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Hello welcomes the PUCK podcast. You Heist them. On the show today we're bringing you an exclusive conversation for me. One sporting boss Ross brawn ladies interview in off thinking forward series. Sports Network President James. Allen spoke to Ross the plans of funding. They get a form racing in twenty twenty are the FAA conference. They discussed the challenges of organizing the new plan I eight races of the two thousand twenty season, the rise in sports, and it's important during lockdown. Various complications that still surround filling in the remaining gaps on the Formula One conduct, Bruce Voices, his hope that is new spirit of collaboration between the FAA Formula One and the teams as a result of the coronavirus crisis spoke about the new series of changes. Aminu the new budget will continue into the future. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Just give us an idea of the scale of the challenge that you were faced with to get from one restarted pretty massive challenge and A huge logistical exercise and I think the thing we've. It's obvious, but we've discovered as it changes every day. the situation around the world is changing every day. Situation with this virus and pandemic is every day. And the understanding of it always changing every day, so we going to be very. Nimble with a group that are working on it to adjust our approach as we go along. the thing we have to really take into account is where. an unusual sport in how? International we are and we have to ensure that for more on sets a good standard, the highest standard as we traveled around the world we can't. We can't just drop into lowest common denominator of where we are some countries, overseeing better place and others. we have to have the highest standards. So we. WERE WELCOME WHEREVER WE? That's been one of the key objectives. What are the key building blocks to successfully putting the new candidate's together? Say it's different. The situation is different. Throughout the world and I think the fact that we were prepared to accept. Close races and the early season gave his more opportunity. That's not the ideal. The ideal for any schools. Because the the fans is such a crucial part of it, but. we felt the going racing and the raw costing racing and engaging the fans racing in what ways they could was still. Much more desirable doing nothing so approaching close fatness events gave us the bulk of the European season a close. We can adjust that as we progress and. We come to understand. Where we are with this pandemic, so I first half of the season European base was still pretty food on the second half. I think we're confident. We're GONNA. Finish in Bahrain and Abu, Dhabi. It was filling in the space between. So obviously, our audience today is primarily made up of the national sporting federations. ASEAN's around the world. What some of the learnings that you can share from from the top of the payment if you like with our national sporting authorities well I, think motor racing the nature of motor racing and. Racing goal the world, and if I think back to what the objectives teams are. The meticulous approach, the to both logistics and engineering and procedures and protocol is what we've transferred into our approach to dealing with this challenge. And working very closely with if I. We've come up with the protocols and codes of practice that we need to apply so I think it suits. culture suits philosophy of. Through every scenario. Plan B. Plan C. When you see. Racing anything teams done a fantastic strategy that strategy is. Tied on the pit wall is what type back factory days or even weeks before, and that's what we have to do. We have to look at every scenario. And developed all our ideas beforehand. And we will. We will live and learn h, Ray, a NASA nature for modest, very military like this birch, safety and medical accidents have always been right at the happened well particularly for the last twenty thirty years of Formula One. How important was that? When telling the story to sort of health ministries of governments around the world about to give you the confidence that gives them the confidence to to let you put on races in that country's. Absolutely crucial and I think this is where the FIFA been. Instrumental whether the F. I. Medical Experts Medical Group. We've been out put together a credible and high-quality approach on on that side of things. I think if foam long on loan. At been doing it then, it wouldn't have had the seriousness of cute also of. The medical group doing it and I. think that's been a vital pot on the code of practice has been developed will be all racing. There's a specific. additional code that we're going to apply to Australia because of the circumstances and. Former. The code of practice has been. Developed is something which will be. Usable by Oli I championships and I think those That is that protocol would develop as we go along. I've always seen some adjustments to it because of the greater understanding and the changes in the. Situations and As I say our coach has to be at the highest standard of wherever we we can't just. Go to a country and say well. This country is a bit more relaxed, so we can relax. that. But that that's been vital to take. The authorities show the seriousness. And Quality of the approach? Ashwani F I ain't GonNa take. Well like Oh sports and obviously will be hearing from Christian from the Bundesliga in a moment. You're having to start as you mentioned behind closed doors. But how realistic do you think the prospect? Of actually getting some spectators in to witness some formula, one motor racing before the end of the twenty twenty championship. Weren't rush that I think some of the later. European races are optimistic but I think we prefer not to plan on that. I think it's where we go to flowery races that we can stop. That we will have fans, but even that's not absolutely guaranteed. I, think the have the race in safe and secure. Environment is is critical, and we say we're going round the world. We have a problem in one country that stops his going to other countries, so we'll progress slowly on that front. The fans for as a critical. And there's a lot of. Atmosphere and Ambience created by the fans who probably not quite as strong as it is in football. We'll talk about later, but when you go to football stadium and it's very intense. Some races can be like that a Lotta racist so so it's perhaps not quite critical for us The having the funds at the race, but we do want to see them because they do a lot of atmosphere. Don't get me wrong. But I think we'll tell you that very gradually, and and we certainly we don't want to jump in and jump out again when the problems. Obviously given the circumstances I'd I'd expect you're going to have a lot of goodwill on your side from from everybody involved in the community, but the fans as well that gives you an opportunity with the exceptional circumstances I guess to try a few different things that maybe you have wanted to have a look at in terms of formats and that kind of thing. Obviously I'm sure keeping away from Gimmicks, because this is Formula One, but we seen some discussion about reverse grid races, and that sort of thing, so what kind of traction are you getting from those ideas, and and which ones particularly appeal to you? Think might have some legs. We introduce the concept of. My qualifying race which was based on reverse championship set a qualifying race would stop in reverse championship, bordering than that were tightening you straight to the main event, which would be the result Sunday on. We discussed that last year and we had. We had pretty good support for that, but not unanimous. and it's been the same case issue. It's been some teams who? Have felt that something we should be doing. All concern was simply where we have races two races the same track because of the situation this year. We're going to have to raise his Australia to races, so we'll send. Possibly two races later in the air or other of the. And the second, race. We wanted to see. There was an opportunity to try different format. There's some small things we can do with the selection of talk pans and one or two other things, but I think a quite Mina. One or two attracts later in the year. Have the added attraction. They can run in a different configuration. So that might be an opportunity if we have a second race there. To run the track in a different configuration, create some difference between the two races, but I suspect Australia's going to be pretty exciting beginning of the season. Nitra attract. Everyone settling in. On the I think we will find that. We'll have to exciting races without doing anything to it. But. It's just later in the we were. Looking at these changes. Of this pandemic and the associated lockdown of basically economies to a halt around the world, a lot of big companies, manufacturers and sponsors of the sport of all been affected by that is redundancies. There's a lot of belt-tightening etc. How does Formula One forward in terms of its appeal to manufacturers and sponsors, and how conscious you of the acuteness of the situation? Will. Is You know we'd been working on? The budget CAP, which is probably one of the biggest impacts on the cost of going from one racing. We've been working. Since I, read your informal one. And that. Reached his combination before this crisis but this crisis. I think. gave us the opportunity. We knew the budget capital was. Would once you're said a budget cap? You can always just. Before this ever happened with said the we ever have a crisis. In the future, we can adjust the budget cap to take account and all except that some it, the ideal level equilibrium changes. I think without the ability for the teams to go back to the boards and go back to the manufacturer and say look. For Long is vitally important to, and it's going to cost less than future. I think they would you know we would retain the number of manufacturers big teams that we have? Because when a manufacturer is making the. Economic adjustments that has to inform on still out there. With unlimited spending. That's difficult argument and I think. Touch Wood. We've kept all the main players involved, and that's because we bailed to say that the stained. When economic inspecting! And that's been a vital tool in very timely. I'm so glad. We've had that. We're also changing the cast, but that was something we were doing anyway but they're more focused on what we feel. The areas fans engage with instead of spending money on things and fans knew nothing about. And I think they're going to be better. Looking cars sending the race each other more effectively, so there's a lot of things we doing. We've got our I. Think we'll talk about that. Maybe the moment we've got our sustainability initiatives, which was started last year's which I think are important for engaging companies as well they want see good. Sustainability Strategy Info on. and we need to do that without spoiling the core attraction. Excitement the foam. Now. Formula One's always been brilliant in terms of its speed of reaction, and we certainly saw that when this started, but it's not always been so good collaboration between the stakeholders. Formula One and the team throughout your racing career. You've obviously got many painful memories of that now you're on this side of the fence, obviously a tremendous relationship with the FAA that spirit of collaboration I mean. I've been Formula One for thirty years. I've never really seen anything like it before. Do you think that was coming anyway? Origin the pandemic crisis through into the need to do it. Can you sustain it going forward? I think it was already. I think the Particularly with the new management team at foam along liberty Chase Carey. I think the approach and culture with different. That the policy of cooperation. On those all succeeding together. was much stronger and. Sunday, that's how I. Want to see things an SI. We have seen things on across with this pandemic. It's been absolutely vital and I must say that there fi for more on and the team. Worked incredibly closely and constructively impulsively in in mazing this crisis of saying this before when we've had crises in for more on its and I think apply so matt racing. It so United Group of. Enthusiasm Asom Passionate people about what they do. And they wanted to go out on the track and hammer each other, but you know the when we have this crisis that come together remarkably well to solve the problems and challenges I think. Olmeta sports great in that respect we put for that competition to one side for the greater good and I've seen that happened so many times in my own case in two thousand nine. GP Narrow. When we had that crisis support, we had from other teams. was astonishing. To track when changes. It is I. Think we're in the very strong period of cooperation between the FAA from on and the teams on. We need to make the best use of. Now, you mentioned sustainability I'm going to go and tomorrow we'll be talking with a panel. Including your own Afghan Coumarin F one director, strategy and business development about motorsport, needing to have a sense of purpose going forward four one has been taking steps with its net zero and carbon initiative through. An also in recent weeks as well getting involved in Hashtag, black lives, matter and putting out of a strong message there you've had the three thousand five hundred lives campaign together, with the FAA and some of the sponsors with drink, driving campaigns, and that sort of thing do you think a sense of purpose will have to become central to Formula One motorsport in general going forward? Yes, and I think you can never. You can never ignore the core reason why we're doing this, you know it's a competitive and entertaining engaging score. You must have that so whatever we do if that fails, then you've got new platform. To give a message. But I think foam on is May Say I. Think is the Pinnacle of Bonus Fault and I think it has a role to play in. In Set an example of how we operate. And Sustainability perspective. We're looking at fuels and loss of the power. Units we require from future. That's on next focus off the budget cap. The Koch changes were now focused on the power powerplant for the future. And that should come in twenty twenty six, and what will be the RAV powerpoint? What sort of fuel using sustainable fuels? And, we are looking at Carbon impact, how can we? Stop in. Can we change our practices to make sure that we have? A common zero. We can achieve common air in the future. So nothing for very good at that I think with the. Resources, we have the technology have the intelligent people we have involved in the sport. And we can be a model for for many manufacturers in terms of what we do, so I think the relevance comes in that in that respect, but we can never lose sight of the fact that we're an entertaining and engaging sport and we lose that. Then say we have no platform to talk from so that always has to be. A very strong consideration what we do. Obviously. There's been no physical racing over the last three months Ross but East Sim racing is certainly stepped up. It's been it's. It's moment to shine. You've had your virtual f one championship. We saw the extraordinary event. Lamar, the weekend with two hundred drivers in thirty seven countries on one hundred seventy rigs, taking part, and we see really very much the rise of digital motorsport. We'll be talking about that in a special session on Thursday here in the FAA e conference, but it's wanted to get your thoughts on as as a man engine era very much a forward thinker you've you've seen each sports rising. But what do you think about the way? It's risen to the challenge during lockdown period. Well it's been a a a lifeline in this period to keep fans engaged. In so many people in lockdown to be able to offer them this entertainment this engagement. Following has been been wonderful I. Mean I have to confess I'm not a big for each for participant. perhaps on a little old. I've got grandchildren never king, and I can see the passion I have for these things. The thing I've seen the that very striking to me is how because the real drivers have become involved in these initiatives these events? How Well. They've been engaged with the fans and one of our. Main objectives when we when I got involved again which to see how we could. You know the message was constantly coming across in the fans. They wanted Dave drivers, and they see him in the car with a helmet on. See them into beautiful. But. Drive is really like what are their characters like they do. Live. And of course as four, she's much better insight into the driver's personalities and characters and the nature. And that's been. A Real Boon and London, Norris and George. Russell, and all those guys that you probably wouldn't have quite so much. All of suddenly comes to the forefront. which is in the personalities have come out and. I think I'll spend the really I use for the element erasing and. and. We always supported it as you know we had. Erasing Championship every from long chain participating, but they would be with professional gamers most of the time and I think the The real racing drivers taking part it's been. Massive boost to Iranian. I couldn't agree with you more about the drivers. The clerks and his twitter channels been hugely entertaining as landowners throughout this period, and I guess we don't want to do is that when you go back to real racing I guess you keen to get the teams in the drivers to try and keep that that Communication Channel Open. If you like so, it doesn't go back to being a two straight. If you want to corporate controlled, they can, they can express themselves and on. On how important is to reach that younger generation? I'm sure that will have a lot more support on a lot more resource in the future, so we've seen massive hosted lives in that side and we're not GonNa want to let them go, so hormones very It's been brilliant you thank you so much for for taking the time you're probably the busiest busiest man in motorsport at the moment is where what nineteen days away I think from your first growing pre. How the nerves feeling confident? Yeah. But you know, we have people going to Austrian actually so it's It's it's It's happening so Real now. As so exciting we're already looking forward to it, and all the very best of luck to you and the formula, one team and everybody else in getting Formula One restarted again. Thank you again for joining us Ross. Joy The like since you are thinking series. Thanks to Watson James Time. Tell us what you think of these shows and various social media channels using the Hindu. And if you're enjoying your series, we'd love to share it. Someone else who be ingested. Thanks very much vaccine with another episode the textbook costs. Music is six am by treeline written by Marcus Simmons See soundcloud dot com slash trailer music. Own.

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