2 - The Killer Thorn of Gypsy Rose (02)


The. Welcome back. You're listening to episode two of the killer. Storm of gypsy rose analysis of murder by Dr Phil we're really trying to unravel this complex and brutal murder in chronological order. And here's what we know. So far sheriff deputies in Springfield, Missouri discovered. DD's bloody body after France reported a vial post on her Facebook account that Didi and her disabled daughter gypsy rose share. Didi Blanchard was stabbed seventeen times. We know that from the autopsy report the CSI team never found the murder weapon. Indeed, he's house, and that was bothersome to detectives what was even more bothering. Was that gypsy rose who was said to be paralyzed and battling cancer was nowhere to be found? Hey, have you one of those people that likes to listen to things add free? You can do that with fill in the blanks by going to Stitcher premium, and what's more you can get a month free trial, just go to Stitcher premium dot com and use promo code, Phil. That's ph I l and you can listen to all of my episodes and free. Every life has a soundtrack in our son, Jordan, and his friend Fabian. Marcia have a brand new podcast entitled tracks of life. Find out what songs had a lasting impact on the most interesting people's lives. Tracks of life is available. Now, you can find it on apple podcast or on your favorite podcast app. They fear that the killer -ducted gypsy rose. And so now, there's a nationwide manhunt to find her beyond the obvious concerns. They fear that without her man's in proper care and monitoring she could die even if it's not the abductors intention to killer that she would just die from lack of care lack of taking the MS that she needs. Now, the Facebook posts that we talked about earlier is a key clue here because. Detectives theorized that the killer may afford gypsy to give up the password. And now, they're tracing the IP address of the computer where the posting originated, and you may even remember some things about this case from the media you've read headlines, and maybe even seen some coverage of it. But what I'm going to do particularly from this point forward is to really take a deep dive behind the headlines beyond what the reporters that had three or four minutes out of a half hour newscast to talk about and get into the nitty gritty of what was really going on here. And that kind of starts with looking at the psychological dynamic between predators and their prey, it's pretty obvious on a surface level predators prey on the weak. Right. I mean, they just do people who aren't physically nor mentally strong enough. To resist put up a fight or some kind of serious challenge to them. But here's the thing. Only a small percentage of predators are truly strangers. Most predators are known to their victims. And frankly, those people can be the most dangerous. It's Bob or labor Bill that's most likely to molest your child than the guy down at the school in a trench coat. Offering candy to kids it's the people, you know, because they have access so close friend family member, someone you love or who you may think loves you. Now, here's an important truth about gypsy rose and really about you and yours for that matter. This may not seem logical. But if you think about it really is we tend to like those people that like us. And Furthermore way tinned believe people that we like. So we like those who like us, and we believe people that we like. That therefore follows that we tend to believe people that like us. When you think about that for a moment one of the primary criteria determining whether or not we believe what someone is telling us, whether we believe that someone has our best interest at heart when they're attempting to influence what we do is significantly impacted not by the credibility or the tested validity of what they say. But simply whether or not we like who they are. And again, one of the main reasons that we may like who they are is if we perceive them as liking us. Now, why am I taking time to talk about this? I'm telling you this. So you understand how vulnerable gypsy rose was when someone she met liked her. Because her mother didn't let anybody like her. She kept her isolated from any really intimate relationships. She'd put her on display like a show dog for charity and all that stuff. But you never let her have any real relationships. So she was very vulnerable when she met someone that really liked her, especially male for who's attention. She was really starving. Now, if you watch Dr Phil eve probably heard me say time and again to fathers of daughters that if you do not make your daughter feel valued if she doesn't believe that there's at least one man in this world who believes that she is special. She will find it somewhere else. She will listen to the first, oh, boy, the first young man comes along and whispers in her and tells her what she wants to hear. The I've said that till I am blue in the face dad's. You are not the only voice in your daughter's ear. So you need to make sure you are the best voice in hurry. Her. Eighty made every effort to minimize gypsies. Father Rod's voice in gypsy rose is life. She kept gypsy Rose's father out of her ear, and that may very well have cost DD her life. And that's why I'm talking about that here. Because gypsy rose did meet somebody on the internet and that somebody was a predator. Just luck of the draw. She met a predator. And boy was he telling her what she wanted to hear. He was in her ear, and he was making her feel like a woman he was telling her things that made her feel grownup made her feel desired he preyed upon her needs. He sensed him. He went in and told her what she responded to and her hormones where raging. And he was giving her a place to vent them gypsy rose from psychological standpoint, she was easy prey for so many reasons she was incredibly unsophisticated she had never been in a relationship before she was naive. She was Asia Lee manipulated. And as I said, she was desperate for male attention. Because of an absent father in listen, I'm not throwing rod under the bus here. It is not because rod wanted to be absent or didn't care because he did care he paid his child support even paid extra. He tried to see her but Didi was keeping her isolated. She put up obstacles. She put up barriers that kept him from being able to be in her life. And look it's well known that 'isolation is the number one weapon of the abuser. And you're about to learn just how much of an unconscious notable abuser. This mother was and I use mother advisedly because. Really thinks she was much of a mother gypsy did get attention. Like, I said, but it was all calculated in controlled gypsy was well known in Springfield, Missouri. She was known as the brave young woman who was paralyzed badly. Multiple diseases mentally challenged all the time keeping a smile on your face. That's how she was perceived as it turns out. She was a puppet she was a prop her mother was telling her how to act win to speak at all and wind laugh wind cry. I mean, she was a prop jebron put her out there and front of these people when the cameras were on or when they were at some charity collecting tens of thousands of dollars. This was not the kind of attention that she craved even though she wasn't even five feet tall. And she looked and acted very young. Her body was maturing inside. She was experiencing powerful. Urges romantic and sexual urges that she dare not reveal to her mother. She wanted to meet a man she wanted to know a man now, how do I know this because I've talked to her and in the next episode. You're going to hear those conversations I'm telling you now what I learned in an indepth interview with her. And as I said, she warned Noah man, and a man she did meet a man, she got to know all too. Well, I over the internet and then in the real world. And you talk about luck of the draw the guy she met was sick. He was twisted. He was perverted. And he was going to change her life, and that of her mother forever monsters, not a big enough word for this guy. Predators. Not a big enough word for this guy. And that opinion is supported by the fact that it was him. Who travelled hundreds of miles? To kill gypsy Rose's, mother Dede Blanchard. He killed her in a bloody knife attack. And at this point authorities are thinking he may have killed gypsy. Now, we know he didn't. But if that point there's maybe he did why did he do this? It certainly wasn't for the money because she didn't have him. Saying how she died, but his said her death was violent. The deputies originally believed that this guy killed the mother and kidnap gypsy and carried her away from the crime scene. They just didn't know why why he would kidnap of sick and wheelchair-bound bound girl would be so difficult to move around with her in. He didn't take wheelchairs. He didn't take the medication. It was just a puzzle thirties launched a manhunt for gypsy Blanchard. So they start searching for this young woman, and it goes nationwide. What police didn't know at the time. Is that gypsy actually knew the killer? She knew the killers darkest secrets she knew that he was perverted. She knew a lot about him. Even though he was still. Basically a stranger to her because she had met him in person only once before. She had been talking to him for nearly three years and their relationship had gotten. Well, I'm not going to get graphic here. But it had gotten racy to say the least. So is there more to this case than meets the eye? There certainly is a whole lot more gypsy new his dark side. But my concern was that at that point. She was probably so naive as to think she could control it because she hadn't seen it out of control. So at this point does she think she's found her soul mate? I mean, are they love birds police are wondering did this person? Kidnapper? Did he turn on her? Did he brutalize her hill? Her the I mean, they just didn't know the possibilities were endless. And none of them were good. But here's the saddest part of this story of all. I mean, this is the thing that caused me to want to delve into this story the. Editor who did the most harm to gypsy rose, mother d- Blanchard. The man who hacked her to death the man presumed to have deducted gypsy was not the predator into story that hurt gypsy rose the most now you gotta be thinking, wait a minute. He killed her mother. Heck eve not be the person that heard of the most I'm gonna tell you why the investigation soon start to reveal that the predator who hurt gypsy. The most horribly hurt her, psychologically physically. Was her very own mother enduring the massive search for gypsy rose development. No, one saw coming is uncovered and reveals a family secret that may never have come to light. If the murder had never happened as I was first getting into this story. I'm asking myself, how many villains are in this case one for sure because we know this guy travels six hundred miles to kill this woman. But are there to we've got a mother that I'm saying now's an abuser. Are there? Three what's gypsy rose involvement in all this is she victim and perpetrator? I mean, it's just very convoluted. So I can't talk about everybody at one time. So let's put a frame around the mind of DeeDee Blanchard and take a hard look at her psyche. And what really drives her. Now, I hate to speak ill of the dead. But to put it bluntly, in my opinion, this was a cold manipulative mean selfish woman. The absolute antithesis of a healthy nurturing mother that would be committed to preparing her child for the next level of life. Which is the parents job that was not her. She had this syrupy sweet persona always count a smiley, passive. That's the social mash that she wore so well within the community. But when you peel that away Didi seem to have absolutely no moral, compass, she con to community she scam charities, and she did horrible tortuous things to her own daughter. She coerced her brainwashed. Her intimidated, her controlled her and was basically dismantling her body. So you gotta ask yourself. What would make a mother treat their own child? So abominably and the way to get a grasp on this is if you're a parent ask yourself. Half far you would have to travel from where you are right now in your mind to do something like that to one of your children. That's how distorted this was. So the question becomes is some kind of illness is it a mental disorder that drove her to abuse gypsy so badly will knowing what I now know. I believe that had Didi Blanchard been presented to mental health professionals. Using the American psychiatric association's DSM five the diagnostic instill manual. She probably would have been assigned the diagnosis Munchausen syndrome by proxy. That's also known as the fact tissue disorder imposed upon another. Let me explain this. Generally speaking, that condition is believed to exist. When a person in this case Didi falsely falsely presents the individual she's caring for this case gypsy as ill injured or impaired or actually induces a health crisis again associated with the -ception now, the symptoms can be psychological or physical and these pattern. Can occur. Even in the absence of obvious external rewards like you can do it for cash, but sometimes it happens even without that. And you only get that diagnosis if it's not explained by some delusion or psychosis like maybe the person's delusional. So they think if they don't do x y and z with the child that something horrible is going to happen. So they do it. It's not that. They're not delusional. They're not psychotic. They just start in Dusing illness in child, maybe they're poising them or dehydrating them. Or if they get a cut they put dirt in it. They do whatever they can to make the child sick. Or they go to the doctor and disliked by and say, the child is sick and doctors rely on parents a lot to be reliable historians. So she would probably. Be diagnosed with that mental illness, but in this is a big, but I'm going to break ranks with convention here. Because while those charged with the categorization of disorders believes that much houses by proxy is a mental illness. I respectfully disagree. And so do a lot of my colleagues, but I'm being honest to tell you that a lot of people would say, it's a mental illness. I say no, in my opinion, this horrific pattern of behaviors that we're about to a numerate and analyze should be framed in dealt with as a form of severe sustained child abuse, not as a mental illness. And this is an excellent case in point in my view. What did he blanche? Our did her daughter was straight up psychopathic, sociopathic, whatever you wanna call it behavior. It was exploitive. It was premeditated. It was unconscious noble. She had no remorse. She had no empathy for what she was putting her daughter through she was greedy. And it was self serving. She turned her daughter into a cash cow. And she knew what she was. Doing and but for this murder. I have no doubt. She would still be doing it today. And when you learn all the facts when you learned the desperation of this situation, your own moral, compass may well, be spinning your sense of right and wrong may will be challenged and to make sensitiveness I kind of have to unfold this chronologically, and you may think will duct fail already know kind of what happened you may know kinda what happened. But you don't really know what happened? It took me a lot of time in a lot of dig into really figure this out at this point where gypsy rose is still missing. We're just hours. I mean, we're like less forty eight hours since DVD's body was found in as you heard an episode one gypsies vanished, and she's vanished without her wheelchairs or her medications. Now, her stepmother Christie was really worried. And they can't find gypsy. And first thing that came to my mind was oh my God, somebody took her, and they don't leave her dead thinking that she can't walk. Sorry. Thinking that she can't walk and she's autism in occasion. Thinking they gonna bring her somewhere to sleep. And she never be. Got her scary. So how would gypsy survive without her wheelchair enter medicines and their best hope and really their only lead to finding gypsy is the electronic trail that was left pie the killer. And that trail is the message that he is believed to have posted on their Facebook page, and you'll remember I shared this with you earlier it was graphic. And it said f ING slash that fat pig and raped her sweet innocent daughter her scream was so effing loud. LL? Now. The reason this is such a big clue is detectives believe they hope. That means gypsies alive because how else would he have the password to get into the Facebook account? He would have to get it from gypsy and for her to tell him she would have to be alive. So they're hoping that she was at least left the house alive. I mean, what are the odds that a total stranger would be able to hack into the Facebook account? That's not very good odds. I mean, they're thinking is this too good to be true or Kim? They actually have caught an amazing break here. So they immediately put a trace on the computers P address. Because I mean, you guys I'm computer challenge to say the least. But if you get somebody that's tech savvy. They can backtrack Email and find out exactly what machine it came from an exactly where that machine is. And that's exactly what they did here in this. Message originated from a house in Wisconsin, some six. Hundred miles away from gypsies home. It's not something you hear about everyday gypsies father rod says at this point all he knows is that is ex wife is dead. And his daughter is missing. And he says a million things are racing through his mind when the sheriff told him about this, and he had a long dry from New Orleans to Springfield, Missouri. And he had plenty of time to think slowly and logically about all the circumstances surrounding this. The stabbing in the dead of the night the kidnapping of paralyzed young daughter, the cryptic Facebook post that they had told him about in each thinking, you know, things just don't add up here. So I thought it was fishy right off the bat. Something was up then same right? And as you're about to learn. Dad's instincts were dead on gypsy and DD Blanchard. A mother daughter team who came to Springfield as self-described Hurricane Katrina evacuees with the story of suffering that brought an outpouring of support. Greene county sheriff Jim are not says don't think this was a random attack. He said this murder was targeted. It was intentional. This was not random fill at this. Targeted situation, and and not a random act a lot of people in Springfield, new this mother and daughter because they had been so high profile, and they couldn't fathom why anyone would want to kill Didi and the same like an execution style slaying. It just didn't make sense. He was a local hero. Everybody. Loved her buddy love gypsy. They started over there. Shed like a fresh start to get new doctors rod says when gypsy arrived in her new hometown. This brought about some big challenges and changes for her because she had to go back to square one with a new team of physicians in what we mean by team is remember she's reporting that her daughter has all of these diseases seizures in leukemia. Muscular dystrophy that Didi was going to have to start with a new team of physicians for gypsy, and what we know. No now is this might really have been a new opportunity for Didi. Because if you track the people that have Munchhausen's by proxy. If find a pattern of Dr hopping. Because they'll go to a doctor, and they'll sometimes the doctoral go along with them for a while. But then a doctor starts asking questions. They can't answer. The doctor starts ordering lab tests that they can't influence they start getting objective data. And so they gotta move on. You know, at first the doctor gives us the benefit of the down accepts what they say. He come in and say, hey, we just came from New Orleans. My daughter has muscular dystrophy, and we've been on these medications a doctor looks as well. Those are right. That's what you'd have muscular dystrophy, and she has scars on her legs where you've done a biopsy of the muscles and stuff and user. Well, yeah. I mean, everything looks to be adding up, and why would somebody lie about that? And so you take it on its face and till you can get things worked up in. So Nash, she has doctor that's written down, muscular dystrophy and renewed prescriptions. So she now takes that file to another doctor. And he says, oh, my colleague says muscular dystrophy and these the right medication. So now, he assumes that this other doctor she wrote down muscular dystrophy. So now, I think so they just can't play the telephone game. And pretty soon is just assumed. But you Dr hop for so long, and all of a sudden people start to kinda get onto you. So you got to keep moving on your run out of doctors Iran out of ers and so when she moved to Springfield. That just might have been a new opportunity with a whole new set of unsuspecting doctors. And this was no problem for Didi because she had worked in a hospital as a nurse's aide. And she was a self taught expert on all of gypsies maladies. She went to school. She would go get buck. She would talk to Dr Google. She would get everything she needed to know to talk about this accurately. And because all of gypsies critical medical records were destroyed conveniently in hurricane. It was up to eighty to fill in the blanks. And I was like oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. You lost everything so less, we'll just build this together. So they're trying to help her and she had it all down, Pat. She had done it countless times before telling the doctors gypsy had muscular dystrophy epileptic seizures leukemia, just a few of the myriad conditions that gypsy supposedly had battled all of her life. She was able to come with this long list of ailments that pre existing what I'll doing any thorough testing of her muscles. And all the things she says she had. Few years earlier when gypsy still lived in New Orleans, she had undergone this painful muscle biopsy to test for muscular, dystrophy, painful, doesn't even begin to describe it surgeons carve ride into her quadriceps, and it was big muscles on the front of her thighs and gypsy was left scarred for life broad says DeeDee told him that the biopsy confirmed the diagnosis, muscular dystrophy, and gypsies muscles were wasting away. She would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of what likely would be short an agonizing life looking back bay that probably struck me with some concern some questioning about it was definitely when she had her in the wheelchair. No date question. It again rod didn't question that he so why would her mother lie about that? And sure enough she's in a wheelchair and she the doctor. She said it confirmed it he didn't demand to see the papers. He was not suspicious that she would be lying, but as he investigated further he unwittingly learned something about gypsies paralysis that just didn't add up. You know, it's coming up fast may twelve his mother's day. And this is a very special day in our house. Just like, I'm sure it is in yours. My wife were up and says that her mother taught her to walk with grace and dignity on the good days and bad Robbins, mom whose name was Georgia inspires Robbins. Message to women everywhere to take the best care themselves possible. 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It's us just gone out being idiots having fun. You'll what we do. And you know, making sure we get a little bit outside of our box out of shell important, man. Have fun together we want you all mini try August out. Don't go. Yo don't do that. Or do it. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. She's where protective gear. About the show is budget. It's a group of friends having a great time in such a negative world. Man. We're having fun say, which is finding ways to smile and laugh and and be good to each other. It's it's YouTube dot com slash Jordan garage. Go check it out. You don't have to listen to us talk about it. I'm done talking about let's get out here. Do we make the sixty seconds right there? Are we? Talk to one of her sisters and assists, argues gypsy she can walk the last time anyone saw her walking was years ago back when she was a toddler Didi had gypsy placed in a wheelchair after a minor motorcycle accident when she was seven years old. She said gypsies legs were giving out and she was becoming paralyzed and wheelchair had been her conduct companion. They were saying so I I question need him out. And I'm like. What's going on? She can walk or not wheelchair all our life. And you know to answer got from eighty was, you know, she had a disease she was diagnosed with and it was going to progressively get worse. And eventually was going to be bounded wheelchair at all times. DD is telling him gypsy is paralyzed and her step sister says no she's not at this point. He's really confused and rod and Christie are about to find out about another line. Rod Blanchard says the conflicting information about gypsies paralysis and her ability to walk is now making him question. Everything Didi has been telling him all of these years, all of a sudden, we always say hindsight's twenty twenty he's looking back now and say, oh my God. I never saw that paperwork on ever confirmed. This now everything he took at face value. He's now questioning and he St.. Starts to wonder is she really paralyzed does. She really have cancer. Will she live long enough to see another birthday all of gypsies life, rod and Christie believed everything detail them after all she had some medical training and it worked in a hospital and cared for gypsy twenty four seven and he had not he didn't have any training. He didn't have any expertise. So he deferred to her always stayed in communication phone calls and everything with the physical visits the farther eating the way, you know, the last we got to spend time with her and seeing his daughter on a regular basis prove difficult if not impossible after gypsy moved to Missouri. Now, this was not because of the distance Christie says DD pretty much cut them off every time. We try to go. And was fine up until two days before. And they weren't answering calls ticks or anything in the last. Visit was two years prior to the murder, and I was like that's it tar trying. It was always always something. They'll remember what I said 'isolation is the number one tool of the abuser. And they didn't know whether she was just being an overprotective mother or if it was just so time consuming to take care of her manager. They didn't really know all they knew is. There was just always some reason that they couldn't see gypsy couldn't talk to gypsy. Now looking back. They realize she couldn't afford to let gypsy talk to them to. She might let the cat out of the bag gypsy couple times every every few months special occasions calling see how she was doing if she had a surgery. Are she was feeling ill? Or a doctor's appointment. You know, calling to you know, see how things went on never thought that anything was wrong. You know, thought that they were being truthful with what they were telling us I forward to win. Detectives cleared the murder scene. Robin Christie cleaned up DVD's house and the gather gypsies vast collection of stuffed animals because they hoped they would have them when they greet her honor safe return, they help the so maker feel comfortable. She'll have Oliver stuffed animals. Abby jetties house cleaning up. My sister-in-law was picking part of the kitchen area and Christie. Come here need to look at. And she pulls out this vile glass. Plastic vial what a cue tips while and it said gypsies DNA. Gipsies DNA in the fridge. What in the world could she be doing with that after the frosted when we brought it to the coroner's office. We had axed them, you know, to test it, but they never got back to on that. Lid Christie says she discovered something even more telling something she claims to detect these never found during their exhaust. Search the house menace allot may miss allied. I mean, a lot today on prescription pad foun, and then the bed that Dede stole from mercy hospital, the Byner of everything she's told her doctors, and you know. You know, there was a lot detail binder listing. Gypsies conditions is something you'd expect from a caregiver. Right. I mean, you expect them to have records but a blank prescription pad. Why would they even have that? She's not entitled to have that. That's not even legal. She should not have a blank prescription pad. She's a nurse's aide, not an MD. Doctors are the ones who write the prescriptions. Not the mother of a patient. There's no reason she should have that DD has a closet fill to the brim with dozens of medications powerful drugs like Taghrid hall, which is an anti-convulsant used to treat seizures. It's powerful medication. It can be very effective. But if you don't need it, and you take it. It can be a problem. If you using it off label, you're taking it ways not supposed to be taken in. Of course, it can create side effects, and they believe that may have contributed to rotting gypsies teeth from the inside out leaving her with huge gaps. In her smile Christie says after she found a blank prescription pad. She was just shell shocked wondering what mischief Dedi was up to. She wondered what is she doing with this? And is she using this to con- somebody is she getting hills that she shouldn't have what is she doing? And you would think that would be kind of the end. But she says what she discovered next topped everything. They're cleaning their house feminine neighbors came by and they kept telling ride. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, quite telling them. So sorry of my sister was like, why are you telling my brother, he some sorry, and they well they had a son now was your gypsy in and die. Barely flirting that supposedly gypsy had a little brother a son Dedi never told rod about a son born long after rod split up from Didi. Well, you can be pretty sure she would let him know all about it. He would have been on the hook for child support for both gypsy and -able. Ron christie. Both say they knew that was a beau face lie and Christie, six cents kicked in. So she showed the neighbors recent photo of her son Dylan and just ask them is this the boy that Dedi has talked about. And showed a picture of Dylan of how he looked now. And I yeah, that's that looks like him. But he's altering. No that that's our son he's alive, and well, so ver to Christie to ask the neighbors, some very probing questions about Didi and the mystery son, and she says what DD supposedly told them was just all. It was very disturbing DeeDee told them. Her and rod were still married toll some that they weren't married anymore. That the reason why she laugh Louisiana was that. She was in fear of her of use of husband. Supposedly the reason Didi and gypsy left New Orleans was because Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home in remember rod divorced DD, nearly two decades earlier while she was still pregnant with gypsy. A cell mad cow coaching use my son as part of her playing in her lies or web applies. She'll now there's this web of lies. I mean is there a plan that goes with it is there some kind of plot that data's trying to hatch will ill saying goes when it rains it pours. And with Didi not around a cover things up. Rod and Christie Blanchard were being dis- del lose with an avalanche of information. They say they are learning things that they may have never known about if DeeDee was still alive. Okay. So what is it? So so far they found gypsies DNA in the refrigerator they find a blank prescription pad underneath her bed. And now they claim their own son is being passed off as DVD's dead little boy, you just got to wonder what is she up to after Ron talked to dates neighbors. He seeks out gypsies friends, and there are many. But there are some people she kind of knows and he asked him all sorts of questions. How did he act around? Gypsy? What did they know about gypsies paralysis? Did she ever tell them? She could walk. That was pretty enlightening conversations. So yeah, we were friends here. Good bit. Yeah. We came over hung out played. She never once. Told you anything that she can walk or anything and said never never have even know gypsy was by now, a young adult her mother infantilized her she treated hers. Yes, she was still a child. She never let gypsy visitor friends alone. She constantly held her hand she closely monitor computer usage, she even insisted they share a Facebook profile, and they named it DJ. But what he never knew is the gypsy figured out a way around that virtual wall at night Didi was asleep. Gypsy would get up in secretly fire up that laptop and without telling her mother gypsy created her own Facebook account. So she could communicate with her best friend Leah woodmen. See who live next door and eventually to the outside world and she shared. With the Lia her deepest secrets and her suppressed desires, and what were they well gypsy wanted to boyfriend, but how would she break, the ironclad grip? Her mother had on her gypsy went online in secretly joined a Christian dating website in short order. She met a young, man. She thought was the soul mate. She so desperately wanted. His name nNcholas to John. But this soulmate nNcholas he had some baggage so much baggage that you can't even imagine he told gypsy that he had multiple personalities also known as dissociate identity disorder. In addition, nNcholas is also said to suffer from aspect or syndrome considered to be on the autism spectrum people diagnosed with asp, burgers, often have great difficulty communicating with others. Social settings. He told gypsy he spent his days alone in his parent's basement playing video games, he said to have a low, I q and supposedly has the mind of an eleven year old even though he's twenty two. But like I said absent a strong fathers presents a male, teaching her value herself. She was vulnerable and love was blind gypsy only had eyes for nNcholas to her. He was the one she thought they had a shared destiny as it turned out. She was right. That share destiny was ever gonna come to fruition. She had to figure a way to get with him. And he was already a convict. You. See nNcholas had a criminal record. He was convicted of disorderly conduct at a fast food restaurant. So what is disorderly conduct? It can be a lot of things in this case he was caught fondling himself. Self. While eating French fries and watching porn on his laptop. Soulmate doesn't sound like such a great kit. It's not the kind of guy you'd want to meet momma, but that's exactly what gypsy wanted to do. She started having these. Teenage hormones in. Oh, I mean, she saw her friendly, you know, living alive having fun. And and Steph, and those things she couldn't do just couldn't what child doesn't want to have a boyfriend in live life and Didi was pulling her back. Never had a boyfriend never went to school. Never had a prom. Never had a first day. Besides make which was basically online boyfriend, but you're never had a boyfriend did things with as a normal vibrant, a girlfriend would gypsy secret online fantasy relationship with nNcholas lasted nearly three years. That's a long time to connect with someone only on the computer and their talks progressed from innocent chatter to being kind of flirtatious in Nadi, and then all the way to kinky gypsy dived into the dark world of all things be DSM bondage discipline, and SADO masochism. You have to understand she had nothing to compare this to she had no other relationship. There was no normal for her to use as a reference point. All she knew was that she loved this person. She warned to please this person she wanted to participate with this person. And if this is what he wanted. How did she know? This wasn't what everybody did. And she in Thursay ghastly went along with it. Gypsy was aching to meet Nickless in person. She had so much more. She wanted to tell him so much more. She wanted to do with him. She wanted to feel what it's like to be a real woman not a sickly paralyzed young girl in wheelchair with a shaved head in a feeding tube sticking out of her stomach. So she's thinking how would these to ever get together in real life Didi had so much control over gypsy? There was no way she could ever sneak out of the house in her wheelchair. That's for sure. But gypsy came up with a simple plan. She thought if her mom actually met nNcholas in person and approved of him, then she could openly date him. But how? Would she ever create that meeting how she ever pull that off? She certainly couldn't tell her that she had been talking to him for three years after her mother went to bed. You heard me say earlier gypsy is fascinated with all things Disney. So when the remake of Cinderella came out, she persuaded her mother to take her and once at the movie theater. She would accidents on purpose bump into nNcholas the night at the movies. Gypsy was dressed like Cinderella at the ball silver tiara on a blonde wig covering upper shaved head. She was all decked out in a baby blue gown, and she even wore glass slippers gypsy despite being twenty four years old was dressed to the nines in Cinderella costume looking every bit the Princess, but she was still under the control her mother, and she wrote her wheelchair up next to her mother seat right on the aisle. And sure enough they bumped into nNcholas what a coincidence and he sat right? Next to them. They Shays pleasantries like two people meeting for the first time in actually they were meeting for the first time in person, you can just imagine how excited gypsy was just think of all the intimate, sexting, and all they had been going on between them for all this time. And now here they were pressing the flesh shaking hands introducing themselves. DD smelled a rat. From the beginning. She wasn't the least impressed with her daughters. Prince charming even know nNcholas was all dressed up for the occasion, he on a black suit and a black tie. He had gotten them from gypsy actually Didi thought gypsy was paying way too much attention to the stranger. She was threatened at one point nNcholas went for popcorn gypsy said she needed to visit the ladies room to freshen up a bit and sure enough she met Nickless in the lobby p rolled her wheelchair right into the men's room gypsy lost her virginity right there in the handicapped, stall their bond was forever. Forge. Right there in cinema bathroom, and there's a closing credits. Roll gypsy said, goodbye, nNcholas, and he went back home Didi was not happy with gypsy. She was upset with her for having spent so much time and attention on this guy. She had no idea why gypsy could want to smile off her face fast-forward, three months since gypsy met nNcholas at the movie, she continued to talk to him continued to help and pray that he would come and rescue. We now know that Nickless go to John made a second visit to see gypsy, and it was on that visit that he murdered DD Blanchard and gypsy rose vanished. The question is did she do so willingly or when he went dark? Did he go dark on her as well to techies stumped? But for that electron ick trail. Leading to a house in Wisconsin. So a team of detectives are heading up there as another team back in Springfield, get some key information from a cab driver by the name of Janice. Buttram she tells them that a few days earlier, she drove a young man and someone she thought was gypsy rose to the bus station. Here's janice. Talking to the local news about the fair. She will never forget. What did they tell you about their relationship that they were brother and sister? That was the first lie. I knew that they were lying. They didn't act like brother and sister at all they were very much together. Janna says she was absolutely certain. It was gypsy because she recognized her from all the stories on local news. She definitely got told me that her name was gypsy rose. She says when she dropped them off at the bus station. She got the shock of her life. The young woman she recognized from the new stories the young woman in the wheelchair was walking. So she thought in my wrong was it really gypsy rose. She went and talked to a bunch of her fellow cabbies told him what she saw. And they were flabbergasted as she was. Because of the said people in town knew this mother and daughter, she not only walked she ran Genesis what made her extra suspicious about the claim that they were brother and sister was that they said they had tickets for different buses that was my biggest indication that they were dying because if you were traveling together as brother and sister, why aren't you on the same? She had the answers she had cash and he had to plan the plan. What was the plan? Detectives in Springfield believe gypsies on a greyhound bus, but headed to wear well, the check with the station master, and they learn gypsy and the man went to Wisconsin surprise surprise. That's exactly where the Facebook post originated from the sheriff in Missouri asked his counterpart in big bend, Wisconsin to send a team of detectives to the house where the Facebook mess. Originated. It's the house where Nickless Goethe John is living gypsies boyfriend. The local sheriff's deputies raid the place there's a brief standoff, but here's the good news gypsy is alive. She safe and Sam. We have located gypsy in another state. She is okay. We do have another person of interest in custody that person of interest to sheriff is talking about is Nickless, and he is in handcuffs. But to sheriff said another person of interest is in custody, and that is gypsy rose. And she is. Shot on camera by the local television station. In handcuffs walking from the house to car rawdon Christie. Couldn't believe what they're saying on local news. They've heard about it. But they haven't actually seen it with their own eyes. Gypsy rose is walking. Chips is walking in the courtroom got her in handcuffs, much walk. And while they weren't the only one stunned by that image. Friendly a Woodman. See she says she had no clue that gypsy could really walk never had a clue. Really upsetting. Also know that she can walk without assistance or a wheelchair and she can do that. Very well, oh and deputy say they found the bloody knife inside nNcholas house. I said that gypsy was naive and not at all wurley. They didn't know what to do with the knife. And they didn't know whether the best had metal detectors or not. And they didn't wanna leave it there. So they mailed it to his house. She's under arrest in connection with her mother's murder. The sheriff says no doubt about it. Gypsy was in on the plot to kill her mother. Greene county, Missouri sheriff's detectives, take the next plane to Wisconsin. And they questioned gypsy listen closely. This is the actual audio of the interrogation. Okay. Now what I want to ask you. Festival. She's deceased right now. What I want to ask you, did you have volunteers. Could be. Gapes? What happened was mom? Listen to him case when our you're okay, what happened. You were there. This is your there. Stuff out. You know, something. I know you sweetheart. Always. Something what I've said the gypsy was naive, and certainly manipulated by nNcholas Goethe, John, but having been trained in forensic psychology. I know that one of the litmus test in holding someone accountable or not is whether they know the difference between right and wrong at the time. They do whatever it is. They're accused of doing the very fact that gypsy rose is lying persistently and in a somewhat layered way makes it very clear to me that she knew what she did. She knew her role in all of this was wrong. If not why lie about it. If you don't know. It's wrong, you deci. Yes. I did this. I did that. And I did this you lie about it. You cover it up because you know, it's wrong. So she answers that question when she lies to detectives. Did you? Knowledge, your mom. Gypsy appears almost as if she's hearing about her mother's brutal death for the first time again. Fainting surprise. But if that's what she's trying to do it didn't work. She didn't fool detectives, and she certainly did not fool her father figure that she did have something to do with it. I didn't think anybody would go, narrowing the side to kill her her mom and take her think, she would protect your mom. From from a situation like dads. So whether it'd be locker the war or whatever trying to keep me. Fill finish. She might have something. She knew something about down the hall. Another detective pulls nNcholas into a separate interrogation room and grills him. Kill her mother. Honestly, she. Do that. Because. Oh minute. I didn't actually staff element. Why did you decide that you would stand her instead of shooting with a gun or poisoning her or doing with bat? Like, why did you guys stabby would be way did to kill her? Is really on how to. So for the easiest way to do it Christian pain. The X nNcholas about the Facebook post and ask him an awkward but important question. Are you? Sure. Okay. What about people that have sex with dead bodies? Disturbing. Okay. That's bothered. You Erling Furia? Why did nobody knows she could walk? Her mom run nothing exterior, Terry time slow. Yes. Vote kind of cuts. On a wheelchair. Lindsey when she was curve, you're out more and more and more. Okay. So. Your stand into everything her mom wanted her to use the wheelchair. Like, she was sixteen sixteen this sixteen and disabled go to John's set it all he claims DD wanted gypsy to pretend she was much younger than she actually was only sixteen when she was nearly twenty four at the time with the murder that's a year's difference. That's a third of her life. So why would did he do that? So gypsies indeed walking as been a big miracle here or this is a big scam was dating making gypsy look sick. And paralyzed when she really wasn't. Mad because they've pulled the wool is all these years. She had to have been making her fakery illness all her life, and she just had enough. It really makes you wonder what kind of sick and twisted logic was going on in DVD's mind. And it certainly too late for us to ask her that question if eighty was abusing gypsy by making her appear ill when she really wasn't then why didn't gypsy. Discover the police for help. Two or father or stepmother Christie felt guilt felt stupid. How can I let this happen? Why wasn't there foot for gypsy more think that if I could build that relationship with her? She wouldn't hesitate to call and say that you know this. Ain't right. I'm making meets the wheelchair and Occupy Wall talking to gypsy now about it. You know, when her mom would come back. She she'd have to definitely jump back into we'll chair I can understand or not telling me DeeDee always kinda kept me keep enemies closer what out of this. And that you know, she probably knows that I would have acted on it after a short time in the county jail in Wisconsin, gypsy Nicklaus, extradited to Missouri. Nickless pleaded not guilty to first degree murder. But in a stunning development that nobody saw coming gypsy works out a plea deal with prosecutors. The class felony of murder in the second degree guilty to second degree murder. Gypsy did not we'll deny but she claims she was the mastermind of the murder the mastermind she's been described as middle age of six or seven second grade education protected and sheltered buyer mother never allowed to interact with anybody without her mother in the room. She masterminded the murder of her mother rawdon Christie or in shock. Gypsy was like relieved that her mom was that? They were schnookered by DD just like everyone else. So you know, how much control D had over gypsy? Just you know, I wanted to know how much how serious it will know how big of a secret that chips camp. On the control rod says when he spoke to gypsy in jail. She told him that from day one. She knew her legs worked just fine. And she could walk with no problem. But she felt helpless to challenge. Her strong will mother. She says gypsy said when she went to the doctor DeeDee told her to keep her mouth shut. Stellar sit there. They'll seem to just gonna do all the talking scary thing. Would you know what? You know, what would what she told gypsy? If she didn't know the consequences. She'd have if she did say anything, you know, always control it with that fear. It didn't take me to realize that you know. If she can walk. What else is has been ally? All these years, just pose the question, what was going on in data's mind. What was going on in gypsies mind? Didi was overbearing Dedi ran the show. She choreographed everything she looked up the diseases. She looked up the symptoms. She knew what to report and she told gypsy rose exactly what to say and right in front of gypsy. She would say to the doctor. She's intellectually challenged. And so she doesn't communicate very well. Say Hello to the doctor gypsy and in her squeaky infantile voice, she would smile and say Hello, but not much else would come out of her. But she was not dumb. She was not intellectually challenged. She knew how to create a Facebook account. She knew how to carry on a three year relationship. She knew how to get the money to get close. To get them to go to John. She knew how to set up the meat. She knew how to get him there. And the question sits there why didn't she just run away? Why didn't she just call the police? Why didn't she just tell her father? We're going to address those questions, I promise. So what are the lies, and what is the truth? They are both intertwined because gypsy is a victim of what's commonly called Munchausen syndrome approx, and that is an extreme sadistic and very cruel form of abuse. Most say, it's a mental illness. It's listed in DSM five as I've said I disagree. I think it's a form of horrible child abuse. But the person sure gets a lot of feedback. They should get a lot of kudos for being voted in fateful. They make their child sick. And then they're the hero for taking care of them. When a mother like Didi has much house and Senate by proxy psychologists. Call the process Ma. Mother imposture ring a clinical condition, which lying is the essential mode of interaction DD certainly fit that because she seems to have lied about everything the center is very difficult disorder to diagnose because the person suffering from it must I admit to the abuse. They're inflicting on others and getting people to have enough, insight and courage to say, I I wanna confess that. I'm abusing my child or I'm abusing my elder here. My mother or whoever that's just not an easy thing to do. People are loath to admit that they are Beuys IRS. So this is very hard to diagnose and therefore very under reported. This seems to be a rare condition whether it is a mental illness or a form of abuse either way, you categorize it. It is very under reported, unfortunately as in DC. Case it sometimes goes undetected until it's revealed by a catastrophic event, and as far as data is concerned hers textbook case is probably one of the worst. I've seen in all the years that I've been in a mental health profession. It's named after a character in eighteenth century, German literature, baron von Munchausen, he was a con artist. He told wild and exaggerated stories and by all accounts. Dedi Blanchard was a con artist to the charity scam. Eighty was running off gypsies fake illnesses. The tens of thousands of dollars she received in government money. She apparently became a scam. Strice when she was a young adult her family reportedly says that she passed worthless checks, open credit card accounts and other people's names, the even accused her of slowly poisoning, her father by putting weight killer in his food. They never got enough evidence to charge her for the family, certainly. Specs it. And there's no dispute that DD pretty much lied about everything involving gypsy. She even forged her birth certificate. Remember when gypsy went missing in the news reported she was nineteen. She was actually twenty four almost twenty four. However, you categorize it the bottom line here Dedi was child abuser. The worst kind the weapon she used on gypsy were powerful prescription drugs, countless surgeries, and an iron will did he had the papers written up saying she was incapable. So she she man. She would get caught Didi would just say, oh, yeah. She's she's retarded or whatever she needs to come back home with me. I don't think she should have died far. But like I said there's not a lot of love loss NAMI. And she she took the battle part of her daughter's life, and she's changed. Our lives so much gypsy was in is victim. No question about it journal talk about it is having a lasting effect victim suffering. From fear pain loss of normal attachment oftentimes suffering from PTSD after the fact depression anxiety. This doesn't go away in short period of time. The mayo clinic says victims often suffer from a sort of Stockholm syndrome where victims empathize and work with their abusers trying to get their approval in all the time. He was making gypsy sick. She was actually making the murder. We'll talk more about that. In the next episode because next year going to hear my exclusive interview with gypsy rose. It was a very straightforward no-holds-barred interview. She reveals everything the fake illnesses the boyfriend and the murder she's going to tell you how much she knew along the way how much she understood about what her mother was lying about. And she's going to tell us exactly what happened that night that her mother was killed because she was there, and she's going to tell us what happened when she asked her boyfriend the question, will you kill my mother. If I asked Victor, please. And I said, Victor, will you please come home. My mother for me. All the details. You may wonder. Was this a form of self-defence? Nobody endorses vigilante Justice. But did this come down to its her or me somebody's going to die? That's coming up in three of the killer. Thorn of gypsy rose analysis of murder by Dr Phil. I am Dr Phil thanks for listening. What more the Dr Phil show on the go? Download the watch own app. That's the Oprah Winfrey network app where you'll find some of my latest and greatest episodes now, lots of other great shows to discover in stream there to all you have to do is download authenticate and you're all set. It's that simple the watch own app. Get it now.

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