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Hey it's patricia murphy. It's friday casual friday. This seattle now looks like the snow is really happening in seattle. Normally it would be a great opportunity to stay inside tucked in with a book or hang out by the fire but honestly who the heck needs any more days inside at this point. It's also valentines weekend relationship experts and real life couple. I should brown and mike couch. You're here in just a minute but first let's get you caught up. Most of washington will be allowed to start reopening as of next monday. The governor says over the past two weeks new cases hospital admissions have dropped significantly. In nearly every one of the eight regions being monitored that means areas around spokane when nazi bellingham port angeles vancouver can join the central puget sound region in phase. Two south central washington remains restricted. Ellensburg yakima the tri cities and walla. Walla still have too much covid. A kingston man is the fourth person from washington charged in connection with the january insurrection at the us. capitol taylor. james. John attack is turned himself into the fbi. Yesterday after being indicted by a grand jury in dc he's accused of obstructing unofficial proceeding assaulting or impeding federal officers and other crimes. A us district judge in tacoma ordered him released until his next hearing and those flakes. You're noticing are in fact snow skeptics. Be damned it. Looks like we're in for some. Maybe you don't see any this morning but the national weather service says there's likely to be widespread heavy snow coming to the area late today into tomorrow. That could leave us with several inches. Lots of snow in the mountains to so tempting to get out there but remember. The risk of avalanche is high here. We are friday friday friday. And we're waiting on our first snow storm of the season here in seattle. So you can be sure that the stores will be empty by the end of the day and if it all turns out to be rain. Well that's actually how we do snow here in the emerald city. Aisha brown is here. She's a mental health advocate and the co host of the relationship. Podcast just the tip high. Sha did you watch the britney spears documentary not only did. I watched the britney smooths documentary. I was live tweeting. It and i was reaching out to my friends trying to figure out what we need to do to save her. I am part of the hashtag. Freebritney tiktok movement. You know. I am definitely on the free brittany spears campaign as well after watching. That might couch here. He is also the co host of the relationship. Podcast just the tip. Mike you and aisha our life partners right we are. We got married during the pandemic made it official. Good times good times. Thank you so much for being here today. You know it took so long to get here this winter but it looks like the city of seattle is finally grappling with the possibility of some snow. And who knows how much it might be at this point. Optimistic tv weather forecasters predict up to ten inches by saturday. Right now the only thing we could definitely count on is the angst or the excitement depending on who you are in all this. I am such snow pessimist. But only because i lived in new england for so many years and after twenty years in the seattle area. I have to say. I'm just to the disappointment so i try to steal myself right every time. They say there's going to be snow by just being like jerky about it and saying it's not gonna snow. You can't believe it until you see it. Well it makes from here. I'm from chicago. So i grew up with like it's going to snow and it did snow and it's a blizzard and there's a snow day for school and moving out here. I was like this is. This is gorgeous. There is really no snow. It's so easy but yeah you're from here so you're kind of used to this and we've had such a beautiful mild winter so far it's like okay if we get one storm. Then that's actually. We're getting out pretty unscathed. Well with the pandemic. The city's advice to stay home doesn't seem as ridiculous as it has in years past because of course that's the seattle response to snow is. Everybody should just hang out at home until this all melts away. We'll still have to log in for work. Come monday morning. Well it looks like the kids will never get snow days again either. Yeah that's actually a tragedy for parents everywhere. The whole thing's a tragedy for kim parents right now looking out our window. It just started to snow flurries joining down right now. Oh man so. In tier small flakes to the city's going to freak out you going gonna freak out. What is your favorite snow activity so previous to moving here my favorites. No activity was drinking moses in the house for brunch or something and not being outside in the snow. I grew up in chicago and it's a very flat terrain so it's not like you can do winter sports or anything but after moving here. Snowboarding was great until i wiped out. And i had never felt the breath. Leave my chest before then. I decided i'm too old for that. And snowshoeing was kind of cool. I like that. I took action snowshoeing once and she loved that once. I like sir but when it snows here in the lowlands my favorite thing is just go. Walk out in it. I would say in our dog to the park in watching the join on her face. We're very mike millennial. Dog parents dogs face if she runs in the park invited the snow from jersey so when the snowstorms used to head into jersey. Everybody hit the bar. That was pretty much. The way we handle the snow was you would roll into the bar. Get a bunch of drinks. By the time you left. The snow would be deep enough so that it would be a fun. Walk home and we'd call it good but yeah here we can always count on the rain to wipe it all away. Can you feel it in the air people. Not the latest cova strain. It's love valentine's day is sunday. We're still a pandemic so if you've managed to gin up any romance in your relationship during this time you have a superpower kind of love now. Youtube got married. During the pandemic is romance alive in the household i would say that communication is alive in the household and we quickly figured out early in the pandemic that we had to be intentional about creating moments of connection with each other. So yeah we just. I mean most people. If you're partnered up you may be over romance at this point. You've been living in your space with your partner over a year. It's a lot of time. It's a lot of face time. And i mean we love being in the house together but i think that the thing. That's kind of cool about this year for people who want to celebrate valentine's day is it may look a little different where you could have more alone time giving that person in your life space to enjoy. Maybe a little solitude. I love that gift like so we don't have children but my friends with kids. Something that one of the partners will do is take the kids in the car and drive them around for two hours. Go do some stuff so that the other person could maybe have a bubble bath or wash their favourite show or have a glass of wine or have just some time to check out from being a parent and being an employee in being a partner and themselves. In that way i think the biggest thing is communicating to set expectations and especially when you've got an emotionally charged day. I'm not going to get on my horse about the whole consumerist culture of valentine's day and all that but let's say you and your partner whoever you do want to enjoy something of the day but people have such different expectations for february fourteenth. And i think it's really important that you you communicate your expectations so that your partner can meet them or let them know how they why can't eat them. And then you can know what your partner expects so that they're not disappointed so mine reading no mind reading we well. We and i brought this up. Because right i've been married for a really long time and it's easy to let this stuff just kind of roll over you. After a while and last year pre pandemic. I was sure that we weren't doing valentine's day like we weren't doing it. We've been together too long. The consumer you know the little thing. I'm crabby totally caught out. Totally caught out. He gave me the sweetest cards sweetest gift. Everything it was terrible. Let's just say you handle it. I ran out. And i got the last dam muggy starbucks. That's amazing. he loves the mug. But you know you're right. Communication is because i felt like a huge right. He made an effort. It was very sweet. I'm just being this crabby girl. So yeah mike. And i looked up. The both kind of aren't into valentine's day in that sense of it's like oh. This is a fake holiday. I don't put too much pressure on it. But we communicated and understood that our expectations were aligned but to be a little corny are the first anniversary of our first date is february nineteenth so we celebrate that it may be because it's so close surveillance day. It's like just wait a few days. We have something more important coming up. Kinda shot overshadows valentine's day for us. That sweet that's so sweet. I think actually the pressure for valentine's day for a lot of people is being single right leg. It only feels like you're left out if you're single because if you have a partner you can always argue about whatever that was. Yeah some of my single friends they have been planning to do. Kind of hate the term. Ballantine's day but i know. That's mary like marketing heavy. So that's what people can google for ideas but a lot of my friends are planning to just get together. And do virtual wine tastings or have a virtual happy hour hulu and netflix. Let you watch movies together or tv series together with your friends. So that's another idea word. You can just celebrate the people that are in your life that you love. I think that a lot of times we think of it as romantic love as we get older but if you think back to being a kid in school and celebrating valentine's day you giving candy to everyone so i think that it's important to know that it's not just romantic love especially if you're single there's people in your life who you love who you can check on who you can make time for my mom's obsessed with valentine's day and wants a card from everyone in her life on your family members. I feel like some of the older generations were really raised with the significance of the hallmark holidays. And it could be a great time to just check on people that you love not necessarily someone. You're partnered with a great sentiment. Have you guys heard about the home. Citre drama brewing in greenwood a seattle cider maker who was making the best of the pandemic was selling to go cans and growler fills out of their converted garage in the greenwood neighborhood and it was so adorable. The setup was so cute and apparently beloved by the neighbors except for one crabby kuenz. Who complained that it was too close to a church and to school. I love the story because it has all of the seattle stuff in it craft cider funky neighborhood setup and most importantly the villain nimby i would say that is too close to my bar. You also felt strongly that churches and schools. It's questionable if anyone should really be going there right now in the midst of the pandemic and that the bar is actually practicing a really great way of having a business in making it safe. Yeah in the end. They had to shut down because they're licensed was appropriate to sell but the business look their sweet little garage. Setup was not in compliance with the law and now of course all the neighbors were mad and the parents at the nearby school are calling out the parent who filed the complaint. They know who did it. Yes and that person was public and all of this is just you know so seattle right. I feel badly for the child or the complainer. I read you. They're going to be. They're not surprised. And they're like my paren- has always been like this and let me buckle up for a lifetime and they're never get invited to the post pandemic kager. It looks like a cozy weekend ahead. That's our show. thanks again to my guest. I should brown and mike couch. They're the co host of the podcast. Justin thank you for. Having us have great weekend seattle now is produced by caroline. Jebron gomez claire mcgrane and jason. Piano matt jorgensen music. I'm patricia murphy see monday.

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