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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go Lipton. Young tells us all about us like loves his back tattoo. The new bachelorette Hannah B's starts picking her bachelor's Olivia Wilde and Ellen give Jason's today is beautiful haircut. And Ellen explores the me on Ellen Meam. Welcome everybody. I'm Kevin Lima's. Hey there. I'm Mary Connolly the second. Andy last ner, the first Ed glavin, welcome to our podcast. Well. Everybody quick stats. This is our fifty fourth episode of the podcast. That's great. That's unbelievable. This episode of the podcast drops. That's what they say. It says when it drops it the date. It drops is three to one well three to drop. Yeah. That's so cool, and we have more than in excess of three and a half million downloads. That's exactly a lot of people have been asking some questions in one is what are you guys? Get paid to do the puck. It seems like you guys have show that you you do a lot of work for L in with Ellen. You are full time jobs. You have a game of games created by Kevin that you guys are all executive producers on we all work on that takes a lot of time. And now, you're doing this podcast. Obviously, there's gotta be something in it for you to give up this kind of time. It's a complicated equation. It's a fair question is it is a very fair so who wants dancer, well, the good news is we're all getting paid the same. That's true. No, we're like the friends we're like the friends cast. We get paid. We when we went into this thing, we said in this negotiation. Exactly, we are negotiating as a group, and I'm keeping my clothes and. And we said no matter how contentious it gets no matter. We are going to stay United as a group. So yes, one gets paid. We all get paid. So we all took no paycheck together. Answer is we get paid nothing. Yeah. But I love it. Yeah. We love doing it as conversation hope is one day Ellen buys each a home. Is that fair? It seems like it seems reasonable amount of home. She buys. There's got to be a few. They toss. Right. And that's why we do this. We do this podcast on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the hope that somehow some way she will buy a home. We would almost be talking about all this stuff anyway sitting around and then then they came in and they put microphones. Next thing. You know, we're the biggest podcast. I know. Now, we're like guess in Burbank, that's probably not even trumping out of this office March. My second US Opens an I cannot wait to. I have not I'm not. I'm not a scary movie scary movies. I loved get out. And this is the follow up, and we just had the pizza young on to talk all about it. Yeah. We did. Oh, gosh. The trailer looks horrifying and the clips. She showed here was. Yes. Yeah. So fantastic. Great. It's good to see you again. Good to see us having what a big year. I mean you had Black Panther. Now. You have us which it. I mean, I it's it couldn't get bigger. I mean, you're doing to amazing movies. Yeah. I feel very lucky. Yeah. Really cool. All right. So we're going to talk about us in a minute 'cause the audience saw it last night. Yeah. So in happy belated birthday when was your birthday March first? Okay. And so what did you do? Well, I had a laser tag birthday party. Oh, yeah. In brooklyn. Let's say for then painful because you're yeah. Yeah. It does hurt yet. So I got about thirty of my friends together. And we went and played laser tag. I learned a lot about my friends. You know, I learned who I want in a time of war high side. Sounds fun. But yeah, it was a lot of when I heard you did something interesting last year. What did you do? I went on a ten day meditation retreat, a what wear. Yeah, it was outside of Dallas. It's a passionate retreat. I don't know where it was. It was like farmland you go there. And you know, you sign away your electronics, and and you promise to stay the ten days. And and it was the hardest thing I have done really. So from us, but you do you speak or you don't know is complete silence for ten days. You're allowed to ask questions at specific times of day. But it's you're not allowed to make eye contact with the other people on the retreat because the idea is for you to have a solitary experience and really just face your own demon. So all that silence note. No electronics, no music. No TV nothing. Just you and your thoughts. And boy did learn a lot about my mom. Yeah. That's amazing. Yes. Silence. Is a really pow. Powerful thing. I believe in that. So you how many people were there? I want to say we must have been about seventy. I mean, you can't really count 'cause you can't look at you can't get down three people over there. Seventy people writing. Okay. Yeah. That's really cool. And at the end did you like did you get to look at people? And then kinda learn about them or well, it was funny right before we started before us the silence is official. Some woman came up to me. And she was like are you the beat the long run? All this way to get away from right? And then afterwards, she came up to me and said, you know, I'm so sorry. I realized after this ten days that that was the one thing you were probably escaping from. And I appreciate it yet. He was probably the whole ten days going got him an idiot. Why did I do that the whole time? This choir self, oh today me. But I'm going to go up towards the end, and I'm gonna all she had going. All right. So let's talk about us. It looks so good. So tell me and everybody that hasn't seen it when it's about well, it's a nightmare from Jordan peels mind, and it is about Adelaide Wilson a woman who is riddled with this trauma from childhood that she cannot explain and she's on vacation with her family and their summer home in Santa Cruz, and she's convinced something bad is going to happen. And she's proven, right? When these four shadowy figures show up at the top of their driveway and their worst nightmare and sues and you play you play two different characters. Yeah. Very very different characters that must've been fun. It was incredible. I mean, it was hard work. Yes. Who it was hard work? And you know, 'cause they're very different. They are diametrically opposed to each other. But they are also connected. So I had to go to some dark places within myself to to find the d'appel ganger read of do a crazy voice. That was a lot of fun to create. Nate and. Yeah, I I enjoy the experience I spent a lot of time between take sleeping just trying to catch up with myself. Yeah. Because when you have a day off, the other character doesn't exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And you never meet your scene partner. Yeah. Which is a challenge from its own. Yeah. That's really difficult. So you're talking to someone sort of? Yes. Someone who's just a Nightline and at times just a Green Cross on hall. That's really hard. Yeah. Also, the PD you should you watch the watch it on your DVR if you can lupita is the door -able her entrances adorable. She's very stylish. Oh, it was awesome. Ossining outfit is absolutely stunning. Tired of standing idly by while the world goes crazy. Diane Lockhart is and so is the cast of the critically acclaimed legal drama, the good fight. Join the fight by Washington New season. 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Now streaming exclusively on CBS all access that CBS dot com slash Ellen to redeem your free trial of CBS all access Ben Affleck, if you remember big time movie star he's a big he's A-List is his a big big time. Movie star big time movie star has had his ups and downs in life. Like, many of us have correct. Nobody's had lower downs than Kevin. But we've all had lows and highs in our life, no in in all seriousness. He's he's battled some demons and because he's a celebrity. It's very public and everything is sort of known about him. And and and one of the things that at talked about on the Lao last podcast is that you know, we are in a society where we like to pile on. And when someone's having a tough time, there's there's there's an urge for people to sometimes pylon. And so he. He's gone through that I've having gone through a divorce and some rehabs, and he keeps you know. He keeps bouncing back and surviving. So we had him on the show and one of the things when people a few months ago, he was on a private beach. Didn't know there were paparazzi and a photo was taken of his tattoo his back tattoo, and it got an incredible amount of press, hence, judgment, some people thought it was ridiculous. Some people thought it was over the top everyone had something to say. And so L and asked him about it on the show this week. I love that. He was willing to talk about it. And he was willing to talk about it. And he knowledged that he got hammered for it. And but it means something to him, which is why people get tattoos. And and you know, is it one of the biggest tattoos I've ever seen. Absolutely. Is it is it is it is it something that that? I look at completely differently now that he's explained it. It has a lot of personal meaning to him, of course. And and you know, he talked about it on the show, and he sort of talked about his struggles. And and and he's he's a super talented guy. He is a director and actor, and he was here to talk about his new Netflix movie triple frontier, which looks really cool, and is on my watch list on Netflix. And you keep a watch list on Netflix. Yes. How you do it? Yeah. That's how I do it. Anyway. So here's him first of all talking about the tattoo. That was a photo of the of your back tattoo that got a lot of attention. Not not so much positive people. It's a it's a it's a commitment. It's what is it's like a free. Knicks Phoenix, which I think from your ass. Now, we didn't. But it's. Right. Very quick. Yeah. Where was I? Anyway. Yes. Phoenix rising for my ass. I was about to say it represents something really important to me. Just we'll skip that you can say that it does represent. It is meaningful to me. I like it. It's not something that I sort of kept private. It wasn't like I was sort of doing photo shoots. Whatever we were two hours north of the city and some island Hawaii, and we didn't know the paparazzi was there. So they got a picture my tattoo, and yeah the sentiment ran against in which I love my tattoo. Yeah. It's your MAC. Okay. Show of hands in this room who has a tattoo in this room. Oh, what I'm just one of us. One of us has an you guys. Can you guys can you know, write in and guess which one of us might have a tattoo. He also agreed to be part of yet. Another time. I get humiliated on the show where we had a cameo. I've been doing these cameos raise money for Ellen's gorilla fund, and we've been charging forty dollars fifty to fifty five hundred no more than five hundred and so which slowly making money, and then the idea was let's actually put a celebrity in one of these. So we got so Ben Affleck agreed to do a cameo with me, and what we did was in typical Kevin fashion. We had no idea what we were gonna do until the show because he needs it to be a surprise for maximum humiliation for me and. And we had to do a wrap that we were seeing for the first time for someone who had requested a cameo to congratulate them for a birthday relation. You guys. Did a great job. I will your sweet to say that Mary take take a listen, certainly above average. All right. So here's a request. This is from a Winona wish me, I guess for my eighteenth birthday and for finishing. My twelfth grade, successfully, I guess, congratulations. And by the way, try to wrap it. That's what she says. All right. So all right. Let's hear the music. Yoyo? I got another request. And I had to say, yes, thanks to L and generous. I'll do an average rap because I got no skills. It's all for the guerrillas who need dollar dollar bills. Shout out to a known for turning eighteen you're old enough to vape. But don't be like me and mazal tov girl for finishing high school. Don't know how you did it in March. But hey, that's cool. You're getting to a lizards it's your lucky day because my homeboy Ben has something to say. Debut rap performance. If by A-List, he means he's average then that's true. But I'm one of the world's sexiest men since two thousand and two. Of course, not all superheroes. Wear cape. This one's average. And he uses a vape so K to be average, but I'm really not goodwill hunting to Argo Oscars. A lot. I wanna thank Ellen for having me here. So I can tell you all to see my movie triple frontier on that flex. Can't apply loves and support amazing charities like eastern Congo initiative. They going to give you twenty thousand dollars for being such a good sport. Romandie go to county a website to submit your request and triple frontier is in select theaters and on Netflix now, we'll be right that most of us have the best intentions to eat better. Cut back on takeout and spend more time with family, but then real life happens you work, late traffic last minute, errands. 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If you go to our special URL get this special offer now at gobble dot com slash Ellen. That's gobble dot com slash Ellen. So this is a staff that is addicted to the bachelor. I mean, I just have never seen anything like it. It's just it's it's like a phenomenon so much. So that we have our own bachelor recap show on Ellen tube. Featuring a number of our staff members, I'm working very hard to make the bachelor recap show its own podcast. That's that's on my jets. Great. Are you on your watch list? We have good access to that show. Yeah. And and so, you know, we're all up on Colton is. And the fact that Colton divergent and they jumped over the wall jumped over the wall which led to him. And then we didn't elaborate clip of what happened after he jumped over the wall. And then we sure there was a woman named Cassie. I I know about thirty percent of what I'm saying. And long story short the next bachelorette is going to be Hannah be which apparently shocking news a lot of people. Right. Yeah. And also, you learn when we informed when we had Hannah be on the show, our studio audience did not know a that we had. Hannah be right. Be that Hannah. He was the new bachelorette and the audience reaction. I mean, they love her. They love unbelievable. My goodness. They vary site area excited at the notion. I was amazed at how comfortable she was like in the chair, you know, she really twenty four year old can't four years old. And she's ready. She says she's ready for marriage. I got married at twenty eight was I ready probably not. As you're listening. We also we played the game. Who'd you rather? So that we try to we put two men on the screen, and she has to pick the one that she would keep who she'd rather dot dot dot and an it's just it's it's awesome. She had a very specific type. Yes. Yes. And to her credit she stayed true to that type. Amen, mary. So you're going to date thirty minute once. So we thought we'd get an idea of what you're looking for. We're gonna play a game it's called who'd you rather? And we're going to show you two images of men and you'll say who'd you rather? And then we'll finally find the person you would rather do it with than anybody else. Okay. All right. Let's see the first two. Oh, that's a tough one. Oh, okay. Michael B Jordan's really attractive in creed. When he's all sweaty and stuff right that front. That's rough and. Yeah. Zaka high school musical like mine. Yeah. Yeah. He also plays Ted Bundy, which is creepy. He's he's really good in that too. By the way, and Michael Jordan is also good looking not sweaty. All right. Zach front or Bradley Cooper. No question. Bradley, brad. Okay. Bradley and it stars born Bradley Cooper because I don't know. There's I have a problem. I think I like people that look like they haven't bathed but smell like they have. Yeah. That's what I liked. It seems to be a thing because you like to Michael Jordan sweaty. And you want him to look like he hasn't bathed. All right. So you get out the alcohol and right? Okay. Good. So Luke, Bryan shoot. Okay. Well, I'll country music, and he can shake it for me any day. All right. All right, Bradley. Oh, we're still with Bradley. Okay. Bradley or Ryan Gosling. Oh my gosh. Now, the audience has delimitation. That's him in the notebook when he hasn't slept and have it hasn't bay. Oh, you know, you remember that scene? Okay. But still, Bradley, okay. Let's see who else. Chris pine is is but he's looks like he's just freshly bathed. Yeah. He does. I mean, the five o'clock shadows cool. But yeah, he does look kind of clean, and it's not playing. Okay. So let's get rid of the clean. Idris. Oh, yeah. You know, he's kind of wise for me. But he's very good looking and has a nice body. Yes wrong. Yeah. He he's probably clean too. Yeah. Oh, he's very clean. Yeah. Spicy clean. Okay. Jackson Cooper, to wise and to clean, okay. Oh, no. Oh, everybody. Oh, hi to who. Are we going to do it? We're all in so much. He can move. And he can't do you? Would you rather? Yeah. Yeah. That. Yeah. He can move. Still the derby one. Okay. It's it's just really hooked on this. All right. So it's going to be Bradley Cooper. All right. Discover the fairytale podcasts that brings the daring adventures of real women to life for your little ones. Good night's stories for rebel girls. The fun and inspiring children's podcast is back with eleven new inspiring stories read by some of today's most influential women, including Priscilla Chan Jackie crews and Amy land decker in season two. You'll try a case in the supreme court with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, save a country with the mirabal sisters and so much more. Look for good night's stories for rebel girls, the podcast on your favorite podcast platforms or go to rebel girls dot CO slash podcast and always stay rebel. All right. Cavs. You wanna talk about the Jason today. Kaz haircut. So Jason's today. Kiss who guest hosted for us. Yep. He daft week ones. One day then came back and let Ellen his his baby mama his bay. Beautiful mama, cut his hair. Yup. From shoulder Lewis quite a drastic air. It wasn't big Ellen loves cutting hair in a way that is fantastic. Fantastic. Mesmerizing calming a homing. Yeah. See said it was like one of those ASM our videos like little scissor cutting Ellum guy on one side of his head Olympia wild on the other side each with a pair of scissors cutting than they like switch on each cut. The other side they were just giggly with excitement and first of all Livia wild that she described later as being the best day of her life to be allowed to cut her partners hair. It's it's it's not a short clip. We'll play we'll play some of it watch it. If you go to the go to your DVR and watch the whole segment, it's really all you're listening. The snipping is hair being cut. Last friday. I wasn't able to be here. Jason's today 'cause was kind enough to fill in and guest host for me. He did a great job. But I have a something. I want to talk about. So hey, Jason. Can you come out, please? As I said, you did a great job. Did you enjoy it? You'll do it again. I would love to do it again. Because I thought you did a great job. What did you would you? You know, you just want the day on. No, no, I had a thing. So. Thing. And I have a thing again. So you'll do it again. Right. All right. So when you were here as a as a guest, we talked about your hair, and you were growing it out for a role. Yes. So those last October right and did the role. How did you shoot the movie already know got pushed pushed pushed so you. Okay. My my thing is that there's a living like this my hair. Exactly. I don't know. Come here. Let me is here. Because we we think of long we think pretty it's getting kind of just a little long, right? It's like as long as your wife's hair same as my hair. It's almost the same. There's only room for one of these in our house. Yeah. So so what we did we we're going to cut your hair your hair because I shaved Julius elements beard. I don't know if you saw that. And I did a great job, and he he loved it. And there there's not much of a difference between shaving and cutting disagree strongly. Just head over here. Let's head over here. Let's go. Okay. All right. That's convenient. Yeah. Well, you you got the poll. Yeah. That's that's doing editor sat in that near right there. Who's the one? Yep. So what we're gonna do have you ever cut hair before ever? Nope. No, not good with the scissors. We want to be really know. But I'm thinking I'm ready right now. Yeah. Currently, I'm not good with care. And then she's not gonna use a curling iron on you. And don't worry about it. Okay. All right. Go get we your hair so long that we can't even get this thing on here without lifting your hair. Do you think we should wet it? Or do you think that decides what they do? Right. Wait a minute. You guys should have had this. Okay. Or more. Usually a lot of this that happened. I don't know that it does need to be completely wet. No, no, just a just a little spritzing. We're talking to. Might need that hat in man. Looking back. So we have played that clip on the podcast. Maybe not maybe be boring for you. This is my them cut hair. But not got to see it. You got to look at it. Might have been a particularly visual audio clip. Whoops. You should probably watch it on your phone while you're driving. What? Oh. Oh, that's stained again learning on the job here at the podcast. All right, Kev. Let's talk about the Ellen me on the me on Ellen me. Let me I love these. They will like swept Twitter for a little while people were post, they make fun of the show a little bit saying that whatever the person says they want Ellen can instantly grant them like she's Santa Claus are a genie. And so there's all these ridiculous ones. And they got more and more weird. So of course, we showed them to Alan. And she was like, oh, yeah. I saw these are everywhere. And she's like we gotta talk about these on the show. So we found a few that you all posted. And they're crazy. And here's Ellen's take on these alanon Miana, Ellen memes. There's a mean going around on that. I'd like to talk about do. You know what I mean is? Tiny mine. And no mean is a picture or with words, or or just words that people post online, and I don't know how they start. But they're catching these spread all over like Mary's rash. And. So last week. How is the rash? Okay. Okay. Less popular theme. Featuring me. This is the headline that I saw me on Ellen is the twisted new Meam taking over Twitter. Basically, the idea of a mean is that I surprised people on my show all the time with with gifts. And so people imagine what it would be like if I surprise them. And here's here's here's the first one. So I heard you love the ocean. Yeah. And then the studios starts fighting. Oh my God. They get weirder. From their. Here's another one. So I heard you love animals. Yeah. Take software trench coat revealing herself to be several dogs stepped into a suit. Oh my God Ellen. You didn't bark bark bark bark bark? I would watch that show. That would be amazing just reveal that. I'm a dog. Then the rest of them are weird but not regular weird specifically weird like this one. So I heard you wanna John presents to step on you. Yeah. John Kuczynski walks out in enormous foods, Ellen you didn't. Now. Whoever wrote that don't involve me with your sit. You on presents fetish? I'm glad people are having fun with this. But I think that they're exaggerating when I do on the show the show is not just about surprising people. I I also do other things I'm the you. I'm gonna prove come here. You're you're defeating the whole you're acting surprise. And I said, I don't prize people. All right. You can. All right. What is your name names? Just I'm right here. Okay. All right. Meghan, where do you live when you do Utah? I must say, oh, mom. Okay. Right. I don't all right. Yeah. And see that that how their four three in ten months. Oh, wow. Wow. You're busy over there. I guess you don't get out. My. So. Okay. So you liked Zac Ephron? Yeah. I heard that he's not here today. He's in April, and you're not here in April. So you're saying you're not. All right. So there's that see I'm not surprising. Then I heard that you that you like Cancun you want. Yeah. Right. You should go. Because for sure because you know, it's pretty and I heard that JetBlue has the deal. Okay. Okay. So see I didn't. That's nice meeting. You. Darn it. I can't not do it. All right. So you're going to come back in April when back off from his here. And then I'm gonna give you tickets on JetBlue to go to Cancun. I guess I'm that predictable. That's we actually have some other podcast listener questions. We do. Kevin L. We have a question from Blair Powell. Besides game of games have we or Ellen ever considered? Another name for the game show that's been much in because it's a good question at the very beginning for a split second. We're calling it the million dollar game show. Right. The slided that name go away we still we don't want to give us a paid zero dollars. What was there? Another name at the beginning. I don't think so I think that's game show ever some now I feel like is actually Mike are now is the one is like no it should just be called game games. And was stuck with Mike Darnell is for you. He was sort of the brains behind the original American idol at FOX. And now he works at Warner Brothers, and he's kind of considered a reality show guru. And so he was the one we pitched the game too. And and then the rest is history. We took a ten b c and he's fearless leader. Now, he's wonder how we have a big fat successful game. Show home Anita Whitten asks just wondering why is the sky box empty so often? That's a good question. The sky box was was built as sort of a VIP luxury area. Correct. Then we decided we need we built it and realize that we forgot to pay for it. Right. And so then we said, well, we'd better get some sponsors, exactly guy. Coast been there bubbly been there. And the idea was it was another avenue to have comedy on the guy. Geico was the first one we wrote it as a joke. Right. Just because we did have to pay for it. And we wrote it in as a joke that will let's put someone's name up there who you always see like on the back of baseball field or arenas. And so we were like us guy, go and sure enough they called loved it. And they may be. We gave them like we put a clock on. It we go. We're gonna leave this up. Gyco for a week. If you wanted to. I love gyco. They they they're my one of my insurers really want one of you have. So many things below. Left like. And the thing is we we we use it in twelve days. We we use it for special occasions. Keep. Special. The I would have liked to take some refer average everyday disarm up there that they get to watch about that. Let's talk about it would it would be fun to fun to fill. It. More often. We'd have to walk up the liquor medicine hall may get mccown hall. Mason hall my boyfriend, and I watch a lot of Ellen's game of games. And we're wondering for quite some time. What in the world is at the bottom of the no or go dry. That's my favorite question. I can tell you get it a lot. It's my favorite question that we will never answer. We we can't we answer a lot of questions. We're willing to answer. A lot of things what we will not answer is the mystery of Noriko, we we we really can't. Because there are obviously a lot of people who love reptiles, and snakes and think it would be a wrong thing that people would be drafted destructs among them. So we don't talk about it not at liberty to say, we can't you know on the advice of counsel, I declined that question on the grounds. That might incriminate me put the answer snakes. Miranda marlowe. I just got my first beat kind box. And absolutely love all of the items in it, especially this awesome. I love that does Ellen really pick out all the items herself. Like Oprah's favorite things that is correct. She absolutely does it. Let's back up a second. Explain to our listeners at who may not know what is the Allenby kinda it's a subscription box. And and and if you don't know what a subscription boxes there sort of a rage right now where you you pay a fee for the subscription box and the value of the box. If the company delivering the box is doing it right is is worth way, more than what you're paying for it. So brands wanna be a part of Ellen's subscription box. And so they provide product for the box that is at a premium to what the to what the subscriber is paying to introduce the. Subscriber to a product now, for example, right in the most recent one that went out the the the authors of the book Rover, which is a book a pictorial book right dogs, a beautiful coffee table book did an exclusive cut down like seventy or seventy five page version of that book right for the subscription box. First of all, you can't even put a price tag on that. Because you can't go by that smaller book, you can only get it from our subscription box. It's really the premise is really cool. And there's always a philanthropic component like a charitable component. And there are two people in our office. One is a lotta call their own folks who runs our branded partnerships, and the other is Ross Williams who's been on our show for ten or eleven years now who helps us secure our twelve days giveaways and stuff like that. They both really wanted to do this box. We allow them to pitch us away. This could work we then met with Ellen to review the products and we've done two so far, and they're really they're really cool. I may sell out. By the way, I have to you have to when you hear when you hear that they're available in you see Ellen talking about them on the show you have to order quickly because they do sell out. I will say this that I have to kids as I've mentioned I make sure that I have two boxes come to my house of the behind boxes. And my kids are thrilled. Every time a box comes, and they can we opened it can we open it. Can we open it? And then they unblocks these two boxes, and they always enjoy the stuff. That's in them. Yeah. They always have a good time with him. They always have fun. Or if there's something that doesn't particularly appeal to them. They always come up with somebody to give one of the items to that doesn't speak to them. Yeah. Like my kids. Don't drink coffee. The last box had Roe Ondon coffee in. Yes. So we gave the coffee away, and those people were very happy. I know how native Americans in the Navajo tribe when they would do a rug with leave a mistake in it. So that you will spirits. Oh, get out. Oh, there's a small mistake barely noticeable in the box. If you can find it. We wanted to make sure the evil spirits could get out. Yep. See if you noticed the other. Yes. Pictures of it's fun. It's all right now onto Kate Shipman who says I just moved into my first condo. But I don't know enough money to afford cable. How do I stream Ellen? Congrats on okay to go over. Pardon even someone. I would suggest to you that if you can afford a condo you Ford cable. I mean. Come on. It seems like choice, and here's what I will say to you. You you you you can't watch entire episodes of Ellen online. But we do post a fair amount of it on Ellen tube and on YouTube and Facebook, you can watch some great some great content from the show. But if you wanna watch the whole show, you have to go to your TV set in your old fashioned TV, or you know, a lot of people find a way to get cable from like a neighbor for their neighbors. You know, if you had if you had direct TV, you could get or you could get direct TV now direct TV now is is not cable and not direct TV. It is direct TV on your phone. You could maybe do that. I'm sure there's probably a way that you can get it. But it involves watching the over the air shows how and also like maybe maybe this new condos near bar somewhere in bars often have TV. And if you just stumble into the bar at around three o'clock and ask I mean, how crowded it can the Barbie at three they gotta change the channel and watch with me you can. Go to Don Kuko's, you can see a picture of Kevin on the wall right here. Your picture on the wealth. Yeah. Finally, got Kevin's corner. It's happening. It's up. Have we talked about David Letterman yet on the podcast hairs on the twenty first. So yes, David Letterman makes his first ever appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show today. It was so much fun. It was really really fun. And so on our next podcast. We'll be talking all about the experience of having Dave on our show, one of my favorite Mary moments, since I started I could not be on that show is awesome. Oh, this love study. It was it was a lot of fun. I as as you guys may or may not know I worked on it. David Letterman show for almost eleven years ten and a half years, and and it was really fun to see him again. And we'll we'll talk about it next time, but go to your. Yeah. You wanna watch that on on your local station today because he was the entire hour and for all of us around here. It's like us getting to interview a legend in our field is really fun. That's all the time. We have so subscribed today on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you're listening right now. And don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for even more Ellen fund. Thanks have a great weekend. Bye-bye? Thank you. Why? Silvana grow thought that I could be free button real ass. He is co dreams. We would so love to know more about to here at Ellen on the go, please head over to wondering dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wondering dot com slash survey. W O N D E R Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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