did he not support Madison's draft he had rebuked the entire constitutional convention and became one of only three men end president who refused to sign the constitution but Madison received a word of warning from former president. John Adams Adams cautioned Madison that he must do right by Gary who had suffered as a result of his support for Madison Adams warned if he is not in some way or other supported but suffered to sink his principles and measures. We'll be the dangerous if not fatal discouragment and all this section of the Union. John Adams was warning that if Gary Support for the war ended his career. It might discourage discourage others in Congress from backing Madison Madison heated atoms advice. Gary was selected as his vice presidential running mate by the summer of eighteen. Twelve Madison was convinced. That war was the only alternative but to rally his party and Congress behind him he he would have to win over the term quids and the federalists to the Queen's opposed the war on constitutional grounds the federalists largely for economic reasons. Great Britain didn't was New England's number one trading partner. Madison had been a fierce advocate of economic sanctions against Great Britain. And so was concerned he would be seen to favour war for only because the economic sanctions he supported had been disastrous. Madison was also aware that if his efforts to rally the country behind war failed my I cost him the election so on June first eighteen. Twelve Madison went before Congress. To make his case he began by lenient to a hot topic. The impressment resmed of Americans into the Royal Navy. Madison explained how countless American citizens have been torn from their country and forced to risk their lives in the battles of their oppressors and to be the melancholy instruments of taking away those of their own brethren in reference to the Chesapeake Leopard Affair Madison reminded Congress that Great Great Britain had wantonly spilled American blood within the sanctuary of our territorial jurisdiction. Madison also drilled down on the economic stakes at hand the great staples of our country have been cut off from their legitimate markets. In his closing remarks he summed up his point of view by stating on the side of Great Britain a state of war against the United States on the side of the United States a state of peace towards Great Britain. In Madison's mind the question was simple would the US continue to take AK- passive stance in the face of progressive user patients and accumulating wrongs or would America stand forced to force in her defence of her national rights for four days. The House debated the issue Randolph. And the Turkey M- quids along with the federalists remained in staunch opposition. North was largely against the war. The South and West largely for it on June fourth. The House voted seventy nine to forty nine in favor of war randolph. In the quids sustain the Senate passed the resolution on June seventeenth. Eighteen twelve madison signed the next day. As Secretary of State Eight and through the majority of his first term as President Madison had tried his best to avoid war with Great Britain through diplomatic and economic means but now he was prepared. Parents stake his presidency and potentially the outcome of the election of eighteen twelve on a war with Great Britain. Madison's decision to embrace war would leave the door open for another Republican politician. dewitt Clinton Clinton would rise to prominence by defining himself in part as the Anti War candidate by building a coalition volition Republicans and. federalists Clinton would give Madison run for his money and make the election of eighteen. Twelve the closest popular vote yet in American history. Wicked game is sponsored by Buffy. If you like to cook like I do and you WanNa make something special. You don't grab store-bought broth or sauce from can you start from scratch with a best ingredients available thinking about it. That's what luxury is taking the time to execute well and picking the best ingredients whether it's wine clothing. Furniture premium ingredients make a premium product. The same is true for betting and buffy knows. was there ingredients. 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Co Offer Code elections after the death of George Clinton tune in April of eighteen twelve republicans in New York and New England had switched their allegiance to his nephew. dewitt Clinton a rising star in New York politics. Initially initially Clinton seems like an unlikely candidate for one thing. He had no military experience. Aside from serving as a militia officer in the seventeen ninety s his service in government was is largely local and regional. He had served for a short time in the. US Senate and at the time of his uncle's death. He had been serving as both mayor of New York City. In Lieutenant Governor of New York state he had little foreign policy experience and as to the question of Great Britain he had taken both sides standing four and against the embargo of eighteen o seven to to his detractors it seemed. His main accomplishment was having a famous uncle but Clinton was a savvy politician a coalition builder and a real threat to Madison's since reelection prospects when the Republican Caucus Meth in the summer of eighteen twelve to nominate Madison for a second term. The New York Republicans had refused to attend and and had nominated Clinton instead. Madison was not naive to the threat to whip hose to his reelection chances and neither was his wife Dolly she wrote to her niece to wit and the New York Republicans intended to break us down in public madison campus. Cool in keeping with precedent. He did not campaign publicly choosing instead to focuses efforts on winning the war but this proved to be a nearly fatal mistake for Madison's reelection prospects. The key to a Clinton victory was winning. federalists support for Clinton it would be a Herculean task. He had been a staunch critic. federalists in past elections and being the nephew of George Clinton one one of the most staunch anti-federalists in the country did not help his cause. Either in spite of all of this Clinton was able to pull off an extraordinary political feet that would make the election of eighteen twelve a very narrow contest it's August fifth eighteen twelve just after five hi. PM In a fancy parlor in the South Bronx on one side of the room. Former New York Senator Rufus King and a handful of federalist politicians SIP cocktails and smoke cigars cigars on the other side of the room sits presidential hopeful. The Republican mayor of New York City dewitt Clinton the Federalist Watch Clinton Thumb through list policy positions put forward by the federalists. After moment Clinton sets the stack of documents on a small table in front of Senator King walks forward to meet. mm-hmm what do you say Mr Clinton I suppose my own opinions do not differ from those before it in these resolutions. Then do we understand each other. We have an agreement it is not my I own opinions that give me pause the rather the opinions of my fellow. Republicans in the state of New York and across the country. The members of my factions are split on the question of war war with Great Britain. The war must be opposed. Mr Clinton your solution. Mr King is a citywide peace meeting to be held a few days time to garner public support. Yes have have you considered the peace meeting might have the opposite effect. No Sir we stand against the war with Great Britain we must rally like minded New Yorkers to our costs to are these like minded New Yorkers. Mr King New Yorkers of the Republican ill are not wealthy merchants or powerful politicians like yourself. The British have insulted the people of this country country with impressment. If I were to cozy up to the wealthy merchants of New York that could be rather insulting as well and salting enough to drive them further into the hands of president in Madison. But what do you suggest time. Antiwar sentiment is growing by the day. Let us wait on the peace meeting. In a few weeks time the antiwar he wore sentiments will reach its peak and we will be able to win support a federalists and Republicans. In the meantime I o confer with my party and bring them together in common cause us but suppose the Republicans cannot be one to the side of opposing the war to Republicans in New York who unite on one subject Mr King their distaste for the policies of Mr. Madison. Listen I will make my true views known publicly into time. But in the meantime I ask for your discretion you'll have it as the two men shake hands hands and unprecedented political alliances. Born the Federalist Party will not put forth their own presidential candidate instead. They will throw their support behind. Republican dewitt Clinton Rufus King and the leaders of the federalist Party didn't have many options. They understood that with Clinton on the ballot no federalist Could Win New York and without New York. The federalist didn't stand a chance of winning back the White House so for the first the only time in American history a large contingent of the opposition party put their support behind a protest candidate from the incumbent. President's own party but pro-clinton federalists had to be restrained a full throated endorsement of Clinton Damage Clinton's standing with the Republicans so publicly. federalists did not push Clinton privately. Though they urged fed was to vote for electors who would hand the election to do with Clinton to beat Madison Clinton needed federal support in New England but but he also needed Republican support in the South Clinton strategy for winning over the Northeast and the south was simple play both sides. The New York Colombian pro-clinton Clinton newspaper Call Clinton and enlighten politician. who was committed to no particular system either in diplomacy or administration this would be the central theme some of Clinton's campaign? He would try to be everything to everyone. He would change his views depending on his audience in the North he spoke out against the war in the south he spoke in favor of it. His plan almost worked. The election of eighteen twelve lasted from October until early December. Eighteen states cast ballots ballots madison one with a total of one hundred twenty eight electoral votes. Taking all of the south. Pennsylvania and Vermont Clinton received eighty nine electoral votes. It's and one nearly all of New England including his home state of New York but if Clinton had been able to win Pennsylvania. Madison would've lost. The electoral vote was was that close but the popular vote was even closer. Madison won by less than three percentage points receiving fifty point. Four percent of the vote to Clinton's Winstons forty seven point six Madison. The wartime candidate won the election of eighteen twelve. What his showing was far less impressive than it had been in eighteen? Oh wait wait. The Republicans maintain control of Congress. But they too lost ground and the federalist gained seats in both houses. The outcome of the election clearly showed that the country entry was not united around the war. Madison had staked his presidency and his legacy on war. With Great Britain in the end America would rise to the challenge. The results would be mixed. In the war's aftermath an economic boom would once again rallied the country behind the Republicans but at the end of his second term in keeping keeping with precedent established by Washington carried forward by Jefferson. Madison would step aside. He had tried to keep America out of the fight using diplomacy and only when it became unavoidable to embrace the path of war. When he was Madison's conduct in the war of eighteen twelve that would solidify not only his presidential legacy? But the future your political dominance of the Republican party but with Madison retiring and out of the picture. The stage was set finally for another founding father from Virginia James Monroe on the next episode of wicked game. The election of eighteen sixteen in the wake of the war of eighteen twelve secretary area of St James Monroe takes his place as the head of the Republican Party and cements his legacy as the last founding father to serve as president of the United States. 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