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and welcome to no filler. The music podcast dedicated to sharing the often-overlooked hidden gems that fill the space between the singles on our favorite records. My name is travis. I got my brother quentin with me. And this is our first episode in our year end. Wrapup look back at Our favorite tracks from twenty twenty this the best time of the year key. It's just like It's just like the holidays you know. Best time of the year. It's like christmas morning for the next four weeks. Dude this is what i fucking live for. Man just sharing these with people and these episodes are like the epitome of that. Because it's you know it for this episode five five different artists five new songs that we haven't played on this podcast yet for the next four weeks after this. It's going to be the same formula. Five five tracks five artists. Unless we have crossover which i don't think we do so basically we're doing our top ten each right top ten tracks from twenty twenty and one thing we thought would be cool to do is kind of do like a little back and forth almost like a dj session if you will. We referred to it as a spontaneous mix tape q. Were planning this out so the idea being. I've got my list of ten. You've got your list of ten. We don't know what order we're gonna play them and we're going to essentially play off each other right so you're going to start episode with your pick yet. We'll pick them on the fly and we're gonna try to just kind of pick songs you know it's kind of go with the flow and hopefully will bring a song that flows well with the previous one. Yeah it's kind of a little bit of a challenge to because like funded. You're gonna play a song. I have to kinda from my list of ten. I'm gonna try to pick the one that best flows from that song or pairs well with it Or i'll switch it up and just go rogan. And then you'll have to. There's be some. I guarantee you at least two songs on on my list. That probably won't match with anything that you're playing. Well i'm gonna. I'm gonna start you off with a with a curb did okay and Hopefully you can keep it flowing way. There's one more thing we got to talk about here q yet. He does about to say if you don't include episodes zero which was just our little teaser. Episode this is our one hundred and fiftieth episode. Can't you leave it. Bill mentally ill. I can't even brought my head around that. did it's kinda crazy. Yeah it's hard to say it's hard to to think back in and even like i couldn't even name one hundred and fifty bands of my head. Certainly yeah well you know what though. Think about this though. There's what five episodes belonging to spin. Five episodes belonging radiohead true so knockout ten right there. Yeah you still got hundred. We haven't really. We haven't really done repeat artists other than than don't except for fleet. Fox's now we've done to on fleet foxes that's true. I mean we will have repeats eventually because we've talked about bands that tom and i'm guessing fleet foxes one of that when we did the first fleet foxes episode. I'm sure we said you know we'll circle back to them eventually and you know we did because they came out with a new record this year. but yeah there's man. There's plenty of bands the that we could circle back to the strokes. I'd love to talk about. Ramon fire at some point You know talking heads. I mean we could go on and on did you some say. Yeah there's plenty of we're gonna easily hit three hundred Without having to stretch unanimity as far as like man really run announced ideas here q. Like i don't think we're going to have that problem now. and that's the beauty of of music and and the the format of this podcast is that you know we don't have any sort of rules really you know. We can talk about anything as long as artists are still releasing albums that have no fillers. You know what i'm saying. Yeah and we will always have non singles to play. That are absolutely worth listening to ensuring. Yeah of course. And i think. I'm i'm guessing that what this What this list of twenty songs between the two of us will showcase like this. This podcast plays a pretty wide range of music. You know what i mean. I'm sure and that was i purposely. Tried to spread out the the genres a little bit. Not try to stay to concentrated in one particular under one umbrella. You know what i mean. Yeah me too. And for the most part. I tried to pick artists. That weren't no brainer. see no like i had. I had a fleet of song on on my list from their new album. But i mean it's a no brainer. You know right yes so let's go ahead and get right into a dude So i'm going to start us off with a band called. stay inside. you've heard of them. Oh man that sounds familiar. Well actually share this song with you. Have a longtime ago earlier this year when i first heard it so but you didn't play it on. No filler nope. The album is viewing and travis under. You're gonna you're gonna be able to queue up real nice and pretty after this. Let me ask you. this is stay inside. Did they form in the year. Twenty twenty hindsight is something that we've all tried very hard to do. They have albums that go back to two thousand eighteen so their name is just happens to be very relevant for this year. Yeah but unrelated. Yeah so when. I first heard the song just kind of struck a chord with me dude and just as always stuck with me throughout the year so again. The artist is stay inside. The album is viewing. The song is called revisionist. That racer story saying. You're saying steel on steel still alive sparks split. College solutions is to say sure. I'd go now Pictures that shopping shopping out new with who Brain marine saves guides nice fraud. Can you're the good time. Doug sued job. Yeah that's great It's great because it's a. It's a throwback to post. Punk post hardcore can email. But it's also very the guitar. I was thinking there was going to go in the direction of like an inner poll. Kind of A nod interpol which it was. The guitar was too. I heard it at string that the the bending the string while you're picking the one note thing that that's big time Interpol right and his voice nods to paul bank at the very beginning of the song and they want it all comes in. Yeah that's what i'm saying like at first i was like okay as doing interpol but then the rest of the song is straight up early. Two thousands email unanimity. So it's an interesting mashup like emo and post punk. You know i. I gotta say man. I think it's more so for people around our age when we were talking with the jol fruit back earlier this year we were talking about you know that golden age of emo post punk in the early two thousands. We were perfect for that. I always get excited. When i hear bands that are still going strong with with that style of music and building on it and he evolving it. These guys are a perfect a perfect example of that. Yeah so as the rest of it. Like that i mean. Do they flirt with interpol for the entire record or is that just that one trout. It's it's more that just as track. The rest of the album is just a solid posted for Very dark those lyrics man are haunting due to me. And he's just fighting with these inner demons and i can tell you man that font face the comeback. That's yeah kind of same thing with exchanger. Things like that. Font face. seventies eighties. You know he added anyway. Sorry man we gotta move along here. So here's the struggle that i'm gonna have okay is that i don't have a. I don't have an email song my list. But that's not at sorry what i was gonna say is that a mix tape doesn't have to flow. You know from one one genre into another song that matches the genre right for to have a good flow. See if you can keep us in the same head space right to i write. I'm trying to think of like that song. The melody of that song. The keyboard and stuff. I think i have a good pick. I wasn't planning on playing this so soon right and that's nothing we need to know. This is not an order of favorites right because of the nature of the way. We're doing this So there are some that. I would rank higher on my list. That might get played sooner. But it's okay. 'cause i wanted to flow. This is all about the flow Okay so mitchell. If you're listening which. I know you are you're gonna fuck in love. This track did and this record. Here's why there is a record. Label called third. I'm sorry not third it's called magnetic. I records and they got on my radar because they put out a they put out a cover album for alison chains dirt. Now that's not. What i'm playing knuckling attract from that one but that's how this record label on my radar. They put out this year. A alison chains dirt. Cover record with a bunch of different artist. One of them being chemists which. I'm a huge fan of that Stone or metal. A metal band. So i went to their website to see like. Is this something that they as they do. Right turns out yeah. That's exactly what they do there. A record label with their own artisans like that but they also have a bunch of these famous like well known records. That have covers right. I'm fucking Rambling here long story. Short they put out a black sabbath. Cover album to actually. One of them was Volume four which is like the fourth sabbath record and then they put out just a best of sabbath and twenty twenty and this is last track on this best of Record and it is one of it is a song off of their debut record which we talked about in. It's a band called saint karloff. So these guys are from norway. They're a psychedelic. Heavy stoner band inspired by sabbath heavy blues inspired And their cover of this particular song so on be record. there's a song the very last song on the record is kind of like a three parter much like fleet foxes q. Awfully boxes does that right. Sabbath has a song they have. They have a couple of songs on their debut record. That do that. This one is called a bit of finger sleeping village in warning. It's these three different songs. Saint karloff covered sleeping village. And i i feel like we have to play the opening moments from the original sabbath song so that you can fully appreciate How like what they did with it. So if you don't mind you. I don't mind at all brother okay. So here's the original Bit of finger sleeping village warning By black sabbath came out in nineteen sixty nine nine hundred seventy nine hundred sixty nine. I use not trust spotify. Huhne's took with my guns. I know this sixty nine Saratoga raw urban tough a qc. You heard the basic melody right. It was that kind of like first of all there's no drums right It's kinda like that mouth harp funny but it's more like it's a little bit slower right on what they do with. That fucking. blew me out of my chair. did around because if you're sabbath and you you're so intimately familiar with their first record like i am hearing a new take on. It is fucking amazing when it's done right and these guys did perfectly so here. It is saint karloff covering sleeping village. Those guys do it justice and then some right. That's what i'm saying like. They re imagine it but in in such a natural way you know what i mean like yeah is the funny thing is when you look at pictures of these guys there. It's very much like these crunch. Revivalists you know. Are they dress exactly like like the guys wearing bell bottom jeans and shit. You know what i mean. So i guess if if you're gonna pay tribute to that era you might as well like lean into it right but Anyway just This record and i was wrong. Did i kept saying that. This record came out in sixty nine. He was recorded in sixty nine. Did come on. Nineteen seventy but Yeah this this Record put out by magnetic i Was to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of this record But it it has a wide range of sabbath tracks on here so there's fifteen renditions of classic sabbath tracks all from up and coming new newer do metal bands right like these guys so it's really cool your fantasy with you have to listen to it. Basically have no choice Anyway awesome so. How does that tie into your first pick. I don't know too much brother. If you if you if you squint it can be like maybe seattle are tied together. But now you have to. You got a pair off of that queue. So i have a feeling you don't have anything that's where near that i don't but i've got. I've got something in the post punk vein Once again and travis center. You're a fan of this plan. Your fan of this album and before we jump into our next pick. Let's take a quick break so the artist is fontaine's dc. Irish post punk a do remember being blown away by this. When you shouldn't yeah did not bringing another song from the from the album so this is one of my favorite albums of the year. Hands down no questions asked. The album is a hero's death and it came out in july of this year at the very end of july. This is their second full length. So i brought the song televised. Mind too No filler few months. Back i guess it must have been around august probably so i'm going to bring another non single from the so the thing with this dude like i don't necessarily have a favorite song or like this to me is just like a favourite album all the way through for me. Yeah so it made the list because it's just a phenomenal album. That needs to be listened to all the way through So this is a song that is a little bit towards the end of the record. This is track nine again. This is a an irish post punk band. Called fontaine's dc. The album is a hero's death. The song is. I was not born quiet on inside. Togo me asked me not any your badge sleep. You sleep soon as i love his voice man. I love everything about this. Pan did yeah. We'll so from what. I remember from televised mind like it has a different has a different vibe than than televised mine. But which is great. I love what i like about it. Yeah the whole albums like that man. It's it's it's kind of like what we always say about spoon. You know with spoon being so different from album to album from track to track its spoon. All the way through with fontaine's demand man. Like i mean there's there's moments of just heavier punk there's moments of almost like i dunno like maybe talking heads. There's a little bit of A here's some spoon vibes in the guitar. Riffs and a lot of these songs to which is what. I really love about it that that particular guitar. Riff is kind of like an all rock thing almost like now. You can hear a little bit. Rem in their. You know a little bit But yeah it's not. It's not similar to what i remember from televised. Mind which is a good thing because like he's kinda like with with spoon. You wanna ban that have some variants to them but still be at like to their core leg have have their own unique sound stuff. Yeah abandoned for bank and pull that off be wildly different between tracks on the same market but still be undeniably the same band you know. That's that's the mark of a good band. You know man. This album is phenomenal. Dude is like one of the most memorable albums of the year without a doubt all right brother song number four. What you got for us. I am blowing through all my rock tracks here Which is fine. But that means the next couple of weeks next. Few weeks can be Interesting see. I knew what i was doing when i when i started this office. Stay inside. I knew we were gonna kinda blow through the the rock tracks real soon here. But that's all right. i mean. Does that mean you have a wide range of tracks on your lips to okay came so this band. I wish i remember exactly when i brought this band to the pod But this was a what you heard. This band was a wizard that this record But this band Now they've been around forever right the been around for a long time There have been around since the nineties. Their last record came out in nineteen ninety eight so it's been that long since they put out material and that's what made this record so surprising to everyone because ninety eight was twenty twenty two years ago so they dropped the record this year in july Out of nowhere. It was a surprise release. They did they put out on band camp. had they been together this whole time they. They've done like they've done like touring and festivals shows and stuff like that here and there like throughout but you know they haven't put anything out since ninety eight which is astonishing right but there been kind of rumors you know ever since two thousand sixteen that there was going to be another record like a fourth record And the wait is finally over. If you're a home fan. You were delighted with this record. Let's just put it that way. So this record is called inlet. And if you're a fan of home it gives you exactly what you want which is eight new home tracks but they they sound. It's kind of the same thing that we're talking about here. It's undeniably But it is different in a good way. It is an evolution of kind of what they did back in the nineties. Which was shoe gezi. Grunge all rock khanna stuff read this track in particular that i'm playing is over eight minutes long and a lot of the record. They'll all the tracks on this record or on the longer side of things. So they get the progressively. We'll slapped on them too and that goes back to their their record. The ninety eight called downward is heavenward. I was the last one. They put out where they had these longer tracks. It's a little bit different than most bands from that era. You know but anyway we're gonna listen to attract the summoning and i'm just going to put it this way. I'm gonna put this out there. What's cool about this track. His record is it's Doing home but the are introducing sort of this like stone or metal slower kind of heavy guitar riffs to the mix which is a little bit different than what they used to do. So that's what's great about this So anyway this is called the summoning. The band is And the song to crank it up to ten q here. We go Good dude you know what i love about. It was that. I mean these guys are are you know. Og right. it's all these brand new bands coming in that her plan off of these guys you know and learning from absolutely changing it up just like Do you brought so many bands this year to no filler. That are in that same pocket. That are doing it their own way. You know Thinking what soul blind. So blind was a maybe last week and then the week before that was was the ban Fake is and then of course narrow head. I bet there justice stokes to be here on this new stuff coming out from you. Know these twenty. Somethings and so then now. They're just like you know what it's time it's temper another album. Let's rip the lid off this thing. Well as works as here. This is interesting is interesting point as with the comeback albums from sleep and i think i've talked about sleep before this i guess maybe slow dive. My bloody valentine and american football. We've talked about just about all four of those. I think this guy's speaking to the fact we've done one hundred fifty episodes like it is kind of interesting that we've we've covered. We've talked about a lot of rock. Artists Inland is inherently decadent for people taking two decades to create about fifty minutes of outrageously luxurious guitars. That's one part of it. This has her but has little interest in making an event out of their return declining to do any press or even provide lyrics. So that's one thing about hamas that they're kind of known for not being not being too at liking the limelight. That much like they had. They had one single kind of blew up Back in the nineties called stars. that's their record. You'd prefer an astronaut came on nineteen ninety five and they can Famously had some funny like pr moments and stuff like that with. They went on like how stern and he didn't seem like they were. They didn't really care too much about you. Know the classic rock band doesn't doesn't like attention thing right but anyway i guess they picked a good year for further new record to come out as you know. You don't do know concerts happening right now. There's no although shit. This is a ban. I would have gone and seen because i'm sure they would've toward but you know if you're abandoned doesn't like press you know twenty twenty s by a good year for you right is to. It's a few zoom calls. You're done anyway so that was The record is called inlet. That song was called the summoning and q. You're going to bring us home here with the last pick aren't you. Yeah and i'm gonna purposely. Mix it up did okay. Don't throw us a curve ball. So i have mentioned these guys a few times. I feel like on this podcast. Earth king earth gang my favorite hip hop band since i first heard them which i feel like it was probably if not at the beginning of this year. I'm i may have heard them late last year. But i haven't known about them for too long and they've been around since two thousand eight they've been around for a while It's two dudes. They go by johnny venus and dr dot. But here's the thing. There are part of a larger collective That they actually the founding members of and that collective goes by spillage village and all the artists that are under this umbrella. they're just phenomenal. And they're all putting out amazing stuff right now. i'm a big fan of j. Id part of the collective Dream ville which is another one. That's another collective Anyways man they all chances are if any of these guys releases their own album earth gang will be on there. Other people from the collectives will be on there so they all just kind of work together they just released their debut. Major label album is a group In september so it's not that not that old did late. september actually ask for. This album is called spillage. And it's up there for me top five albums of the year hands down so I'm gonna play one of my favorites off the record So again the artists collective is spillage village. The album is spillage in the song is called mecca only table off span. Know look death-toll wait time hoping that aggressee with alia me mother earth. Look bad news and top of babies. Some freedom super. Won't you follow me but don't need whole where uh-huh happened one. The morgan jt. She's patty she cars. Just another black man episode of bone. Initially nothing you could do a better player though. Back on a jew by oshii gu moon. I'll be trying to tell me to stop. Watch me front can be mad. Lion strapped betty issues law. love it. it's a great track. Yeah did you know. I was thinking now. Like that's one thing that brock and roll doesn't like they rarely have like the collective of artists. Yeah usually with rock band. It's a it's a band in that. That's what i mean. There'll be you know there'll be super groups quote unquote quote right. Come out and put a record out to mike that where. It's you know this guy from this band. This girl from that ban kha thing but like i like that idea of like earth. Gang is a collective of musicians and they all do their own separate thing right. Well yeah spillage. Villages is the main group earth. Gang is just the two guys. This forms spillage village. It's really cool man. It's very similar to The group the internet remember. I talked about them. They're kind of a different flavor. This you know new kind of hip hop soul stuff. They all support each other and pop up on each other's records. And yeah it's it's more of collective kind of thing But yeah the whole album is amazing. It does kind of bounce around as far style goes and that's another thing i like about it. I think it's j. d. Who brings guitar work. There's a lotta great guitar moments in the album most of the songs follow the standard verse chorus format. They i you know. You don't always see that a lot in hip hop albums And there's a thing that they do at the very end of the record. Actually i wanna play a little bit of it. Do just to kind of show you just what these guys do so Here is the very last track on spill spilling the song is called jupiter A la la the Man if it wasn't for that like funky bass they added because it sounds like it could be you know iraq a track off the full pop band. Yeah and you can hear like every single every single person that makes an appearance on the record shows up in that last track. Yeah yeah the whole album. Has that kind of gospel. Church revival kind of feel and a lot of the songs are about you know coming together. You know working through our differences with all the crap that went down this year share very important record. I think it really really special album. I feel like in in the world of hip hop. But i don't really know you know have not like a huge hip hop fan. That's the thing. Like i'm i'm i feel like i'm still got training wheels on their flirting with anyways. I feel like that's a great way to in the in the first episode. So another thing that we thought would be fun to do with these episodes was to bring four of our favorite musical moments from twenty twenty and just kinda talk a little bit about it. And if there's youtube link or something we'll play it. Do we know what we're talking about today. Now we don't know because we picked we pick five moments like we have our list. Yeah we know which one we're going to end on but the beyond that Let's let's talk about that performance from tom. York okay cool. I think that's a good i- good pick for the first one. Because i think that happened relatively early on This year so let me look. Let me see if i can find that. So that was Tom york appeared on jimmy fallon earlier this year. He played a song. okay. It was in april april. Twenty ninth the song that he played a new song Probably the first time. I played a alive. Perhaps this called plasticine figures and this is kind of one of those things that we've talked about before with what makes twenty twenty so special beyond all the craziness. Right is that we we would get these moments. That wouldn't have happened in any other year and this is one of those performances. Because it's tommy with a very very intimate performance because it's you know straight on webcam. It looks like he's like you know a small room in his house or something like that probably like recording space from the and that's the thing to like he's more than likely he is in his house because most people you know everyone's warning this was back in april. He could be in the studio which something. Yeah yeah. I think he's i i. It looks like a as house. Yes great right. Because what else are we going to get welcomed into. Tom york's house the right. Yeah and on top of that dude like when you're an artist and you're you're bringing something vulnerable you know and sharing it with the world for the first time like you get to be. He got to be in his home and his safe-space. Whatever you know like yeah so it adds a level of yeah like you said intimacy to it and vulnerability So cool to the that we're able to. I mean we talked about that with when we did our fleet foxes episode where so many people contributed to their latest album People on instagram. You know People shared vocal tracks and to them over the internet and they were added to the to the album. That kind of stuff and just a lot of special moments like that. So you gotta you gotta focus on the on. The really great things came out of this year. That wouldn't have happened. Had not been for the circumstances that the globe found itself in right and this one of those for sure and this is a great track to to close out in episode. because it's i got senator. It's super intimate and haunting. Latino i over use that word. But tom york's vocals are are usually pretty haunting right and this is one of those songs that that definitely like hits. That hits that york itch. You may get every once in a while so anyway. This is a new song from. Tommy came out back in april and his his him. Performing it on jimmy fallon so yeah before we close out You can find us on our website. November podcast dot com. I'm not gonna say all this stuff about the website. Just there you can find all of our old episodes track lists she announced blah blah blah. You can also follow us on twitter at no filler podcast and up until the very last episode on this year end wrapup we are Soliciting are are followers on twitter to send us their picks of their favorite songs from two thousand twenty and then we're going to take all of those submissions and narrow down to like five to ten tracks and we'll do that as our final episode so hit us up on twitter. Yeah i i'm gonna pin that tweet to the top of our our page louis. Men were twitter. Professional at man only took us a one hundred and fifty episodes. Yeah no kidding. Anyway so Hit us up on twitter. If you have some songs yvonna submit for our consideration but Yeah and then you can also find us on the pantheon podcast network. Which is the podcast network for. Music lovers cue. That is our home. Pantheon podcasts dot com. And yeah that stat thousand. I five of our top. Twenty of twenty twenty. We will come at you next week with another five. Amorous gonna keep this train rolan. So we're going to have time york. Close us out with his song. Plasticine figures performed on jimmy fallon so. Yeah we'll talk at you guys next week. My name is travis. And my name's gwen. Y'all take care masters zero two you make up it. Who is hollywood wiling around. And we seem sister We saw Put you back in am

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