The Vampire | Part 2


What you're about to hear is based on actual events listener discretion is advised? It's getting cold out again. He says wrapping having his fingers on the table The woman name is Ida watches them over the rim of a beer glass they are the stubby hard fingers of a working man man despite the posh way he's dressed. Every strike of a fingertip against the wooden table is muffled by the almost leathery pad of Callus. She raises the beer and takes a sip soon. Enough it'll be snow. Perhaps she replies looking towards the exit. The place seemed popular enough when when they arrived but now the crowds are dwindling. It's very warm here in Dusseldorf though he gives her a sudden harsh. Look not the first of the evening. He is handsome of severe looking but his eyes are the dullish violent blue of a terminally bored man. He seems almost not there. At least I says hoping to quell whatever bad feelings she might have worked. That's what I've heard. Despite his oddness the man had been nice to her she lived hand to mouth since the surrender working three hours from home by train and Bremen. The ruins of the postwar Reich were filled with a starving. We humiliated and the damned and she was just lucky enough not to be one of them. The man had seemed nice when he'd offered her ear ear into bite to eat when he'd run into her on the train platform though the promised meal had been more beer than bread and meat now her head was swimming coming face slightly warm against the bitter chill de Bottom. Would you like to go for a walk. He asks he does not bother looking at her when he he does so. His is moving over the brick walls of the buildings outside the window. She follows them to find what he's looking at sees nothing but the deepening evening shadows pooling outside where the streetlamps Ridge I don't think so she says moving to stand when she stops moving his eyes are are on hers now glittering in the soft light of the table lamp she swallows and sits. The restaurant is terribly empty. Thinks of the hard hands on the table. Fiqh working man's hands creeping from the cuffs of a dandy suit. It's dark not so dark for a walk. Have you been to the KUNST blast. It's just through the half guard a truly beautiful building along the Rhine. He pauses houses for a long second. Never looking away from her. She sips her. Beer may be your last chance to see your so busy traveling. The way you do. Do she finishes the Beer Ernest and looks around the restaurant again. I don't really want to. She says I I insist he replies her hands curl tighter around the glass. I think it would be very classless of you to accept. Set my offer after treaty to meal. Fine she says. Though softly he smiles a slide. Curling of Lebanese has tightened moustache. He likes them. Other men she knows has adopted the squares facial hair of the leader of the growing National Socialist Workers Party the magnetic air. Hitler looks good on him. She thinks but like everything else about the man it seems false almost is cultivated like growth on rock accepts his offer a grudgingly and they leave. She makes one stop beside a table where an older woman Manila husband or having Dinner Ida tells the woman she has a lovely scarf in the woman distracted until the moment she sees Ida's uncomfortable body language. Thanks for the compliment and you have such lovely hair my dear what a nice shade of Brown the woman says looking over IDA carefully thank you I says perhaps a touch too earnestly then they are gone. Their steps are loud on the tight. Street's leading between the old buildings and the heart of Dusseldorf. It's dark enough now. That only the sky seems to have any light leftover over the black canopy of trees off guard. The park is more like a tunnel. Now at the end of the street they walk inside a short way and she pauses light of the street lamps. Do not reach the man's eyes. I want to go back. She says I'm sorry if it's rude but I'm afraid of the dark. He says nothing though. He does stop walking now. She can see only the most stark planes of his face. Yellow and still L. Beneath the gentle brushing of the leaves overhead the Rhine so close. Now it's just a steady annoys eventually. He nods that's fine he says and she sighs with relief turning and walking quickly out of the woods it is in the second that she realizes he. He's not walking beside her that the pain comes intense. Immediate and then fading to a dull nonfeeling more horrifyingly distant and simple numbness. Her face is on the pavement. She realizes this cold and covered with sharp grit. That rolls underneath her cheekbone. As she's dragged across she wants to closer. I even half lit it as it is but it won't respond. She feels like a drunk passenger looking out. The train. Windows of her own is is the painful scratching of the pavement gives way to the softer rub of grass beneath their skin. Then again more pain as grass gives way to the dirt rocks roots of the shrubbery beside the path. Then grass again a meadow. She knows the one she's seen it. Before a dozen times the man flips are over and she's staring up at the sky unable to focus on him or anything there are no stars. But rather the gentleman broken crescents of low. Oh clouds catching the city. Lights is a greater shadow inside of them infinitely black and absence. The soul of the universe that stands over her maw open ready to chew men's voices she can hear men's voices and their footfalls on the path where just moments ago she was walking with his creature. Creature G madge herself screaming and then the Pause and Son Commotion. The men realize what is happening burst through the bushes and into the meadow. This Dandy Dandy Dan his workman's hands. He would see them coming only for a moment before they fell upon him beating him senseless and dragging her back out to the light but our tongues sticking her throat she cannot so much whimper even still demand puts his heavy hand over her mouth while both of them. Listen listen listen to the men and last television striding away into the night thinking only of the lights of Dusseldorf from the taste of beer perhaps and not aww lingers in the shadows beside the path he removes his hand she works to spit up in her mouth he watches her his head cocking to the side like a curious cat me in peace. She says her more. It's more of a Croak than anything. No Louder and truth in the brushing tall heads of dry grass in the October wind he says nothing raises the hammer over his head. She can see that is what it is the shape the thing is unmistakable. She thinks it is pitifully. Small for one of his done to her square headed hammer. The black sides of it are as dark against the sky is is all the rest of the man holding it. Then it falls all Nelson's paranoid ice she lays in pieces upon the table insides out and on display detective pfeiffer stands in the doorway to the autopsy room a handkerchief clasped over his mouth his glare flits from the dinner to Burg and then he shakes his head. My God he says what. Have you done to our cutter all the part. It seems the diener says in a mocking voice. Drawing the detectives glare as while intensifying it honestly never seen the stages of our work I asked holding in his hands for the dealer to remove his gloves. They are slicked with bits of black and blood and other KLIESCH reddish fluids. The detective can't quite place though. The man is seen the results of what feels like a half a million murders. Here's the site before him is something to behold. The woman has been rendered down to her skeleton and most places sparing only your arms legs beneath her hips. The flesh and all other places peeled back and held steady in some parts with pins weights. Her skull is clean White Leeming and terribly terribly terribly broken. I fought in the war. The detective says Oh was it terrible Burg asks offhandedly. I'm sorry mm-hmm yes. The detective says now looking at him and God knows I've seen such things between that and the lowest streets and city that keep most most men up night this though this this is beyond simple nightmares Berg. He steps closer looking the split open body over mm-hmm. The dead woman's organs have been remanded to waist bags that lay in tidy piles insider torso. It's the beauty of it. That stops me sometimes. Sometimes Burke says stepping up beside the detective the clockwork of all of us is quite credible. No matter who we are we are born here or some Slavic Attic country or even South America. We operate much the same fashion second quick slow but always on time till that final strike of the hour he points to the cratered remains of the woman's skull. Detective pfeiffer sees the brain is no longer in place and that the broken sections of skull have been individually marked in alphanumeric fashion a twelfth B. Three C. Six all down to the pieces too small number they rest on what seems to to be a leather skin of water pressed into the skull to keep them in place where her brain pfeiffer asks Berg blinks than points to chest cavity. Oh in with all this but it's not when I brought you into see well. The damage to it is the cause of death in this case East. But that's all beside the point. I wanted to show you this amidst the puzzle together. Ruins of the woman's skull are several square impressions. All circled with black marker. They are numbered in order from one to nine number. Four is clearly the most fatal burke says pointing to the Mark Circle with his pet. But any of these would have killed her and time post-mortem inspection of the brain showed extraordinary contusions in the same position as the strike marks along the left side of the skull moving from anterior. He points to the closest strike mark two and then moved to the furthest back marked one all all the way to the posterior is finger hovers over strike one. This strike in particular is notable for the shape of the depression in the bone. Do you see how the impression Nara isn't even how it's deeper alongside the interior edge. The detective looks closer holding up his thumb to match the angle of the Depression in the skull then he holds it up in front of his face looking at it a long while before talking he touches the back of his head she was hit from behind then detected pfeiffer asks yes burke says stepping back and swinging his right arm up into the right slowly from his left hip my this I believe. After pulling the weapon from his Coder waistband possibly and the angle of the impression suggests the strike was perfectly level on a woman that tall detective pfeiffer says to himself he bends over the corpse and hold deserves to the side until they're hovering over the corpses toes and head. I guess get would have to be about one point. Six one point seven meters then. Berg nods scratches his chin. I'd say though she's touch taller now having laid out like this for a while he adds finishing the sentences though only talking to himself and how that brings us to strike number two here on the anterior skull. He pulls on a fresh glove gingerly. Fold the triangular piece of flesh back into the place of the dead woman's right cheekbone. pfeiffer lifer shifts uncomfortably when he sees a small freckle in the dead woman's skin but his attention moves quickly to the series of vertical scrapes. Running the side of the woman's face dragged he guesses and Berg nuts. The officers on the scene our guest. She was moved to the banks of the ride after he. I guess guess finished yes. Burg says most of that was on her back however these scratches are from four she died. I believe the way the damage skin gain was freely. Bleeding was obvious when we were cleaning her which leads me to believe she was hit here. Strike one from the back. Then she fell and he dragged her I I suppose somewhere more private and flips her onto her back in the process. Detective pfeiffer looks over the order of the strikes the two stands out starkly in the front of the head head so she's on her back and he's what kneeling or standing over. Then he hits her here he points distract number two and then her head moves to the side of the starts hitting or repeatedly given the tight grouping flat angle of impact. Yes I'd ride say. He was kneeling over her most likely. Straddling her here at the hips. Burg says touching his own flanks and flattening his doctor's coat coating process he pauses. I think he wouldn't finish her without being very close as close as possible. Brealey pfeiffer size is so this is the same man. He looks the woman's skull over one last time. I thought you said he was using scissors. Now he's got a hammer burg nuts. Autopsy of the Vaginal Canal showed some sexual assault occurred in the moments after death. Just as with the other female victims he says giving the corpses sombre look similar wounds caused by fingernails scraping interior walls and the presence of some quantity of semen. Are you sure it's it's the same person each time. The detective asks there is a rhythm to these murders that doesn't occur with the others that come across my table like the clockwork nature of the human organism. Each of these killings is almost identical. Save for a few errands seconds here. And there. Each case there is an incapacitating incapacitating strike or action offense a single blow to the head in the area of the temple but when the situation isn't right believe it he foster strangulation -regulation. Then he either drags the victim to a secluded place or if it's private enough. He begins his period of stunning violence. Burke points thanks to the cluster of blows that killed the woman. Many stab wounds many hammer blows and some cases a prolonged and vicious strangulation but always the period of incredible credible violence. Burg says he classes hands behind his back. This I think is what he wants from them or rather from the experience this is why they are incapacitated. I so that this moment is clarified. Isolated like saving in your favourite bite of a sandwich for the absolute end of your lunch. It is gratifying. It shakes his head looks at Pfeiffer for this causes sexual release for the salient and then the post mortem desecration of the victim. Then there's usually some attempt to conceal concealed body sometimes burning but often a dragging of the corpse to some low place. But that's something most any criminal common or otherwise might do the trucks. That is the pattern taking this animal isolation of victim incapacitation with decisive solitary blow further isolation assimilation and then the furious murder and sexual exploitation of the corpse is gays is intense. That is the man when we are looking for. Berg concludes detective for sized deeply and again looks at the remains of the young woman from this angle. All the parts he sees could belong to anything anything at all. It's fascinating all that the detective says too bad. You can't give me a hair-color from a hammer blow or better yet. An address height is a good start but he's average at best in the city. Those hammer marks though when he walks back to the head of the table and looks more closely. How have you do you think that thing was i? Suppose is Burke scratches his chin. It looks at the ceiling. Well the penetration of the skull and soft tissue wasn't fairly significant. Despite how slender the HAMMERHEAD is by not say it was a light hammer hammer. Probably just six seven hundred grams possibly kilo. But I'd have to say if he couldn't do more damage than that with a kilogram hammer. Then he wouldn't have been capable of the strangulation damage. I've seen on the other bodies alight hammer swollen very very hard pfeiffer says nodding after after a long pause he points at the wound. That's a riveting hammer. Then or maybe a bricklayer's hammer but I'd put my money on riveting. Maybe that's where our man got his weapon Burg offers possibly but just as likely he stole it from a construction site. You're hell even founded in the garbage and there are far far more rivers out there than Taylor's it'd be impossible to checkable then I am afraid. We are at the end of my expertise. Detective burr excess putting his mass back on and holy in his hands to the diener for gloving when the man obliges him and put his own gloves on as well. I wish I could be if more help. You've been helpful by for says. At least we have some idea where to look though God I wish she were wrong about this killer of yours of ours is well detective. Burke says pulling the dead woman's face back into place over skull the stitch work required to prepare her for the mortician. We'll take the rest of the a day calls to Pfeiffer who stops and turns. I am shore though detective. I am sure this man will. Mike o'clock clock continue striking midnight until we found some way to interrupt his cycle and only death or capture. I think we'll do the trick with with that. He turns the corpse of a woman wants named item and begins the long process of undoing all his difficult work. The detective watches him a moment longer. And it turns to the door tent to leave him at that The days led by with the same stuttering. Sort of flicker that sometimes blinds has is when the headaches calm. They're women throughout the winter with grows dark and cold for all the world's the Great Western economies collapsed. One after another like dominoes I falls America with its corrupt and Jewish controlled stock exchanges. Then comes the rest of the anglophone countries the science of the soul rotted British empire and then the rest of Europe. Few countries are spared week as they already are from the reparations rations of the Great War the hungry dispossessed fill the streets. There's like some great damage. Misery held up only with mud and sticks suddenly broken and filled all the gutters of Europe with blood. On every corner there are Bolsheviks Communists Marxists Socialists Fascists and dozens of smaller splinter splinter organizations. All of their ranks filled with young angry. Men and women students disenfranchised veterans the country never thanked as heroes villains wearing new shirts than they did a decade ago. Now forgiven and standing tall atop so boxes. Old President Hindenburg is increasingly. Frail and over eighty eighty years. Old Rumors are that he is no longer in charge of the country. And that if he is it is only nominally. More and more questions of national interest are being settled by local leaders given autonomy through emergency declarations and everywhere. There is talk of how much influence Hitler does. Minority National Democratic Socialist Party are beginning to wheeled spite their small size but people are more and more agreeing that at least Hitler his mad ways and arresting charisma and with his laughable policies arguable understanding of history and law. They are agreeing that perhaps he may be the only man in Germany who can open the factories victories again. It is against the wall of one of these factories. Peter Stabs a young girl to death. He does with her body what he does with the others often so tired by the time he finished his. He just wants to fall asleep but he doesn't he never does. Peter's World is insane flickering of broken movie projector. His nights are dark and filled with a taste of blood. The heady excitement of the kill the economic collapse litter the streets with fresh meat for him or wants he had exercise even a little caution. His hunts now he prowls with abandon Within one day he kills two women on the same street corner wars. He bludgeons with his little hammer or so he thinks until he reads the paper the next day and sees one of the women survived. More of them. Are doing that these days because the hammer just doesn't have the effectiveness of the scissors. They stabbed deep can wounded badly. The Hammer was small and light effective but only to a point. He reads the paper every morning now. Marveling his deeds creeping up from the front page to compete with much more important world news headlines Proclaiming that the people's frustration with the police has reached its limit set beside sometimes over top of articles about the deepening economic comet crisis threatening to tear the world to pieces possibly even setting off another great war when it ended they call it the war to end all wars the powers that be but if they had the chance to follow him on his nightly walks see the gripping power of the blood to hear the failing hearts beat their last the steady spot spot spot of blood from the wound then they would know how foolish an idea that was they would understand the purpose of blood flow. He kills more women throughout the winter. Perhaps half of those attacks some see it coming even a mile away but when he flashes a little coin coin and promises a hot meal the hunger is too much he can see. The commonsense warnings flashing behind there is but still they come along still they obey if he beats them and he rapes them and he kills them he comes home and cleaves up and then does all again. It is at a point where he doesn't doesn't quite know if he enjoys it anymore the way he did nearly days when it was fresh and new to him steady taken of lives and the release that followed and not even pinpoint the best of days was but he is sure he can never stop he does not see how it is possible. Uh or why he would even try they may never catch him and things are only getting more insane in the streets or chaotic. The browns shirt gang start fights with communists and Jews and streets chatting as much blood and an itis. He doesn't a month. The police must contend with this and also with common hungry men murdering for food common hungry women being murdered for food children. He's never seen nor touched going missing for reasons unknown to normal citizens but that he understands and there are others like him in this age of electric lights and deep cityscapes. You can feel them out there. Sure they can feel him as well he sees sees their work in the papers beside his own. Sometimes knowing it for what it is even if the police newspaper men and everybody else doesn't he can see the passion Russian. The rage ecstasy in the spaces between the lines and thirty years of this new century. There is no doubt something has shifted and there is an uncapped hole in the heart of the world now whole from which monsters creep loose to eat and rip and tear and take he reads the paper Yes. He knows he's not alone. What are you smiling about his wife? Chides him from her place at the sink he he looks up at her over the seam of the trouser pocket. He's mending his beloved hammer so faithful until he broke it over the skull of some skulking and now dead Hor is retrievable. Gone One. He's gone back to his old scissors but had forgotten the night before and accidentally pierced his pocket with the things after using them the papers told him the woman had lived. What she thinks is insane? Considering how badly he stabbed her but something couldn't be helped thinking of France. He says they they might laugh. I told him how I got this foolish hole in my pocket. He sticks his finger through it and wiggles at ATR. She laughs though she might not. If she saw the bloodstains he'd cleaned away before. She got home. Are you going out tonight. She asks just a short walk most likely he says my ahead is feeling better. Lately it is to a degree he has medicating himself and his way with abandoned and truth he can hardly feel anything at all. Mostly just a sort of giddy euphoria. They chat for a while though he can remember nothing of the talk later his his mind drifts as it always does when he's trying to find a victim and find a victim he does though she somebody else's pray at the moment he thinks of his earlier earlier hypothesis that there are others like him and realizes that is what he is witnessing action. The woman has all the body language of the future victim rank confusion fusion as she clutches her oversized bag against her and looks over the buildings around her. It's a sort of bag. A woman takes traveling to a city for a few days. Peter knows which she thinks won't make her stand out as transient. Peter follows them down alleys and around street corners though the areas well lit he knows all all but abandoned he in fact passes at least one of his own old bloodstains on the ground as he walks this gone now washed away by time and rain gene but he remembers it. That is all that matters then happens to the balance of the walk head of him changes. The man grabs the woman above. Oh for elbowing tries to drag her down in embankment. He will have her in a second. The way he's using the angle of the ground to leverage her off her feet. Peter can see something of himself l. from the man. Technique is not rougher. Ill practiced girl will be raped possibly worse without intervention. Hey he says you almost failing to stifle a laugh. This is more exciting. By far the one of his average killings. It is the mad dash at another predators meal. MM-HMM CRIPS the scissors in his pocket. Not Knowing what to expect but moving forward with is wide and glittering in the streetlight help the woman calls it is the first time he's ever heard the cry directed in his direction and by far the first time he's ever seen it answered. What are you up to? He asks asks there's a confused moment where the man looks at him really looks and Peter Shore he sees a feral sort of recognition. There the woman tells those Peter Her name is Maria and she doesn't know the man he is supposed to be leading her to his sister's address but Peter Clarifies the address and questions on the other side of town down. The man looks them both over Peter Much longer than leaves quietly. Should we just let him go. Maria Asks Peter Shakes his head and gift. Some excuse truth he can't be bothered with the police that the woman never asks him why. He's in a deserted part of town. This time of night. Almost sets him into a fit of hysterics. Almost Maria tells him a story. He's her time and again that he already knew she would tell him before she started talking. She is a stranger in town looking for work and a place to sleep. The man took advantage of her telling her she could sleep at his sister's place while looking for work such a tragedy. Peter surprises himself by asking. If she liked to stay at his house. There is a thanks. The possibility she'll fuck him stanks rescuing her that is the least he could expect he figures given what he's likely saved her from the man she'd been with was half his equal would have been terribly terribly rough but she says she won't sleep with him when they arrive at the stairs to his apartment nervously ASLI rubbing the space above her elbow. She polishes for this tells him she's not that Kinda girl then she asked. There's another place he might be able to take her to sleep sleep. Sure he says regretting taking the risk of bringing this woman here while his wife is at work. I've got somewhere I could take you. They go to the tram station and ride. Though he's shore she's lost. It is all working perfectly until he bumps into Marco drunk who picks up the occasional job at Peter's worksite. Peter had thought very little of Maria till she pushes past him to shake the man's hand repeating her name at least twice when introducing herself and Marco gives her an odd long. Look then pats Peter Shoulder and finds a seat on the other side of the tram. Peter Walks through a mostly desolate. PART OF DUSSELDORF DWARF. Finally walking past the last of the houses out of light stands quietly for a long time thinking about her feeling the old urges replacing facing the temporary rush of playing hero. He looks at her and she opens her mouth to say something maybe to ask where exactly he is taking her. He wraps his hands around her throat and squeezes hard her fingers claw at the back of his hands trying in vain to pull them away way. Her face is turning red. Her head is back faced raised to the sky. Shut up he says. Just shut up. Let me we do this. The urge to finish her faint though his mind is wandering to the thought of her standing in front of his apartment door of her introducing herself to that Idiot Idiot Marco then he lets her go. She stumbles away from him coughing and holding her hands up. It's something I have to do. And he tells her I can't help it he clears his throat and points at his own neck looking around the street. Would you like to do to me. Say she says between coughs are you are you okay. He asks yes. She says she keeps her eyes on the pavement. There's no possible way to kill her. He knows none at all and worst of all the urge to do gone faded as though it was never there. He feels impotent. While he says while go to Dusseldorf I suppose good luck finding employment he pauses for a long while and they both look look at each other. He says he does Uh I thought she leave well enough alone. Heater says leaning against the wall of the cell but it wasn't even a week before I walked into my apartment for work SAR down there in the street felt the urge. Then believe me but it was broad daylight. What could I do? uh-huh Berg Nods jots down notes on his pad as Peter. Talks never interrupting saved to keep the conversation on track. Peter Raises His hands and wriggles the shackles enough to make noise aside from those accessories. He looks as well kept as is ever every hair in place even as prison uniform as almost military in its appearance. What sparks it? Is there a specific trigger to this urge. Berg Asks Peter Chuckles you move as well ask me. Why get thirsty Mr? You're hungry there is the need in this insatiable of filling it of it being unfulfilled. The stomach has limits. I can only drink eat so much but the limits on the urge itself my need for killing for pay those were merely the limits of my person. If I were in charge of a rail station I would derail trains and stand beside the wreckage is closed and ears ears. Open listening to the stifling sales of the Diet if I were in charge of this country God the things I might accomplish. So there's no emnity it's personal. I wouldn't say that either he continues. It feels terribly personal. The connection is more absolute in my mind than between Sam Mother and her child. That's a fairly extraordinary claim. Burke says think how many my victims had mothers do love them. Then Kenan your fingers. How many that loves saved? Peter says flatly bird nods grudgingly and then jots a few additional notes in his book. But there's nothing in your childhood something like that Burg Asks. Peter rests his head against the wall and closes his eyes. My father would rate my sister's casually most nights he says S. awards come out automatically. These were not madly violent acts such as in my own later life but such simple commonplace unemployed atrocities day escape the notice of anyone who might have intervened on our behalf I was forced into. Congress was my sisters as well at Father's orders and I enjoyed it more when they squirmed and didn't WanNa do it to them but I would be beaten until I did and so in this way I was punishing seeing them for the inconvenience that caused me as well. He touches the links on his wrists. I've told you about goose. I know but that that was something of a one off experience. I would more often sneak onto the farms and neighbors to fuck their livestock. Sheep were perfect because they were just the right height the kit. You wouldn't outright break your leg. I would stab them with a little penknife. I kept on my person that let let them drag me around until I finished. He pauses for a long time looking hard at Burgh. Does none of this bother you. Peter asks bird raises eyebrows and then removes his glasses he nibbles at the end of one arm for a moment looking at the ceiling. Yes yes and no. Berg finally says replacing his glasses. It's all disgraceful in disgusting but you've done. I feel both the victims. You've debased as well as you. He pauses tapping his pen on the page in his book. Despite all my hard work all all the hard work of the detectives it wasn't the authorities that caught you not really. It was just coincidence. He stands awesome stretches checking his wristwatch. I believe there is something wrong with you. In fact I know there's something wrong But not what it is. Perhaps when I open you up after your execution I'll be able to find some clue poking around in that brain of yours. Peter raises his eyes at this. But doesn't interrupt you. Don't save the nation from Ireland disease with the cure most often but with the vaccination. Maybe we'll develop something of that nature from studying you. A nice thought in any case. Peter says there are others like me out there you know. And I don't think things would have ended much differently for me if I've been raised in an orphanage injure by some wealthy loving family. Whatever is in the is in me just as it is and then their doctor? You've you've only got to read the morning paper to see how true it is. Burg moves to the door and Peter caused him one last time. Tell me Dr Burke before you open me up when they cut off my head might I still be able to hear and see. Yeah Asks Bird. Turns turns to him. There is some evidence. The brain retains most functionality for a few seconds after the head is severed by the Guillotine Burg says. I suppose in that case you'll hear and see quite a lot. He pauses fairly savage. When you think about it so I will be held to here? The blood spurting from my own. Nick Di Peter Says to himself as Burgh leaves that will be the pleasure to end all pleasures. The guard leads Berg out of the Labyrinth prison to the more brightly lit front desk. The diener is waiting for Burg alleged. Date like the ones they used to have the referring to the diener as anything but her platz would now be rude. He has moved up far in the world since curtains arrest though that had little if anything to do with it no far more persuasive. Power now guides platz Haber. He says smiling raising a hand to his old mentor. PLATZ PLATZ is wearing a sharp black suit replete with an almost military short haircut. Lebron's cross shaped badge on his left Lapel before Berg can respond the guard at the front desk. Whom PLATTS has been speaking to stands and extends his arms straight out to Burg Heil Hitler? He says snapping his boot heels together the greeting stops Berg in his tracks. He opens opens his mouth slightly and gives his former diener platz confused look the guard. Meanwhile begins to stare at Burgh for not returning the greeting. I'LL HITLER PLOT SAYS RETURNING THE GUARD's Salute. He touches the younger man on the shoulder. Berg is an party member not yet at least. But he's a good and honest chairman Platt smiles and the guard follow suit nodding to them and then sitting thing to resume his duties hours. Things Berg tells him how things are though. He feels slightly disoriented as they walk. Doc He thinks of curtain and the awful man's warning of there being others like him out there what he said he'd be capable bubble of if he ever had an entire country under his thumb. And instead of just another scared woman. Alone Monster is an incongruity production. Shen if you've enjoyed this experience please subscribe and leave a positive review. Please support our sponsors. You can find out more by searching for monster podcast on on facebook twitter and instagram or visit us at monster. PODCAST DOT COM. The show was written and hosted by Jack Luna Tyler Bell L.. And Mike Day Sound Design by Jonathan McMichael and Robert Ravelli original score by Leon. Rogers art by Jake Peres executive producer. Mike Day

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