#904 Waiting in Dependence on Your Word (Psalm 130:56)


Pre The word with David Platt is AVI source from radical dot net psalm one thirty versus five and six. I wait for the Lord my soul waits and in his word I hope my soul waits for the Lord. More than watchman for the morning more than watchman for the morning I I read this I because I'm guessing there are some likely many people who are listening right now who find themselves yourselves in a season of waiting in a time of waiting where you're longing for something you are needing something something you're calling out to God for something and he's hearing you and he's answering you but the answer her involves waiting and he is not fulfilling that desire right now in the way you long for. He is not providing in this way right now in the way you long for and I just WanNa pray this psalm over you and specifically we'll let let me just jump in Psalm. One thirty verse. Five God I pray for those who are waiting right now and for any time time we find ourselves waiting but specifically those were waiting or longing for something to move into swear that way or desiring this or that and you and your wisdom and your love answering in the way that They would like they would prefer the seams would make the most sense so God amidst the waiting I pray someone thirty verse five in his word I hope God I pray that they would hope in your word God as they wait they would wait standing ending on your word trusting in your promises that you are with them that you'll never leave them or forsake them that you you will grant them everything they need in the middle of the waiting that you are working in their waiting you're not sitting back back Eilly your word tells us you are working in our waiting you are leading guiding orchestrating details even in our waiting you are working all things together for the good of those who love you and have been called. According to your purpose I think about those words in Romans. Eight coming on the heels of just the reality of suffering in this world and longing for our redemption. We do we long long for our redemption. In this sense we all find ourselves waiting right now for an end to sin and suffering in this world so grant grant grace to us in our waiting grant strength grant piece grant hope from your word into those who are waiting and ultimately we wait for the day when Hugh Split. Open the sky. Hi and we will see your face and you'll wipe every tear from our eyes. We wait for that day. And and we pray that you would hasten it's coming and repair that you would help us from this day until that to trust you and hope in you in our waiting to hope in you in the middle of our waiting waiting in. Jesus name Amen

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