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This is the final lap weekly stock car racing driver interviews race review opinions discussion rumors. And more. Here's Carrie Murphy until crispy just a Comelec is talking. Racer x you is on the place where we talk about all things. Nascar CHOREOGRAPHY IN. A long time. Nascar media member Gary. What what what are you doing? Man What are you you don't have to you. Don't have to wear the mask during this. We practice social distancing every week. We're not even close to each other. Man Arthur Carlotta off who? Yeah take it off. It'll probably make for better audio if you don't have that much better. I mean I could breathe finally sweaty either. That's great all right My Name's Kerry Murphy has named Toby Christie and We call this entire program. The final weekly. He's a NASCAR EDITOR FROM THE FINAL DOT COM social media director from all things at the final Abbas own website Toby Christie Dot com and I guess I'm a longtime NASCAR media member. This is all automatic now. Well Yeah you did that with your mask wearing thing. You're the by the way. Nice mask that looks ask. Your wife made them for us. Yeah she's been doing that. She's been made over six hundred of things But I guess if you want to put an order in for some watts if you need some that's a lie Goto Kristie. Yeah that's a lot so you could go. Chris Dot com slash vinyl four roses? And that will be where you can put an order if you need any kind of medical masks and they're fantastic by the way we appreciate that. I've actually worked on a few of these things Undoing the sewing and stuff but I do some of the cutting of the fabric and stuff. So that's cool. You'll look at you being all domestic. I mean I'm trying. I'm not very good. At how long does it take her to make one man? It's kind of hard to tell because she makes in batches so it's really kind of hard to To narrow it down by mask but she does pretty good. It's a it's a pretty. She's got into like a science now so it's which I started. It was pretty slow. But it's It's sped up pretty quickly now. Sweet sweet all right. We'll check that out We'll post the link on our website as well. I think we actually have it there every week. No matter what so On the program. We've got ricky stenhouse junior later on in the show back when we were allowed to talk with drivers. And we've got that for you and we will also hear from from the winner from this last weekend's E. Racing. I racing whatever thing so his house to have the Mullet when you interviewed him he was wearing a hat so I don't know what a bummer. Because he looks like Joe Exotic the most Joe Exotic Looking Nascar driver when he has that mullet probably probably was back at Vegas. So I don't know what the timeframe was back then. Who knows who knows. Indeed we've got a lot to cover on today's program so let's get into it. Nascar racing pro invitational series from the virtual Talladega superspeedway. Still gotta do it. Even though it's virtual well yeah still the same. Let's run him down. Ten to one as per usual Daniels Warez Kurt. Busch Kyle Busch Brennan Pool. Any side notes for those guys. We'll Suarez have been kind of guy that people didn't want to run this thing anymore. Been ruffling feathers each week. Get solid top ten out of this one here though. I think he might science some people for at least a week. And how about Brand Pool? That's really cool to see him. Showcasing his abilities these restrictor plate tracks when he has an equal car or virtual card to those around him. Definitely definitely William Byron. I mean six place you might as we thirtieth for this guy. Yeah but at a unpredictable. Place like Talladega. I think he's pretty happy with six. Just continues to show that the cream rises to the top Even with weird circumstances like these races he's still finds a way for a solid finish their in six so i. I think you'll take landon. Castles been definitely decorating his rig with all kinds of sponsorship lately. Yeah he has and he's been dabbling in twenty four hours Nurburgring Nurburgring races on. Ira Sing and he's been he's been getting into it so I think he's been using some virtual racing school Setups and advice to get a little bit better at this stuff. And it's definitely showing. He's he's running pretty fast everywhere he goes. Garrett Smith Louis number four another guy who just kinda suffers from having really poor equipment and the actual real world has been showcasing what he does In the virtual world with equal settings with everybody else. So this been a really good eye opening experience for Garrett Smith Lee as well I think Ryan priests has been doing pretty well too. Yeah he's been pretty solid aside from the weird Incident with the Benedetto last week. He's been pretty strong so it's not surprising to see him up there and he was in the mix. They're pushing around for the win. Definitely coral joy Is One spot short of the win photofinish by the way so close? Yeah well it's Talladega lab. It is but man that was just wild definitely. Let's head to victory now virtual style. Alex Bowman takes the checkered flag in his first his first I racing deal there right so as I I- racing win in the I mean it says I I really went over all or just in the series that I don't know but he sure made it sound that way okay. Well yeah so I think because a couple of weeks ago he was saying that. This virtual Racing Bang wasn't for him and now he wins a race so he still is pretty funny. Yeah we we've got him on in the next segment Lots of stuff coming from Alex Bowman. So don't worry about that but yeah one of the things he said is He's he's surprised He's probably not gonNA continue this once. They go back real racing and which is weird. Because wasn't he down in the Hendrick? Motorsports dungeon doing all kinds of virtual stuff. He adds a little different though It's not quite the racing set-up down there the manufacturers Pacific simulators are a little different but it is funny that he's trying to say he's not some racer when that's all he was doing there for a couple of years and it's pretty comical. Maybe he's just sick of it. Possibly I mean I would Because I'm sure they had him running thing who knows how many hours they had him on that thing until his eyes wouldn't work anymore. Probably right kind of like Apollo thirteen trying to make that that air saying out of duct tape and and stuff who knows that could have contributed to how he won this race. Though was the fact that you put in so many hours Szemberg. Maybe he's The tweeted right afterwards. I'm legitimately confused how this happened. Yeah and so I don't know I think I won my truck series race at Talladega before we did last week's show. Maybe not but if I didn't I two wins this week. When it truck series at Talladega won the xfinity cars at Talladega and both of them were by a combined. Total of point zero three four seconds. Wow I led one lap in each race which was the last lap but it was pretty wild and are you trying to be like Alex Bowman because during his telecom his dog was going nuts. Yeah I don't know what's going on out there. The dogs get a little weird when people just copying the the big time NASCAR drivers. Hey it's paying off to you know. Hey So jeff Gordon was in this race. There were two twenty four cars on the track. I got a text from my mom. Why are there twenty fours on track? Jeff Gordon was in the race. He went for a wild airborne. Ride had to use one of his resets later got wrecked by chase Elliott and bringing out the caution but I I love the first one. He was stuck in the catch fence. Yeah so that really kind of ruined things for him. I think he went a lap down during all that or maybe two apps down because of having to get back to the pit lane for his reset. I'm just trying to visual that in real life. How would you get a car down from there? Well that's the Nice thing you can just hit the hit the button and it sends you to pit road but you still have to wait for towing time as if they really toil around. But GOTCHA. Yeah so that's A. That's not what I don't think Jeff Gordon was hoping for that in his return but it was cool to see how excited and genuinely passionate. He sounded during the broadcast of it. He seemed like he was actually having a pretty good time. Very focused to yeah. He was he was. It was just cool to see him out there even if it wasn't a good finish Any dip in the catch fence and wrecked again later. Still get to see him. Jimmy Johnson went for a wild ride off those of Brad. Kozlowski there in the Infield Clint Boyer blew up again. Yeah he's just. How do you blow up virtual engine? Well the thing is he was just talking about it to think either. On the telecast or on a stream or something he was talking about having to watch. Your gauges enables up immediately. So what the heck you just tell people to watch your gauges and I don't know how how he did that but it was funny del. Genius Twitch stream going and he was like well this Clinton warriors had a really hard time in this thing. And but here's leading. He blew. It is of course a huge wreck with three laps ago included Joey Logano Ryan. Blaney went for a wild ride. Joey Ace Eric Jones and others. Wow Wow wow indeed enjoy gates had a pretty good round going on this thing in the Bobby Allison tributes came. He had run. So that's a real bummer. For him as well as other guys as well and Denny Hamlin finished last not because of a ability or any other issues but because his daughter turned off his monitors. Yeah well I guess. She turned out the center. One he still have the two side ones but it didn't really help. You can't see what's going on well and it turned out. I guess. He got penalized on pit road for going backwards or something lead to the need to find a way to get penalized on pit road right. Of course yeah any other place. So we've had cats dogs kids all kinds of issues with this yeah and It was funny footage of this one happening which was great definitely. Yeah it's like they record everything so we got some breaking news. We gotTA STOP. What we're doing here. We've got some breaking news and it's the news that everybody in Nascar fandom has been waiting for. I guess they're getting back to actual racing on the race track. And Toby's got more on that. Yeah so there's been reports out there from Matt Weaver Autoweek and a few other places. And I've actually received some information from an undisclosed source as well About possible schedules That should be announced. Pretty quickly And it's a pretty packed schedule. So for May nineteenth to May twenty seventh. You're going to have one two three four five six seven races total between four different series the cup series expanding series truck series and Arca series. If this ends up being correct you'd have the extended series getting things kicked back off on May nineteenth at Darlington. Well wait a minute. Don't we have May Seventeenth well. That's what we were talking about before but this is kind of the note. I have here so I don't know I don't see no right there on top. It says will return to racing Sunday. May Seventeenth Darlington. Oh Yeah there. It is okay. So Sunday may seventeenth. So then you'd have one two three five six seven eight races between the seventeenth twenty seven so eight races and ten days. Starting With Cup Darlington. Xfinity at Darlington. A Cockpit Darlington again on the twentieth. And you'd go to Arca at Charlotte on the Twenty Third Cup at Charlotte on the twenty four th Xfinity at Charlotte on the twenty fifth trucks at Charlotte on the twenty six and then another cup series race at Charlotte which would be six hundred on the twenty seven. So why do we have to Darlington? Yes a two at Darlington in the other interesting note here is this is anticipated to be both Oval Races at Charlotte as well When you're usually only having six hundred and the Robo now Darlington Charlotte. We'll be adding an extra race this season at the expense of another race. Somewhere else you start looking at the schedule and you think that you'd probably lose walk. Ins Lynn with it being in New York. There've been hit really hard by this thing And probably going to be out of makes as well not good. I like road courses. I know so the other rumor. That's been kind of throwing people throwing around is that they'd be replacing. Something's road course races later in the season with more rove races at Charlotte But we'll see I'm not sure it's all kind of a moving target as we go But this is the latest we have. Of course things will probably announce after we record this so this looks pretty his odds. Oh Yeah to get the latest on this. They'll go to the foul out. Dot Com or Toby Christie dot com. We'll probably have more upstate stuff by the time. You're listening to this but Yeah this this does look pretty solid from from the person who disclosed this to me to official industry note to the teams from from NASCAR. So it looks pretty official. Yeah this is I mean. This is If you're a racing fan yeah. The erasing has been fun and good and all but you kind of want to see him back at the race track and it. It looks like Based on the paragraph below that they are going to do this responsibly. As well you know they're eager to see cars and trucks back on the track. We also recognize substantial responsibility. That comes with returning to competition. Nascar will return in an environment that will ensure the safety to our competitors and those in the local community following through collaboration with public health officials medical experts in state and federal officials NASCAR has implemented a comprehensive plan to ensure the health and safety of our competitors and surrounding communities and nowhere. Does it say fan? So I'm assuming there won't be any fans? Yeah you would imagine at least through the end of. May We wouldn't be having a fans in the stands at any of these tracks and that's kind of all we have right now at eight says that They'll be announcing the return of NASCAR through the end of May Continues to be our intention to reschedule all points races all national series events. We hope to announce details on future events soon. So that's kind of conflicting with the actual schedule because there isn't normally to Darlington races and I am Charlotte ovals. And so. It looks like they're going local to start at least close as much as much as possible. Which understand you don't want teams have to get on airplanes? Ula teams having to go to hotels and stuff like that that really eliminate What's going on another note to to kind of digest? Here's you got these different series going for the one day and that's what it will be one day. If they do qualifying they might not do. Qualify may not do any practices. It's just GonNa be one day. Show come in leave. Come in leave. Come in leave as a multiple series won't be at the same time. So is the Coca Cola. Six hundred on a Wednesday looks like it'd be a Wednesday. Yeah this is weird. Yeah that is pretty bizarre. I didn't notice that until now but yeah. It does look like it'd be a Wednesday. The last one on the list that kind of makes sense and they don't realize are recording schedule. That is a little bit of a bummer for us once again. They don't consult US really tired of this. Well let's Darlington race on Wednesday as well and there's no we're going to be rescheduled. Some things with Sunday may twenty fourth is the six hundred or would they do the six hundred before the other would be what I'm hearing is it would be the actual Memorial Day weekend. Let me see when Memorial Day is this year that seems like twenty four or maybe not later though. It's the twenty fifth Monday the twenty fifth. So that would be the twenty fourth. Okay so that's six hundred match should be the one hundred followed by the four hundred after that. That makes a little more sense but still this is weird stuff obviously very unprecedented times. But we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA try to keep you updated. I mean we'll do our best but this is this is hot news as soon as we have it. We've given it to you guys and get it from us. It might be a little different but this is what we have right now. Yeah WE'RE GETTING IT. This is still unofficial technically but by the time you hear this it'll probably be official because I you know I gotta mix it and record edited and all that other stuff so yeah hey up next. We've got Alex Bowman talking about all kinds of stuff on t. f. l. w. like us at facebook dot com slash the final lap. This is the final land weekly. My Name's Gary Murphy. His name is Toby Christie. And we call this entire program the final lap weekly and we've got to hear from our winner from last week. We've got a huge massive. Just I don't want to call it. A Bonanza but a lot of stuff from Alex Bowman and he begins with his race recap from Talladega superspeedway. Right place right time. Kind of normal speedway racing deal. I felt like the bottom. Wasn't the place to be Kinda. Let tye have the bottom on that restarting and got up and keep the run time well and and knew that most of the time the top was leading there at the start finish line. Really gotTA thank priests for for pushing me. Glad it worked out and how about that? Green white checkered flag. They're running on virtual fumes. Here's Alex I think we're a lap to the good Before that last caution in the race gets extended a little bit with green white checkered so it was close tight and Glad we're able to make it because that was. That was pretty nerve wracking. We're in a situation where you can't really trust the fuel gauge on those on the deal so like I started saving Running around like three quarter throttle to try to make it to the end but glad cautions fell where they did because we were gonNA run out. You're sure there weren't any team. Orders for Talladega superspeedway and for Alex. Bowman that was odd. That part of it's definitely different. I feel like if we keep doing this long enough. We'll have teammates in manufacturer orders in it but It was it was definitely different to just focus on on your deal and endear deal all day It was kind of a weird vase for just with. Somehow we didn't get fuel under that. I had to pit earlier under green and was kind of put us in a really bad spa. Kinda saved US but Typically you know you you hit the group and that's all ironed out and we didn't have any of that today so It was it was definitely different for sure. How does side Drafting Phelan? I racing I would think that's the biggest difference between real and virtual world. Here's Mr Bowman. Talk to us about that. I would say the biggest difference for me is is just not having the side draft the way that the aerodynamics of the cars are in real life you used side draft but ton. It's really crucial. Then you can really saw guys. Rundown and build runs that way Whereas an IRA thing just kind of with the model that they have That side draft does at work the same way It's really really different than it is At at the real race track so just how you draft in how the runs forum was was really the biggest difference Other than that it's pretty spot on The bottom can get pinched down by the top unless they get a couple of cars out front kinda about like Royal Talladega kind of normal deal there and Yeah it was. It was pretty spot on. Didn't didn't hurt when I crashed and got a quick fix and reset the car and and kept digging so that was good to this very moment. Alex Bowman still shocked to win this race. Yeah I I'm just surprised. That only WANNA hire A. I mean it's like it's pretty wild to me Without good a lot of those guys are and how much experience that they have But if it was going to happen somewhere like Talladega as a place where you can kind of be in the right place at the right time and and make it happen so You know that was. That was pretty awesome to To be able to do that but definitely quite a few guys that take it way more seriously than ideal and Alex moment's GonNa tell us how he preps for going racing again. Yeah I don't know You know there's been a lot of talk and speculation and going to happen on on twitter. I feel like so. It's hard to say what what really is or isn't gonNA happen For me on my end. I'm just trying to day as ready as I can. Or be as prepared as I can because you know we know when we do go back racing that that's probably going to be a tougher schedule than than we've seen in the past so just trying to stay as fit as I can probably more fit than than I was previously and And be prepared because when we do go back racing it's tough on us for sure. And what's he hearing from the other drivers and how they treat these? I racing events on the weekends that attitude to the drivers. It's really interesting. You have some guys that take it super seriously Obviously some guys put a lot of time into it and have a background in guys like William you know he takes it really seriously any stumbling good at it. It's so frustrating Pop on like we're practicing for Richmond and like I was trying so hard and I was like three off of them and and could not again in closer. Who has helped Alex Bowman the most with I racing Gee Who could be on William quite a bit? I text them quite a bit. Just asking about tips. How much do burnouts for qualifying tyres up? And he's been a big help. He's really he's probably been the biggest help out of anybody that I've worked with the Benedetto and I talked about it quite a bit. But I don't think either one of us are great at it so I think we kinda just talk about our struggles a lot so Williams has been a big help. And and that's been a a great a great thing to have for sure and once they do get back to the race track that we talked about last segment. What's IT GONNA be like without fans? Yeah it's going to be different without fans for sure. Obviously the fan or why we get to do all we get to do. It's unfortunate that that we're not gonNA be able to have fans there but at least we'll be able to to put on a show for for everybody at home watching and you know. Hopefully we get to do that soon. That'd be great. I don't know that's a good question. I feel like it's going to be really weird. Visually not having any fans there but aside from that I mean I've pretty shy. I keep to myself. Kinda just WANNA do my own thing so when it comes time to go into work and driving the race car. I think it'll it'll be business as usual me you know. The situation might be different with with practice schedules. Or whatever that may be but other than that Really just be business as usual Just because I just WanNa do my own thing and when they do return to racing. Alex Bowman thinks that they need to be very careful with social distancing. I think that goes without saying here. He is on that. There's really I feel like with social distancing stuff in place and all that we can still do the job that we've done and still be entertaining. How there's I would just assume less cameras and Interviews and stuff like that so some of that stuff might be might be cut down or or have to be in a different format. But we're all still the same people that we are and Clipboards STILL GONNA be hilarious. Kyle's still can have people mad at him. Ghabush that is You know I feel like it's all the the personalities are still going to be there I it's it's GonNa be on the same in that sense so as well. I think you know. When it comes to sport on-track products the most important thing And I really think we can put on great shows and do that safely And I think that'll be really good for everybody. And actually he's got even more about the social distancing. He's he's big on that so here he is yeah. I sure I think that's going to be really important. you know. I don't think it's going to be good for anybody if if somebody in the garage or driver or anybody like that gets it. So I think just taking the social distancing thing really seriously and and do all we can to kind of add layers into that and and really Just be super careful about and mindful about it at all times and and probably take it. take it more seriously than than We may have to to begin with so I think that's that's really going to be crucial to two at working out and And to getting back on the shock is for us all to take the social distancing stuff really seriously and do whatever is needed to make sure that That we all stay healthy and we'll I'll explain. Continue using iris and after real racing resumes. Man I don't know about that You know I think it has its place and there are things that useful for But I think we have tools like our chevy simulator and things like that that can create Some other things as well so we use it a little bit before And I'll continue doing that but probably won't won't change how much I used it The middle it'll probably be about the same going back like us at FACEBOOK DOT COM SLASH. The final lap like us. The final lap weekly is back. Here's your host carry Murphy and Toby Christie. Just a couple of guys talking racing. Welcome back to the final half weekly. My name is Kerry Murphy. Longtime NASCAR media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final lap Arcos Toby Christie Nascar editor from the final half dot com social media director from things at the final apt and his own website there toby Christie dot com with all the deeds on the latest scheduling stuff that we talked about the first segment on one hand. The NASCAR FAN in me is super super excited to see race cars back on the race track in the near future. Yeah on the other hand. I'm not so sure this is yeah. I don't know it's I don't know is. Are we ready for that yet? It's kind of bittersweet because we do want something to be a little bit normal this world right now but at the same time. You don't want the people that we care about which are NASCAR related people To possibly be at risk for this virus but You know it is what it is if it comes down and this is official and that's that's what it's going to be We can't really do much about it at that point so we just have to sit back. Relax and try to enjoy it and hopefully You know nobody spreads this virus and it doesn't end up in the sports somehow. We've been pretty lucky. I know at the Atlanta race week in which was eventually cancelled There was a NASCAR employees who had contracted cove in nineteen. And I know there's been a few NASCAR media people In the meantime since the the break from racing that have you know been contracting Cova Nineteen? So it's a serious thing and we need to be serious Diligent about trying to make sure it doesn't keep spreading if you don't feel good don't go to the track if you WANNA team members or whatever yeah stay away but that's that's all there is to it. It just seems like we don't want to do this too soon. We've got take every precaution and Hopefully NASCAR will do that. I mean without fans at the track. It does eliminate a massive amount of people You know and the drivers themselves. They kind of isolate themselves anyway. They got their own You know Haulers and where they sleep and they're in the car by themselves and you know but there's still a certain amount of interaction no definitely there is. And so. That's that's definitely the concerning part especially when you have You know the question is will the team owners be showing up at these things? Because they're you know in the target range that you wouldn't want to be calm contracting this virus so I think that would be. The important thing is to have team owner. Stay away for sure. Yeah the team. Owners are not spring chickens. No and there's a lot of some of the specialists on the team and certain crew members are also up in age category there as well and then of course you have to worry about the guys that are on the team so we don't know about the have underlying health conditions so those those are all things to kind of worry about as we go forward here so it'll be interesting to see how things go but another interesting note is with all these racist happening within like a ten day span The contraction rate You probably wouldn't know if anybody has it during that time until it's all over yeah So you should be able to get these races in Which kind of helps with scheduling part of it but Let's just hope nobody actually contracts this thing the schedule so far that we mentioned you know they're going to be racing at Darlington and Charlotte for the first Handful of days I mean what else is nearby they got Martinsville Martinsville Bristol Bristol land ten Atlanta Yeah So if they're trying to keep it close to home. There's definitely some options there. Yeah Yeah there's definitely a good chunk of things there on the east coast that can get to it. All depends on the governors in the states. Whether it'll be able to happen weird stuff. I mean it's it's just bizarre that we're even talking about this. I know it I mean it just seems like a few weeks ago. Everything was normal for us. We're talking about everything. Just let's go to Atlanta race and then here we are so yeah and that Atlanta I mean. Wow that that unfolded quickly. I mean that went from Haywar Rayson like nothing is going on to. We'RE GONNA raise without fans to I mean being shut down. I mean it was that yet. Quick Yeah and things are changing very fast during that one. That was one of the weirdest things I've ever had to report on Just because of how quickly things were changing my sources were telling me the exact same things but the story would change every fifteen minutes so hard to keep up with what was really going on right But man that's a weird thing where I mean. This is unprecedented times Kerry. We've covered a lot of things on the show then in our reporting careers around Nascar but this is by far the weirdest situation. Either you or I ever been in. I think right right and we ask that you have some understanding as well you got to realize that we record this show on Wednesday nights. It takes me a few hours to edit and mix the show by the time it gets posted. It's usually Thursday morning ish and so stuff happens at a rapid pace at least right now and We're doing our best and we just ask you to visit our our websites to get the very latest the final APP dot Com and Toby Christie Dot COM But we're here mainly to entertain you and get you as much information that we know at the particular time But it's not always you know late breaking that's just how podcasting is it's not library. You know another nice tool. Though a new kind of cog we have in the wheel here of the file APP is your daily show so yes I forgot about that. Don't get you don't get the full up to date thing on our weekly show here the very next day. You'll definitely have something hot off the presses from Kerry Murphy From a daily feature. So there is that at least two. Yeah it's the final AP daily. It's about ninety seconds so I made it doesn't take up your whole day. It's real quick Just hit play and see what I got for you and you know we can only handle carrying small doses anyway. So it's perfect. I can only handle me in small doses. So it only makes sense. Hey Ryan Newman made an appearance on the pre race show on Fox last weekend to Say he was officially announcing his return to real racing. When NASCAR HITS THE TRACK AGAIN HE SPENT A. I guess less than two days. Now if you look back at the hospital horrific crash coming to the checkered flag at the season opening Daytona. Five hundred. He missed a three cup series races before the entire sport and world shutdown from Kobe. Nineteen and He's been recovering during that time. Now at the time of his announcement he didn't have NASCAR say but I guess I guess that's been done to. Yes so the very next day. Nascar announced that he'd been medically cleared so he will return to the to the track once Once NASCAR returns which it looks like we'd be wet may seventeenth is what we were saying Darlington. So that's yeah if you read above the paragraph of the actual schedule right so which I mean if you're returning from brain injury and all this other stuff you've been off Getting arrested there for a while. What a horrible situation and come back to you. Have to Darlington right out of the box. Yeah just a couple inches from the wallets. Put you right there. So that's kind of a you know not favorable situation but if anybody is up for the challenge be Ryan Newman Of course he said in March that he was diagnosed with a bruised rain and revealed that he was unconscious during the car For a time after the crash so scary stuff puts good to see Ryan. Newman is back and This really although. He's running at Darlington out of the box. This this couldn't have been set up any better for somebody who's going through the situation. He was going through Than what it has turned out for Ryan Newman. He still inside the top thirty points which has now been giving a playoff waiver So if he either wins the race and stays in the top thirty. He's eligible for the playoffs. Or if you points his way back into the top sixteen which is currently only fifty four points out of that. He can do that as well. So there's still some stuff on the table here. Ryan Newman to make the playoffs. Let's move on at chip Ganassi racing. We've got a little more Ryan Newman News for you. But let's get chip Ganassi racing They had an announcement this week. As to who the driver of the number forty two Chevrolet for the remainder of the twenty twenty season will be. He happens to be a former cup series. Champion with an impressive racing resume. Check this out. Thirty nine. Wins one hundred eighty-one top five three hundred twenty nine top tens and twenty polls? I think you know who this is. It's Matt Kenseth. Whoa BACK IN RACING. Hasn't been at the track since two thousand eighteen now. He's got basically a fulltime ride and and we're finding out. He's running for the championship. Yeah he's also been handed a waiver. You can waiver and you'll get a waiver. I okay I understand Ryan Newman. That's a medical waiver and happened to Kyle Busch. She happened to win the championship in the same year. But how is this they just pulled it out of a hat and said okay Mackenzie? U2 The thing I can see from this is if you look back at Matt. Kenseth has never officially announced any camera retirement. So that being said you could technically argue. That he's been a free agent this whole time trying to find a competitive ride and one came calling and under the circumstances in which it happened. There are sponsors that want a possibility at making the playoffs with their car. Big Sponsors in the in the terms of McDonald's in credit one as far as being an official partner of the sport so I think there's a lot of pressure there to Nascar to give this car in particular waiver So if Matt Kenseth wins race or An stays inside the top thirty points or works his way into the top sixteen somehow he will also be in the playoffs. So that's pretty wild. Just seems like they're pulling stuff out of there pat. Well it just seems so crazy. 'cause I think and I know I'm not alone. We all fell. Ross chastain would be slipping into this car right well. That was my next thing who's had the worst week. Ever aside from getting a concussion. But but Ross chastain. Yeah I mean it just seems like something weird happens every time he has an opportunity fall into his lap. The D. solar thing happened when he had the chip. Ganassi entity ride right. You WanNA raise like he was gonna be the next Star of the sport and the sponsor Had the FBI raid and they were gone so then he fell back to the truck series. Worked HIS WAY BACK. Up was formed last year. Nearly won the truck series title worked his way back to expand you this year. And it's like wow he's going to have the forty two cup ride. This is big for him and then can suspect. It's a wild tournaments but I did not in my wildest dreams I did not and I could've rattled off probably five or six names. If it wasn't gonNA be chastain and cancelled would not have been on my list. Because he hadn't heard anything from the guy did not seem like he wanted anything to do with this. That's like Carl Edwards coming back. I mean it's it's kind of like that. They called him as well. Yeah I saw him on TV. Yeah they called Carl Edwards before they called Matt Kenseth in Carl Edwards took a couple of days to think about it and declined the offer so he is just done with racing. Yeah it seems like he is but man the fact that he even thought about it for a couple of days we were close to getting Carl Edwards back. I mean that would've been pretty wild right and no hall of fame right so yeah that would have canceled out. His current bid right so. Wow and now. The clock has been reset for Mackenzie's. Yeah because he was going to be eligible next season but This reset that clock again but at the same time. This is a huge opportunity for Matt. Kenseth this is a car. That is very formidable. It's a team that made the playoffs last year. It's a car that has competed very well. Dover and Michigan over the years which are two tracks that Matt Kenseth has been absolutely impressive at over his career so this this could be something. Big here now chances. Are you know the guys out of the car for a couple of years? He could be a little rusty but knowing that the way we've known him he's one of the best drivers come through the sport in a long time and I expect to see at least a win out of him. I think he makes playoffs. I think even a little rusty would do better than a lot of the drivers out there. Oh for sure Matt Kenseth He has forgotten more about racing than you. And I are probably ever know so I'm I'm very very high on the Matt Kenseth Bandwagon on this thing. I think he makes the playoffs I was. I was thinking of a miniature Rusty Wallace. Even a little rusty wallace will work exactly exactly. Hey Reunites him and Kurt Busch teammates. Yeah that's true. I didn't even think about that. That's the Old Ralston. Band has gotten back together. Apparently and that's where they won their championships. Yeah so this'll be this interesting and for Kurt Busch. This is a another veteran on the team. a guy who's in a similar situation as him. I don't know how well he in Larson clicked Personality wise but You would think we'll clique pretty well. They've they've worked together before so. This might even improved Kurtz performance a little more. Wow just a wacky week for NAS car. It was so weird. The whole thing is so weird. We never have a break here. It's like weird stuff happens all the time. That should be our new slogan the foul out. Weekly where weird stuff happens all the time so this weekend. Obviously not real racing just yet but we still have the The NASCAR PRO INVITATIONAL. I racing series. I'm still not used to saying that I have to have it written down But they're heading to the virtual monster mile add dover so excited and. They are in trouble if they're using the I racing given fixed. Set up this weekend because those tires are not lasting so Oh you're gonNA see some pretty fun stuff that's all I'm GONNA say. That sounds cool. So the entry list is kind of the usual suspects of drivers that we've been expecting over the last couple of months with this thing Kyle Busch Jimmie Johnson Dale Earnhardt Jr. William Byron Alex Bowman Chase Elliott Denny. Hamlin others so back to the hall of fame. Does that Mean Jeff Gordon. Dale Jr. Bobby they all have to withdraw now because they're racing these right. No I mean these are just. These aren't anything on the action. Sunday one PM Eastern on Fox or F S One depending on your area because it's different for some reason they like having nive infomercials Here in Los Angeles. I don't know why yeah. We've been missing them here in Texas as well on Fox. So it's kind of weird so probably one Even more racing. If you want you could check out Saturday thunder eight. Pm EASTERN AT E NASCAR DOT com slash live. You can guess the day of the week that it's on. I hope kind of hard to figure that one out. It's Saturday if you're not paying attention right and the next week they'll be Wednesday. I racing again on on. Nbc `send all right. Hey has we've kind of forgotten about them but indy-car they still doing their thing. Yeah I think they're still doing their thing but I don't know where they're at or what they're doing just kind of forgot about him with all this other Nascar stuff going on yeah. I think we skipped him this week. Because we've got a lot on our plate. Has Jimmy been doing it? I don't even know that no isn't anymore. I don't think they had deleted in the Michigan race and then the week after the head Cow Bush and I think that's where we've been now. Yeah that's where I watched. That was the last one I watched all right all right coming up. Next we've got we're Dustin often interview from Las Vegas Motor speedway when there was no such thing as social distancing with ricky stenhouse junior on T. F. W. and I get my Nascar News on the final lap weekly on the final today is Daytona five hundred pole sitter Ricky stenhouse junior. Welcome to the back of the program. Yes always good to be back anywhere right so start to your season. had to kind of busy Going up to New York City doing all kinds of different media obligations because he won the pole for the Daytona five hundred. It was a really cool special week for all of us at J. T. G. Dougherty racing obviously starting out the season that strong together how. I was really good for us. It was great for all of our partners with Kroger and everything that they do to support this race team and then obviously just carrying that into the five hundred weekend. You know we were fastened. The Dole's fast and in the race and hopefully we can carry that here to Las Vegas. Got Lots of sponsors onboard. Both your cars J. T. G. how do you keep track of them all tad and Jodi do such a great job of building the program up and get everything where we need to make sure we get to the racetrack? Every week and So they're working hard and it's always good to see different companies on both of our race cars It takes a lot to get us up and down the road how I know it's early on but How do you feel the chemistry is going to be between you and your team? May Ryan Breeze. Yes so far so good. We talked a lot last week. About drafting and drafting together. And you know how all that was going to go and and felt like we did a good job. We didn't get to race around each other. A whole lot of you know just talking on the plane ride out here to Las Vegas about you know what they struggled with them. You know things that we need to do better this weekend versus you know what what went on last week or last year here in Las Vegas for so I. It's been good so far. You feel he's GonNa Lean on you more. Lean on each other. I think you know with him. Running these cars last year for the team and you know myself totally different organization. Totally different manufacturer You know it's just nicer. Not they struggled with going into the weekend so I can kind of get you know my mind wrapped around you know what we might struggle with and what we need to work on but It'll go both ways for sure. How about the alliance with the Hendrick motorsports? That's not too bad right. Yeah we use a little bit of what they got. Obviously our engine packages is through them. And you know. The horsepower definitely helped us last week. It's always nice. You got to have the whole package. To sit on the front row at the Daytona five hundred indefinitely on the poll. GotTa have gotTa have horsepower anxious just to get it on different racetracks. Kinda see how their power is a little bit different than what I've been used over the last seven years and you know so. I'm I'm looking forward to that you're coming over from Ford So it doesn't matter too much that the chevys have changed a little bit but What are you feeling behind? The wheel? Felt really good at Daytona. I felt like I was a little bit looser than you know how I was in the speedway races last year but I think at the same You know from the talks of everybody That ran Chevy's last year. The the new Camaro is Is really good and Numbers wise we feel really good. Come in to your the mile and a half racetracks and and feel like we should have some speed and just as you learn all these cars next year. They're changing the whole thing on Ya. Yeah it'll be three years of different cars for me but all off You know it's pretty cool to see what Chevrolet did you'll coming up with a new body just for one year Shows how committed they are to make sure our teams run. Well How's your own race team going yeah array seems good. They've been since. Daytona they race down in Volusia for a solid week and had a pretty good start to the season there And got a couple of weeks off then we go to Texas and really get. Get those Racist going so. It's been a good off season all the way around with hanging out at jt and getting to know all of them. And then you'll get into spend some time with the most burkhart team to how hands on are you able to be since you're at the Cup series level. How much time do you can you give? I'm not super hands on every race that we ran in Florida and I'll watch every race and you know call our crew chief for an sheldon afterwards and kind of debrief with them and you know I can see a lot on the computer Sometimes that you can't see while you're at the racetrack so it's nice to Kinda just talk back and forth with them at least what I see and Watching qualifying and you know we go out late and qualifying. I'll watch early and send them tax of what I feel like. You know what line you should try. Give some input. It's it's fun I enjoy it with a lack of testing and Nass Cardia skew simulators. At all I actually haven't used the Chevy simulator. I didn't use the four one that much either. I have a hard time kind of relate in that back to our race. Cars Ryan spends a lot of time in the simulator and you know talking to him on the plane. Ride out here about you know. He ran the different bodies. You know back to back and felt like we should be better with it and You know he's he's anxious to get on the track and see if that was accurate or not but Simulation definitely goes a long ways. How about your chemistry earlier on here with recruit chief Brian to have great chemistry We've had it since day one that we started working together. I think myself Ryan Tronoh and I've talked to train a lot so I think the chemistry with Ernie Cope being the the leadership over all of our competition. All of the shop really confident about you know what will be able to do together. All right Ricky stenhouse junior. Thanks so much for being on the final lap and good luck this weekend. Yeah thank you all right. Thanks to Ricky stenhouse junior for joining us on the program as well as Alex. Bowman for getting us all up to date on his win from Talladega superspeedway checkered flying. On this show. This has been the final have weekly catches next week right here when we will recap the racing from Dover the Monster Mile and preview whenever track is next if there is one. I don't know we'll chat X. Week we will and just remember folks get small dose of Kerry tomorrow on the final daily wrap on another final weekly is in the books the final AP weekly as hosted by Kerry Murphy along with Toby Christie proudly syndicated by United Stations Radio Networks in New York City city executive producer Kerry Murphy Kerry Murphy sound design by Russell. Nash Audio Record Dot Audio. I'm Tom Mode. Some TOMBO DOT com. 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