Airbus Looks To The Future With Hydrogen Planes


The affiliate podcast shares, the stories of multifaceted Africans, one episode at a time the podcast aims to uncover the untold stories of modern and millennial. Based in various parts of the world. Each episode gives listeners an opportunity to learn and experience conversations that showcase who they are and global perspectives in our ever changing world fish also listen and subscribe to the Athlete podcast on spotify or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. You can also follow at athletes podcast on all social media platforms. All listening to the news office our on Africa Business Radio Aerospace giant boss has unveiled plans for what two tailed as the first commercial zero emission aircraft. It said it's hydrogen-fuelled passenger planes could be in service by twenty thirty, five Airbus. Chief Executive Guliani. Fori said the three zero eight concept designs marked historic moment for commercial aviation sector. He added that use of. Hydrogen it had the potential significantly reduce evasions climate impact on it is time appointed Al to that it is not the first time that hydrogen has been talented asked the savior of modern travel and that was the niece at this time when Africa business. Radio you can continue to this in life online at www dot Africa business radio, DOT COM, or our mobile APP. I am Rachel chih-jen. Thank you for listening.

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